her or the sun


remember this fucking??? plant from sonic x. she was the best. love cosmo

but if i could do anything with her id make her mute. like wouldn’t it be cool if her species communicated telepathically with eachother, bc they’re cool plant aliens? and with any other creature she can only sort of communicate telepathically when theres physical contact, like holding hands, so tails becomes her main interpreter and they become buds (lol get it…because plants…dkfasjdlkfj)

*Louis’ 12 year old sister posts a pic of the baby on her ig*

The Sun (i.e. Simon Jones’ asshole):
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Rebelcaptain + collage au?

Also requested by the lovely @moonprincess92nz! College AU: 

1. Jyn goes to the on-campus gym at 5 a.m. for one specific reason: it’s always empty. Except for some reason, every day since the new semester started, there’s been this other guy there. He’s thin and tall, with scruff on his neck and dark circles under his eyes, and his gym plan is the same as hers, apparently: run on the treadmill until the sun rises. He always takes the machine farthest away from hers, which she supposes is nice of him, but still: this was her gym time, damnit. She tries to ignore him.

2. When ignoring him doesn’t work—god, the clunk of his feet against the machine is loud—she figures she’ll try racing him. But he actually runs pretty damn fast for someone who looks like he could fall asleep at any second, and Jyn doesn’t exactly have the longest legs in the world. She’s huffing trying to match his pace and sees him glance her way, confused. And then he notches up the speed and that’s a challenge if she’s ever seen one. Pretty soon they’re flat-out sprinting. He slows to a walk before she does, although he seems like he could have kept going (she wonders if he does it for her benefit, but she’s too out of breath to care). When he gets off the machine, she’s nervous for a second he’s going to come talk to her. But all he does is wave in her direction before turning to leave.

3. And then a few weeks later, she realizes: he’s her fucking economics TA. There he is, right in the front row. She didn’t notice before because the TA’s don’t come to every class, and she doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention in economics, anyways. But she needs to start, because her first test comes back with a grade two letters lower than what her father considers acceptable. So she corners him after class and is like, you need to help me. You’re always at the goddamn gym and throwing me off, so you’re going to help me pass this stupid class. And he kind of cocks his head at her, like he’s trying to hide how shocked he is she’s actually speaking to him. 

“I’m your TA,” he says; his voice is gentler than she expected it would be, a bit higher pitched. “That’s literally my job.”

4. She goes to his office hours that night in the basement of the science library. He looks so different in jeans and a sweater—and glasses, which she can’t get herself to stop staring at—and he smiles when he sees her, motions her in. She learns a little bit about the model of perfect competition, but mostly she learns about him: that his name is Cassian, that he’s a junior (one year above her), and that he’s trying for a triple major on top of working two part-time jobs (which must be why he looks so damn exhausted all the time). He goes to the gym at five because it’s the only time he’s got. “You need a life,” she tells him, before she can stop himself, and notices that his eyes crinkle at the edges when he laughs.

5. The next day, he takes the treadmill right next to her and she’s surprised to find she doesn’t really mind. But she’s got a reputation to uphold, so she glares at him over her shoulder. 

“I need someone else as motivation,” he explains, shrugging, like he’s already anticipated her complaint. “I’m really tired this morning.”

“You look tired,” she returns, and tries to pretend her stomach doesn’t flutter when he smiles.

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can i request some kiba angst? say he and his s/o were madly in love but she ended up in an arranged marriage with another man from Konoha bc she came from a powerful clan and they were wed for power/status or something and poor kiba has to watch the woman he loves become married to someone else?

this is so sad im triggered LOL remember like a month ago i said i was gonna write bc i was sad about a breakup ? OK so we got back together but then he broke up w me again lmao. sorry i had to let that out.


“[Name]! You look so beautiful!” The brightest smile you had ever seen from your mother beamed like the sun. Her eyes crinkled at the ends while she joined her hands together in a clap, gawking at your frame in a white dress.

Never had your mother ever gushed about your beauty before, not like this anyways. So in regards to that, you smiled, your sad eyes gazing at your reflection in the mirror you sat before. 

“Trust me, dear. I’ve talked to this man before, and he’s wonderful! Strong too. Comes from a rich family, as well. And I also hear from others in the village tha-”

As your mother urged on and on about your fiance, you couldn’t help but feel an ache in your heart. Her words soon grew muffled, as though your own mother’s voice was just some background noise. Your being found itself thinking about the only man you ever loved, and the pain he must be going through.

“Kiba…” He felt your gentle hands take hold of his, it was a soft gesture, but he savored your touch by putting your hand to his cheek and snuggling into it. Your heart broke with every second that passed by.

His wet eyes open to look at you, his love. “I will be okay.”

Along with his words were a thousand swords being drawn into your heart, “No–you know that I love you.”

“I know that,” Kiba starts, “But…I also know that we can’t do anything about it. I will be okay, [Name].”

However, all Kiba was doing was lying to himself. Of course he would not be okay. He would be anything but okay. The thought him seeing the woman he loves run off to some other man felt like the whole universe was collapsing on him. Seeing you hold onto someone else’s arm, seeing you kiss someone else’s lips, and seeing you smile with someone that wasn’t him… hurt like hell. 

But to avoid less stress on you, he lied. “I love you, [Name]. I’ll be okay. Just forget about whatever we had.”

“How can I? Kiba! Why would you say something like that?”

“Because there’s nothing we can do! [Name], listen. I want you to fall in love with that man, and I want you to smile with him. Do all the things you did with me and more. Love him like you love me.” But this was all a lie. He wanted so badly to say stay with me. He wished with all his might that you won’t love anyone besides him. Albeit, he still lied. 

