her name is mabel but you can call her the girl of your dreams


I had a sudden inspiration from some… interesting names for nail polish. It’s a short one, but I hope everyone will enjoy!

There’s a girl who can solve your problems.

Whatever you do, don’t ask for her help.

I call her Nails

You’ll find her in the quad. She’s always there, if you look hard enough. If you can’t find her, you aren’t ready.

When you find her, you’ll know her by the darkness of her hair, the hunger in her eyes, and the painting. Always, she’s painting her nails. If you sit across from her, she won’t say a word, but those hungry eyes will find you. She’ll smile an ever-so-slightly too-wide smile before looking back at her nails.

“What color do you want?” she’ll ask.

If you’re smart, you won’t say a thing. You’ll realize what a terrible idea this was and walk away.

You tell her your story. Whether it be the test that you can’t afford to fail, or the nights of sleep you just can’t lose anymore. I told her about the girl who broke my heart and hasn’t slept any worse for it. I told her about how every day I wanted to wring her neck and tear her heart out and show it to her. And she smiled.

She’ll close the cap, nails perfectly coated, and she’ll slide the bottle over to you. It’s different for everyone. My color was…

“Revenge. It will give you what you seek.”

This is your last chance. If you don’t take the bottle, you’ll be happier. You’ll be better for it.

“What do I have to do?” I asked.

“When you want your desired effect, open the bottle and paint each of your nails with a single stroke.”

She won’t tell you the price. If it’s just a test, you’ll have it easy. John went to her for a test. He only speaks in chemistry formulas now. It’s all he remembers. Mabel ask for sleep. She got transferred to the hospital. She still hasn’t woken up from her coma.

I don’t know if I have it worse… but the dreams are so vivid. My hands around her neck. Her heart in my hand, Nails’ smile on my face. I have them every single night, sometimes even when I lie awake.

I can’t remember if it’s a dream or a memory anymore.




Mabel pulled the hem of her sweater down so that the star was shooting straight across her chest instead of off to the side. She straightened her headband and made sure both the band-aids on her knees were stuck down all the way. Then she looked up nervously at the glowing blue spiral in front of her and cleared her throat.

“Can they hear me yet?” she asked.

Grunkle Ford stepped back and lifted up the mask he’d been wearing. There was sweat beading on his forehead and his whole face matched the color of his nose.

“Very nearly!” he said. “Just one more minor calibration!”

Mabel nodded, and Grunkle Ford put the mask back on and went back to tinkering with one of his weird science tools. This one looked kind of like the drills they’d used in wood shop class, except the bit was some sort of green laser and sometimes it went cloudy and would go straight through the thing he was working on.

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Reunion Falls

Based on this post by sailorleo. I love aus so fucking much hhhhhh

Mabel Pines should not have been on the bus she most definitely was currently on. Rolling peacefully through Oregon pine forest, she eagerly tapped away on her cellphone, telling her friends all about her outrageous act, and ignoring all their frightened replies.

Mabel Pines, who would probably exhaust a mule, had very stupidly, but also very bravely, run away.

Now, she wasn’t hateful of her parents, or her life. In fact, she lived comfortably and happily, and was fed a copious amount of sugar-coated gummies when on good behavior, but she still knew she had to go.
It had started four months ago, just before school ended. She was finishing up the year with one more big English project, and upon researching Puritans and witches for the Scarlet Letter book she had been reading, she stumbled across a peculiar, short article on a little town by the name of Gravity Falls in Oregon. Bored with what she was already doing, and desperate to find any reason to not being doing it, she had paused her work and looked into the town, the very first article coming from the newsite for the town itself.

“Mystery Solver Catches Vampire Bat!”

The article had featured a small image of what seemed to be a boy dramatically leaning out a window, tasering and enormous looking bat. Normally, when Mabel saw any boy looking dramatic and intense, she was enraptured, and she fully expected to be enthralled, but she was much too busy being absolutely confused to do any such thing. The boy, even in such a small picture, looked oddly familiar?
Intrigued, she read into the article and had done her top-of-the-line, expert, gasp of shock upon finding said boy’s name.

‘Dipper Pines’ glared from her laptop screen and she realized the boy seemed familiar because he looked like her. She then looked up ‘Dipper Pines, Gravity Falls’ and found several articles concerning said boy and random happenings in the town. In every picture of him, her heart became overwhelmed with unintelligible emotions because she just somehow knew this boy was related to her- hell, they even had the same last name! She ran down stairs, come over with the thought of asking her parents, but frozen in front of their door.

What if there had been a reason she didn’t know him? Maybe they were family members that didn’t talk anymore. She had given up the idea and treated herself to sugary cereal while connecting dots in her head. Same last name, appeared to be the same age, never visited or any information about him… She had nearly choked on her cereal and stared into the hacked up cereal floating in milk with wide eyes.

What if…

What if he was her brother?

If so, then one of them was adopted. If one of them was adopted then… She flailed wildly, leaping from her chair and immediately bursting into tears as she stormed into her parents bedroom, disrupting their peaceful movie watching.
After a violent fit of anger and over-dramatic descriptions of hurt feelings, she was finally calmed enough to explain herself and ask them if she was adopted. Both of them were surprised and mildly embarrassed.

“Mabel, honey, we… We didn’t want to tell you until you were older, but… Yes, you do have a brother- a twin really. However we just… We couldn’t keep him. He lives with your great uncle right now and he doesn’t know either- we were planning to have your reunion before you two graduated high school.”

“So… I’m not adopted?” She sniffled.

“No, of course not! You are ours, we promise, but even if you were, dear, we would still love you.” And that was it.

For her parents at least. Mabel became obsessed with the idea of it- a brother. A sibling attached at the hip, alike in more than just blood, but appearance and almost every other aspect. She couldn’t stop dreaming about having company, especially in her mostly lonely world of only girlfriends and consistently disappointing boys. Such loneliness made her love the idea of romance and close friendship, but in action it was so much harder and frustrating. For once, she wondered if there was a boy she could potentially have a relationship with that didn’t have to be romantic to be important.

Then, she decided to devise a plan- an escape plan. She began to save her allowance, collecting all her winter clothes (Oregon was cold, right?), and looking up bus and train prices since she obviously couldn’t go by plane from Piedmont, California to Oregon.

She picked a Friday night a week after school ended to sneak out, knowing her parents went to bed early and got up late and usually didn’t check on her until late in the afternoon. This way, she could get an early start and make distance before they could even notice she was gone. She left a note telling them where she was going and why and snuck out after her parents fell asleep.

That was yesterday, and now, after ignoring all their calls and her friends messages, she was nearly fifteen minutes from the Gravity Falls bus station. She buzzed with excitement, flipping and closing her phone with anxiety and eagerness. Fifteen minutes felt like a hundred years, but they finally arrived and she was off the bus faster than the woman in the front could even open her eyes.

She drank in the piney, open air she was so unfamiliar to, feeling dizzy with how fresh it was compared to her suburb home near the city. Stumbling off the bus stop, she found the nearest gift shop and waddled in to grab a free map of the town, approaching the cashier. She got the young man’s attention, probably in his mid-twenties with bright eyes, dark skin, and pale blond hair, and he gave her a friendly smile. 

“Hello, little miss, what can I do for ya’?”

“Hi! I’m looking for Dipper Pines? Where does he live?” She wasn’t nervous about asking by name since he’d been in the newspapers before, so people were sure to know him. 

“He lives in the old Mystery Shack- want me to mark it on the map for ya’?” She nodded and shoved the map onto the counter. He opened it and plucked a red sharpie from his breast pocket and circled a small building on the outskirts of town with an unpaved road to it. “We’re right here, so to get to the road, just follow down that way until ya’ see the ad signs. Theres a ton of them, so ya’ can’t miss it.” He said warmly, and she returned the smile just as brightly.

“Thank you! Have a super wonderful fantastic day!~” She cheered before bouncing back out the shop and following the directions she’d been given. The man had been right- there was a BUNCH of ad signs near the entrance of the road, and she started off down the road with a proud step and a high chin.

“I gotta pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine~” She sang to herself cheerily, occasionally pulling out her map and setting markers for how far she’d walked. She didn’t even notice the dark hooded boy walking in the opposite direction in front of her until he got close enough to address her directly.

“Hey.” Her head snapped up in slight surprise, landing on the boy.


“’Sup. Are you lost?” He asked, and her heart fluttered at the way his hair fell in his face.

“Not anymore- uh, I mean, hehe, you know a place called the Mystery Shack?” She asked shyly, and he smiled.

“Yeah, right down the road. I can walk you there if you want?” She nodded and he offered his arm and she took it with bashful grace.

A few minutes later and after brief introductions, she was sure she was dreaming. Sure, she didn’t really know him, but a nice, cute boy was always appreciated, and she was sure to ditch him once she met Dipper.

“So, uh, Norman…” She started, grabbing his attention. “You must know this town pretty well, huh? What’s it like living here?” She asked, looking up at him wonderingly. He gave her another relaxed smiled before answering.

