her movings


‘You don’t think her moves are funny?’ he asked Jayce, his eyebrows going up involuntary.

‘No, I think she’s hot’, Jayce replied and lifted himself from the couch.

‘Wait,’ Max grabbed his forearm. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

‘What does it look like?’ Jayce gave him an annoyed glance.

‘Jay, dude, you don’t know what you’re doing. She’s a little nerd, a geek, she’s like super lame! When she was little she asked everyone in school if they knew what the capital of Trinidad and Tobago was, and refused to speak with those who didn’t’. Wasn’t it obvious that the girl was nuts?

Jayce chuckled. ‘She has standards, you can’t blame a person for that’.

‘Jay,’ Max said, warning in his tone.

‘Relax, dude. I know what capital of Trinidad and Tobago is’, Jayce grinned and stepped onto the dance floor.

Libra Lightshow 

To be a perfect mannequin, oh that was the dream. As a Virgo she sewed threads until her lungs couldn’t exhale, 
But now she is the dreamer of dreams, the writer of romance novels, and the personification of art. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the 
most loved by all? Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, sweet Aphrodite, rising from a watery clam into the airy clouds. This is where Libra dwells, painting the sky with her thoughts, dazzling like diamonds in the sun. With a pen feather in her hands she narrates the law of the land, reigning in on righteous justice and morality. Her body moves in harmonious symmetry, graceful, her expression warm and then glacial, for she is a woman born under the air swords, so intellect rules, beauty is in the eye of the beholder 
and the mind is the beholder, so sharpen your wit before you challenge her judgement, she may be vague when she enters the story she reads 
But she can be a woman scorned to those who threaten her allegiances or breed toxicity, the illusion and the glamor of a hall of mirrors, 
each face of a flower petal projecting through entrancing display. Daughter of the equinox, blessed with a cherubin face and allure, sorely misunderstood, she is not a flirter but a lover, a woman who finds parts of herself in everyone, parts of herself she longs to love, so she longs to love you, let her love you, it will be the most exquisite thing you ever do


summer lovin’

word count: 1665

She sat on his bed, legs stretched out, back pressed against the wall, idly skimming some article about some celebrity doing something they shouldn’t have. Shawn sat on the floor beside her strumming together chords and marking things down a spare piece of scrap paper.

It was hot outside, the summer sun beating down on their little town. The stale heat threatened to creep through the window, but the air conditioning was their savior. The cool breeze cascading across the room sent goosebumps up her arms.

Her long legs extended across his mattress and he couldn’t help but look up every few minutes. Her eyes lazily moved across the pages before she looked up at him. She was bored. She looked out the window, to the beautiful summer day outside and wished that it wasn’t so hot.

Then she looked back at him. 

“Shawn,” She said patiently.

He didn’t look up from his work, instead, offering a grunt as he flipped his paper over, trying desperately to find any small space to write down the few words that had just popped into his brain. 

She threw the magazine at his head.

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Thoughts on Star vs. the Forces of Evil: “Face the Music” and ”Starcrushed”

Face the Music

  • Good lord, this song really is terrible.
  • Damn, Moon. You go, girl.
  • I guess the parents named the runt of the litter “Dennis” because… they ran out of rhymes?
  • Seriously, Disney XD, why did you skip this one on the mobile app?
  • Wow, I like this guy.
  • Oh. Oh, no. Ohhhh, noooo. Oh, no-no-no-no-no. Oh, wow.


  • So THAT’S where those animations of Rafael and Angie in hip-hop gear from the MarcoLive live chats came from.
  • Man, when Star’s in trouble, her girlfriends can move. Look at Janna BOOK it.
  • Avengers, assemble!
  • I’m actually kind of afraid Janna’s going to become an arsonist.
  • Oskar, your new haircut looks ridiculous.
  • Woooooow. Jackie can actually be a bit of a dork. That’s adorable.
  • This show has officially reached Gravity Falls levels of real.


Now that Zo has moved into her own tiny home next door, JJ and Bo had some space again and decided to move their kitchen back indoors. I figured if such a thing were to actually happen, they probably wouldn’t rip out all the counters that had been there?? But I also didn’t want a bunch of random, empty counters stuck on the back of their house. So now it’s a gardening bench/home for orphan plants!

