her royal cuteness

Snelfie (snake selfie)


My beautiful flower-child, Iliela. After 2 years, I finally got her Royal Cuteness to lvl 80!

A lover of music, dance, and song (she is a Dusk-born after all), Iliela is happy to spend countless hours in the Priory library, pouring over the ancient scrolls and tomes for creative inspiration.

Outside of the Priory, Iliela is always found in the company of her quaggan companion, Tooshaloo. Together, they roam Tyria in search of new adventures.

Her coloring is inspired by the Iris latifolia.


“Remember, there was once a day when you couldn’t walk or talk or laugh or eat real people food (Lauren still kinda can’t). However, I can almost guarantee when you took your first step, you were so happy… So let’s celebrate the small stuff. Each and every step.”

Every Starkid actor: [12/???] - Denise Donovan

What happens when @its-me-lsp leads the dance? THIS! Hnnnn touching!.. We talked about this! )^F<

( My GOD this was supposed to be a small doodle but oooh I just love these two so much I couldn’t stop there! <’D )

( I wonder when is she going to notice he can’t hear any of the music 8l… )