her nicknames for him are the best

Remus discovering you like the same books would include:
  • Remus being so excited because now he has somebody to talk to about his favourite characters
  • “I like Clary the most” “really? I like Jace more”
  • Sirius and James always complaining
  • Because they don’t understand a word of what you’re saying
  • “and the award of biggest nerd couple goes to Y/N and Moony!”
  • Reading dates
  • Having lots of hot chocolate when you’re reading
  • reading in the best places of the school
  • Lending each other books
  • So you learn now characters
  • And new worlds
  • Having small arguments
  • “how can you ship Percabeth more than Frazel?” “Percabeth is just better accept it!”
  • Cute nicknames that have to do with your favourite character
  • Watching the movies together
  • Remus would always say something during the movie
  • “they did that different in the book” “they changed that” “her hair is blonde, not brown”
  • Rolling your eyes and giggling at his cuteness
  • Kissing him so he finally shuts up and watches the movie
  • “Remus, darling, shut up and watch the movie”
  • Quoting the books
  • And taking every chance to do it
  • “do you love me?”
  • “Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.”
  • Remus would smirk after you said that
  • “did you just quote The Princess Bride?” “maybe”
  • Staying up all night to finish a book
  • Cute kisses in between reading breaks
  • Remus would make sure there is enough food
  • He’d eat most of it
  • “Babe, where are all the chocolate frogs?”
  • “I ate them” 
  • “All?”
  • “Maybe”
  • You’d take care of the drinks
  • Silly conversations
  • “how cool would it be to be a shadowhunter?” “babe, we’re wizards, isn’t that cool enough already?” “no”
  • Shipping people in school
  • Or your best friends
  • Because they don’t understand ‘nerd language’
  • “Jilly is my OTP” “how about Sily?” “Padfoot and Evans? Never, Jilly all the way”
  • “are they talking about boats again?” “jup” “they really do love their boats” “doesn’t Moony get seasick?” “Clearly not”
  • fangirling together
  • all the time
  • about everything

well now i’m on an aliens kick. also, i just went in my kitchen to get some ice water and walked in on a fucking roach orgy because no matter how much i clean this apartment is fucking ghetto so let’s talk about how aliens would react to human pest control methods.

“Why is Stacy cleaning the dishware? We have cleaning robots to do that for her,” asked Qwerty (his full name was much, much longer, but because it was written with every letter of one of the more commonly used human alphabets, and something about early digital communications, the humans on the I.S. Dastallria had given him the nickname). 

Xorzit’ket shrugged as best as her anatomy could manage the borrowed gesture. “Why don’t you go ask her?” 

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MCL: Things we know about Castiel

1. He’s a Leo. His birthday is August 12.

2. His natural hair color is black, but he dyed it red.

3. His favorite color is red.

4. He prefers dogs and has a beauceron shepard named Demon.

5. He likes rock music. His favorite band is Winged Skull.

6. He plays electric guitar.

7. He’s sarcastic and likes people who have a sense of humor.

8. He does not get along with Nathaniel. Or Kentin.

9. He occasionally smokes.

10. He rehearses and writes music with Lysander.

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Share the Crown (It’s Lighter That Way)


The term princess did not begin as a form of endearment towards Clarke. In fact, Bellamy first used it as an insult, a way to mock her back when the greatest thrill he got was fighting her. But she grew – they both did – and the name died almost as quickly as it started. Bellamy hadn’t used it in months on end, hadn’t even thought it in nearly as long.

           Then he said it. He asked Clarke – now his partner, his best friend – what was coming next, and he called her princess, without even realizing it. She gave him a look when he did, and he caught the slightest smirk when she replied, but otherwise she didn’t comment on it, then or after. Like it wasn’t a big deal.

           Which it wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t, it was just a word, just a nickname. Just a memory, of a burning bridge and Clarke’s wide eyes meeting his; just the realization of how much they had grown, and how different those two syllables felt on his tongue now than they had then. She was no longer the privileged princess who took charge over a world she didn’t know. She had become a queen in waiting, determined to protect her kingdom with every ounce of energy left in her body.

           And he loved her.

How they managed to lose Jaha within five minutes of stopping the rover, Bellamy couldn’t say. He also couldn’t say, however, that he minded. Even with the increased proximity he and Clarke had been granted as of late, Bellamy had missed her; missed just being with her.

