her scenes are the best


Do you know what they’re hiding in the bag under Scott’s bed?


Listen, Noora Amalie Sætre. You’re a smart girl. You have to understand that every time you reject me I only want you more and more. So if you really want to get rid of me, just go on a date with me. Stop playing hard to get. Are you done now? No, one more thing… Fucking hell, you’re beautiful. 


every westallen scene ever (120/?)

Okay but imagine

The Miraculous Ladybug theme song was written and scored by musicians in Paris who wanted to show their appreciation for their heroes on their one year anniversary of fighting crime, and ask the local school to aide in its production so their heroes can see love coming from their cities youth. Adrien gets basically signed up to be Cat Noir without his exact permission because they need a good face and his singing isn’t bad, and as they audition girls he has to sing his part like a thousand times and gets progressingly more annoyed and less in to it. The directors are getting frustrated cause there just isn’t a Ladybug that makes their Cat Noir shine. It’s looking like Chloe is going to get the part because her dad is essentially rigging the auditions, but behind the scenes Alya is doing her best to convince Marinette to audition because “YOU WOULD BE GREAT, can you seriously imagine being the Ladybug to Adrien’s Cat Noir??” She doesn’t think much of the comparison since she doesn’t understands Paris’ obsession with a superhero romance, but getting to play opposite Adrien would make her absolutely DIE from happiness. But how can she seriously sing and perform not only in front of HIM but ALL OF PARIS, but then again she CANT let it be Chloe, she refuses to let Chloe represent Ladybug and steal her time with Adrien. So she gets a mask, a plain red one, to try and trick her brain in to being more confident, and just GOES for it before she has a heart attack and dies. Adrien is looking at the ground, bored and annoyed when he hears the instrumental pick up for the billionth time. He just groans and gets his mic ready, but then he hears, “I live a life, its full of fun, it keeps me sharp and on the run,” and its just so… so- sassy? He can’t even think of the words. Its so fierce and confident and playful and maybe just a tiinge flirty and its so incredibly LADYBUG and he looks up to see- wait is that Marinette?? Shy little Marinette just BURSTS onto stage like she was born to play his Lady. And when the song picks up he gets more and more excited, because shes doing it perfectly, shes jumping and walking and doing all these gymnastic stunts across the stage and theater seats and rigging in time with the words and he just gets PUMPED and then its his turn, and he nails it. Hard. He falls completely into Cat Noir mode, confident, flirtatious, playful and fun. And he gets kind of flustered, sort of stunned when he runs up on to stage and Marinette, shy Marinette, meets his eyes and doesnt flinch even a little. there is no trace of his shy class mate and the way she holds herself is perfect for the part, so perfect that he feels himself get that racing pulse he only gets for his real lady. When his part dies back into support vocals he starts to slowly tail her as she runs around, peering after her and trying to keep up, and SHES PLAYING ALONG. Shes running out in front, letting him get close and then slipping away again. Then the song kicks up into full gear and hes after her, top speed, trying to get to her till hes running across the stage, sliding on his knees and putting his whole heart into the vocals as she finally struts up to him, harmonizing “the lucky charm” perfectly with him and shes red faced from being near him and hes red faced from being near her and then they strike the poses, just like the statue and end the performance with all of their energy.

And the directors and the entire school and the mayor and god and everyone is completely and totally STUNNED.

“I think we found our heroes”

(You have no idea director man)

ok but the first time we see patty she’s so so good and so pure. she’s working a shitty job at the mta probably making minimum wage, is ignored by the flow of people bustling past her trying to make their trains, probably surrounded by creeps like rowan on a daily basis. but she isn’t complaining, she’s smiling, she’s wishing people a good day, she’s just sitting behind her booth being cute and happy with an enormous smile on her face you just know is genuine. patty is so good and happy and I adore her

the flash 3x07

caitlin spilling some truth tea on barry

caitlin and barry finally kiss but it’s for the wrong reason

barry punching julian and giving up his job for caitlin

barry apologizing to caitlin and letting her out (bonus: THE HUG) aka the best scene ever

the producers being unable to understand how much chemistry snowbarry has

me, after almost quitting the flash and coming back for this caitlin/flashfrost AMAZING episode

my reaction for this caitlin central episode

bitch i want more

One thing that I’ve kind of established in my mind about the West siblings is that Iris is suuuper sappy about loving Wally and Wally definitely loves Iris with all his heart but he tries to be more *clear throat* ‘whatever’ about it

So anyway I’d love one scene where Wally’s like “I love you” but then he immediately is like “okay now this is weird” and Iris is like “Everybody tell me you love me so Wally doesn’t feel weird!” and then you just hear the disembodied voices of all of the team being like “I love you Iris!” “Iris I love you!” And then she’s like “Now everyone say you love Wally!” And just as they start Wally’s like “Oh my god I’m leaving.”