“What about you…?” You exhaled a shaky breath, eyes forming tears with the moments that went by.

“I’ll watch. I’ll watch you love him. I’ll watch and see how…how it all works out.”

As you walked with your arms laced with your father, looking forward to the man you were forced to wed, Kiba gulped from the side. His breath had been completely taken away, it was like the first time he saw you, it was as if as he had fallen in love with you all over again.

Seeing you in a beautiful wedding dress made his heart beat just a little faster, but it also made his eyes water. Akamaru, who sat obediently beside his master, gazed up towards him with sad eyes, almost letting out a soft whimper as if knowing the pain Kiba was going through. 

Here he was, watching you, as the start of your new love story began. He just watched.

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Because Simon Jones is fuck buddy with Dan Wooton and also he’s the one who’s handling this AMAZING PROMO they’re doing for such a great song. So many music and art related articles right??? You can see the focus on Louis being a bright songwriter an Steve and amazing DJ and person too!!! Couldn’t ask any better!!!

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some Shep Facts™ because I can

  • Full name is Sun Shepard because she’s Korean and her dad thought he was funny
    • Neither of her parents ever called her Sun (unless she was In Trouble), especially after they moved away from Earth to the colonies. 
    • Dad always always always called her Sunshine, unless she as in a bad mood, and then it was Storm or some other weather pun because, again, he thought he was funny
    • Her mother was the only person she let call her Sunny. Ever.
    • The first time Garrus called her Sunshine because they were picking on each other and he thought it’d be funny, she started crying. In front of him and like four other people. While they were on a mission.
      • Other nicknames the dinosaur bf has given her include North Star and Polaris, because like ya know. Stars. The Sun. haha get it, Shepard, get it wait are you blushing
  • From the moment she enlisted, she kept a small, tiny family shrine in her quarters wherever she was. It included a photo album, some of her mother’s jewelry, and some of her father’s old notebooks. All of this was lost when the Normandy was destroyed at the end of ME1
    • Everything was lost but a locket her mother had passed down to her, which had a picture of her and her parents from their last summer on Earth. 
  • She thought it was funny that Cerberus expected her to be like. On their side mostly just because she’s a human because like. Her parents were very much into the idea that humanity needs to be making friends out in the universe and like lmfao some of the dossiers they gave her were two of her closest friends who were also very much not human and 
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • “Humanity? I don’t know her.”
  • The first time she realized she was starting to get a crush on Garrus, she actually almost went to the med bay and was like “I think I’m dying” until she thought about it a little more and realized no she just really liked being around him and that was sure to go over very well with her new Cerberus overlords
  • Anyway basically she’s tiny and sarcastic and likes to laugh and I love her

Hey birblr, can anyone help me? I saw this budgie at the pet store today and fell inlove, her (?) nose was very dry and red, but the lady just said that’s cuz she’s an older female, I don’t believe her. Can anyone tell me if this budgie is sick and if it would be treatable? I really want to bring her home but I don’t want to risk infecting my sun conure and I don’t want to be heartbroken if she’s really sick.

It’s been a rough day. So, because I’ve been missing my grandma, I went to her grave with my grandpa and dad. We brought her hydrangeas (her favorite), the sun began glowing when we added the flowers, and the above was hanging in the sky.

Life is what you make it.


Suddenly, she is there, with bold legs
Swinging in a high, flared skirt. Pleated
And spread like daring: she flaunted it.
Skirt and legs were her assertion. She
Made her statement with her costume.
Blooming like summering gardens, many,
She was over the sun in magic; she was
Best as only vigour is best. Milding the
Passage of years, she appears to stand.
She makes her pert stance. I am involved
By her happenstance. She is in me now.

Where No Man Pursueth.

Continues from here ((#TW minor blood and violence (consensual vampire turning) and brief mention of cutting))

     Supper was a simple meat broth and Karrista settled on a chair in what was to be a study or lab.  The matter of choices were on her mind once more as the sun’s light gave way to twilight.  The idea of giving in to the Legion was not an option.  Power without satisfaction, without ending seemed tiring ultimately.

     Karrista’s memories came forward, the love she shared once before.  The pain that came with it almost brought her to tears. Before the hurt, even within the anger, that passion and love underlying it and shared between her and the Draenei Shaman was, in a way, still there, and missed.

     The Revenant was right, love was a poison, but poisons have uses.  Plants produce them to avoid being eaten, animals use them to defend themselves.  And love, love is used to stave off empty existence.

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what does it mean if a couple's children all have sun sextile moon? my friend and her husband have three kids of which one has sun in taurus sextile moon in cancer, and twins whose sun is in leo and moon is in libra. all three have this aspect with an orb of 2 degrees maximum. what does this mean?

It’s a good aspect which usually indicates the parents are usually either in love, together or in agreement in how to raise the person a child.  There is usually very little tension and disagreement between the parents which doesn’t confuse a child’s developmental complex.  Often the trine, sextile and conjunction indicate the person is primed for a more productive life because they were exposed to consistency when being brought up.  

3 children sharing the aspect most likely just means the situations as parents were solid and not much changed.


Ok… When I watch this scene in my playtrough I was like….“Oh she freezed up maybe 4-5 Pokemon… that’s kinda terrible but I disappointed that Gamefreak didn’t go further than that”

….It took several rewatch of let’s play until I realize that the square patterns on the wall are all Pokemon container…….