her makeup and outfit were so cute


request: Ok so, I really like the idea os shawn being so protective over his sister. And I also like the idea of his (future) girlfriend being like “the cool sister” of hers. You know, like, always calming Shawn down when aaliyah’s with a boy and having her back - helping her get ready for dates and stuff. Or aaliyah asking asking his girlfriend to try reasoning with him… can you write something like this?

You were on the couch with Shawn, in between being awake and asleep, while he flipped channels, trying to find something to watch. Aaliyah came bouncing down the steps, smile bright on her face, and the noises woke you. “Hey, do you mind if I borrow Y/N for like, ten minutes?”

Shawn whined, not wanting you to get up.

“Shawn, suck it up.” You laughed, following Aaliyah up the stairs and into her room. “What’s up, Liyah?”

“Well, you that boy Hayden?”

You nodded, having heard stories of the boy that made Aaliyah’s heart speed up.

“He asked me if I wanted to see a movie with him!”

“Absolutely not.” Shawn’s voice came from outside the door, and he swung it open.

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Bad Dracula (M)

(Gif Credit goes to Admin Smuttyfairy)

Genre: Horror/Smut/Romance

Summary: Lisa, your best friend, loves to party. You love quiet nights where you can dream about her friend Bambam. Bambam loves your smile, and your slender neck. A pushy invitation to a party, A wet dream that turns into a nightmare, and wait- are those fangs? (Vampire AU, Bambam x Reader, Best Friend!Lisa x Reader)

Warnings: Suffocation, Assault, Blood, Alcohol use

Word count: 6,136

Written by: Smutty Jaefairy

Here’s something I’ve meant to upload for a while now. I hope you guys enjoy! (I promise I’ll write less Bambam in the future OTL ) 

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The entire Fa (Hua) family from “Mulan” in 1/6 scale (11″) doll form! We recently made these on commission and I absolutely LOVE how Granny came out especially!!!! She’s my favorite!!! I also love Matchmaker Mulan—her ‘white’ makeup and uncertain face was really fun to do and I loved making her gown more accurate style and colors. Fa Zhou (Dad) and Fa Li (Mom) were also incredible to make! I was so pleased and honored to have the opportunity to bring these wonderful characters to doll form! We also made all Mulan’s outfits from the film, too. :) Hope you like them!!! (What do you all think of Granny?! Isn’t she soooo cute!!!?!?!?

@love-disney-dolls @disneylimitededitiondolls @arianbutlerart @disneydollscollectiblesandmore @disneyledolls

My looks were always very important to me, but it wasn’t until I met my Husband that I made my make-up, hair & outfit choice a real priority everyday without fail. Knowing that my Husband is pleased with me and hearing him praise my efforts on his behalf make me so happy😊. ❤️

Society makes having an ‘hourglass’ shaped figure such a big deal. Like. I’m hourglass shaped, and it’s not really a huge thing. I still have insecurities like the rest of everyone on the planet.

But let me tell you. I met a girl who was ‘pear’ shaped recently, and she is GORGEOUS. Like, I was looking at her, trying to figure out why I thought she was so pretty, and my drawing brain was all ‘she’s what people call pear-shaped’. 
I’m not saying she was pretty only cause of her body shape, because her hair and makeup and outfit were also all on point, and she seems very smart even though I haven’t talked to her a whole lot yet. I’m just saying she’s cute, and that was a contributing factor. 


EMIYA (Archer)

[Y/N] stared down awkwardly at their outfit, their arms spread out as they examined themselves in the mirror. “Nero… Isn’t this…”

“Perfect?” Nero beamed, looking at them. “You look so cute, [Y/N]!”

“Yeah but the outfit alone is already enough… but the makeup…” [Y/N] protested, looking at themselves in the mirror. “I’m not used to wear such clothes, I prefer wearing sweaters…”

“Nonsense! Sweaters aren’t the ideal clothes to wear for this day!” Nero argued, crossing her arms.

Sighing, [Y/N] gave in as they were used to Nero’s antics; being friends with her for a very long time. They examined themselves in front of the mirror and failed to notice that Nero has left their room. “Nero, what time do we leave?”

“Just in a few minutes, I’m sending a text to someone!” she called from the living room.

