her parents were proud


After Estelle poured and blessed the water in the baptismal font at the christening of her cousin Gabriel, her parents and grandparents were seen looking on with incredibly proud expressions. And as the little princess took her seat, she couldn’t stop grinning either!  1st December 2017

161020 BTS/Park So Hyun's Love Game (speaking about Hoseok’s MAMA)

Park So Hyun: Before that, everyone needs to listen to MAMA a lot. I’m curious about how your mother reacted when she heard this song.

Hoseok: She really likes it! She was like, “ah my son succeeded and even wrote a song for me~!” The most important is that the members’ parents called her as well. They were saying, “you must be so proud of Hoseokie, I’m envious.” I also felt they are very proud of me. I thought, “ah, I’m really doing my filial duties.

Can you believe all of Bangtan’s moms called Hoseok’s mom to tell her they we’re so proud of him and wanted songs, too? Our Hoseok is the sweetest boy, he even melts mothers hearts aw.

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Could imagine harry when it’s your law school graduation or something and he’s all like “my wife’s a lawyer” and is all proud and happy for you

Law School Graduate

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Protecting Him: Part One?

Miraculous ladybbug au! Mari: bodygaurd. Adrien: playboy prince. I hope you enjoy it! I think it’s a little sloppy and overall bad… but that’s just me. Anyway! Here you go!!!

Marinette’s parents were very proud of her. She was the first woman to ever become part of the Royal Guard, much less Captain of the Royal Guard. By becoming Captain of the guard, her family was given a bigger house, plenty of money for her to use and her parent’s bakery started to boom because everyone wanted a glimpse at the famous captain. But, they would be disappointed to know that Marinette wouldn’t be there. She was too busy with protecting the King and Queen, meetings with generals and training her guards.

She always found herself home before eight, with a warm meal waiting for her and her parents want to know everything that happened. She would tell them all she could then go take a bath and repeat the same thing tomorrow. But as she got up the next day, there was something… different that she couldn’t figure out.

It was only an hour before the sun would rise. No one in the kingdom was awake by this time, not even the birds. It created a peaceful silence that Marinette only got to experience once and awhile. Sighing, she got out of bed and walked to her mirror and the wash bowl. She washed her face, hands, and neck before she changed into her uniform. It was black outlined with gold, delicate designs printed on the black fabric in a dark grey; making them only noticeable with the sunlight hit them. She wore white pants and brown boots that reached her thigh.

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I remember you saying once that Naboo tradition is that a child's name is a wish for their future. In that vein, what does Padme mean?

I have been pondering this for a while, actually, and I think that the name Padmé means “serenity” or “tranquility.”

For most of her childhood and even into adulthood, this was a running joke in her family, because as it turned out Padmé was never still or tranquil. She always seemed to have a fire lit in her, a need to be up and out and doing, a constant fury in the face of complacency.

Nobody in the Naberrie family had ever really been too involved in civic life, beyond the responsibilities of voting in elections and maybe occasionally attending town hall meetings or demonstrations. But Padmé showed a keen interest in politics from an early age and her parents were never entirely sure what to do with it.

They were proud of her, of course, and they always supported her, but, especially after the blockade crisis of TPM, they were also clearly more and more uncomfortable with her political (and dangerous) life. But they were proud, too, and after all there was a royal term limit and so they thought (though of course they’d never say it) that Padmé would get it all out of her system and then settle down to live a nice, quiet, tranquil life.

Instead she became Senator.

Padmé and her parents loved each other, but they had fundamentally different ideas of what her life should look like and by the time of AOTC there was a lot of strain in that relationship. Mostly strain, if we’re being completely honest.

But Padmé did remain a lot closer with her sister Sola. She and Sola had very different approaches to and goals in life, and they definitely teased one another about their differences, but in the end they respected and supported one another’s life choices. Padmé felt she could share herself much more genuinely with Sola than with her parents. (As one example: I don’t think Ruwee and Jobal ever knew about Padmé’s marriage. But Sola did.)

When Padmé died, far too young and under terrifyingly mysterious circumstances, her parents buried her in blue, the color of hope. That was the Naboo tradition and as a former Queen and Senator she would have a state funeral, so it was the proper thing to do. Jobal and Ruwee looked down at their daughter’s still face and wept and told each other, desperately, that at least she was now at peace.

Sola wore that same mask of serene grief throughout the funeral, but in her heart she raged. No, she thought. She’s not at peace. Padmé was never at peace. She loved the ideal of democracy even though she knew it only existed in a flawed, imperfect system, and she spent her life angry and fighting, and that’s what I’m going to honor. In this time, in this place, we don’t need peace. We don’t need tranquility. We need Padmé’s fire. We need her refusal to accept the safe option. We need to fight back.

Sola was not her sister. She was not a politician. But she could fight in other ways. She worked as a data technician and she could get access to Imperial information. She could pass it on.

And she and Darred could raise their daughters to hate empire and to hold onto the things they loved with their teeth and to hide rebellion behind a perfect mask of serenity.

And years later, when Senator Pooja Naberrie appears in the Imperial Senate, the name she’ll use to communicate with the Rebellion will be Kiné. Fire.

I Got It All Right|S.Mendes Imagine

Song(s):Unapologetically by Kelsea Ballerini
Summary:Where a girl gets judge for falling a bit to fast with a guy, who is just a little out of her reach. Despise all the negativity around them, she manages to show everyone just how strong their love really is.

She fell to fast.

That seemed to be the topic of conversation between every single one of her close family and friends. She understood just how crazy it sounded how a small town girl, had managed to land someone like Shawn. But that in itself was the beauty of their relationship, he loved how down to earth this girl was. She was his biggest supporter besides him parents. From the moment they met at the most unexpected of places, she had shown nothing but love and support for him and his career.

