her name is tonks


Ron and Ginny can drink forever. A night out trying to keep up with those two is suicide. 

Harry doesn’t look visibly drunk most of the time, but he gets more and maudlin with every drink. 

Hagrid knows a lot more songs than you would expect of him sober. 

Katie Bell cries a lot after enough bad elf-wine. Beer just gives her a pleasant buzz, though.

Harry learns the wrong way that Vernon is an angry drunk. Something in him expects Arthur to be, too, but his first Christmas at the Burrow surprises him pleasantly when he’s peppered with slightly slurred questions about Muggle toilets.

Fleur can drink Bill under the table. 

Dean is the designated driver. He doesn’t drink at all. 

Snape is actually a better teacher after a little bit of firewhiskey. He wishes he wasn’t, but he is. 

Lavender is a super affectionate drunk. 

Charlie and Tonks got drunk for the first time together. He liked it, she didn’t. 

Draco gets even more dramatic and exaggerated with a couple of drinks. Give him tequila and he’ll even do Shakespeare. 

Hermione is tipsy after one drink, dead drunk after two, and under the table at three. She’s never actually finished a third drink.

In their fifth year the Marauders etched their own little family tree on the wall next to their window in their dormitory. They had their four names lined up side by side with little arrows connecting them. Then when they went home for the summer, each of them etched the family tree into their bedroom walls. (Sirius especially had fun with this.) They were all connected, all five of the trees so that if someone made a change to one of them, it would automatically make a change to all of them.
By the time they were in their seventh year, they had added a few other people to the tree including Marlene and Lily. On their last day at Hogwarts, the sixth of them stared at their little family tree for a couple of minutes before James suddenly added one more person on top of all their names. “She’s one of us whether she wants to or not.” They all laughed and then covered their mark by moving a desk in front of it. After that they said their final goodbyes and walked excitedly out of the school.
When Lily and James got married Sirius and Remus’ first order of business was to bind the two of their names on the family tree together making an infinity sign glow whenever anyone passed by one of the trees. Then Harry was born and his name was automatically added to the tree.
When Lily and James died, their names faded on the tree but the bind that Remus and Sirius placed seemed to glow even brighter at times.
Once he learned what had happened to his best friends Remus stood in front of the family tree he had etched on the wall in front of his desk at home, his wand pointed directly at Sirius’ name, ready to burn it off permanently. Except he couldn’t do it. He would return everyday to try to bring himself to burn Sirius’ name off and everyday he would fail. Eventually he just stopped going to his bedroom when he visited.
Sirius would sit in his cell and with a stick he found on the floor, he would engrave his family tree into the wall, purposefully avoiding Peter.
When Remus become a professor his first order of business is to visit his old dorm and look for the family tree. To him, it seems as though James, Lily, Peter and Marlene’s names were glowing ever so brightly. He avoided looking at Sirius’ name.
When he discovered that Sirius is innocent, his first thought was to breathe a sigh of relief because he didn’t burn his friend’s name off the tree.
One year later Sirius was stuck in Grimmauld Place. He went to his room and looked at the back of the door where his family tree was drawn. He had made the effort of drawing little figures he thought represented each of them. For him and James were their animagus forms. For Lily, he drew a doe. Marlene had a lion. And for some reason he drew Remus a donkey.
On October the 31st Remus popped by Grimmauld Place and Sirius immediately dragged him to his room. He told Remus to pull out his wand and together, the two of them burned off Peter’s name. Permanently.
When Sirius died his name didn’t fade off the family tree. It looked even brighter than usual.
When Tonks married Remus, her name appeared on the tree. He showed her the one in Sirius’ room and then proceeded to sob because out of the six of them, he had never expected to be the last one standing.
After the battle of Hogwarts, the only living name was that of Harry Potter. Except he never knew about the trees. And so they lay in all of their hidden locations, undiscovered by anyone.
Years later Minerva McGonagall was going through every dorm room ensuring everything was perfect. She didn’t doubt the house elves work at all. It was only because she had missed being able to roam freely around the halls and so she took the chance while no one was yet there. She entered the boys dormitory and looked around. There was something that wasn’t quite right about the room.
Minerva McGonagall wasn’t a young woman but she remembered everything as if it had happened yesterday. And what she remembered was that there was no desk under the window. It would hardly be noticed by anyone, had they not known what the layout of the dorms were all those years ago. She swiftly moved the desk back in its proper place and was about to leave to the Slytherin common room when something caught her eye. She walked to the window and looked at the strange engravings in the wall underneath.
The names Moony, Padfoot, Prongs, Evans, Marley, Harry and Nymph were marked in the stone. There was another name beside Prongs, but it had been burnt beyond recognition.
Minerva McGonagall collapsed on one of the four poster beds and took a deep breath, containing her emotions. She was successful in doing so and was about to leave when once again, something caught her eye.
On top of the three names and the burnt one read one more name.
Old Minnie McG.
And then she broke down. Because after all this time, after everything that she had gone through, she would always remember those three boys who defied everything society said, who didn’t allow anyone else to dictate how they would live their lives, who gave up their lives so the world could be a better place.

