her nail polish though

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Terushima as female? Oh boy

Did you mean: exactly my type????? - Admin Hope

Terushima Yuuji

  • Smart as fuck tutors all of her friends and then some people that just need help (I mean Teru is the smartest character in the whole manga soooo)
  • People underestimate her a lot, she hates it she’s one of the smartest people in her class and she doesn’t need people to base things off of the way she looks
  • Dyed blond hair but her roots are growing out, her ears pierced and tounge pierced, black nail polish always
  • She’s super kind and supportive though, love’s her team to death (!!!!) and just wants them to succeed and try their best
  • But also wants to have fun, she is in high school for a limited amount of time and doesn’t what what she loves to get ruined
  • Doesn’t go to practice during exams though, she studies most of the time in groups and she invites everyone over and they all have snacks and study together
  • Can be a bit of a tease, especially with the person who she likes, she isn’t afraid to come out and say it straight away that she likes them, which some people take as intimidation 
  • Hates being stressed, if she feels like she is about to be put into a stressful situation she leaves automatically and does something to take her mind off of it
  • Teases the shit out of her friends especially during practice or while changing
    • ‘You know what would feel really good? If with my tounge piercing I licked up your-.’ ‘Terushima if you don’t stop talking you’re going to get smacked.’ coming from a blushing teammate
  • Self confidence level 9000 nothing gets her down, very happy and carefree 
  • A very raging bisexual (pls date me omfg)

Oh my god so can we talk about how badass both Kissin’ Kate Barlow and the Warden are in Holes? Like these are actually amazing female characters. Like with Kate Barlow, she was a sweet school teacher who obviously cared so much about educating the town, and after she fell in love with Sam and the men of the town burned down her school and killed Sam for kissing her since she was a white woman, she then killed the sheriff and then became this amazing badass outlaw that left her lipstick stains on the men she killed. Also, the Warden (and oh my lord her rattlesnake poison nail polish) literally took no shit even though she was literally the only woman at Camp Greenlake, and lord knows she was in charge. And oh my god that scene where Kate says that she will never reveal the location of her treasure and she dies with her secret.

single dad!michael’s five year old daughter always insisting that her nail polish color matches her daddy’s current hair color and even though michael was terrible at not getting the polish on her skin, she always gushed about how pretty the color was and hugged michael, kissing his cheek and telling him how much she loved him

When people say “relationship goals” it’s usually stupid shit. But this is in my opinion a life goal. I want someone I can do this with that enjoys everything I do and I enjoy everything she does. I like cars she find an interest in that hobby and want to learn I’ll teach her. She likes getting her nails done? My ass will be beside her chill making sure my nail are done. (No polish though) no that does make me any less of a man I just want to be with her and her able to brag about it. There’s a reason I’ve been single for a year and it because I’m tired of stupid immature girls who just want a fling not a devoted relationship.

when you tear it all apart (it’s just DNA)

written for @kay-emm-gee for BSV 2016!

Summary: It’s one thing to have a crush on your best friend’s hot older brother. It’s another thing to have a crush on your best friend’s brother who is also your TA and your tutor. For lack of a better description, Clarke Griffin is royally screwed.


Bellamy clears his throat. “Alright, Clarke, be straight with me-”

“Not possible,” she mutters, and Bellamy snorts.

“Good point. But seriously, Clarke, I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve seen your grades, and I know how important this class is to you. I’m assuming you’re here to ask for some kind of extra help, right? Tutoring?”

She nods, looking down at the chipped purple polish on her nails. “Only if it’s you, though.”

Bellamy’s smirk widens. “Does someone have a crush on their TA? Are you willing to do anything to pass the class?”

“Shut up, asshole.” Clarke rolls here eyes and flicks his hand. “It’s either going to be Wallace, some random kid, or you. Wallace is a senile asshole, half the kids in this class are obnoxious morons, and you… Well, the devil you know, right?”

Bellamy steeples his hands in front of his mouth and studies her for a moment.

“You know you could have just texted me, right?”


rubbing dandelions on your hands while they’re yellow, then making wishes on them when they’re white. hand-drawn mixtape covers. painting her nails even though you always get the polish on the edges of her fingers. the homemade lipgloss and scratchy letter you give her for her birthday.

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olicity prompt #2: Felicity gets Oliver to paint her toes because she's pregnant and it's awkward for her.

“Pass me that blue one right there. No, no, Oliver not that blue one, that’s clearly a sea green. Aren’t you supposed to have super ninja cat vision or something?”

Oliver turned around from his search through various nail polish bottles to glare at her, even though his gaze didn’t hold any real anger. “Just pick a damn color Felicity.”

The corners of her lips quirked up to form a small smile. She had been bugging him with picking out a color for her for the last five minute, and she knew he couldn’t do anything about it. “Fine… Give me that one, no not that one gosh Oliver.”

Felicity bit her lip when she saw Oliver roll his eyes before finally picking out the perfect shade of cerulean and walking back to the bed to hand it to her.

“Thank you”, she said, drawling out the word “you” and making a smile grace Oliver’s face.

She opened the bottle and attempted to paint her toenails when she found herself in a dilemma. Felicity glanced at Oliver who had gone back into the bathroom to brush his teeth and wondered if five seconds was enough time to wait before calling Grumpy back in here again.


He poked his head out the bathroom door to glance at her, “Yes?”

“I um… I can’t reach my feet”, she said, smiling sheepishly. She held the small glass bottle out to him. “Can you help me?”

Oliver quietly glanced at her feet and the enlarged belly that was preventing her from reaching them. He sighed and bit his cheek to hide his smile. “Sure Felicity.”

He sat at the edge of the bed and propped her feet up into his lap. Opening the bottle, he started painting her toes.

She managed to stay quiet for a few seconds before the word-vomit started.

“Say you’re pretty good at this. Better than me actually… I couldn’t even color in the lines when I was a kid and it took me forever to master that and thank God I did, because can you imagine the rainbow disaster on my feet and hands if I couldn’t figure out how to color in the lines? And wow you actually are really good at this”, she saw when she noticed her perfectly painted nails. “You sure you don’t have um, a nail polish fetish of your own?”

Oliver stopped painting her nails to give her that look, the one he gave her when he really couldn’t believe what came out of her mouth sometimes.

“Yes Felicity, that’s exactly why I let you keep your nail polish collection on the dresser.”

Despite the fact that she knew he was kidding, she couldn’t resist poking fun. “Hah! I knew it. Dig owes me $50.”

Oliver started painting her toes on her other foot, “You two bet on me?”

She rolled her eyes, “As if you two don’t bet on me. Don’t think I didn’t hear about the one a few months ago counting how many times I would have morning sickness.”

Oliver paused. “That was Roy’s idea.”

“That you went along with.”

“Would this be a good time to point out that I love you so much that I’ll paint your toes for you?”

She smiled and wiggled her newly painted cerulean toes. “It doesn’t hurt to hear.”