He made time for her despise is busy schedule, he’d always make sure to text her everyday. Most times it was small little things that he saw that reminded him of her, or just a simple good morning or goodnight text. He was present in her life, always wanting to know what was going on, how her family and friends were doing. He genuinely cared about her and she was over the moon that someone like him had managed to fall for someone as simple as her.

He ain’t the kind to hold her hand..

Were the words that escaped her friends lips, when they had first seen pictures of the two walking around. They were quick to judge him again once the pictures came out. They were most definitely certain that he would never be able to show her the kind of love and affection she deserved to have. He was to busy traveling the world, to worry about the small town girl he had left behind.

But boy were they wrong, not long after the internet exploded with pictures of the pair exiting shops holding hands. He always was showing her affection in one way or another once the pair had become comfortable in the public eye. That was the key word, comfortable he was more than willing to show everyone the girl he had kept a secret for so long before she was more then ready to share with the world and his fans the love they shared for each other.

You’re being careless..

Were the words her ex had spat in her face once she had returned from visiting Shawn for a short lived weekend. He told her she was being careless, and that soon everything would come crashing down and he’d show his true colors. She waved him off saying she knew what she was getting into and that Shawn wasn’t like that, but importantly he wasn’t like him. After that he shut his month never questioning her feelings for Shawn once he realized this wasn’t some fling but something more real than what the two of them shared.

He treats her right..

Were the proud words that escaped her parents lips whenever asked about her boyfriend. The had their doubts at first, she had fallen to fast, and they did think she was being careless. It didn’t taken them long to warm up to his brown eyes, or his charming smile. They loved when he came around, because he was real and he loved their little girl more than anything else in the world. That fact alone was more then enough to win over both her parents and she knew that she had finally done something right. He was the guy she dreamed about when she was younger, the guy that would move mountains if she asked him too.

She’s the life of his party..

Were the words his friends spoke when talking about her. They as well had their doubts when Shawn had gushed to them about the small town girl he had met. He had fallen so quickly it was scary, he started to move things around to make time for her, he put in so much effort to see her that it showed just how much this girl meet to him. Whenever she was around, he was lighter, happier even. She made him the happiest they had ever seen him, she brighten his day  with a simple text.

I take her everywhere I can..

Those were the words he had spoken once in an interview. He’d take her everywhere an anywhere he as able too. He loved having his Little Bug around him. He could never last more then a week without her, but knew it wasn’t fair to take her out of her life and make her live in away she wasn’t ready. He took her to places she never seen, and places she had seen. Everything was always about her, he always make sure she was comfortable because that was always his mission. He had a new perspective and motive in life and that was making sure his girl got treated like the queen she was.

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Could you do something where luke is dating a single mum and he treats the kid like his own? Btw I love your blog 💖

Parents’ Evening

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Luke Alvez x Reader
Prompt: Request

Description: Luke steps up to be there for your little girl. 

This one was partly inspired by these headcanons.

“What’s wrong?”

A heavy sigh escaped your lips as Luke draped a protective arm across your waist, pulling you closer to the warmth of his chest. It was late and all you wanted to do was to give in to your exhaustion. However, your mind was plagued with guilt – leaving you restless and upset.

Naturally, your profiler boyfriend had realised something was wrong.

Luke seemed to have a talent for detecting other people’s moods – especially your own. He was also accustomed to falling asleep to the sound of your gentle breathing that he too had been unable to rest properly. He could just sense that you were upset and wanted to do anything he could to help.

It didn’t matter that he had only just crawled from a gruelling case and the lure of the soft sheets was so incredibly tempting. You came first.

Well…you and another special someone.

“It’s Nessa’s parents’ evening tomorrow night.” You explained, gently lacing your fingers through his and comfortingly squeezing his hand. “I can’t make it.”

Your voice shook slightly, the tears threatening to spill over.

It might have sounded silly to others, but you had been looking forward to seeing your little girl’s achievements. All you ever wanted was to be there for her, to support her.

Yet, you were going to miss out on one of the most important nights of the year.

She had put a brave face on earlier, nodding in acceptance as she planted a sloppy kiss on your cheek. But, you could see the hurt in her big beautiful eyes and the disappointment in her small smile. She just hadn’t wanted to make you feel any worse about the situation.

Your daughter had always been kind and gracious. Just one of the many reasons why you were immensely proud of her.

Perhaps missing parents’ evening affected you in such a manner because it reminded you that her ‘father’ wasn’t there to step in.

Being a single mother had never been easy. But, it had always been your daughter that you had worried most about. You never wanted her to feel as if she was missing out on anything.

Your eyes fluttered shut in attempt to hold back the tears that had already begun to stream down your cheeks. Luke’s grip around your waist tightened as he murmured soothing reassurances against your hair.

If anyone understood how demanding a job could be it was him.

He admired your strength and determination to balance being a single mother with working responsibilities. Even at the beginning of your relationship, you had made it clear that your daughter was your priority and he had always deeply respected that.

Honestly, he had never thought he was the type to commit. The day you had finally introduced him to Nessa had been one of the greatest (and most nerve-wracking) of his life – instantly becoming smitten with the little girl who reminded him so much of you.

It had happened gradually. He hadn’t even realised how she had crept into his heart until he had returned home after a terrible case involving child victims. The relief and happiness that surged through him as he saw her and Roxy playing together in the living room had been overwhelming.

It didn’t matter if she wasn’t biologically related to him. She was his family.

That was the reason why he spent his valuable free time hosting imaginary tea parties with all her stuffed animals or allowing her to decorate his hair with bright pink glitter. Her pleading pout was one he could never refuse – leading to the photos of him modelling a fluffy princess tiara just to make her laugh. She was the reason he got up early on a Sunday morning to cook pancakes and stayed up late to check closets for ‘monsters’.  

It had been the love he felt for her that led him to breakdown on the last case involving children.

