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Riordan give me stylized CHB outifts for my demigod children please

okay but taako and lup only achieving a sense of identity after joining the IPRE

taako and lup are identical, even going so far as having the same haircut and let people tell them apart by colour coordinating themselves, taako wears one colour, lup wears another - except they’re constantly swapping and pretending to be each other. if taako doesn’t want to go to class, lup will put on his outfit. If lup doesn’t want to talk to someone she’ll tell them she’s taako and that she’ll “tell lup they were looking for her.”

no one ever truly gets to know them, never gets close, because they don’t let them - they seem distant to people they’ve sometimes had lengthy conversations with because that was with the other twin. its fun and isolating and assures they’ll never get hurt because the only person they’ve let get close is their brother/sister, the only person they’ll ever trust to watch their back.

It changes with magnus who always makes an attempt to guess who is who, something not many people - not even their aunt - did very often. After a while he’s right every time and they start lying about which one they are in an attempt to stop magnus from getting too close - it fails because he finds them both equally as interesting as the other and isn’t deterred when he learns he’s talking to the “other twin”. It isn’t until taako is leaving class one day in a bad mood and magnus catches up with him that he realises maybe things are changing. Magnus tries to start a conversation with taako, who lies and says he’s lup before trying to leave, then magnus laughs and says ‘sure taako, whatever you say’, he’s the first person to ever be able to tell them apart.

then barry, then lucretia, then merle, then davenport.

It gets to the point where it starts stressing them out, how could they tell them apart?? no one had ever been able to do that, not even their family. They sit down with the team and ask, confused and more than a little vulnerable. The team smile and say that even though they’re inseparable they’re still two different people, they all like them both for different reasons and maybe they should try exploring those different reasons. Merle laughs and says ‘your voices are different, idiots.’

They start to make changes though, the first time they all see each other again after that meeting their clothes are totally different from each other, taako has his hair tied back and is wearing a large hat, lup has braids and lots of jewellery. No one points it out, they just smile and greet them. After that they grow more independent of each other, occasionally switching places (they went as each other for halloween once) but thanks to their new family they realised that maybe letting others get close, letting them know the real lup and taako, might not be too bad.

Queens that should be on All Stars 3

Willam: Season 4: Was disqualified from the race after breaking rules. However, she has one of the most popular youtube channels amongst Drag Race Alumni and has what is possibly the most successful music career of all Drag Racers including RuPaul herself.

Pearl: Season 7: Was the “Move Improved” queen of her season. She has a unique style that no one has yet to display. She had amazing runway looks and rarely had an unflattering angle on the show.

Kim Chi: Season 8: Known as the fan-favorite for her season. Her style is a one of kind mash-up of Anime, Artsy, and High-Fashion. I would expect her to get to the top 3 of All Stars if she were to join.

Laganja Estranja: Season 6: Although she had emotional issues during her season, she is a fan favorite and has come a long way since leaving Drag Race, I think she could do well in the race as she has matured a lot during her time off the race.

Trixie Mattel: Season 7: Although style is not very original, her makeup is one of a kind and has yet to be executed better by anyone else. She can carry a tune and is another fan favorite.

Valentina: Season 9: One of the most beloved queens in Drag Race history. Although she isn’t the most followed queen, she has gained followers faster than other girl in her season. Although she was elimated, she was one of the best in the competition and would surely kick ass if she came back to the race.

Adore Delano: Season 6: Most likely going to be on All Stars 3, as RuPaul offered her a position on the season to which her response was “I’m probably down.” Possibly the fan-favorite of all fan-favorites. She has one of the most successful music careers of Drag Race. She is the most followed queen on instagram, with more followers than RuPaul. Commonly critiqued for her outifts and style on the runway, she probably expects to be out of her comfort-zone the entire competition.

“Don’t worry it’s my first time too! …Huh? Why is your face red?”

“S-shut up, dolt…”


sooooo I made this today 😂 If you swipe, you can see the “process” of her design, the last one is the first I drew, it’s one of those 20 second shit doodles you make when you’re bored 😂; yeah so I randomly drew something and I thought “hm this could be interesting, I really want to make an "afro-american”(?😂😂) character" and the second one is a 5 minute sketch with a little more developed look
and well the finished drawing took me about 45 minutes, I changed things I didn’t like

and can I just say one more thing?
I really like this tbh. and it’s EXTREMLY RARE that I like my drawings as we all know 😂
Btw I TRIED to make a clean lineart but I didn’t really want to. It’s cleaner than usually tho, at least something 😂😂😂 I’m not sure about her haircolor and her outift color but I wanted to make a “black” character.
I think this is the first black Sonic fan character ever, at least I haven’t see any black ones so far

His daughter calls you mom. // afi

Request : Imagine being ashton’s gf and he has a teenage daughter whose bf ditched her on prom night and you cheer her up and she calls you mum?





“Hey Ash,” You asked with your phone on your shoulder, pressing it up against your ear, putting the last bags in the back of the car. You had just finished grocery shopping because ashton was coming over for dinner after his daughter went to the dance.

“Are…Fuck, can you come over please, something’s wrong and I’m going to kill that fucker–”

Your eyes widen as he continued to talk, “Ash! Calm down, what are you talking about?”

“Just come, please.” He desperately said, hoping his daughter wouldn’t hear him.

“Okay, I’ll be there in 15 mintues. See you.” You quickly ended the call and got inside your car. Ashton seemed beyond mad and ever since you guys have been bestfriends, his whole mood changes when he’s mad.


