her names christy

Mary Christiansen, going into labor with her forth child: Well at least Joseph cant name this one some variation of his own last name again

Mary Christiansen after the pain medication wears off: He named my baby W H A T



I’m really sad so I’m gonna share some stories with you guys. So I was a manager at Papa John’s for 2 years and after you’re there for a while you recognize the regulars. You get on a name basis and you get to hear/make some really great stories. Here’s some that will hopefully cheer me and you guys up.

1. Great clips gal: She worked next door and was absolutely gorgeous. The guys at the shop always tried to score her number to no avail. When she let me exchange a pizza for a haircut we devised a scheme to get them to stop. Next time she came in we fake flirted it up and gave me her number. The boys backed off, she became a very good friend, and I was a legend in the shop.

2. Calzone Christy: ok her name wasn’t Christy but it sounds cooler like that. The friendliest woman I’d ever seen. She was a long time customer so we’d make her calzones even though they weren’t on the menu, and in return she’d bring us some stuff from the store. Candies, sodas, donuts, just random stuff. She was always so happy and funny just a big ol ray of sunshine and if the calzone guy wasn’t there she’d just order a pizza and give us treats anyway. She always made my day.

3. Hello kitty girl: this little girl and her father came in roughly once a week maybe two. Everytime the little girl demanded she gave me a hello kitty sticker. Over the months I had quite the collection saved up on a label in my wallet. One day just the dad came in and gave me another sticker, explaining that she wouldn’t let him leave without it so he could give it to the ‘pizza lady’

4. Tee shirt girl: Her mom worked at the copy place a couple stores down and the girl would hang out there with her mom after school. Shed come in a couple times a week and always order a small half pepperoni pizza. One day she looked sad and I wanted to cheer her up. Noticing her killer tmnt shirt I drew Donatello on the box. The next week she came in with an elephant t shirt and explained how much she loved the drawing and she wanted me to draw an elephant next. I obliged. Every time she came in she requested a drawing of whatever was on her shirt. Anything from flowers to dinosaurs. After a few weeks her mom came in with her to show me a picture of her bedroom wall with 6 or 7 of the pizza box halves hanging up.

That’s all for now kiddos. Keep you’re chins up. There are so many great things in the world and I promise even the little things makes the bad stuff hurt a lot less.

Date a girl you don’t remember. You woke up this morning with her lying next to you, acting as if you’ve been together for years. Her name is Christy, but pronounces it “Chrithty” because of her lisp. She has curly hair, wears cat eye glasses, and is just over a foot taller than you. Apparently, you met in 7th grade and started dating a couple years later. Your phone is full of pictures of the two of you together, and according to your best friend, you were planning to propose to her soon. Despite how pretty she is and how nice she seems, you can’t help wondering what happened to the girlfriend you actually do remember.


When she calls him “Hercule” for the first time <3

Y'all im watching ID right? (Like the channel) and they talking about a female boxer but get this, she’s gay too. And then her shit as coach telling her she can’t say that shit like boi? (It was the 90s but stILL)
Her name was Christie (I can’t find the rest of her name jfc, if I get it I’ll reblog)
*me still watching while making this*

ok update:

She was forced into a hetero relationship cause of her job with her shit coach (CHRISTIE MARTIN!!! THATS HER NAME!!!) so she was really pissed cause her husband is shit. So she calls up Sherry Lusk, the girl she liked and dated before. She really loved this girl. I don’t have the full story yet but she basically murdered her husband cause he was gonna kill her (he like actually threatened her multiple times)


Her husband got like really jealous and threatened her when she hang out with the Sherry chick for the first time in yeeeears and he said he would “kill you then kill her” so uh…. yeah…

Somewhere down the line she murdered him cause he was gonna murder her. She did it cause she loved Sherry….

God I hate people so much rn.


Everyone began to touch each other’s butts. Omar touched Jocelyn’s butt. Chad the Zombie touched the butt of that girl with the frosted hair from my art class, I think her name is Christie. Even the horrible Headmaster Frond touched Ms. Jacobson’s butt.

Everyone touched each other’s butts, and it was great. 

And then Tammy came up to Tina and said, “Sorry for everything.” And Tina said, “That’s okay. Let’s go to the movies next week." 

The end.

Y'all have so much to say about Christi but not about Kira

I love how all of y'all talk about how you hate Christi and Christi was so mean to Maddie and Mackenzie (lies) but y'all excuse the behavior of Kira which was much worse than Christi’s or any of the moms. Christi never once knocked Maddie’s appearance, her dance ability, or ever called her out her name. Has Christi done some rude and unnecessary things in regards to Melissa? Yes but Melissa’s a grown adult who can defend herself and Melissa has done some messed up shit in regards to Chloe as well which a lot of people like to forget but that’s a rant for another time. Christi’s problem was the favoritism which a lot of different moms at a lot of different studios have issues with. Nothing Christi did was to bring Maddie down emotionally nor did it mess up or take a toll on Maddie’s confidence.

Kira, on the other hand, has knocked Jojo’s speech impediment and has mocked her to her face. She did it so much that the girls started doing it. She knocked Ava’s body appearance as if Ava can help the way her body develops and called Ava a praying mantis. And we all know that this was a blow to Ava’s self esteem so much to the point that Jeanette has had to address it on several occasions and platforms. It was, in my opinion, almost as bad if not just as bad as Abby mocking Chloe’s eye, Maddie’s teeth, and Kalani’s weight.

Kira has also called Sarah Reasons ‘trash’ and 'thing’ and knocked Sarah’s accomplishments and wins all while Sarah was standing right in front of her. That is disgusting and honestly sad. Kalani and Sarah have danced together at Club Dance for years not to mention Sarah and Kalani have the same friend circle back in Arizona. So Kira must have had some kind of relationship with the kid. Even if they didn’t, to say that about a child and basically say that Sarah’s mother would trade Sarah in heartbeat for Kalani is wrong on so many levels and shows how much faith she has in Kalani’s dancing abilities.

The reason Kira verbally degraded those girls is because she believed that they were a threat to Kalani. If they weren’t she probably wouldn’t have even cared. Ava has beaten Kalani before and is obviously a beautiful dancer. Sarah had virtually the same training as Kalani seeing as they went to the same studio and is more flexible. And while Jojo isn’t as advanced as Kalani, she definitely has a certain x-factor personality wise that Kalani lacks.

Kira is the worse mother who has been on this show. Point blank period. And before y'all say 'it’s scripted’ and 'they told her to say that’ and 'it’s edited’ it still doesn’t matter. A real mother would not seek to degrade any child like that no matter what. You can tell when something is edited on a show and none of what Kira said about those kids was edited.


I usually don’t post stuff like this but I’ve been following this all day. Her name is Christy Mack she’s a porn star and she was brutally attacked by her ex boyfriend MMA fighter War Machine(who cannot be found now). But all anyone can focus on is that she’s a porn star. Like that literally has no relevance to what happened to her. They keep saying things like “what did he expect dating a porn star, of course she’d cheat on him” or “that’s what she gets for cheating.” Like go fuck yourselves. She is a god damn human being, what he did to he was completely unjustified. I seriously hate people so much.