Nero to EMIYA: Meet me at the café on Fuyuki St in five minutes. No questions, just go ♪( ´▽`)

— • —

EMIYA sighed as he leaned against the stoned wall, his hands tucked in his black trenchcoat pockets. His grey eyes looked around for any signs of Nero as he pulled out his phone and was about to send a message to the blonde when he heard a voice. “Emiya!”

He jerked up his head and watched as Nero, who was followed by a very familiar person, rush to him. He clicked his tongue and sighed, raising an eyebrow. “Can I ask why did you call me here?”

Nero gave him an innocent and shoved a very red-faced [Y/N] in front of her. “You two are on a date! Now then, I’ll leave you two alone to have some fun and chat!” She smiled, patting [Y/N] on the shoulder. “Tell me how it goes!”

“What? A date?” Both looked at Nero in shock.

The blonde simply gave a cute smile. “Umu! Now, I have some business to attend to. Have fun!”

With that said, she waved and walked off in the opposite direction, leaving a red-faced [Y/N] with a towering man beside them.

“So… Uhm…” [Y/N] started nervously, fiddling with their jacket.

EMIYA let out a small chuckle and gently patted their back, leading them in the cafe. “Come on, it’s getting a bit cold outside.”

[Y/N] trailed EMIYA from behind with a little smile on their face. [Y/N]’s phone buzzed as they look it out and read Nero’s text.

Nero to [Y/N]: Don’t be shy or nervous, EMIYA’s a great guy, umu!

[Y/N] chuckled at the text she sent.

[Y/N] to Nero: Thanks ^o^ but I’m still vv nervous (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

After sending the text, [Y/N] pocketed their phone and entered after EMIYA in the cafe.

Closer (Peter Parker x Reader)

(I do not own gif!) 

A/N : Hey guys! So I have had this idea for a super long time. I’m making this a mini series, I am not sure how many parts this will be, but I think it might be more than 3! Hope you guys like it!! 

Summary: You and Peter have been friends for quite a while, you both having secret crushes on one another.

Warnings: Parties, Underage Drinking (which I am not supporting, it’s just for the story!), Fluff, Spoilers? (Ned, and Flash), Cursing, Mention Of Gun. 

Word Count: 2,600

Part 2  Part 3  Part 4 

You held tightly onto the poll that was supporting you, you were never really fond of train rides, but your best friend insisted it would be much quicker to get to the destination. Which you weren’t exactly sure where that was, putting a piece of hair behind your ear, you looked up at your best friend, looking at her outfit, starting to think you were underdressed. She had on this adorable long sleeve pale pink romper, and nude heels, her hair tied up into a tight bun, little pieces sticking out to shape her face, her makeup looked flawless, and you literally just wanted to scream at her for being so beautiful.

“It’s not fair,” you whined stomping your foot a little, her turning to look at you, “Huh?”

“You are so freaking beautiful, and I hate you so much.”

She starting laughing, shaking her head, “(Y/N), if you do not shut up, I am gonna come over there and punch you, hard.” you started laughing, and then a frown crept onto your face, making her furrow her eyebrows, “What’s wrong?” you shrugged slightly, and she gave you the look.

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My Girl - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

My Girl – TW Imagine

Prompt: You and Stiles go to Theo’s party together to find Theo flirting with you. Stiles gets angry and tells Theo that you’re his girl and confesses that he likes you.

A/N: FORGIVE ME PLEASE!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY I HAVENT BEEN POSTING! With school and everything it’s been hard to write again and be inspired :( This is soo bad but baby steps guys, baby steps. Hopefully I’ll be writing even more soon, xoxo

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1590

Originally posted by abbraccicomemedicine

Your POV

“I still don’t think you should be going to this party, Y/N.” Stiles got a hold of your arm, pulling you back towards him just when you were walking away from your locker.

“Why not? It’ll be fun!” You whined, giving your puppy eyes a try.

“It’ll be dangerous once you take a sip from one of the drinks and find out that it’s spiked. Plus, there’ll be sweaty bodies everywhere, gross.” Stiles tried to convince you not to go to Theo’s party since he hated him, and does a disgusted face at the thought of sweaty bodies, causing you to do the same.

A laugh followed, “You and your imagination.” You winked, causing him to blush.

