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most people in the barrio hear about baby sonny from usnavi before they actually meet him

“At 14.3 hands this horse is perfect for a small child or 4’ tall elf”
Me, a human adult, with a 14.0 hand horse: 👌

boyyy it still amazes me how much kat loves adena, it’s actually unreal. this girl is ready to show up in the middle of the night, giving the most romantic speech - confessing her feelings, punching dudes to protect her bby, she’s willing to spend thousands of dollars to see adena, she’s ready to enter a real relationship even though she’s terrified of commitment, she’s willing to leave everything behind for adena???? kat legit treats adena like a princess 😭 kat is the best gf you could ask for. I hope adena is aware of what an amazing girlfriend she has!!! I expect adena to be the first one to say those 3 words in the finale because kat really deserves to hear them!!

Via PintrestArtist unknown. Please help to source this artwork so the artist may have proper credit!

Name: Pearl (Agna Aura)
Age: Ancient
Height: 6′
Weapon: Destabilizer barrier that used to unlock a door but now poofs Gems
Nickname: Agna’s Pearl
Diamond: [Originally[ four-eyed Blue Diamond, [now] no one
Belongs to: Agna Aura
Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Misc: Always tired

Agna Aura’s first Pearl who remains ever so loyal to serving Agna Aura even though Agna told her she doesn’t have to anymore.

She’s mentally and physically exhausted and just needs to rest but refuses to do so.

Fic: 14 Seasonally Inappropriate Serenades (1/14)

Just because Blaine missed his chance to serenade Kurt on their first Valentine’s Day as friends doesn’t mean there aren’t other occasions now that they’re boyfriends. PG-13.  

1/14 - Your Song (Read on AO3 here)

Kurt and Blaine tentatively take each other’s hand on their walk through Dalton’s thawing campus. The budding trees make a picturesque setting for young lovers and provide a pretense for their stroll, although Blaine is certain Kurt would turn beet-red if Blaine applied the word lovers aloud to them. It’s too soon for that. It’s too soon to say the word love aloud either. He pretends to look at trees and looks at Kurt instead.

Blaine’s real goal? Figure this boy out so he doesn’t screw up being his boyfriend.

“Most iconic, romantic musical movie moment?” Blaine asks like he doesn’t have an ulterior motive. Kurt is contented enough to answer question after question about his likes and dislikes, and Blaine hopes they’ll be the guidance he needs.

“Ooh. Okay, ‘Come What May’ in Moulin Rouge for a proper duet, but if we’re going for a serenade, I’m going with ‘Your Song’.”

“Huh. I figured you’d lean more golden age in your choices. Moulin Rouge is only a few years old.” The movie wasn’t quite to Blaine’s taste at first. He saw the glimpses the ads provided, didn’t understand why it was so loud and fantastical even though he appreciated the artistry, and assumed he wasn’t its intended audience. He was drawn slowly to it anyway. Only once he he sat down with it, getting progressively closer and closer to the screen, popcorn forgotten in his lap, did he realize it was beautiful as well as overwhelming and like nothing he’d ever seen before. Funny how feelings develop.

“It’s so romantic,” Kurt confesses.

“Go on.” This could be a key. Blaine’s grasp of how to do romance needs all the help it can get.

“It cuts through everything else that’s going on, um…” – there’s that blush as Kurt searches for how to delicately describe Satine’s propositioning up to- and including crotch-grabbing and wreathing on the floor in furs – “…With her trying so hard to make herself whatever she thought he wanted. The scene leading into it is a chaotic mess, and then it stops because he sings. He unironically lays all his feelings at her feet. It’s real. It’s for her. She falls in love with him right there, and you understand completely.”

“You want that,” Blaine clarifies. He’s getting better at figuring Kurt out, now that they’ve been dating for weeks. If spilling emotions like an overladen shopper spills groceries is an attractive quality for Kurt, this bodes well for Blaine.

“Yes.” Kurt only hesitates for a moment. “I do.”

Something about laying feelings bare tugs at Blaine’s thoughts. “Valentine’s Day was rough, huh?”

“Because we were tragically single?” Kurt doesn’t sound the least bit sad now that he isn’t anymore.

“I thought it was ‘single with hope.’ Like the final lines in Sweet Charity, which is, like, even a worse ending to a musical than On The Town.”

Kurt shrugs cutely.

“I mean the part where I serenaded someone else.” One day it’ll be mostly funny. One day Blaine won’t feel inclined to wince at the memory. It makes him think of all the times he rehearsed that song opposite his bedroom mirror, thinking he could be the guy someone wanted that way. He perfected the looks he would give, the bravado he would assume as his own. He put himself out there, in front of strangers and his closest friends, and Jeremiah looked and said “no thanks.” He thought Jeremiah would like it, and he didn’t. Not at all.

All those headshakes from Kurt make so much more sense now.