           They deigned to wait a little while before looking before Jaha, since the rover was the safest guard they had until they reached home and searching for the old man would require going on foot. Together they sat on the hood of the rover (Bellamy still with his gun, just in case), looking at the trees in the dying light and the almost purplish glow they created. It was quiet—oddly so.

           “You hear that?” Bellamy said, sitting up straighter and pretending not to notice when his fingers brushed over Clarke’s. “No insects.”

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Tokka Headcanon:

Toph begins to gradually fall out of love with Sokka. She realizes he would never feel more than friends towards her. And her heart is getting tired of hoping. She is just a friend to him, nothing more. Maybe it’s time to finally accept the sad truth.

To make it easy for her, she decides to practice getting him off her mind more often, until maybe, she would not think of him anymore at all when he’s not around. She told herself, maybe it’s best to avoid seeing him too often, too, unless it’s work-related but of course she would keep their friendship. And keep reminding herself that he’s just a good friend.

And that’s when the councilman notices the changes. When he is with the Chief of Police, and having a conversation with her, he notices, there’s no more nicknames, no more teasing like Toph always do to him when they were younger, no more witty, sarcastic reply when he tells a joke, no more soft punches in the arm. Just a silent smile from her and sometimes, a pat on his shoulder. It’s getting more often that their conversation is getting too formal even when the two of them are off from the job. She would give excuses when he himself invited her to have a drink or dinner after work in a local restaurant in Republic City. But she goes when someone else gave the invitation.

One time, he talks to her about it. But she denies calmly that nothing is wrong and she smiles at him as she said it with confidence; she insisted that her excuses from his invitation were genuine and she formally explain that both of them got their own life to deal with outside of work. She is right of course; she is after all a mother of a little girl (Lin). 

He does not like that smile of hers that time. That smile is like a smile from a sale’s lady who only smile just to reassure an anxious customer. Either that smile is genuine or not, for some reason, it hurts him. Because that smile shows that she’s okay with the changes and he’s not. And when she asks him to explain what exactly he meant, he can’t utter a word. 

Something has changed. Yes, the friendship is still there but obviously it was not the same. It is hard for him to explain what it is but he misses the old one. He did not expect it would somehow be a big deal to him. 

Then he ponders more about it. Then finally it occurs to him—-those teasing, nicknames, her witty replies to his jokes and light punches in the arm probably meant something more. He realizes that she used to only do it to him. And not to her police subordinates. Not to anyone at all but him as much as he can remember. Could it be that those really meant something and that he was just too numb before to notice it until now?Whatever they are, it’s all gone now and she’s probably over it. This realization saddened him. He wishes he could bring it all back.

And then…

(sorry if the last drawings are messy. I suddenly needs to hurry because I got errands to run down town) XD

Dating Kai Parker would include:

• Cute nicknames
• possibly annoying ones
• calming his sociopathic ass down when Damon makes a smartass comment
• him teasing Bonnie about how she “lost her chance ” to be with him
• anGRY SeX
• Begging af
• Teasing
• I mean, ALOT of teasing
• Ass grabbing
• he gives like, the best head
• vice versa
• Kai sharing his feelings to you and only to you
• cheesy pickup lines
• a lot of pickup lines
• Inside jokes
• Kai practicing magic on you ;)))))
• Convincing him not to do what he done on the wedding
• Deep asf conversations at 4 in the morning
• being pregnant with your own twins
• Despite being mega pissed off, his tiny heart feels a lot for his smol children
• Kai gloating about how cute yours and his relationship are
• Caroline and Elena trying to tell you that he’s the bad guy
• you telling them that he’s changed
• “babe”
• “yeah, Kai”
• “do you have a phone in your back pocket?” Ye- “because that ass is calling me” *Eye roll"
• arguments about who wants who safe
• nose + forehead kisses
• Kai being majorly adorable
• “OH MY GOD KAI! I’ll tell you what you remind me of? TWITCHES, WE GOTTA WATCH IT”
• just cuteness and goals

  • 1: Do you have any nicknames for your TC?
  • 2: Is your TC in a relationship?
  • 3: Your TC's hair color?
  • 4: A song that reminds you of your TC?
  • 5: Name 3 things you love about your TC.
  • 6: Name a thing you dislike about your TC.
  • 7: Best thing in your TC's looks?
  • 8: When your TC is angry, what is he like?
  • 9: Is your TC a cat person or a dog person?
  • 10: Tell about an embarrassing moment with your TC.
  • 11: Where would you take him/her on a date?
  • 12: What kind of music your TC listens to?
  • 13: Have you told to your friends about your TC?
  • 14: Last text message from TC?
  • 15: Age gap?
  • 16: How often you see your TC?
  • 17: How do you act around your TC?
  • 18: How would you react if they confessed their love to you?
  • 19: How does your TC act around you?
  • 20: What is your TC's best outfit?
  • 21: Is he/she a good teacher?
  • 22: Do you tell your problems to your TC?
  • 23: Does your TC have any nicknames for you?
  • 24: Do you flirt with your TC?
  • 25: Would you kiss your TC? What would the situation be like?