Lo and Behold

Rated T

High school au based on the Postmodern Jukebox cover of ‘Teenage Dirtbag
Themes of internalized homophobia and self-hatred as a result, compulsory heterosexuality

For the first seventeen years of her life, Maggie Sawyer had only seen the ocean on screens and in books.  She had never been able to wrap her mind around the existence of water you can’t see beyond, of water that stretched to the horizon.  All she knew were the few lakes around Blue Springs that were probably closer to ponds, and the Big Blue River, which the heat of the summer occasionally turned into a stream.

Seventeen years.

Then, her aunt moved to Midvale, and Maggie had gone with her, and suddenly the ocean was there.

Maggie couldn’t go anywhere without the ocean being there.

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Moving Goal Posts: Superhero to Lesser Evil
  • Every Single pro-Clinton post ever: Le sigh! If Queen Hillary was madame president right now we would be living in a progressive golden age! She is a being of light and wisdom. Obama said she was the most qualified candidate ever! How could people not want to vote for the most perfect qualified president ever?! Oh yeah... her emails!
  • Green Party voter: Her emails revealed she wasn't progressive. Her scanty political record is as anti-progressive as it is progressive. Her "qualifications" are never explained, and she was a disaster as Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton has been personally responsible for war crimes and attacks on social justice that really just disqualify her from earning a progressive's vote. Here are some sources about Clinton's positions and history of being a generally shitty person... *Offers a laundry list of scummy things she has done as reported by reputable media outlets*
  • Clinton stan: Hold up! Nobody is claiming she is a perfect being of light or anything! But are you happier with that cheeto in the WH? I guess you voted for Trump because Hillary couldn't meet your little purity test!
  • Next Clinton post: Queen H is a perfect being of light and social awareness and my three-year old daughter crushes nettles into her hands when she remembers that the most qualified human to ever live is only madame president in alternate dimensions!
  • Clinton stan: Always reblogging!

ellen was one of the only good things i had in my life for over four years

before i moved she slept next to me every single night no matter what

if i wasn’t home, she slept on my pillow and waited for me to get back

and when i was leaving, she’d come down the stairs and sit and say bye to me

i remember the first time i came back from one of my long trips, i opened the door and she sprinted towards me and right into my arms

she hated not knowing where i was in the house

and every time i stopped petting her she’d always grab my hand and put it back on her head (i still have some scars from the moments when i’d move too quickly and her claws would try to catch me)

if i was crying she’d lay down on my stomach and let me hold her even if i ended up crying on her fur

she’d bring me mice to try and get me to catch them and she gave me a dead bluejay once

i love zeppelin and i loved my other cats who are also no longer with us as much as i loved her, but ellen was therapy and family when i didn’t have anyone, and idk if i will ever have an animal like her in my life again

*She didn’t comb her hair.  And she smokes.  And she has a man’s bow-tie.  And she drinks coffee.  And she reads without moving her lips.  And worst of all, she’s Italian.  

*This may be the end of civilization.  Look, she put her elbow right on the table.  It’s pretty bad.  I hope this warning doesn’t come too late.

“You would not dare”



Spies AU

“What the HELL were YOU thinking?” Clarke’s voice echoed through the room as Lexa attentions were still fully concentrated on locking the door “What were you even…” the blonde continued, but this time the commander stared at her for some eternal seconds before answering. Her eyes were as cold as her voice, as harsh as her tone “I saved you, Clarke. You and your people. I don’t really see how you can complain, after…” and in that moment Clarke’s words cut off hers, possibly in the roughest way “You…” she started taking a step closer “Raven almost died! And Octavia… she could have ended up with…” she continued moving her body imperceptibly towards the other woman.

Lexa raised her eyebrows, and Clarke felt almost frightened from her icy gaze. Almost. After that, the Commander’s soft voice reached her ears “Success stands on the back of sacrifice, Clarke.” and after a moment of hesitation her tone became stronger and angrier, and, Clarke had to admit to herself, sexier. Her green eyes stared at her and Clarke felt so small, so powerless. It was the Commander of the Canadian Private Service she was speaking to, it was one of the most powerful people she had ever met, not just a random girl and it was difficult not to feel inferior in her presence.