“Yes, I was jealous, but it set us on this path where I told you my feelings, and the one drunken sleepover, one foam party, one parental sex talk, and one dead bird later…” Kurt’s laugh cuts himself off.

“It wasn’t like that!” Blaine laughs at Kurt’s joke anyway. All of those were things that happened, but really, it was Blaine’s adoration of Kurt growing the more he saw him.

Kurt squeezes his hand. “It’s not a bad memory. For me. Who cares about that guy now besides his hairdresser? Who cares that I have to wait for my serenades?”

“I’ll make it up to you.” Blaine can sing a bunch of love songs by heart. He doesn’t need to wait for Valentine’s Day to come back around for a chance to say what he feels.

“There’s nothing to make up!”

Too late. Blaine already spots a park bench he can hop onto and starts to sing the song Kurt chose.

Could you say no to that face?

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14 Cannon Hawke/Cannon LI

I made the most fangirlish squeeing noise when I saw this in my inbox. Thank you, anon.

14 - A Reunion Kiss

This was the last place Anders ever thought he’d want to find himself.

He’d fled the Wardens long ago, just as he had the Circle so many times before –though the trail Justice left in his wake gave them far more reason to hunt him down than the Templars ever had. His stay among the order had been brief and his Joining happened roughly ten years earlier. The few Wardens who knew him were Ferelden and the vast majority of the ones here were from Orlais. The chances of being recognized were relatively slim. Still, the idea of walking into their stronghold should have formed a pit in his stomach. It should have frightened him, made him pull his hood further down on his head, made his eyes scan the milling crowd, looking for any suspicious glances being aimed in his direction.

Instead, he was grinning like an idiot.

Varric’s letter said she would be here. The dwarf had always been good about sending him word, his correspondences redirected furtively so as to avoid detection. As strained as their friendship was after Kirkwall, he was one of the few people Anders had any contact with anymore.

And with Mariah gone, the letters they both sent had been the only thing keeping him going.

She spotted him first, her voice making him turn, his eyes darting to find her among the Wardens who crowded the courtyard. She was already moving forward, breaking into a run, beaming with a grin as bright and as beautiful as he remembered it. He barely had time to drop his pack before she cupped his jaw between her hands, consuming his mouth with her kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, squeezing her against him. Her kiss was desperate, eager, searing him with her need, telling him with every ebb and press that she’d missed him with an intensity that matched his own.

Her arms slid around his shoulders and she climbed him, wrapping her legs around his sides as he tightened his grip on her. Metal boots dug into his back but he didn’t care. People were staring, but he couldn’t care. It had been too long. Far too long. Without her he could not breathe, for she was his air and he’d spent the last year feeling like he was suffocating. She was the one who could keep the thrumming spirit inside him at bay, who could make him feel like a man again and not just a hollowed-out vessel. He was nothing without her but a vague remnant of a person. He needed to drink her in, starved for her touch, desperate to feel alive again.

When she pulled away it was too soon, even as her face lingered next to his, her forehead to his own, her lips pressing softly to his nose – a familiar endearment that he hadn’t realized how much he’d missed. “Hey, you,” she murmured and through those two short, casual words, her tone spoke volumes.

He let his eyes close, taking in the feel of her, the scent. “Hello yourself,” he said, smiling.

He was still holding her up as she shifted her weight against him, planting small kisses along his forehead. After a moment he heard her laugh. “Anders,” she began, and Maker hearing his name on her voice again was heavenly, “do I want to know why your pack is moving?”

He looked up at her, opening his mouth to speak, but she cut off his words. “It’s another cat, isn’t it?” she asked, grinning.

“Did you really expect me to sit on my hands for the past year without any company?” he asked. “Besides, technically this one is your cat. I just found him and have been keeping him safe for you.”

“Oh how generous,” she said with a giggle as she slipped herself down from his grip, lowering again to her feet. “A real self-sacrifice there, sweetheart.” Before he could speak she slipped her hand behind his neck, pulling him down to her mouth again. This kiss was softer, sweeter, aching with tenderness. She was humming as she pulled away, biting at her lip. “I have so many of those I need to give you,” she whispered. “I feel I need to make up for lost time.”

He brushed back strands of black hair from her cheek, cupping the side of her head, tracing her earlobe with his thumb. “Don’t ever leave me like that again, Hawke,” he said. “I couldn’t bear it.”

She promised she wouldn’t. And from the way she smiled at him, he almost believed her.


And here’s the drabble about the cat he found. Because I’m a dork who likes to make my drabbles all fit together whenever possible.

Want to read more? Check out my Masterpost for DA fanfiction.

consider: misala, or mila and sala, the real yuri on ice

 -they meet a figure skating competition in florence, mila, the favoured skater by all, sala, the underdog with a bright future. its rivalry at first sight, both of their competitive streaks not fading for a second as they move onto the ice. mila is sure in her abilities, in her sheer strength in power in her jumps, but she isnt cocky. the moment shes left the kiss and cry, shes watching sala as she skates onto the ice, confident despite not a spectator outside her country knowing her name. and she watches in earnest as sala pulls off a performance with grace she can only dream of, watches as the crowd is silenced into adoration as her program ends after what feels like a millennium that had passed in seconds. in seconds, all rivalry is thrown out the door. she comes in second that day, but spends the entire night drinking in her hotel room and asking if italian cuisine is as good as its said to be. 