He opened the door as soon as you knocked, the whole house was silent and dark, it was unusal for the Irwin household to be this quiet. his daughter would be singing or on the phone while ashton would be watching tv or something.

“Thanks for coming y/n..” He whispered as you guys hugged, you pulled away and looked at him, he seemed more calmed then he did on the phone. “What’s wrong? where’s A/D/N? It’s prom night!”

He locked the front door and sat down, running his hands through his beauitful sandy colored hair, you sat down next to him and waited for him to answer you.

“He ditched her.” Was all Ashton said.

Your heart dropped, you couldn’t believe it. Ashton’s daughter had been saving up money for this night, the night she called “The most magical night ever.’ You had gone shopping for her prom outift with her and spent the whole day telling her she’d look like a princess.

“Ash..” you muttered, looking at him. His eyes filled with tears. You couldn’t bear to see him cry, all his life he’d been trying to be the best dad ever and even for the smallest things he breaks down, and your heart breaks as well.


“A/D/N, It’s Y/N, can I come in?” You knocked softly on her room door. You could hear her sniffling from the other side. You knocked softly again but this time she said something.

“I’m so dumb.” She spoke up, her voice cracking from all that crying.

“No you aren’t, please open up babe.”

She got up from her bed and opened the door, you could see her makeup running down her face and her hair all messy. Her eyes, nose and cheeks were red from all the crying and her lips were dry.

All you could do was hug her and rub her back, her tears dropping on to your shirt and skin. You didn’t want to speak, you knew how it felt to be setup. It happened in highschool.

“Baby, that jerk will pay the price, he will see what a beauitful girl he missed out on. you aren’t dumb, he’s the dumb one.” You said as tears fell down from your face and you carecassed her cheeks.

“What did I do to him?” She frowned.

“Nothing baby! He’s just a immature boy with a stupid brain, but trust me, he will regret it.”

She smiled and you kissed her forehead, pulling her into another hug. “How about you me and your dad have a little movie night? I brought snacks and we can make your dad watching mean girls with us, I know it’s not much but–”

“I’d love that, thanks mom. you’re the best, I love you.”

And that’s when your heart flipped, “I love you too baby.”

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I love Lena's first outfit and makeup too but don't you think that sometimes it makes her look older? And not just older than Lena but even older than Katie? Maybe that's just me because I prefer when she wears light makeup and lipstick, you know, a natural look? She looks so good like that, like she did in Medusa, especially the first scene, her hair down is the best. I think she looked the youngest when she was kidnapped and that's her most casual outift so far. We need more of that too.

Looking at the look from the premiere I would have to agree. The makeup does make her look a little older. Though I mean it makes Lena look older than 24. I don’t think it makes Katie look older, if that makes sense. Katie does have 10 years on Lena after all.

Her first look in Crossfire is a close, and I mean very close second. I could easily be swayed to make it my number one.

Her make up is a bit lighter here and I think that plus the wavy hair gives her a more… youthful look? I’ll go with that. And that pencil skirt? Ahem….

Had to give you all a look. You know, for science.

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Okay, I’ve been wanting to answer this question all week but had no time.
I’m so sorry! I know you need this by tomorrow so let me stop talking and get this written. I’m gonna do this in the same vain that I did the Dwayne Wayne costume:

The two easiest options when going for Kim Reese appeal is to either go straight with bangs or big and curly. Or her classic short cut.
I see you have natural hair, so you might as well go with big and curly :)
Now, if you’re gonna go for classic, suited Kim, you’re gonna need a matching hat. If you’re gonna go classic, chillin and study in Kim, what goes on your head doesn’t matter, the hair is essential

If you’re going for classic suited Kim, go for a strong colored, stiff shouldered blazer that matches your hat.

If you’re going for classic chillin and study in Kim, its all about either a printed/ one of a kind sweater (Hillman sweater?! If you have one) or a plain, long sleeve sweat shirt. Or! A tucked in button up .

Or! Like Dwayne, Kim was a huge fan of lit jackets. Keep in mind that earrings are essential for Kim. When she’s chillin: large and gold. Dressed up? Chandelier, dangly, shiny. etc (Side note. Bohemian dress and big hair works, too. She had those moments.

Classic suited Kim: She usually doesn’t match her top to her bottom. A bold hat and blazer usually equals either a pitch black skirt or pants, with her.
Chillin/ Studyin Kim: She usually goes for fitted high wasted jeans (with a solid colored belt) or some colorful hammer/ harem pants. Shoes….???? She was all over the place. I’ve seen boots when she’s wearing flannel, heels when dressed up (but also flats?). Keep in mind that Kim was real, and typically dressed for how she felt that day. If she could stomach heels, she’d do it, but a lot of the time home girls was in flats. I believe in your discretion.

STEP 4: ACCESSORIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is where you get creative and let people know you’re definitely Kim Reese:
-Print out a Hillman logo and secure it to a folder with some text books underneath.
-Apron! (wear over one of her casual outifts. Maybe write “the Pit” on it in creative lettering?

OR! You can dress as her in her sorority outfit or her medical school scrubs.

I’d love to see pictures if this post inspires your costume tomorrow.
Or! you could go as Dwayne Wayne (click here for layout)

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look at albibi blushing grabbing his shirt or else HE'S GONNA FAINT, just pls look at him he's gonna think of her in that outift for the next three weeks every hour DMKASLMDLADSLADSADSADSADSALDAS ASK HER TO GIVE U A SMOOOOOOOOOOOCH

fancy smooch for the albino (〃▽〃)