her names maggie and shes loud

Say my Name so I can Hear It: Sanvers Soulmates AU

She doesn’t hear her first name spoken out loud until she’s fourteen years old.

People say her first name, of course.

They say it every day.

She can see it, and all its variations – Alex, Alexandra, Lexie – but she can’t hear it.

And she won’t.

Not until it rolls off of the lips of her soulmate.

So when her new sister tries out her name in a tongue that’s foreign to her, on a planet that’s foreign to her, she cries and she yells and she rages and she slams doors.

Because if this weird little girl from another planet is her soulmate?

How will she ever find romantic love?

Jeremiah finds her hours later – sitting on her surfboard on the beach, soaking wet – and Jeremiah smooths her hair away from her tear- and salt-stained face.

“The only people who can hear it when their siblings or parents or something say their names are the ones who are doomed to be alone,” she chokes, and Jeremiah shakes his head as he draws her closer into his chest.

“Don’t, I’m drenched,” she protests, but he just chuckles and kisses her sopping hair.

“It’s an amazing thing, Alex. That Kara’s your soulmate. To have someone as special as someone’s sister be their soulmate? That’s amazing, sport. Just like you. I was worried – your mom, too – when Clark called us. That you and Kara wouldn’t get along. But apparently, you’ll get along just fine.”

Alex perks up slightly. “But maybe it’s not the same with aliens. Maybe the same rules don’t apply.”

Jeremiah tousles her hair and shakes his head again. “Sorry, kiddo. I can’t hear it when she says my name. Guess she’s not my soulmate.”

“But then I’ll never have a boyfriend! Or…”

“Or a girlfriend?” Jeremiah asks gently, and Alex sniffles and won’t meet his eyes.

“Alex, lots of people date and even marry people who they can’t hear their name from. Happy people. Good relationships. And anyway, there’s no rule on how many soulmates someone can have. Don’t give up, champ. Okay?”

She agrees.

She agrees but then his plane crashes, and she breaks her promise.

She gives up.

Gives up on everyone – including herself.

Everyone except Kara.

Because Kara is her light and Kara is her world. And hearing Kara say her name – actually hearing her name off someone else’s lips – always feels like a miracle.

Kara always says Alex is the reason she doesn’t feel alone on this earth.

Alex feels the same thing about her sister.

She just gives up on the hopeful thrum of her heart when she introduces herself to someone new, when they greet her by name, when she sees their lips move and hope her ears will hear something to match. But no.



Kara is her soulmate. And that’s more than enough for her.

But then there’s this arrogant local cop on her tarmac.

Then there’s this beautiful woman, this miracle of a woman, and Alex finds herself wishing things she shouldn’t wish.

This woman calls her by her last name only, and Alex wonders if it’s a defense mechanism she’s developed. Protection she’s developed.

Because if she never says anyone’s first name, no one will ever know if she’s their soulmate.

But Alex falls for her anyway. Alex dives into her anyway.

Alex comes out and Alex tells Kara and Alex takes her by the arm and pulls her close into her body and she kisses her, and it doesn’t matter that she already has her sister as a soulmate, because that kiss, god, that kiss is what love should feel like, isn’t it?

But Maggie says no and Maggie rejects her, and Alex needs to bawl, she needs to drink, she needs to disappear into herself, but then she hears something she never thought she’d hear. Not ever.

“Alex, don’t go,” Maggie calls after her, and Alex freezes, and she turns, and she no longer knows which way is up.

“What did you just say?”

“Don’t go?”

“No. I… your whole sentence. What was your whole sentence?”

“Alex, don’t go?”


She hears her name rolling off this perfect woman’s lips again.

“What, did you… you heard me, didn’t you? Say your first name.”

Alex stands and she stares and she doesn’t know whether to kiss her again or to run far, far away.

“But I… I can hear it when my sister says my name – “

“We can have more than one soulmate, Danvers. Alex.”

Tears flood her eyes, this time, and she thinks she sees them dancing in Maggie’s, too.

“Say it again?” she whispers, and Maggie smiles despite herself. Despite her terror.


Alex purses her lips and glances down at Maggie’s, but then she shakes her head and she throws up her defenses and she remembers her agony.

“But you don’t want me, you – “

“No, Alex, that’s not why I said no, I… I don’t want to hurt you, Danvers. Okay?”

“Why? Because you can’t hear it when I say your name?”

Maggie tilts her head and grins lopsidedly.

“You’ve never tried to say it, Danvers.”

Alex blinks. She calls her Maggie in her head, definitely. But she thinks back… out loud, she’s developed the same habit as Maggie has. Always titles. Always last names.

Maybe the only time she’s ever said Maggie’s first name out loud is in the moments before sleep, alone, in her dreams, together…

“You won’t hurt me, Maggie. I trust you.”

Maggie’s eyes fly wide, and there are definitely tears in them this time. 

“You heard it, didn’t you?” Alex whispers, wondering if this is what flight feels like for Kara.

“You shouldn’t trust me,” Maggie rasps, but Alex does, she does, and Maggie doesn’t object, can’t object, doesn’t want to object, when Alex cups her face in her hands again, puts her lips on hers again.

And this time, she lets herself kiss her back.

Because Alex can hear it when she says her first name.

And Maggie can hear it when Alex says hers.

And that? 

That, and this woman – this amazing, gorgeous woman – might be worth the risk, after all.

Many thanks to @queercapwriting for encouraging me to write this. Tw for racism, police brutality.

If you asked 14-year-old Maggie Sawyer the worst thing about living in Blue Springs, Nebraska, it’d probably be working in this fucking diner. On top of her boss being a lazy asshole, she has to spend seemingly never-ending shifts serving burgers to the bratty white kids from school whose parents were rich enough not to need them to work.

Her mom always reminds her not to talk back – how they need all the money they can get right now – but after four months of kids refusing to eat food from a plate that she’s touched, or deliberately leaving the table in an atrocious state just so they can laugh as they watch her clean it from the parking lot, she privately cries on the bus home most nights and arrives at work with her stomach twisted around all the jeers she sees coming.

All for $7.25 an hour plus tips. Except that she never gets any tips - apart from scrawled messages of “Go home” on the docket, if they were feeling particularly generous.

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Rick’s sister (Daryl Dixon x Reader) Part 3

Fandom: The Walking Dead

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me that long guys! I’m doing my best to keep up with everything in my life right now so I hope that you will forgive me :) 

Imagine being Rick’s little sister. He thinks you’re dead but you survived somehow to find him and his group at the farm months after the outbreak. Now you live with the group and Shane decides to be a ‘jerk’ to you. After your argument with Daryl you find out that Andrea shot him. 

Part 1

Part 2 

You smiled softly as Carol joked about being happy to see a potato and being able to cook in a real kitchen. Maggie chuckled with the others and smiled at you while helping you dress the tables for tonight’s dinner. You had to admit that helping in the kitchen was soothing and it gave you the opportunity to think about something else than Daryl’s mean words and behavior. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps into the hallway next to the living-room made you look up in the direction of the doorway.

“Maggie, what’s this?” Hershel’s voice said from the living-room’s door. You gulped as you could hear the annoyance and the disappointment into the old man’s voice. You looked up at him for a second then quickly turned your eyes to glance at Maggie who already seemed pissed off.

“I’ll help the girls with the potatoes…” You said just above a whisper and excused yourself in the kitchen to give them some space. As you walked next to Carol, you looked back at Maggie to see her arguing with her father and you sighed as you grabbed a potato and smiled at the grey-haired woman. Carol smiled back at you but her smile was tainted with pain and sorrow, you wanted to tell her that Daryl would find her daughter, that he was the only one who could do it but only thinking about saying his name out loud brought tears into your eyes. You looked down, listening to the girls with a neutral expression until you heard Lori complain about life once again. You loved Lori like a sister, after all she was your sister-in-law, but you knew what she did while Rick was fighting for his life in the hospital.  

“I’m glad to finally eat something else than squirrels over a camp fire.” Lori said and the other women laughed. Even if you were hurt and pissed off at Daryl, you couldn’t help but feel the need to defend him and his hunting skills. Lori’s words were meant as a joke but you were already too sensitive to catch the humorous tone in her voice.