 -they hit it off from there, phone numbers exchanged, skype calls and text messages sent during times not on the ice. sala is one part cheer and two parts cheek, teasing even mila, whose known for her antagonistic mannerisms, to a flush in seconds. it doesnt stop mila from retaliating, from sending the girl who exists in bright smiles and beautiful into looks of shock and surprise when she spends a competitions earnings to visit her and sweep her off her feet for real. sala doesnt admit it, ever, but she loves how strong mila is, how she can pick her up in seconds and lift her with ease. you shouldve done pairs, sala teases, poking her cheek. only if you join me, mila responds, sing-song with a wink.

 -friendship turns to romance before either girl has an inkling of whats happened. touches become frequent at competitions, either girl leaning over the boards during programs and watching with glee as the other performs, mila, hollering with excitement, sala, silently beaming with pride. the first time sala notices her eyes lingering on mila’s thighs as she jumps is the same day mila kisses her in the halls. she’s just gotten off the ice, hairline slicked with sweat, smile wide and cheery across her face. when she spots sala, she bolts, tackles her into a hug and brushes their lips together before the other has any idea of whats happened. they’re practically the only ones there, and sala cant even bring herself to worry about cameras when mila is lifting her by the waist and smiling against her lips. ive wanted to do that for ages, sala tells her. mila laughs, says, at least one of us had the balls. 

 -michele, as much as sala loves him, is an idiot. she receives daily compliments of such good friends! and im glad youve connected with another girl instead of fooling around with those boys! sala snickers onto the phone with mila, laughs as her girlfriend (she bubbles and prides at the word, cant imagine being in love with someone this perfect) as she impersonates her brother. it must be so late for her, sala knows, but still stays up until the dawn breaks to hear her voice.

-in the end, nothing really changes besides shared rooms and yuri plisetsky frustrated glares when he realizes hes dealing with two couples instead of one. mila doesnt think theyre that big on pda, but she wont lie: they hang off each other and flirt at any given moment, laughing and catching eyes from across the ice.


Reunited and It Feels So Good.

“So, she was siren?” Issac said slowly trying process everything.

“Correct.” Deaton confirmed.

“Now she a banshee?” Isaac asked.

“Banshee on steroids, actually.” Stiles answered.

“She is a banshee, but the dread doctors modified her abilities. So, my guess is instead of sensing death. Daylin can sense the supernatural.” Deaton explained.

“You guys do know I’m right here.” They all turned their gaze to her. She’d been sitting on the metal table in Deaton’s office.

“Sorry.” He apologized.

“Why’s she still hot?” Isaac asked bluntly. Daylin blushed and Stiles hit him on the back of the head, like he did the night of the play.

“She was born with these physical attributes. So they can’t be taken away with the alteration of her supernatural abilities.” Deaton responded.

“So, what was the purpose of doing this to her?” Scott asked.

“I’m pretty sure they planned on using her to help them find other supernatural creatures and capture them. If Stiles and Theo hadn’t saved her. You’d all probably be in their possession.” Daylin looked around at them, feeling grateful for her friends. She stopped on Issac who was sitting crossed legged on a table similar to the one she was on. She had to admit, he was handsome. Especially the way he was sitting. He looked like a perfectly sculpted statue. He caught her staring at him and smiled. Embarrassed, she looked away.

“Cool, so back to me.” She joked. “How are we going to find Jack?”

“Well, we have Argent looking into his contacts in London.” Scott informed her. So once we hear from him.“ Scott was cut off by his phone going off. He pulled it out of his pocket, and read the name. “It’s him. I’ll be right back.” As he answers the call, he walked into the next room. “Do you think Jackson was a siren too?” Isaac asked. “I mean the guy is gorgeous?”

“Right?” Stiles agreed. “Like supernaturally gorgeous.”

“Who were your parents?” Isaac turn to Daylin.

“Aphrodite and Poseidon.” She answered him seriously, although she was joking. “Yeah, I’m actually 3,000 years old in mortal years. But I’m 17 as measured by immortals.”

“Really?” He gawked.

She smiled devilishly. “Yep, and I can also fly.” Stiles, Deaton, and Daylin all laughed at Isaac’s bemusement.

“Okay, okay. Thanks.” Scott came in, hanging up his phone. “He found him!” Scott announced!

“Oh my god! Are you serious?” Daylin said jumping off the metal table and walking over to Scott.

“Yeah! Only, he’s not in London. He’s in San Fransisco.”

“That’s only two hours away!” Daylin exclaimed.

“Yeah, but how are we going to get there?” Scott questioned.

