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This is a film for dreamers and I think that hope and creativity are two of the most important things in the world and that’s what this movie is about… so to any creative person who has had a door slammed in their face, either metaphorically or physically…or actors who had their auditions cut off or had a callback that didn’t come…or anybody, anywhere really..that feels like giving up, someone who finds it in themselves to get up and keep moving forward, I share this with you.
—  Emma Stone at the Golden Globes for her acceptance speech 💥

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I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find it -- maybe I skipped over it -- but what is the significance of Dylan's nickname Sunshine (Boy)? Was it given to him by his mother -- there's that one quote of hers about him having a "mane of golden hair and it was just always thick and round" and how he was an exuberant little boy?

You’ve got it about right.  :)  

Excerpt from Sue’s book “A Mother’s Reckoning”:
“We called him “The Sunshine Boy”—not just because of his halo of blond hair, but because everything seemed to come easily to him. I was grateful to be Dylan’s mother, and loved him with my whole heart and soul.”


    In one of her last interviews, Theda [Bara] waxed nostalgic about the silent screen. “To understand those days,” she told Hedda Hopper, “you must consider that people believed what they saw on the screen. Nobody had destroyed the great illusion. Now they know it’s all make-believe." 
    She also took the casually dressed stars of the 1950’s to task, in an incisive tirade which holds just as true today as it did then. "It’s the stars themselves who have been failing the fans. People have always been hungry for glamour- they still are. But it takes showmanship and a constant sense of responsibility to hold their interest. A star mustn’t allow her public to see her in slacks. She should dress beautifully at all times- I don’t mean in a bizarre way. She must live their dreams for them and remain a figure of mystery. Glamour is the most essential part of Hollywood.”  
    Hollywood’s first sex symbol then offered an appraisal of Hollywood’s current sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. “I think, like everyone else, that she is sexy. But I don’t believe she likes it much, does she? She probably will have the same trouble I have had,” Theda concluded prophetically. “She will never be able to live down her reputation." 

-Vamp: The Rise and Fall of  Theda Bara  by Eve Golden


Chaol Westfall & Celaena Sardothien [Chaolaena]


WEEK #7: Favourite Quotes:

“Far inside her, she found a golden chain that bound them together.” - Celaena Sardothien [Throne of Glass]

“His soul was bound to hers by an unbreakable chain.” - Chaol Westfall [Crown of Midnight]

“Because I went to Tisch, you know, at NYU. And what used to happen was the teachers would go: “Well, your voice is too pop.  And when you sing pop music, your voice is too theater.  And, you know, you’re never gonna play the heroine. And you’re never gonna play the blond, you know. You’re never gonna play the ingénue. You’ll never be the main character. You’re never gonna be the star. Because you have dark hair and you’re too ethnic”. So I used to say: “Well, what about Liza?” And then I’d get to acting class and they’d always pull out a script for me that Marisa had played in a movie. And they’d say: “You’ll play these kinds of- These kinds of really ballsy women roles”. And you know what? There’s never a role other than that that I’m ever gonna wanna play. So thank you, Marisa, for always playing that role for us.”

The golden damask seized her outward emotions, her gestures remained formal. It was not until one evening, when returning from the weight of her new life into the shelter of a dark bed chamber, that she sunk to the floorboards and came to a conclusion. She was a wild being, within her gilded corset she ached. Beyond these walls, beyond the city itself, in this cosmos she had a great deal of power. Power which helped to transform the lives of millions, but not her own. And even now she had held back in want of peace. She was tired of peace. It would soon be over. They were heading towards a controlled revolution. And if she were to save lives with this move, she must allow herself the moment for personal anarchy. That night she walked with purpose, finding him with a need to express their combined truth. From then on, the wall fell away. Two years of distance succumbed to a gradual amount of courage, their words combining in endless dialogue, memories which were held by him alone, ideas which she had kept hidden away since his death and recent return. Twenty years after she had lost him, he was there in every detail of his being. Nostalgic quirks to a personality much admired by those beyond the palace, would be hers alone. In secret now, they found love again. Silence found its place beyond, keeping this intrinsic connection out of harm until her new era would begin.
It was said that this revolution would be for the people. However, it was well known that the spark to ignite the fuse came from a deeply personal will.
—  Celestial Dynasty