10 Charlie Weasley Headcanons

  1. Charlie absolutely loves his Weasley sweaters to no end and sends a formal thank you note to his mother each time she knits him one.
  2. Charlie became obsessed with dragons when Fabian brought a copy of ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ to dinner when he was four and read parts of it to him. 
  3. Gideon actually got him his first broom and taught him to fly.
  4. When Charlie started school he regularly went to visit Hagrid and have conversations about dragons that would end up with Charlie rushing back to the castle because he stayed too late.
  5. Charlie once spent 48 hours outside. Not because he was locked out or anything…he just loves the outdoors and didn’t even notice the time passing.
  6. In fourth year while all the other kids in his grade were starting to date Charlie came to the conclusion that he was in fact. Asexual and Aromantic.  
  7. He actually had problems accepting this until a certain Hufflepuff in his year by the name of Nymphadora Tonks to shut up because at least he wasnt a teenage girl named Nymphadora. (”Seriously Charlie stop laughing”)
  8. He was actually the first person to refer to Tonks by her last name. (best friends ever since)
  9. After the war Charlie brought Hagrid to Romania to see the dragons. 
  10. The day after ‘Dora’s funeral Charlie charmed a stripe of his hair pink and never got rid of it. 

Slytherin Girls Women - Andromeda Black Tonks

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Fleur and Tonks were best friends for the last two years of Tonks’ short life. 

They met one night after the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, when Tonks came by the Diagon Alley flat to talk to Bill about ramped up Hogwarts security. Bill greeted her at the door with a hug that rivaled the way he hugged Ginny, and a kiss on the forehead he worried too late might give his girlfriend the wrong idea. Fleur happened to be over, cooking, and the three of them had their meeting over dinner, and then talked in Bill’s weird little sitting room until nearly morning. 

Bill clearly loved Tonks like a little sister, and for good reason - Fleur had never met anyone half so funny. Tonks loved seeing Bill with a girl who could hold her own, and found (and reported later in a letter to Charlie) that Fleur was not only strong, but “freakin’ delightful.” It was the start of a fierce, important friendship that lasted from that night on, through Tonks’ dark months of unrequited love, both of their weddings, all of their fear. 

Fleur grieved her death as much as she grieved Fred’s, although she’d always miss them differently. Their friendship had been a bright spot in the war, and Fleur would be forever grateful for that first night in Bill’s liminal little flat. 

Remus Lupin and Tonks

As parents. So this might be a little short sorry not sorry.

  • Constant booping of Teddy’s little nose
  • Remus suggesting the name to Tonks after finding Andromeda crying, sad that her beloved Ted couldn’t see his grandson
  • Tonks thinking it was a beautiful idea and hopping on board even before Remus had finished speaking, because she would have loved to name her son after her father
  • Remus crying before, during, and after Tonks’ labour, because “Merlin I’m going to be a dad”
  • A small moment of remorse as he looked around the waiting room and didn’t see Pads, Prongs and Wormtail as they’d planned
  • Pushing the thought to the back of his mind as the doctor told him that he had a beautiful baby boy
  • Tonks insisting on being the first to hold Teddy because “I just spent ten hours in labour you ass, let me have this moment”
  • Remus chuckling and pushing back Tonks’ hair as they both looked down at their small miracle
  • Tonks marveling at the fact that such a beautiful thing could come from two people who had seen so much and were in such a time of hardship
  • Remus crying -again- the first time Teddy opened his eyes because “HE’S SO BEAUTIFUL TONKS I JUST CAN’T!”
  • Freaking out when they bring him home because “Shit we forgot to make a room for him”
  • “Werewolf not swearwolf Remus”
  • “Ok but we still forgot to make him a room”
  • Andromeda showing them that she’d rearranged the office into a nursery while they were out
  • Both of them freaking out the first time Teddy started crying and wouldn’t stop
  • Andromeda teaching the two of them how to change his diaper and feed him and burp him and how to hold him and basically everything because she’d been through it once before
  • Remus being afraid of holding him because “What if I break him”
  • Teddy crying and Tonks and Andy being out so Remus had to swallow his fear and by the time the two came back, Remus and Teddy had fallen asleep on the couch together
  • Tonks taking a picture and putting it away somewhere safe in a box labelled “Memories” because she didn’t think it’d happen but there was still the doubt that it might be all Teddy had
  • Tonks trying to keep Remus from leaving for the Battle of Hogwarts because she didn’t want to see another baby grow up without it’s father, and she didn’t want to grow old without her Remus
  • Tonks deciding that Andy could watch over Teddy while she went to help Remus because “The idiot forgot his wand”
  • Andy being left the raise another child on her own all again

A/N: a part two is coming don’t worry!

