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Oncologist! Jihoon

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  • Is amazing at his job
  • He’s known as a hard ass to work with but everyone looks up to him
  • Is an amazing surgeon
  • All the interns had a love hate relationship with them
  • He was super strict but was considered on of the top oncologists in the country so it was an honour to work with him
  • If they ever brought up or made fun of his height he would make their rotation with him a living hell
  • He knew he was short, he didn’t need reminding. But if you really wanna make fun of the guy who is one the best oncologists in Korea maybe even the world you kinda deserve it
  • Workaholic to the max
  • It was once rumored that he sold his apartment and just lived in the on-call room
  • Seriously, it’s live he never left though

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A million thanks for your fast and strong gif work, as always! Question since we were denied the post-candlelight dinner sex. (grrrr) How exactly was Michonne laying in that cot? Belly? Back? It was so dark! Just curious, because, I guess we're gonna have to fill in some naughty blanks about how they got from point A to point B. And bonus points for being able to make out the print of Rick's boxers.

Oh, you’re quite welcome! But okay, so I’ve come to the conclusion that they cut out our sex scene because it was too graphic for TV. ‘Cause the way Michonne is laid out, Rick obviously gave her the business. She’s like on her side and her stomach. It doesn’t even make sense how she’s on that cot. I think she just fell over afterward. 😄Not even sure she’s breathing, tbh. 

By the way, my mind went straight to the gutter with that last sentence, and I started trying to make out another kinda print, so thanks. 😂

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Hey 😊 I really love your blog! What made you realize Azazel actually meant to hug Nina? That post kinda saved my day ahahah

Azazel actually said 「俺に抱かれて竜になれ!」

a literal translation would be get hugged by me and become a dragon!

抱く (daku) literally means to hug/to embrace, although depends on the context, it could also mean to make love.

In that scene after they woke up, I really think Azazel meant literal hug and not make love, esp looking at how straight/serious his face is. Remember just the night before, when Nina asked him to hug him (she said  ぎゅってして! so there’s no mistaking she meant a hug), his face went WTF GET OFF ME WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU and when he did hug her, his wings went off, either from nervousness or embarrassment, idk, it just showed just how he was unused to it. I don’t think the guy who had such…reaction… from being asked to hug would suddenly propose to make love. A hug could be platonic, but to make love he would need to touch her *more* and he seemed to have aversion to being touched, but it could also be bcs he just didn’t know nina but anyway that’s a discussion for another day.

Nina’s mind meanwhile went straight to the gutter. She seemed to make a distinction between a hug ( ぎゅってして ) and being embraced in *that* way ( 抱かれ), so she ran away bcs she totally thought Azazel meant the latter. Azazel on the other hand didn’t understand why Nina ran after proposing to hug her bcs, well, they did already hug the night before - by Nina’s own volition, no less. I doubt he would be so calm if he indeed proposed to make love to her lmao seeing how she wrecked him just by asking a hug.

It’s surprising how despite being a thousand years old (?) demon, Azazel wasn’t even aware of the double meanings of his own words, and to have that kind of pure reaction to a hug. You would think someone as high ranking as him got proposed all the time but apparently not??? Or maybe he was just an airhead when it came to that kind of things and so he simply wasn’t aware of it and unknowingly turned down those proposals. Needs further interactions with more people to confirm. One thing’s sure though: Azazel’s not used to it lmao

Entertain Me!

@a-daydreamers-stories Requested: 29,72,and 81 for either Tig, Kozik, or both 

#29. Come over here and make me

#72. You’re competitive and so am I, and it’s going to lead to a fight

#81. I’ll take care of it

Wednesday. There always seemed to be a lull of activity in all of Charming on Wednesdays. This Wednesday was no different and it was getting to Y/N. The garage was closed and almost everyone was gone for the day. “Koz!” Y/n jumped from her seat and jogged back toward the dorms, where she knew Kozik was currently resting.

Y/N and Kozik had been friends for years and she took the chance to get out of Tacoma when he left for Charming. “Oh Kozzy!” Y/N whined loudly as she got closer to his room. She heard a chuckle coming from down the hall and turned to find Tig standing there. “Kozzy? You call him Kozzy?” Y/N smiled wide and opened the door to Kozik’s room, putting a finger to her lips as Tig waved her off. She knew he would use that against Kozik later, but that didn’t matter to Y/N.