She was so strong. And fearless. And brave. And beautiful, so beautiful that Clarke almost got distracted and almost didn’t catch her following words. Almost. “Even YOU should know that by NOW, Clarke.”

After that, Clarke almost felt the urge to laugh hysterically, energetically, but she fought that, and with her most serious tone she hissed “I DO know, Commander. But what you’ve done today…”
“What your fellow companions were willing to do, willing to risk…” the brunette continued for her, never avoiding the blondie’s raged eyes.

“Don’t go there” Clarke warned her, but Lexa needed far more than that to be intimidated “I know that those kinds of choices haunt you, Clarke. But you need to learn how…”
“I don’t want to learn how to live with that, Lexa!” she cried, calling the other with her name for the first time in a long, very long, time. In that moment Lexa made a smiled that was half exasperated, half amused and her voice reflected that “You’re not above it all, Clarke!” she exclaimed “You are just like us, stop pretending otherwise” she continued irritated, and the blonde looked at her with a gaze that almost showed… disgust.

After that, Clarke stayed silent for a couple of seconds, allowing her anger to full her before continuing “We are not like you. WE don’t work like that, we… we have a moral! We perform our duties, we serve our country WITHOUT causing irremediable damage, WITHOUT…”
“Really Clarke?” Lexa whispered almost offended “Really?” she repeated with a smirk.
“Really” Clarke confirmed “I genuinely don’t understand how you can justify it, in your heart, in your… soul! These… terrible… shortcuts! You’re a curse, you’re… an abomination!” and after that, she looked away, in a motion of angry discontent but Lexa rolled her eyes exasperated before forcing the other one to look at her, then she grumbled “You know what, Clarke? Our job requires our hands to be drenched in blood” and saying that she took a step closer, forcing Clarke to take a step back and after that, she continued “And you know it, you’ve always known it. You…” she stopped for a moment, mad at the hypocrites the blondie was showing, then she went on “You, who have led so many to their destruction know it, you… the one that killed her own boyfriend with bare hands, you…” and in that instant, Clarke’s arms reached Lexa’s shoulders in a desperate movement. Not that Clarke accepted that “Don’t you dare! I warn you!” she cried “Don’t you…”
And Lexa’s hands responded that frontal attack reaching Clarke’s neck, pulling it closer “You killed him” she started “You killed him, without hesitation because you knew that what we do is far more important than a couple of human lives, you did that even if it was an impossible choice for anyone, and you did that because you knew that it was the right call.”
“Don’t you dare!” Clarke responded trying to free herself from that twisted embrace “Don’t…” she continued but the only result was that Lexa tightened her grab “You are no better than me, Clarke” she said seriously, but after a moment her tone became more kind “This is what we both are, my love” she whispered with a small smile.
Then she continued, “You can’t run away from who you are. From what we both are”.
In that moment Lexa suddenly felt Clarke’s body shaking under her pressure, but still didn’t let her go, no matter how many tears Clarke was starting to spill in that moment.

“I was 18” Clarke began “I was 18, and he was my first love!” she cried desperately “And what I did to him it almost destroyed me! It surely changed me and completely broke me. I was 18! And I loved him!”

Lexa nodded and tried to reassure her, or at least this was what she was trying to do “I know, Clarke. I was there, and I respected and supported your choice.”
“You did more than that” Clarke replied, with a calmer tone this time, “You encouraged that choice… And you helped me… And I hated you for that…”
“And I let you,” Lexa whispered doing something that Clarke had never expected her to do. She hugged her, trying to calm her down “It was the only reasonable choice, Clarke” she whispered again “It was needed, Clarke, and you know it, as it could have been needed today, as it could be needed in the future”
“Shut up… Just shut up…” Clarke repeated “Just…”
“Clarke…” Lexa called her again, kissing her forehead in an infinite moment of peace and sweetness “You did the right call back then. You did what I would have done and what I pray I will never have to do.”
Lexa separated from her and moved her head near Clarke’s, staring at her, her beautiful, deep, green eyes. Clarke tried to control herself, but then those words escaped her mouth regardless.
“I hate you, I detest you.”
“No you don’t, you never have and you never will.” Lexa said shaking her head in a sweet movement, and after that, she kept staring at Clarke’s mouth without saying a further word, and the blonde noticed that and reacted accordingly “You would not dare” she warned her, and this caused the brunette to smirk evidently “You’re right, Clarke. I wouldn’t. And I won’t” and then she paused for a moment before continuing “I won’t because you will.”