After university, Sophia moved in with her two best friends. They were nicknamed the “Unlikely Trio” from their peers. You can probably see why. 

Albert: Please.. just one date. Just let me take you on one date! Then I will never ask you again. 

Sophia: Sorry, we’ve gone over this. You’re not my type. I need a more.. muscular and wealthy man. 

Linda: Will this girl ever stop lying to herself? I see the way she looks at him when he isn’t looking. Sigh.. my hair is going to turn grey before I see any results. 

Lavender Brown is a teenage girl who likes a boy. She is in a legitimate, mutual relationship with Ron and she shows him her devotion by using cutesy nicknames and public displays of affection. She is astute enough to realize that there is something between him and Hermione but is infatuated enough to ignore it. She is understandably hurt and admittedly correct in her assessment of Hermione when Ron is in the hospital wing (“Friends? Don’t make me laugh. She didn’t talk to him for weeks after he started going out with me!”), though admittedly it may not have been the best time to bring it up. She is used as a tool to make Hermione jealous and she has every right to be angry about her emotions being toyed with. She is treated unfairly by Ron and judged unfairly by Hermione. They are all teenagers. Please don’t hate her for that.

velerodra  asked:

[A message was left at Gadgetzan for Colpeia Beamgully. The message was simple enough, albeit vague.] Colpeia Beamgully Ma'am, I am Vel. I have heard you like tea. I would like to visit you for tea. Whenever possible. If possible. Thank you. Your non-enemy, Vel [One day, maybe she'd learn that referring to herself as a non-enemy wasn't the best way to introduce herself.]

The illusionist was admittedly surprised to learn any letter had been left for her when she made her conveniently timed visit. Usually her letters arrived at her own door. She eyed the message with an amused smile, if a quirked brow. Seo-yun had mentioned a woman nicknamed Vel during Winter’s Veil, when he explained what had kept him so long after his Tart performance. 

Colpeia did not stay in Gadgetzan long. Upon teleporting back home, she wandered into her bedroom and reached for a stack of parchment on her desk.

(( @velerodra ))

Send me a number!! Through ask :)

1: Do you have any nicknames for your TC?
2: Is your TC in a relationship?
3: Your TC’s hair color?
4: A song that reminds you of your TC?
5: Name 3 things you love about your TC.
6: Name a thing you dislike about your TC.
7: Best thing in your TC’s looks?
8: When your TC is angry, what is he like?
9: Is your TC a cat person or a dog person?
10: Tell about an embarrassing moment with your TC.
11: Where would you take him/her on a date?
12: What kind of music your TC listens to?
13: Have you told to your friends about your TC?
14: Last text message from TC?
15: Age gap?
16: How often you see your TC?
17: How do you act around your TC?
18: How would you react if they confessed their love to you?
19: How does your TC act around you?
20: What is your TC’s best outfit?
21: Is he/she a good teacher?
22: Do you tell your problems to your TC?
23: Does your TC have any nicknames for you?
24: Do you flirt with your TC?
25: Would you kiss your TC? What would the situation be like?

ML Reversed Crush AU: Rooftop talk part 3

(part 2 here ) and for the beginning go( here )

Marinette felt the world freeze as the nickname hung in the air. The nickname her black cat knight gave her.

“Did you just call me Princess?” The Blunette asked as she took a step back.

The blonde model felt himself sweat bullets as he tried to think of something, anything, to get him out of this situation. He figured the best solution was to play dumb.

“No, I didn’t say that.” Adrien spoke as if he was trying to convince himself more then Marinette.

Marinette wanted to believe that Adrien was telling the truth. But the smile and the way he said it. She had seen that smile before. She had heard that nickname before, there was no way that was a coincidence. Suddenly everything began to make sense, the coincidences kept piling up and soon she couldn’t ignore it any longer.  Marinette had realized what all of Paris did not.