  • PAIRING: Remus Lupin x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which a 40-year old Remus Lupin tells the story of how he met his wife.
  • WARNINGS: some cursing i guess
  • WORDS: 2693

Remus John Lupin wanted to tell a story to his kids, an incredible story in which they’ve heard a million times but never actually took the time to hear every single detail.

“Kids, I’m going to tell you the story of how I met your mother,” Remus said in his posh-British accent facing his kids.

“Are we being punished for something?” His younger son asked. The sandy-haired man—with an exception of a few newly welcomed gray hairs—let out a ‘no.’

His older daughter sighed, “Yeah, is this going to take a while?”

The elder man nodded, “yes, so get comfortable in your seats because I’m going to take you back twenty-five years ago before I was ‘dad’ I had a whole other life.”

That’s when he began his story… “It was all the way back in 1987 when I was 27. Just starting to make it as a Professor, teaching the dark arts, and living in the Muggle world, aka London with James, my best friend from Hogwarts. My life was good, that was until Uncle James went and screwed the whole thing up.”

James was on his knees about to utter the forsaken words in which he couldn’t look back now, “will you marry me?” he asked opening the little box which the diamond ring was held in.

Though he didn’t actually say it to the woman he loved and wanted to say the words too, he was practicing to his good old, twenty-seven-year-old pal, Remus.

The messy sandy-haired man practically jumped with excitement, “Yes! Perfect, then you’re engaged, you pop the champagne, drink a toast, you have sex on the kitchen floor!” Then Remus contemplated what he said for a second, “don’t have sex on the kitchen floor.”

The brunet man nodded, “Got it, and thanks for helping me plan this out, Moony.”

“Mate, are you kidding? It’s you and Lily! You’ve been chasing after this girl for years, and I’ve been there for all the big moments between you and her.” Prongs went into the kitchen to grab two beer bottles from the kitchen handing one to Remus, “The moment you met, your first date, other first things…”

James chuckled nervously rubbing his hand behind his neck, taking a sip of his beer, “Y-Yeah sorry about that mate, we thought you were asleep.”

“It’s physics Prongs. If the bottom bunk moves, the top one moves too.” He leaned against the refrigerator for leverage for what he’s about to say. “But mate do you realize you’re getting engaged tonight?”

“I think I do Moons.” Prongs chuckled raking a hand through his hair, “what’re you doing tonight?” Asked James right when Remus was about to take a sip of his beer.

Narrator Remus decided to interrupt the story, “what was I doing? Uncle Prongs was about to take a big step of his life, and me? I’m calling up your Uncle Sirius.”

The moment the telephone in Sirius’ apartment rang he picked it up, “Talk to me.” He sternly said through the phone.

“Hi Padfoot, it’s me Moony.”

“Hey, so you know I’ve always had a thing for half-Asian girls?” What he said caused Remus to roll his eyes. “Well now I’ve got a new favorite, Lebanese girls,” Moony could practically see him smirking through the phone. Sirius then began to state, “as a matter of fact, Lebanese girls are the new half-Asians.”

Remus decided to change the topic, “Hey, so you wanna do something tonight?”

“Okay, meet me at the bar in 15 minutes. And suit up!” His excitement caused Remus to roll his eyes, hanging the call up.

Sirius waiting for him at the bar as Remus waltzed into the bar, with normal clothes to Sirius’ dismay, nodding a ‘hey’ at the dark-haired man.

Padfoot rolled his eyes vigorously exasperating, “Where’s your suit!? Just once when I say ‘suit up’ I wish you’d put on a suit!”

“I did, that one time.”

Black seemed very offended, “It was a blazer!”

The messy sandy-haired man changed the topic they were discussing, “You know, ever since Hogwarts it’s been James and Lily and you and me.” He said using hand gestures to prove his point as he said the names together. “Now it’s gonna be James and Lily, you and me.” Now he said the names separately, with a pause. “They’ll get married, start a family. Before long I’m that weird middle-aged bachelor their kids call ‘Uncle Remus.’”

Sirius had to smack him upside the head for him to snap out of it pointing a stern finger at him, “I see what this is about, have you forgotten what I said to you at Hogwarts? Don’t even think about getting married til you’re 30!”

“Thirty, right, you’re right. I guess it’s just when your best friend gets engaged, you start thinkin’ about that stuff.” Moony leaned against the bar.

“I thought I was your best friend.” The dark-haired man seemed offended for the second time that night, “Remus, say I’m your best friend.”

Remus nodded putting a comforting hand on Padfoot’s shoulder, “you’re my best friend Pads.”

“Good. Then as your best friend, I suggest we play a little game I like to call,” Sirius started to rub his hands together looking around the bar, “‘haaaave you met Remus?’”

The sandy-haired man started to shake his head vigorously at the man in front of him, “no, no, no, no, we’re not playing ‘have you met Remus.’”

Padfoot decided to do it anyway, tapping the shoulder of the first girl he saw bringing her out of an interesting conversation, as Sirius asked the question. “Hi, have you met Remus?”