You knew how lucky you were to have found someone like him. Undoubtedly, Luke adored your little girl. But, you never wanted him to feel pressured into accepting the role of her father.

“I’ll go.”

Luke’s soft whisper made you turn around to face him in surprise. You hadn’t even thought of asking him. After all, he had only just gotten back from the awful case in California. Your fingers delicately traced the dark circles emerging under his eyes. Even in his exhaustion he seemed desperate to be there for your little girl.

“You don’t have to. I-”

Luke swiftly interrupted your protests by capturing your lips in a tender kiss.

“I want to.”

The sincerity of his words and passion in his warm brown eyes made your heart flutter excitedly. It meant a lot that Luke was willing to step in for you at parents’ evening.

Your little girl had a supportive father after all…

A Meeting to Remember

Prompt: Time and Place ( Grangers’ Dental Practice, anytime)
Author: @azaleablueme 
Description: Hermione’s father calls Ron for a dental checkup.
Rating: G (mild swearing, thanks to Ron and his nervousness) 
Words: 2.7K words (approx)

“What do you think of the new clinic?” she asked beaming, and Ron glanced around the pristine white lobby.

“It’s nice, you know, very -um- sterile.” He regretted his choice of word immediately as Hermione’s brows furrowed.

“That’s wasn’t possibly the best way to describe it, was it?”

She bit her lip in the fashion he knew too well and he relaxed, risking a grin. Her eyes softened further although Hermione was still trying hard to bite back her smile.

“But it is a little too clean, isn’t it?” he chuckled, “Look at all the patients- they’re actually spoiling the perfect decor!”

“Ron!” she admonished, looking around to ensure they hadn’t been overheard, and then shook her head, laughing softly. He loved that smile. In fact, he loved every little thing about her, even stuff that his eleven-year-old self would consider annoying. And he was crazy enough about her to agree with her father. His stomach flipped at the thought and Ron’s smile faltered.

Blimey, he must’ve been absolutely mental to agree to this.

Hermione had missed his sudden change in demeanour as she was busy reading a Muggle magazine. Ron glanced at the cover. It had plenty of big and complicated looking words on it along with a family of three, who from their unnatural smile, appeared to have had their teeth whitewashed. He would have brought that to Hermione’s notice, but who knew what happened during the dental checkups anyway? He decided ignorance was best for the sake of his mental well-being.

The immaculate clinic with its crisp and classy furniture was located in a posh and busy section of Muggle London. Hermione and her parents were proud of it, and Ron supposed it went very well with the Grangers’ personality. The family was extremely orderly and perfect. When he thought of it, it was pretty surprising that Hermione had fallen in love with him. He was nowhere close to being orderly, and not exactly perfect, although Hermione always told him that he was perfect for her. The thought never failed to make him happy. He watched the oblivious witch next to him and smiled at himself. Man, he was one lucky bloke!

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Lucky Egg - A Soothe Bell Sequel

Gency Week, day 1 - Couple!

Next of the week!

Sequel of this from the previous Gencyweek.

First day of Gencyweek! I’m super excited for this, I have some big things later in the week that I’ve worked on for a long time. But to take one day at a time!

This is a sequel to Soothe Bell, a fic I wrote for the last Gencyweek. Zee awoke my inspiration with her lovely art <3 So this fic is completely dedicated her!

Appropiate tags: Pokémon au, domestic, fluff, journey.

Please enjoy!

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I have this habit of coming up with bunches of backup characters for DnD and fallinf in love with them, and the latest is a Half-Orc Barbarian named Mildred.

Her father was a sensitive Orc who left his people behind to seek his fortune as a bard, but instead found love in a hardy but kind woodchoper.

They had two daughters, Mildred and her younger sister Virginia, and they lived a simple and happy life for most of Mildred’s childhood.

Things changed for her when Virginia ended up in the path of a rampaging beast that had been terrorizing the outskirts of their small community, and seeing her little sister in danger awoke an instinct in Mildred she didn’t know she possessed.

Virginia lost an arm, and Mildred discovered her potential for Rage, and ended up unwittingly walking the path of a barbarian warrior.

Her parents were very proud of her heroism in facing down a monster for her sister, and her father especially so, as her combat ability meant that she would be accepted by other Orcs in a way he never managed to be. With their encouragement Mildred agreed to train under her Uncles tutelage to hone her new skill.

Unfortunately, outside of the state of battle Rage, Mildred is just as sensitive and artistic as her father before her, cringing at the sight of violence, incapable of asserting herself, and wanting nothing more than to live the quiet life of a painter, she struggled with her new circumstances and generally found training to be completely miserable.

Her hope that she would soon be able to set her weapons down and return home was dashed however, when an accident at work led to her mother losing the use of her legs, and being unable to provide for the family. Her father’s meager pay from his performances at the local tavern not enough to keep the family afloat, and her sister too young to contribute, it fell to Mildred to support her family by becoming an adventurer.

She is nervous, soft-spoken and overly cautious, especially considering she is accutely aware that her family’s livelyhood rests on her shoulders, and she can’t afford to die in a dungeon somewhere. She dislikes the life she’s leading, but she believes her duty to her family is more important than her dreams, and their pride in her accomplishments keeps her from opening up about her dissatisfaction.

Her hide armour is made out of the monster she killed when she was young, and her greatsword belonged to her uncle. She collects souvenirs to bring home to her little sister, and although her personality completely shifts when she Rages, she still ends up working references to classical art into her death threats.

For the character askmeme, Jaywings asked me to do Imelda (but asks are broken for some reason so)!

