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Haikyuu!! 30 Day Challenge Day 14 - Favorite non-player character

Bonus: Nishinoya’s reaction when Saeko enters the room


Behind the Scenes of Fear Her - Part Two

From the DVD Commentary with Julie Gardner [executive producer] and Matthew Graham [writer]

Julie Gardner: I love this finger-in-jam moment.  I remember seeing it on the rushes and just loving it.

Matthew Graham: Well that’s how it goes with this show.  One minute the Doctor is saying, “There’s a terrible evil in your house and I’m here to help,” and the next minute he’s eating your jam, and being ticked off for it.

JG: I remember at one point, in one draft of the script, there was a big discussion about whether we should see the Doctor and Rose asleep overnight, because they are trapped in this house.  And I was very, very keen on that because that’s something we’ve never seen before, and I think Russell and you both said, “Actually, no - we’ve got to keep the energy going, and given what’s happening he’s never going to be off-guard.”

MG: Do you know what, it would have been a really nice scene. The thing is, we probably would have cut it out at this stage

JG: Because you’d want to keep moving.  Absolutely.  Oh, all these nice ideas that never make it in.

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the signs as good squirrelflight scenes

aries: that scene where she got stuck under the fence and yelled at everyone

taurus: that scene where she helped berrykit’s tail get free from the foxtrap and she acted so sweet and nurturing toward him bc he was scared

gemini: that scene where she told jayfeather, lionblaze, and hollyleaf that they’d always be her babies

cancer: every scene where squirrelflight calls brambleclaw a dumb furball and ignores what he tells her to do

leo: the scene where squirrelflight leaves to join the journey and she says goodbye to her sister and she promises to come back for leafpool 

virgo: that scene where ashfur tried to make brambleclaw look stupid by not telling him he’d actually been put on two patrols and squirrelflight yelled at him in front of everyone aka the greatest wc scene

libra: when squirrelflight jumped into the river to save brambleclaw and hauled out a cat twice her size and then proceeded to call him dumb

scorpio: that scene where squirrelflight tried to fight brambleclaw bc he was pissing her off aka all of twilight

sagittarius: the fire scene. not “crying squirrelflight” but the fire scene aka where squirrelflight scared the fuck outta ashfur

capricorn: the scene where squirrelflight beat the shit outta that rogue that was like two times her size bc it was trying to attack brambleclaw and she chased it off goddamn

aquarius: all the scenes on the journey where squirrelflight is best friends w/ tawnypelt and feathertail and is amazed by how cool they are

pisces: that scene where squirrelflight becomes deputy and realizes that thunderclan has a shit ton of problems and she’s like “oh great”


Octavia Blake’s speech in The 100 04x10 “Die All, Die Merrily”