her name is clover

Dear Sarah,
I miss him too
And I’ll never know
How you did it,
How to love someone
And pretend you don’t
See them slipping
Pretend you’re not affected
By the ways
His words touch you how his hands
Don’t anymore.
Dear Sarah,
She looks like you
I bet he puts his hands
On her hips, kisses her,
Then thinks your name
But smells jasmine and clover
And all comes crashing down
Knowing she can’t replace
What he misses
(that he’ll never admit.)
Dear Sarah,
We all wonder
What he’s doing now,
How he’s burning out
And how much that’s changed
From when he loved you
It was a sudden gust of wind
Sweeping you out to sea again,
I hope you don’t miss him
Anymore, nights aren’t worth that.
Dear Sarah,
You didn’t lose him,
He lost you.

so despite being completely exhausted, i decided to nyoom on over to the avatar maker on t*inierme and a cute o*c came outta it! simplicity and all!

shes a patisserie in the making (curse my love for baking shit)

and obvs megane because haha u can thank io for that 

i literally have nothing on her sans the fact that her name is clover and she’s got something to do with dream weaving or whatever decided to pop out of my brain at this hour, its SUBJECT TO CHANGE—its still a work in progress since ive been sitting here for like two hours but also falling asleep but i made her and she looks cute even though i accidentally didnt save this picture at first 

here we go 8D!

Well, we didn’t get a puppy, but we did get a kitten. Her name is tentatively Kahlen, though the shelter called her Clover. She is currently exploring the apartment and being repeatedly picked up off the counter until she learns to stay off it.

im-the-punk-who asked:


one time there was a baby bunny sitting on the sidewalk of our house in ohio and it was so cute and fluffy and i pet it but it ran away.

and then my cousins had a pet rabbit that they had for like 4 years before it ran away. her name was clover.

why are rabbits always running away.


OC Feature - Elora

Elora is one of the very first OCs that I’ve ever had. She was originally one of my characters on Toontown, a purple mouse.

I redesigned her to become a less-toony mouse and into an anthro mouse and a human. Her favourite colour is purple, and she loves drawing whiskers on her face.

She’s about 21, lesbian, and works as a waitress in a Casino. She has a brother named Fang-Fang. I haven’t given Elora or Fang-Fang last names yet. xD

Her girlfriend is Clover, an anthro rabbit, who also works at the same Casino that she works at. They are both very girly and love to shop together. c:

A doodle of a new oc I made with my best friend. Her name is Clover. She’s Korean-American and is obsessed with her cat Pitters and drinks too much Starbucks coffee. She has an etsy shop where she sells handmade pots, but she also gives some to her friend, Laurel, to sell in her floral shop. Say hi, and be nice, she’s fragile.

A young woman was at her laptop, silently typing away at her keyboard. It seemed that she was lost in thought about something, but you couldn’t tell from the look on her face. Apparently she was…researching something about how to get video working for streams? She sighed, apparently frustrated.

"Well," she told herself out loud, "this will have to do. I don’t think Maximizer-sama could get it working for him either, but I figured I’d try anyway…oh well."

She loaded up her webcam and began recording.

"Hey guys. The name’s Clover. I’m just a not-exactly-average girl living a honestly-not-average life. So…you guys can ask me stuff, right? Well, I’m all ears."

((Hey guys, the blog is open. However, this blog is only open to asks at the moment. I might turn it into an ask/RP blog if I decide to get adventurous. But for now, feel free to send in some questions. —ShamrockMun))