  • favorite thing about them: I love, love how her life was not ruined when Héctor left. It was horrible, it was hard, but it was not the end of the world–her life did not go to ruin. Through hard work and sheer love for her daughter (and probably a bit of spite) she made a life for herself via shoemaking and became the matriarch of a wonderful family. On top of that, she is never shown as wrong for being angry at Héctor, even after it was revealed why he never came home. She is justifiably angry at him and not shown as a bad person for it. Even when she tries to apologize, Héctor refuses to hear it, and fully takes responsibility for his actions. ALL OF THAT was so hugely refreshing to see for a female character and I love it. ALSO! Just like… it’s really evident how much she loves her family. She’s a strict person but that doesn’t overshadow her love for her family… mostly.
  • least favorite thing about them: It’s hard to say because there’s so much about her I LOVE, flaws and all. I don’t really know how much this counts, because it’s a character flaw (which is part of what makes her a good character), but her bitterness caused her to get to a point where she became completely unreasonable at times, blaming music for things that were obviously not the fault of music (Julio hurting his hand at one point, people leaving a mess after a concert, Coco spraining her ankle (though that was more dancing than music, but still)). HOWEVER, she does come to realize the absurdity of it and how much it was hurting her family, which is why she lifted the ban, so…?
  • favorite line: “That’s for murdering the love of my life!” … “I’m the love of your life?!” “I don’t know I’m still angry at you!!”
  • brOTP: Her and any of her family, though I really really like seeing her and Miguel hanging out (c’mon, that bit where she gives Miguel a genuine smile when Pepita flies them out of the cenote, and when she hugs Miguel after that? SO CUTE), and I think the fandom needs more of this. Also like seeing her and her brothers hang out.
  • OTP: idk man she doesn’t really seem to like anyone that much and it’s not really important to the movie idk (what do you think)
  • nOTP: Anyone who is not Héctor.
  • random headcanon:  She wasn’t on good terms with her parents for a while (they didn’t entirely approve of Héctor and she refused their help after he left, especially since there was a part of her that still loved him, and her parents’ insisted that he had been no good from the start), but made up with them later in life after she became established as a shoemaker. They still visit each other every so often in the afterlife and her parents are proud of how she turned out, even if things were rocky for a while.
  • unpopular opinion: I honestly don’t have that many headcanons for when she and Héctor were still alive, but I kinda like the idea of her being the one to initiate the relationship with him. And also being the one to propose, because their relationship is so nontraditional anyway, why the heck not.
  • song i associate with them: I recently listened to “I Will Survive” on the radio and couldn’t not think of her. XD;; Also the song “Harden My Heart” fits her I think.
  • favorite picture of them:

(x) (don’t have a screenshot of this so does a gif work? her expression of sheer rage kills me)

The Wrong House.

Nonnie Ask: Could you write and imagine where the reader really wishes to be in Slytherin. Her family doesn’t put any pressure on her. But she’s sorted into Ravenclaw. She becomes friends with Cho and Luna. (Even though she’s older. Same year as the twins) And George helps her get through this “being sorted into Ravenclaw” crisis and they get together? (Additional note: I have nothing against Ravenclaws or any house. It just came to me because I’m in Slytherin but Ravenclaw is my 2nd favorite house)

Sorry Nonnie it took so long to complete, but this turned out so much longer than expected! This got 2 030 words (whaatt really) and George really save the day! Hope you’ll like it!! :))

Things in life don’t always go as planned. The sorting ceremony was one of them. All your life you had expected to be sorted into Slytherin. After all, your parents had been Slytherins and your big brother was one too. But it wasn’t what happens. Despite your bedroom being painted bright green, despite the Slytherin banners you have stolen from your brother’s room, despite the little snake you had drawn in all your books, you were sorted into Ravenclaw.

Your parents were very proud of you, Ravenclaw was, after all, the house of knowledge, wisdom and practical mind. It wasn’t bad at all, but it’s not what you have expected and you were even more bitter with it because the Sorting Hat had not even hesitated a bit to put you in Ravenclaw. Not even a single, thought of, maybe Slytherin, no, nothing. Professor McGonagall had put it on your head and he hadn’t said nothing at all, nothing expect it muttering to you, I know just what to do with you, before shooting Ravenclaw.

You had stayed sat on the three legged stall, frozen in disbelief as Professor McGonagall had encouraged you to move towards the table that was cheering you. As life doesn’t always go as planned, you had, to make matters worst, some difficulty in making friends. You had always found your fellow Ravenclaw a bit too brainy for you and you were wondering sometimes if they could enjoy something else besides reading and studying.

You couldn’t hang out with your brother, anyway, people would have probably taken this on the wrong side of you, to hang out with some older Slytherin, but it was all you had always wished. You had tried to make friends amongst them, but it had failed. They were a very closed pack and you needed to earn their recognitions to enter the group, which you have obviously not.  

You had tried to see this positively, but it was hard, and even though you were now in your sixth year, the Sorting Hat decision was still hunting you. You could still stay awake late at night, wondering what was wrong with this decision, trying to persuade yourself that the Sorting Hat surely had some flaws and that he had been wrong for you.

You had found some comfort and a good friend when the little Cho Chang, one year younger than you, had been sorted into Ravenclaw. She was a vivacious, strong head girl and you had always wondered why Ravenclaw for her when she had typical Gryffindor traits. But everyone out there seems to think that the Sorting Hat could not be mistaken.