“Well, it’s alright. You hear a lot of rumors about evil stuff in the forest, sometimes. Some of ‘em are true…” He stopped walking and turned better to her, still loosely linked with her arm as she gave him a curious look. “But, it’s not so bad…” He leaned down towards her and Mabel’s brain seemed to shut off and go into panic mode. She was frozen with silence as he moved and couldn’t even form a thought in her head of what she felt.

Luckily, she didn’t need to as something collided violently with the side of Norman’s head and he was knocked to the ground. This snapped her out of her trance, and she gasped, turning to Norman on the ground with a sense of worry.

“Oh my gosh! Norman, are you oka-” She stopped mid-sentence, realizing Norman was no longer there. Several small men were now rubbing hurt limbs, Normans’ clothes now loose and empty on the ground. She had no words.

“HEY!” She spun at the new voice and her eyes landed on the boy who apparently shot the blunt object at Norman(?). “I thought I convinced you creeps to stay in the forest where you belong!” He growled, storming up as his grappling hook retracted itself.

“This isn’t the last you’ll see of us human boy! We have power beyond your comprehension, and don’t think we’ll be afraid to-” One of the small men, dressed like a garden gnome, pointed accusingly at the boy before said boy pelted a rock at it’s head.

The gnomes all hissed and began to scurry away for fear of being hit too and the boy bristled angrily, calling after,” Yeah, go tell your army or whatever that Dipper Pines kicked your asses!” And like it was some after thought, he added,” And thats Dipper with two ‘p’s and one ‘r’!”

Mabel stared owl-eyed at the boy, completely befuddled and at a loss of every superflous word in her dictionary to say anything. He turned to her, now calmer and apologetic.

“Sorry about all that, you’re like the fifth girl they’re tried that on. I’m guessing you aren’t from around here, huh. Were you looking for something?” He asked, eyeing her suitcase.

Mabel found her English again and slowly got out,” Uh… Yeah… I was um… Looking for…” And, like she had an epiphany, her face lost it’s vacantness and filled with sparkling wonder and eagerness. “Wait! Did you say your name was ‘Dipper Pines’?” She asked. He blinked at her, a little confused.

“Uh, yep. That’s me, Dipper Pines. Wh-” He was about to question, but was engulfed in fuzzy sweater and curly hair, and two surprisingly strong arms squeezing him in a bearish hug. Only for a moment was he fazed, but he quickly collected himself and managed to pry and shove Mabel off, distancing himself with a look of suspicion and worry.

“What the heck? What was that?! Who are you?!” He sputtered, and Mabel realized maybe that wasn’t the best introduction. A better one would have been sweeping him off his feet and dramatically declaring their relation, or perhaps she could have drawn this out and appeared randomly in town around him until he thought he was being stalked. She internally wished these great ideas had struck her earlier rather than in the few seconds she was required to answer a completely different question.

“Oh! Uh, haha, right… Sorry about that… But, uh, listen! My name is Mabel! And I…” She took a deep breath and announced in a squealish, bouncing voice,” And I’m your sister!”

Dipper stared at her, eyes white and brows furrowed into a line. She waited for his excited reply, grinning happily, doing jazz hands with her face pretty much.

His reply was actually, much more realistic.

“I don’t have a sister. Okay, bye.” He said awkwardly, backing away from her and walking around her with an intentional separation.

This was not how Mabel had imagined it to go. She pouted, grabbed her case and trailing after him with puffed cheeks.

“No! I’m serious! I even asked my parents about it! Dipper! Don’t ignore me! Let me explain, it’s a really cool story!” But all her insistence fell on deaf ears as he continued to march down the road back home. She followed all the way, meeting his angry backward glances with peachiness and brushing off the cold vibe. 

When they finally arrived to the Shack, he spun on her, pushing her back slightly with a hard glint in his eye.

“Stop it!” He growled, and Mabel flinched away, her smile gone. “I don’t know what you are, but your stupid trick isn’t working! I don’t have a sister, I know you’re just some body-snatcher, so screw off before a put this through your head!” He snapped, holding up his grappling hook to prove himself. Mabel gaped, threatened and mildly shocked.

And then she got angry.

“Excuse me? Body-snatcher? Whatever the heckle THAT means! But I know it isn’t good, and I don’t find such a title very becoming of me, Mabel Pines, who whether you like it or not, is your sibling! Excu-use me, Mr. Dippingsauce, but I did NOT miss Carleigh Janhill’s sweet 16 birthday party to sneak up a million miles away from home to meet my long lost twin and have him-” she jabbed him in the chest, her eyes narrowing,”- Tell me, that he wants nothing to do with me!”

Dipper opened his mouth to reply, but the front door to the Shack opened and a fat, older man stood in the doorway.

“Hey Dipper, I heard some yellin’ out here, is everything alri-” The man walked out onto the porch and noticed Mabel and stopped midsentence. He looked between the two quickly, brows furrowed. “Woah… Freaky.”

“I know! It’s some monster who says it’s my sister and won’t leave me alone!” Dipper pushed Mabel away again, dashing up to the porch, Mabel tailing with an oddly similar run, though her odd wobble may have been from dragging her suitcase.

“I am NOT a monster, though if you keep calling me one, I may bite you!” She threatened and Dipper hid behind Soos, who simply stared at the girl curiously.

“See! Obviously a monster!” He hissed, but Soos was unconvinced.

“Idunno man, she’s got a suitcase- plus she looks like you, but ain’t you! How many bodies did you see her snatch?” Dipper begrudgingly mumbled something like a ‘none’ and Soos laughed. “Well, I guess the only eay to know is to ask Stan- he would know wouldn’t he?” 

“Stan?” Mabel asked, confused.

“MY great uncle.” Dipper emphasized,” You’re right! He’ll put this to rest, and then I’ll put you to rest!” Dipper spat before running inside. Mabel paused before following, seeming sad.

“I came all this way… And he doesn’t even want me…” She mumbled before slipping past Soos, who watched her with mild concern. She tracked Dipper to a far doorway with only a curtain to separate it from the house, and as she emerged through it, was met by the familiar sight of a gift shop. This one, however, did not feature totally typical things as oddities lined the walls instead of knick-knacks.

“Theres a girl who says what?!” She turned just as a much older gentleman spun around to spy her in the doorway. She took a deep breath and gave him a sparkling silver smile and put up her hands in a flourish.

“Hi! I’m Mabel Pines, and I’m Dipper’s twin sister!” She announced happily.

The man went pale, jaw nearly dropping to the floor.

“How… On earth… Did you get up here… From Piedmont… On your own?”

Hey guys, this was a long time in the making. This is my first article for tips on how to make better fanfictions. Today I want to talk about Mary Sues.

 If a character is too perfect, then a character could often times be referred to as a Mary Sue or Gary Stu if the character is male. This definition, while getting the general idea across, is too narrow and allows too many fantastic characters to fall under this category. So in order to fully grasp what a Mary Sue is, we need to go back to where the term originated.

The term “Mary Sue” was coined back in the 70s in a Star Trek parody fanfiction called “A Trekee’s Tale”. In the story, there was a character named, you guessed it, Mary Sue. She was prefect at everything, including being the youngest lieutenant in the fleet at 15, had all three of the major male characters falling at her feet and was the one to always save the day. As you probably also guessed, the editors of the magazine it was posted in and the people read it, called bullshit.

Even with this in mind, it is hard to say what the true definition of a Mary Sue actually is. This term gets tossed around so much that it becomes super vague, loosing all meaning. Some definitions say they can only be in fanfictions; others say they can be idealised versions of the authors; others say they are just insert characters in general. I heard of characters being mixed race (which is complete bullshit, but I digress), having large boobs, being an orphan, wearing all black, liking the colour pink, having a tragic backstory, is good looking, popular at school, have magical powers and so much more declared Mary Sues. Reality is, I don’t think any of these really define that.

What the definition is to me, and to quote Bronycurious or Tommy Oliver, “A character so prefect they are not challenged by the events of the narrative.”

I like this one since it encompasses what a Mary Sue is while being specific enough to not consider perfection a flaw. After all, a lot of characters have perfection in a couple different areas. What makes a story interesting is if they still have obstacles in the narrative and areas of weakness.

So when a character is so powerful, prefect and solve a problem in a few seconds flat with no effort to point of wanting to face palm yourself, then you yourself a Mary Sue.

An example of a Mary Sue in literature is Bella from Twilight. The story was based off a dream Meyers had where a male vampire and an average girl were having a conversation a meadow. Whether or not Bella Swan is based on the author herself is unknown to me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. Bella is perfect and has absolutely no conflicts or struggles she faces in the story. She is smarter than every girl in class, even saying she read all of the books on the reading list in her class and an ace in bio (which is funny in hindsight since my brothers, who have science degrees, told me that she was doing a lot of the labs wrong and was doing middle school lab experiments). Nothing ever touches her. Even when she is attacked or hurt, she’s automatically saved and healed perfectly well and is not traumatized or effected by those events. She never develops or changes throughout the story. She is never called out once for her mistakes. She is always in the centre of the universe.  There are many more examples of Mary Sue characters in fiction, obviously, but that is the first one that jumps out to me.

