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21st August - Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day

Since today’s the Fanfiction Writer’s Appreciation Day, I’d like to make a little Appreciation post, dedicated to all of my favorite blogs.

Dee is obviously one of the best BTS Fanfiction authors out there, and I’m really fascinated by how basically every fanfiction she writes is a masterpiece. She really deserves as much recognition as possible. It’s also admirable how much she fights against plagiarism of fanfictions. Thanks for all your hard work, Dee!

The author of this blog writes fantastic scenarios and reactions, but I also really enjoy reading every one-shot. I sadly don’t know their name, or what to call them (hit me up tho, it’s cool making friends with other authors!). They recently went off to college, and I really wish them all the luck in the world!

Bambi hasn’t uploaded too many fanfictions, but OMG HER REACTIONS ARE AMAZING. Like seriously. I feel bad that I can’t write reactions that are as awesome as hers. Her reactions and her blog, in general, saved me from social interactions SO many times, and I’m seriously grateful for it. Thank you so much, Bambi!!

IS THIS WOMAN A GOD OR SOMETHING?! She covers SO many groups/fandoms, and fulfills her requests SUPER fast (heh, maybe I should too sorry not sorry I’m actually sorry SORRY). Like, I have requests in my inbox that are still super old, but I just haven’t gotten to writing it and it makes me feel horrible. This goddess writes up your dreams within the blink of an eye. Keep up the awesome work!!

This blog might be relatively new, just like mine tbvh, i’m a noob lol, her work is amazing! I love her work a lot. She has a creative mind and is as random and awkward as me. It’s cool seeing that there are also other authors as weird as me.

I legit appreciate every Author I find out there. Word’s can’t describe how happy I am to be part of this community. It’s incredibly admirable how everyone can balance out such great blogs and their life. (was that a real sentence? idk, it’s late af and my mind is decaying) I JUST REALLY LOVE EVERY SINGLE AUTHOR, OKAY. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

Do you ever think about the fact that Zak is probably the first person in Doyle’s life that’s ever looked up to him? That thought he was more than just a delinquent or rugged mercenary? When Drew realizes he’s her brother Zak’s immediate reaction is “Cool, I have a really awesome uncle that can teach me how to do dangerous stuff!” 

When they have their underwater dispute in “Van Rook’s Apprentice” Zak doesn’t try to insinuate that Doyle is a bad person for working with Van Rook and Argost. Instead, he tries to convince him to stop working for the bad guys by telling him Argost’s true intentions. At first it seems Doyle doesn’t really care (”I don’t ask questions from the guy with the money”) and I still laugh when Zak’s like “Wait, I think I was getting through to him!” but like…he kinda did considering Doyle went into Van Rook’s files and decided he wasn’t going to help Argost anymore. 

Maybe it’s because he’s an innocent kid (before season two ouch) or maybe he’s just got a heart of gold but Zak immediately, without a single hesitation, believed Doyle was a good person and embraced him as part of the family. The fact that Doyle saved him during their last encounter is enough for him. Zak’s the one that sticks up for him against his parents and tells him he doesn’t have to be alone anymore.

This eleven-year-old is the one that says (and I quote) “We’ve all made mistakes but we have to forgive each other. That’s part of being a family.“

Do you ever think about the fact that the Saturdays value family arguably more than anything and family is something Doyle has wanted his entire life?

What I liked about 13x01

(first notes after watching - and after screaming Caaaaaaaaas!!! for half an hour)

1. Grieving Dean: That was hard to watch. The opening scene with his voice breaking, the yelling at Chuck behind the pirate shed, but most of all the quiet scene back at the house broke my heart in the best of ways. Jensen really made the pauses and every close up count. Still crying.

2. Jack: I wasn’t a big fan of the storyline last season and didn’t really look forward to the continuation. But call me pleasantly surprised. I think they did a good job portraying his otherness by contrasting him to humans as well as angels and I found his struggle believable. Kudos to Mr. Calvert for tackling that task so well. At times he sounded so much like Cas you could almost believe that Jack is his son.