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She would of been named Lilith
Her middle names would of been Sky, or Dreamer, or maybe even Rave
Something that was our own little joke
Something that was just so..just so us
It would of made everyone smile and laugh
Just like her
She would of had bright untamable blonde hair
Those sky blue eyes could melt anyone or anything she wanted them to in a second
She would of been your little angel
My little hellion
She has… Would of had an attitude
And a smart ass mouth,
Something she learned from her dad, proudly I might add
She would of flipped people off
I’d always think “that’s just so me.”
She would of been smart… Fuck she would of been smart
So much smarter than either of us
With the world at her finger tips, just like we’d want
She would of loved, and loved me
She would of loved her whole family, whoever they were
Loved all her ‘aunts’ and ‘uncles’
Nieces and nephews
Maybe even a sibling or two,
But who knew
She would of always felt love and had a family around her, that ones for sure
We would of made sure she always knew she was loved
And needed
And wanted
She would never felt the pain of being mistreated
Of being rejected by the people who love you most
Or to be hated by family for things she couldn’t change
She will.. She would of always mattered
Always had love
Always had support
Always had us
She would of been a demon spawn, that’s for sure
Always a challenge
Always a child with a few quirks
Always running wild
But it would of been worth it
God damn would it have been worth it
You would of been worth it
I wish you were worth it
She would of been a skater
Or maybe a nerd
Or maybe a dancer
Or maybe a DJ just like you
Or a writer like me
Or maybe, just maybe she would of been all of these things
Or became something completely out of the blue
Whatever she chose, she would of had our support
That her parents were proud of her, of this she would have no doubt
I can’t even begin to think of the first time shed fall in love
A school crush or maybe a childhood love
Would of made you over protective and me just love
She would be so cute
Wrapped up in her dream land
But we’re both so aware
Of how that will end
And the pain of loosing someone you love, still all too fresh in our heads
When she would get sad, even as a child
You’d sit her on your lap and tell her a story
The story of us, and now met and fell in love, with all the blemishes and bruises cleaned out
A troubled teenage romance became her fairytale story
All of the rough patches and issues shone over
Turning the coals into pure shining daimonds
Because in the end we made it, and she was the proof
… She would of been proof
Her favorite chapter of our little tale, would be the proposal
How her daddy, Prince Charming In her eyes
Got on one knee and with a Pokemon ball and a note said to the queen “I choose you”
I would play for her the song that played in the background
The song that could always make me smile
Even when I was in tears and sobbing my eyes out
The song you would play
Just to see me smile
And how when you asked, I started to sob
How you just held me
And the whole kingdom cheered
How the night was perfect, without a witch or goblin in sight
How we had somehow transformed, Into this perfect love story
The perfect example of ‘we made it’
We’d sit together and watch that show as a family and she would of just die with laughter… She would of just died
She would of been a Pokemon
Every Halloween
And when the day was done, I would tuck her into bed
Her favorite pajamas an old t shirt of yours that had somehow became mine when we were first together
A piece of you I always kept with me, and now she always kept with her
She would nuzzle it just like I use to back when it still smelled of you
Just like I did…. Like I would of done
The image of me” you might of said
Or “her mom as girl” would of crossed your lips
And how you loved her even more, because she reminded you of me
She will be…. She would of been beautiful
She could of been ours.. She should of been ours
Her name would of been Lilith
—  She would of been named Lilith

Marauders Era: Petunia Evans

When Lily received a letter from Hogwarts confirming that she was a witch, Petunia wrote to Albus Dumbledore asking if she could also study there too. Even though he responded kindly, Petunia felt hurt and left out, which also in part could have been because her parents were so proud of Lily’s talents. 

lucyyannabel  asked:

Hi! Pinkbelle on AO3, and I LOVE your drabbles sooooo much. I have a prompt, if you want to write it! Bellamy and Clarke are dating but are in a big fight, both being stubborn assholes about it, when Bellamy gets a call from a hospital about Clarke being in an accident because he's her emergency contact. When he gets there she's awake/it's only like a broken bone or something, he yells at her for not being the one the call him, forgiveness ensues etc. All I ask is extra angst.

Fight for you

“Fine!” Clarke shouts. “Just fucking forget it.”

“Just walk away, Clarke. That’s what you do best.” Bellamy shouts back, his stomach tying itself into tighter knots as she storms out of their apartment and slams the front door. He drops onto the couch, resting his elbows on his knees and his face in his hands and lets out a shuddering breath.

They fight a lot, they always have. When they first met they shared an instant dislike for each other, arguing about literally everything. Over time they had grown to like each other, their arguing turning into flirty bickering that drove their friends crazy. Eventually though, they’d turned the bickering into a relationship.

They still fight, but now it’s to better each other. They argued about her dropping med school, it was better for her and what she wanted but she didn’t want to let her parents down (she hadn’t, they were proud of her anyway). They argued about him taking a step back from Octavia’s life and his relationship with his sister is so much better for it. The stand up for each other and stand by each other, but they’ll be the first to say something if they think the other is making the wrong choice.

But they’ve never fought like this. Never has it blown so out of control that they’ve screamed themselves hoarse at each other. Never have they said words just to make the other hurt. He doesn’t know how to fix this. Doesn’t even know if he can.

“Fuck.” He mutters, scrubbing a hand over his face and trying to calm his breathing and get control over his temper. He’s not just angry at Clarke, he’s mad at himself for not being able to back down. For hurting her. For not knowing when to stop. For letting her walk out the door. “Fuck.”

He scrambles off the couch, grabs his keys and steps into the hallway. She’s gone of course, but he’s got his phone to his ear calling her before he makes it to the elevator. It’s rung through to her voicemail by the time he gets to the ground floor and it disconnects after the first ring as he steps outside the building. When he tries to call for a third time, she’s turned her phone off.

Read the rest on AO3 here. Sorry this took me 6000 years to post. Somehow I’ve managed to put my uni work first? I hope you like it. <3 

Daddy Daughter Training

Himawari Uzumaki has always been daddy’s little girl. Though she loved both of her parents equally and vice versa, she always liked to be around her dad when she had the chance. She always thought it was because he was so busy and she didn’t get to see him as much, but she didn’t mind, she knew he had an important job to do.

As daughter of the Hokage people always assumed she wanted to become the Hokage herself, and they often thought the same of her brother. Though the young Uzumaki prince had said countless times the job wasn’t for him, Himawari wasn’t so sure.

