her perfection is offensive

So Let me get this straight

Ichigo and Renji achieve bankai in three days while most shinigami captains have to spend decades proving themselves to their zanpakuto?

Ichigo learns the final getsuga tensho, the ultimate Shinigami power-up in less than 24 hours within learning about it, by getting stabbed

Hitsugaya becomes one of the youngest captains ever while Hinamori and Rangiku joined the shinigami academy long before him and both were still only at lieutenant power

Chad manages to unlock a brand new fullbring power up simply by coming to the conclusion that his powers are similar to a hollow’s

Kenpachi not only got to be captain despite not fulfilling the requirement for Bankai, but manages to learn his shikai’s name simply by killing Unohana and tapping into his manpain

Rukia gets her bankai literally handed to her on a silver platter

But Orihime is an unrealistic Mary Sue for spending 17 months developing and perfecting a new offensive technique to incorporate into her fighting style?

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  • what they say : Orihime got no character development at all
  • what they mean : Orihime didn't become exactly the person I wanted her to be