her phone case is almost as adorable as she is


Walking through the mall, you laughed with your friend, Adrianna, as she recapped her incredibly terrible first date the other night.

Then he walks back from the bathroom like he hadn’t been gone for a long period of time and looks at me like I kicked a puppy because I took one spoonful of ice cream without him. Like, I’m sorry? It’s MY ice cream. She laughed and the two of you continued to talk as you walked.

So I’m guessing that a second date would be a no-go? You asked as you sifted through sweaters.

Y/N. Adrianna said and you looked up to have her giving you the most unenthusiastic look that made you chuckle.

I’m sorry for even asking. You replied and continued to go through the clothes.

So tell me about your date night? How’s Mr. Wonderful? I still haven’t met the guy. She began to spout off, much to your dismay. At that moment, you wished you could hide in the clothes, but instead you looked at her.

He’s good. You said simply and went back to skimming the racks of brightly colored clothes.

Y/N! She exclaimed and you laughed again.

I’m not telling you any more than that. He’s nice, but we aren’t serious, so I just want to see where this goes before I start spouting it off to everyone. You said, which wasn’t a lie, but it wasn’t necessarily true. The other half to why you weren’t telling her everything was that it was Jeon Jungkook and that was your best friend’s ultimate bias. She could go on for hours about him and you would just have to sit there, listening to your best friend gush about your boyfriend. You had initially met Jungkook by accident, the two of you had sparked up a conversation at a coffee shop when he asked for your number. Part of your New Year’s Resolution was to be more open to new experiences, so when you usually would have told him no, instead you gave him your number. It wasn’t until he had texted you that night that you realized that it was Jungkook. Since then, the two of you were forced to keep it pretty low key.

Most of the time, the two of you just spent date night at your apartment because of all of the cameras surrounding him. Jungkook had to continue to hide the relationship, even though he didn’t want to, and you were going to tell your best friend, but things came up. You could remember it like it was yesterday. Your friend burst into your apartment and sighed as she sat on the couch.

What’s up, boo? You asked as she huffed and threw her face dramatically into the pillow.

Jungkoo as m shmirlfend. She mumbled, muffled by the plushy pillow in her face.

What? Leaning closer to her, she lifted her head and sighed.

Jungkook has a girlfriend. Look! She exclaimed and showed you the phone. Right there was a picture of you and him standing by an ice cream shop, but due to the angle, your face was completely hidden. Look at how happy he is! Ugh, I hate her! Adrianna crossed her arms and pouted, like a five year old told she couldn’t have any candy, as you discreetly took out your phone to text Jungkook. He responded that BigHit was going to come out with a statement that you were just a fan that walked up to him, so it wouldn’t be a problem for him. But it was on that day that you realized just how difficult it would be to tell Adrianna of your relationship. Sighing, you rubbed her back as she continued to bash you without even knowing.

Like who the hell does she think she is?! She exclaimed before getting a notification. Oh! I guess she was just a fan that Jungkook took to get ice cream. UGH! She put the phone up to her chest. Isn’t he the sweetest? Adrianna asked as she looked back at her phone, you put on a fake smile and rolled your eyes.

Now as you skimmed the stores, you looked up at her, Adrianna was texting or tweeting, looking completely preoccupied. Her Jungkook phone case made your heart sink as your eyes glazed over with thought. Your phone buzzing took you out of your trance. Jungkook was calling, but you quickly ignored it so she wouldn’t see and continued to skim the racks. Then a text came in.

Wanna grab lunch? – JK

Who’s that? Adrianna asked behind you and you jumped with surprise, almost sending your phone straight into the air.

Oh my god, don’t do that! You exclaimed and put your phone back in your purse. Did you find something? You asked to get her off the subject and she smiled.

ISN’T THIS ADORABLE?! She held up a top and you nodded.

Go try it on, I’m still looking. You said as she skipped to the dressing room. Taking your phone out, you texted Jungkook.

Out with Adrianna, maybe next time. – Y/N

Before you could put your phone back, you got a response.

Bring her with! I got the guys with me, so we can make it a little meet and greet, she’s a fan right? – JK

The response made every pore on your body immediately begin to sweat as you tried to think of a way out of it.

Y/N! Isn’t this adorable on me? She questioned and you looked up to see her twirling around.