“Koz…” she whispered as she looked over to his bed. She knew he was tired; Kozik was sprawled out on the bed, still in his grey work jumpsuit. Slowly she climbed onto the bed and laid next to him, stroking her thumb across his cheek. “Kozik…wake up hun.”

A small groan escaped his lips as he scrunched up his face, “Five more minutes…” he mumbled. Y/N smiled and pulled his arm over her so she could snuggle into his side. “C’mon, I’m bored. Entertain me. Wake up…pretty please?” She pouted and pressed soft kisses to his cheeks and nose. Y/N knew how to get what she wanted from him. For such a big-bad-biker, Herman Kozik was a pushover when it came to Y/N Y/L/N.

“Fine! FINE! Let me shower first. You’re such an ass Y/N, I hope you know that.” Despite his words, Kozik only smiled wide as he pulled Y/N closer to him, wrapping his arms tighter around her before pushing her away so he could get up. “I’ll meet you out there when I’m done.”

“Thank you!” Y/N threw her arms around him and pressed her lips to his cheek before jumping off the bed, “you’re the best Kozzy!”

“Kozik rolled his eyes and groaned at the nickname he hated most, “I told you stop calling me that!”

“Well…why don’t you come over here and make me?”

“I’ll kick your ass later. I need to shower so I can entertain the Princess! Now go figure out what you want to do while I clean up.”

Twenty minutes later, Kozik made his way to the man area of the clubhouse, where he found Y/N sprawled out on one of the couches. “Alright, so what are the plans, oh Royal-pain-in-my-ass?” He picked her legs up and dropped them onto his lap as he sat down.

“Oh, talk dirty to me more Kozzy! You know what I like,” she giggled and winked as she sat up some, pulling Monopoly from behind her back, “Let’s play a game!”

“Oh for fucks sake! Really? You’re competitive and so am I, it’s going to lead to a fight…again! Plus it’s just you and I.”

“You worry too much babe! I’ll take care of it! Set up the game, I’ll be back.”

Y/N returned minutes later, guiding a smiling Tig into the room. He stopped when he spotted Kozik and the game on the table. “When you said you wanted to play, this is NOT what I was expecting Doll.”

“Yea, well your mind needs to get out the gutter old man. Juice and Chibs are on their way with food. And Jax and Opie should be here soon too. So we’ll play when they get here! Now, let’s plot how we’re going to make them suffer in this game!”

Kozik sat back on the couch and pulled Y/N down to sit on his lap. “You’re going to cause so much trouble aren’t you?” 

“Aww! Is Kozzy here afraid of a little old game of Monopoly?” Tig smirked as he dropped down in a seat across from them. 

Y/N winked at both Kozik and Tig before giving a little shrug. “I told you I wanted to be entertained!”

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Hullo. I love your works they help cope with my urge to scream betty and jughead are meant to be. And i dont know if u are still taking requests but could write about the gang going out like bowling then archie "teaching" the girl how to properly bowl and smirking jughead for his moves and jugheads is like fuck that shit look at my girl wreck you all in bowling. And betty destroying everybody including jughead in bowling. Please kill me with fluff and flirting

Hi there! I really hope this is kind of what you wanted haha. I might have changed it a little, but I still hope you like it. Here you go!

“Sttttrrriiiikkkeee!” Veronica sprang from the plastic-covered bench excitedly, watching in awe as the ball Archie had just rolled directly down the center of the lane knocked down every last pin in one sweeping motion. “I believe that makes number three for team Varchie.”

“Is that what you’re calling yourselves now?” Betty asked, bending down to retie her shoelace as Veronica stood from the bench next to her and strode over to the ball return.

“For the sake of this bowling match?” Veronica bent down to retrieve her sparkly purple ball before turning on her heel to raise a playful eyebrow in Betty’s direction. “You bet your curly blonde ponytail I am.”

“Okay, V, you’re up,” Archie announced, gesturing for her to join him at the start of the lane. “Show em’ what you’re made of.”