“If it wasn’t for Daryl’s squirrels, we would all be dead right now… We would have starved to death, Lori. Try to be a little bit more grateful for what he’s doing for this group.” You said, not even bothering to look at them. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s the only one who’s still looking for Sophia and it’s the end of the afternoon.”

“(Y/N), honey, I didn’t mean it like that…” Lori started to explain but suddenly you heard a loud scream from outside the farm house.

Your heart skip a beat as you dropped the knife and the potato you had in your hands. Your head wiped to the side, looking out of the window and straight into the field before the farm. You could see some people running around and fear gripped your heart.

“That voice…” You whispered, your eyes meeting Lori’s frightened ones.

“Rick!” She gasped and suddenly she bolted out of the kitchen with you right behind her.

You ran as fast as you could, your heart beating against your chest as Lori kept screaming Rick’s name. Hershel and his family were also running outside and the old man asked what was happening but your eyes were focused on Rick and Shane. They were carrying an in unconscious man, Andrea was apologizing and tried to say that she couldn’t have known it was him. You frowned as you caught Glenn looking at you with worried eyes and that is when you understood.

This man was Daryl.  

You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands. Daryl was covered in blood and mud, his side seemed hurt and his head seemed… shot? Your eyes started to water without your consent and you glared at Rick, the fear of losing Daryl was overwhelming.

“What the hell happened?!” You almost screamed and rushed towards your brother to look at the hunter. You cupped Daryl’s cheeks and lifted his unconscious face up to inspect it closely. You bite your lips and shook your head in disbelief. “What happened?” You asked again but Rick only sighed and looked at you with sad eyes before continuing his trip to the farm’s front door.

“Rick!” You called out, hating that your own brother was walking away to avoid your question.

“He’ll be fine (Y/N), he’s unconscious but the bullet only grazed him” Rick said over his shoulder, making you stop in your tracks and turn around with your mouth slightly open.

“Bullet? Someone shot Daryl?!” You said in disbelief, this was insane. You looked around and your eyes landed on Andrea. The blond took a step in your direction and looked at you with pleading eyes.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N), I thought that he was a walker. I was only trying to protect the group…” Andrea said but you jumped in and cut her with a shriek.

“Are you kidding me?” Andrea took a step back and looked at you with watering eyes. “You shot Daryl!” You screamed again, your fists clenching at your side.

Andrea nodded her head and you lost it. You lunged at her, seeing red and don’t even understanding what you were doing. Your fists keep connecting with Andrea’s face until you felt someone grab you and tore you away from the blond as they lift you up in the air, your feet not touching the ground.

“Let go of me!” You screamed, kicking and fighting over the person’s arms.

“Calm down (Y/N)! Stop it!” You heard T-Dog’s voice say then Glenn appeared before you, his face showing fear and irritation.

“(Y/N), listen to me! Daryl will need you, what is done is done. Beating Andrea won’t help Daryl now! It’s not like you, (Y/N).” Glenn tried to reason you as he tried to lead you away from the group and into the house. Your breathing was laborious and your knuckles were bruised but you didn’t care, no one in this group really cared about Daryl and that was what made you lashed out. Finally, Glenn lead you into the house and you let him, you knew that he was right and you also desperately needed to see Daryl.

“You’re okay?” Glenn asked when you entered the hallway that lead to the bedroom where Daryl was. You looked at Glenn and shrugged your shoulders but suddenly everything caught up to you.

“I… I don’t know what to do if he… I don’t know Glenn. I’m…” You stuttered, your voice breaking at the end and tears went down your cheeks. Glenn sighed and brought you in a warm hug, you hugged your friend back and let your feelings take over for several seconds before pulling away and smiling weakly at him.

“Thanks.” You told him just above a whisper, making him smile then open his mouth to answer but suddenly the door a door at the end of the hallway opened and Rick ran outside.

“(Y/N)! Can you help?” Rick said in a rush before going back in the room. Your heart jumped in your chest and you rushed in the room, looking back over your shoulder to thank Glenn with your eyes. The young man smiling softly to encourage you as you stepped into the bedroom.

“What can I do?” You asked in a rush, your eyes glued to your injured hunter. Hershel was starting to cut Daryl’s undershirt as he looked briefly at you then focused back on the task at hand.

“(Y/N), can you come over here and hold his head still, please?” Hershel asked in a calm voice and you nodded your head before rushing to the other side of the bed and kneeling next to an unconscious Daryl and you placed his head carefully on your lap.

Hershel nodded in approval and removed the shattered undershirt of Daryl’s chest. Even in the current circumstances, you couldn’t help but blush at the sight of the hunter’s muscular chest. You glanced up at Hershel to see him smirk knowingly, indeed his behavior made you blush even more. Hershel turned Daryl on his side carefully and your eyes widen as you saw his back. It was covered in scars, some were hidden under the thick layer of dirt and mud that was covering his skin but you could see what kind of scars they were. Your heart hurt for him and you could feel the tears in your eyes threatening to fall but you swallowed them back and closed your eyes to calm down. As Hershel started to tend to his injured side, you softly ran your fingers through Daryl’s short hair trying to give him as much tenderness as you could with this simple gesture. You were lost in your thoughts but suddenly your brother’s voice brought you back to reality.

“What happened to your hands?” Rick asked as he got closer, his features wearing concern and confusion as he saw you being soft with Daryl. You looked up at him, biting your lips and shrugging your shoulders in hope to avoid the conversation.

“Nothing.” You answered but Rick tilted his head to the side and you knew that you were in trouble.

“(Y/N) …” Rick warned and you groaned in annoyance, rolling your eyes.

“Fine! I knocked Andrea on her ass for what she did, that’s all.” You mumbled, playing with one of Daryl’s short lock.

“You did what?!” You heard Shane scream and your brother turned around to calm him down.

“She got what she deserved!” You defended yourself and glared at Shane as Rick tried to make him sit down once again.

“You stupid girl! You’ll see what I’ll do when…” Shane started but Rick got in his face, staring him down.

“When what, Shane?” The tension in the room was palpable at this point. Shane breathed in and out heavily while Rick kept glaring at him. “Don’t forget that you’re talking to my little sister, Shane. I won’t let you threaten her without saying anything.” Rick told the taller man before him, Hershel looked at you as you observed your brother closely.

“Rick, drop it. Doesn’t matter.” You mumbled again, wanting to only focus on Daryl.

Hershel kept working as the two men calmed down but suddenly the man on your lap jumped awake and looked around in fear. Your eyes widen and you couldn’t help but smile and let out a sigh of relief.

“Easy son, you’re hurt, easy.” Hershel tried to calm the hunter down but Daryl was still trying to get away from him and, consequently, from you too. You took his head carefully into your hands and tried to make eye contact with him to soothe him down.

“Hey, hey, Daryl. Don’t worry, you’re fine. You’re fine, Daryl. You’re at the farm, everything is alright.” You whispered to him while softly caressing his cheeks. Daryl’s breathing started to calm down as his eyes locked on yours. You smiled softly at him and kept caressing his cheeks. “You’re safe now, Dare. I’m here don’t worry.” You said in a soothing voice and Daryl finally calmed down and let Hershel tend to his wounds.

You kept playing with his hair while Hershel patched him up and you could have sworn that you saw him lean into your touch for a second. After a while, Hershel patched Daryl’s head up and you sat next to him on the bed while the old man finished his work on Daryl’s side. Rick asked Daryl what happened and where he had found Sophia’s doll as he laid a map on the bed just before your knees. Daryl pointed to the map, his voice slightly rougher at he was still emerging from his daze. You couldn’t really hear what they were saying as your attention was entirely focused on Daryl. You were suddenly feeling tired because of the stress’ aftershock but you were happy to see Daryl safe and sound in the bed and talking with your brother.

You smiled as you watched your brother and the others leave the room, you got up in reflex to follow them as you saw Rick waiting for you at the doorframe but before you could follow him Daryl gripped your hand in his to make you stop. You looked down at him, frowning in surprise.

“Stay? Please?” Daryl asked you just above a whisper so only you could hear. You looked at him for a second then nodded your head and smiled as you sat back down next to him. Rick smirked at you and slowly closed the door behind him to leave you and Daryl alone.

The silence in the room was oppressing, you knew that he was feeling guilty. You saw it in his eyes but you also felt awkward. You couldn’t be mad at him after seeing him hurt and after thinking that he was dead, you simply couldn’t. You watched as Daryl tried to sit up in the bed, holding his side and wincing.

