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Pavlov had it all wrong

I am a single adult human living in a house with two corgis. Got Girldog from a shelter when she was about a year, year and a half old maybe; got Boydog a few years later as an 8-week puppeh. And let me tell you something, from Day One, this has been a three-way psychological experiment. I no longer know who is manipulating who on a daily basis.

  • One of the first things I trained Girldog to do was not to bark at the dinner table; if she barked at me while I was eating, I put her in The Quiet Place (her crate) where she couldn’t see me. She learned almost immediately to subvocalize her barks, to let out a breath with just enough vocal cord vibration that I wouldn’t QUIIIITE consider it a bark and move her further away from the food. It’s a sound like this: “Hrrrr. Hrrrr. Hhhrahhh.” I didn’t realize how odd this was until my aunt came over and said, “That dog hissed at me.” “Yes,” I said, “she does that.”
  • Boydog learned to do tricks by watching Girldog. I never taught him to sit. He learned by watching Girldog get a treat for sitting. Once, I told both dogs to sit at the same time, while I held a treat in each hand. When Girldog didn’t sit quick enough, Boydog put his paw on her butt and pushed her down.
  • I hung a bell on the door and taught Boydog to ring it when he wants to go out. Girldog sees no reason she should ring the bell, as it is beneath her dignity, and she can get her way by barking instead. Boydog, however, will ring the bell for Girldog when she lurks around by the door, although he has no interest in going outside himself. Girldog has made Boydog her personal slave in this matter.
  • Boydog rings the bell when he doesn’t need to go out but thinks I have been at my computer too long. By the time I get to the kitchen, he’s nowhere near the door, but hey mom, as long as you’re up, let’s play! He obviously does not believe I can see through this extremely clever ploy.
  • Girldog once climbed onto a sofa, crossed the back of it, leapt from the sofa to my desk chair, leapt from the chair to the desk, and knocked all my stuff off the desk. (I wasn’t there, but it was obvious from the trail of destruction what route she had taken.) Then she got down and proceeded to ignore the bag of corn chips she’d encountered and focus her attention on biting my phone charger in half, chewing up a USB memory stick, and eating a pen. I still have no idea how she could be so smart and so dumb at the same time.
  • Boydog will chase a laser pointer (not uncommon for dogs introduced to them as puppies! Pro tip) but only when Girldog is not around, because she hates it for some reason and will tackle him for it. Girldog also likes to be outside while I want to be in, and Boydog prefers to have us both inside. Boydog will lead me to the laser pointer, pester me until I get it down, and then run around chasing the laser and barking madly. No matter how stubborn Girldog has been about staying outside, she wants to know what he’s barking at and immediately comes inside. (It is always the laser pointer he’s barking at, Girldog. Always.)
  • There is a chair in my bedroom that I cannot sit on. The dogs take turns sleeping on it, depending on who gets there first. The only hard and fast rule is that if the human sits on the chair, they will both lose their cool. The chair is for dogs only. I have not even tried to sit on the chair for about six months now.

I suspect I’ll be adding more of these as the three of us continue to train each other.

but. Fleur asking Hermione to the Yule ball, dancing all night and not caring about anything except them and the fun they’re having. Hermione dragging Fleur by the hand to the abandoned library, it’s dark and quiet and her secret place. Fleur listening to Hermione e plain how muggle things work and how she is interested in becoming a teacher one day. Hermione thinking its cute that Fleur blushes and stumbles over her words, she never seems to do that unless Hermione is around. These big gay dorks having snowball fights and Hogsmeade dates filled with butter beer and sweets and their first kiss!!! With red and snot noses!!! And they laugh and cuddle and warm up by the fire while Fleur reads some random poetry in French. Hermione being worried about Fleur during the tournament and helping her figure out the egg puzzle in the bathroom together, writing letters when they’re apart and visiting during the holidays, when Umbitch comes to Hogwarts Fleur sneaks there and they meet in Hagrid Hut to make sure the other is okay. Just- 😌😌

Since I see so many Fatesonas flying around lately, I felt like creating my own =3

(though this one is just a flat coloured sketch, which is why the lineart is so messy)

Name: Nayume
Class: Kitsune
Height: 175cm

Brief description of personality:

Nayume is a pretty introverted Kitsune, which is why she appears more cool and silent at first glance.
She likes her alone time, and quiet places.
Crowded places and noisy people make her uncomfortable.
But if she finds a friend, she opens up und is actually a warmhearted person.
Even bubbly when she get’s exited.