Adrien Agreste was Chat Noir.

Marinette backed up a bit, her memories of last night smacking her senses at the worst time.

“I-I am not feeling so well… I am going to go get some air.” Marinette exclaimed as she ran out of the Library.

“Marinette!” Adrien called out as he watched Marinette run out of sight.

Plagg had popped his head out of Adrien’s bag to see the situation. Now that the girl was gone he came out to watch the results.

“You were doing so well until you tripped at the finish.” Plagg pointed out. “I think this is a record. Two monumental screw ups in twenty four hours.”

“Do you think she knows?” Adrien asked with worry.

“She would have to be pretty dense not to know by what you said Romeo.” Plagg retorted.

“I have to find her, I have to explain everything. If she tells Alya that I am chat noir, all of Paris will know in seconds!” Adrien said as he grabbed his stuff.

Plagg went into Adrien’s bag just as he dashed out of the Library. He began to search every part of the school, but Marinette was no where to be found. Adrien quickly checked the Ladyblog, to his relief, there was not a single update.

“I am guessing she hasn’t seen Alya yet.” Adrien said with a bit of relief.

“Maybe she wouldn’t tell Alya. I mean, she might have been able to figure out you are chat noir, but explaining how she knew to her friend might be a touch hard to believe.” Plagg commented.

“So you think she didn’t leave to tell Alya my identity?”

“I think she left because something bothered her about finding out you were Chat noir.” 

“But that doesn’t make any sense. Marinette is a fan of Chat Noir. If anything, wouldn’t that make her want to ask me questions about it or something?” Adrien questioned. He was beginning to feel frustrated by what the black cat kwami was driving at.

“Perhaps Chat noir did something that hurt Marinette.”

“That is completely insane. You know better then anyone how protective I am of Marinette. I didn’t do anything to harm her, or anyone for that matter. The only person that might be a bit upset with me is Ladybug and I haven’t seen her since… Last night…”

Adrien felt a weird click go off in his mind. What if he had seen Ladybug today? what if she was upset that the person she was in love with liked someone else? What if Ladybug was Marinette?

The realization hit Adrien like a freight train going full speed.

“Marinette is Ladybug.” Adrien vocalized his thought.

“Took you long enough.” 

Adrien looked at the cat kwami, his anger now apparent.

“You knew? Why didn’t you tell me?” Adrien asked as he glared at Plagg.

“You never asked.”

Adrien took a deep calming breathe.

“I need to find her.”

The sun was setting over Paris as a Ladybug clad heroine stood at the top of the Eiffel tower.

Marinette stood as she looked over Paris. It looked absolutely stunning. The spot was the perfect spot for her to just process what she had learned. She could feel the stillness of the air as she let her mind roam.

Adrien was Chat noir.

The more she thought about it, the more right it began to feel. The blonde hair, the green eyes, the smile, the kindness they both had. In retrospect, it was practically staring her in the face.

A sudden landing on the tower caused the girl to come back to reality. She turned to see the very black cat hero she was thinking about.

“You were here the whole time? I have been looking all over for you.” Chat noir said as he was catching his breathe.

Ladybug turned back to view of Paris she was looking at before she began talking.

“How did your confession go?” Ladybug asked, keeping her voice calm.

“I didn’t confess yet.” Chat noir responded softly. “Can we please talk about this?”

“There is nothing to talk about. You like a girl, go confess to her. I want you to be happy.” Ladybug said firmly, tears streaming down her face, which was still hidden from the cat.

Chat noir took a deep breathe, his heart beating faster then a hummingbird flapping it’s wings.

“I am in love with you Marinette.” Chat noir exclaimed.

The world around them grew completely quiet as the words graced the area.

Ladybug turned around to see Chat noir looking at her.


Chat noir gulped as he felt his heart come up in his throat.

“I-I said I am in Love with you Marinette! I have been for a long time.” Chat noir said with clear sincerity. “I am sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

Ladybug looked at the cat hero with complete Awe. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.


Chat noir made himself de-transform, revealing his civilian identity to the heroine.

Ladybug followed suit and transformed back into her civilian identity. The two looked at each other for a moment that seemed to last for hours. As if Mother nature could sense the mood, made the clouds above release a touch of snow.

After an eternity, the two ran to each other. The two embraced softly as snow flakes dance around the,. For this whole time, the person they were in love with was right by their side.