“My jeep, obviously.” Stiles beamed.

Isaac laughed. “Yeah, so we can break down in half a mile.” Stiles shot Issac a look.

Daylin laughed. “He’s right, Stiles. We need something a little more reliable.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “Okay, so what do we do?” He asked.

“Well,” Daylin began. “There is one person we could ask.” Daylin suggested. She smiled uneasily.

“No way.” Stiles cried in disapproval.

Who?“ Isaac asked.

“Absolutely not!” Scott agreed.

“Who?” Isaac begged.


“How did she talk us into this?” Stiles asked as the pulled up to the house. Stiles put the jeep in park and clicked it off.

“Because she’s hot.” Isaac chimed from the back seat.

“I know this isn’t ideal,” Daylin said sheepishly.

“Not ideal?” Stiles repeated. “Having broccoli instead of French fries for dinner is not ideal.”

“Come guys. This is the best we’ve got.” She opened her car door and Stiles copied. “No, I need to do this by myself.” Daylin got out and shut the door before Stiles could protest. She took a deep breathe and headed up to the door. Before she even got there, it opened. There he stood in the doorway, a smile on his face. Theo Raekon. He said nothing but opened the door wider. Daylin took this as an invitation to go in, so she did. He closed it behind them.

“What do you want?” He rested his back on the door. His smile was gone.

She smiled sweetly at him. She knew even though he was mad at her. He couldn’t resist her. “I need your help.” She took a few steps closer.

He laughed. “What makes you think I’d help you?”

“Come on Theo, please.” She was right in front of him now. She placed a hand on he arm. He looked at her hand and than back at her. His expression still blank. “I’ll do anything! Theo! This is really important!”

“Anything?” His eyes traveled down her body and back to her face.

“Theo!” She tapped his bicep and he chucked.

“I can’t say no to you, gorgeous.” He said softly tucking her hair behind her ear. She blushed and look at her feet, trying to avoid his gaze. “I’ll help however I can. On one condition.” At these words, she looked up at him. He pushed himself off the door and put his arms on her waist. “I want a kiss.” Suddenly, there was loud banging on Theo’s door. “Daylin! Daylin!” Stiles voice hollered out from the other side. She pushed passed Theo and opened the door. “Daylin, Scott told me what Theo said. Come on. We’ll figure out another way.” He grabbed her wrist.

Daylin pulled her wrist free. “There’s no other way Stiles. Even if there was, it’d take weeks or months. I want to see my brother today.” She told him.

“Daylin,” Stiles whispered.

“Do you trust me?” She asked.

“I do. It’s him I-”

“Do you trust me?” She repeated. He nodded at her. She gave him a weak smile and closed the door. Theo was a few feet away. She sighed.

“Okay, let’s do this.”

Theo shook his head closing the gap between them. “Not now.” He said. “I want you to kiss me when you want to.”

“What makes you think I’ll want too?”

“You will.” He assured her. “So, what do you need from me?”


Stiles insisted Scott sit in the front seat of Theo’s truck with him. Isaac, Daylin, and Stiles sat in the back. There wasn’t much talking. Awkwardness loomed in the air. Daylin pulled out her phone and opened up her contacts. She scrolled through them until she found Stiles’s name. She hit the create a new text message and started typing.

-‘Hey.’ She sent.

Stiles pulled out his phone and checked the text. He furrowed his brow and looked over at her. She nodded her head towards his phone. Indicating she wanted him to text back.

-‘Hey. Why are you texting me?’

-‘I don’t want the others to know what we’re talking about.’ Daylin hit send.

-‘Okay? So…’ He replied.

-‘I’m sorry about earlier. :/’


-‘Stiles! I didn’t kiss him if that’s what your worried about.’


-'Will you say something, please?’

-'It wasn’t that you kissed him or not. It’s that you were willing too. So easily.’

-'For my brother? The only family I have? Yeah Stiles. I was willing to give Theo some stupid meaningless kiss to see my brother. What wouldn’t you do for your dad or Scott?’

Stiles didn’t write back. She looked over at him and he was staring out the window. Daylin felt really crappy. She knew it was selfish of her, but she thought it would have been selfish of her to not do everything she could to see her brother. He phone vibrated and she checked her phone. Stiles had texted back.

-'I would do anything for them. I understand.’ He sent back.

Daylin didn’t reply. She felt like he was still mad at her. Her phone vibrated again, but before she could look at it Theo announced that they’d arrived. Daylin looked out of the window and saw a beautiful two story brick house. It had white shutters and a matching white fence. The door was a dark green and had a homemade wreath of the front of it. Daylin hadn’t asked to much about her brother from the others. She had focused all her energy into finding away to see him. Now it hit her, she never even imagined that he might not want to see her. That his life was perfectly well off without her.

