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Haikyuu!! Chapter 252: Support

Honestly, the star of this chapter is Saeko-nee. She’s awesome.

Naturally, her appearance leads to interesting reactions.

They are pretty much me. Count me in for dying due to Saeko’s coolness (damn, Daichi that’s one hella sass, I can see the family resemblance in Ennoshita)

Finally, Karasuno gets the cheering squad they deserve.

I’m rather surprised that using Taiko is actually planned by all the Karasuno adults. Boy I am glad that they all think of it, right when they sorely need it.

Of course, Hinata’s stealing back the spotlight. By showing how well he read the situation (or understand Tsukishima’s movements) as he positions himself well to receive the spike. Unfortunately though…

The spike goes through between his arms, successfully making me laugh out so loudly that my father thinks something happened to me (or I went crazy). 

Hinata’s embarrassment is hilarious, thankfully Noya’s quick to praise Hinata, restoring his honor (hahaha, Hinata, you’ve done so many ridiculous things and this the one thing you’re particularly embarrassed about?). Daishou makes the best commentaries, btw. Are we keeping him throughout Karasuno matches? He nails Hinata’s feeling right then and there.


Interestingly, Hinata’s reaction for being used as a decoy is not the usual ‘What! I am the decoy?!!’ but instead his reaction is ‘I called it back minus in my head’, which only means one thing:

He’s seen Kageyama using him as a decoy.

Just like he’s seen Tsukishima’s choking off the cross.

It’s not only his jump, Hinata’s situational awareness and reading are getting better.

Just like his jump, his mind already makes the right image, but his body has yet to catch up. It’s… such a realistic growth for Hinata. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of making the main character OP, and yet Furudate-sensei neatly sidesteps it. It looks like that this match is going to be used as an opportunity for Hinata to get his mind and body in sync.

Hinata does better under pressure. It becomes obvious how he’s the only one completely unaffected by the pressure from Inarizaki and their cheering squad. It’s too bad that he hasn’t worked more on his serves.

(Daichi’s triumphant expression is precious, give him more tosses Kageyama!)

The best reaction in this chapter: Inarizaki’s synchronized WTF.

Do you ever think about the fact that Zak is probably the first person in Doyle’s life that’s ever looked up to him? That thought he was more than just a delinquent or rugged mercenary? When Drew realizes he’s her brother Zak’s immediate reaction is “Cool, I have a really awesome uncle that can teach me how to do dangerous stuff!” 

When they have their underwater dispute in “Van Rook’s Apprentice” Zak doesn’t try to insinuate that Doyle is a bad person for working with Van Rook and Argost. Instead, he tries to convince him to stop working for the bad guys by telling him Argost’s true intentions. At first it seems Doyle doesn’t really care (”I don’t ask questions from the guy with the money”) and I still laugh when Zak’s like “Wait, I think I was getting through to him!” but like…he kinda did considering Doyle went into Van Rook’s files and decided he wasn’t going to help Argost anymore. 

Maybe it’s because he’s an innocent kid (before season two ouch) or maybe he’s just got a heart of gold but Zak immediately, without a single hesitation, believed Doyle was a good person and embraced him as part of the family. The fact that Doyle saved him during their last encounter is enough for him. Zak’s the one that sticks up for him against his parents and tells him he doesn’t have to be alone anymore.

This eleven-year-old is the one that says (and I quote) “We’ve all made mistakes but we have to forgive each other. That’s part of being a family.“

Do you ever think about the fact that the Saturdays value family arguably more than anything and family is something Doyle has wanted his entire life?

So, before we get any further away from 4x11 and are thrown into another chaos that will most definitely hit us with 4x12, I’ve wanted to focus on a very short and yet brilliant moment between Raven and Sinclair - honestly, seeing Lindsey and Alessandro work together and bring out all these intense feelings that convey so many things at once and also witness them get to approach conflict one more time within the same space is fantastic - because I’ve been waiting for a scene like this for a very long time (without being aware of it),

Literally bury me in this moment. The level of Raven’s development in terms of emotional progression is off the charts in this episode. Still not gonna get knee-deep into analysis mode as I’ve yet to re-watch 4x11, but here is my deal:

Remember what the first thing is you notice about Raven besides her fervent obsession with numbers, especially when it comes to her correcting them?