“I love you too Adrien.” Marinette whispered softly into his ear.

Adrien felt his heart leap for joy. He picked up his blue haired princess in air and spun her gently. Marinette felt herself laugh lightly.

“Put me down you silly cat!” Marinette squeaked.

“As you wish my Lady.”

Adrien lowered Marinette to eye level as they stared into each other’s eyes deeply. The two began to kiss.

This was the kiss that they both wanted, the one thing that was so dream like, yet so real. The very thing that confirmed that this was not some convoluted dream, but glorious reality.

As the two broke the kiss the two heard giggling behind them.

They turned to see their Kwami’s looking at them and smiling.

“It is about time you two figured it out!” Plagg commented.

“I am so glad you did! You two look so precious!” The ladybug Kwami said with as giddy grin.

The two teens smiled as blushes graced their cheeks. Everything felt right at the highest point of Paris. And to think it all started because of a talk on a rooftop.

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Ok but a Marichat scenario in which Marinette and Chat are just hanging out and being lazy or playing a videogame and Chat as usual calls her “Princess” after a flirtiy line and Marinette, after rolling her eyes, casually tells him “ you know, how can you only call me Princess? Dont you have other nicknames in your repertory?” And so Chat says “of course i have” and says a couple of them and Marinette is not impressed and says “wow that’s the best you can do?” and Chat replys “Oh yeah, can you do it better, Purrincess?” and so they start having a nicknames-battle which starts really cute but then turns into a serious competition (at least between them) until finally what they are saying doesnt have any sense anymore, its just mixing words together and they are panting and hardly breathing and they stop and busrt into laughter because omg how ridiculous the situation is but damn it was fun.


Log Horizon SNG: Everyone’s in their Sunday Best

Akatsuki: Log Horizon’s assassin. She dressed up in her Sunday best for the New Year’s. She’s probably been preparing everyone’s New Year gifts…

Maryelle: The Crescent Moon Alliance’s guild master. Just as the New Year’s festivities were about to start, she absent-mindedly got her Sunday best clothes dirty and couldn’t go out.

Nyanta: A Swashbuckler in the guild Log Horizon. He’s in his Sunday best for the New Year’s. He’s looking for his old friend Soujiro at a food stall.

Shiroe: The guild master of Log Horizon, a veteran player nicknamed “the Villain in Glasses.” The other members have forced him out today to enjoy the New Year’s.

Soujiro: The guild master of Akiba’s harem guild, the West Wind Brigade. Because it’s the New Year, he’s in his Sunday best. Let’s send the New Year’s cards and enjoy the New Year celebrations! He’s really excited…

Having children with Justin...

Lemme just say that having children/a baby with Justin would be one of the most cutest and best things ever. I feel like he’d never take his eyes off of your baby and he’d constantly be wanting him/her to be happy and comforted. You’d probably always catch him rocking the baby in his arms, humming a lullaby or making his dorky faces trying to make the baby laugh. He’d call the baby really cute nicknames like “monkey” or “princess” and omfg it would be so adorable. You could just be rocking your lil baby to sleep and he’d be watching for a while before coming over and saying cute things like “You’re such a great mother” or “You’re both so beautiful” Idk he just seems so gentle and sweet and he’d probably value every moment, god it would be so fucking precious. Can he pls just father my children already I’m out

I know I talk literally nonstop abt rubiam but I wanna take a sec to appreciate chubs and rubys relationship

•best introvert friends remember at the bonfire in tdm when Liam and Zu were off making a million friends and they were just sitting there like lmao nah

•best book friends tbh I love the idea that they’re constantly reading and recommending books to one another and talking about them for hours

•I also really love how well they compliment each other they really balance each other out a lot because I feel like Ruby is able to be more emotional and he lets himself be emotional with her and he tells her when she’s making stupid choices that could get her hurt or killed

•remember that time in ITA when Liam and Vida were coming up w nicknames for him and Ruby was like “I made a mental note to give him a hug before we set off again” Ruby Daly is a tru friend

• they communicate so well honestly like they’ve perfected that parent eye contact language they don’t even have to talk to understand one another

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons about Lami being in the Revolutionary Army? (I like to think she was rescued by them!)