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Meeting The Dolan Twins for the First Time:

Your Name- Carly

Your Best Friends Name- Lauren

Meeting The Dolan Twins and more PART ONE:

You and your friend, lauren, got tickets to see ethan and grayson today. Lauren wasn’t really that big of a fan, but you were. You both did your hair, makeup, and each put on a cute outfit. You were wearing high waisted shorts with a black crop top, and your vans. You slightly curled your long brown hair so it was wavy. Lauren was wearing jean shorts, and a loose white crop top. She wore her “rainbow” flip flops, and straightened her long dirty blonde hair. It was in the middle of the summer, so it was soo hot out! Lauren kept complaining during the car ride about the heat, but you didnt, because you would do anything to meet the one and only Ethan Dolan. As you got in line to take a picture, you saw them posing, and signing stuff for all the other girls. You felt jealous in a way. You and lauren were almost up, and there were only a couple people in front of you. Finally it was your turn and Ethan looked at you. His eyes met your eyes. Your heart stopped. For a couple seconds you guys just stood there and looked at each other.

Ethans POV

Oh my god, shes beautiful. Prettiest blue eyes i have ever seen. She really stands out. SHIT, shes gonna think im weird staring alright enough fantasizing talk to her you dip shit.

Your POV

Why is he staring at me omg does he think im ugly or pretty, is there something in my teeth?

You go up to hug Ethan and unlike any other fan, he holds you closer and the hug was genuine and not just another “fan” hug. You both could tell. The moment you touched him, your heart sank and you couldnt help but to melt. After you hugged you guys smiled at eachother and he finally started talking.

Ethan: Hey, whats your name? *says in a flirty way”

You: Im Carly (: *you smile* …i definitely don’t know your name could you tell me?

Ethan: hahahahaa funny

*you both smile at eachother until a rude voice interupts*


You and ethan quickly pose for a picture. You gave him one last hug goodbye. All the sudden as you were walking away he runs back up to you and secretly hands you a note saying : “Meet me behind the building at 10:00 …You looked back and winked at him. After you got out of the building you screamed off the top of your lungs, jumped around like a kangaroo, and could wipe the happiness of your face. You go to your hotel room to quickly freshen up. In your bag you bring mints, chap stick, perfume, a hair tie, money, and your phone. Your hotel was right next to the building. When its time, you walk out, around the corner and find Ethan standing there. It was a little chilly so he had on a sweatshirt, and shorts. When he sees you he smiles with a smirk this time, and hugs you. You said whats up. He replied with:

Ethan: Hey, your different then any other fan..i can tell. I wanna get to know you better. Lets go for a walk on the beach

A couple hours later its midnight and you find yourself laughing, and having the best night with Ethan. Walking and talking and laughing, you guys hit it off. Suddenly Ethan pushed you in the water playfully and started running away. You got up and pushed him right back. He was so tall and strong that you failed, but you tried. Both you smiling, and laughing having so much fun. You jump on his back and try to push him down and this time it worked. You landed on his chest in the soft sand, under the dark sky lit up with stars, and you eyes met. He pulled you closer and your lips touched. The feeling of his arms wrapped around your back felt perfect. After about 10 seconds, Ethan pulled away and said “I want to be with you, only you”…You continued kissing, and the rest was all a blur. In the morning, you woke up with a blanket on you, but you were alone on the beach. The waves sounded so pretty, the sun was just rising, but where was Ethan? For a moment you thought he left you, but you turned around to see him just walking on the beach with breakfast he just bought. You were so happy to see him, and went in for a kiss. He got under the blanket with you and snuggled for a little while eating your breakfast. All the sudden, you just realized you never told Lauren where you were so you freaked out. Ethan said its okay, I called her myself telling her you were with me and that you were safe this morning. You finally felt better, and hugged him tighter.

Ethan: Hey do you wanna maybe spend the rest of the weekend at my place with Lauren?
Carly: Really? you would do that for me
Ethan: Of course..I’m leaving tonight
Carly: Okay, Yeah! that sounds fun
Ethan: Great I have to go now for another meet up, but ill text you later on whats happening *kisses you on the cheek* bye
Carly: Cya

After he left the beach you just kind of laid there and let everything that happened the past 12 hours sink in. You call Lauren and tell her the news. Lauren comes and picks you up and wants to know every detail. After telling her, you notice her jaw drop, and has been dropped ever since you told her about the kiss.