She likes sweet food.

(( OOC: Written by: carpetheday ))

Decided to do another Jily. A tad long but I can’t seem to help it aha
I figured you wouldn’t mind a little angst considering all your angsty threads giving me heart palpitations.

Warning: Reference to Violence

Lily sighed heavily, the cigarette dangling between her finger tips, its bright orange embers flickering against the dark black sky around her. The top of the Astronomy Tower had always provided her with a quiet place to think despite the way the cold wind whipped around the building off the lake and enveloped her body. It used to send shivers down her spine, especially when she forgot her jumper in her room like she did tonight. Usually it would bother her but she felt like she needed the piercing cold of the wind on her skin, she needed it to make her feel something other than raw and numb.

The last few weeks had all but consumed her, the stress of homework, the overwhelming increase in violent incidents and that tosser who always seemed to infiltrate her thoughts. It was exhausting and infuriating as hell.

She brought the cigarette to her lips, inhaled deeply and released a long, drawn out breath. The smoke came out her mouth and nose; it danced around her face and was taken away with the wind across the school grounds. She watched it go wishing that she could float away that easily, be something or someone who was not cursed to feel forever static.

She rubbed her fingers into her temple; she didn’t know how to cope with the oncoming winter or with her friends, or her foes. Ever since her rather large public blowout with Severus his friends had taken quite a liking to her. Every time she rounded a corner there one of them was with a malicious glare in their eye and a rather terrifying grimace. Of course she was never one to back down from a fight so when the glares and grimaces turned into physical retaliations and slurs she reacted.

She had gotten herself more detentions this year than any of her years at Hogwarts combined and her fists were decorated with more bruises than they had ever been in her whole life. She smirked at the thought, most of the time she did deserve the detention and she wouldn’t take back a single one of them. Even the one that landed her with Filch for a whole weekend, she would have scrubbed the entire castle to be able to return to the moment that her fist connected with Avery’s nose.

Thankfully her broken knuckle was easily repairable.

She ashed the cigarette gently with her finger and released another heavy sigh. Sirius had told her not to think about it too much, he had laughed it off with a joke about old family friends and Lily laughed too, at the time. Doesn’t make it hurt any less, she thought as Sirius’ frame disappeared through the hospital wing doors. When James had come to visit it had ended in a screaming match about ‘dangerous situations.’ She had complained to Sirius for weeks and he had smirked when she did, oh Evans, why now?

She couldn’t answer that. It had been years of hatred and bitter arguments and loud public throw-downs that had led her to believe her hatred for James Potter to be completely justified. He was obnoxious and crass, his head was too big for his shoulders and his mouth never stopped moving. He was an incessantly aggravating young boy who had become a rather endearing young man, someone she could even call friend. He had relaxed with the flirtation, it took her months to realize she missed that, and practically every girl in their grade took notice of the effects Quidditch training had on him much to her annoyance. She swore if she had to sit next to another group of girls at a Gryffindor match as they batted their eyelashes and muttered about his chiseled jaw she would vomit.

Again, Sirius had muttered, oh Evans.

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The Sky (Sam Maek Jong)

Author: ByunBoi

Genre: comfort

Summary: At a peaceful field, S/O reveals what she thinks of the king to Ji Dwi, AKA the King of Silla

WARNING(S): none


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The Sky

This was her place. A quiet, grassy field, dotted with varieties of colored flowers. It was a corner, that had freed him from the corruptive system of Silla: his village and kingdom. And it was somewhat of his home and her home.

“S/O. What do you think of the King?” The Hwarang questioned, turning onto his side on the soft, overgrown grass.

“The King? Why do you ask?” To be honest, she wasn’t sure herself. But there was always an answer on the tip of her tongue and at the entrance of her pink lips.

“Please, just answer without asking questions.” The male pleaded, looking at his companion through glossy eyes. S/O stared at the millions of stars in the sky, before letting out a gentle sigh.

“The sky is blue in the day and night. It is a parent- no, a guardian of the moon, sun, planets, and stars. I think the King is like the sky- but at the moment, the sky is covered in clouds. Rain. And sometimes lightning. Those elements are the queen and Silla’s people. The wind is and are the ones who believe that the King will rise. He will make Silla stronger and United.” The male took in her words and viewed them as his own.