“Daryl, you shouldn’t push yourself too much.” You tried to make him lay back down but Daryl talked before you could move.

“I’m sorry.” He suddenly said as he looked down at his hands, Daryl was tensed and seemed worried. The man knew that you wouldn’t accept his apologies and that he had screwed up big time but he still wanted to try. “I’m sorry for what I said to ya earlier today. I’m an ass and I know that I don’t deserve it but…”

“I forgive you.” You quickly said before Daryl could bring himself down even more, surprising him with your soft smile and your forgiving nature once again.

“Ya… Ya forgive me? Why?” Daryl asked his eyes slightly wider than usual. You blushed slightly then shrugged your shoulders.

“I know you’re not a bad guy, Daryl.” You started still smiling but your heart jumped when you remembered the previous events. “You almost died today and I… I lost it. Completely.” You answered a bit ashamed of what you had done. You looked down at your bruised hands and sighed, scared of how Daryl would react if you showed too much interest. Daryl extended his hand and reached to hold yours to catch your attention. You looked up into his bright blue eyes and let him hold your hand in his strong and calloused one.

“I don’t deserve your kindness (Y/N) …” He said, his eyes never leaving yours. “But I’ll try to redeem myself … again.” He said the last word smiling slightly, making you chuckle and reach to touch the rose into your hair. Daryl smiled at you and intertwined his fingers with yours, a gesture that take you aback.

“(Y/N), I lied when I said that I didn’t care about ya. What Shane said this morning was kinda true. I mean, I gave ya my breakfast because I know you’re giving yours to Carl and I care about ya too much to let ya starve yourself. I’m not good with feelings, I don’t know how to do this…” Daryl said making you smile at him and squeeze his hand.

“We take it slowly so you’ll feel comfortable around me. That’s the most important thing because… I care about you too Daryl. I can’t lose you.” You said and bend down to kiss Daryl on the cheek, lingering a little bit longer than necessary. Daryl nodded his head, blushing furiously as he felt your soft and warm lips against his skin.

“We can do that.” Daryl agreed, clearing his throat nervously.

You smirked at him and chuckled softly, your heart finally filled with relief and happiness. Unfortunately, you didn’t know that someone in the group was listening to the both of you from the outside the opened window.

Shane smirked as he heard your conversation, determinate to ruin your life. The dark man had enough of the Grimes’ luck and happiness, Rick and his sister had to pay for what happened to him.

In his eyes, Rick and (Y/N) were responsible for everything. They were weak and he will take care of them, for the sake of the group. Or more precisely, for Lori and Carl.

I hope that you liked that part guys! What do you think Shane is going to do to ruin the reader’s life? 

while we’re on the topic of m’gann/astra (Martian Star)

Also, imagine:

- Astra going with M’gann to Mars to help dissolve and reform the Martian leadership

- Astra would be a great ally for M’gann –> Mars still revolves around Sol, so Astra has all her Kryptonian powers, and Astra would be immune to the Martians’ mind-reading powers.

- M’gann gives Astra what she wanted all along: a chance to save a planet, after she failed to save Krypton, and after her thwarted plan to save Earth.

- Astra is loud and decisive and hard to predict, M’gann is quiet and farthinking  and hard to read –> their complementary personalities allow them to work together well

- They’re both next to immortal: after Mars, imagine them just wandering around the galaxy, fighting injustice and helping out in justified rebellions, and bringing peace to numerous worlds

- space revolutionaries who have legends written about them in half a hundred galaxies

- you think they’re just legends, you think no one can help you, you’re in a bad place, your people are in a bad place, and no one can help you; then out of the sky, two angels fall, and they help you to make your planet a better place, because they remember what if felt like to be helpless to save their own planet and people

- immortal space wanderers who travel all around the galaxy helping people, but always return to Earth, which is their chosen home, which is where M’gann’s friend J’onn lives, and where their friends Alex and Maggie live, and where Astra’s beloved niece Kara lives, and where Astra’s other half and twin Alura (Alura was in the pod, Mon-El who???) lives too. 

- Astra brings Kara gifts from all around the cosmos, whenever she comes home, but one time Astra brought home a poisonous reptile pet from another galaxy, and gave them to Alex instead of Kara, saying they reminded her of Alex. Alex kept them in a tank next to Maggie’s bonsai collection, and named them Bob. Bob likes Earth; they get fed regularly and no one tries to rip their face off here.

- Angry Loud and Quiet Smol: the ship

- Survivors’ Guilt: the ship

- Canon Could Never Think Up Something This Good: the ship

likeohmygodseriously  asked:

can someone write about Kara knowing way. too. much. because of her super hearing? My headcanon is that she knows so many secrets accidentally, and maybe it gets her in trouble one day because she's scanning the city and hears a loud "ALEX!" and she tunes in quickly but it's just maggie screaming Alex's name while they doin the do and then Kara can't unhear it fast enough & every DEO agent is asking her why she's blushing and she just shakes her head and covers her ears with her eyes shut tight

It was her own fault, really. 

Her super hearing had been getting her into trouble from the moment she crash landed on earth.

She had accidentally ruined countless surprise parties. She stopped going to church a very long time ago (there’s a very good reason confessionals are private and she knew more about old Mrs. Patterson than any fifteen year old ever should). 

But ever since The Alex Incident, as her and Maggie had so lovingly dubbed it, Kara had been constantly keeping her ears to the ground. And the sky. And everywhere in between. J’onn had been teaching her meditation techniques, so she could calm her body down and focus her energies.

She was a model student, too. She had gotten the hang of it quickly, and found that she could hear Alex’s voice from miles away. If she focused extra hard, she could hear Alex’s heartbeat. 

That Thursday morning, it wasn’t even Alex’s voice she heard. It was Maggie’s.

But she sounded distressed, and she was calling Alex’s name out over and over again. Kara stilled for a moment, listening to the plea in Maggie’s voice.

“Everything okay?” Winn asked, looking at his friend with concern.

Kara took a deep breath and closed her eyes, straining to find Alex’s heartbeat. It was beating faster than normal, too fast, as though she were in danger, like she were being threatened. Like she was in trouble and Maggie was standing by helplessly, watching it all happen.

Without another word, Kara was in her Supergirl and flying through the skies, speeding towards Alex’s apartment. 

She burst through the window, broken glass scattering across the kitchen floor.

“Alex!” Maggie yelled.

“Alex??” Kara yelled, horrified.

“Kara?!” Alex screamed in surprise.

Kara?????” Maggie replied, looking down at Alex incredulously.

“MAGGIE.” Kara yelped, her hands now covering her eyes.

“Get out of here!” Maggie and Alex shouted at the same time, and Kara didn’t need to be told twice. She leaped from the window without a second glance, arriving back at the DEO bright red and flustered. As Winn saw the look on her face, he burst into laughter, knowing exactly what she’d walked into. Everyone at the DEO knew that Alex’s Thursday morning knife practice was actually Forking with Maggie. Everyone except Kara, apparently.

“Shut up,” Kara grumbled. “If you need me, I’ll be bleaching my brain in the Kryptonite room.”

#SanversWeek day 7 bonus fic: soulmates AU.

Reposting this because for some reason it didn’t show up in the tags (again).

Since a lot of people on both tumblr and ao3 requested a part two from Maggie’s perspective, here it is. Does this still count as a fic for #SanversWeek @queercapwriting? Yes? Yes.

You can read this seperately, but it makes more sense to read both parts in order. Part one can be found here: tumblr - ao3.

Thanks to @bruisedcaffeinatedbitch for the quick beta and for being awesome.

Warning: mentions of homophobia (not a lot though and only at the beginning, it turns fluffy real quick).

Read on ao3.

For most of her life, Maggie Sawyer doesn’t believe in soulmates. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that by the time she’s celebrating her eighteenth birthday, living with an aunt after being kicked out by her father for being gay, having lost her entire childhood and all of her friends, not once in her life have words appeared on her skin. Everyone, including her parents, tells her it’s because she’s a lesbian and therefor sinful, a disgrace, so she doesn’t get a soulmate.