Clarke rolled her eyes before saying “You’re such an arrogant, superb, petulant, irritating… pain in the ass.”
“I love you, t…” Lexa started, but Clarke cut her off by kissing her roughly “Shut up Commander” she said pushing the other to the wall and reaching under her shirt impatiently “Just shut up.”

anonymous asked:

It's so exhausting to see another babygate on the verge of breaking when the first is still very much an ongoing stunt. And in Liam's case it seems to be a tad more irksome since he's supposedly dating her and they are moving in. Atleast Louis didn't have to spend all hsi time with an innocent kid that ain't his.

All the stunts with 1D are exhausting, but I get you, nonnie. It’s amazing how there’s always some big drama with them that surpasses any telenovela. Everything is one giant wattpad fanfiction that many on this website keep predicting with accuracy. Imagine that. Wow.

I suppose they had to change it a bit, eh? The stunts for Liam tend to be copies from Louis’, so they changed the “unknown to the public” and “not in a ‘relationship’ part”. To be honest I’m weary to the point that’s whatever. We already know Ms. Pregnant will shift attention to her at any opportunity—his sis’ wedding, a charity photoshoot, a trust fund ball or whatever—so there’s not much to surprise anyone. It’s just a matter of how they’ll direct this hot mess from here on. (This  is honestly a skip on fire tumbling down the hill.)

I’m expecting light stunting and minimal collaboration on Liam’s part TBH. We’ll see. I just feel bad that his solo career will be tainted by it. He’s a hard-working, big-hearted lad. It’s his moment to shine, especially when his “fans” give him so much shit. He didn’t deserve any of this non-sense. But what can we do, right? We can just hope it ends sooner rather than later. No night lasts forever. It all ends one day. 

I stand by my expectations that we’ll get “strong, independent woman that needs no man” narrative at one point. Especially for when she drops some music (gotta ride those coattails!) because we know she’ll milk it. She wouldn’t be in this for anything less, I reckon. I guess infamous is better than not-famous? I wouldn’t know.

This whole celebrity game living off drama and stunting is boring AF. It’s like bad writing with things there for shock value, y’know? I’m just checking sporadically for some new (positive) development. Nothing changed yet? No signal of normality? Cool, I’ll check again in three days.

anonymous asked:

I agree with almost everything you said. But couldn't the purpose of the Caryl scenes have been there to remind Carol of the family and love she left back home? To move along her healing process? Because if they went straight to Ben/Glenn/Abe's deaths, then it would be death alone that brought her back, which would put Carol right back where she started. And who better to remind her of love than Daryl? However anyone wants to define it, he is the person she is closest to.

But the point is, she HAD that family love when she left, what’s changed? Reminding her it exists isn’t going to change her. She knows it exists, she expressed that in her scenes with Daryl. 

It has to be something more, something different otherwise,yes, she’s just going back into the same situation.

The other key is the scene with Ezekiel and the knights of the Kingdom. What was the point of that? Except to show us that even with a whole team of people, with the comedy performing troupe that is the Knight,  with Jerry the human puppy, with cobbler - Carol STILL told them to go away and didn’t want to spend time with them, ANY of them.

Like I said, the symbolism is very clear she literally closes the door on Ezekiel but opens it to Daryl, and is more open with Daryl than she has been with EVERYONE else.

And also again, explain to me the goodbye hug? Why was that needed? What was the point of that if it’s just showing us Carol’s “family love”? ISn’t that clearly established in their first hug? In the scenes where they talk about “home”?

Then we also have the romance novel East Eggs, and the parallels with Dwight and Sherry which are going to get super-heavy this week. Why do all that if they are just best friends and nothing more?

Not Done

I adored this scene so much, I just had to write a little something about how Amelia may have come to be asleep on Meredith’s bed:

“Zola is asleep” Amelia whispered, from Meredith’s bedroom door, looking back at where she’d just left Zola’s door ajar. “Good, thank you… how many time did she get you to read that book?” Mer said, her hand sliding onto her page to mark it. “Only twice, she was beat from school today I think” her last few words were distorted by a yawn.

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