“And what are you? The clouds, lightning, rain, or wind?” S/O parted her lips, but stopped herself from speaking. She wasn’t quite sure anymore. Was she the clouds? Or was she the wind?

After an uncomfortable silence, she spoke, “I am neither a cloud nor the wind. I believe I am the sun, the moon, or the stars.” The boy gave her a questioning look, not sure of what she meant.

“What do those mean to the King?” S/O glanced into the Hwarang’s eyes, with her own (eye color) orbs; her mouth trembling.

“They represent the closeness and comfort of his friends.” Sitting up from her position, she turned her body to face him.

“I know who you really are. I’ve known for quite awhile now.” The Hwarang quickly sat up too, and placed both of his large hands onto her shoulders.

With a quiet voice, he asked, “Who am I?”

S/O chuckled, while her eyes brimmed with tears.

“The King.”

She had seen the bracelet he wore before. It was the bracelet that gave it all away, and the way he avoided the very topic the two were discussing. The King stayed quiet; there was no look on her (skin type) face. He feared of what she thought of him.

“But it’s okay.” She muttered.

The King gathered the female into his arms. Letting her tears wet his silk robes, as they comforted each other through the night.

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I honestly only watched Hwarang because of Taehyung, but the characters and actors.. :’)) ~ByunBoi

Catching Up For Lost Time

Request: Hello there! I’m re-reading your stories and oh my god they’re soon good I can’t even describe it! I saw that requests are open so could you write something with bucky where he mets the reader while she’s working in a old theatre for old movies or she’s just love to go there because it’s her quiet secret place, deferent from all of her friends. At first it’s strange but kind of turns into fluff. every week they meet but once she didn’t show up because something happened in the street nearby and he helps/saves her? It would be awesome! if you don’t want to write it it’s alright!!! Take care of yourself and thank you for your amazing work! <3 

@italwaysendsinafightcap thank you so much for this request, I twisted it a little but kept the main elements, I had so much fun writing this and I hope you like it!

Bucky Barnes x reader

Warning: swearing, mentions of death, intentions of rape and killing, protective!Bucky, fluff, somewhat angst

All credit goes to Marvel

Word count: 2.3k

            The best part about your job was that it was never busy. It was practically a ghost town with tumbleweeds. But it made sense, you only showed old movies compared to all the other theaters with current movies, fancy seats, and serving actual food. Your boss was never in, and when he was, it was for 2 hours to restock the candy cabinets. More often than not, you’d find yourself tucked away in the back of one of the showcase rooms, trying to get as comfortable as possible on the old, worn in seats. You were never a fan of old movies, you thought they boring, but you practically knew them by heart after watching them time and time again. It was better than sitting at the front desk all day when you knew for a fact that no one ever came in. Besides, you preferred the quiet and the alone time when you were working here. You’d often make up excuses about your boss wanting you to work Friday nights, when your friends wanted to go clubbing and you didn’t have the energy or interest needed.

           However, on one particular day, you were in cinema 8, watching Psycho, when a man came in. He had a cap pulled over his head, but you could see brown locks peeking out from underneath is. He was wearing a heavy jacket and jeans. But what really caught your attention, was the metal hand, illuminated by the movie.

           There was the Winter Soldier, James Buchanan Barnes, and he was looking right at you. Nervousness panged through you as he approached. “Can I sit with you? It looks like we could both use a little company.” You weakly nodded at him and he sat. “Usually no one’s ever here. I just sit in a theater, watching all the movies that play. I put some money in the tip jar to pay, I’d feel too guilty if I didn’t.”

           “We must be sitting in different cinemas then,” he looked at you with confusion. “I work here, but it’s usually empty, so I spend my days watching the movies. I could probably recite the entire scripts by now,” you sniggered. You saw the corners of Bucky’s mouth quirk up. “What brings you here? Shouldn’t you be out saving the day?”

           “I guess you could say I’m trying to make up for lost time. I know everything from the 1910’s to the 1940’s, but everything in between then and now is a blank. I figured movies would be somewhat of a primary source of what I missed. There’s only so many newspapers from the 1970’s you can get your hands on,” He joked. You laughed a little. “So tell me a little.”

