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SMTM4 Mino 1st audition

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-film starts-
Mino: Wow I wasn’t nervous at all, but now that I’m here, I’m nervous (claps LOL)
Camera guy: who made you the most nervous?
Mino: My boss… he said, if you fail, you’re out of YG (forced laugh). He packed all my burdens into one sentence :-) (hits shoulders)

rap trans:

zico: show me what u got

Yo, my name is 불꽃 카리스마 민호 (flaming charisma minho you guys all know this ok)

사람들이 나에게 말했지 내 둥지는 Winner
People always told me that my nest is Winner

괜히 나와서 인지 돌리고 자리뺏고 할생각 죽어도 없어
Even if I were to die, I don’t have a single thought about taking away other people’s recognitions or spotlights

단지 시도하고싶어 나와서 YG 등딱지 떼고
I just wanted to try, without the YG label hanging off of me

가둬놨던 MINO 산책좀시키러
To take my caged mino on a walk~ (he’s referring to a minotaur from Greek mythology I’m guessinggg)

친구들은 이정도면 성공했대 what the fuck!
My friends say I’m already a success with what I have, what the fuck!

내게 성공은 60억 박수받으면서 죽는 것! 
My definition of success is dying with 600 million hands clapping for me! (claps again LOL)

누구는 말해 여긴 내게 도박
Some people say that this place is a gamble for me

근데 난 항상 돌을 넘어 박을 터뜨려 매순간
But I always skip over those rocks in the way and break open the gourd every time! (There is a Korean folk story with a guy and he breaks open a gourd that grew on his roof and it has treasures and good things in it, he’s referring to that and the line rhymes well with the Korean word for ‘gamble’)

놀부 욕심에도 흥부는 끝까지가 
Heungboo keeps going despite of Nolboo’s greed (Heungboo is who got the gourd with treasures. He used to be poor, but he became rich by the gourd. Nolboo is his older brother. He’s rich and greedy and didn’t help Heungboo at all when he needed help. When he saw Heungboo getting rich by the gourd, he also tried it for himself, but in a bad way ugh the story is long but anyway his gourds had poop in it haha)

바비로 금가있는 편견 다 부셔
I break all the prejudices and expectations set up by Bobby (I missed some syllable in this line sorry!!)
Show me the money!! No~ show MINO money 

정정당당하게 하기위해 밀은머리
I shaved my head so we could play fair

I got these last lines from here thank you!!:

트로피에 소주 타마실게 불알 두짝 꽉
I’m gonna pour soju on my trophy and drink it from there, better hold your balls tight(???)

Bobby drop your crown 턱 미리 붙잡아.
Bobby drop your crown, hold your face before it falls

anyway his rap was so good

Karmagisa love child fun facts!:

Here are some few fun facts about little Akabane-Shiota Kiseki. ;v;/// of course i’d make some www

• When calling out to her parents, she calls Nagisa “Daddy/Oto-chan” and Karma “Dad/Oto-san”

• She’d sometimes call Nagisa “Mommy/Okaa-chan” sometimes to tease him, Karma would sometimes join in as well

• Kiseki’s name is derived from the word “Miracle” because Karma and Nagisa would always tell her that she’s the miracle of their lives (wow, cheesy lol)

• Karma once asked her that if she’d get to pick between him and games, she picked games and Karma cried

• Just like Nagisa, Kiseki doesn’t really do well in science

• She and Karma would sometimes team up to mess with her Uncle Terasaka

• Because her parents are sometimes busy with work (assassination), she’d often stay at Hazama’s library

• She’d cross dress as a boy for fun

• Kiseki is really close with Kanzaki’s twins, she says that it’s like babysitting a sibling (because she doesn’t have one)

• Irina once “accidentally” gave her a french kiss while visiting them and it gave her a huge trauma about it. She never dared to kiss someone on the lips again

• She can be very blunt at times (like Nagisa)

• If she sees something she likes, her ahoge would twirl happily

• She can say lewd things but she gets embarassed about it later

• Kiseki doesn’t mind if she gets called “Akabane” or “Shiota”. Both of them ARE her surnames and, well, she’s just used to it

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omg I LOVE HER. black cats are the best!!! (also is she named after paloma faith?? or is it just a coincidence lol)

Hehe! Thanks and yesss they are the best. And…. well… kiiiiiiiiiiind of, but not really. There’s also that song or whatever (idk specifically, my mum does) called Paloma Blanca and it’s kind of a mix. Also, just… the name Paloma is nice. So it’s like SORT OF a coincidence and sort of not. WOW great confusing answer there once again, Tolly!