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I’m super proud of you for asking Candice for coffee and she took down your email this is so cute Cansia is iconic you’re deadass so cute this is adorable I’m screaming

CANSIA IS ICONC LOL! But seriously. When I first went up to her we were talking and she told me it was nice to see me again. She asked me if I had to wait long, and we were chatting before I got a picture with her, with my Iris West bag. I wasn’t planning on taking a picture with it with it but she suggested of course I said yes! Then some photographer (that worked there) asked us to take a picture with the bag and we did! She signed my bad and the poster that they gave us (Grant also signed it too). So I went on to Audrey and Brandon. I got of out of line and told @valeriemperez that I didn’t ask Candice for coffee because it’s busy and I was too shy lol, so Brandon Routh saw us chatting and asked Tatiana to come to him to tell him what we were talking about. She told him that I wanted to ask him for coffee and he laughed and said “good luck.” So I was forced to go ask Candice lol, and I did. I basically told her that “I’’m going to ask you something, and you don’t have to say yes or anything, and I don’t want to put you on the spot but I’m gonna put you on the spot anyways (lmao). I know you you said you’d rather have coffee with a fan than take a picture so I was wondering if you would ever want to have coffee with me in the future?” And she looked taken aback for a second like omg a person really asked me lmao, so after her initial shock I was like “you don’t have to feel obligated or anything, don’t worry” and she was like “no that not, it’s just that I don’t know when I’m going to be in LA and I wouldn’t know how to get in touch with you-” then I said I don’t even live here, I live in San Diego and she was like oh wow and I told her I always drive to these events held there (LA). She asked me if I to SDCC every year in which I told her yes. I told her I could give her my email and so she called her publicist to get it from me, so I had to spell my name out and stuff and he was like “and what is this for?” and I told him lol he’s very cute. 

So yeah, I don’t think we are ever going to go for coffee because she’s a bust person and I would never want her to feel obligated to hit me up, even if she did get my email. She’s probably going to forget but that’s completely okay lol because I shot my shot ya know! I kind of regret asking her only because I get embarrassed after all these events and the things that I say but hopefully one day I will get over the first hand embarrassment! Candice is super lovely though, and I’m surprised she had her publicist come to me I’m still in shock and embarrassed lmao. 

Avengers chatroom

(Y/N) has started a chatroom
Tony has joined the chatroom
Clint has joined the chatroom

Tony: hey peeps

Clint: wassup!

(Y/N): hello from the other sideeeeee!

Clint: what did Adele do to (Y/N)?

(Y/N): she did nothing to me. I was thinking that when the others come on, we do song references to what they say.

Tony: that’s irritating, I like it! ;)

Clint: let’s invite the rest then.

Natasha has joined the chatroom
Steve has joined the chatroom
Bruce has joined the chatroom
Thor has joined the chatroom
Wanda has joined the chatroom
Pietro has joined the chatroom
Bucky has joined the chatroom
Sam has joined the chatroom
Loki has joined the chatroom

Sam: hey guys

Clint: hello… Is it me you’re looking for?

Natasha: well hey Lionel Richie. Wait…oh please don’t!

(Y/N): please don’t stop the music!!

Thor: there is no music to be heard lady (Y/N).

Pietro: ohhhh… I see what is happening. Well then TURN UP THE MUSIC

Tony: turn up the music! Turn it up louder.

Bucky: wow… They are annoying.

Steve: well we just learn to roll with it.

Sam: would you say you’re rolling in the deeeeep!

Loki: now Sam has joined the imbeciles on their little annoying game

(Y/N) has changed Loki to lokitty

Lokitty: change my name back at once, otherwise you will regret the day you were born!

(Y/N): well what you gonna do? Huh? What you Gonna say?!! Lol, just joking

Bruce: wait don’t threaten her in here because I don’t want to know!

Tony: I don’t wanna know… If you’re playing me please don’t let it show! I missed you science bro.

Wanda: how do I stop these notifications?

Pietro: you’re alive! :D

Wanda: I’m aliiiiiiiiiiive!

Natasha: can we just give that up now? It’s annoying!

Lokitty: can you change this stupid name back?

Clint: now, now children. Use magic words.

Natasha: I will grab your bow and arrows and fire down your throat until your stomach has more holes than a sponge.

Bucky: can I be there when it happens?

Thor: why threaten Hawkeye with such violence?

Bruce: Bucky, what did Clint ever do to you?

Bucky: nothing it just sounds like somethings would like to watch… Wouldn’t you guys like to see me happy??

Sam: this is something I would like to see too. What’s Steve saying?

Steve: as much as I would like to save Clint, Bucky being happy would speed up the process of overcoming PTSD… So don’t ask me.

Lokitty: wait…where is (Y/N)?

Lokitty has been changed to Loki.

Loki: thank the frost Giants.

Bucky: she’s by me

Natasha: where exactly are you?

Bucky: in the training room


Tony: run.

Bucky: she’s not really doing any training… She saw me shirtless and then welcomed herself to watch me.

(Y/N): worth every minute. Gotta go….he’s starting the push ups!!!

