her precious face

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LATE and kind of a weird hc but i have this image in my head where the council starts getting frustrated at the newly crowned queen and king of hyrule because link decided to dismiss zelda's morning assistant/maid/stylist, like he absolutely insiSTs on helping her get ready instead of anyone else (and it's not like king link left the maid unemployed anyway [he's too nice for that], the council's p much just jealous after they found out that the maid gets paid for a job that the king's doing)

he brushes and braids her hair (zelda never knew that having her hair be twisted and pulled could be soothing,,, linkS just ThAT gOOD/GENTLEMANLY), massages her, and not to forget his fav - doing her makeuP, he’s done so on himself and ilia and all of the ordonian women so it’s nbd, but being able to hold her precious face in his hands, concentrate on her perf eyes to line them, coat her precious lashes, and see her cheeks become rosy after he kisses her sweeTLY IS JUSTT<,, TOO GOOD TO PASS

OMG this is so good so good SO GOod,, 

look. i love link and zelda doing each other’s makeup so much. so much

It Takes a Pirate to Raise a Child
Editor’s note: The following address was delivered at Hillsdale College as the 2013 Fall Convocation Lecture.

Last week, one of the emeritus faculty at my university saw me and said, “Are you the Hillsdale student?” I told him yes very cautiously, because sometimes people listen to Rush Limbaugh and therefore think that Hillsdale is the last bastion of Republican ideals, and sometimes people are a bit more Liberal and think that Hillsdale is the land of indoctrination and idiocy.  Luckily for me, he tends towards the Conservative end of the spectrum, and so is not going to make my life a living hell during histopathology seminar.

He had a pile of questions about what it was like, how effective was their science department, were there “a lot of kids with funny-colored hair and mohawks,” and if people were there because their parents made them or because they wanted to be.  Eventually, he asked me if there was a big drinking and drug culture on campus.  I told him, “Listen … this is probably going to sound silly, but … Hillsdale students, they tend to be very … virtuous.”

He assured me that it didn’t sound silly at all, and I was like, “Yeah, no, it sounds silly to me, and I went there.”  But it’s the best answer I have.  Yeah, there’re still fraternities and sororities and the whole off-campus culture, but they’re, like, virtuous fraternities and sororities.  Which means that the kids who would normally be the ‘good kids’ are, like, goodness on steroids.  They won’t jaywalk.  The boys hold doors open for everyone and walk the girls home at night.  (The girls don’t necessarily want doors held for them or need to be walked home, but if you’re a reasonably smart girl you can figure out how to take it in the spirit it’s meant rather than take offense.)  Everyone leaves their book bags and laptops all over the library and in cubbies outside of the cafeteria and nothing gets stolen, because it wouldn’t occur to anyone.  And it’s not because the college taught them how to be virtuous.  It’s because the kind of people who were taught how to be virtuous end up going to college there.  And then, once you’re there, there’s this massive peer pressure to do the right thing all the time, because if you don’t then Josiah will look at you like you kicked a puppy.

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I hope you consider writing a mini story of a parallel of Charming and the Siren of the Lake where the Siren is trying to seduce Killian by making herself look like Emma to lure him to his death.

Hey, guess what I wrote.

An Enchanted Forest Lieutenant Duckling AU paralleling the Lake Nostos scene in season 1

~6000 words


From the first moment Killian Jones lays eyes on her, he is incredibly captivated by her.

How can he not?

The light of the sun shines on her blonde hair, transforming her locks into gold. She sits next to her parents, on a throne that is slightly smaller than her mother’s but still adorned with silver curls and an array of precious stones. Her face bears a serious but kind look, perfectly fit for a princess.

The king welcomes them all but Killian just can’t tear away his gaze from the vision in white. Her dress is simple in an elegant way and the top part has matching white feathers. Those of a swan, he suspects.

The ball is officially started as the musicians take their instruments and start the first song of the evening. Hopefully he glances over to the three royals but there is no movement.

It would be bad form to remain standing when there are young ladies yearning for a dance, so Killian walks over to one and asks the brown haired girl to join him on the dance floor. She bows before him and follows his steps. They dance and their small talk interweaves with the music. The song softly abates and he smiles kindly to the lady while releasing her grip with another bow.

He repeats this several times, the action occasionally being delayed when Killian grabs a metal cup of wine off one of the trays and lavishes his throat with the rich liquid.

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