Yes? It’s pretty easy. She says it here: That she is awesome. It’s something that works like a headline for her character in a way: “Raven Reyes is fucking awesome”. This wholesome apple-cheeked girl who carries a charm that feels both cocksure and frisky, the mastermind with a skill-set that feels other-worldly and yet utterly exhaustive, because she does more than put two and two together and delves into a puzzle with 10000 pieces instead, the enthusiastic builder who has a tendency to explain things in detail, the hard-working fighter who shares her knowledge that often times helps an unprepared team - This girl is awesome. One word and one character. Raven Reyes is awesome.

It gets deeper than that though, because the word “awesome” is not just something that comes with playfulness or the intense pride for the things Raven feels she can do. One of my favorite aspects of Raven’s characterization is how skill and expertise interface with personality. So, “awesome” is a very common word in her character arc that she uses in - usually - emotional situations as well, because sometimes it works more as a sort of armor that helps her protect herself from her own vulnerability - the things she thinks she can’t do/deal with.

The awesome-exterior is mostly evident in season one, when Raven comes to earth for Finn and gets stripped from that image piece by piece - most notably when she finds out that Finn cheated on her, witnessing that he - the person she trusted the most in her life - hesitates and starts to put her as “second”, or when she is very obviously trying to overplay her feelings with “of course you would, I’m awesome” when none other than Clarke tells her that she would, in fact, pick Raven first (unlike Finn, as Raven once thought he would).

Her armor breaks, and through the cracks Raven’s feelings start to seep through, even when she, more often than not, tries to distance herself.

In 4x11 it’s so different from any other time she used that word though, because Raven is coming face to face with herself in a way she has never before.

When Sinclair asks her how she will overcome her self-preservation Raven’s initial reaction is to put focus on her being “awesome” again, totally approaching herself as she so often does when she is facing down her fears.

But when Sinclair tells her that he (Raven herself actually) is serious, Raven changes the course of direction from being awesome to openly vulnerable “I know. It’s okay”. No one can make her feel small except if she tells herself that she’s already lost the battle - but Raven doesn’t. So, In order to overcome her self-preservation Raven places her trust in herself, picks herself first over anything else, and is ready to drive her heart to her true desire “I choose life”.

She psychs herself up for an internal conflict with such open honesty that it helps her grow as a person - Something she once told Sinclair she would.

And she comes out of the physically exhausting procedure un-dead, because she has a damn will to live. She is awesome and stubborn.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X_JSfux-n4) ,

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a complete sentence with so much “chocolate” in it! Wow that ice cream sounds delicious!

And since we’ve read the story of the men recently heckling her, here we have the bonus for Hillary’s awesome reaction to the journalist’s “Aren’t you worried about the calory count?”

Love her

My brain is doing that thing where it classifies all my original fic as either 1) about people unlike myself, and therefore a story I don’t have a right to tell, 2) about people like myself, and therefore excessively self-centered and whiny and something I should keep private and hidden, or 3) both, simultaneously

Normally I would spend several hours whining to my brain about how dumb this is, but forget that, it’s time for dragon age fic

One big, happy, bonkers family.

One more thing. Everyone here has been really nice but they’re surprised when they find out my husband does what is considered to be blue collar work. I told a department head last night about his job plans and she couldn’t hide the shock on her face. I’m not really used to that. When something goes wrong in our house he can fix it. He can fix anything. Everyone usually thinks thats awesome. Her reaction isn’t really a big deal but it reinforces what I find insufferable about academia. It’s a little surprising too because our school has a lot of classes dealing with trade work. You’d think she’d be used to it by now.

Sleepless Nights - Chapter One

Summary: Nightmares and pillow talk. This wasn’t how they thought their relationship would start, but this wasn’t something they could control. Rated T for language. NaruHina.

A/N: Here’s the first installation of my new mini-series of prompts I’ll be transforming into a small, multi-chapter story. Hope you enjoy.

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Akatsuki no Yona - 5

Woo, watching anime. For a bit. Then kids get home and have to help with homework. Another Star Wars movie later on tonight, though! We are up to 6 and then we will be starting 1-3 in the next days. So far my daughter’s favorite is Luke. I favor Han and Leia but I love Luke too because, you know, he’s Luke. I can’t wait for her reaction with upcoming awesome plot twist. :D

Okay… on to Yona. lol.

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