“Watch and learn my little lambs,” Veronica fluttered her eyelashes at Jughead and Betty before prancing her way over to Archie. “Prepare to be dazzled.”

“Now Ronnie, remember to keep your elbow pulled back - yep, exactly like that. Perfect, now step forward - keep your hips centered,” Archie instructed, carefully placing both hands on either side of her waist and adjusting her body so that it was pointing towards the middle of the lane. “Great, now you’re ready to let go and-”

Before Archie could finish, Veronica stepped away from his grasp and launched the ball down the lane. The ball veered slightly to the right, but managed to avoid the gutter, knocking down six of the ten pins.

“Yes!” Veronica yelled, jumping up and down victoriously as she turned to her friends with a look of accomplishment. “That’s how it’s done! Kev, get over here - secret victory handshake!”

“V, you’re on an opposing team why would I-” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Veronica wiggling her fingers at him expectantly and decided to give in. “Screw it, I can’t resist a secret handshake.”

“It’s gonna be hard to beat that, huh Jug?” Archie nudged Jughead in the arm playfully, winking at him slyly as he took a seat on the opposite side of him. “Alright, Betty, show us what you’ve got.”

Betty and Jughead both stood reluctantly as they took a few tentative steps forward to retrieve Betty’s ball.

“Juggie, I don’t think this is a good idea,” Betty whispered, glancing back at their friends before turning back to stare dauntingly down the lane in front of them. “Last time I went bowling I was about eight-years-old and there was this terrible incident where my fingers got stuck in the bowling ball holes and-”

“Shhh, Bets, it’s okay,” Jughead soothed, rubbing her shoulders up and down before reaching forward to grab a ball sitting on the rack. “Just breathe. Here, take the ball - it’s not going to get stuck I promise. Do you trust me?”

“You? Yes,” Betty answered, biting her bottom lip nervously as she gestured to the ball in question. “The bowling ball? Not so much.”

“Okay, just don’t think about it,” Jughead suggested. “Think about something else.”

“All I can think about right now is that stupid pink bowling ball eating my hand - like just completely chowing down like it’s a fancy roast dinner,” Betty panicked, pointing to the ball in Jughead’s hand and crossing her arms over her chest defiantly.  

“Remember when we were in your bedroom earlier?” Jughead offered bluntly, and Betty turned to raise a skeptical eyebrow at him.

“Juggie, where is this going?”

“Not where you think it is, pervert, get your mind out of the gutter,” Jughead teased, taking her by the shoulders and facing her towards the lane. “You were telling me about that day your parents took you and Polly to the park when you were kids - you fed the ducks, rode the merry-go-round, had a picnic by the water. You said that was the perfect day for you guys, so think about that. You’re not here, you’re there.”

Betty closed her eyes, envisioning the sparkling blue water of the pond, the lush evergreens surrounding her family as they sat on her great grandmother’s quilt eating her mother’s famous finger sandwiches. Suddenly, she was no longer in the dimly lit bowling alley, but instead transported back in time to her very favorite day.

“Okay, I think it’s working,” Betty announced, her eyes slowly opening as she concentrated on keeping her mind focused on the image of the pond.

“Alright, now line up the ball - great,” Jughead told her, taking a step backwards to give her the space she needed. “Now all you have to do is let go.”

“Think about the ducks, not your fingers getting stuck,” Betty recited this little chant over and over again until she gained the courage to roll the ball down the lane. “Here goes nothing.”

Betty let the ball fly down the center, never once veering off to the side as it hit the pins with a bang, causing them all to fall over with a satisfying clunk.

“Oh my god, I did it!” Betty exclaimed, turning to Jughead with shock written all over her face. “Juggie, did you see that?”

“Uh yeah, I saw it - you’re a regular Earl Anthony, Bets!” Jughead praised her, wrapping his arms around her waist and scooping her into a hug. “That’s my girl, come here!”

“Holy crap, B, did you join a secret bowling-for-troubled-youths league and not tell me?” Veronica waltzed over to the couple, looking more impressed than she had been in a long time.