“You gonna get out?” Isaac said from next to her. Daylin didn’t respond. She opened the truck door and hoped out. As soon as she hit the ground, it became real. Her feet froze to the ground. She felt a hand squeeze hers. She looked down at it. It was Stiles. She looked at him, a warm smile was on his face. She exhaled and walked up to the grand house with Stiles. At the door, the nervous butterflies got to her.

“I don’t think I can.” She whispered to him. He squeezed her hand again and gave her a reassuring smile. Stiles knocked on the door. A second later it opened, a beautiful older woman with short brown hair appeared.

“Stiles?” The woman said in surprise.

“Hey Mrs. Whittmore.” Stiles answered awkwardly.

“What are you doing here?” She questioned. She looked at Daylin, who smiled weakly. “Uh, we thought we’d surprise Jackson. We have seen him in awhile.”

“Right! Um, Jackson’s not here actually. He’s still at lacrosse practice. If you like you can come wait inside.” She offered.

“No, no. It’s alright. We’ll go surprise him there.”

“Okay, it’s just down the street and to the right. Can’t miss it.” She directed.

“Thank you.” Daylin finally said a little hoarse. They turned and headed back to the truck. Mrs. Whittmore was right. It only took about a minute to get to Jack’s school. It was getting dark outside now, and the field lights were on. So it was easy for them to find the lacrosse field. They all got out of the truck this time, Daylin led the way as the boys trailed behind her. When they got to the field. They were still practicing. Some of the guys had shirts on and the others didn’t. She searched the boys for her brother, until she found him. He had just caught the ball and thrown it the goal. The coach blew the whistle and the boys started to disperse. Daylin figured it was the end of practice. Jack stayed on the field talking to some of the guys. Again, Daylin froze. She could hear her heart pound in her ears. She felt a gently nudge from behind her. She didn’t even look to see who’d done it. She slowly walked on to the field towards her brother. When she was about yard away, the friend he was talking to walk away. Jackson scanned the field indifferently, until his eyes fell on Daylin. It only took him a second to recognise her. Although, she feared he might not. It had been thirteen years since he’s last seen her. A look of shock formed on his face.

“Daylin?” He chocked. Daylin nodded and ran towards him. The look remind as her caught her in his arms. He wrapped them around her tightly.

“Is it really you?” Daylin looked at him tears filling her eyes.

“Jack!” She sobbed.

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Can we pretty please see a continuation of the skinny, dominant Steve?

And an anon also asked:  Top/Dom 1940s Stevie and bottom Bucky and Dirty-talking and the idea of Bucky coming home after a date and telling Steve all the things he wanted to do to that girl while Steve mercilessly reams him~

“Stevie?” Bucky slipped his head in the door, looking across the dark living room. “You up, doll?”

“Ain’t neither of those my name,” Steve said from the bedroom. “Wash the cigarettes out of your hair if you’re going to start in with all that.”

“Brought you a Coke,” Bucky said, locking the door behind him as he came into the room.

“Put it in the ice box,” Steve grumped.

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Just Don't Let Go

I don’t even know if anyone will read this but if you do, here ya go! Just a beginner chapter.  Stiles x Y/N alternate season 3. Title based off of Just Don’t Let Go Just Don’t by Hellogoodbye.

She’d only been in Beacon Hills a few months, but it felt like forever.  Maybe it was because everyone had been so friendly; welcoming her like she was one of them.  Maybe it was because she’d experienced a lot of weird shit that seemed to make the time drag out longer. Werewolf fights seemed to go on forever.  Especially when you were just a spectator and couldn’t do anything to help. Sometimes when she closed her eyes at night she could still see Derek’s claws, with the help of Ethan and Aiden, piercing into Boyd. That wasn’t an image she would ever get out of her head, she was sure of it.

The Twins were a real piece of work.  How could so much evil come in such a hot package?  And too bad Ethan played for the other team.  Not that she could possibly date another werewolf, it was just too much drama. Isaac had taught her that much.  She loved him, she still did, but she was pretty sure he had moved on, and she wished she could do the same. 

She would never forget the first time she met Isaac.  She was so struck by how attractive he was and she couldn’t believe he was talking to her.  She was running late for her first day of class and she was struggling to get ahold of her books and notebooks in her arms. She was hurrying down the hall to get to her econ class when she tripped over her own feet, real smooth.

Before she had a chance to hit the ground she felt someone take hold of her wrist.  She was pulled back up on both feet but she crashed into a chest so hard it felt like stone.  A flush of embarrassment was taking over her face and she was too afraid to look up at the guy who was holding her steady in his arms.  “You alright?”

His voice was low and quiet, just above a whisper.  She finally looked up at him and was met with intense dark blue eyes staring back down at her.  He had short dark brown hair, and a clean shaven face and perfect features.  Was he even real? She’d never seen a guy so perfect in real life.  He was staring at her with an intensity that took her breath away and it felt like hours before she realized she was staring right back at him, still in his arms.

She cleared her throat at took a step back. “I’m good,” she replied.  “Sorry, I’m not normally that clumsy. I’m running late for class, I’m new, I’m… rambling.  Sorry.”