Very cute! You responded, your phone buzzed again.

You said you were going to the mall right? See ya soon, babe ;) – JK

The sweat then turned into goosebumps as you felt a cold shiver go down your spine.

Uhm, Adrianna, wanna grab lunch with some people? You asked as she nodded enthusiastically.

Awesome! I’ll go pay! She said and walked back into the dressing room. You face palmed yourself as you tried to think of an escape route, but nothing came to mind. Reality was about to bite you in the ass.

Three Times

Takes place in Season 4, after Cosima learns Delphine might be alive.  Cosima and Sarah sit around talking.

At AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11988852 

They sat in Cosima’s bed with their backs against the headboard, sharing a joint in silence while the lab machinery blinked away.  

“You know,” Cosima said, “I only told her I loved her three times.  In our whole weird, convoluted relationship.  Three times.”

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Turnadette Christmas ficlet.

It’s quite warm here, so obviously it must be time to write about Christmas! Set during the upcoming Christmas special, some good old-fashioned Turner family fluff.

Suitable for all ages, canon compliant.  With usual thanks to @pellucidthings for the read-through!

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Request: Charlie takes a picture of the reader sitting in Dean's lap and puts it on Tumblr. The picture goes viral and everybody is sayin' how cute they look. After Dean sees that he takes selfies with the reader and she also puts it on tumblr!

(Hope you like it; by the way, everyone, I’m going off to camp for two weeks. I’ll try my best to put something up every day, but if I miss one, then you ’ll know why! xx)

Charlie looked up from her laptop screen, which was filled with articles of research for a case, so she could inquire about a certain piece of information that she had found. She quickly shut her mouth again, though, when she saw that instead of looking through the dusty and leather-bound books, you and Dean were whispering softly to each other, laughing quietly every once in a while with adoring smiles on your faces; Sam was blatantly ignoring the show of affection, still focusing on his work.

Dean’s arms were wrapped around your waist so that he could hold you securely on his lap, his green eyes absolutely euphoric as he pulled you closer to him. Your arms encircled his shoulders, and you leaned forward so you could giggle something in his ear that your red-haired friend couldn’t hear from where she sat. He chuckled lightly before kissing your forehead, making your cheeks turn a lovely baby pink.

She was sure that you weren’t paying attention to her, but Charlie was subtle about taking out her phone from her purse and sliding up on the screen so she could access the camera quickly. Pretending like she was using the phone for something else, she stared hard at the screen as she centered you in the middle of it. The picture that she was about to take was entirely perfect, in her opinion: you and Dean were still in the same position as before, but your foreheads were now touching and your mouths were turned up into loving grins as you looked into each other’s eyes. A fraction of a second before she took the picture she abruptly remembered that she hadn’t turned the sound all the way off, so when she hit the button the shutter sounded loudly; she cursed silently when the two of you looked up at her and began to act like she was taking pictures of herself, doing different faces.

“Really, Charlie?” Dean asked, raising one eyebrow.

“Don’t judge me,” she responded defensively. “I actually have friends who are interested in what I’m doing.”

“The Moondorks…”

“Hey, don’t be mean!” You lightly hit his arm. “I remember quite well that you loved dressing up there. You also led the army, if I’m recalling that correctly.”

Dean cleared his throat. “Well…um–let’s not talk about that anymore, alright?”

Letting out a breath that she had been holding, Charlie, now relieved, unlocked her phone and immediately went to the Tumblr app. She scrolled through her dashboard for a couple minutes before realizing that she was being distracted, and started to make a new post. She attached the photo she had just taken to it, typing These two should get back to work before I throw up from how adorable they are. Smiling to herself when she pressed ‘post’ with a swift movement of her thumb, she put her phone back down before turning her attention back to the case, which was still scattered around in bits and pieces on her laptop.

A few hours later, Sam picked up lunch for everyone; when he had given Charlie her burger, she popped a fry in her mouth after a quick 'thanks’ and logged on to Tumblr on her computer. She almost choked when she saw that her activity had skyrocketed, and went to her posts; she actually started to cough when she saw the number of notes that the picture of you and Dean had gotten, and the both of you and Sam rushed over to her.

“Are you okay?!” Sam asked, slightly panicking until she waved him off.