3. The Sheriff: “There’s no such thing as weird, everbody’s normal in their own way” – what an awesome side character!! I just loved her cool reaction to her son’s call (“how naked?”) and her levelheadedness throughout all the chaos.

4. The cinematography: I will never get enough of those lens flares and the camera work in the opening scene in the Impala was soooo good. The fight scene in the sheriff’s office was super cool too.

Bonus points: That were some beautiful eyes the Sheriff’s son had +++ METALLICA!!!!!! +++ the fact that someone other than the angels had to carry Cas to that table and cover him with a bed sheet will leave its mark in fanfiction history and will haunt me for the days to come +++ Sam not giving up hope and grieving in his own way

Star Versus the Forces of Evil: A Timeline and Analysis of Star’s (and some of Marco’s) Feelings, Part 1

With the S3 movie a little over a month away, I figured I might as well post this. Star Versus the Forces of Evil does a good job of building up the relationship (platonic and non-requited romantic) between Star and Marco, and it also shows how Star and Marco can suck at dealing with (romantic) emotions. They suppress and lie about them, or are just plain old clueless about them, which is pretty standard for 14 year old kids (speaking from personal experience here too). So this makes for some darn good writing material. Originally I posted the bare-bones framework of this on /co/ and it was received well, so I beefed it up proper and decided to share it with others. Here, I’ll try and give a timeline for at least some of the big hints or events that happen which show the kind of romantic feelings that exist-or don’t exist (YET)-between the two.

Season 1: There’s a decent amount to unpack here. Already, great posts have detailed how Star may have started falling for Marco in Sleep Spells, etc. I’m lazy, so I’m gonna focus on the most prominent episode in S1 that deals with romance. To nobody’s surprise, that’s Blood Moon Ball. In Season 1, I think that Marco develops some small unconscious degree of feelings for Star. She’s attractive, the coolest girl he knows, etc. But they’re not conscious and he still has the pedestal for Jackie, so Marco isn’t exactly making moves on Star. The events of Blood Moon Ball hint that Marco has some degree of attraction to Star, which Marco himself doesn’t actually realize until the episode itself. Marco’s initially defensive of Star around Tom because he genuinely doesn’t trust the guy, and when Marco first proposes going with Star to the Blood Moon Ball, there’s no hint of romantic intent (in the voice acting or music), just genuine platonic concern. But that changes when Star reveals her outfit to Marco.

Dude’s verbal and physical reaction to Star’s dress are pretty clearly not just a “AH YES, MY TOTALLY PLATONIC FRIEND I HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR LOOKS SO GOOD I WAS JUST AWESTRUCK, PLATONICALLY” and the background music certainly lends to that feeling. After this, Marco attempts to ride down with Star (sounding a little more than just a concerned friend), but gets kicked out. When Marco hears the voice of the Old Sea Captain say “The Moon of Lovers,” that gets Marco to get up and eventually ring the bell for transport himself. The fact that the Sea Captain said “The Moon of Lovers” is relevant simply because from a writing perspective, the juxtaposition of that statement and Marco going after Star hints at Marco having some degree of feelings (probably not too consciously) for Star.

Let’s skip to the end of the episode for a bit. Marco thinks he’s done Star a favor by rescuing her from Tom, and that he was in the right to help her, but Star’s reaction clearly wasn’t expected (side note: the really healthy and awesome dynamic between the two in this scene, with the understanding and actual apologizing, is fantastic). Star ends up saying the (in)famous words, “I don’t need a hero, I need a friend.” I think it’s pretty heavily hinted (through later actions) that Marco and Star see this statement in two different ways. Marco, who at this point likely has some unconscious degree of attraction to Star, (mis)interprets Star’s words as “I’m only interested as you in a friend, not romantically.” Star’s words shut down that small flame-Marco may still find Star attractive but any attraction to her at this point would be well and truly unconscious and comparatively minor. We see this change reflected physically in Marco’s look, which changes between the above and below pictures.