(Y/N) has logged out

Tony: yeah I’m gonna go too

Tony has logged out
Natasha has logged out
Steve has logged out
bruce has logged out
loki has logged out
Thor has logged out
Sam has logged out
Pietro has logged out
Wanda has logged out
Clint has logged out
Bucky has logged out

Chatroom has closed

Karmagisa love child fun facts!:

Here are some few fun facts about little Akabane-Shiota Kiseki. ;v;/// of course i’d make some www

• When calling out to her parents, she calls Nagisa “Daddy/Oto-chan” and Karma “Dad/Oto-san”

• She’d sometimes call Nagisa “Mommy/Okaa-chan” sometimes to tease him, Karma would sometimes join in as well

• Kiseki’s name is derived from the word “Miracle” because Karma and Nagisa would always tell her that she’s the miracle of their lives (wow, cheesy lol)

• Karma once asked her that if she’d get to pick between him and games, she picked games and Karma cried

• Just like Nagisa, Kiseki doesn’t really do well in science

• She and Karma would sometimes team up to mess with her Uncle Terasaka

• Because her parents are sometimes busy with work (assassination), she’d often stay at Hazama’s library

• She’d cross dress as a boy for fun

• Kiseki is really close with Kanzaki’s twins, she says that it’s like babysitting a sibling (because she doesn’t have one)

• Irina once “accidentally” gave her a french kiss while visiting them and it gave her a huge trauma about it. She never dared to kiss someone on the lips again

• She can be very blunt at times (like Nagisa)

• If she sees something she likes, her ahoge would twirl happily

• She can say lewd things but she gets embarassed about it later

• Kiseki doesn’t mind if she gets called “Akabane” or “Shiota”. Both of them ARE her surnames and, well, she’s just used to it

World Meets Girl

- Of course they went for the Golden Ticket cheese lmao

- Rowan and Sabrina ‘interrupting’ the title sequence ended up being cute but for a second I thought there was a problem with my TV and my broke ass almost had a heart attack

- That scene in their classroom area? The music that was playing made me emotional? And I don’t understand why?

- “You just get to chill in the audience for like 4 hours we aren’t starting yet”

- Did the girls ever actually bring those poor people food or was that an empty promise

- Corey was really digging that stuffed purple cat

- Auggie shouting “make me beautiful!” love that kid

- “I don’t really like Corey that much” “Yeah me neither.” 😂😂

- “Why am I telling you this? I don’t think I was in the show enough…” CECI MY DARLING I STRONGLY AGREE

- The way Rowan said “no” when she didn’t like the first outfit had me cracking up

- “We’re gonna go film a show!” “…Maybe.” “Yeah actually we don’t really know what we’re doing here…” 😂

- Fetus Ben Savage apparently sat on MJ’s desk and told him exactly how he’d do the show??? I love that loser omfg

- Speaking of, shoutout to the girl who interrupted them talking by screeching “I LOVE YOU BEN SAVAGE!!!!” like me too bitch the fuck?

- The boy that specifically summoned Sabrina to him, complemented her eyes, and told her he had a lot of feelings about Ski Lodge. Iconic.

- Also when he clearly wanted her shipping opinions on ski lodge and she dodged it like a pro??? Like that was a well done answer props to her lol

- Ceci grabbing the mic out of Corey’s hands amazing

- When they gave the friendship rings to those two little girls omg!!!

- “She’s like, my closest friend, except for all my other friends!” 😂😂

- Will someone please, for the love of God, just tell Ben Savage Cory is their favorite character omfg

- Danielle having to tell the little kid she won’t bite lmao

- “Who is your favorite Topanga?” 😂

- “She called my name, I HAVE to go to her!” Amir lol

- “Oh Jessie is HERE OH WOW!” Amir, Peyton, calm down a few notches my children 😂 Although those two girls were cute lol

- “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT THE SCRIPT ON THE COMPUTER!” I’ve done shit like that before don’t worry Row every actor has been there 😂😂

- Listen like the blooper real wasn’t even that funny but everyone in the cast has very infectious laughs omfg

- When they were doing the ‘ Bay Window Confessions’ and they’d cut and you’d just see Row and Sabrina sitting on each other’s laps and ‘awww’-ing??? Omfg

- “Are you more Riley or Maya” the age old question that I can’t personally answer yike


- “We actually became friends over this show and I love how you’ll just randomly message me in the middle of the day because you just know I’m sad” kill me I don’t want feelings omg

- The two boys who started crying because they made each other feel comfortable in themselves oh no!!!!!


- Seriously all those were so cute wtf someone be my best friend so we can cherish each other bye

- The whole thing with the cast together in the living room set. Like I just always love shots of everyone together don’t touch me

- Danielle started crying and I started crying

- Ben Savage being forced to come to terms with the fact he’s 35 on camera

- All the shots of fans in different countries was pretty cute

- The shots of the empty sets I was like “nope cancellation is a myth!!!”

- Rowan and Sabrina in their cute little Bay Window moment omfggggggggggg

- I’m putting my foot down this show is not allowed to end it’s too cute and I enjoy it far to much. I will physically fight the entire Disney corporation. Someone tell them to meet me in the parking lot of the church down the street from my house at 10:00 pm tomorrow it’s going down  

- All in all 11/10 fucking adorable I feel like I need to hug something I’m gonna go drown lingering emotions in fried rice


Here is a video of the albino Raven I met a few weeks ago. Her name is Pearl.


Random Awesome Screencaps: LOK FINALE (…part 5 lol)

-Damn, Korra is flexible.lol.jk

-This is the moment Kuvira figures out she wasn’t as straight as she thought she was (gasp).lol.jk

-But no really, these are for those of you who want some clear photos of that Korra-Kuvira takedown. (or to use as fuel for your new Korvira/Kuvorra ship…I have NO idea what ship name y'all gave these two…but here for your enjoyment lol) ;)

-Have fun with this.lol

Kuvira: (In her head) Ahhh she’s got me…oh no, I actuallykindalikethis…focus…focus Kuvira…FOCUS!…NO…NO, not on the Avatar’s legs…

(gets flipped over)

Kuvira: Totally still straight…yup…(coughs and looks to the side)..maybe.

(later, in the spirit world, while laying on romantic-looking flowers)

Kuvira: (looks up at Korra) Oh…great…here we are again.