“Juggie helped me through it,” Betty admitted, glancing up at Jughead with a gracious smile. “I couldn’t have done it without him.”

“Completely untrue,” Jughead disagreed. “But I do agree that you were amazing.”

“Jug, I think she’s even better than you,” Archie pointed out as he and Kevin made their way over to the rest of the group.

“Whoa, let’s not go that far,” Jughead protested. “I was the junior bowler champion of the entire Riverdale Bowling Club in the third grade - no one can even come close to getting on my level.”

“That’s not a thing,” Veronica muttered, shaking her head like this was the most ridiculous statement she had ever heard.  

“It’s a thing,” they all shot back in unison, glancing away in shame at their small town’s silly traditions.

“These are the moments that I truly miss New York City,” Veronica mumbled under her breath, stepping away from the group to slink back down onto a bench.

“Okay then, Mr. Junior Bowler Hotshot,” Betty crossed her arms over her chest, gesturing to the ball return and raising a challenging eyebrow at Jughead. “Show us how it’s done. Or are you too afraid you’ll tarnish your most impressive record?”

“Oh, I see how it is - you have one good run and you think you can throw down a little smack talk,” Jughead teased, his eyes dancing playfully as he watched her step out of the way to give him the floor. “Alright then. You asked for it.”

Jughead picked up his ball from the rack and turned back to wink flirtatiously in Betty’s direction. “It’s on Betty Cooper.”

No One Knows Part 9

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader




Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 

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Hiccstrid kisses that'll develop over Season 5/6 😀

*wiggles eyebrows*

 - Like, obviously we can’t go NSFW and they’re not gonna show us Hiccstrid passionately making out because it’s a kid show, but I don’t see why we can’t get some brief face cupping. Especially after a dangerous mission, ooh la la. Kiss out of relief.

 - We’ll probably get a cheek kiss. To parallel the second movie. It’ll be Hiccup in a rush or something, and he’ll peck Astrid’s cheek and going.

 - Speaking of Hiccup, if there is another lip kiss - which I’m guessing there will be, maybe one per season? - then he’ll initiate it. (Please keep in mind these are predictions, I do not know the RTTE crew, and I’m also a hopeful shipper). Again, HTTYD 2 reference. I’m really glad that the first RTTE kiss was mutual, and Astrid pulling Hiccup in is hot, but I want them to foreshadow too.

 - These are going to be more hopes than predictions now.

 - Forehead kisses. They’re so cute, man, and Hiccstrid’s foreheads are asking for it. I really doubt we’ll see it, but it’s something that would give me a head rush.

 - A little more probable and even more cute is hand kisses. I want Hiccup to mock bow and kiss Astrid’s hand (”Milady” still hasn’t been said yet and I am so mad). I want Astrid to lean her head on Hiccup’s shoulder and kiss his hand before pressing it to her chest (innocently, get your mind out of the gutter, y’all).

 - And what I really thought was cute that they should definitely continue was Hiccup following Astrid’s lips for a second after the kiss ended. RTTE Hiccup, unfortunately, just…doesn’t seem like the boy who’s had a crush on Astrid Hofferson for who knows how long. I like smitten Hiccup. 

Headcanon requests are closed! (This is actually the last one I had in my inbox, but please don’t send me new ones!)

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did you see the rumor circulating that cait is pregnant? not buying it - but any clue where it originated?

I did but I didn’t read it. Clickbait is so not my jam. I feel like the universe balances itself out and if I encourage that brand of journalism by responding to the cutesy/shippery stuff even with just a click, it encourages the institution as a whole and inadvertently supports the writing and distributing of the negative articles, too. (Yo, even a gutter bitch has to have standards.) But pregnancy rumors are a dime a dozen and I’d imagine the high curve of Cait’s abdomen in her satin gown helped plant a seed in the mind of someone who doesn’t know where a woman’s uterus is. It’s boring, uninspired, lazy, next-level tabloid crap.