So, you may be wondering, “How do I prevent this?” These are some tips that will help you out and ways to prevent some of these things to happen.

Tip 1: Don’t have the character defy the laws of the set narrative without a reason or explanation

This is for fanfiction, but can apply for original stuff, too.  For instance, a character being a Super Saiyan would not add up in the Digimon universe or being a Pokémon master in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe. These worlds have defined world building, so it’s not wise to play around with that without either explaining things or having these actions have consequences.

How do I fix this?

Know your fandom very well.  If there is a manga, read it; if there is a Japanese version of the show, watch every single episode or find somewhere that has a recap of them; if there is a video game tie in, watch a let’s play of it; if there is a side story or extra fandom info, read it.  

If you do not know the fandom well or are very new, do not be afraid to ask others for help. There will be lots of people on the site who will be glad to help you out if you are unsure of something.

 If certain characteristics not fit into the context of that universe, it’s not a good idea to add it without explaining why it happened or making it an AU.

Tip 2:  Self inserts are not automatically bad, you just have to work on them more

Yup. You heard me right.  Self inserts are not an automatic death sentence like many people claim them to be.  They appear in published works more often than you might think and you’d be shocked how many of your favourite characters are self inserts or based on a real person. 

The first example that comes to mind is Dipper and Mabel from Gravity Falls. The creator of Gravity Falls, Alex Hirsch, admitted in interviews that the characters Dipper and Mabel are loosely based on himself and his twin sister when they were kids. The character Grunkle Stan is based on his Grandpa. Soos is based on a guy he knew in college.  In fact, the show is inspired by Alex’s childhood experiences of being out in the woods during the summer, wishing for something exciting to happen like in the show.

Does this mean the show is bad? Hell no! This is one of my favourite shows TV right now and is one of my favourite Disney shows. I am not the only one who thinks this.  Many critics and audiences alike enjoy the show immensely.  This show even won an Annie Award in 2015 for Best Cartoon. Even if you don’t like the show, which is perfectly fine and I totally respect, it not poorly written piece of crap either.  

Gravity Falls isn’t the only show to have pulled this off. Other shows have as well such as TMNT, South Park, Harry Potter, a lot of Disney movies and many more.

Like I said, this is not an automatic death sentence with just the idea of a self-insert, it is possible to do this right.

You may be wondering to yourself, “How can something like Gravity Falls pull this off and get praise meanwhile a lot of fanfictions cannot?” I think this is because of a couple things.

Gravity Falls focuses on many different side characters, giving them moments in the sun and character development.

Dipper gets into trouble and caused trouble numerous times on the show. There many points in the show where Dipper was almost killed.  He even turned into a wood craving in one episode!

In addition, Dipper is not always the one to save the day. Other characters saved him a couple times including Wendy, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, Ford and Pacifica.     It is also a team effort sometimes as well.  While Dipper does save the day sometimes, it’s never just him doing it all time, sometimes he has help too.

In a lot of fanfictions, the author allows nothing bad to happen to star main character, letting them take all the spotlight and glory.  No one is allowed to help or get development, even the canon cast. This is not a good thing.

The second thing is that Dipper isn’t, Jaden Yuki in Yu-Gi-Oh Gx Abridged puts it, absolutely flawless. He has a vast amount of character flaws.  He can be insecure, paranoid, can be vengeful, vindictive towards those he hates and much more. These traits do prevent him from reaching his goal.

Dipper has made some very dumb mistakes in the show. One example being when he read a page out of the journal and making zombies appear just to make a point. However, when he does screw up, he admits it and tries his best to make things right.

In a lot of these fanfictions, the character most likely never screws up. When they do, they never admit it or it’s never mentioned.  The narrative never challenges them and they have no character flaws or setbacks.  When you neglect to do this, that’s what makes the OC fall flat.

How do I fix this?

Think hard to yourself about how others perceive you and what your own flaws are.  Everyone has them.  For me, one of my major personality flaws are that: I have a hard time doing certain tasks at a brisk pace, I learn things slower sometimes, I can procrastinate things a lot, I can be a worrywart when it comes to my stories and whole bunch more. Everyone has flaws, so  should your character. Bring them up in the story and let your character fail because of them.

Also, don’t be afraid if the character gains traits you don’t, this is natural and is bound to happen over time. Even Dipper is not an exact clone of Alex Hirsch.

Tip 3: Give your characters actual flaws and make them seem human

A character’s problems and flaws that make it harder for them in the narrative. I am not talking about “cute” flaws like clumsiness, but real problematic traits that set the character back from the goal. Not only that, these setbacks have to happen because of said flaws.  Everyone has set-backs, flaws and insecurities, it is what makes us human.

As for making them human, it’s about giving them flaws, like I just said, but also giving them traits that make us like them. Obviously, you can make a douche or an idealised person a main character and have it work out fine. But if you do, you have to give them other traits for the viewer or the reader to latch onto and challenge them, giving them setbacks and flaws.    

A good example of a more problematic main character is Iron Man/Tony Stark.    On paper, he seems like a douche. He is a womaniser, a party animal, and a drunk, alcoholic, is very reckless with his actions, and endangers others and so much more.     There is a lot more to him than that. He cares about his loved ones, he’s smart and can get himself out of trouble and is very witty. Despite his flaws, a person can cheer him on and want to see him get out okay because we can see a person like him existing.  

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Superman. While he isn’t my favourite hero, he is still an icon that is around to this day and I don’t consider him a Mary-Sue. Superman is very noble and virtuous, but he still has obstacles in the form of extremely powerful beings like Darkseid and many more. He even died once in the comics. His morals are always being tested since he does almost kill people sometimes, even sometimes doing this in the movies. Even though he does little for me personally, many people admire the traits he does stand for and that he does stand up for what he believes in. These characters are a lot harder to pull off, especially in the modern day, needing a truly powerful villain to face off that will challenge those ideals and show some sign of those ideals possibly breaking. Even then, these character should  have characters flaws.  

Let’s take a look at another character, Bella Swan. She endangers people around her, she is hung up on her playgirl calendars, she takes little action throughout the story, she has little personality, she jumps off cliffs to get boys to notice her, her world seems to end because a guy dumped her and the list goes on.     I think most people can agree that if they met someone in real life like her, they’d probably want to smack her.  There is little that a person can understand or identify with due her choices being so odd and hardly ever being tested or called out for her actions. Because of this, people dislike her as a character.

A person can forgive a few plot holes or even a cliché premise if the characters stand out and you can cheer for them. If the main characters and side characters are crap, then it will fall apart.

How do I prevent this?  

In order to make sure that your characters are likable, take a step back and wonder if their personalities are balanced and if they have set backs. For example, if the character is a royal queen from ancient Egypt, she’d probably have a hard time fitting into modern times. She will also come off an overbearing and could make some very harsh judgement calls, some of which might not be popular with others. On the flip side, she can think on her toes and knows to make deals among other things.

If it helps, base characters on people you know. A lot of authors do this…to the point it is kind of scary if you look into it too much.

Tip 4 Have the canon characters act realistically around said character:  

Not every side character is going to love the main character or view them the same way in the story.  Some might like them, some might be indifferent towards them and other might hate them. In a lot of bad fanfictions, this doesn’t change at all.

The reverse of this is true as well when a character from the show, who should get along with your character, becomes hostile towards said character for no reason, contradicting their canon personality. This also happens a lot in bashing fics, but that’s another topic for another day.

For example, something I do see happen in Yu-Gi-Oh fanfictions is Tea hating the OC, most of the time for no reason.  Sometimes it’s over the fact the OC shows affection towards Yami, a guy who she had shown interest in at the start of the series. However, in the series, she has no sign of having a problem with hanging out with another girl; if anything, she would be ecstatic to have another girl in the group. So, in short, this makes no sense in the narrative since she’d never react like that.

 Even if you hate said canon character, try to understand her view point and understand where she is coming from with her actions. People will always have a few characters they hate in a show, it’s natural and no one should hate you for that.  If someone gives you flax for just hating a character when you never bashed them, send them to the Shadow Realm.  However, there is always a reason behind people’s actions, even if you might not like them or disagree with them. As an author, you must keep that in mind and explain why the character is acting like that and keep close to their cannon personality, even if you might not like it.

How to do fix this?

Mainly, try to make the canon characters act like themselves and act like a real person would. Know the canon cast well, keeping them in line no matter how much you might despise some of them.

Tip 6: If this is an OC x canon, story have the romance build up at a realistic pace

I think everyone heard of love at first sight where a girl sees some hot dude across the room and falls in love right then and there. Reality is, this is impossible in real life and scientifically proven this it cannot happen.