           “Oh, um, this is called Psycho. It came out in 1960 and Alfred Hitchcock-“ Bucky’s laugh cut you off.

           “No, I mean about you. What’s got you tied down here?”

           “Oh,” before you could stop yourself, words were spewing out of your mouth before your mind could process them. “Well I’m 24 years old, I can’t afford college because my parent’s were killed when I was 10 and I was put in multiple foster homes until I aged out of the system and ever since I’ve been working here, trying to scrape up enough money to put myself through school again and I spend most of my time here even when I don’t have to because I hate going home, oh my name’s Y/N by the way. So tell me about you.” Bucky stared at you in utter shock as you clasped your hands together in your lap, looking at him expectantly. He continued staring at you for a little longer, and stuttered over his words as he tried to come up with what to say.

           “Well since we’re going deep here and you can read all the basic things about me in a museum, I’m Bucky, I’m 99 years old, and I fell out of a train when I was 29 and I was taken by the scientific branch of the Nazis, HYDRA, who then experimented on me, cut my arm off, and made me do a lot of really, really bad things that still haunt me today and I still wake up nearly every night, screaming and in a pool of my own sweat but it always feels like blood to me. I’m a really fucked up old man, Y/N. I can’t look at someone who looks similar to someone I’ve killed and honestly, I’m really glad you don’t look familiar because I probably would’ve ran out of here before you even noticed I was here.” He stopped talking and let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Now it was your turn to stare at him, stunned. He cleared his throat before you could respond. “So, the movie?”

           “Right! Came out in 1960, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, he directed a lot of other movies like this that I can play for you whenever you want. This movie really helped shape modern horror movies. It’s based on a guy named Ed Gein, a serial killer in Wisconsin in the 1950s who inspired a lot of other movies, as well. It was nominated for four academy awards.” Bucky nodded, and you watched the movie in silence, until he quickly stood up.

           “Y/N, it was great meeting you, duty calls. I’ll see you around.” Bucky doesn’t know why, but he leaned down and placed a kiss on your cheek. He heard your breath hitch in his throat and he immediately pulled away, and walking out without another word. You sat in your seat, stunned once more by Bucky Barnes, and you still felt his kiss lingering on your cheek.

           Days passed, you set up a bunch of different movies in different cinemas. Cinema 1&2 was playing movies from the 1950s. Cinema 3&4 was playing 1960s. Cinema 5&6 was 1970s and so on. You couldn’t even go and watch a movie like you usually had. You were constantly staring out the windows, waiting for Bucky to walk in. You couldn’t deny it anymore; he was all you had been thinking about since that day watching Psycho. The way he carried himself would lead anyone to believe that he was the most confident person they had ever met. The way he so willingly opened up to you and didn’t seem to regret it. The way you so easily opened up to him. Would it be insane and cliché to say you felt a connection with him, an Avenger?

           You knew he had priorities, responsibilities, saving the world and all that. You didn’t even exchange numbers, so calling him was out of the question. Looking at the clock, you had realized that you had spent one more day, obsessing over James Buchanan Barnes. You grabbed your bag and your keys, locking the theater doors behind you on your way out. The sky was getting dark and you pulled your hood over your hair in preparation for the rain. Little did you know, about half a mile into your walk home, you were being watched, but by two sets of eyes.

           “Natasha, you got eyes on the target?” Steve asked over the comm. Today was an undercover mission. That meant plain clothes, baseball caps, sunglasses, the likes. The whole team except Bruce, Vision, and Thor were on it, figuring the three of them would be too obvious if something went wrong, especially Banner. And Vision, because, well, he doesn’t exactly blend in.

           “I’ve had eyes on him for the past four minutes, Steve.”

           “Cap, I got a clear shot, you want me to take it?” Clint called from the top of a building, his body hidden by three feet of cement wall.

           “Not yet, wait for lower population. We don’t want many witnesses. Fire only when necessary. Got it?”

           “Loud and clear.” There were six pairs of eyes on the man they were about to take down, until a figure caught Bucky’s eyes. It was Y/N, leaving the theater. The hood of her baby pink sweatshirt hiding her features, but he could see strands of hair that weren’t hidden away. He recognized her bag, he had seen it sometimes when he’d go to watch a movie. He thought it was just left there for a while, he hadn’t yet put together that someone had to be playing the movies. He was distracted by her, his heart suddenly yearned for her and how comfortable he felt around her. He hadn’t opened up to someone that quickly besides from Steve and she wasn’t scared off from it. He was the one who was scared. Scared that one day, he’d hurt her the way he hurt so many others.