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No no but what about being really stubborn but secretly you're starting to crush on Peter a little bit and you do a really good job of hiding it until Wanda reads your mind and figures it out and then you never hear the end of it from Wanda and Nat and meanwhile your crush on him only grows much to your dismay~Tessa


  • it would be so great like man
  • like you would be hanging out in the avenger tower 
  • maybe it’s avenger movie night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • & peter’s there ofc 
  • and you just zoned out staring at him because he’s so pretty 
  • you are so entranced by him, daydreaming about making out with him or like cuddling & all the sweet stuff
  • and out out of nowhere wanda just gasps
  • everyone like snaps their head towards her like what is it what is the danger????
  • but she’s just like y/n!? 
  • you’re like what the fuck the fuck the fuck 
  • peter’s a cutie, all concerned, “what!? is she in trouble? what is it?”
  • and wanda’s just looking at you with wide eyes because your mind was definitely wandering to the gutter if you know what i mean
  • y/n! a word? 
  • confused, you leave very with wanda who pulls you out, gesturing to nat to join you 
  • you like peter?” 
  • and you goddamn just blush as you realize she must’ve been reading your mind and ohmygod
  • nat just smirks straightaway you like spidey? that’s adorable
  • you’re just DYING of your red cheeks and blurt out you can’t tell anyone!!
  • and lord they made your life hell 
  • nat just constantly dropped comments that made so many awkward situation
  • hey peter, doesn’t y/n look nice today? 
  • what? uh- i mean, she is! looking great! you look great! i mean, you always looks great so– um. 
  • nat’s just smirking at you  
  • is so much worse
  • because she can see every little thing that goes through your head
  • which means you can’t let ur mind wander because you wilL GET THE MOST JUDGING STARE
  • it’s totally used at blackmail against you 
  • but it has it small perks
  • just by the way– peter’s thought about making out with you too.” 
  • wait, what? 
  • i didn’t say anything!” 

Hi! long time no fic from me, like in a year eek! lol  So this was inspired a little bit by a really good fic i read by @finn-nelson-for-the-win , also check out her fic she’s writing its very good. I was shooting for a nice cutie little fluffy Rinn fic to slowly get back into writing but instead it became a full on smutty Rinn fic I blame it on the horny dickheads and not the fact that my mind is just permanently in the gutter lol so anyway enjoy. :) tagging for smut. wc is 2,833

I’m tagging some lovely emus that have asked to be on my forever tag list. Please let me know if you want on or off (you won’t hurt my feelings if you do) the list or if you want me to tag you for one particular story, thanks!

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SasuSaku still accused Karin of raping Sasuke...

Why you putting Sasuke as a rape victim? This is Sasuke Uchiha we are talking about. Sasuke. Uchiha. I think is man enough to handle anyone, including Karin, who’s about to jump his bones.

And if they can talking the ravishing panel, the one that was mistranslated. The real panel is Karin talking ravishing Sasuke with her beauty. Since ravishing has two different, it really depends on the person emotional meaning of the word.

Karin didn’t want to attack and force him to have sexual intercourse with her. Karin isn’t interested in Sasuke like that. The girl just wants to spend some alone time with the guy and SS shipper think so wrong because of it.

Please get your mind of the gutter, not everything is about sex. Unlike Sakura, Karin respected Sasuke’s personal space and didn’t force her love on her. Shes not Sakura.

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could i have ace and sabo reacting to their s.o unawaringly pulling them to her cleavage while sleeping thinking that they were the pillow lmao? thank you!

Ohohoho. Of course ;) Headcanons, yes? 

S/O pulling them into her cleavage while sleeping:


  • This boy is not that oblivious. Seriously. He’s going to come in and see her sleeping, and he’ll melt. “Awww my lil cutie” and then he’ll join her, or take a closer look by just sliding in next to her. 
  • His s/o will inch closer to the sudden source of heat and he’ll oblige, except it’s the usual position has reversed and his face? its?
  • He’s a blushing mess, trying to keep his mind out of the gutter. I mean, she’s sleeping! His angel is sleeping! ‘WHY IS MY MIND DOING THIS’
  • While Ace is trying to calm his raging hormones, if his s/o pulls him closer and mumbles incoherently, he’ll just pause. That was so cute? 
  • He’ll just take a deep breath and get comfortable lol. I mean, looks like he’ll be here for a while so might as well get comfortable, right? He winds his arms around her and settles in. 
  • But if she woke up instead and looked down, realizing it’s not a pillow she’s squeezing…Ace will just flash her a huge grin and kiss her messily. What happens next…is up to you…