No healthy long term relationship goes from laying eyes on someone to marrying them in five seconds. Relationships take time to form, having ups and downs along the way.

For the love of Ra, think twice before you add a love triangle to a fanfiction. While it is possible to pull this off, it’s not something I’d recommend to a novice writer to test out on their first fan fiction. It takes a lot of talent and skill to pull a love triangle right. Many people, even professional writers, cannot pull this off right.

Tip 7: Give your OC realistic, human reactions to things.

One thing I see in bad fanfictions and even published novels is where the character make bizarre decisions that no one will think of. I’m not talking like a good thing like coming up with a new chemical formula, I’m talking about irrational decisions that no one in their right mind would do.

A perfect example of this is Bella Swan (wow I’m using her as example a lot in this article). In Twilight, Edward admits to Bella that he watches her in her sleep. She does not freak out about this in the slightest.     I think most girls agree that if their crush did that to them in real life, they’d call the police and put a restraining order on their ass.

Another example from another YA novel Prince of Wolves by Quinn Loftis where the main character told her besties that she can hear voices in her head and they went along with it, not even questioning this in the slightest. I love my besties to death, but if one of my friends told me that, I would think she was joking. If she said she was serious, then I would make this face…

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However, this one is complicated as well since this can vary from character to character. Not everyone thinks and reacts the same way. In real life, our surroundings and experiences influence our actions and views of the world. Since no one has the same background and the same life experiences, not everyone is going to view or react the same way.  Even with this in mind, there are just somethings that are general common sense among most people.

There are exceptions like if you are writing an alien or some other supernatural creature since it is hard to know their thought process for obvious reasons.

 Truly think to yourself, “If my character was in a situation like this in real life, how’d they react?” Sometimes this can take many drafts and just writing many one shots to know how a character would react to things.

Tip 9: Don’t be afraid to have things not go their way or have bad things happen to them once in a while.  Give your OC obstacles that challenge them and are hard to overcome.

This is the ultimate big one.  The big kahuna. This one is the big determining factor whether or not you have a Mary Sue or not.  

I am not saying this is a free for all for character bashing or something. Hell, no! What I am saying that you should put in events that test the character and not have everything go their way all the time. Like have them fail at a test, not get the guy they had a crush on, have them fail the first try fighting off a villain etc.  

In life, not everything is going to go our way and there is little we can do about it other than overcome it. That is what ultimately makes an amazing story, not how much we win— but how much we overcome and change into better people. This is even one of the Pixar rules of good story telling. After all, Mary sues do not exist in real life since every human has problems and setbacks in their lives; no one can achieve greatness without any effort.

That about wraps it up. Like with anything, there are exceptions to the rules. These are just some general rules to keep in mind. Let me know what you guys think.  

reunion falls full script

so…. i think it’s about time to face the music that there is no way in Heck im ever going to be able to draw out all the stuff i have written for rfalls. i mean, there is boatloads of dialogue here. i dont even have the time right now to work on my own webcomic, let alone a fancomic. but i figure, hey, this silly little thing has a lot of fans, maybe they would appreciate seeing the drafts i had planned! and maybe they’d even like to take a crack at drawing some of it themselves!

and this isnt me giving up, either! i’d still really love to draw a ton of this. when i can find time, i’ll totally try! and i’m still going to finish sock opera and the backstory comic. but yknow. the people have been waiting long enough. so here’s a comprehensive list of all the notes and dialogue ive written so far, organized by “episodes”.

(it’s long. really freakin long)

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Forsaking the Stars ch. 9

Ten years after Weirdmeggedon: After all these years, one would think Mabel would have learned to look with her eyes, not her hands. But what trouble ever came from touching a statue?

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

Mabel ended up sleeping through most of the plane ride, and dreamed of a huge glowing moon, the same image she’d seen that same morning that had inspired her to paint. Odd, she rarely had repeat dreams, even something as simple as reoccurring imagery. 

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Mabill Week - Day One

Prompt: Mabel’s Dream (Demon) Boy 

Rating: PG

Summary: Bill tries to invade Mabel’s mind, is choked by Technicolor sparkles, fights a vampire

“Sorry, Shooting Star,” Bill said as he slipped into the slumbering girl’s mind. “Underneath all that silliness, you’re pretty sharp. I’ll give you that. But you’re no Stan Pines. The mind of a kid is no match for- ACK! BLEGH!”

Bill Cipher was a being of pure energy. He didn’t have a mouth. It was impossible for him to choke, and yet he was.

For millennia he’d invaded the minds of humanity. He’d seen all sort of indescribable horrors. He’d experienced the lusts of serial killers and delusions of mad men. Had caused quite a few of those too.

But this mind took the cake.

A technicolor wasteland hopped up on at least five different kinds of hallucinogens lay before him. There were the usual paths and doors, he could focus on that much at least. But the doors rested on moving- no, speeding walkways. They zipped from left and right, up and down, blurring faster than even he could track. Every single object - and Star’s mind was overloaded with objects - was a blasted mismatch of colors that rapidly shifted from hue to hue.

It hurt his eye. It hurt his mind.

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this was an eventful … week? i’ve lost track of everything. so i had to check, and it hasn’t even been two weeks yet! woo!

anyway, i’ve been hard at work decoding all the secrets of the recently released JOURNAL 3, and it was fun! i even went through it a second time to make sure i had everything.

so here we go! but cautiously — spoilers lie ahead.

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I Think She Looks Beautiful


 Written for The Power Of Mabel Week, day 5: Missed Moments. I always loved how passionately Mabel and Wendy defended Lazy Susan’s appearance in Society of the Blind Eye and wondered if there was a story behind it. So here’s a story.

“I’ll show you how a real man stirs his coffee! WITH HIS THUMB! Wouldn’t be caught dead using one of those sissy spoons!”

The three younger Corduroys erupted into cheers. Wendy took advantage of the noise to hide her groan. Sure, she could stir hot beverages with her fingers without getting burned, but what was the point? The cutlery vendetta was getting out of hand. If it went on for much longer she was going to have to start sneaking forks and spoons home from the Mystery Shack. Wouldn’t that be fun to explain if she got caught? “Sorry, Stan, I have to abscond with all your silverware because my Dad decided that having anything besides knives and cast-iron in the kitchen meant we were getting too soft.”

At least Greasy’s had forks. Plus there were higher ceilings than at home, and fewer axes. And, most importantly, pancakes.

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aquaburst07  asked:

Do you have any Harry Potter Rev!Falls headcanons?

I didn’t, but I’m certainly going to think of them now!

Oh, oh, oh, I just thought of the worst, most painful thing. (Just ignore the UK v US setting) 

Get this:

Mabel doesn’t get a letter.

When a strangely antiquated looking letter shows up for “Dipper” Pines on the morning of the twins’ 11th birthday, there is, admittedly some confusion. Who writes letters anymore? And why would they address is using his nickname? And, if it’s a birthday card, why didn’t Mabel get one?

As it turns out, it is not a birthday card, but an invitation to enter into a new, completely unknown world. One of the professors from the school - Hogwarts? What kind of school calls itself ‘Hogwarts’? - a sallow looking man with greasy black hair, guides Dipper and his family to Diagon Alley, the place where both twins’ lives change forever.

Mabel waits, silent, at her mother’s side, as her father and Dipper begin to explore (”You know,” their father says, “There were always some strange rumors about my great-uncles. Real eccentric guys, and eventually they just… disappeared.”). She watched as Dipper was fitted for robes. Watched as he found his wand. Watched as their parents (never particularly wealthy) bought him a cauldron, an owl, stacks of shiny, leather bound books, vials filled with ingredients from fairy tales. Her mother buys her a Chocolate Frog.

Dipper leaves. Every few days, an she’s woken by the sound of an owl, rapping at her window. His letters sound like a dream: words like Slytherin, transfiguration, Dumbledore, ghosts slide around and past her unfeelingly. For almost ten months out the the year, she gets her own room.

Their old friends start asking where Dipper went. With venom at her lips, she says a school for juvenile misfits. Eventually, Dipper’s owl learns to go to their parents’ window, after months of spending hours pecking at Mabel’s. She turns her back every time. It’s all her parents seem to talk about, Dipper this, magic that, and their father even proposes spending a summer traveling the countryside, to see if they can reconnect with any of those strange, missing great uncles. 

Mabel and Dipper spent most of their summer in the cramped back seat of their dad’s car, studiously looking out opposite windows. The few times he tries to talk about school, Mabel pretends not to understand. He calls her stupid. One night, in the small hotel room they share, Dipper keeps her up, muttering some nonsense he calls a spell under his breath. She throws a pillow at him. He calls her Muggle. Mabel doesn’t know what that means, but Dipper comes out for breakfast the next morning with a black eye.