“Your love isn’t real anyway, so why would you get one?” a random guy from her history class asks her once during a party at some other guy’s house. It’s a few minutes past ten and she’s checking herself for marks in the full-length mirror in the hallway. She turns around to find him smirking at her, his eyes sweeping up and down her body as if he’s deciding whether or not she’s worthy of being looked at, whether or not she’s worthy of… other things, and it takes all of her self-control not to tackle him to the ground right then and there. If she did that she’d be the one in trouble, not him, so why bother.

She tries to tell herself that they’re all wrong, that she is not. But since no words come and since there is no one to tell her otherwise, she believes them.

That is until she gets a scholarship and leaves Bluesprings, Nebraska for what it is, packing the only few things she still has and moving to a college in Indianapolis. There she meets another gay person for the first time in her life and to Maggie’s utter surprise, he has a soulmate. And it’s a guy.

From that moment on she starts to have hope again. Maybe gay people do get soulmates, maybe she has one, too. No words come, though. Every single night, just after ten, she checks. But every single night there’s nothing there.

She still dates in college. Nothing serious, just flings. Every time a girl asks for a second date, or a first one after they’ve slept together, she explains that she’s waiting for her soulmate to come along (because she has to have one, right?), and every time they ask her who it is or what she’s like, she makes something up, because she simply has no idea.

For twenty-two years nothing happens. For twenty-two years she’s skeptical towards the whole idea of soulmates, towards love, not sure if it’s for her, if she even wants it anymore. But then, one night, just two days before her 23rd birthday, the words are there.

It’s the middle of the night and she heads to the bathroom of her one-person dorm room to brush her teeth, all sleepy and weary and exhausted. Kathy – or was it Kelly? Sam? She doesn’t remember – remains asleep in her bed as she opens the door, stepping inside and grabbing her toothbrush. When she looks at herself in the mirror she doesn’t see it at first. But when her eyes shift to a spot just above her right collarbone, she freezes.

For about 3.8 seconds she stares at herself, before snapping out of it and practically climbing on top of the sink to get a closer look.

They’re small, and kind of squiggly, but they’re there, clear and prominent.

“Oh, my God,” she screams, and then she starts to cry, running her fingers over them, time and time again, because yes, she has a soulmate, and no, she’s not alone.

They were wrong, they were all wrong.

A few moments later Kathy – or Kelly, or Sam, what is her name, goddamnit – comes running into the bathroom carrying a baseball bat, still half-asleep and confused as hell, asking what is going on, did someone break in? but all Maggie can do is cry and run her fingers over her shoulder and even though this means Maggie belongs to someone else, not her, she celebrates with her, at two in the morning, in a tiny bathroom of a dorm in Indianapolis.

The first words are That’s stupid and Maggie has never been happier because her girl has attitude. She doesn’t sleep that night, and the next day all she can think about is her, and who she is and what she’s like – she can finally answer those questions with well, she’s got attitude, God, she’s so happy – and she spends the entire day being nervous and fidgety, eager to find out what words will appear on her skin that night.

She counts down the hours until the clock strikes ten and when it does she sees them again; words, so many words.

In vivo whole blood is assumed to be an incompressible Newtonian fluid, however, this assumption fails when considering forward flow within arterioles.

She smiles – God, she really cannot stop smiling – and shakes her head.


It continues. Every night she waits, and every night there’s words, and every night she smiles and goes to bed all giddy and happy and already so in love. Even when it’s simple stuff like Can you pass me the milk? or Twenty-five minutes is not that long! or God, I can’t believe you sometimes.

She learns things about her, a lot of things, during her last years of college, during the police academy, during her time in the field as a rookie and later as a detective. She has a sister, for example, named Kara (Kara, you’re my sister, and I love you, no matter what), her relationship with her mother is complicated (She has always come down hard on me for not protecting you), she works for a secret government organization called the DEO that Maggie knew was real (We’re the DEO, we don’t exist), and she is fiercely protective of the people she cares about (I got you and I will bring you back safe, sir and Either I come back with my sister, or I don’t come back at all).

And eventually, she learns her name.

I’m Alex, by the way.

It’s as if the words are spoken directly to her, as if she’s introducing herself, and even though Maggie knows she isn’t, it sends chills down her spine nonetheless the first time she reads them. She runs the name over in her head a million times before saying it out loud to herself, and once she does it sounds almost surreal.

She tries to find girls named Alex, that have a sister named Kara, but however much she searches and asks around, she’s unable to find anything (which makes sense since she’s a secret agent and all – how cool is that, by the way?).

But that changes when she’s twenty-six and decides to move from Gotham to National City to become a part of the NCPD’s Science Division. During her third week on the job the president is attacked, and just when she’s started to analyze the crime scene a tall and drop-dead gorgeous federal agent walks up to her, all cocky and with attitude, introducing herself as Alex Danvers, and Maggie has to physically fight herself from actually squealing and jumping into this woman’s arms, because is this her? This has to be her. Oh, my God, what if it’s her?

The rest of the day goes by way too slowly for Maggie’s liking, but when the clock finally passes ten, all of her suspicions and hopes and dreams are confirmed because her shoulder reads I think I met her today.

anonymous asked:

After Alex and Maggie have gotten more comfortable with eachother they fuck literally everywhere. The DEO, Kara's bathroom during game night, getting handsy while playing pool, so they go in the bathroom etc. Get creative with it ;)

The DEO is the last place Alex Danvers ever expected to have sex – it’s the last place she ever even thought about sex – but the James Bond super spy lab turns Maggie on.

Or, more to the point, Alex Danvers in a lab coat, Alex Danvers in her uniform, Alex Danvers in full tactical gear – just generally Alex Danvers – turns Maggie on.

So she finds herself dismissing the two rookie med techs whose eyes go wide when Maggie comes up from behind Alex while she’s examining a specimen in her newest microscope and braces her against the lab bench with a firm hand grasping the bench on either side of her hips, on either side of her ass.

She finds herself dismissing the lab techs and trying to turn around, but Maggie’s body is pressed against the back of hers, and Maggie’s pupils are dilating wildly.

“This okay?” she needs to know, and Alex’s breath hitches.

“I’m at work, Detective Sawyer,” she teases, but her smile and her hands reaching around her body to keep Maggie close to her are the eager permission Maggie’s waiting for.

“No one’s stopping you, Agent Danvers,” she murmurs against the back of Alex’s neck as her hands work their way up her lab coat, around her body, grasping at her nipples through her uniform shirt, and Alex moans breathily and grinds her ass back into Maggie raggedly.

“Maggie,” she gasps.

“Good, babe?”

“Don’t stop.”

“Yeah?” Maggie brings her teeth down on the back of Alex’s neck, and Alex bites down a scream.

“Please,” Alex begs, and Maggie obliges, turning Alex around to face her only when she’s about to cum, because it is her lab, after all, and screaming as loudly as she usually does with one of Maggie’s hands down her jeans and one of Maggie’s hands under her bra probably would be inappropriate, so Maggie swallows Alex’s screams with her own mouth, her own lips, and she swears she’s never tasted anything as perfect.

They have the same strategy in Kara’s bathroom during game night – kissing to stifle the screams with each other’s mouths, each other’s tongues – but this time, it’s Alex that has Maggie pinned up against something. Kara’s sink, more specifically, Alex holding Maggie up by the underside of her thighs, grinding between her legs with her thigh, and Maggie is scratching at her back under her red sweater, and Maggie is grasping for her nipple with her mouth, because Alex’s thigh is giving her perfect pressure and Alex holding her body up against the sink like this – Alex’s kid sister’s sink with all their friends in the other room, no less – is making Maggie positively drip for her, and she thanks the lesbian goddess that she wore black jeans tonight because she’s probably wet enough to soak right through her underwear, and when she cums, she can’t help sighing out Alex’s name, loudly, loudly, loudly.

Loud enough for Kara to be redder than Alex’s sweater when they stroll back out of the bathroom a few minutes later, looking – and feeling – like a pair of guilty teenagers. Loud enough for James to thump Maggie’s back lightly and congratulate her on getting what she deserves. Loud enough for Winn to offer Alex a high five and congratulate her on learning a new set of tricks with her index finger.

It happens at the bar, too. Of course it happens at the bar, too.

Because Alex has taken to showing Maggie the proper way to hold the cue, and because it means pressing her body flush against Maggie’s, Maggie has taken to pretending she just can’t get it, can’t get it, can’t get it, can you show me that again, babe?