That night, you and Lauren packed your bags in complete excitement. Suddenly, you heard a knock on your hotel door. It was Ethan and Grayson. You were shocked and said omg hey. Ethan introduced you to Grayson, and you introduced him to Lauren. Lauren and Grayson were flirting with each other in that tiny moment you and Ethan winked at each other each thinking “there hitting it off.” Without Hesitating, Ethan runs into the room and starts jumping on the bed. Being your crazy self, you decide to join him. As your jumping you both are screaming at each other because its hard to hear.

Ethan: *Pushes you off bed*
Carly: *gets up and grabd ethan by his ankles making him fall on his face*
Lauren: Well these 3 minutes have been interesting.
Grayson: We will leave you guys alone to kill each other, come on Lauren lets go get some ice cream
Lauren: Okayyy
Carly: Nice Job Ethan, there gone (:

Ethan pulls you close and you guys start making out. You have an hour so you decide to turn on netflix and snuggle. The warm blankets, comfy pillows, ethan holding you; they all give you this feeling of completeness, and you love it.  Somehow Ethan ended up with his shirt off, and his toned arms were around you with your head on his warm beating chest. You felt safe, and comfortable and you both fell into a light content sleep with eachother other. Gray and Lauren woke us up by jumping on the bed. We had 5 minutes to get down stairs to the lobby until the cab leaves. Ethan puts his shirt on, and all of you grab your luggage and go. You guys made it, but you were all squished together in the back. You were in Atlantic City NJ and needed to get to Long Valley NJ and they were an hour and a half away from each other. The car ride consisted of dance parties, vines, pit stops, and naps. You and Ethan were still tired from the night before, so you guys did most of the napping, holding each others hands the whole way. The cab drivers voice woke you up in your nap/day dream. You finally arrived to there house.


Once you pull up, Ethan quickly gets out, and opens the door for you. Even after insisting he didn’t have to, he took your bags and carried them to his front door. His parents were expecting you and Lauren, so they open up and introduce themselves. They were welcoming and seemed to really like you. You, lauren, Ethan, and Grayson all went down into the basement. It was huge! It was pretty late, so everyone just threw a couple of blankets down, and turned on a movie. Towards the end of the movie you and Ethan noticed Lauren and Grayson were asleep. Out of nowhere, Ethan comes over to kiss you. His lips on your lips. You both were in sync. You didn’t realize the time passing by and it was already 2 am, so you went to bed. A couple hours later, you found yourself a couple feet away from ethan, and without a blanket. You do sleep walk sometimes, so this doesn’t surprise you. Ethan surprisingly isn’t asleep because he has a fucked up sleeping schedule, and he’s scrolling through instagram. He notices your awake.

Carly: How the hell did I get over hear
Ethan: I think you sleep walk hahah, omg you don’t have a blanket, come here.
Carly: *walks over*
Ethan: Here, come under mine.

You are body to body with Ethan and felt a lot better.  You look up at him and you smile, and say thanks. You were wearing a thin white tank, and grey sweat pants that Ethan let you borrow. Your boobs were hanging out of your shirt, but you didn’t mind, and either did Ethan. Ethan was shirtless and was wearing black sweats. Ethan kisses your forehead and says lets go to sleep. You and Ethan lay together until morning.

In the morning, your all woken up by Mrs. Dolan calling you up for breakfast. You were so happy to wake up next to your boyfriend, Ethan. During breakfast, Mr and Mrs. Dolan talked to you about your family, where your from, what you like to do,etc… They really liked you. They both left frantically, Mr. Dolan stuffing his third pancake in his mouth, running out the door for work. Cameron, there sister woke up a little late but finally met you and was sorry she was also rushing to go to her friends house. You, Ethan, Grayson, and Lauren had the house all to yourselves for the day.