           “Cap, he’s on the move.” Natasha said, warning Steve. Bucky’s eyes snapped to the man, and his eyes locked in on the faint outline of a gun in his pocket, not-so-hidden behind his sports jacket. That wasn’t the worst part, he was following Y/N.

           “Don’t take the shot.” He ordered.

           “No, you need to take it right this second.” Bucky growled.

           “Buck, I said no! We have to wait until the right moment.”

           “This is the right moment! Oh, fuck it!” Buck ripped his ear piece out and sprinted into a run, exerting himself to his maximum extent. The man grabbed Y/N and dragged her to an alley, putting the gun to the back of her head while grabbing one of her arms and pinning it behind her back. Bucky’s blood was boiling and he was sure his team-mates were shouting his name in protest and that Steve and Fury were going to give him hell for jeopardizing the mission, but he couldn’t care less. He didn’t want to lose Y/N, he didn’t plan on letting her go anytime soon.

           “What do you want from me?” She cried out.

           “What? Your parents never told you that the same man who killed them in cold blood would come back for you too?” He laughed, venom dripping from his lips and you felt the all-too-familiar pang at your heart at the topic of your parents’ murder.

           The man had Y/N pinned with her stomach to a cold brick wall. “Y’know… I was just going to kill you, but you’re so pretty, why let a good thing to go to waste?” His hands began sliding their way up to the waistline of her leggings and Y/N let out a whimper. “Just remember, this is mommy and daddy’s fault.”

           She thought she saw a shadow come over her and the disgusting man behind her, but she couldn’t be too sure. Her head hurt from being slammed again the brick. She closed her eyes and let out another whimper.

           “Not a chance, pal.” You heard the familiar voice ring through the air and then the click of a gun. The man who had you pinned released you to whip around to the voice, momentarily taking the gun off you. However, never in a million years was he expecting the Winter Soldier behind him, eyes stony and filled with repressed rage. “Close your eyes, doll.” You did as instructed, ignoring the butterflies in your stomach at the nickname because holy hell this was not the right time.

           You flinched when you heard a sudden crunch and a body drop to the floor. “Keep ‘em closed, you don’t want to see it.” You let out a yelp in surprise as he lifted you off the ground, one of his arms locking underneath your legs and the other supporting your upper body. You instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck, tucking your face into his chest. You heard people calling his name but his hand left your shoulder momentarily and the voices and the crunching of gravel underneath people’s shoes stopping. Then, you felt yourself being lowered, feeling your feet touching the ground and Bucky’s arms steadying you. You opened your eyes and found yourself staring at Bucky’s steely blue ones. Concern was written across his features. Before he could get a single word out, Steve jogged up to you guys, Natasha at his heels.

           “Is she hurt?” He asked, his features masking Bucky’s.

           “No,” You breathed out. “Bucky got there before he could do any worse. I just have a headache.”

           “We’ll have Banner check her out back at the tower for any concussions or other injuries to be sure. Let’s get her to the quinjet.” Steve and Natasha walked off, leaving you and Bucky standing in the wake of what could’ve been the most painful thing, for the both of you, even if either of you were aware of each other’s feelings for each other, but after Bucky genuinely feeling scared of losing you, he had to take a shot in the dark.

           “After all this is set and done, how about a movie or two?”

           “Well, I didn’t spend a week playing a bunch of iconic movies for nothing.” You smiled and pulled him in for a kiss, momentarily forgetting the ache in your head and what had just happened. Bucky was never going to let you get hurt again. Not on his watch.


Oookay, so I may like dressing up…???

Sans also suggested you might also want to look up ‘Cosplay’.

Anyways, what I meant was… this isn’t an RP blog. I just added a little something in there for the heck of it.