M’gann snickers when she notices her friend’s eyes glued to Alex’s ass when she lines up her own shots, rolls her eyes with a small chuckle when Alex gets handsy with her friend while she’s trying to set up a shot of her own, and she groans softly to herself when they tug each other into the single stall bathroom and a soft thud drums up against the door. She cranks up the bar music and she flips a “temporarily out of order” sign on the door in thirteen different languages, because she’s nothing if not an excellent friend.

When Maggie and Alex emerge from the bathroom twenty minutes later with faux-casual expressions on their faces, a pair of hickeys on Alex’s neck and Maggie’s hair hastily tied up, where earlier it had been loose and perfectly arranged, she winks when Maggie slips her a five and thanks her for the sign.

Because it wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, and M’gann can’t help but smile, because she’s never seen Maggie this happy before. And that’s more than worth telling her clientele that they can hold it for a half hour every now and then.


ok but imagine alex coming home from a hard mission and get shot by an alien gun. it did nothing to her at first but the villain just laughed. they defeated him and alex was thoroughly checked but they found nothing. well a few weeks later maggie was in the kitchen cooking and asked alex what she wanted to eat. alex didnt reply but maggie could see alex on the bed reading. she said her name louder and alex replied. maggie was confused but shrugged it off. well weeks passed and everyone kinda notices alex being off. first winn told her abt some coordinates only to be asked abt said coordinates 2 mins later. kara had to put the volume on the tv up all the way on sisters night and it was super loud for kara (esp with super hearing) while alex just mindlessly watched as if it isnt. james and her were training and james shouted ‘heads up!’ when he accidentally threw a gym equipment only to hit alex upside the head and alex said, 'a little warning next time would be nice?’. eliza called and had to repeat everything she said louder because alex kept sayin 'what’ and 'come again’. j'onn tried to speak to her through the headset in her ear for a mission only to be asked what she was supposed to do while he was explaining, that mission failed. maggie noticed all that and confronted her one day. “alex, i think you’re losing your hearing.” alex didnt hear her. “Alex!” Maggie shouted. Still no response. Maggie wrote the words on a notebook, went to alex and showed it to her. alex just nodded and said “i know. i cant hear anything but faint sounds. i didnt want to admit it. i think the alien gun from a month ago did it” maggie smiled and held her. alex said, “i want the last words i’d be able to hear be your voice please. say anything” maggie said, “I love you.”

Meeting Maggie's Mom

I’m sorry this is so long, I just really love Maggie Sawyer and I want her to be happy. So this is a continuation of this fic https://sanversinsane.tumblr.com/post/159541739738/meeting-maggies-parents ps. I wrote this before I knew Alex couldn’t cook. ENJOY.

Maggie busted through the door of her apartment like a bull in a China shop. The momentum of the door swinging open, caused her to lurch forward and bump into a side table, knocking over a vase of flowers, and shattering glass on the floor.

“Shit!” She groan as the door closed behind her. She began to mumbled to herself when she heard the voice of the only woman in the world who could make her day better, Alex.


Maggie looked up at her as she walked out from the kitchen to where maggie was crouched down. “Oh Jesus, thank God you’re here.” Maggie sighed.

“Of course, I told you I was taking a half day today. I’ve been here since 3.” Alex crouched down and began helping Maggie pick up the larger pieces of glass. “Rough day?” Maggie huffed and that was Alex’s answer. “Does it have anything to do with your mom coming over for dinner tonight?” Alex asked.

Maggie stood and threw the large bits of glass in the garbage. “I don’t know Alex….is this a mistake? I mean after everything she’s done to me, after the whole…ordeal, of last night, to invite her back here?”

Alex stood and grabbed her pacing girlfriend by the shoulders. “Babe.” She smiled as they locked eyes. “Breath.” She could see her chest rise and fall with a deep breath. “You’re fine okay. Tonight is going to be good for you I promise. You’ll either get the closure you deserve, or you’ll start a new relationship with your mother, either outcome is a win for you.”

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The Lexington Chronicles

The Announcement

Kara and Lena decide that they should probably tell their family about the pending adoption.

Everyone sending me love for Lexi makes me so happy!!!

Read it on AO3 - http://archiveofourown.org/works/10189040/chapters/22719572

Lena’s hands are shaking as opens the bottle of wine.

She can barely get the corkscrew threaded, and when she finally does; she’s trembling too much to pull it out. She feels Kara’s hands settle on her waist, and she instantly relaxes, allowing herself to lean back into the embrace - eyes fluttering shut.

“You nervous, Mrs. Zor-el?” Kara’s breath is hot on her ear as the superhero brushes back the hair from her face.

“Nervous? Why would I be nervous? We’re just announcing to your family that we’re adopting a child in less than a week. Nothing to be nervous about.”

It’s Sunday afternoon, and they’re all set to pick up Lexington on Friday. There was still going to be a short one on one (well, two on one) visit with Lexi on Thursday to tell her the news, but besides that everything was completed. They were officially going to become parents.

Barring any protest from Lexi of course - which Lena wasn’t sure she would survive if that happened anyway.

“Are you nervous about Lexington? Or telling our family?” Kara asks, taking the bottle from her and nimbly popping the cork.

“I’m nervous that Lexington won’t like us once we get her home, but I’m mostly excited for that. I’m nervous about telling your family.”

“Do you need to wear one of your power suits? I’ve seen you face down a lot worse than our family in one of those!”

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You’re Not My Mom

TW: references to past-alcoholism. Also, a bit of angst. 

Note: This is a snippet. Probs going to post the rest of it later after I get some studying done.

@nerdsbianhokie Feel free to let me know what you think, yeah?


Alex sat at the bar. Her finger absently drummed across the wooden top. She hadn’t had a drink in years, not since Dylan’s kidnapping. Not since Maggie and Lucy had brought her drinking habits to light and made her get help. Now, the urge to knock back a scotch or seven burned viciously in her throat. Only M’gann’s watchful gaze kept her from snatching a beer from the guy next to and had her glaring a hole into the bar.


“You’re not my real mom! You just happen to be dating her!”


Dylan’s furious words echoed around in Alex’s head. It was the only thing she could think about. As unaffected as she tried to appear over them, they hurt more than she cared to admit. Whether he knew it or not, Dylan had vocalised a sincere fear she had been carrying since he was born: that he would never consider her family.

I want a drink. A wave of self-loathing swept over Alex at the thought. She had gone nearly a decade without a drop of alcohol. She had endured a great deal in that time: adopting Maggie’s teenage sister, a routine call that had been anything but and nearly claimed Maggie’s life, a breach at the Desert Base and losing communication with Lucy for several agonising hours, raising a surly preteen, and more. None of that had ever driven her to drink since her recovery. And yet, here she was: in a dingy alien bar.

“Hey, my bar’s not dingy, Danvers,” M’gann protested.

Alex just grunted. Okay, so maybe that was a bit harsh.

“You think?”

She rolled her eyes, but said nothing else. Instead, she chose to glare at the bar with an intensity that she typically reserved for the worst criminals and Maxwell Lord.

A glass of… something plonked itself in front of her. She looked up.

“I know I thought I wanted a drink, M’gann, but trust me, it’s a bad idea.” Alex knew that if she knocked one back, it would quickly be followed by seven more. And then those seven would be followed by a bottle of Jack and a healthy helping of vodka. Her liver wept at the thought.

“I’m not stupid enough to give you alcohol right now, Danvers.” M’gann’s tone was harsh and biting, but the under it, her concern was evident. Alex wanted to hate her for it. “It’s just Kordovian ale.”

Calling it an ale was generous. For anyone without a Kordovian physiology, it was nothing more than a flavoured water. The sweet taste meant it was quite the popular choice of drink for many who wanted to be social without getting drunk. And it was one of the few things that M’gann served to patrons with a history of alcohol issues.

Alex grudgingly took the drink. She eyed the glass distrustfully. She’d had it before and actually enjoyed it. This time though, she wasn’t quite sure about it. She moved the glass to her lips, ready to throw it back like a shot of whiskey, but decided at the last minute to sip it instead. Honey and sugar-laced flowers surrounded her taste buds.

It doesn’t hurt enough. At least whiskey burned when it went down. Pain made for a good distraction. It’d been half the reason she had been a scotch and whiskey woman during grad school. It was easier to focus on the trail of fire it left behind in her throat than the ills she was facing.