  • Sabo’s just going to shake his head and smile gently at his lovely s/o, who is currently half-dead on the bed. He’ll sit down, stroke their hair and try to tuck them in, except…aww they look like they want some cuddles! 
  • He decides he has some free time anyway, so he goes along with all the tugging on his wrists. Until he’s yanked down, right into their chest. He’ll try really hard to move away but nope. It’s not happening. It’s like Luffy with meat -she’s not gonna let go. 
  • Sabo might try calling out softly, just to see if she might shift a bit? Yeah, he won’t notice at first…
  • …until he does. “Oh. Um.” If you were wondering, he looks adorable with flushed cheeks. It;s a great look for him. 
  • whyyyyy…why is she asleep??
  • “You’re gonna be the death of me.” But he’s smiling fondly, pressing a soft kiss to whatever skin he can reach. Completely ignoring his racing heart, bless this pure soul. 
  • If he’s got enough time, he’ll fall asleep listening to their heartbeat. It calms him down right away. 
After Midnight - DMichelleWrites - Arrow (TV 2012) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary: Felicity spends the night in Oliver’s new apartment and has a hankering for cake after a passionate romp with her boyfriend post-mission.

A/N: First of all, thanks to Bev ( @felicityollies) her story Better Than Sex made me think back to all too common occurrence at night with my boyfriend. Art is imitating life. And by that, I mostly mean the cake conversation. Not much else. I’d say, “Hey. get your minds out of the gutter.” But this story kicks off with a bang. Thanks, Honey for letting me use our cake conversation. (Yes, I pour milk on cake. It’s delicious. Judge away if you must). Also, most of my smut ficlets [stories under 3k words] are rated M. This one jumped up to E for reasons, just so you know.


Felicity traipsed over to the kitchen. Tangerine painted toenails accented in the soft fluorescent light from the fridge. Not the master chef space, Oliver hoped for when he purchased the joint. However, it was a huge step up from their bunker dwelling. Thankfully with the see-through door, Felicity spied one last of her boyfriend’s homemade German chocolate cake. Luckily, William and Samantha had already taken a couple pieces back to her home last night. She rubbed her hands together, resembling that same little girl on Hanukkah who couldn’t wait for her bubbe’s crispy latkes. Felicity rummaged around a drawer for a fork, planning to eat it straight off the cake platter.

“You’re all mine.” Felicity proclaimed in a hushed tone, licking her lips.

Oliver cleared his throat, sneaking up behind her.“Want some milk with that, cake-stealer?”

Her fork clattered onto the kitchen counter.

“Geez.” His girlfriend jumped, guarding her heart, “You scared the crap out of me!”

He apologized, not sounding sincere at all, “Sorry.”

“Yes, please.”

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Pale Skin and Onyx Eyes [10]

[Throne of Glass] [Elide x Lorcan] [W.I.P.]
Chapter Word Count: 2849 words

Summary: Set after Empire of Storms, Elide Lochan and Lorcan Salvaterre are traveling with Rowan and Gavriel in search of Queen Aelin. Will Elide ever be able to forgive Lorcan for betraying her and her Queen? Where will they go next?

Part I: The Search - Chs. 1-8
Part II: The Journey - Chs. 9-???
Part III: The Mission

Chapters: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [13 ] …
Read it on: [ fanfiction.net ] [ archive of our own ]

While she had been asleep, Lorcan had quickly chopped down some firewood and hunted down four rabbits. After they reached the cave, he began skinning and skewering the rabbits to roast over the fire pit. Elide untied her packs and rolled out her sleeping mat. Night had fallen, and innumerable stars flecked the sky. She immediately found the Lord of the North, the stag of Terrasen, shining bright so that she could always find her way home… The smell of the roasting rabbits wafted to her nose, reminding her that she was ravenous.

Lorcan almost laughed when he handed Elide the stone plate with a perfectly roasted rabbit. Her eyes were like dinner plates as she stared fixedly at the meat, waiting impatiently for it to cool enough to eat.