Only once does Mabel enjoy their family outing to Diagon Alley. It’s their twelfth birthday, and Dipper insists they spend it there, where his friends from school can come. Bustling about, his parents set up a fantastic spread at a few of the tables outside of Florean Fontescue’s Ice Cream Parlor. They have places set for ten. No one else shows up. As livid as Mabel is that Dipper’s takeover of their birthday meant not being able to see her friends, who would have shown up, it’s worth it to watch the color slowly rise in Dipper’s cheeks, to watch the way his hand clenches around his wand. That day, she eats three banana caramel sundaes.

They’re just wrapping up their failed birthday, with promises of presents at home, when two people, clad in deep indigo robes, pass by.

“Pines!” one of them sneers - a girl, about their age, with impossibly blonde hair. 

Dipper whips around, matching her ugly expression. “Northwest.”

The man with her stops, peers down his nose at Dipper and Mabel.

“Pacifica, is this the boy you were telling me about?”

“Yes, father.”

His eyes, an icy blue, shift from Dipper to Mabel. She stares back at him, unfazed, and his lips tilt into a smirk.

“It’s a rare occurrence,” he says, “One twin being born without magical powers. But then again, your family line has always been so spotty. Must be all that Muggle blood. Let me guess, you must be the grandchildren of the Pines child who didn’t turn out magical. Shame.”

Dipper jumps out of his seat, hand already on his wand, but the man just laughs. Their parents sit motionless, petrified in their confusion.

“Calm down, boy. Hate to see you get expelled before term even begins.”

The man laughs, chilling and insincere. 

“Well, I’d hate to interrupt what looks like your little… party any longer. Birthday, I suppose? As it is, I just so happened to have one of my servants pick this out of the trash this morning. Should be adequate. Pacifica.”

He snaps his fingers, and Pacifica pulls a tattered looking book from her robs. She deposits it in Dipper’s hands, then glances to Mabel. Something about her gaze sets Mabel on edge. She looks almost… scared. The two walk off before Dipper can react, and it’s moments later that their parents leap up, calling angrily after the man and his daughter. 

Dipper stares down at the book, wrinkling his nose. He flips through some of the pages, and his look of disgust only deepens.

“Here, Mabel,” he says, “You like animals, right?”

He hands the book to her, and despite the cold anger rising in her chest, Mabel takes it. The book is old, heavy, and in bad shape. It’s red leather cover is torn in places, and the odd gold plating - set on the cover in the shape of a six-fingered hand - is scuffed. There’s something written in ink on it, but it’s so worn it’s hard to tell if it’s a 2 or a 3. Opening the book reveals it to be some kind of journal, filled with handwritten notes and drawings. She wants to hate it, but something about the strange symbols and intricate, otherworldly creatures inscribed on the page compels her. She snorts, rolls her eyes, calls Dipper something she’s likely to get grounded for later, and tucks the book carefully in her bag.

Dipper is fast asleep that night when Mabel pulls the journal out again. Flipping on her torch, she slowly works through the pages. A lot of it seems like nonsense, but she appreciates the creativity of some of the bizarre monsters, and wonders if she can use them as inspiration in her art. 

Abruptly, the writing ends. Nearly a third of the book remains blank, as if the author simply gave up, or ran out of ideas. For a long time, she stares at the empty page.

She reaches out from under her covers to the nightstand placed between their beds. Knowing Dipper, there’s a pen somewhere. Once a pen is secured, she ducks back under the covers. Takes a deep breath. She’s being such a dummy.

My name is Mabel Pines, she writes, And my brother Dipper is a massive idiot.

It feels good to get out. She goes back over the words, inked in her large handwriting. Mabel is about to press pen to paper once more, about to describe just how massive of an idiot Dipper was, when she sees something dark rise up from… behind? Inside? the page.

H͚̣͙̽́̾ͫ͋̿ͨͧa͍̗͖̹ͦ̒̔͌͆ͤ̏͐̎ͅ ̙͚̠̪̖͈ͪ̑ͦ̍̍ͫh̠̙͇̩̼̺́͆ͭ͛̀a̖̤̺͚͔̪͍̎͂̿͌̀,̣͙̖̙ͮ͗ ̞̫̻̦̎̈̅̀̾̚h̘͈̙̘̰̘̦͇̘͗i̮͛͊͒̈̄ͥ͒ͤ ̱̆ͫ͒ͩ̄̍̈́t̻̞̄͂̉ͪ̂̅h͇̹͓͇̲ͦ̑ͫ̊̏ͫ͆e̲͖̯̖̱̥̪̒̃͂̔͒r͉̘̮̥̮̲̘͉̱̒̓͂ͥ̇̚e͖͍̭͔ͭ͑ͨ̓̚ ̦̦̗̫̲̇S̘͔͓͒ͯ͂ͧh̦͉͎͓̞̦͗̅̈́̅̌ͪ̅̃ỏ͚ͬ͌̒̍o̗͔̹̜̹̤̙̭̒̆̾͆̾ͅt̖̖͙̝̩̞̍̿̄̎ͣ͗̂̉ȋ̻͖̹̼̝͎̪̇̐̎̓̔ͣn͈͚̠͕̑ͣͪͥͤ̉͗͗͊g̼̖̱̟̪̬̖͋̒͊ͫ̽̈̿͒̑ ̬̮̗̗͔̿ͬ̀͛ͣ̆̐S͙͈̥͓̹̈ͨ͑͌̉t͖̲̮̱̭͓̰̪͛͊̏̈́ḁ̞̺͔̗̖ͯ͋ͣͦͫr̙͚̰̯̊̌ͯ̅̚!̺̝̲̖̳̃͌ͤ̄ ̩̗͖̔͛̒ͥ̀͑̍̉T̺̦͆͑̑̑͗͗́h͉̦̹̳̣̙̓̒ͣ͐ẹ̦͍̱̦͇̋ͮͨ̃̚ ͔̤̲̻͓͚ͯ̍n̦̹̱̗̣͌̒̾̍ͬ́ͩͥͅâ͉̹̹̦͊͋m̻̺̬͙̱̗̙̽ͦͯ̍̾e̝̲̦͕ͣ̓̒͐̅ͮ̏͛'̝͇̣͕͙̠̩̼̣͂̏͌̔̌ͧs̫̠͙̖͙ͣ͛̐̈́̐ ̗̙̝̭͕̜̋͑̑͊͂ͅB̞̙͚͕̒̉͑̚i͍͚͇̙̖ͪ̏̿̍̓͐̀̚ͅl͔̯̐͆̓̾̈l̖͕̠̻̰̝̱̻̽̿̿ ̪̳ͩͪ̾C̥͔͍̤͔̞͊ͤ̚i̩͕̟̫̣̠̇̿̅ͤ͗ͮͭͣp̺͉̱̀̐̄h͉̭̫̯͈̟̍e̹̮̦̳̘͈͆͛ͦ̾̍ͥ̓̿r͚̻̮̩͇̅͂͂ͦ́̚.͙̩̑̀̇ͯ

(This spiraled completely out of control, and I’m not even a little bit sorry)

Book of Gravity (Book of Life AU)

So I’ve had this plotted out for a bit now, it’s not something I’d end up writing, I have a million other projects on right now. But if anyone wants to write for it they’re more than welcome.

Bill and Axolotl were once a thing, and rulers of equal realms. Axolotl ruled over the Land of the Remembered, a prosperous and happy realm where the dead who live on in memory live in piece and enjoy endless parties. Bill, after squandering her trust, ended up being left to rot in the Land of the Forgotten. The Land of the Forgotten was a dank dark place for spirits who are no longer remembered.

After centuries of being banished, Bill had had enough.

On one sunny Summerween day, he emerges into the land of the living beside his ex, and makes a bet with her. If he wins, then they switch realms and he gets to rule the Land of the Remembered, but if Axolotl wins, then he will have to stop interfering with the lives of mortals. They choose their ‘champions’ and make their bet.

They come across a pair of twins, hanging out with their friends in a graveyard (you know, as you do) The boy is nose deep in a book, and the girl is playing with a pig. Bill bets that eventually, the boy will rise to success, and abandon his sister, Axolotl bets that they would stay close no matter what. Axolotl took the guise of an elderly woman, whom the girl gifts a handful of her Summerween candy after politely asking, and in return is given a blessing.

“May your heart remain kind and true, and may you never be short of love”

The boy meanwhile, is approached by Bill, disguised as a withered old man, and is far more dubious on sharing his hard won Summerween candy. So Bill instead trades him, the candy, for a special Journal. Within the Journal contains many wonderful secrets and knowledge beyond his dreams. But he had to be careful, as there is a gang leader named Gideon that would stop at nothing to attain the power for himself.

Both children, unaware of the creatures they’d been blessed by, run back to their Great Uncle Stanley, and primary guardian.

Bill never intended on playing fair. He manipulated fate, just a little bit, to reconnect Stan with his brother Stanford, another who’d felt the pull of the special Journal and had seemingly ran from his own twin brother some thirty odd years ago. Ford had won him a bet before, he could be a key player this time as well. Bill knew the boy, Dipper, would be interested in studying with Ford and researching anomalies, while the girl, Mabel, remained at home and worked with Stan.

