her personality is perf


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on friday when I met Emma Blackery for the first time she told us ‘if you have no plans for the future or have no idea what you’re gonna do with you life you should only plan your life until the next meal’ (or somthing along those lines) and I think that’s the most perfect life advice I have ever recieved and I’m definitely doing it from now on

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📷 for what my muse would say to the paparazzi about yours. (Perf for th rock star Au)

“Her personal life is none of your business, unless she makes it your business.  Now take your cameras and recording devices and fuck off to the circle of hell you crawled from.”  Loki says, wrapping a protective arm around Zoe, and guides her into the car.  The tinted windows guard their eyes from the flashing cameras.

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my best friend is my crush & she doesny know i like her sm but everything abt her is just perf like her personality is amazing. shes so kind, so funny, so pretty but shes straight uGH how do i tell her