Remus began to blush, “Hi, I’m Remus.”

“Tonks.” The girl said, running a hand through her pink hair.

“Tonks? Never heard a name like that before.”

“It’s actually my last name, I’m not very fond of my first name ‘Nymphadora.’” The pink-headed girl rolled her eyes viciously at her ridiculous name.

“Overall, it’s nice to meet you, Dora.

Lily just entered her shared apartment with her boyfriend and best friend. She was greeted by her brunet boyfriend, “Hey.”

The young woman laid her stuff on the couch facing James, “I’m exhausted. It was a finger-painting day at school and a 5-year old boy…” Lily paused, unbuttoning her sweater to show her shirt had a small painted hand on her breast, “…got to second base with me.”

James showed a disgusted face then chuckled, Lily looked behind the six foot giant to see the kitchen counter had layers, upon layers of food. “Wow, you’re cooking? Without magic?”

Prongs nodded cockily, “yes I am.”

She cried out an ‘aw’ pecking his lips, “are you sure that’s a good idea after last time? You looked frightening without eyebrows.”

“I can handle this. I think you’ll find out that I’m full of surprises tonight.”

“So there’s more surprises, like what?” James had a guilty look his eye, looking around the room to think of something.

Older Remus decided to interrupt his story once again, “James was in his second year of muggle law school, since he was planning on having a muggle occupation, so he was pretty good at thinking on his feet.”

“Boogedy boo!” James screamed at the red-head catching her off-guard, “And that’s all of them. I’m gonna go, cook.” He said in a normal voice, pointing to the kitchen.

Remus’ current situation consisted of talking about marriage and ‘serious relationships’ to the girl he literally just met at the bar.

“I’m really happy for James, I really am. I just couldn’t imagine settling down right now.” He ranted.

Tonks then asked the one question that had bothered him for most of his 20-year-old life. “So do you think you’ll ever get married?”

“Well, maybe eventually. Some fall day.” Moony paused, “Possibly in Hyde Park, simple ceremony. We’ll write our own vows. Band, of course. People will dance, I’m not gonna worry about it.” He raked a hand through his light-brown hair, “bloody hell, why did James have to get engaged?”

The pink-headed girl chuckled causing him to scoff, “yeah, nothing sexier than a guy planning out his own imaginary wedding, huh?”

The young lady smiled, “actually, I think it’s cute.”

He took her scotch drink away from her, “well, then you are clearly drunk.” Raising the glass in the air he shouted, “one more for the lady!”

Back at their apartment, James was sitting on the counter watching his soon-to-be-fiancee cooking the dinner that he failed to cook himself. A thought came to his head making him get up from his spot he was previously sitting at, “Oh! Hey, look what I got…” Grabbing something from the refrigerator, he gave it to the red-head.

She smiled up at him, “Oh, honey, champagne.” The girl handed the bottle back towards him, signaling him to pop it open.

The brunet handed it back towards him, followed by a ‘yeah.’

Lily rolled her eyes, “No, you are too old to be scared to open a bottle of champagne.”

Prongs tried to defend himself, “I’m not scared.”

“Then open it.” The red-head handed it back to her scaredy-cat boyfriend, who let out a huff of ‘fine,’ staring at the bottle before handing it back to her.

“Please open it.”

She started to get angry, pacing around the kitchen giving the bottle to Prongs all the while letting out an, “Gosh, you are unbelievable, James.”

James couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed the tiny box from his pocket opening it and getting on one knee as Lily ranted. “Will you marry me?” The brunet asked the sacred question interrupting her rant, causing her to gape at the man in front of her, completely awestruck.

“Of course you idiot!” Lily exclaimed tackling him to the ground.

As time passed by, the fiancees exhaled smiling like two goofballs getting up from the kitchen floor, hair messy, breath short and choppy, clothes wrinkly. “I promised Remus we wouldn’t do that.”

Lily ran a hand through her long, and messy, fiery red hair. “Did you know there’s a biscuit under the fridge?”

“No, but dibs.” James outstretched his arm towards the counter, grabbing the bottle of alcohol, “Where’s that champagne? I want’ a drink a toast with my fiancee.” He grinned at the girl, who sweetly pecked him on the lips.

She rose up from the floor, as James tried to open the bottle of champagne. “I don’t know why I was so scared of this. It’s pretty easy, right?” As the cork popped it went straight towards Lily, making her scream as it hit her eye.

Once again, back at the bar was Remus and Sirius. Tonks had to leave since she wasn’t interested in Remus as he was her. “Why am I freaking out all of a sudden? This is crazy. I’m not ready to settle down.” Moony ranted to his friend, “the plan was to not even think about it until you’re 30.”

Sirius nodded at his words, mumbling a ‘yes’ every now and then.

“Plus, James found the love of his life. Even if I was ready, which I’m not, but if I was, it’s like, ‘okay, I’m ready. Where is she?’” He turned around and that’s when he saw her.