Dipper hangs out with Ford all of Summer, and ends up finding out about a Two headed snake beast before even Ford does. One bite puts the victim in a sleeping beauty style sleep-like-death, but if bitten with both heads it’s a deathly blow no matter what. Ford is impressed and tells Dipper a bit of his travels around the world before he was brought back to Gravity Falls. On the eve of their 13th birthday He asks Dipper if he wants to travel the world with him, as his apprentice. Dipper accepts, Mabel overhears.

She runs off in tears and Dipper almost immediately starts to go after her, yet she’s far too fast for him and winds up along in the heart of the forest.

Bill realizes that if Dipper and Mabel see eachother alone, then she may remind him he can’t just drop out of school like it’s nothing, that Stan is still their legal guardian and he wouldn’t allow that.

So he approaches Mabel in his withered old man disguise and asks her what’s wrong before Dipper finds her. She tells him, happy to have at least someone listening to her; and then mumbles aloud about how if growing up means getting abandoned by the people she loves, she’d rather be 12 forever.

Bill asks her if she means it, shifting into his true form. Mabel sniffles and nods.

“Done.” Bill snaps his fingers and summons a two headed snake that would have otherwise left her alone. She flinches when it bites her.

With both heads.

Because Mabel is dead and Dipper is on the road to success, he’s going to have to leave her behind so he can live at all, right? So Bill wins. He and Axolotl switch lands.

In the Land of the Living Gideon hears word of a certain Journal being found in a place called Gravity Falls, and sets his men onto their bikes.

Meanwhile, in the Land of the Remembered a certain skeleton child wakes up under a tree and realizes she was tricked. She needed to go find the ruler of this realm, Lady Axolotl, and be sent back; Only to realize that the creature that had tricked her into her death was ruling the land of the remembered now. The only way to find the benevolent ruler and tell her of Bill’s deceit, she’d have to travel all the way to the Land of the Forgotten.

With a little help from the rest of her Remembered family of course. It’s really great to see her parents again, and to meet her grandparents, and aunts and uncles and her great-grandparents, But she shouldn’t stay if the only reason she was here was because she was tricked.

Besides, Dipper must be missing her by now.

submitted by @vegalocity

Human Truth Serum

Summary: Stan’s always been like a human truth serum- able to get anyone to tell him what he wants them to tell him. He doesn’t tell anyone what he doesn’t want to tell them, but today’s a day that’s different.

For @jimsdeadbones’ birthday (T-T I’m so sorry for being so late- er, I mean… pffft! What do you mean late? I’m- uh- I’m just early for next year). I hope it was worth the wait.

“Is it me or has Grunkle Stan been acting weird all day?” Dipper asks his sister while looking at Stan while he counts out.

It’d be normal if it weren’t for the fact this was his fifth time counting the same stack. He usually counts only twice to make sure of his count (though his first count is always right), but to count so many times was unsettling. He has a scowl on his face as if he’s frustrated with himself for being distracted.

“Yeah, he has been acting weird,” Mabel says. “Should we ask?”

“No, Grunkle Stan won’t tell us if anything’s wrong,” Dipper grumbles.

“Should I get the truth teeth?”

Dipper shakes his head. “No, that didn’t work out so well last time.”

“Then what’s the plan?”

“Maybe Grunkle Ford can talk to him?” Dipper shrugs.

Ford had noticed that his brother was acting off all day, though he wasn’t aware of the source. He was curious and he tapped his fingers against the table with a small frown on his lips.

“Grunkle Ford?”

His gaze snaps up to his niblings and he smiles. “Yes, kids?”

“You know Grunkle Stan pretty well, right?” Mabel asks while climbing into his lap.

“Erm… why do you ask?” Ford asks instead of answering.

“Grunkle Stan’s been acting funny… I think he’s sad,” Dipper insists.

“Sad about what would be the question,” Ford muttered.

He missed over forty years of his brother’s life and he couldn’t remember exact dates of anything so he didn’t know if anything about the specific date would trigger anything.

And he intended to find out.

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Emerald Cut : “The Crystal Gems”

Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 7357
Co-written by: skimmingmilk and syl-writes-stuff
Summary: A series of one shots set in the universe of Steven Universe, incorporating the characters of Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall, and following the lives of Wirt, Mabel, Dipper, and Greg as they defend the planet Earth and reshape themselves to be more than just a team.

A/N: Just as the summary states, this isn’t a multi-chapter fic, though each one shot does happen chronologically for the most part. We won’t have a consistent update schedule for this fic, but we do hope to get these out when we can!

So, after months of teasing… ta-da~

Sorry we suck.


The Crystal Gems





She wore it like a badge of honor, her left shoulder bared but for the strap of a tank-top to show off the gem with its constant changing of colors. She danced when there was no reason to dance. She laughed and played and enjoyed everything Earth had to offer.


He hid it away in shame, his forehead covered by the bill of a hat, his gem weapon embarrassing in its simplicity and ineffectiveness. He kept quietly to himself, nose buried in the books that taught him the ways Earth had evolved over the centuries. He danced when she urged him to, laughed when he forgot to be sad, and slowly grew to love everything Earth had to offer.

Still, he carried the label with him for decades. Perhaps that was why it had been so easy for things to come to this.

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School Is For Losers, Visit Oregon Instead

also on ao3; exactly what it says on the tin. and i really hope that readmore works


September is one of the worst times of year.

There was no more running about from the start to the end of the day and staying up late to welcome their mother home with warm milk and a perfectly made and mysteriously softer than usual bed.

Okay, so they may have asked Alcor for help with that one.

But they have to start school again, and Year Six is their final part of primary school, and it is going to be utterly terrifying. The kids who pushed Stacey around until she knocked one out cold would still snicker behind their backs and the teachers who acted like the twins are completely capable children who fully understood instructions that weren’t designed for their brains to follow and the bus drivers who refused to let them on unless they were with an adult.

<!– more –>

So after their first day back at school, when the other pupils are waiting for their parents to pick them up in the playground and take them home, Stacey hangs back in the classroom with Saffron and opens her English exercise book to the last page. She draws a small summoning circle in the top right hand corner with smooth, practised pencil strokes.

“What are you doing?” Saffron asks her sister in a hushed whisper.

“Summoning Alcor, what does it look like, sis?” replies Stacey. “Give me your elbow, I don’t think the scab’s healed yet.”

Saffron groans and rolls up her worn school sweatshirt. “We’re going to get expelled for this, you know,” she grumbles.

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” grins Stacey. She picks the scab from Saffron’s skin and says, with the most self-important voice she can muster, “Alcor, I summon you forth to do my bidding! Egassem sdrawkcab, egassem sdrawkcab, egassem sdrawkcab!”

When Alcor appears on their plane of existence, flame burning in his eyes, he can only hold the position for three seconds before they all start laughing.

“Keep it down,” says Saffron between giggles. “The teacher might come back!”

Alcor snorts. “Then we’ll have to kill them, won’t we?”

“Look at us poor, innocent children,” giggles Stacey. “Someone protect us from the big scary demon and his little fluffy sheep!”

There is silence for a moment, before Alcor says, “I really haven’t taught you that summoning demons is highly dangerous, haven’t I?”

Saffron shrugs. “Well, I knew regardless. Stacey’s just overstepping a line without realising, aren’t you?”

Stacey blows a raspberry, and small chuckles replace the awkward silence.

“But seriously, I need a sacrifice to stick around for any longer,” Alcor adds. “Who wants to make a deal?”


One half of a saved lunch later, Alcor – in a far more unassuming form – shows up at the school gates to free the two girls. Stacey clambers onto his orange polo shirt-clad shoulders, while Saffron simply walked beside them, making them seem like a normal family.

“So, what did you two learn today?” he asks.

Saffron shrugs as her sister plays with the powerful demon’s brown hair. “Well, we mostly got an overview of what we’re going to be learning this year. We’re finally going to be told the various summoning circles for demons and what they do, but that’s on Fridays and it’s mostly going to be all fearmongering with no actual educational substance.”

Alcor grins, far too wide and with much too pointy teeth, but Saffron has grown to ignore that part. “How about we teach them how it really works?”

“Hell yes!” Stacey shouts, making a few pedestrians turn their heads. She giggles as Dipper shushes her, and repeats, in a much quieter tone, “Hell fucking yes.”

“How about no?” Saffron says, exasperated. “You’ll probably give Mrs. Lyndon a heart attack.”

Stacey pouts.

“I knew a guy who had a heart attack once,” Alcor says conversationally. “He was pretty cool.”

“Did he, you know, die?” asks Stacey, fiddling with a lock of Alcor’s hair.

Alcor laughs. “Everyone dies, Stacey. It’s part of being human. Their minds don’t do too well after a couple of centuries.”

The girl groans and flops backwards so she hangs upside down, supported by her knees over Alcor’s shoulders and her ankles crossed over his chest. “Yeah, duh, but did he die of the heart attack?”

