her scream is perfect

There were unexpected moments. These lightning strikes made of sudden calmness and tenderness, of electricity and love, when she would realize again and again just how much the rogue had stolen her heart (and stayed).

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They’re thunder and lightning, the two of them
Coming one after the other
Even if they’re a bit apart
He roars, softly shaking the whole universe
Not seen, but refusing to go unnoticed
She electrocutes the sky and disperses into a million sparks
Like a firework created by God himself
Together they jump from balconies
Swing chandeliers
Hold the stars and cling to them
When he would forget what he sounds like
She would crackle and remind him
And when she would cry out and the whole sky burned
He would scream with her so that she was not alone
They made a perfect storm
Intense and sometimes disastrous
But so beautiful they could fill rooms they weren’t in
And when they laughed
I think the angels could hear them
—  Thunder and Lightning
reasons i cant sleep at night:
  • “you weep for the jake”
  • jakes “you had me”
  • “you finally got me”
  • “i hope you live”
  • brooke never hearing his “i love you”
  • jake literately being killed while he was doing what he thought would allow him and brooke to go public && earn her dads favor
  • brooke looking at zoe ad noah and knowing that should have been her and jake
  • jake and brooke
  • jake fitzgeralds unnecessary death
  • “why didnt i say yes?”
  • “where he belonged”
  • “but he didnt”
  • brookes entire speech tbh
Valentine Double Date

A somewhat long fic (around 6k words) about Touken and Ayahina’s double date, which began from a girl’s innocent attempt at pushing her Onee-chan and Onii-chan together. Mostly fluff, hints of angst. This is a fic I wrote to have fun and let myself go so it’s nowhere close to the standard of my older fic, but this poor lonely single soul just wanted to have something to do on Valentine’s Day. ;_; Enjoy!

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“Please say yes!” Hinami was almost screaming, as she clasped her hands together and leaned forward in a perfect bow. Kaneki and Touka blinked in disbelief for a moment, looking at each other before looking at her again. 

“You want us…” Kaneki murmured hesitantly. 

“… to follow you and Ayato on your date?” Touka continued, tilting her head in confusion. “But why?”

“B-Because… tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and…” Hinami murmured, her cheeks completely flushed as she shifted about uncomfortably. “I feel uneasy going out alone with him.” 

“Uneasy?” Touka wondered in confusion. “But weren’t the two of your partners in Aogiri? You were alone quite a lot, right?”

“Yeah but…” Hinami sighed, took a deep breath and let it out, fingers fumbling with one another. “This is different from that… I just… don’t…” 

“If you don’t want to go, you should tell him—”

“No! I want to go!” Hinami yelped, cutting into Kaneki’s words. “But but but… A-Ayato-kun scares me sometime!”

“Oh, is that so?” Kaneki said, turning to Touka with a blank expression. “I don’t mind… Is that okay with you, Touka-chan?”

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I had drawn this with the intent of being Alice, before realizing ‘hey she looks a little too healthy and content with life’ and then I realized, ‘fuck this, au where Alice is happy and free to be cute as fuck w/out the stress of the evil giant space cricket’
Anyway happy birthday to the coolest damn oc on this side of tumblr

  • Weiss: I'll show those three that I can pull off a successful prank! One that won't end up with one of them in the infirmary with a concussion. I only need to think of an idea...?
  • *Weiss eyes a bottle of Yang's shampoo in the bathroom and smirks as an idea comes to her.*
  • Weiss: Perfect!
  • *A few days later and a piercing scream sounds throughout Vale causing Grimm to look around in alarm*
  • Ruby: Yang!? Is everything alright? Are you hurt? I'm coming in the bathroom!
  • *Ruby and Blake, with Weiss walking slowly behind, enter the bathroom to see Yang with green hair*
  • Blake: Greek fire! What happened to your hair?!
  • Yang: I-I...I-....
  • *Yang promptly passes out and hits her head on the sink*
  • Ruby: Weiss, go get the medics! She could have a concussion!
  • Weiss: Why does this keep happening?
Burn for Me, Fireheart

Summary: What would have happened if Aelin had been born centuries earlier? What if she had been sent by her King when she was a princess in training to Maeve as an ambassador? What if Rowan had been visiting her aunt when Aelin showed up? Rowan would have not known what to do with her, that’s what. 

