her name is valencia


hey its Clem, my dnd aarakocra “cleric”

With Context: Clem was a greedy jewel thief until they stole a cursed crystal. inside the crystal was the spirit of a sparkly swan cleric named ~✧Radiance Valencia✧~, who has given Clem her powers but is forcing them to help people; if they don’t, they’ll get spirit-tazed (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Without Context: me drew funny birb faces

batmanandsuperman  asked:

OMG so I saw this post that said "help; my wife keeps saying she has a big secret with a serious face but every time it’s just that she loves me" can you do an imagine with Barba/reader ? But with Barba saying he loves you?

WARNING: Hardcore fluff. Seriously guys, I nearly puked writing this.

“I have a secret to tell you later.”
Those are the words Barba chooses to leave you with on a Monday morning in June.
No context.
Just that vague statement.

He should know better by now. The swirl of curiosity inside of you starting to take over.
What could he possibly want?

Was he breaking up with you?

Did he have an affair?
No. He’d never do that.

Maybe he was a secret crossdresser… The thought of him in your pink silk panties wasn’t exactly a turn off.

By lunch time you’d worked yourself up into a frenzy, paving the floor of the house and trying to rack your brain for what secret he could possibly tell you?!

Maybe he’s the zodiac killer? Was the age right?

Maybe he had a secret family in another town that he traveled to. You were willing to bet money that he’d have a blonde secret wife, she’d be something like a neurologist with a smoking hot body and big blue eyes. Her name would be something perfect like Valencia or Stella. You hated her already.

When Rafael got to his house that evening, you were sitting on the porch, staring up at him with hurt eyes.

“You have to tell me your secret, Raf its killing me. Are you leaving? Did you find another woman? Is her name Stella? I feel like that bitch’s name would be Stella!”

His eyes widened when he realizes that you’ve spent the entire day working yourself up and suddenly he’s laughing.

“This is not a joke!” You stamp your foot like a child. “Rafael Barba! You better tell me what that secret is!”

“You really wanna know?” He leans in and suddenly you’re blushing at his close proximity.

“More than anything.”

He leans in and kisses you.
“I love you, Carino.”

You don’t kiss back, eyes wide open as he pulls back and grins at you. “You love me?”

“Oh yeah. Big time. I love you and your crazy theories. And no one, not even the mysterious and beautiful Stella could compete with that.” He winks and kisses you again.

This time you return the affection, tangling your fingers in his hair as you feel his arms snake around your waist.

“Say it again,” you whisper to him and he smiles.

“I love you, (Y/N). I am hopelessly in love with you.”

“I love you too Rafi.”

Another soft kiss.

“Hey Rafi?”

“Yeah Carino?”

“That was a good secret.”

“I think so too.”

Meet Sapphire Valencia Bryant

On August 8th, 2017 I was hit on my passenger side by another vehicle. My car, Schyler (for Hamilton), was totaled (not my fault.)

I have finally gotten my new car.

Her name is Sapphire Valencia (I let my students name her.)


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Pairing: Negan from The Walking Dead x reader
Rating: SFW 
Warning: Cussing I mean it’s Negan he says the F word a lot. 
Prompt: SUPRISE (meaning I had no prompt and just went with it)

You combed your fingers through your hair smiling at the men laying across the bed through the mirror, he bit his lip and you turned around to face him with a raised eyebrow. Negan chuckled when you crossed your arms across your chest, and his only response was to pat the spot on the bed beside him.

“No.” You sassed back turning back towards the small vanity.

“No? Oh, doll you should know better than to tell me no.” His rough voice taunted you.

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