With a shrug, Alcor says, “Yes, but it was his sixth one. Typical of him. Six friends, six fingers, and six tries to get him to kick it. Sixer was a good name for him.”

Sixer?” Saffron says, her voice reaching an octave that only dogs and demons could hear. “But I have six fingers!”

She wiggles her visibly five-fingered hands to emphasise the point.

“Calm down, Saffron,” Alcor says nervously. “Polydactyly isn’t uncommon.”

“But you call me Sixer!” she says, flapping her hands with a look of fear. “Am I going to have a heart attack?”

Alcor sighs. “I’m going to need a library for this.”


The library that Alcor had selected turns out to be one of the strangest places that Saffron has ever seen, and one time, she saw a dead pixie floating in a bucket of Gremoblin vomit.

They had been blipped to Oregon from their hometown, due to the local library’s lack of any books on the supernatural that were not basic books from the last couple of decades about what a fairy was or not to under any circumstances summon a demon such as Alcor the Dreambender, the Twin Star, the Consumer of Dreams and the Father of Nightmares, yadda yadda.

The Stanley Pines Memorial Library is humongous. Gigantic. Big as fuck. Possibly alive.

Saffron is going to love it.

Stacey is going to get lost at some point.

But Alcor knows this building, and it knows him, and it guides him and the two girls through the maze of books that have grown from the small collection that it started with by a shimmering blue light.

“Here we are,” he says, standing in front of a musty shelf that looks as though it hasn’t been touched in fifty years.  There are stickers over the wood and the books, some puffy, some sparkly, all centuries old yet still protected. The biggest stickers are at the top, each an individual letter in a different colour, reading Pines Family of Mabel and her Dorks.

“Who’s Mabel?” asks Stacey, reading the letters slowly.

“None of your beeswax,” Alcor replies shortly, looking through the shelves. There is a long pause, before he adds, “Mizar. My twin.”

Saffron furrows her brows. “Like, metaphorical or literal?”

Definitely literal,” he groans. “I swear, if either of you two ever read Twin Souls, I am going to remove all of those memories from your head and possibly exchange your mind with that of a slug. No more questions, I found the book.”

He pulls out a large floral cloth-bound book. The edges are worn, but it seems to have been handled and repaired with care too many times to count. When Alcor places the book on the ground, he opens it with the utmost care to the contents page, which has been written in obnoxious yellow glittery gel pen.

“Damn, this takes me back,” he murmurs, before flipping to the page that Mabel had labelled with Two Grunkles for the Price of One!.

Saffron and Stacey look over his shoulders in awe at the ancient picture of two old men. Stacey’s face falls quickly. “Who the hell are these people and why are they important?”

Alcor points carefully to both of the men in the photo in turn. “That’s Stanley Pines, and that’s his twin Stanford. And, well, they’re you two.”

Both of the sisters stare at him blankly. “What the fuck?” Stacey says.

“You’re reincarnations of an old con artist and his twin who got trapped in between dimensions for thirty years,” says Alcor with a shrug. “Congratulations?”

Welcome To Gravity Falls Ch. 2

This took longer then I wanted it to but I finally got it done. It’s not as funny as the first chapter but it’s a start. I’ll edit it a bit in the morning.
“-but the pies Dipper!” Mabel protested as she was dragged out of their apartment complex. “Think of all the pies!”

“Mabel for the last time ” Her twin replied in sheer consternation. “Don’t eat things you find on the ground!”

She pouted at his back, her cheeks puffing out. “But they were outside our door Dip.” She griped. “It was destiny! I was ‘meant’ to eat them!”

He shot her an incredulous look. “That, Mabel that’s worse.” The scientist turned back around but tightened his grip on his twin’s hand as they crossed into a busier area of town. “Eating pies you find lying outside our door isn’t, I know you know better you’re just trying to mess with me.”

A laugh escaped the long haired brunette. “That,” she agreed, “and I reeeeally like pie.”

Dipper snorted in response, dodging around some pedestrians wandering down the street. He blinked and took a second look at said pedestrians.

They were staring at them.

Frowning he glanced discreetly around and found that pretty much everyone was staring at them. Which was, actually really creepy. Maybe it was because they were new?

“Dipper are you listening?” He started at the sound of his sister’s voice and turned to look at her. She had an eyebrow raised and he realized that she’s been talking and he hadn’t heard a word of it.

“Um, yes?” He tried.

“Dippeeeer.” She whined falling forward to drape herself across his back. “Pay attention to meee.”

Laughing he released her hand and grabbed her legs, pulling her into a piggy back. She laughed gleefully and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I always pay attention to you.” He sniped back playfully.

“Yeah.” The sweater obsessed twin agreed, tugging his hat off his head and propping her chin on it instead. “Except for when you aren’t.”

“-suspicious looking clouds blocking out the sun-” they passed by a radio with several people surrounding it with interested and serious expressions on their faces. Dipper gave them a weird look but didn’t comment, instead replying to his twin’s whining.

“You’re ridiculous.” He told her.

“And you’re a huge nerd.” She replied kicking him lightly in the sides of his legs. “Hya! Onward noble steed! To the diner!”

“Ow, Mabel!” The scientist stumbled and nearly dropped her. “Cut it out! We’ll get there when we get there!”

“Well we wouldn’t ‘have’ to get there if you would’ve just let me eat those pies.”

“Oh my god let it go.” He groaned. “I told you, let me test them for, poison and stuff and then you can eat them.”

She pouted. “Spoil sport.” Another kick. “Hya!”



“-and that’s why you shouldn’t own birds.” They entered the diner and were greeted by the sounds or idle chatter, accompanied by a cheerful voice drawling over the radio. Dipped set Mabel down and the two wandered over to the nearest empty booth.

“Big Soos’s Diner Shack.” Mabel commented as she picked up the menu, the words were splayed in large letters at the top, underneath it heartily endorsed their pizza. “It says they’ve got good pizza here.”

“It looks like that’s pretty much all they sell.” Dipper commented after flipping briefly through the menu. “I wonder why it’s a diner and not like, a pizzeria or something. And what’s up with shack? Why shack?”

“-the new residents-”

“I dunno.” Mabel shrugged. “I’m getting pizza, ooh! Breakfast pizza!” She chirped, her eyes lighting up. “It comes on a giant waffle! I’m getting it.”

Her twin’s nose wrinkled in disgust. “You’re going to put whipped cream on it aren’t you?”


“Sup dudes, can I take your orders?” They both turned at the warm voice and found themselves face to face with a large grinning man.

“Breakfast pizza and a chocolate milkshake!” Mabel cheered.

The man laughed. “Excellent choice hambone.” He held out a hand and she gladly high fived him. “And what about you, same thing or something different?”

Dipper gnawed on his lower lip briefly before sighing at his sister’s pleading look. “I’ll have the breakfast pizza.” He said in resignation. “But no milkshake! Just a Pit Soda.”

The man saluted them. “I’m on it.” He then turned and made his way towards the kitchen area.

“-reports of glittering-”

“This is gonna be so good.” Mabel said waving her hands in excitement.

“You said the same thing about Extreme Mabel Juice.” Dipper informed her, gathering their menus and placing them on the edge of the table.

“I thought the mustard would add texture.” She replied with an unrepentant grin.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “And the glitter?”

“No regrets.”

He snorted. “So what’re you going to do while I’m at work?” He asked deciding a change in topic was for the best. That and he was worried about her wandering around an unfamiliar town by herself. Especially one this weird.

Mabel shrugged and grabbed up the various packets on the side of the table and began stacking them into a tiny car. “Maybe I’ll go hang out with Gruncle Stan for a while.”

“Did you remember to get his address?” Her two questioned as she grabbed some straws.

“Uuuuh.” She hesitated. “If I say no, how upset will you be?”

“Moderately leaning towards vaguely annoyed.”

“Then I completely forgot!” She chirped.

“Forgot what hambones?” The voice startled them and they turned to see their waiter standing beside the table, holding their drinks.

“She forgot to ask our Gruncle Stan where he lives.” Dippe explained, accepting his drink.

“Stan?” The man asked sounding surprised. His grin stretched. “You mean Stan Pines?”

“Yeeeeees?” Mabel says, more of a question then a statement. “Do you know him?”

“-small uprising in the squirrel-”

“You better believe I do!” The man laughed. “Stan helped me buy this place!”

“Really?” Dipper asked sounding but surprised and disbelieving. “That sounds, not at all like something he would do.”

“Yep,” The man looked incredibly proud. “And all I had to do was give him sixty percent of my profits, put shack in the restraunts name and put his face on all the napkins!”

As one Mabel and Dipper reached for the napkins. Sure enough, there was their Gruncle Stan’s face, smiling cheesily up from the cheap paper napkin.

“Yeah that totally sounds like him.” Dipper corrected quietly.

“So you’re Big Soos?” Mabel asked setting her napkin down.

“That’s me.” Soos agreed cheerfully. “But you can just call me Soos.”