Out of the corner of her eye, Alex saw someone approach. She paid them no mind. She signalled M’gann for more. Even if she couldn’t get drunk off the stuff, she could at least try and use the sweet, cloying taste to distract herself.


Fuck. M’gann placed another glass in front of Alex, which she promptly threw back. Alex imagined it was the cheap liqueur that she had once had hidden in her lab. It was so cheap, it most likely could have stripped the paint from metal, but the burn it left behind was incredibly.

Alex set the glass down. She glanced at Maggie, who eyed her with considerable trepidation. She huffed.

“Don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic.” A sardonic smile. “M’gann here knows better than to give me alcohol. Can’t trust a drunk with their drinks, after all.”

Maggie flinched at just how harsh Alex’s tone was. It had been years since Alex had spoken like this. It wasn’t something she enjoyed hearing.

“You’re not a drunk.”

“Not yet, I’m not.” If Alex was being honest with herself, as much as she wanted to drink herself into oblivion, her pride and her love for Maggie and Lucy would ultimately still her hand.

Maggie moved to sit on the empty barstool next to Alex. M’gann went to the other side of the bar, intent on giving the two privacy.

“Kara told me what happened.”

“Of course she did.”

“Alex, you know he didn’t mean it.”

“But he wasn’t wrong, Mags.” The bitter sadness in Alex’s voice broke Maggie’s heart. “I’m not his real mom, I’m just…” Nothing. I’m just dating his real mother.

Maggie reached and took her hand, drawing Alex’s gaze to her. “You’re Dylan’s mother, same as Lucy, same as Kara, same as me,” she said firmly. “Just because the two of you had an argument today, doesn’t mean that it invalidates all the years you’ve been his parent.”

Tears welled up in Alex’s eyes. She angrily wiped them away.

“Ally, you remember what Dylan used to call you when he was smaller?”

“Opie,” Alex mumbled.

“And what did he call me?”

“Emem.” Saying it out loud sounded ridiculous now, but the titles Dylan had granted each of them never failed to bring small smiles to all of their faces.

“Yeah.” Maggie tilted her head. “He’s got names for all of us. We raised him. He’s our son.”

Alex bit her lip.

Maggie sighed. “Lucy thinks we should tell Dylan about…Rick.”

Alex stiffened. It had been ten years since her kidnapping and near-drowning at his hands. It had been 36 hours of anguish for everyone involved. And it had been the worst 36 hours of Alex’s life because Dylan had been with her. Every time he fell silent, she part of her believed him dead until he started crying again.

“No, absolutely not,” she said shortly.

“Alex, he has right to know,” Maggie protested. “Maybe it’ll help.”

“Or it could make things worse! He doesn’t need to know!” He didn’t need to know that Alex had almost died. That she had been trapped in a glass box, fighting tooth and nail to escape, unable to get to him. It had been her greatest failure.

Maggie picked up on Alex’s doubts. “You didn’t fail, Alex.” How many nights had she and Lucy held Alex, refusing to let her blame herself? “You’re alive. Our son is alive. The last ten years are proof enough that you didn’t fail.”

I didn’t get to him.

Maggie tried another angle. “He thinks you hate him,” she said.

Alex’s brow furrowed. “What? No!” She could never hate him.

“Alex, you shut down in front of him and walked away. He’s been trying to text you since you left, we all have, but you haven’t responded.”

For the first time in hours, Alex checked her phone. A sad, empty battery bar flashed up at her. Oops.

“My phone died,” she said, showing it to Maggie.

Maggie squeezed her hand. “Then let’s go home, so you can talk to our son.” Alex looked ready to protest, but Maggie held her hand up. “You don’t have to tell him, Alex, but you two do need to talk.” A beat. “You know you won’t be able to keep what happened to the two of you a secret forever, right?”

Alex got up. She tossed a couple of bills on the bar. “If it means protecting him, I can damn well try.”

anonymous asked:

Can we get a (smutty maybe?) continuation of the basketball fic? please *puppy dog eyes*

Oh what, you mean this basketball fic? ;) I live to serve :-P  https://queercapwriting.tumblr.com/post/165342369084/so-i-joined-my-schools-basketball-team-in-the

Much like the game, the night goes by in a blur for Maggie. 

Alex holds her hand – since when did thanking her for helping her sister out of a tough spot necessitate hand-holding? but Maggie isn’t about to complain – as she brings her around to meet all her teammates, always introducing her as “the girl who decked Max Lord because he wouldn’t leave Kara alone.”

It doesn’t surprise Maggie that Alex doesn’t have to say “my sister Kara” – that they all know her little sister by name. It doesn’t surprise her, but it makes her like Alex that much more.

“Can I get you a drink?” Alex shouts into her ear at one point, music blasting so loud it’s in Maggie’s bones. Or maybe that’s just Alex’s proximity.

“I uh – “

“Coke or Pepsi? Coach won’t let us have anything else, and not even too much of that.” Alex squinches her face in playful disapproval, and Maggie laughs. Which makes Alex laugh. 

Maggie decides she loves the way Alex laughs.

“So,” Alex says a little later, her voice quieter as they step outside of the loud, college-run bar, the cool night air making Maggie shiver. Alex immediately slips out of her team jacket and puts it around Maggie’s shoulders. It’s oversized on her, and she wonders if she looks stupid. The look in Alex’s eyes indicates that she certainly doesn’t think so. 

“So,” Alex begins again. “You’re a lesbian, right? Or bi? I mean… I guess I’m asking if you know what I meant when I said date. I didn’t mean like, as friends. I meant like, I know who you are because my sister always talks about you and you’re so good to her, and then I met you and you’re drop dead gorgeous, so I wanted to take you on a date. Like, a romantic date. With romance and such.”

Maggie watches Alex ramble with slightly parted lips and a hammering heart that feels like it’s about to fly out of her chest. 

“Well,” she ventures, Alex’s recent struggles with language ironically helping her find her own, “you’ve already introduced me to your friends, gotten me a drink, and took your jacket off for me because I shivered. So I’d say you’re doing alright on the romance front, Danvers.”

Alex’s eyes gleam, almost like they do on the court, but different, somehow. Quieter. Less about victory, more about… sheer joy.

“Yeah?” she croaks, and Maggie swoons at the way this suave, larger-than-life, captain-of-the-basketball-team, sexier-than-sin woman is looking at her. Like she wants to kiss her.

Hell, like she wants to do so much more than kiss her.

“Yes,” Maggie manages to whisper, and she licks her lips just as Alex looks down at them. 

“Can I?” Alex asks, and Maggie reaches up to dangle her elbows off Alex’s shoulders.

Alex’s jacket slips off Maggie’s body and falls to the ground.

Neither of them notice, as Alex’s hands find Maggie’s waist.

“Yes,” Maggie whispers again, and when Alex Danvers kisses her, it’s like her entire world stills and spins at the same time. Like the entire world explodes in ecstasy and settles in quiet worship, all at once.

“Maggie,” Alex murmurs against her lips after Maggie parts them for her tongue, after Maggie lets her hips press flush into Alex’s body, after Maggie tangles her hands in Alex’s hair, just like she’d wanted to do during the game.

Maggie freezes, and Alex shakes her head. “No, you didn’t do anything wrong, I just – I don’t wanna be too forward, but uh… do you wanna come back to my room? My roommate’s away this weekend and I – we don’t have to do anything you don’t want, obviously, but I – “

Alex’s breath is cut off by Maggie’s lips, first on her mouth, then hovering next to her ear. 

“Shut up and take me home, Danvers,” Maggie whispers, and when Alex barely bites down a moan as she squats to pick up her jacket and take Maggie’s hand on the way up, Maggie wonders how and when she got this bold.

But she’s pretty sure it has to do with Alex Danvers.

Meeting the neighbors

Amelia has just moved in Seattle, when her roommate kicks her out of their apartment to have sex. She is just sitting on the floor outside waiting for time to pass when meets her hot ginger next door neighbor and sparks fly. Fluff and cuteness. Also Amelia’s described outfit is the one she is wearing during the intervention (Private Practice 5x08).