Marco definitely looks a bit more downtrodden in the second picture, and I don’t think it’s solely because he feels like he didn’t believe in Star enough. This change in Marco’s feelings is also reflected in the fact that it is only after Blood Moon Ball that Marco seriously attempts to act on his long-standing crush on Jackie (I’m not counting “Marco looks/makes an awkward noise at Jackie” as a serious attempt because they’re really not). Yes, the events of Freeze Day also played a big role in it, but the positioning of that episode immediately after Blood Moon Ball is not coincidental.

Star on the other hand likely interpreted her words literally: she didn’t need (or more importantly, want) some person/dude to just save the day for her because they think she’s not capable of saving or handling herself. This is a recurring theme with Star (Banagic Incident, etc.). She didn’t necessarily mean “Marco I am only interested in you as a friend” but intent and perception are two different things, and neither Star nor Marco can really be blamed for their interpretations (because they’re non-malicious interpretations and I feel blame is a bit of a loaded word in this context).

But what Star says and what (part of her) feels are not necessarily the same thing. So let’s break down Star’s feelings towards Marco in Blood Moon Ball a little bit more. Specifically, her initial reaction to him when the dance starts. Now, the actual effect of the Blood Moon (or at least the light of it) is completely unknown, but I’m gonna assume it doesn’t actually mind control or influence the characters because (a) no evidence of that has been shown (the Blood Moon is also shining at the end of the episode yet Star and Marco’s interactions during that sequence are entirely in character and there’s no hint of manipulation by the blood moon) (b) it’d be more than a bit creepy if there wasn’t free will in all of this, and © her reaction is consistent with later ones.

Anyways, Star’s pretty darn entranced by Marco, and this is really obvious to the viewers, although perhaps maybe not to Marco because the dude can be an idiot when it comes to emotions. However, once Marco reveals himself to Star, she’s shocked and the overt attraction disappears, a shift that’s reflected in her eyes, which go from glassy back to normal. This is interesting to note, because it indicates that Star does find Marco attractive and/or romantic, when she doesn’t know it’s Marco (i.e. this scene conclusively establishes that Star can find Marco attractive in a non-platonic manner, period). This is likely because Star has consciously only thought of Marco as a friend, and any attraction to him prior to this scene she could pass off as “I think he’s cute, but I think a lot of things are cute!” which is a line that should sound familiar. Star’s reaction here is also semi-repeated later on in Running with Scissors, when Star goes goo-goo over Marco (although by that point the audience knows for sure that Star has a crush on Marco, and Star herself is starting to become aware of that).

Season 2 (Episodes 1 and 2): Star likely found Marco cute and funny but may have actually developed a small crush on him by the time of S2. My New Wand features Star’s diary, which contains an interesting tidbit. Since we don’t actually see much of the diary’s contents, there’s only so much we can infer, but that’s not to say there’s nothing to be gleaned. I think that in the “My thoughts on Marco” section, Star wrote something along the lines of “I think Marco is kinda cute,” probably post-Blood Moon Ball (which is when Star first really gets swept off her feet by Marco). I say that Star wrote something along those lines (i.e. something that would make a 3rd party go “huh Star has/had a small crush on Marco?”) because of her reaction to Marco finding that chapter. Specifically, Star dipping down. Previously, Star dipped down in Storm the Castle when Marco’s life was in danger. Later on, Star dips down during her attempt to rescue Glossaryck. Dipping down for Star (at the beginning of S2) is not something Star can do easily (or even voluntarily). The previous time she dipped down was during a situation of high emotional stress. Keeping that in mind, note how Star doesn’t dip down when Marco is reading the other parts of her diary. Yes, she’s frantic and yelling at Marco to put the book down, but she’s not sufficiently emotionally stressed (or worried or motivated) enough to dip down. But the second Marco finishes reading the title of “My Thoughts on Marco” Star involuntarily dips down again. This signifies that whatever Marco was about to read, Star REALLY did not want Marco to read (at that point in time). Given that Star has had 0 qualms about expressing how much she values Marco as a friend (verbally, through physical intimacy, and through saving his life), the implication is pretty heavy that Star’s writings had some degree (likely minor) of non-platonic thoughts/interests in Marco (mind you, I’m not saying Star wrote “STAR BUTTERFLY IS IN LOVE WITH HER BEST FRIEND AND HIS NAME IS MARCO DIAZ”). It’s also entirely possible, and in fact likely, that whatever non-platonic thoughts Star wrote about Marco were in the past tense (I’ll elaborate on this shortly).