Today was scorching hot and sunny. The past few months there has been a drought and it hasn’t rained in forever. After breakfast, you and Lauren go downstairs to get changed into your bathing suits. You had a black strapless bikini top on, with hot pink bottoms. Lauren had on a white bikini top, with blue bottoms. During the day you filled water balloons with paint and threw them at each other, squirted each other with the hose, swam in there pool, went on there slip&slide, jumped on there trampoline, and did a bunch of stupid, fun stuff. This was the best day of your life, and you were sure of it. Sun kissed skin, pale freckles, toasted golden hair, sun reflections off your eyes. This was summer. This was the best summer of your life. This was the start of something new, and everyone knew it and loved it. You were all just living in the moment. In that moment. You had each other, and thats all that mattered. At around 4 it was starting to get dark. Non stop laughing, and smiling this whole day all because of this one boy. Grayson made a little optical course thingy. Ethan and Carly vs Lauren and Grayson.  You and Lauren hopped on the twins backs. Then, go. Go was the start to the best summer of your life. In that moment it was complete happiness, and all you heard were the sounds of laughter. Ethan fell and gently landed. You were now on top of him in the middle of the street. A rain drop. A rain drop fell from the sky onto Ethan’s face. Then more. The drought was over. This time, you pulled in for a kiss, and their you were. Laying in the middle of the street, together, in the rain. Perfectly in sync. The rain dropped, and before you knew it, it was pooring. He got up, and picked you up, and carried you too his garage to dry off. Lauren and Grayson were still in the street playing around, they really seemed to like each other. Ethan gave you a piggy back ride into his room when you got somewhat dried off. He let you down, then looked at you.

Ethan: Your the most amazing girl I have ever met. In just the last 3 days I’ve gotten to know you so well. Your beautiful, fun, sweet, genuine, crazy, and a mystery. Your not predictable, because theres always something new with you. Im so happy I met you. *Ethan looks at you passionately*
Carly: *smiles softly…walks behind her to close and lock his door*

You walk back slowly to Ethan and he looks at you genuinely with compassion. You slowly wrap your arms around him and kiss him on his lips. He picks you up and gently throws both of your bodies against the wall. He takes his shirt off. His chest was so warm and you felt comfortable with him. You on the bed and he unhooks your bra. And so on….

Bittersweet - Kris Imagine

✎ ❝my friend set me up on a blind date and i can’t really refuse because they think i’ve been single for ages so they think they’re doing me a favour and we have a massive fight about it that ends with us saying “i love you” for the first time / secret dating au

▶ 1543 words

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anonymous asked:

what's your funniest sex story?

Oh man. I just recently told this to my best friend for the first time, too.

Like 2 years ago I was regularly hooking up with a really sweet woman a few years older than me who was really… sexually adventurous. She was super fun and taught me a lot, but she was also just really wild.

We met up for drinks at a bar near her place. She always dressed really cutely but this time she was super dolled up in an adorable sundress with her outfit and makeup adorned with lots of glitter. It was so pretty.

After a couple of rounds we decided to go back to her place to do the horizontal monster mash and once we drunkenly stumbled up there, we came to find that her three roommates were throwing a HUGE party at the apartment. Since she was the smoker in the place, the partygoers had basically turned her room into a giant smoke sesh, and being the chill chick she was she didn’t want to kill that vibe. So, we were shit out of luck. 

Or so I thought.

She stood there for a second, stamped her foot, grabbed my hand and led me out into the hallway, her long brown curls bouncing as she purposefully led me into the hallway. I was, obviously, confused as I saw her open up the hall window and step out of it before reaching a hand back in for me. As I stepped out onto the dark fire escape I was still in a drunken haze as I felt her kissing my lips, then down my neck, then felt her unzip my jeans.

Over the next 15 minutes or so… some stuff happened.

Once everything was all finished she kissed me on the cheek and led me back into the hallway, then back into the party. I couldn’t see her face but I could hear her giggling with delight at this obviously brilliant plan she’d crafted. That is, until the door opened and everyone was staring at us. 

I didn’t know why, and then I looked at her.

The glittery makeup and lipstick she was wearing was smudged all over.

Then I look at myself.

There was a trail of glitter leading down my neck, onto my shirt, and then a giant stain of glitter surrounding the area of my pants where my zipper was. 

Everyone laughed and went back to doing their thing, but it took a long shower and a shave to completely get rid of all the glitter, and her roommates called me “fairy dick” for like a good two weeks.

To say that she was freaking out was an understatement. Aubree was having a full on panic. She tried pushing it back, but Riley did message her when and whee the party was. She just was hoping he verbally invited her to be nice, but when he actually did it, she didn’t know what to think of it. Biting her bottom lip, she changed from her third outfit choice. Her hands were shaking when she googled outfits for college parties, looked on instagram, and even texted her sister at home. This would be the first party Aubree ever went to. She had birthday parties and graduation parties that she attended, but nothing like this. She was always so busy with school and work, and honestly, wasn’t friends with those who partied. 