He smiled and she thought she might pass out.  “What class are you going to?”

She struggled to remember as he began to pick up her notebooks and books that had crashed to the floor. She bent down to pick up her pen that lay near her feet and then pushed her long, dark brown hair out of her face once she stood again.  “Econ.”

“So am I, I’ll walk you.”

He handed her her books back and smiled once more. “I’m Isaac, by the way.”


“Did you move into Jackson Whitmore’s old house? I think I’ve seen you.  I used to live in the house across the street.”

“Yeah,” she replied, “Jackson’s my cousin.  His dad took him to London, he’s… going through a lot right now. And my mom’s been traveling a lot for work so my Aunt offered to take me in for a while.”

“You’re Jackson’s cousin… interesting.”

She could tell by the tone in his voice that interesting meant something different.  She knew Jackson was hard to get to know and he put up a lot of walls.  He came off as the world’s biggest asshole sometimes, she knew that.  But he was different with her, she knew him better than most people.  When he told her about the whole Canima/Werewolf scenario she thought she was going crazy, or maybe he was, but she knew he was telling the truth, she’d seen it for herself. 

When she told him that she was going to Beacon Hills to live with his mom he warned her that this town was nowhere near normal.  He also warned her that she should stay away from anyone associated with Derek Hale. She didn’t know who he was, but Jackson told her to stay away.

“Oh no,” she said, “you probably hate Jackson don’t you?”

“I’ve had some, let’s just call them issues, with him before.”

“Well for whatever he did to you, I’m sorry.”

They walked into class and she listened to Isaac banter back and forth with the coach who taught the class, he even took the blame for her being late. Isaac pointed her towards a seat in the back and he took the one beside her.  From that day on it was like he was always there looking out for her.  He walked her from class to class that day, showing her how to get places, even if it meant he was late.  He walked her to her car when school was over and after opening the door for her he said his goodbyes before walking over to another group of kids.

They were all gathered around another dark haired boy.  His hair was so dark it was almost black. His skin was naturally tan and she could tell from where she sat that his eyes were dark and intense.  He was noticeably shorter than Isaac, but he seemed to command the group’s conversation.  He stood next to an older dirt bike motorcycle and rested the palm of his hand on the handle bars. Beside him stood another boy with dark hair and fair skin. He was dressed in a pair of khakis and a navy hooded sweatshirt.  He messed with the straps of his backpack while he listened to the first boy talk.  She would later learn their names were Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski.  And they were going to become two of the most important people in her life.

It didn’t take long for her to fall in love with Isaac.  From the first time he kissed her she was hooked.  Even after she learned all his secrets; especially the werewolf one. Quickly after learning about him, she learned about Scott, Derek Hale, Ethan and Aiden and the other pack of Alphas that had invaded Beacon Hills. It was all a lot to take in.  And sometimes she felt like she was right in the middle of it.

The more intense things became for Scott and his pack, the more distance she felt between herself and Isaac.  He told her he kept her away to keep her safe; that he wanted her to be protected from everything that being with him entailed. It didn’t matter how many times she reassured him that she was all in, she would help anyway she could, he just didn’t want to listen. When he began to spend more time helping Allison Argent, someone who had become a close friend to her, the space between them only grew.  He claimed it was just him helping her and her dad figure out the patterns of the sacrifices that had all started when The Alphas showed up, but she knew he and Allison were becoming closer. 

“I’ve just been trying to help them,” he told her one night. He had snuck into her room at almost 3 in the morning, another long night with Allison.  “I don’t want anyone else getting hurt.  I don’t want any more people to die.”

“Believe me,” Y/N replied while running her hands through her hair, “that’s the last thing I want. I’m just saying… I know you and Allison are getting really close.  And it’s ok.  Just… if you think there’s something there with her just tell me.  I don’t want to get strung along and I don’t want to get hurt.”


“Isaac, please.  Just tell me the truth. You have feelings for her don’t you?”

“I don’t know,” he replied and grabbed the back of his head before releasing a frustrated sigh. “Maybe. I love you.  You know I do.”

“But you like her.”

He stared at her, not speaking and it broke her heart.  She wanted the truth from him, but hearing it really hurt.  She shook her head and stood up from the end of her bed.  “I’m not mad,” Y/N said suddenly and turned around to face him.  “But I also don’t think I can do this anymore. If you like her, I can’t stop that.  I just don’t want to hang on to someone who’s falling for someone else.  I love you so much Isaac, so that’s why I can’t do this anymore.”

She tilted her head down and brought her hands up to her face to quickly wipe away the tears, praying that he hadn’t seen them forming in her brown eyes.  Seconds later she felt his hands on her arms pulling her to his chest.  He wrapped his arms around her and rested his chin on the top of her head while she let tears fall down her cheeks and onto the material of his gray t-shirt. He held her again for what seemed like forever before he kissed the top of her head and stepped away again. And just like that, they were over.