“And there she was. It was like something from an old movie where the sailor sees the girl across the crowded dance floor, turns to his mate whilst saying, ‘see that girl? I’m gonna marry her someday.’”

She was beautiful in his eyes, Y/H/C cascading down her shoulders, her sensitive Y/E/C eyes looking at the person in front of her who was talking to her, nodding along as she listened to what they had to say.

Remus realized he was staring so he tapped Sirius, “Hey Pads, do you see that girl?”

His friend was leaned against the bar, scotch in hand as he looked at who his best friend was staring at. “Oh, yeah. You know she likes it dirty.” And…of course, Sirius had to ruin the moment. The handsome dark-haired man nudged him, “go say hi.”

The charming sandy-haired man shook his head, “I can’t just go say hi. I need a plan,” That’s the moment when he started to over think, “I’m gonna wait until she goes to the bathroom, that I’ll just strategically place myself by the jukebox so that…” He trailed off, but right before he was about to turn towards Sirius to see if he was listening, the girl was already at the bar and the handsome dark-haired man tapped her on the shoulder and asked the four worded question he dreaded.

“Hi, have you met Remus?”

Remus looked like a deer in the headlights, cursing under his breath as Sirius left. The girl turned around just as surprised as he was. “Hi.” Moony waved at her.

“Let me guess…” The American girl trailed off snapping her fingers, “Remus.”

He grinned shrugging.

[I made the reader american bc in the show robin is canadian, which made her stand out, out of all the americans that play in the show]

The official, fiancees got in a cab all the while James kept telling Lily how he was sorry, “I’m so sorry baby. Take us to the hospital.” He instructed the driver.

Before the driver even started the car he asked, “whoa, whoa, whoa…did you hit her?”

The young couple slowly turned towards each other, as Lily’s ice pack covered her eye then laughed all of a sudden. “Hit me? Please. He can barely even spank me in bed for fun.”

James started to blush in embarrassment as the cab driver started the car, driving to the nearest hospital.

Remus was still at the bar with the girl he just met, that he soon found out her name being Y/N. “So what do you do?” He kindly asked her.

“I’m a reporter for BBC News.” The girl started as Moony let out an ‘oh,’ seemingly impressed by this girl. “Even though I’m obviously not British, I still work for a British newscast.”

“Wow, never met an American girl and a girl with an impressive profession before.” He chuckled before realizing what he said seemed dumb, “sorry, you’re really pretty.” That caused the both of them to chuckle, her laugh sounding like music in the light-brunet man’s ears.

Y/N then mockingly waved at her friends who were seated at the booth at the end of the bar, all with unhappy faces.

Remus turned towards the people she was waving at, “Well, your friends don’t seem too happy.”

The young woman nodded, “Yeah, see, the one in the middle just got dumped by her boyfriend. So tonight, every guy is ‘the enemy.’” She said using air quotes.

“You know, if it’ll make your friend feel better you could throw a drink in my face. I don’t mind.”

“She would love that.” The Y/H/C haired beauty started to smile. “And it does look fun in the movies.”

The young man was incredibly intrigued by this girl, “Hey, d’you wanna have dinner with me Saturday night?”

“Oh, I can’t I’m going to Scotland for a week on Friday. Some guy’s attempting to make the world’s biggest pancake, guess who’s covering it?”

“So that’s gonna take a week?”

“Yeah, he’s gonna eat it too. Another record.” She half-smiled at the guy.

“Hey, what’s takin’ so long?” Her friend cried from where she was sat, comforted by her other friends. The girl held up a finger, signaling them it will only take a minute.

Remus turned around so he was facing her again, as she dug through her purse. “Um… I know this is a long shot but, how about tomorrow night?”

She beamed looking at him, “yeah, what the hell?” She stood a bit closer to him to pass her business card towards him, in order for her friends not see. From smirking, her facial expression changed to a frown on her heart-shaped face, her whole demeanor changed as she grabbed her martini and threw across Moony’s face. All the while yelling, “Jerk!” Then smirking at him turning around, “that was fun.” Her friends cheered her on, smiling.

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Don’t Call Me Tonks!

Werewolf Tonks: Oh, fuck all! I think I broke a claw. 

Werewolf Tonks: Don’t call me Tonks!

Werewolf Tonks Nymphadora: It’s Nymphadora.

Gia: Thank you to @masksofmickey for making me this Fenrir gif! Werewolf Tonks will be back someday and you can call her Nymphadora. Why would a Werewolf stolen at birth go by her Muggle father’s name?

Narcissa Malfoy reading on the Daily Prophet the name of Ted Tonks, her sister’s husband.

Narcissa Malfoy in the Great Hall after the battle, leaving with Darco and Lucius and suddenly seeing a body, a woman, looking just like her sister Andromeda when they were at Hogwarts. Narcissa feeling shivers down her spine then realizing Andromeda must now be much older and she understands it’s her niece, Nymphadora. Besides it must be her werewolf husband. 