Though she was unsure of becoming Hokage, she began training long before she started the academy. Her mother, aunt and grandfather all began teaching her the gentle fist style after her byakugan activated. Her grandfather Hiashi, who was usually a cold man, told the ninja in training that she was a natural and he was proud of her, and her mother said she would teach her twin lion fists once her chakra control was better.

Uncle Shino had taught her how to pay attention to little details, and how even the smallest enemy could be deadly.

Uncle Kiba taught her how to heighten her hearing and smelling in case her byakugan couldn’t pick something up.

Her father of course taught her how to use the shadow clone jutsu, she wasn’t ready to learn the rasengan, if she even could.

Boruto had received all this training when he was younger, and he even helped his little sister with some of it. She was much better at the lessons their uncles taught them, and she had her byakugan, but he had a better clone jutsu and he had more ninjutsu. He didn’t think of this as being better than her, but that they were better at different things. In fact, he was proud of his little sister.

Both children were shinobi now, Boruto a 15 year old chunin and Himawari a recent graduate of the academy. Her parents and her big brother were so proud to see her become a genin.

Throughout her missions Himawari used everything she was taught, but she itched for more. She didn’t necessarily want harder missions, but she wanted to train more, learn more, and become a better ninja.

One day after returning from an escort mission, she and her team reported to the Hokage tower to give their report. Himawari stood silently until they were dismissed. “Hokage-sama, may I speak to you in private?” She made sure to be very polite, though this was her father he was still the Hokage, and he mother had always taught her to be respectful.

Naruto smiled “Of course, the rest of you are dismissed.” As soon as her team mates and sensei left Naruto got up and wrapped his daughter into a large hug. “What’s up princess?”

Himawari smiled a bit, no matter how old she was, she loved that her dad still called her princess. “Daddy I want you to teach me something new. The shadow clone jutsu is great don’t get me wrong, but I want to learn something cool like your and big brothers rasengan.”

Naruto squatted down to his daughters level and looked into her big blue eyes, “Hima sweetie, I don’t know if the rasengan is for you,”

Himawari looked down in a pout. She didn’t want her father to feel guilty, but she was frustrated.

Naruto laughed a bit at his daughter’s pout. She reminded him so much of her mother. “Hima.” He said ruffling her now shoulder length hair, “your old man still has something he can teach you, don’t worry.”

Himawari’s face lit up, “Really daddy?!” She asked excitedly

“Of course honey. Come on.” He took his daughters hand and lead her out the window of his office. The two jumped from roof to roof until they reach an isolated spot of forest.

“Daddy what are we doing?” She asked. Her father rarely explained what was going on.

“Just watch.” He said as he weaved some hand signs. Suddenly he slammed his hand to the ground, “Summoning jutsu!” A large cloud of smoke took up most of the field. After a few moments the air cleared and there stood a frog the size of the Hokage monument.

“Yo Naruto.” The large frog said

“Hey Gamakichi.” Naruto replied, “Mind helping me out with something?”

“Sure what’s up?”

Himawari just stared. She knew there were summonable animals, but she had no idea they were anything like this.

Gamakichi leaned down so he was right in front of the young Uzumaki girl. “Huh so you’re Naruto’s kid huh? I haven’t seen you since you were in diapers.” He laughed

Himawari continued to stare. This giant frog talked too?

“Hima, have you figured out what I’m going to teach you?” Her father asked

“You’re going to teach me how to summon frogs?” She said unsure of her answer

“Toads.” Gamakichi corrected her politely. He wasn’t as ill tempered as his late father.

“Good Hima. I’m going to teach you the summoning jutsu and you will have the ability to summon any of the toads from mount myōboku. But first you must sign a contract.”

With that Gamakichi opened his mouth and stretched out his long tongue which held a large scroll. “You sure you wanna do this kid?”

Himawari took the scroll off the great toads tongue. “Yes lord Gamakichi.”

“Lord Gamakichi huh? Say Naruto your kid has manners. She must have gotten that from her mother.” He laughed

Naruto let out a chuckle and opened the scroll, “okay Hima, you’re going to sign your name in blood, then leave your finger prints and palm print okay?”

Himawari nodded and took a kunai out of her pouch. He pricked her finger and began to sign her name. She saw the people before her, including her brother, father, grandfather and master Jiraya who she had heard many stories about. She was excited, this seemed to be a family tradition that she couldn’t wait to be a part of. She finished pressing her palm to the paper and stood. “Okay papa, I did it.”

Naruto was beaming, his little girl was growing fast. “Okay, now before you summon you want to draw blood from the hand then weave these signs, watch carefully.” He made the hand signs slowly so she could easily practice them. “Then you say summoning jutsu, and slam your hand to the ground.”

Himawari nodded, it was time to give it a try. Her father and Gamakichi were watching her closely, but gave her encouraging smiles. With a deep breath, she made her hand signs, as she slammed her hand to the ground she screamed, “Summoning jutsu!”

A cloud of smoke erupted from the ground. Himawari froze, had she done it? Did she actually summon a toad?

The smoke faded and there on the ground, was a tadpole. Himawari fell to her knees. That was it? This was all she could do? Her chakra felt drained and the disappointment filled her. Her sadness was apparent, so her father took a seat beside her. “Oh princess it’s okay. Hey this is a really hard technique, you won’t master it right away.”

Himawari wouldn’t look at her father, she felt horrible. He was the Hokage, he couldn’t possibly have known how she felt, and he probably mastered this jutsu without issue.

“Hey kid, you know when your dad was about your age, he was horrible at this jutsu.” Gamakichi said

She looked at the great toad in shock, “He was?”

Naruto chuckled “oh yeah Hima, I couldn’t summon anything but tadpoles for a long time. I was only able to summon his dad when my life was in danger. Sometimes I was only able to summon him and his brother, and they were no bigger than you when you were a baby.”

She looked at her father, “Really?”