Also, the above magic key that Star unlocks the secrets closet with is pretty telling. Yea, the heart is technically just the same heart that’s on Star’s cheek but I think the color (pink-ish) and the fact that it’s unlocking a door behind which Marco is reading Star’s diary that has her thoughts on Marco…I mean the symbolism is there.

In Mr. Candle Cares, when the guidance counselor asks Star if she has a secret crush on Marco, Star’s response is interesting: she says “He’s my roommate. We’re just friends.” Technically, that’s not “no” but I think it’s more of a hint that Star isn’t consciously aware of her feelings for Marco as opposed to “HAHA STAR IS LYING.” This ties back into the contents of Star’s diaries, and the Season 2 finale, Starcrushed. I’m gonna lay out a rough timeline of Star’s feelings towards Marco by this point in Season 2. Through the course of Season 1, Star started developing some very minor romantic feelings towards Marco, mostly consisting of “I think he’s cute/funny/nice/etc.” and these feelings became obvious to Star and us, the viewers, in Blood Moon Ball. She writes these…uh, observations, down in her diary. However, Star ignored those feelings for the most part because they were about Marco, her best friend, and no way could she ever have a crush on her best friend/roommate, that’s just crazy (hint, she can). Fast-forward to Starcrushed, when Star says she had a crush on Marco once and then says that she doesn’t anymore. I’ll go into more detail in Part 2, but basically, I think Star is referring to roughly this point in her life when she says that bit in Starcrushed: thus, it’s not technically a lie she’s telling everyone either.

Anyways, I’m tired and I think this a decent enough (or at least not god-awful) ending point for Part 1 of this timeline/analysis. Next time, Sleepover, Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Just Friends, and Starcrushed!

The Continuing Excellent and Very Enlightening Adventures of Teenaged Farmer Delphine

The new neighbor was… different.

She wore men’s clothes and smoked vile smelling cigars, played high stakes poker in the invitation-only back room at The Toolbox, drank liquor from dark squat bottles while rocking on her dilapidated house’s creaky front porch swing, and frequently got into fistfights in town.  Because of girls, or so the rumors said.

Teenaged Farmer Delphine was intrigued.

She’d noticed that the neighbor would sometimes disappear into the woods bordering their properties, then emerge with something in her hands and a self-satisfied grin on her dirt-smudged but still very pretty face.  Resolving to follow to find out where the neighbor went, she looked up from doing her chores one day and happened to see the familiar bright blonde head disappearing into shadowy trees.  Immediately she abandoned her task of greasing the zerks and replacing broken tines in the pickup of the square baler, hurrying to catch up while trying to move as quietly as possible.

From the edge of a clearing, she watched the neighbor stroll to the hollow tree where a big cluster of their bees had set up a new home after swarming earlier in the spring.  The neighbor, seemingly unconcerned about the bees buzzing around her face and carpeting her shirt and hair, reached into the hollow, extracting a big chunk of comb and transferring it into a quart Mason jar, wiping the mouth of the jar before screwing on the lid.  Teenaged Farmer Delphine was mesmerized and didn’t even try to hide when the neighbor spotted her and started walking toward her, shedding bees as she approached.

Opening the jar, the neighbor swiped two fingers inside and held them out, sticky and dripping with golden honey.  “Wanna taste?  There’s almost nothing better than honey straight from the hive.”  The neighbor smirked knowingly.  “Almost.”

You can hardly blame Teenaged Farmer Delphine for her reaction.

(A million thanks to @seanpgilroy for the awesome photo manip. Oh, and I guess this post makes more sense if you read the original post first. *g*)

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard a complete sentence with so much “chocolate” in it! Wow that ice cream sounds delicious!

And since we’ve read the story of the men recently heckling her, here we have the bonus for Hillary’s awesome reaction to the journalist’s “Aren’t you worried about the calory count?”