Now Y/N stood in front of her mirror in her bedroom staring at her reflection.  She really didn’t want to go to this dance but she felt like she should.  Things with the Darach were finally over, the Alphas were gone or dead and maybe now things could get back to normal.  Did normal even exist in Beacon Hills?

She ran her hands over the bodice of her tight black dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline and was strapless.  It hugged her torso and increased her cleavage, something she didn’t mind, and it stopped mid-thigh.  She stepped into a pair of hot pink high heels and then grabbed a can of hair spray and sprayed more into her hair.  Her long dark hair was pulled into an updo with the help of numerous bobby pins and almost an entire can of hair spray.  Her hair was so long and wavy it was hard to get it do anything she wanted.  A black headband pushed the wispy pieces of hair that framed her face back.  When she was satisfied with her hair she applied another coat of lip gloss.

For some reason she could feel her heart pounding in her chest.  Maybe it was because she knew Isaac and Allison were going to be there together.  No, that was definitely why. Allison had come up to her at school the week before and asked her if it was ok that they were going together.

“Just as friends,” Allison quickly added.

Y/N had nodded and put on the best smile she could.  She told Isaac it was ok if he wanted to explore things with Allison and Allison was one of her only girl friends in Beacon Hills, besides Lydia.  She wanted for things to be ok, for all of them.  She would swallow her hurt and put a smile on tonight because she wanted to have one night where she could have fun and not feel like her heart had been ripped out and stomped on.

There was a knock at her door and her aunt poked her head in.  She smiled, “you look so beautiful Sweetheart.”

“Thanks,” Y/N replied with a sincere smile. 

“Scott and Stiles are here.”

She nodded and grabbed her pink clutch off the end of her bed before walking out the door behind her aunt. As she came down the stairs she saw Scott and Stiles standing near the door waiting for her.  She couldn’t thank them enough for agreeing to be her dates for the night.  She needed her friends by her side if she was going to survive this.

They looked up at her and let out a simultaneous “wow,” when they saw her.  She smiled and thanked them before telling them how great they looked.  Scott was in a black suit with a black tie and he looked so handsome. Her eyes drifted to Stiles who was dressed in a pair of dark gray dress pants and a white button down with a collared shirt and red tie. 

“You clean up pretty nice Stilinski.”

She was so used to seeing him in a pair of jeans and a hoodie or a t-shirt, she was taken aback by how great he looked tonight.

“Yeah, well you’re not so bad yourself.”

They said their goodbyes to Mrs. Whitmore before walking outside towards Stiles’ Jeep parked at the end of the driveway.  Scott opened the door for her and helped her maneuver her way awkwardly into the back of the Jeep. She shivered in the cold air that had filled the Jeep and Stiles looked at her through the mirror. “My jackets on the seat next to you,” he said, “if you’re cold put it on. I’m not gonna wear it.”

Y/N laughed, “ditched the coat before you even got to the dance, huh?”

“It’s too… constricting,” Stiles replied and stretched his arms.

She smiled and slipped his coat on before leaning back in her seat.  Soon the two boys chatter filled the car and she just listened on their way towards the school.  She had a little too much on her mind to be able to supply anything to the conversation.  She wondered how Scott was doing with all of this.  Wasn’t it hard for him to see Allison with Isaac? They had been together longer than she and Isaac.  It must have been hard.

They pulled into the parking lot and Scott opened the door and jumped out before helping her out of the back.  She shrugged off Stiles’ jacket and handed it to him.  Instead of putting it on he slung it over his shoulder and began to walk towards the doors.  Scott bumped Y/N with his shoulder. “You ok? You were pretty quiet on the drive here.”

“I’m fine just… not too excited to see Isaac and Allison.”

He let out a breath and nodded his head.  He definitely wasn’t looking forward to that either.  Allison Argent was proving to be really hard to get over.  Not for lack of trying.  He kept himself busy with pack business, Derek was always trying to teach him everything he knew about being an alpha.  Still, Allison was always in the back of his mind.

“It’ll be ok,” Scott replied with a smile before wrapping an arm around her and leading her towards the door.  They stopped next to Stiles who stood at the top of the stairs waiting for them.  His eyes were set on something near the door and Y/N and Scott followed his gaze.  They saw Lydia and Aiden near the doorway.

“When did the twins get back?” Y/N asked.

“Didn’t know they were,” Stiles replied, still watching Lydia and Aiden.  “Don’t tell me she still likes him.”

Y/N patted Stiles on the shoulder. “Come on. Let’s go try and have fun.”

Stiles was getting better at not pining over Lydia, but it still hurt to see her with Aiden.  Aiden who had done so many bad things then disappeared.  It was like he got to just walk back into Lydia’s life without a second thought.  It didn’t make sense.  It was one thing to see her with Jackson when they weren’t even friends.  But now he had to watch Lydia, a girl he would always have love for, his friend, with someone who was so wrong for her.