“I’m Mabel.” The girl claimed happily, she then poured across the table at Dipper who was still staring at the napkin. “Thats Dipper. He’s a nerd.”

“Wha-hey!” Dipper sputtered. “Mabel, stop telling people that.”

“Cool to meet you dudes.” Soos grinned holding out his fist to Mabel who tapped it with her own. He held it similarly to Dipper who replied in kind with a hesitant smile. “If you need Stan’s address, I know it.”

“Really?!” Mabel rejoiced grabbing up her Stan napkin and presenting it to him. “Yes please!”

Soos laughed and pulled out, a packet of mustard. Weird. He then proceeded to rip it open, dip his finger in it, and write in neat letters across the napkin. When he was done he wiped his finger off on his apron. “There you go hambone.” He began to walk away. “I’ll be back with your food in a bit!”

Dipped watched him with narrowed, confused eyes. “That was, weird.”

“-which are being used to light the swans-”

“Maybe he just likes mustard.” Mabel hummed setting the napkin carefully down on the table.

“Yeeah. Sure.”

There meals came not to long after Soos left, leaving Dipper to suspect that the man had hurried their orders along. Mabel ate hers with a great deal of gusto and a lot more sprinkles then any one person needed. Dipped managed about half of his before pushing it across the table for his sister to devour.

“We should probably get going.” Dipper said as Mabel popped the last of the pizza in her mouth and he handled the bill. “I have to get to work soon. You have your napkin?”

“Yep!” Mabel trilled snatching it up and practically dancing out of the booth. “Onward to adventure!”

Dipped laughed as he raced to catch up with her. “Mabel wait up!”

“-enjoy your pie kids!” The radio snickered but they were already out of the diner so neither of them heard the ominously cheerful words.


“-and so, thanks to the valiant work of the sheriffs secret police. The squirrel mafia has been placated, with few injuries and minimal losses.” The demon paused. “Or was that, high losses?” He squinted at his paper and then shrugged. “Whatever, the point is its over and we don’t have to worry or think about it,” his voice echoed slightly, “ever again.”

The dream demon brightened. “On a lighter note, I have been informed that my dear meat listeners took the time to bake some good old fashioned pies for our newest residents. Excellent work listeners, I’m very proud of what a united and welcoming community you’re representing.” He snickered suddenly and turned towards his fake window which was now showing a view of Dipper Pines, experimenting on a pie with a very serious look on his face.

“My sources tell me that our newest scientist is hard at work testing each and every one of them for ‘harmful toxins’ as we speak. Isn’t that adorable listeners?” He cooed cupping his chin in the palm of his hand. “It’s sweet how dedicated he is to the pursuit of scientific inquiry. Don’t you think human and non human listeners?”

“Hmm,” he reclined in his seat, “maybe I should send him something else to study. Something more interesting then pie.” The demon grinned and it was all teeth, sharp and white. “What do you think listeners? Send in your suggestions and I’ll look them over!”

“And by send them in, I mean think them very loudly and then scream triangle into the sky.” His grin widened. “I’ll hear you. Whoever’s suggestion wins gets a free pin! Custom made by the Sheriff’s Secret Police and no there is definitely not a tracking device in it. What would ever give you that idea?”

“Now then, about those clouds-”

It Keeps Me Awake - Mabill Oneshot

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
-W.B. Yeats 

Hey! This is my contribution to day four of Mabill week. The prompt was ‘other au’s’, so I went with a pirate AU.

Summary: She never dreamed she would be taken from her home, that things change so rapidly. One moment she’s walking through town, making jokes, the next she’s waking in bed, and the world’s on fire.

Rating: Teen (Warning, implied non-con, no details just implied.)

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anonymous asked:

I absolutely adore all of your au's and your art! Could you possibly do something like the MK reacting to Bipper's masochistic tendencies (ie. stabbing himself with forks or falling down the stairs).

Raz padded through the living room Wybie following close behind. “I tell you Wybie there is no camp that would beat out Whispering Rock.” The boy only chuckled at the statement

“Sure, sure. But it is the only summer camp you’ve been to.” He gave a pointed look, the wisp of a smile lacing his features.

Raz only shrugged him off. “Well yeah, but still. It is the coolest.” Wybie playfully shoved the psychonaut who returned the simple gesture, closing the small conversation, the two then headed into the kitchen to get a snack. They went by the door way and into the seemingly empty kitchen; Wybie closed his eyes taking in the warm rays of sun that entered through the window.

The boy gave an undignified grunt as he ran into Raz who had suddenly stopped in front of him.

“What in the world Raz.” The boy looked up to see Raz sporting serious, unnerving, face. Wybie followed the psychonaut’s line of sight to Dipper, who had his back faced to the two and was standing next to the fork drawer.

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Light Up Pine Tree's Past, Shooting Star (Part 1/?)

Based off of dragonfangz Blinded AU

(I am changing who has ownership of the journal for the story line for plot purposes.)

-line break-

“So, Pine Tree, how are you? Feeling rebellious enough yet?” Bill Cipher hung over the smallest member’s shoulder.

“Go away, Bill.” Pine Tree replied, shooing him off with his hand. “I’ll get in trouble if Ivan catches me again…”

“Just as boring as you always are, Pine Tree. I wish you were impulsive like Shooting Star.” Bill sighed, and Pine Tree ignored the shooting star comment. He always got headaches when Bill mentioned shooting stars and Ivan got angry when the boy mentioned it. “Blind Eye ain’t here! C'mon! It’s getting bored haunting you, and you used to be a lot of fun.”

“You don’t have to follow me Bill…”

“But what if I miss out on something great? I do know everything, but you know, I like being in the center of the action. Besides, Shooting Star is pretty much repetitive by this point. You’re interesting.” Bill complimented… Probably.  

“Bill-” Pine Tree was cut off by an alarm. Well, it was connected to the Toby’s phone line in case anyone saw something weird and seeing if there’s a magical unbalance or something like that. Pine Tree always wanted to understand how it works, but Ivan always replied with “In good time, child. In time you will learn.”

“Oh, this is going to be good! I’ll see you later, Pines.” Bill waved a mysterious goodbye before fading out.

Pine Tree glanced around to make sure none of the other members were in the room. This was his chance. I finally make it out of this hole and maybe help. And if he was helpful when he left now, then maybe Ivan will let him help in other missions and he could actually find out more to fill the void. Pine Tree would never admit this to Ivan, but the answers he’s been told aren’t working anymore.

Pine Tree headed over to the computer, examining the information presented. The forest? Who would go that far in the forest?

Granted, Pine Tree was rarely in this room, so what did he know? All he did was study the mythical creatures of Gravity Falls under Ivan’s watch. And it took forever to convince Ivan he was mature enough to be alone in the Headquarters alone… Should he really go after this mythical creature alone?

Oh, this is going to be good!

Pine Tree took a deep breath, walked across the Headquarters and took out the case used only in the memory-erasing ceremonies. 

Let’s do this… Pine Tree took a deep breath once again to calm himself, held the gun tightly in his hand, and ran up the stairs and to the surface for, in his memory, the first time.

-line break-

Mabel was not having a good day. 

Pushing her luck for the tenth time probably wasn’t a good idea. And what was the problem? 


Of course they had to be back! She was lucky she brought the golf cart for the daily ‘Search for Dipper’ project she had started, with all the things she would need to battle the creatures she encountered in case they weren’t in a good mood. Especially the leaf blower, thank goodness.

“Get back here Jeff!” Mabel shouted angrily, pointing the leaf blower at the leader gnome. 

“You’re going to marry us Mabel! We gnome are a powerful-” Jeff was cut off when Mabel sucked him into the leaf blower and pointed it towards the sky. 

“Yeah, yeah, I hear it before, Norman." Mabel sneered at the last part, still slightly bitter. She prepared to move the blower’s lever from 'suck’ to 'blow’, but a sharp pain in her ankle appeared.

"BLARG! Stupid gnome!” Mabel stumbled on her footing a bit, so when she adjusted the lever to blow on accident while trying to get the gnome that bit her ankle (Shmebulock, of course), Jeff’s target shifted from the sky to further in the forest, which was fine with Mabel- until she heard a shout.

OW!” Mabel heard a squeaky puberty voice cry out in pain due to a gnome with great momentum hitting him in the head. 

“I’m sorry, are you okay!?” Mabel rushed over to behind the bushes were he heard the voice coming from. 

It was a boy. Mabel bent over to get a closer look, since he had a hood up. A crossed-out eye…

“Blind Eye…” Mabel gasped quietly, but the boy barely noticed, still trying to recover and Mabel could easily see that he was about half-conscious. 

She was tempted to leave him there, since the Blind Eye hurt her and her friends, though before she did, she noticed the insignia on his shoulder. A pine tree.

In a state of shock, Mabel suddenly yanked his hood off, throwing the poor boy even more off-balance, but Mabel couldn’t care less. 

It was her missing brother. 

Mabel pinched herself. She wasn’t dreaming.

“Dipper?” Mabel breathed in astonishment. 

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