Love her

So, before we get any further away from 4x11 and are thrown into another chaos that will most definitely hit us with 4x12, I’ve wanted to focus on a very short and yet brilliant moment between Raven and Sinclair - honestly, seeing Lindsey and Alessandro work together and bring out all these intense feelings that convey so many things at once and also witness them get to approach conflict one more time within the same space is fantastic - because I’ve been waiting for a scene like this for a very long time (without being aware of it),

Literally bury me in this moment. The level of Raven’s development in terms of emotional progression is off the charts in this episode. Still not gonna get knee-deep into analysis mode as I’ve yet to re-watch 4x11, but here is my deal:

Remember what the first thing is you notice about Raven besides her fervent obsession with numbers, especially when it comes to her correcting them?

Yes? It’s pretty easy. She says it here: That she is awesome. It’s something that works like a headline for her character in a way: “Raven Reyes is fucking awesome”. This wholesome apple-cheeked girl who carries a charm that feels both cocksure and frisky, the mastermind with a skill-set that feels other-worldly and yet utterly exhaustive, because she does more than put two and two together and delves into a puzzle with 10000 pieces instead, the enthusiastic builder who has a tendency to explain things in detail, the hard-working fighter who shares her knowledge that often times helps an unprepared team - This girl is awesome. One word and one character. Raven Reyes is awesome.

It gets deeper than that though, because the word “awesome” is not just something that comes with playfulness or the intense pride for the things Raven feels she can do. One of my favorite aspects of Raven’s characterization is how skill and expertise interface with personality. So, “awesome” is a very common word in her character arc that she uses in - usually - emotional situations as well, because sometimes it works more as a sort of armor that helps her protect herself from her own vulnerability - the things she thinks she can’t do/deal with.

The awesome-exterior is mostly evident in season one, when Raven comes to earth for Finn and gets stripped from that image piece by piece - most notably when she finds out that Finn cheated on her, witnessing that he - the person she trusted the most in her life - hesitates and starts to put her as “second”, or when she is very obviously trying to overplay her feelings with “of course you would, I’m awesome” when none other than Clarke tells her that she would, in fact, pick Raven first (unlike Finn, as Raven once thought he would).

Her armor breaks, and through the cracks Raven’s feelings start to seep through, even when she, more often than not, tries to distance herself.

In 4x11 it’s so different from any other time she used that word though, because Raven is coming face to face with herself in a way she has never before.

When Sinclair asks her how she will overcome her self-preservation Raven’s initial reaction is to put focus on her being “awesome” again, totally approaching herself as she so often does when she is facing down her fears.

But when Sinclair tells her that he (Raven herself actually) is serious, Raven changes the course of direction from being awesome to openly vulnerable “I know. It’s okay”. No one can make her feel small except if she tells herself that she’s already lost the battle - but Raven doesn’t. So, In order to overcome her self-preservation Raven places her trust in herself, picks herself first over anything else, and is ready to drive her heart to her true desire “I choose life”.

She psychs herself up for an internal conflict with such open honesty that it helps her grow as a person - Something she once told Sinclair she would.

And she comes out of the physically exhausting procedure un-dead, because she has a damn will to live. She is awesome and stubborn.

@guygardsner here’s a couple of links! http://mosaicbroknhearts.tumblr.com/post/152221399966/hey-this-is-in-reply-to-that-post-you-made-of-how“>http://mosaicbroknhearts.tumblr.com/post/152221399966/hey-this-is-in-reply-to-that-post-you-made-of-how


& then there’s the thing about him throwing away his wife’s birth control after 1 discussion about maybe having kids and filming her panicked reaction when she found out. So. Awesome.

But yeah, omg, it’s such a bad habit but it’s so easy because I have no emotional investments in the fandoms or outcomes

Sleepless Nights - Chapter One

Summary: Nightmares and pillow talk. This wasn’t how they thought their relationship would start, but this wasn’t something they could control. Rated T for language. NaruHina.

A/N: Here’s the first installation of my new mini-series of prompts I’ll be transforming into a small, multi-chapter story. Hope you enjoy.

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