They walked past Lydia and Aiden and headed through the double doors of the school and towards the gym.  The sounds of the music that bumped through the speakers could be heard before they even walked through the door.  It looked like everyone had showed up for the dance tonight.  Scott’s eyes scanned the room and he saw Danny standing beside Ethan, who looked like he was trying to convince him to dance.

“Ethan’s here, too,” Scott said.

“Great,” Stiles replied.

The three of them walked over to a vacant table and Stiles dropped his jacket over the back of one of the chairs before sitting in it.  Y/N watched him run his hand through his short dark hair before standing up once more.  “I think I’m gonna get some spiked punch.”

She nodded before watching him go. Fiddling with her hands she took the opportunity to look around the gym once more.  Lydia had entered with Aiden, and it was clear to her that she had smudged lipstick. Back to their old habits.  Looking away from them she saw a few other kids she knew.  Aside from her group of friends she didn’t really talk to that many people. A few tables away she saw Kira, the new girl.  She was even newer than her as she’d only been in Beacon Hills a few weeks. Her father was their history teacher.

As far as she could tell Kira was really sweet, but it was clear she felt isolated.  Y/N could relate.  It wasn’t long ago that she felt that way; like she didn’t have anyone to talk to or any friends to hang out with; until Isaac came along.  But she didn’t want to think about that.

Looking away from Kira she then saw Isaac and her plan of keeping him out of her head blew right out the window.  It was like her eyes were drawn to where he was standing and now that she knew he was here she couldn’t look anywhere else.  He was on the dance floor with Allison.  They were laughing and smiling and dancing to the fast paced song that played and she just wanted to die.  She had to remind herself that she was the one who told him to go out with Allison, Allison was her friend. 

Turning away from them she pressed her hand over her face.  When she dropped her arms to her sides and took a deep breath she saw Scott staring at her.  She could tell he was about to ask her what was wrong until he looked where her eyes had previously been locked.  She watched him swallow and shake his head before sticking his hand out to her.  “Wanna dance?” he asked with a smile.

“I’d love to.”

She took his hand and they walked out to where the mass of students were swaying to the music.  The song was now slow and she wrapped her arms around his neck and he placed his on her hips.  She was so thankful that he was there and going through the same thing as her.  She wasn’t sure how she’d get through this without him.

“You’re so much better at this than me,” she said suddenly and his eyes locked with hers.  “I mean you seem pretty ok with it.”

He shrugged his shoulders.  “I’ve been doing it longer.”

She rested her head against his shoulder as they swayed to the music.  They danced for a while, at least through 5 different songs before she looked back at Kira who now sat in one of the chairs at the table.  She looked around at the students around her dancing with her friends and she seemed so lonely.  Y/N took a step back from Scott and he looked at her puzzled.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“You should dance with Kira.”

He glanced over his shoulder and saw Kira sitting in her chair. He couldn’t help the small smile that played on his lips.  He hadn’t known Kira that long, he barely knew her at all but he couldn’t help but like her.  He nodded his head then turned around to head towards her.  Y/N watched as he approached her and smiled when he stuck his hand out to her.  The smile on Kira’s face was infectious.

As she walked back towards the table they had earlier occupied the music changed once more and she recognized it as Of the Night by Bastille.  She was about to sit down when Scott and Kira passed her on their way to the dance floor.  “Hey,” Scott said, “keep Stiles occupied.  I don’t want him moping around over Lydia all night.”

She nodded her head then turned to look towards where she’d seen him last.  His red tie was now loose around his neck and he had a cup of punch in his hand.  A few other members of the lacrosse team were standing around him talking, but he looked like he was standing there silent.  His eyes kept drifting towards where Lydia danced with Aiden.

Y/N looked back at Isaac and Allison and let out a sigh.  She needed to get both of their minds on something else.  Gnawing on her lip she began to walk over to where he was and he smiled slightly when he saw her approaching.  He was about to say something but before he could she grabbed the collar of his shirt and placed her lips on his.

Stiles was shocked by what was happening right now.  For a second he thought he might have been imagining it.  He set his cup of punch on the table behind him, his lips still attached to hers, before wrapping an arm around her waist.  His other hand rested on her hip and he couldn’t help but fall farther into this kiss.  A few seconds later he pulled away and looked at her.  “What was that?”

“Were you thinking about Lydia during that?” Y/N asked with a shy smile.

“No,” he replied with a shake of his head.  “I was definitely not thinking about Lydia.”

“Good.” She slipped her hand down into his hand interlocked their fingers.  “Dance with me.”

She walked them both out to the dance floor and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. His arm was quickly back around her waist and he pulled her body close to his and they swayed to the music. His eyes locked with hers and leaned in and placed another kiss on his cheek.  “I thought it might help us get our minds off
things for the night.”

He smiled, “yeah, that was brilliant thinking.”

i pass this on my way to and from work every day and i always start thinkin about mickey in a cute lil apron making ice cream ( ʘ‿ʘ )