(Also posted as a note to another post/on fanfiction.net) 

Part I.

She was fire.

Every movement and every word was fast, scorching, unstoppable.

Those eyes, ringed with the brightest gold lit from the inside as she prowled and stalked.

He wished he could talk to her, that some of that fire could be directed at him. Everything about her screamed perfect and those ears. He wished he could take his lips and lick –

Stop. It would never happen; she was so out of his league.

A princess, the next in line for the throne of Terrasen. And what was he? A hunkering guy that was bound to serve in the army. Sure, he was a prince technically, but it was just for show. So he kept his head down as she walked in front of him with his older cousin, laughing at something he said, placing an arm on his shoulder. The wind started to pick up as he saw her leaning into him.

The single raised eyebrow and wicked smirk she threw back at him, told him that she he was the source.

Rowan’s eyes widened and he was pretty sure his ears turned a startling pink as he blushed.

Those eyes, he could get lost in them.

And now they were locked on him.

Oh gods.

She slowed down so that she could walk next to him, “Are we boringg you, Hawk boy?” She drawled out that word, making it rife with sarcasm.

His heartbeat started to pick up. Her growing smirk told him she could hear it too.

Oh gods, oh gods.

He was mortified. And he was pretty sure that his entire face was bright red.

Deep breath, Rowan. One sentence and then she’ll lose interest and go back to talking to Erlin.

Trying to control his breathing, his tongue felt like cotton in his mouth. “No, Princess.”

Good, he did it. Now –

Oh gods, now she was talking to him.

“Ah, so he does speak!” She laughed as she continued, hands raised up to the heavens as if they’d answered her prayers, her lips a tantalizing shade of red. So full, so beautiful. Rowan just wanted to kiss them –

She was still speaking, shit, to him. Right, need to pay attention. But those lips, he wondered if they’d taste like the cherries they looked like, “…part of Dornelle?”

Oh gods, he missed what she said. His ears were definitely bright red by now, “Sorry, what?” He choked out, it came out a lot quieter than Rowan hoped. Internally, he winced.

Eyebrows still high, her smile became predatory, “I said, buzzard, what is your favorite part of Dornelle?”

Oh, okay he could answer that. Clearing his throat again, he answered, “The docks, Princess.”

Good, he couldn’t help the mental pat on the back he gave himself. That almost sounded normal!

She just stood there, arms crossed, amusement shining in her eyes in answer. “Hmmm…” Then she looked him up and down, eyes pausing on the sword he always carried at his side. Rowan really, really tried not to look down at where her crossed arms pushed up her breasts.

Don’t look, don’t look.

His eyes moved down out of their own volition. He could feel himself starting to get hard at those perfect –

Oh Gods.

Think of something gross! Dead puppies, old mortal women, anything.

He quickly looked back up and – no, no – Rowan realized that Aelin had seen him look, if that smirk was any indication.

She seemed to come to a decision then and said with those sultry, scandalous lips, “Well, I guess you’ll just have to show me them later then, won’t you?”

Wait, what? His eyes grew wide at that.

She just stood there, daring him to say no. Unable to get passed the random frog that had somehow jumped into his mouth and was relaxing in his throat now, Rowan nodded in answer.

Her answering smile was blinding. So filled with fire, intensity, beauty and satisfaction. He was also pretty sure he saw flames flicker in her eyes but that was probably just his imagination. Then with one last look at him, she spun around, heels clicking on the stone path of the market road, and wrapped an arm through his cousin’s waiting elbow.

He knew, just knew then, he was in for a worlds of trouble.


So,,, Temmie Chang works for my dad (he’s a game designer) but she lives NYC,,,, bUt she flew out to LA and went to my dad’s game company (seriously check her twitter) and my dad was like “oh hey my kid is a big fan of undertale” and she dREW ME A TEMMIE LOOK AT THHIS IM SCREAmING I LOVE HER SHES SO PURE AND PERFECT IM SCREAM

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