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“To put it simply, I’m selective about who I work with…”

@amavitab punched their way through the thing

“ well, well, well, look who we got here. ” he’s alone in front of the cell that contains the duchess, because universe if he needs his crew breathing down his neck or cackling behind him right now. when he bargains, when he threatens, when he deals, he likes to be on his good lonesome. most of his crew’s good for the killing, not the… ‘diplomacy’ thing. quote marks being key here. “ no one ever told ye it ain’t a good idea ta take shortcuts when trav’ling? or were yer guards tryin’ ta betray ye? it’d be amusin’ nah? ”


the missing year….things a bit rocky between us, yeah?

35/365 Days of Outlaw Queen


laurel lance memorial week → day seven
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Adra & Open

Best reminder of being a single: Getting offered a huge bouquet of roses, only to have the man, aka the seller insist you buy it for yourself at 250 bucks. 

Thank you for being the highlight of my day. As if the cheesy decorations in school and hormonal teenagers making out in the hallways are not enough.