Narcissa Malfoy realizing that she came to Hogwarts to rescue her son. That she lied to the Dark Lord to protect her family. That it is the most important thing to her. Narcissa realizing that her sister Andromeda lost all of her family long ago. And that this war took her husband and only daughter. Narcissa imagining what it would have been to see Lucius dead, to see her little Draco dead. Narcissa feeling pain in her heart, needing Draco’s help to walk a few steps. 

Narcissa Malfoy looking for her sister’s house. Narcissa going there, alone, without anybody knowing. Narcissa Malfoy knocking the door. But the other side of the door is silent. Narcissa starting to leave when she hears little steps then the door unlocking. Narcissa Malfoy facing her older sister Andromeda Tonks, as she left her countless years before. With the same eyes, the same hair, the same face just a little older now. 

Narcissa Malfoy realizing she hadn’t really expected her to be here. Narcissa forgetting everything she would have said. Narcissa Black actually saying she is sorry for everything. Andromeda Black walking a few steps and hugging her little sister who is now sobbing on her shoulder.


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AU: Library/ Bookstore

  • Tonks peers over her book at the new visitor.
  • She knows everyone that enters her bookshop, but this woman’s sudden appearance almost makes her reach for her bookmark.
  • Blonde, almost silver hair floats behind her as if suspended in water, the sun glimmering off of it. 
  • With pink cheeks to match, Tonks squints with just a hint of suspicion.
  • She glows too much to be real and Tonks’ breath hitches when the woman runs her finger down the spine of a book. 
  • “Can I help you?” Tonks can’t help blurting out, watching as the woman turns and gives a soft smile.
  • “No, I am just browsing.”
  • The accent is distinct, Tonks can say that much, but she still can’t decide how she feels about this woman. 
  • “Do you have any suggestions?” The woman asks, again running her fingers along the books on one of the shelves. 
  • Tonks shrugs before setting her own book to the side and hopping off her stool.
  • “Depends on what you like,” Tonks stops a few feet away, looking over her collection. 
  • Her eyes land on a book of poetry, classics, and she tugs it out, brushing off the dustless cover. Without a word, she holds it out, her breath catching in her throat.
  • The woman’s face light up, and for a moment, Tonks feels as if she’s being swallowed whole. 
  • “Perfect,” the woman says without looking at the book, her eyes staring into Tonks’ soul. 
  • Swallowing, Tonks only shakes her head and turns to leave before a hand on her arm stops her. 
  • “Fleur,” is what the woman says and Tonks accepts that as her name. 
  • “Tonks.”
  • Fleur’s smile widens and Tonks wonders if this is what writers mean by, “Fairest of them all”.

Fanart I made of Tina when I really should have been studying for finals. I think a lot of people probably feel the same way as I do since I see so many new fanfics/art online. We can’t help it…

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Please please please do some hc's on Andromeda please, you're Ted hc's were freaking beautiful

