her name is shrimp

it’s a Somva Christmas fic

This fic was written for and inspired by my friend’s super cute drawings 

wait a sec she took a line from this for her comic omg

♪ …neomuneomu meotjeo nuni nuni busheo

sumeul mot shwigesseo tteollineungeol

Gee Gee— ♪


Interrupting the overly peppy K-pop was D.Va’s widely grinning face complete with the usual pink Doritos suddenly filling the entirety of her webcam.

“Aaand jilgohun Christmas bonoseyo ! Welcome to my super special Christmas stream!” As if to prove her festive spirit, the streamer moved her head back far enough to reveal a red headband adorned with reindeer antlers. The thousands of viewers who had been exchanging festive greetings took notice and began commenting on the headgear.

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Gajevy Headcannon Imagines

{ Original headcannons by @natalie-sancoeur }

Headcannons used: Levy not changing the sheets for two weeks because they smell like Gajeel and finding a ring in his drawer that has the word shrimp hidden on it.


His smell was the only thing that kept her sane. Oh god, it made her heart ache with unspoken words and feelings, paining her to the point where even crying didn’t help. She had hung onto the scent of him for two weeks now, refusing to do anything that would get rid of it. That meant her sheets hadn’t been changed, the scarf that he always wore was folded neatly on her bedside table, and she hadn’t touched her favorite dress, which also happened to be his favorite too.

Now, standing in her room facing the bed, Levy contemplated what to do with the sheets. She could take them off and lose the scent that helped her fall asleep, or she could leave them. Over time, the smell would fade, but maybe by then she could have gathered enough slivers of what had once been her heart to be alright without it.

Flopping face-first onto the mattress, she breathed in deeply, her fingers curling into the pale fabric as the warm, slightly metallic remnant of the only man she’d ever truly loved filled her lungs. Turning her head so her cheek lay against the bed, she sighed.

“Stupid Gajeel,” she muttered, an idea coming to her head suddenly. Standing quickly, she stripped the bed, albeit with some reluctance, before setting the sheets aside to be washed later. She then replaced them with a fresh set before slipping on a pair of sandals and rushing out the door.


The door to Gajeel’s dorm swung in on silent hinges, the lack of sound made up for by the old, creaky floors. Levy had been in the room only a few times before, but it was exactly the way she remembered it. The dark bedding, cluttered desk, and unorganized closet stuck out in her memory. The entire room smelled like him, which was enough to bring tears to her eyes. Taking a slow step into the room, she took a deep breath.

She came here in search of something of his to keep with her so she’d always know he was there. She wasn’t sure what it would be, but she’d know when she found it.

Looking around, she contemplated several objects right away. There was an extra pair of his favorite gloves on the top of his night stand, or the little plush toy she had won at the Fantasia Parade for him. Somehow, neither seemed just right, so she kept looking. Maybe another one of his headbands that he didn’t wear so often so she wouldn’t have to get rid of the smell in the other one?

That seemed like a good idea. She moved to his closet, finding nothing in the hangers and clothes there. So she stepped over to his wardrobe, pulling out the top drawer. She felt her face heat up significantly at the sight of his undergarments, but just as she went to close the drawer and continue, something caught her eye. In the back corner, the pieces of fabric looked like they’d been moved away to get something underneath.

Giving in to curiosity, Levy reached into the corner, her fingers brushing against a small object. Pulling it out, she found it was a box, velvety and small enough to fit in her palm. Her heartbeat thumped in her ears as she hesitantly pulled open the top. Inside was a ring, apparently made of iron from the dragon slayer himself. At first, it looked like three pieces braided together. However, upon closer inspection she found it was actually hundreds of hair-thin strands of iron, twisted together with such elegance and precision it left her speechless. It seemed more like lace than metal.

Carefully removing the piece from its spot, she looked at the whole thing intently, turning it over and over, before catching something different in one spot along the ring. Gazing at it for a long moment, she slid to the floor, tears almost immediately springing to her eyes.


The small disruptions in the pattern of the ring spelled out those six letters that were already ingrained in her memory. Shrimp, the name she claimed she hated, but secretly adored. Her tears slipped silently down her cheeks as she slowly, with shaking hands, slid the small metal circle onto her finger, only to find it fit exactly.

She couldn’t hold back the sobs that tore through her small frame at the realization that he probably planned on giving this to her one day. What occasion was this gift meant for? What did he never get to give her this ring for? What had he been planning? More questions that she would never get the answers to came to her mind as she sat there pressed against his wardrobe, letting loose cries of mourning and pain.

The Twenty-Second Event, Everything Looks Perfect From Far Away

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“This is so booooring,” Sasha complained from a cushy beanbag chair she’d brought onto the bridge of Alicia’s ship. “Is there any chance I’ll be necessary on this mission?”