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

  • Revolutionaries were at Flevance and pulled her out from the wreckage of the hospital.
  • Kuma probably saved her by ‘pushing’ the Amber Lead Syndrome out of her body, which is why Lami is very grateful to him.
  • She also never quite gets over the destruction of Flevance, and it’s hard to go on at first, because everything reminds her of Law, of her parents, of her friends.
  • There were times when she wished that she could have traded her life away for Law’s.
  • Eats the Nagi-Nagi no Mi, but is unaware of its significance.
  • Becomes the Revolutionaries’ best spy because of her ability to sneak in and out to retrieve valuable documents without arousing suspicion.
  • Earns the nickname ‘Silent Killer Lami’.
  • Lami is so proud of that name, which can ‘strike fear into the hearts of others’, as she likes to put it.
  • Grows up to be a very pretty girl, with long and pale golden hair, soft white skin and big grey eyes.
  • Commonly seen in floaty dresses and skirts, a white lab coat and boots.
  • Smiles all the time, even during surgery, or when she’s out in the field.
  • Head doctor of the Medical Unit.
  • Is the sort of doctor to have brightly colored plasters and sweets for the more childish patients.
  • Is also the sort of doctor to visit illegal organ harvester black markets to save a patient.
  • Fights with a mixture of knives and scalpels, all of them hidden up her sleeves or in her boots.
  • Carries a first aid kit everywhere.
  • Best buds with Sabo and Koala.
  • Will do anything for them ( and, by extension, the Revolutionaries ) - they accepted her and let her befriend them instead of spitting in her face and calling her a monster like so many others had done. 
  • Lets Sabo nap in spare hospital beds when he feels like ditching paperwork ( which is all the time ).
  • Also snickers when Koala bullies him.

Character: Castiel

Warning: None

Word Count: 2,580

Style: Winchester!sister!reader

Request:  First off I think you write the best daddy!dean on tumblr. They’re just so realistic and all of deans actions are definitely in character. So I was wondering if you could write one where deans daughter is a little older ( like 20) and starts to date Castiel and tries to keep it a secret from her dad cuz she doesn’t know how he’ll react. But she eventually tells him. How he reacts is up to you. If you get to this then thanks a bunches

A/N: So it’s basically the same plot as the request, but instead of being Dean’s daughter, the reader is Sam and Dean’s little sister. Personally, writing her as Dean’s daughter would have been uncomfortable for me, but other than that, the plot is the same.


    It came as a surprise to find that you rather like having a secret relationship. There’s a certain thrill to be had from involving yourself in surreptitious romance, from seeing a secret lover. Previous dalliances were made known to your brothers as they happened, and Dean usually voice proud approval when you explained that you were ‘going out’ out for the night, but they were nothing more than short flings, a way to have fun while passing through town. You hadn’t expected this romance to be any different, but here you are, hopelessly devoted to a trench coat-wearing angel of the Lord, and no one knows.

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“Well, it can’t get any worse!"



Taedis froze at the Kymiel’s words. Strategy had never been his strongest suit. Patience was his best attribute, or so he had been told. He had always been good at waiting, to see if the circumstances changed and became better.

“We wait,” Taedis said, turning away from the other elf so he wouldn’t see the scowl that had appeared at Kymiel’s nickname for him. Instead he turned his gaze on Dhana, taking in her crumpled form. His stomach dropped at the sight.

Carefully he made his way over to the mage and slid his body to sit beside hers but being careful with his movements so his body wouldn’t touch hers. Only then did he look back up at Kymiel.

“We regroup and wait,” he repeated. “Then maybe see about scouting a different exit.” His lips twisted at the words and then he shook his head. “Whatever happens, we stick together.”

Dhana barely acknowledged the rogue, so wrapped up in her own whirlwind of thoughts. She curled tighter inwardly, eyes firmly upon the rocky ground. Kymiel sighed, shifting from his place at the entrance to lower his bow and quiver. He placed them within easy reach before nodded to Taedis. 

“Go into her satchel. Somewhere near the bottom you’ll find her quilt.” 

Their resident mage tensed at the words, shifting to place her back to them. Kymiel shook his head. 

‘She never changes…’ 

“At the very least it’ll keep her warm and provide the comfort we can’t. I’ll see what rations we have left.”

hello!! my name’s alex and i play the devilishly charming axel. i like to say that he isn’t a good guy but he’s also not the worst person in the world, y’know? under the cut i’ve written some bullet points to give you more perspective :~) i can’t wait to interact with y’all and don’t hesitate to hmu if you wanna plot!

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