her new outfit looks good


I’m not sure if anyone can tell which outfit I like drawing Ashe in.

Hunter Gathers Rating

i got screenshots from every episode Hunter appears in

Assassinanny 911: Her first appearance!!! Look at her!! She looks confused [this is is her first time meeting Brock!!] Look how cute!! 10/10

The Invisible Hand of Fate: Her disguise is so cute!! She went by Agent Kelly Clarkson that’s so cute!!! Her smile is good and pure 10/10

¡Viva Los Muertos!: She’s just a dream Brock has but she’s still good!! She looks so nice with the pink background!! I want to hug her!! 10/10

ORB: She looks soooo cute!!! I love her new outfit!! Look how fit she is!! Isn’t she amazing?? 10/10

The Family That Slays Together Slays Together Part 1: I LOVE her expression here!!!!! She looks so good and dynamic!!!! I can’t get over how much I love her face!! She’s so pretty!!! 10/10

The Family That Slays Together Slays Together Part 2: Another new outfit!!! She looks so good in the Black Hearts outfit!!! Look at her relaxing!!! I’m happy she can find time to relax!! Look at that smile!!! 10/10

Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel: A better look of her Black Hearts outfit!! She looks grumpy but that’s okay!! It’s ok to feel bad sometimes!! Her makeup is so nice!!! She wears that outfit well!! 10/10

Pinstripes and Poltergeist: Another new outfit!!! This time SPHINX!!! She looks surprised!!! All her facial expressions are good but she looks extra cute!! 10/10

Pomp and Circuitry: Look at that grin!!! Do I need to say more???? 10/10

Every Which Way But Zeus: Look how tiny she is!! Again!! What a great smile!! She looks so approachable and good!! I hope it’s a warm day so she’s not chilly!!! 10/10

The Silent Partners: I would die for that smile!!! I’m glad she’s getting good news!!! Don’t you just want to stare at that smile all day??? 10/10

Operation P.R.O.M.: Tiny and good!!! I love how she sits!!! She looks so tense though but that’s ok!! I love her outfit so much I’m glad you can see the full thing in this shot!! 10/10

What Color Is Your Cleansuit?: Another new outfit!! I think this is my favorite so far!! It’s so nice and she looks so cute in it!! 10/10

SPHINX Rising: She’s in the spotlight like she deserves!!!! Look at her!! Another great show of her full outfit!!! I love how she talks with her hands!! 10/10

O.S.I. Love You: The title says it all folks!!!! Look how cute she is!! I love her jacket!!! I love her!!! 10/10

Bot Seeks Bot: She’s in my favorite episode!!! She looks intimidating!! I hope everyone respects her as General!! I sure would!! 10/10

All This and Gargantua-2: I’m in LOVE with her expression here!!! She looks so pretty and cute!!! This is a very good angle of her!! 10/10

Hostile Makeover: Why does she sit like that?? That must be a very high chair because she is short!!! It’s ok though as long as she’s comfortable!!! This makes me so happy!! I don’t know why but I love this picture!! 10/10

Red Means Stop: One last outfit for the finale of season 6!! That outfit is so tacky but she looks so cute in it!!! I love every aspect of this picture; The floral shirt, the striped jacket, the blue shorts, the visor, her feeding birds!!! What a good way to show Hunter off on the season finale!! 10/10

19 wonderful episodes have Hunter in it!! I’m so excited to see more of her!!

And it’s done! I am actually super happy with Alphys’ new outfit and it looks so good on her. After some feedback from my friends, we all agreed purple was the best color for Alphys. I think I’ll be working on revamping all her icons to have the new outfit, but for now I have other things to focus on. Like drafts.

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I'm really, really hoping Disney Store would, as a one-time thing do LE dolls for 2 live-action movies in the same year. No doubt the costumes are going to be absolutely beautiful for the Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Imagine a Keira Knightley Sugar Plum Fairy doll =P Mary Poppins is so iconic and I personally don't feel like DS has given her the recognition the movie deserves merch-wise. Her new outfit looks so good & next year feels like the only time they'd realistically do LE Mary =/

i do think it’ll be one or the other but i agree both would have some great dolls. I’m excited to see what theyll do :)

Headcanon, Garnet surfs.