her names on here lol wow

Im going to upload this old doodle since i havent drawn anything to post yet-

(still doing the pallete thing-)
i had this idea of @missladytale‘s fursona wearing Melon’s hoodie so now here’s this thing-

Melon sans and the mysterious corgi fursona whom im not very sure has a name belongs to- (well i already tagged her so i think its pointless to tag her again :P)

Sofua give Melon his hoodie back-

Karmagisa love child fun facts!:

Here are some few fun facts about little Akabane-Shiota Kiseki. ;v;/// of course i’d make some www

• When calling out to her parents, she calls Nagisa “Daddy/Oto-chan” and Karma “Dad/Oto-san”

• She’d sometimes call Nagisa “Mommy/Okaa-chan” sometimes to tease him, Karma would sometimes join in as well

• Kiseki’s name is derived from the word “Miracle” because Karma and Nagisa would always tell her that she’s the miracle of their lives (wow, cheesy lol)

• Karma once asked her that if she’d get to pick between him and games, she picked games and Karma cried

• Just like Nagisa, Kiseki doesn’t really do well in science

• She and Karma would sometimes team up to mess with her Uncle Terasaka

• Because her parents are sometimes busy with work (assassination), she’d often stay at Hazama’s library

• She’d cross dress as a boy for fun

• Kiseki is really close with Kanzaki’s twins, she says that it’s like babysitting a sibling (because she doesn’t have one)

• Irina once “accidentally” gave her a french kiss while visiting them and it gave her a huge trauma about it. She never dared to kiss someone on the lips again

• She can be very blunt at times (like Nagisa)

• If she sees something she likes, her ahoge would twirl happily

• She can say lewd things but she gets embarassed about it later

• Kiseki doesn’t mind if she gets called “Akabane” or “Shiota”. Both of them ARE her surnames and, well, she’s just used to it