  • ok so i like. 100% subscribe to the hc that andromeda was That horse chick she and bellatrix had like. 10 books between them on horses when they were young
  • she literally wanted to get like a black stallion with a white star on its forehead and name it ‘star’ she was 10 ok leave her alone
  • either ‘star’ or ‘delphinus’ bc she was stuck between being mediocre and following the family tradition ok this is where the rebellion started
  • her’s is like. quiet anger. bc if you cross narcissa she will single-handedly destroy your entire life and no-one will ever know how she did it and bellatrix will most likely murder you right there and then but andromeda just does this thing where she like. narrows her eyes and squares her shoulders and it’s really slight but it has consequences
  • like one time she overheard louis parsons at the hufflepuff table saying that she was the ‘easiest’ of the black sisters and. well.
  • what she was going to do was go up to him and say, ‘yes, but i still make you the hardest’ but she’s a black sister and instead she does the shoulder thing and the next day louis is in the hospital wing
  • it’s like she’s casting a curse or smth
  • she’s good at everything but like. she’s fucking good at charms. like a young aficionado
  • when she’s at home she spends literally all her time in the family library reading books about stars
  • the hogwarts library doesn’t have as many books as she would like about it but there’s some stuff in the astronomy section and there’s this one book she always goes back to like ‘the syllabus of stars’ and ted catches her reading it one day and he’s like. huh
  • but she reads a fuck-tonne
  • like name any book. she’s read it.
  • she has the most beautiful brown eyes ever like theyr really nicely shaped and sparkly and dark. like not amber eyes i’m talking so brown theyr almost black and they’re gorgeous
  • her hair is actually lighter than her eyes
  • and her bone structure. like. u get that she’s related to sirius black, who practically invented cheekbones
  • anyway ted tonks falls hard for her
  • she’s cheeky. but kind of overtly cheeky. bc she’s spent her whole talking in measured tones and never raising her voice and being very restrained, but that doesn’t stop the sass on this girl
  • like u remember the ‘i still make you the hardest’ comment right
  • she’s not necessarily filthy, this is the 1950′s after all
  • but she’s like. genuinely snarky
  • one time she and ted are sitting in care of magical creatures and someone drops a joke about ted’s lineage and she just turns to them, all benign and reverent, and says something like ‘i suppose there’s no accounting for being a dickhead’
  • and they could tell the teacher if they wanted but here’s the thing. no-one would ever believe them
  • she’d always sort of grown up with the idea that her family’s extremities didn’t really agree with her?? like. she didn’t act on it, but it was always there, in the back of her head
  • and the reason why she doesn’t really do anything is because she’s loyal
  • in the end she just chooses to be loyal to ted
  • she really comprehensively wrecks people it’s kind of embarrassing
  • she uses words like ‘modicum’ and ‘incomprehensible’ and ‘salubrious’ in casual conversation and like. no-one gets it
  • she’s scary smart
  • she and sirius sort of grow up gravitating towards each other during family events like it’s usually her, sirius and regulus hiding out under the tables and sneaking glasses of port or rum or whatever liquor’s circulating
  • sirius talked to her after he walked out on his family and by this time andy’s living happily with ted and she tells him how important it is to have someone (james), because she had ted
  • and not only that, but sirius also has remus and peter and lily
  • so they’re tight
  • one time they’re at a black family gathering when sirius is like, 12, regulus is 10, narcissa’s 13 and andromeda’s 14/15 and bellatrix is 15/16
  • anyway the kids are hanging out in the library and sirius gets all hot-headed and angry and says something “”””””unacceptable”””””””
  • and bellatrix goes for him
  • like
  • it’s not nice
  • and narcissa is just sitting reverently in the corner like the queen she is and regulus doesn’t know what to do and sirius is standing there with his shoulders squared while bellatrix is hurting him. screaming terrible things and like. it’s bad. it’s really bad
  • and andromeda steps between them
  • bellatrix is like. ‘what are you doing’
  • she doesn’t say anything. she just. stands there. protecting him
  • and no-one ever says anything about it
  • i have this hc that she actually does keep in correspondence with narcissa once they’re both grown up. it sort of happens on the downlow and narcissa pretends that it’s not a big deal but. they send each other letters monthly and it’s all very cordial and measured
  • but there’s a box in ted and andy’s room with all the letters and a picture of draco when he’s 3, gurgling and smiling and crawling across the room to narcissa idk who took the photo tbh
  • and andromeda does send narcissa a picture of tonks, all shocks of bright pink hair and toothy grins and mismatched overalls ted tried to make for her
  • and narcissa takes it out and smiles at it and tears up a little bit
  • she burns it straight after. she has to
  • but. andromeda falls hard for ted in like. sixth year. bc he’s all broad shoulders and cheeky smiles and sandy blonde hair and he listens to her and loves her and she just. can’t help herself
  • but they’re the happiest fuckign family. like woodcutter ted tonks trying in vain to sew overalls with these big beefy hands for their 4 year old daughter who just wants to climb trees
  • he sits at the kitchen table at ten at night with like. old man specs on and tries to patch up all these different pieces of fabric and andromeda just leans against the kitchen doorframe, smiling
  • she grew up doing embroidery don’t lie
  • and the great thing abt is that andromeda laughs when she’s around ted. like. completely happy and unrestrained bc she’s never been allowed to just feel anything before, and he lets her feel loose and free and loved
  • so she smiles and laughs all the time
  • basically my boss ass wife who could murder you with her pinky finger but writes letters to her little sister and loves her husband and daughter with all her heart
  • although she did name her daughter nymphadora lol what a fuckign nerd

Tonks always stealing Fleur’s socks.

The first time it was an accident, when one of Fleur’s cream-with-lace socks ended up in Tonks’ pile of the Grimmauld Place laundry. Tonks needed to leave immediately, Mad-Eye was already going to be pissed at her, so she shoved on the lacy (bloody hell, who wears socks with lace) sock and one of her own purple socks, a hole on the bottom, before tugging on her and leaving. Tonks was almost annoyed when she had to give the sock back with a muddy stain in it.

The second time it was out of spite, when the other witch finished off Tonks’ favourite tea. It was marked with her name and everything, and the goddamn French princess had just stood there, pouty and apologising. As punishment, Tonks stole Fleur’s socks for the day, these one’s cream and woollen and pretty (“just like their owner” Tonks thought, before quickly cutting that thought off). If Fleur spotted them when she passed Tonks, lounging in the library, she didn’t say anything.

The third time was in fear. Fleur was rarely called out on missions, and Tonks had a bad feeling about this one. A really bad feeling. So Tonks hide Fleur’s socks, as many as she could. Sometimes invisibility charms were, well, magical. Even if it meant she had to deal with the blonde girl stressing out because she ended up being too late to get to the meet up point. Later they learnt 3 people died on the mission. Tonks made a promise to thank Professor Flitwick when she next saw him.