“I-I’m more than okay!” she exclaimed, and after observing your looks of confusion, she gestured for everyone to turn their attention to her laptop. “Look at this!”

“You did take a picture of Dean and I!” you said in surprise, and she shrugged; your eyes suddenly went wide. “It already has more than 4,000 notes?!”

“Yeah!” she replied excitedly, clicking on the notes and scrolling through until she found a bunch of replies and reblogs that had extra text. “Look at what people are saying about you guys!”

I need this kind of relationship ASAP


no they don’t need to go back to work they need to stay that way forever

“So, you’re basically exploiting us?” Dean asked warily, and Charlie rolled her eyes.

“I obviously didn’t know that you guys would get so popular. But seriously, the people love you!”

She saw that she had about twenty new messages, so she clicked on her inbox and saw that it was full of bloggers who were either fangirling or demanding to know what your names were; turning back to you, she put on a pleading face.

Please take some pictures of yourselves!” Sticking out her bottom lip, she waved her phone in your face. “Please!”

“And why would we do that?” The older Winchester was still uncertain about this whole thing, although he did feel sort of great after reading everything that had been said about you and him.

Charlie looked at him as if he had no common sense. “You have to give the people what they want, and what they want is more of you and Y/N!”

You smiled mischievously before taking Dean’s hand before singing, “We have to give the people what they want!”

Thinking for a couple of seconds, he finally sighed. “Fine.

Charlie cheered and Sam looked a bit weirded out as you pulled Dean over to the corner of the library and started to take selfies; the first one was one of you smiling, the second one making silly faces, and the third one kissing. You ran over and handed Charlie her phone, and she instantly went back onto Tumblr and posted the photos, this time typing Their names are Dean and Y/N, by the way.

The four of you waited around five minutes before she checked what was going on, and saw that the three pictures were already gaining notes rapidly.

“Look, they’ve even already made a ship name for you guys!” She exclaimed, showing you it. “I have no idea how they did it, because your names are hard to combine.”

“Are you saying you’ve tried to do it before?” Sam teased, and she nodded, looking completely serious.


“Wait!” you said, and pointed to one of the replies; it was asking, okay, who is that other hot guy?! All of you saw that in one photo, Sam was in the background with a bewildered look on his face. “Sam’s getting some attention, too!”

“Seriously?” he asked, and watched as Charlie went through all of the replies, and raised his eyebrows and most of them. “Some of these Tumblr people can be a bit creepy.”

“No kidding,” Dean mumbled.

“Yeah,” Charlie grinned before shrugging, her green eyes sparkling. “But they’re absolutely wonderful.”

skydiver8 replied to your post “So far I’m not super excited about writing anything blatantly…”

how about a little thing in Sherlock’s perspective of the christening scene? you write him so well.

Ok I’ll take a crack at it! Hopefully this is something like what you had in mind. Thanks for the suggestion and the compliment! ;)

“And now, godparents, are you ready to help the parents of this child in their duties as Christian parents?”

“We are,” Molly and Mrs. Hudson answered in unison, followed by an elbow to Sherlock’s ribs.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that,” Siri announced loudly. “Please repeat the question.”

Sherlock cleared his throat. “Sorry…yes we are,” he answered in response to the priest, receiving at least four death glares as he spoke.

“Thanks a lot,” John commented sarcastically as the ceremony ended. “That was truly meaningful participation. Glad we didn’t end up video recording the whole thing.”

“You don’t need footage of my answer to a man wearing a costume and standing in front of an over-sized stone goblet full of powerless tap water,” Sherlock answered flatly as he reached in his pocket to take his mobile out again. “I have actually already promised to be there for your daughter, in case you’ve forgotten your wedding reception.” He paused and frowned. “Where is my phone?”

“How should I know? I only ever see it glued to your hand,” John stated with a roll of his eyes as he stepped away to help Mary with Rosie.

Sherlock patted all his suit pockets one more time and then began looking around the church. He spotted Molly standing off to the side and instantly noticed the suspicious way she dodged eye contact. 

“Give it here, Molly,” he stated, marching over to her and reaching out his hand.

She looked almost adorably (was that really the right word?) sneaky as she finally reached into her bag and pulled out his mobile. 