It wasn’t long before Amelia had just moved into her new apartment that her roommate Maggie was kicking her out to have loud hot sex with an intent named Andrew. So she was left to sit alone on the floor of her new building, seeing she hadn’t even had the chance to change her clothes from her trip from LA and look more presentable in order to explore the city and all the hot guys it offered. To say the least she was screwed and unbelievably bored so she decided to sit on the floor like a child praying that Maggie’s sexcapades would soon be over. After a while the door of the apartment on the opposite wall opened to reveal a handsome and muscular red head who appeared shocked at the sight of the gorgeous woman sitting on the floor.

“Are you alright” asked Owen concerned.

“Oh yeah I’m fine. I just moved here and my roommate kicked me out to have sex with a hot young guy” responded Amelia like it was the most normal thing in the world. Owen laughed.

“My roommate does that quite a lot too. Just yesterday I was sitting right here as well hoping my torture would soon be over” said Owen. Now it was Amelia’s turn to laugh.

“I was just heading out to get some coffee. Do you want to come? To pass some time and cry because you’re not the one having hot passionate sex” asked Owen hoping the beautiful stranger would say yes.

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Headcannons for Maggie

My headcannons for Maggie from ‘The Loud House

  1. Maggie’s full name is Magdalene “Maggie” Ledridge but she despises her birth name that she only ever introduced herself and goes as Maggie
  2. The only time she gets called by her full name is by her mom when she gets in trouble and by her friends in a teasing matter
  3. Her parents are divorced and she lives just with her mom
  4. She owns a Siamese cat named Morticia  after Morticia Addams
  5. Her sexuality is lesbian but she is still slightly in the closet about it
  6. She realized she was interested in girls in the six grade because of this really pretty gothic beauty queen eight grader (would now be a freshmen in high school)
  7. That gothic beauty queen is partially the reason why she dresses and acts the way she does now
  8. She is an artist
  9. Her whole “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude is front and she is actually pretty vulnerable if you get to know her on a personal level
  10. Despite the stereotypical, “I only drink dark, bitter coffee” trope, she can not handle the bitter taste and only drinks coffee with eight spoon fulls of sugar and some milk but doesn’t want anyone to know
  11. Is actually good with little kids and kinda wishes she wasn’t an only child sometimes
  12. She is good friends with Lynn Loud only because she is one of the few people who could actually handle the Loud girl without being a Loud themselves

Feel free to add on~

i am lost in you; [1/3]

powerful business woman alex danvers meets her personal assistant maggie sawyer.

inspired by chylers and flos glaad appearance.



Alex still wasn’t sure how she ended up running one of the biggest companies in the world. For real, she has no idea how it happened. But it did happen, somehow and now she is one of the most powerful women in the world and to say that she was proud is an understatement.

Sure, her sister may be Supergirl, an alien and a hero to everyone in National City but Alex was a powerful business women who owned half of National City.

And really, her sister was more a hero for her than most people can imagine, and she dearly loved her with everyone she had but there were moments when Alex wanted to strangle her. Like, when she decided to hire Alex a personal assistant because she ‘needed more time for herself’. But Alex knew Kara’s true intentions.

“Come on Alex, you really should start dating again. It’s fun, believe me.” Kara cheekily smiled at her bigger sister, while sitting on a thousand dollars chair, a file in her one hand and pizza in the other.

“I date.” Alex replied lamely and Kara rolled her eyes.

“Going out with someone on tinder for drinks doesn’t count as a date.”

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Alone Time Part 2

Request Prompt: Hiya. Imagine Carl wanting a baby after seeing how good you are with Judith. Smut please. -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Fluff

Part 1

Making this decision was the easy part. Telling Rick was the more difficult than we thought. We all sat quietly in the living room as Rick ran his hands over his face.

“And you two walked about this?”, he asked and we nodded.

“You both do realize what’s a stake here? The consequences?”, Michonne added.

“Yes. She won’t end up like mom. I won’t let her.”, Carl stated holding my hand.

I gave it a light squeeze before smiling. Rick slowly shook his head before letting out a sigh. Michonne smiled.

“Well then there it is.”, she said and Rick snapped his head up.

“What? They’re just kids. They shouldn’t even be doing this. I knew I shouldn’t have allowed the relationship to happen.”, he stated and Carl tensed.

“Rick-”, Michonne warned but he cut her off.

“She filled his head with all of this nonsense”, he shouted pointing at me.

My chest tightened from his words and I frowned.

“Don’t you dare blame her!”, Carl stood as he shouted at his dad.

Rick stared at Carl before he continued.

“This was my idea! I wanted Y/N to have a family because she might not ever have one. Who knows when this will end. She’s done nothing wrong!”, He screamed.

By this time Daryl, Maggie, Glenn and Carol came into the house upon hearing the screaming match between father and son. Maggie looked at me with sadness in her eyes upon hearing what Rick was saying while Daryl looked as if he’s ready to punch something.

“How am I suppose to believe that? You’ve been kissing her ass since she got here!”, Rick retorted.

“Rick!”, Carol warned.

“That’s enough! If you haven’t noticed Y/N is the only one besides Judith who keeps him leveled. Your son is in love with Y/N, why can’t you support him like a father and stop acting like an ass.”, Daryl shouted.

Rick had regret on his face for a split second as he stared at me. I stared at the floor before jumping up and making my way upstairs not wanting to hear them fight anymore.

“See what you’ve done?”, Carl asked before running up the stairs after me.

I heard him come into the room while I laid on my side facing the wall. I cried silently before he laid behind me wrapping his arms around my waist while placing soft kisses to my shoulder.

“Don’t worry about him. Its already done and he can’t take it from us.”, he whispered and I turned to face him.

“Maybe he’s right.”, I mumbled causing Carl to sigh.

“No he isn’t. I want to show you the new world and I’m not letting my dad ruin that. Whether he approves of it or not. He won’t disown his grandchild and I know that for a fact. He hasn’t disowned Judith and she might now even be his.”, Carl stated and I smiled.

I looked down at my flat belly before cuddling up to Carl’s side. It was only a matter of time before I fell asleep in his arms.

*Carl POV*

Her breathing slowed and she was fast asleep on my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair before a light knock on the door was heard. I softly said come in and my dad stood there with Michonne. My muscles instantly tensed and my dad raised his hands.

“I’m not here to argue. I want to apologize for the things I said. Especially to Y/N.”, he stated and I relaxed.

“Well she’s asleep right now.”, I said and he nodded.

“You did spring this on me suddenly but I overreacted. Not even gonna say I didn’t.”, He added.

“Its alright.”

“Are you sure about this decision. Its a big responsibility.”, Michonne asked.

“I guess we’ll find out in 9 months.”, I smiled and their eyes widened.

“You mean you already-”, Michonne started and I nodded.

“Well then I guess now we wait.”, my dad smiled.

I could tell he honestly felt bad about our argument so I smiled back.

“So a grandson or granddaughter?”, I asked and he raised his eyes brows.

“What?”, he asked confused.

“Do you want a grandson or a granddaughter?”, I repeated.

“Well it won’t really matter to me. He or she will be loved.”, he said taking his leave.

“Would love to teach my grandson how to survive though.”, he stated with a smile causing Michonne to laugh.

I shook my head and looked down at Y/N as she slept peacefully. I will show you the new world.

*8 months later*


I rocked back and forth with Judith in my arms as my baby moved around in my belly. Judith poked my stomach causing me to laugh.

“Your niece or nephew is in there. Can come out at anytime. Then you’ll have a playmate.”, I said and she giggled.

Carl had went out on a run with Rick, Daryl and Michonne for some baby supplies. Maggie stayed by my side the whole 8 months helping me with whatever.

“You and Carl who would’ve thought. A mini Carl or a mini Y/N. I’m hoping for a mini Y/N.”, she joked and I laughed.

“All jokes aside. Me too.”, I said and she stood up with a smile.

“Need anything. Food, water?”, she asked and I shook my head.

I stood up to hand her Judith before feeling something running down my leg. My eyes widened before a sharp pain ran up my back.

“Ow. Maggie m-my water broke.”, I groaned and she sat Judith in her crib before helping me to the pull out couch.

“I’ll go get Denise.”, she said running out the door.

I moved to pull out the couch before holding my stomach. Denise came running inside with Maggie and Aaron holding a medical bag.

“Okay Maggie I need towels, clean scissors, and a big bowl of warm water. Aaron bring me gloves, a change of clothes for Y/N, and shut the door.”, she ordered and the two went their different ways.