He ruffled his daughters hair “Really. This jutsu takes time and practice. You’ll get it in no time I’m sure.” He now put his arm around her shoulder. “Let’s go home and get some lunch with mom and we can practice again okay?”

She smiled, her dad believed in her and that meant everything to her. She stood, “Okay dad.” She walked over to Gamakichi and bowed, “Thank you very much for your help.”

Gamakichi laughed “I didn’t do much, but thanks kid, you’re alright. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you soon.” And with that he disappeared.

“Come on Hima,” Naruto said nudging his daughter. She cracked a smile, he always seemed to be able to cheer her up.

The two ran home as fast as they could. Himawari was anxious to keep practicing her new jutsu. She knew if her father, brother and grandfather could do it, she could too. She was an Uzumaki after all.

The two arrived home where lunch was already waiting for them. Himawari excitedly told her mother about how dad was teaching her this new jutsu and how excited she was to learn it. Hinata was so proud of her daughter and wished her luck on her training.

They all finished their food and Himawari excused herself to the backyard to practice, requesting she try this on her own. Naruto and Hinata agreed and cleaned up the mess from lunch.

As she walked to the center of the yard she felt excitement build inside of her. This new jutsu was exciting and she so looked forward to mastering it.

Upon reaching her desired spot she took in a deep breath, “You can do this” she said to herself. She bit her thumb, weaved her signs and slammed her hand to the ground. “Summoning jutsu!” She said with all her might.

Once again large clouds of smoke surrounded her. She prayed she had succeeded this time, hoping more than anything there was a toad standing before her.

As the clouds settled she was very disappointed once again. It was another tadpole, but with two small legs. She instantly filled with despair, but tried to remain positive.

She looked at the small creature before her. “Well…I guess I did better, this one has legs.” She said attempting to cheer herself up.

From the sliding glass door her parents watched their daughter struggle. Hinata watched with worry as Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. Naruto was watching intently, trying to see where his daughter would go from here.

“Is there a trick to this jutsu? Or anything that will make it a bit easier? I hate to see her so defeated.” Hinata said with a frown.

Naruto also hated to see her struggle, but he knew there was no other way. “I know honey, I do too, but there’s no short cuts with this. She’ll get it soon enough, just wait.”

The two stood at the door for the next three hours, watching closely as Himawari attempted the jutsu over and over again. There wasn’t a lot of progress, she continued to summon tadpoles with legs, then a few small frogs, but none of the summonable toads she had hoped for.

After summoning another tiny frog Himawari finally fell onto her butt from exhaustion. Her chakra was growing lower and sweat pored from her face, leaving her on the verge of giving up. She laid down on the ground to rest for just a moment, but when she looked to the sky she saw a familiar figure that was above her upside down.

She shot up quickly and turned around to face them. “Bolt! Um…How long have you been standing there?” She asked her brother clearly embarrassed. She didn’t want him to see her on the verge of giving up.

“About twenty minutes or so.” He said taking a seat in front of his sister.

“Can you please leave? I kind of wanted to do this myself.” She asked as politely as she could.

Boruto smiled at his sister, “Yes I’ll leave, but in just a minute.”

Himawari shot him a curious look. Usually when she requested to be alone he would respect her wishes immediately, so why was this different?

“Hima, I knew as soon as you sat down you thought about quitting.” He said matter of factly.

Her whole body went rigid. “No I didn’t.” She said quietly

Boruto smiled a bit more. “You did Hima, don’t lie, but I’m not mad at you or anything, I just wanted to tell you something.”

Boruto cleared his throat, going into big brother mode. “This is a super hard jutsu to master, hell I haven’t even summoned a toad any bigger than a toddler, but this jutsu is amazing and it’ll be so helpful down the road. Besides, you can do this, and no matter how hard it gets, you can’t give up. I know this will get super hard, but mom, dad, and I are here for you every step of the way.”

Himawari looked at him with such admiration and hope. He was right, she could do this, and the people that loved and supported her the most knew this too. She gave him a small smile, “Thanks big brother, I needed that.”

Boruto stood and ruffled his sisters hair, “I know Hima, that’s what big brothers are for. Just remember, you’re an Uzumaki, we NEVER give up.” He gave her a final smile and walked into the house.

Himawari was filled with new found confidence that allowed her to get up. She looked over to the door to see her family giving her approving nods and smiles. This was it, she could feel it.

Once again she drew blood from her thumb and weaved the familiar signs. As she slammed her hand to the ground she put as much chakra forward as possible and screamed “Summoning Jutsu!”

The cloud of smoke was just as thick and large as before, but she hadn’t abandoned hope yet. The smoke cleared, this time there was no tadpole, nor was there a tiny frog, but instead, a real summonable toad.

The amphibian was about the size of Himawari’s dear old friend mister panda, and was orange with similar patterns to Gamakichi. The summonable creature wore a small yellow bow on its back, making anybody seeing it believe it is female. Overall, Himawari was completely blown away by what was happening.

“So you’ve summoned me?” The toad said, its voice was soft and sweet. Himawari shook her head slightly. “Well my name is Gamatora, daughter of Gamakichi.”

“So you’re really a summonable toad? I actually did it?” Himawari asked in disbelief.

Gamatora nodded slightly, and Himawari began jumping up and down. “I did it! I summoned a toad! I did it!”

Gamatora laughed as the young girl before her celebrated. She was glad she was able to succeed at the jutsu. As Himawari was dancing and yelling, her voice and movement suddenly stopped and her eyes closed. Himawari began to fall toward the ground, with no time for somebody to grab her.

As Gamatora began to run to her there was suddenly a large orange hand behind Himawari, catching her moments before she hit the ground. “I’m glad you were able to catch her.” She said shooting a glance toward the door.