The fourth time, they weren’t really stolen, plain navy socks thrown at Tonks as she rushed to get ready to go, Grimmauld Place having just been told about the fight about to take place at Hogwarts. Remus was rushing around, trying to contact the other safe houses; Fleur, wonderful Fleur, was trying to help everyone get ready, swearing in French under her breath. Tonks definitely didn’t blush at the reassuring smile flashed at her by the other girl. She might have blushed, though, when Fleur squeezed her hand as they apparated to Hogsmeade.

The fifth time Tonks stole Fleur’s socks was to walk to the kitchen, her feet protected from the cold. Having cold feet first thing in the morning wasn’t fun. Being at the stove and feeling your girlfriend (Tonks still couldn’t get over the fact she could say that now) wrap her arms around you and mumble ‘good morning’, however? Tonks could live with that.


Harry Potter: Nymphadora Tonks [ENFP]

Ne: Tonks is a woman of endless possibilities but most of her ideas come from the outside world. Around the Weasleys, her hair takes on a similar shade – when it’s not violently purple or bubblegum pink! She has a quirky way of seeing the world and is forever poking fun at it (when was the last time you saw a wizard with one buttock?). She loves to have a good time and is excited by new ideas. Tonks is naturally clumsy around the house but good on a broomstick.

Fi: She is eager to help but also insistent on being true to herself. Tonks wants to be called by her last name, or her father’s pet name “Dora,” because she hates her given name. She makes choices according to how she feels about things – she is fiercely loyal to Dumbledore, utterly unbothered by her inability to make Prefect (she didn’t want it anyway, and had way more fun causing trouble), and very sensitive and kind.

Te: Her decisions support her goals, either to become an Auror or to do dangerous work for the Order. Tonks sticks to the established method when it comes to her work – she thinks outside the box, but uses her ideas to accomplish whatever she sets her mind to. Once she makes up her mind, she won’t take no for an answer and can be a bit bossy. (Go home? Never!)

Si: Slightly sentimental at heart, Tonks holds on to her love for Lupin for years. She is practical enough to fight all his arguments with sound logic and an appeal to his emotions. Her aptness at disguise references previous hairstyles, as well as recalling up impressions and the physical features of other people.

Remus going back to Tonks after leaving and seeing Harry in DH, for 31stoctober1981

Remus had listened. Carefully. He had understood one thing: despite the fear, despite the war, despite everything… He loved Nymphadora Tonks, and she loved him back. That was what really mattered. He had to go back to her, he knew it; he had to protect her, be with her… be with the mother of his child.

He stood in front of Andromeda Tonks’ door, expecting the shouting, the tears, fearing that his apologies wouldn’t be enough. He would deserve it, he thought. He would even deserve a fine punch i the face; he knew Tonks wouldn’t hesitate. A little smile crossed his face, but it died instantly as he rang the bell.

The door didn’t open. He rang again, and it took a moment for him to get a response:

“Aunt Dromeda, is that you?” A quiet, hoarse voice came from behind the door. Remus’ heart jumped in his chest.

“It’s me, Tonks.” He said quietlty.

Everything remained silent for a moment, then the door opened. This time, Remus’ heart stopped. She had lost a couple of pounds since the last time he had seen her; her cheeks weren’t rosy and round like they used to be, they were pale, hollow. Her hair weren’t bubble gum pink anymore, they were brownish. Her eyes were puffed and red. But what truly caught Remus’ attention was the little bump she had just under her breast.

She stood there, her eyes wide, teary. But she didn’t say anything. She didn’t shout, nor did she cry. She merely stood, supporting herself with one hand against the door, the other protectively resting upon her belly.

“I came back.” Remus croaked, looking back into her eyes.

Tonks half gasped half sobbed. “Where were you?” She whispered after a while; no more sound would come out of her tightened throat.

“Too far.” Remus answered, cursing himself mentally for hurting her so badly. “But i’ve come back, Dora. I’m going to fix everything, I’ll take care of you… I’ll take care of our child. I won’t ever leave you again, Nymphadora Tonks, I swear it on Merlin’s name.”

Tonks watched him for a moment. Remus reached out to touch her belly, but she jerked his hand off and took a step back. He gasped when she slammed the door behind her.

“That’s right, leave me outside. I’ll stay here until you open that goddamn door. I’ll wait, Dora. I promised. You wont get rid of me this time.” He said quietly, resting his forehead and his hands on the door. “I love you, Tonks. I love you and I love our baby already. If It’s a boy, we’ll name him after your father. If it’s a girl… she’ll take the name of her beautiful mother. I love you, Tonks.”

He stopped, listening to the appeasing silence of the night. But before he could have lost all hope, Tonks opened the door once more. Remus pulled back, a relieved smile playing on his lips. Tonks stared at him for a moment, and when she realized that indeed he would never leave her again, she threw herself into her husband’s arms. She was crying, but there was one thing Remus knew for sure: these weren’t tears of sadness.