Elide devoured both of her rabbits unashamedly. She licked the juice from her fingers and sighed, sated and content. Lorcan was watching her from across the fire. As night fell a cool breeze picked up, a direct contrast to the beating sun earlier, and Elide was sitting right by the cave’s entrance. She shivered.

“Come to this side,” Lorcan suggested, his expression unreadable. He was sitting towards the back of the cave. Elide cocked her head at him, but complied wordlessly.

Oh, it was warmer on this side! She let the delicious warmth of the fire lick her toes for a moment, and then she hugged her knees to her chest. They sat there silently for a few moments as the firewood crackled and creatures of the night rustled and chirped.

She was thinking about earlier, about when she had been meditating… She still wondered what compelled him to go on this near-suicidal mission with her. It feels like… that time Lorcan stole the barge and we set forth for Eyllwe together…

Elide pursed her lips and blew air from her nostrils. So much had happened since then.

Lorcan was thinking about her damned lips again, about that time they were painted blood-red when she was dressed up as a fortune-teller. Gods, everything about this nearly-human woman was so distracting, he would make sure to take his time learning and appreciating every, fucking –

“Did you ever have a mate?” Elide asked unexpectedly, refusing to look at his face. Her cheeks flushed as she inspected her toes closely instead.

Lorcan snapped to attention, replaying her question in his mind.

“Where did that come from?” His growl was defensive. Once again, she had caught him off-guard. He couldn’t forget that those soft lips hid a razor-sharp tongue. Lorcan tried not to let his mind wander back into the gutter as he trained his gaze on her.

“I- I was just wondering,” she replied softly, her voice barely a whisper. Lorcan wasn’t sure, but he thought he heard a faint longing in her voice.

No one had asked him about a mate in a long, long while… And if she had asked him that question a couple of months ago, he would have snorted and simply answered, “No.” It wouldn’t have been a topic up for discussion.

But now… He had thought it was possible, once, lifetimes ago… Gods, when was the last time her name had even floated into his head?

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Oh crap I forgot to add the rest of it sorry ahhh. She realizes her hair is too short to pull so she goes to JD's house and says something like "hey let's go do something crazy and then prank Chandler" and everything is pure and good and no one dies

S u r e

(tfw ur short hair prevents u from having rough sex)
(Throwing this in a modern au because why the fuck not)
(I think my JD is really out of character :^/ sorry)

So plan A was out. There were a few reasons for that, most of which Veronica would never admit out loud. One of the biggest reasons was that JD refused to Do anything with her after she sort of broke into her house.

“You’re drunk,” He said. “It’s not going to happen.”

Damn JD and his sensibility. She was going to die! Why couldn’t he just play along? Oh well.

“How did you even find my house?” JD asked.

Veronica held up her phone. “Googled it.”

JD frowned. “That’s not weird at all.”

She shrugged. “It wasn’t hard.”

Neither was JD. But that was unrelated. Veronica needed to get her drunk mind out of the gutter.

“So what happened?” JD asked. It was the second time he had asked. Maybe this time he would get an answer.

Veronica waved one hand in a vague gesture. “Heather got pissed at me, I threw up on her, she’s gonna kill me on monday, usual stuff.”

“Actually kill you, or?”

“Who knows!” Veronica threw her hands up and laughed. Lord was she wasted.

When she calmed down, she looked JD dead in the eyes. “We should- we should TP Heather’s house.”

“Veronica, you’re drunk.” JD said.

“Yeah.” Veronica replied. “Are you in or not?” She started to stand, moving slowly so she wouldn’t fall.

JD sighed. “Only because you need supervision.”

“Nnno I don’t.” Veronica said, still attempting to stand. “I’ll be fine.”

“Give me a minute to get dressed.”

They were on Heather Chandler’s front lawn, Veronica had stolen some rolls of toilet paper from JD’s house, and he pretended to not notice her horrible attempts. He told himself he was only there because he would be able to talk their way out of getting arrested should someone call the cops.

That wasn’t the entire truth.