Naruto, Hinata, and Boruto began walking outside to retrieve Himawari. Naruto picked her up from the large orange hand and held her like an infant. Switching out of tailed beast mode he lowered her slightly, allowing Hinata to observe her. “Just some chakra exhaustion, she needs to rest.” She confirmed.

Naruto looked at the small toad, “You must be Gamakichi’s daughter.” He said

“Yes, I am Gamatora. It is nice to meet you lord Naruto.” She said bowing slightly.

“No need to do any of that,” he said smiling. “How did Himawari do?”

The whole family looked to the toad, hoping for good news. “She did take a while to summon me, but she did it and she did a good job. Now that she has summoned me once she should have an easier time in the future. She will be a splendid ninja.”

The entire family felt a large wave of pride wash over them. Himawari had done it, and there was nothing stopping her from doing it again.

They all thanked Gamatora and she dismissed herself back to mount myōboku. The group walked back inside in silence. Boruto and Hinata sat at the table to eat dinner, but Naruto began up the stairs. “I’m gonna put Hima to bed, I’ll be down in a minute.”

As he walked up the stairs Naruto began to feel nostalgic. It had been a very long time since he had to carry his sleeping daughter up to her room for the night. It felt nice to do so, and he decided to play hooky from work more often.

He entered Himawari’s room with her still cradled gently in his arms. He pulled back her blankets and placed her softly in bed, tucking her in. Before leaving the room he placed a kiss on his daughters forehead, “Good night Hima, I’m so proud of you.” He whispered softly then left.

Himawari opened her eyes slightly and gave a weak smile, “Thank you daddy, good night.” She whispered as she drifted to sleep

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Can I request some headcanons for Akaashi with a s/o that is a pro of the ice skating (she compites in senior categories and all that)?? Pleaseeeeee and thank you ❤

I loved this request since I read it for the first time months ago, and I finally got to it. I got a little bit inspired hahah, I hope you don’t mind. 


Akaashi Keiji

  • He was practically dragged by Bokuto to the most popular public ice rink in Tokyo on a November evening. He had appeared on his door that Saturday, and Akaashi had doubted to go for a second. He hadn’t ice-skated in years, and a broken arm wasn’t on his plans.
  • For one or another reason, Bokuto ended up convincing him. It turned some of his teammates were also going.
  • As all of his friends were fooling around on the ice, unafraid of falling down, Akaashi was skating slow and close to the plastic fence. That’s when he saw her. She was also skating with some friends as they calmly chatted, and laughed. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her.
  • As a trick of destiny, both were leaving at the same time. His teammates went out of the parlor before she did. Akaashi was following them close behind, but his mind was still inside the place. His quietness was more often than not mistaken for shyness, so when he declared that he had forgotten his gloves in the parlor, none of his friends suspected a thing.
  • She was about to go out when he got in, and with a courage he didn’t know he possessed, he talked to her and asked for her number.
  • Her eyes flickered to her friends quickly as if asking in silence what she should do. He saw one of her friends trying, and failing, to discreetly nod at her. She agreed.
  • After that day, they started texting regularly. He was amazed when he found out she was one year younger than him, and that she was aiming to be a professional ice skater.
  • For a first date, he picked her up from practice. She didn’t know he had arrived earlier, and had been watching her. Akaashi was left hypnotized by how graceful she looked, completely zoned out as she moved on the ice.
  • The first time he saw her skate in an official competition they had been dating for only three weeks. He met her parents that same day.
  • After a month dating, when the winter brake came around, he picked her up from practice every time, and sometimes he would arrive early to see her skate.
  • Then they would hang out in her house, and she would tell him all about her new routine, or the upcoming competitions she had.
  • When she made it to the top three to compete in the national competition, Akaashi wasn’t a bit surprised. The next day Akaashi took her home to meet his parents.
  • The day before the national competition, she called him ten times straight. She was nervous and anxious. He tried his best to calm her down.
  • On the day of the national competition, Akaashi attended the event with Bokuto, and other of his teammates. They had already met her, but they had never seen her skating.  
  • Akaashi was carrying a bouquet of flowers, and his friends made sure to tease him all the way there.
  • When it was her turn, Akaashi realized he had been holding his breath.
  • All of his friends gasped, and made amazed noises when she started her routine. He smiled as his chest was filled with proudness.
  • It was a surprised to all of them when she was given the second place. He couldn’t see her face clearly since they were far away from each other, but he had an idea of what she was feeling.
  • He received her with arms wide open, and he held her close. Second wasn’t a bad thing, but she had aimed for the first place, and losing was always heartbreaking. Nevertheless, she smiled when she saw the bouquet of flowers, and kissed his cheeks thankful.
  • She was congratulated by almost everyone, and her parents reminded her how proud they were of her. Bokuto interrupted saying even the Fukurodani volleyball team was absolutely proud of her. She chuckled, and Akaashi smiled upon the nice gesture his best friend had.
  • After that day, every time she had an important competition, the Fukurodani volleyball team became her personal cheerleading team.


Thanks for the request! I hope you liked it! 

The Empress and the Lord

Requested by @ravisk

Empress Starfire and Lord Nightwing

I enjoyed writing this so much!

The Empress of Tamaran rested her arms against the rounded balcony and fixated her eyes on the view in front of her. Green trees, colored flowers, streams, and wildlife. Two years ago, Tamran was nothing but dirt and sand. The only living tree was the “Sacred Tree” located in the entrance of the palace where commoners could visit but after a couple years of reign, Koriand'r and her husband brought life back to Tamaran.

She wondered if her parents and ancestors were smiling down at her. Proud at what she’s accomplished.

Never in her life did she expect to take over the throne. Her older sister was destined from birth to take the crown but after some unfortunate incidents, she was overthrown for treason. She sold their military secrets to the Citadel while their father was under reign and lost them the war. The Citadel destroyed everything. Their greens, monuments, the villages of the five tribes, and they destroyed the Emperor and Empress.

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