I kept my breathing steady as I felt pressure in my lower regions before the pain resurfaced. Demised helped me shimmy out of my jeans before pulling down my underwear. Aaron came back with a sundress and some underwear as Maggie returned with the towels and scissors.

“Aaron can you hep me with the water?”, she asked and he nodded.

They disappeared in the kitchen and I let out a groan.

“Guys I need that water fast I see a head!”, Denise shouted lifting my legs.

They came back slowly so they wouldn’t drop the water before sitting it next to Denise.

“Y/N baby I need you to push on 3 okay.”,she said softly grabbing the baby’s head and I nodded.

Maggie held my hand as Aaron rubbed my shoulder.

“1, 2, push!”

I strained as I pushed as hard as I can while squeezing Maggie’s hand before catching my breath.

“You got this Y/N.”, she encouraged and I nodded.

“1, 2, push!”, Denise said again and began pushing with another scream.

*Carl POV*

We entered the gates with grins as we talked about who’s babysitting first.

“Ah come on Daryl. You were the first to feed Judith. You can do it again.”, My dad joked.

I heard Y/N scream in pain causing me to take off to our house. Adreniline rushed through me as I thought about all the things that could go wrong. Is she giving birth? Is the baby okay? Is she okay? Did something happen? I opened the door to see Denise pulling a baby from Y/N. She let out a groan of relief as a small cry was heard.

“Its a girl!”, Denise announced looking back at me.

I smiled before moving to Y/N’s side cradling her head on my chest as she held the crying newborn. My dad walked in with a wide grin as he heard his crying grandchild.

“What do we have here?”, he asked.

“Meet your granddaughter.”, Y/N smiled and he came over to see her.

“My I’ll get a grandson next time but until then you’ll do just fine.”, he joked and we all laughed.

Denise cleaned her up before wrapping her in a blanket. I leaned down and kissed Y/N as Daryl came over with a newly prepared bottle.

“Alright little ass kicker 2.0 you know the drill.”, he said taking her from Denise’s arms and feeding her.

“We got a name?”, Maggie asked.

“I was thinking Emma.”, Y/N smiled.

“Emma Sophia Grimes.”, I said out loud causing Y/N to smile even harder.

“That’s perfect.”, she cried as everyone congratulated us.

“She’s perfect.”, I stated.

Undercover(s) Chapter 2
This chapter does for Maggie what chapter 1 did for Alex (so it's a bit slower, building up her character as well as the role she'll be playing in Metropolis), but next chapter which will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday morning finally launches us into the action and interaction that will speed the story up quite a bit! Though if you've got thoughts/comments on this chapter, even without a ton of action, I'd still love to hear them :)
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Why is step one of my plan always to seduce someone?” Maggie whined, throwing her file back down onto Kate’s desk.

“Because it always works,” Kate answered, smiling wanly back up at Maggie.

“You know one of these days I could have a girlfriend who would be more than a little annoyed about this.” She didn’t mention the fact that Emily left her because of a situation exactly like this one.

“And yet, you don’t.”

“I could.”

“And one day I could be married to something other than this agency. But here we sit.”

“It already has your last name,” Maggie teased, gesturing at the Kane Investigations business cards on Kate’s desk, but she finally relented with a loud huff. “Fine. But you don’t get to complain when I break a guy’s hand this time.”

Kate just sighed and shook her head. She didn’t want Maggie getting groped out in the field either, but the sheer number of hands, fingers, and wrists the woman managed to break was truly astounding. Of course, when she could stomach the target, it helped. After all, she wasn’t meant to get too close, just close enough to slip bugs and trackers onto someone, maybe pull files from computers while they slept.

“At least try not to break hands. This is supposed to be a long-term mission,” Kate reminded Maggie.

“I know, I know. Meet someone. Seduce them. Infiltrate terrorist organization. Plant all sorts of bugs. Destroy the bad guys.”

“By god, it’s like you’ve found the solution for world peace,” Kate teased.

“Ah yes. My cleavage.”

“That’s the can-do attitude I like to see, Sawyer!”

Maggie grumbled about it, but she still made a point of picking up the file, intent on familiarizing herself with all of the details she might need to know in advance of Friday’s event. Even though the thought of having to attend an alien fight club made her stomach churn, she knew that it was a necessary first step in making the kind of contacts she would need to slip into their ranks and help bring down the Metropolis branch of Cadmus.

Her main targets were partners, Samantha (Sam) Wheeler and Victor Holmes, who were working under Lillian Luthor to stir up anti-alien sentiment in Metropolis. From the intel they’d been able to gather, it seemed Sam and Victor met serving in the military and remained close in the years following their tours of duty. Both of them were obviously well-trained in combat and had advanced the ranks in the military quite rapidly, and Sam had a law degree on top of everything. Most recently, they appeared to be gathering followers in Metropolis, surrounding themselves with a small group of individuals Maggie assumed would be made to take the fall for anything they might be caught doing.

For the next several weeks (Kate had prepared her for months just in case), she would be Maria Sterling, a consultant specializing in risk assessment who saw too much of the damage wrought during the intergalactic fights brought to this planet by “superheroes” like Superman and Supergirl. No matter how much crime they stopped, they still attracted villains and disasters far worse than what they prevented to the cities they claimed as their own.

Maria had been engaged once, but her fiancé broke it off after she cheated on him—that detail stung a little, unearthing several painful memories that Maggie had tried to move on from. In a far cry from her day-to-day life, Maggie would be playing a member of high society. Maria was more likely to be found in luxury brand athletic wear in an expensive pilates class or a spin studio than out with the masses jogging in the streets. Flirty to those who won her favor but frequently accused of being cold, Maria had few close friends outside her inner circle. She was in Metropolis scouting out new locations for a possible office of her consulting firm and would find her way to the events through word-of-mouth from like-minded peers.

On Wednesday night, Maggie shipped out in a first class seat on a redeye to Metropolis as Maria, complete with designer luggage filled with clothing expensive enough to make her nervous and a set of keys to a luxury apartment in downtown Metropolis that had already been properly set up by the agency and a car Kate had assured her she “wouldn’t be able to miss.”

…Continued on AO3


Maggie asked her older girlfriend for some help on her homework, even though she didn’t really actually need it but thought it might cute to get help from Luan who should for sure know, how to do right? I mean she passed the Seventh grade once before. By the end of it, Maggie ended up teaching Luan how to do the homework she was suppose to be helping with and her own Eight grade homework as well. Also let it be know if you hold a text book at a certain angle, the answers you seek will be revealed 

I gonna be frank with you guys *puts on a name tag that says my name is Frank* this drawing right here, yeah I didnt actually mean to draw it. :/ I was trying to make a comic strip for once in the Loud House style buuut this happen instead so…I sort of drew what I had in mind but not really ._.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a sanvers fic about Alex taking Maggie to her high school reunion and showing her off

“Holy crap,” Maggie looked up at the massive chandelier in the massive ballroom in the massive hotel. “This place is beautiful.”

Alex held tight to Maggie’s hand and looked up at the banner hanging across the entrance. Gold letters stenciled out the announcement of her high school reunion. “I’m having flashbacks. Is it hot in here?”

Maggie smiled. “It’s not hot in here. It’s fine. We’re here to celebrate.” She pulled Alex toward the registration desk. “It’s not often we bust an alien trafficking ring. It’s a big deal.”

“And the invitation said open bar,” Alex poked Maggie in the side as they stopped in front of the registration table. “Which is why you agreed to come.”

“It’s not the only reason, but it was my favorite reason,” Maggie teased.

“Uh, Danver, Alex,” Alex told the woman at registration. “And my plus one.”

“Here are your name tags,” the young woman behind the desk smiled. She handed Alex her name badge and Maggie hers.

“Why does mine say Detective Maggie Sawyer?” Maggie read over her name tag before affixing it to her dress.

“Because I filled out the plus one form on my work computer which is so used to your name on incident reports that every time I start to type your name it autofills with Detective Maggie Sawyer,” Alex looked at her own name badge.

“Ooh, look at yours,” Maggie pointed to Alex’s name tag that she had put on her dress. “Alexandra Danvers, Valedictorian.” Maggie giggled. “What a nerd.”

“Shut up,” Alex pushed Maggie away from the table with her hands on Maggie’s waist.

Maggie put her hands on Alex’s hands, holding them to her body as they entered a packed ballroom. “Where’s the bar?”

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