He watched as Veronica threw a roll at Heather’s house. Clearly, she had never TPed anyone’s house before, because the roll harmlessly hit the wall and fell. Veronica laughed and threw another, which also fell.

She had such a cute laugh.

When Veronica fell over after throwing one roll particularly hard, JD finally walked over and looked down at her. “I think you need to rest.” He said.

“Yeah.” Veronica agreed. “Help me up.” She made no move to offer him a hand or anything so JD held out his hand. Veronica took it and he pulled her up, and held her up when she almost fell over again.

“JD.. JD. JD.” She said.


“Can I sleep over?” She asked.

He didn’t know where she lived, and he wasn’t going to pull a Veronica and google where she lived. “Sure.”

Veronica laughed and cheered.

“JD?” She said as they started walking back to JD’s house.

“Yeah?” He replied.

“You’re too tall.” Veronica said in all seriousness.

“Am I?” JD asked, arching his eyebrows.

“Stop being so tall.” She said.

“I will try.” JD responded, chuckling.

“Good.” Veronica nodded and went quiet, leaning on JD for support as they walked. “Can we get slushies tomorrow?”

Can you imagine if that little thingy in the box did not reveal the bird tattoo but a tattoo that was less obvious? Something small and hidden that only someone who knows Jane’s body so intimately would recognize and Kurt immediately knew were it was (no it doesn’t to need to be that intimate, but I mean something not as obvious as the bird tattoo - get your mind out of the gutter). Like something that’s as super tiny and hidden as the Chinese date/address from the pilot. And Kurt immediately recognizes it and knows where it is and Jane is just… GAH! She wants to ask him how she knew but of course he knows. That man adores her. He has spent countless hours loving her and adoring her and worshiping her. He’s memorized every inch of her body and every tattoo and every detail and she just cannot take how much this man loves her and how much she loves him!!!!

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6x17 dominant Stefan should be illegal! Don't worry I've watched that scene so many times too! His gulp before they kiss as he holds her face and when he slams her on the vending machine! Unf! You can see her head bouncing off the vending machine too. Everything about him in that episode was just pure seduction, to me at least lol! The thrust when she pulls him towards her and when he kisses her neck next to the fireplace still give me hot flashes! I'm so weird, I apologise to your followers!

LOL first of all my followers should be use to this trash talk because they follow me and my mind is in the gutter 90% of the time. Second of all my mind is a little hazy on these scenes you mentioned… I think I need visual aids again

Ah much better… I remember perfectly now ;)

Hey guys, I don’t think that it’s a mystery that the Eremika community is running low on morale. I for one am one of those people losing hope, so I could either sit behind my computer and feel sorry for myself. Or I could do something to boost the support, and I did. @guyinlovewitheremika posted a couple of videos of Eren and Mikasa’s grunting in the upcoming Attack on Titan video game (Looking forward to it by the way.), and since I can’t get my mind out of the gutter every time I listen to either video, I thought I’d compile the audio’s to both videos and make this NSFW audio piece. I made this video to boost the Eremika morale only, not to enrage people in any sort of way.

The piece of art above in the video isn’t mine, I tried to find the artist, but I think the artist deactivated her profile so if anyone know’s who made this piece please let me know, and here’s the links to the original videos.


And just to put this out here, if anyone doesn’t like the video cause this ship isn’t your thing, or whatever, know that I don’t judge other ships. I am what I call a NEUTRAL EREMIKA SHIPPEPR. I just ship to ship.


Request by @supernaturalymarvel: I just found your blog and omg *-* i was wondering if you could write me a reader x dean winchester (seriously love him) where the reader grew up with Sam and Dean and when she turns 21 they take her out drinking and lets slip of a little secret (shes a werewolf or something you can decide :*) and he flips out and so does sam and they get all mad and shout but they realise hey! I still love her and dean gets all fluffy and says he loves her and things XD

Word Count: 4213

Warnings: None

Version en Español: Veintiuno

“Hurry up, Y/N!” Dean called through the bathroom door. “If you’re not ready in five minutes, we’re leaving your ass.”

“You wouldn’t,” you responded with confidence, applying your mascara carefully. “It’s my birthday and not even you’re mean enough to leave someone behind on their birthday.”

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