her name is emma frost

Reasons why the Marvel Adventures line was one of my favorite Marvel books:

Storm and Captain America are co-leaders of the Avengers

Thor and Storm go on a date and the rest of the team have to distract Odin, who is trying to set Thor up with someone else

At one point, the team goes to watch old film reels of Captain America during WW2 and gives them the MST3K treatment

Janet Van Dyne is Giant-Girl and the Wasp and is totally awesome as both

Hank Pym is Janet’s nerdy scientist boyfriend. Eventually he becomes Ant-Man, but his first appearances are just as Jan’s love interest/biggest fanboy.

Also, this is my favorite version of Hank Pym. He’s nerdy, awkward, and has total confidence issues, but is also a major league sweetheart.

Ants help him win one of his first supervillain fights by singing to him to help him with his confidence issues.

Also, his roommates are ants that throw parties when he’s not home and do sarcastic commentary on stuff

Also also, Luke Cage’s mom is awesome and she sorta adopts the Avengers

At one point she interrupts a phone call from Doctor Doom and everyone pays attention to her and ignores him

There is an issue where the Avengers dogsit Orthus and Cerberus as a favor for Hercules

There is an issue where they go to a fair

There is an issue that is just Steve and Tony giving talks at schools and going to the park and playing basketball

There is an issue where they fight the Hate Monger and he turns them against each other, so they all go to therapy

Spider-Man has a girlfriend who can talk to animals

Her name is Sophia Sanduval and she’s BFF with Emma Frost

Emma Frost is there, but she’s not a villain or a hero. She just uses her powers to do whatever she wants

The Fantastic Four use Reed Richards as a bag

This went on longer than I intended, but the Marvel Adventures line is awesome. It’s all ages, so it gets away from a lot of the less pleasant things that tend to happen in various Marvel universes. It’s probably one of my favorite comics, despite the lack of Maximoffs. You should check it out!