“I’m glad the screen hadn’t locked yet when I slipped it out of your pocket,” she commented with a smile while handing it over. “I’ve been having loads of fun for the past five minutes.”

“Please tell me you didn’t change any alert noises,” he stated while opening the screen. “Oh for God’s sake!”

There on the background was a close up selfie of Molly holding baby Rosie and sticking her tongue out toward the camera.  

“You’re welcome,” Molly said with a little giggle. “That boring old default background really needed to go I’d say.”

Sherlock gave her the ghost of an amused smile as she walked away looking pleased with herself. He locked the screen again and stuck the phone back in his pocket. He’d certainly have to change that later.

Surprisingly though, the days passed by and he never really found the motivation to do so. :)

Over a year ago, I wrote a ficlet called 15 Shares. This follow-up sat in my documents half-completed until today, #CastleThemeDay when @mrs-chanandler-bong21 reblogged this picture and I was inspired to finish it.

So, before the night is over, enjoy a little bit more fluff.


A Caskett Future!Fic

“Oh, Momma, he’s perfect.”

If her mind hadn’t already been made up about getting the dog, the reverence in her son’s voice would’ve sealed the deal.

Although she’d led both children into the shelter, Thomas had taken the lead, marching them down a hallway toward the meeting room where they’d been told Mac and another shelter volunteer were waiting. He’d stopped short as soon as he’d laid eyes on their newest family member, mouth hanging open just like his father’s when he was struck speechless.

“He’s perfect?” she murmured, cupping the back of her son’s neck. Thomas nodded, eyes fixed on the timid-looking dog just beyond the glass door.

“Uh huh. Hi, Mac.” Thomas waved.

The volunteer holding the leash offered both children a smile. She held up a finger to indicate they needed another moment and Kate nodded, rubbing her daughter’s shoulder. Emily didn’t seem like she was going anywhere, but it never hurt to be safe.

“We’re so happy you called, Mrs. Castle,” their escort offered, keeping her palm on the handle. “Mac’s such an easygoing guy, but because he’s a little older… placement’s been hard.”

Nodding, Beckett squeezed her son’s neck gently. She didn’t want either of the children to hear what happened to older dogs when placement became more than just a little bit difficult. “I’m glad I saw the post. My um, my dad actually shared it for me to see.”

The other woman’s lips lifted. “Putting their listings up on Facebook has been one of the best things we could do. You’re probably the fourth person in the last three days to call about a post they saw.”

Beckett returned the smile, brushing her fingers over her daughter’s hair. She had been strangely quiet since being released from her car seat, almost fixated on the hubbub around her. “I’m glad to hear that. Glad it’s working.”

“We are, too. Now, Thomas, Emily –” Both children lifted their heads, fixing wide eyes on her instead of the dog for the first time since they arrived. “I know you’re very excited right now, but Mac’s a little bit scared to meet you, so I need you to do a couple things for me, okay?”

Both kids nodded, accepting their orders without argument – thankfully – and Kate found herself wanting to text her husband. She wanted him to be a part of this, too. It was supposed to be a surprise, but wasn’t the decision surprise enough? Shouldn’t he get to be here for the rest?

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Snowed In
Chris Colfer/Darren Criss
pg-13, 2.1k, high school au

Inspired by something Sarah tweeted earlier.

“Do you know how long it’s been since it snowed in Clovis?” Chris walks over and sits down in the empty seat beside Darren. He has his arms crossed, sheer unadulterated irritation on his face. 

“Um, the seventies or something?” Darren asks. He’s surprised Chris is sitting beside him. They don’t usually talk in school much, just in the evenings when the theater group meets, and online. And also text messages, and the last couple weekends they’ve hung out…

But Darren is just fine with Chris suddenly deciding he wants to talk to him in school. Maybe this doesn’t count to Chris, since technically it’s not during school. School ended three hours ago; he and Chris are just two of a few dozen students currently stuck here because their parents can’t actually get to them to pick them up.

“Wrong, it was 1998.” Chris holds up his phone. “It snowed in 1998. It’s snowed 48 times in the past 107 years. So while it isn’t exactly an every year occurrance, you’d think that would be regular enough that someone out there would maybe take it seriously when the forecast says it’s going to fucking snow.”

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