“We don’t like it any more than you do, Shrimp.” Alicia said, watching the turtle-shaped gunboat intently through the scope.

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The Thirteenth Event, Lunchpad

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“I wonder where Cookie learned to, you know, cook.” Baltimore mused aloud. “I mean, I have never had a burger this good.”

“I wonder why they call them burgers.” Beam mused back. “I mean, what is burging? How do you burg?”

“You’re not serious,” Baltimore hoped.

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I wanted to come back from my hiatus with headcanons for you guys, so here they are! I hope you like them~ I’ve been thinking and planning these out for a long time!

  • Lucy eventually gets kicked out of Team Natsu because she’s weak and Natsu wanted Lisanna to join instead.
  • Lisanna starts being a complete bitch to Lucy because Lucy “tried to steal her man” aka Natsu.
  • Lucy killed Aquarius on purpose because she was so mean to her.
  • Gajeel only calls Levy by his pet name for her which is “shrimp.”
  • Cana is straight.
  • Freed hates Mirajane because he thinks that she stole Laxus away from him.
  • All of the dragon slayers go through a “mating season” where they try to find their perfect partner. After they find said partner, they will be mates for life and every time mating season comes around, the dragon slayers will get extremely overprotective of their lover and refuse to let anyone else touch them.
  • Jellal is actually the weenie man tbh
  • Jellal and Meredy probably let Ultear die because they secretly hate her.
  • Juvia is a complete stalker who sexually harasses him.
  • Gray killed the entire Milkovich line on purpose.
  • Yukino acts really innocent but she’s actually a huge bitch underneath that sweet little act she has going on for her.
  • Gajeel and Levy have neck problems now because they kissed at the wrong angle.
  • Natsu killed Eclair.
  • Jerza is totally one sided.
  • Mira completely disassociated herself from her siblings because they prevented her from being strong.
  • Gray is secretly a sex god and a top.
  • Cana eventually gets with Bacchus cause they both drink a lot.
  • Gray is a good dancer.
  • Natsu is a pedophile.
  • And finally, Fairy Tail is only about fanservice!

Also, Happy April Fool’s day!! //winks

P.S. If it wasn’t already obvious these are completely fake headcanons. I don’t believe in any of these as I simply took mischaracterizations of the Fairy Tail characters and put them into headcanons!!


I wrote a super short thing. 

He wasn’t sure when it started. It’d been all about atoning for what he’d done to her, but it turned into something else, something new. He’d been with a girl or two back in his Phantom Lord days, but this was different. She was different. There was something about the way she saw past all his bullshit, about the way she seemed to know him, whether he had wanted her to or not.

He glanced at her, noting that her current bandana was one he had gifted to her. She’d nearly squealed when he’d given it to her. Apparently, the purple design had been something she’d been looking for forever. She had switched them then and there and for the short bit of time when her hair was unbound and wild, he found himself wishing she would leave it that way more often. The orange bandana she’d been wearing before looked stupid tucked into the tiny front pocket of her shorts. More than half of it hung out, practically daring Levy to lose it. So, he ripped it from her pocket and tied it around his own head. Maybe that was the day that he realized that his feelings for the solid script mage ran well past that of a job partner. He’d never bought anything for another person just for the hell of it.

Even now he wanted to see her without the fabric, wanted to see her hair falling free. She hated it, but it fascinated him. He was tempted to reach out and touch it, to see if it was as soft as it looked.


She was staring at him and he realized she’d called his name more than once.

“Yeah, Shrimp?” He watched her jaw clench momentarily, like it always did when he called her by that name. He grinned, loving that he could rile her up so easily.

“Are you going to give me my pen back anytime soon?” She held her hand out, and he looked down at his hand as if he was seeing it for the first time. He didn’t know when he’d picked the pen up and he very nearly refused her request just to see her get angry. He decided against it at the last moment. The sooner she got done translating whatever the hell she was translating, the sooner they could leave. He could tease her all he wanted later.

She seemed surprised when he handed it back with no argument and shot him a grateful smile. She placed a hand in his forearm.

“I know this is boring for you, but I promise I’m almost done.”

He could feel the heat of her skin even after she’d pulled away.

She wasn’t wrong. It was boring as shit to sit and do nothing while she worked for hours, but jobs like this made Levy happy and that was enough for him. Even more so because it wasn’t like she picked jobs like this very often, opting to choose ones that had more fighting involved for his sake.

Gajeel leaned over the table, resting his head on his forearms. He closed his eyes and pretended to sleep, but not before taking one last peak at the blue haired girl beside him.

He should have known from the start that she was going to tangle him up and never let go.