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skylarkofthemoon  asked:

Sorry for the weird ask. How would s4 (especially Reisi and Saru) would react if Awashima got pregnant? (Let's say izumo cos they're perf) Munakata would probably do the readings and be the best caretaker ever, the alphabet boys all try to survive her mood swings and Fushimi is uncomfortable until the point Awashima just grabs his hand so he can feel the babies kick and poor Saru feels weird yet fuzzy at the same time. Idk i just think that would be cute to imagine :)

Munakata would totally be reading up on pregnancy and childbirth, imagine him just randomly informing Awashima of all these interesting new facts he has learned. Kusanagi keeps getting a slight twitch every time Munakata shows up to offer a new helpful suggestion but Awashima is of course very touched by her Captain’s concern. Munakata is also probably very keen on baby-proofing the office in preparation for Awashima’s baby, he keeps mildly scolding Fushimi for leaving his knives out everywhere as that would be unsafe for a child. Munakata is totally looking forward to being an uncle, pretty much. Early on in the pregnancy I could see Awashima getting a bit annoyed at the alphabet squad fussing over her because maybe they get worried when she’s leading them on a mission or during a fight when she’s still perfectly capable of handling herself. As she gets bigger she probably can’t move as easily and has to be further from the front lines a bit which is weird for her but she appreciates how concerned everyone is for her. Also everyone is like preparing themselves for extra weird food because they figure Awashima’s diet is strange as it is now just imagine her with cravings. As it turns out though Awashima’s pregnancy cravings are pretty much like Fushimi’s entire diet, she only feels like eating bland things and meat and nothing too sweet, she even goes sparingly on the anko, everyone is so confused. Fushimi sort of avoids her a lot because he’s definitely a bit uncomfortable, I could see Fushimi having this mild worry that if he touches Awashima he’ll break her somehow, like he figures he’s not good with kids or with pregnant women and he doesn’t know how to deal with them so he’s better off keeping away. He’s very subtly solicitous of Awashima’s welfare in his own way though and maybe one day after Awashima’s been working hard all day and she’s sort of sitting at a desk looking a bit haggard Fushimi walks by and just leaves a vitamin drink on the edge of her desk without saying anything. Awashima comes up to him later to thank him and Fushimi looks away and mutters that it was nothing, Awashima sighs a bit fondly and finally she takes his hand and asks if he would like to feel the baby kick. Fushimi’s all like wait let me go at first but then he touches her stomach and he’s a little nervous but kinda fascinated, like he can feel something moving and it makes him feel fluttery a little and he can’t quite move his hand away. Awashima probably thinks this is unexpectedly cute if Fushimi too, I bet she’d be happy.

The house had been oddly quiet over the last few days; Thea had moved in with Clark, Parker was hardly around, and Cassidy was likely back at her own place. The quiet left Sawyer to his own thoughts, flitting through them as if he had nothing better to do with his time. His fingers toyed with the lighter in his hands, smoke trailing from the lit cigarette before his lips. At the sound of the door opening, he set the lighter on the table, gaze shifting over to Thea. “Fuckin’ quiet around here.” It was his explanation to calling her over, though he had more to say. ( @thea-kingxroschell )


pairing: taegi

au: historical

words: 1,340 

rating: general audiences

note: expanding on this

when his lady receives the first letter from yoongi, she doesn’t open it. instead, she tells her servant and friend to write in her stead. she would rather be helping her father run his bank than writing to a stranger she is arranged to be married to.

taehyung takes the letter from her and finds a quiet place to read it. something in the awkward ventures of this first letter makes him smile and want to be genuine in his reply.

he proceeds to write down daydreams of what it would be like to live as the birds that squabble outside the windows. what he feels when the sun warms his body. which cities he wants to visit and what he imagines them to be like. with each word, he gives away a piece of himself and commits it on paper. at the end, he signs it with a name that doesn’t belong to him.

when yoongi opens the letter, he is lost immediately. 

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sixty miles an hour
out the car door
to pick up a rose petal
at rest on her favorite CD

Bob Dylan
while the harsh cement
greeted her
the wind uplifted her
to a quiet place
covered with beautiful flowers
and her favorite music

Mum, can you please order already, I’ve not got all night.

Yes you have. No girlfriend. No family that you live with. Just a job and a dog. What can you possibly have to do that is better than having a quick dinner with your mother?

You wanted wild 5sos getting drunk and throwing parties and getting wild and kissing the girl and giving her ‘the look’ and smiling at her and telling her she’s gorgeous and taking her to a quiet place and kissing her roughly and fucking her against the wall and spanking her and being her ‘daddy’;
right? isn’t that what you write/reblog about? Well there you have it. Don’t act like you’re hurt because they’re like that now.