Finally finding an outfit her sister approved of, she did her makeup and softly curled her hair. The jean skirt clung to her form and the red crop top showed a bit of skin. She paired with red lipstick and some cute booties before grabbing her purse and cell phone and leaving. Aubree felt like she might be dreaming. This was never what she thought would happen. When she got to the address, she watched kids going in and out. Licking her lips, she slowly took a deep breath and walked inside. Her eyes trying to find Riley in the crowd. 


anonymous asked:

I'm a chubby girl and I follow you and it seems like you really like and are supportive of curvy women but your gf looks really small and thin? i'm just kinda disappointed tbh

Alright, do you want to have this conversation? Let’s have this conversation. I’ve been anticipating an ask like this since the girl and I started dating.

I think it’s time I set a couple of ground rules. These are the things I believe.

1. Never let my point of view on anything affect how you feel, especially about yourself.

I’d like to think I’m a pretty good dude. I consider myself a feminist dude. I consider myself a tolerant and supportive dude. But I’m still a dude, and dudes are kinda the worst. You shouldn’t let my opinion on anything affect how you feel, especially about yourself.

Every woman is a goddess that deserves to feel beautiful and special because she is. My personal preferences shouldn’t mean shit to anyone who isn’t directly romantically or sexually involved with me, because I’m a fucking nobody. 

I’m a guy and so I don’t know your struggles, and I respect everything women choose to do or not to do in terms of their appearance and style. Girls who work out, girls who don’t, girls who dye their hair or do their makeup or pick out cute outfits, it’s all fantastic and wonderful and should be celebrated.

The other day the girl was telling me that she thinks she wants to dye her hair again. I said “If you wanna go for it, go for it.” She said I didn’t seem too thrilled about the idea and I said “It sounds cool, but it isn’t my decision. It’s just hair. Hair grows back. I’d love you if you were bald so fuck it, do what you wanna do.”

I’ve got no right to state how women “should” look because they shouldn’t look any specific way. All I have are my personal preferences and things I’m into, and that should in no way dictate what I believe women should look like.

2. Never let the appearance of other women negatively influence how you feel about yourself.

When I see chicks (and I don’t mean that in a demeaning way because I refer to chicks the same way I refer to guys as dudes) reblogging each others selfies, saying positive and sweet things, it lights me up inside. When I see a girl tell another girl that her eyebrow game is on point or that her eyes are beautiful I get genuinely elated and happy for a lot of reasons.

Part of it is because I like it when people sincerely appreciate the attractiveness of other people, even when it’s not a sexual thing. When I see a photo of a guy with a cool beard or tattoos or nice style I say “damn that is a fine-ass looking dude” because, well, that’s a fine-ass looking dude. I feel like guys get so defensive about appreciating each other because the patriarchy tries to teach us that we have to have masculinity shooting out of every orifice and it’s fucking stupid. I didn’t say I wanted to blow the guy, I just think he’s good looking. Hell, even if I did want to blow him, who cares? I’ve never wanted to do that before but if I suddenly felt compelled to I’d think “Huh. Well, that’s an interesting development.”

I was one of those neckbeard fedora dicks for a while throughout my youth. I didn’t have a neckbeard because at 22 I still can’t grow facial hair, and I didn’t have a fedora because even at 15 I knew they look fucking dumb, but I followed the ideals. I had just come out as an atheist, I thought girls didn’t like me because I was too nice, it was a difficult time and I had a lot of dangerous ideas. I learned a lot, about the friend zone being bullshit and about women’s rights and about what it means to really be a good person.

But I think the strangest thing I saw on the internet while I learned about feminism was the tendency that some (this is just a subset after all) women had to jab at each other about their style or their makeup or whatever. I would sometimes see women who decided not to wear makeup or to wear flannels or to dress grunge make comments about how “shallow” or “vain” or “girly” doing all that other shit was, and it bothered me. It felt like the same issue I had when I came out as an atheist. When you break the standard society tries to hold you to, be it religion or gender roles, you have this hostility toward those still in the folds.

These women didn’t realize they were shaming other women who held the same ideals as them but chose to embrace it in a different way. Some women broke the idea of being feminine completely, some chose to embrace it as their own, but both were fighting for the same thing. It’s those ideas that the patriarchy instills that’s dangerous to young women, so dangerous that even when they break free they can still be held back.

There’s a big movement about loving yourself regardless of size, and you totally should. Don’t compare yourself to other women. When you see someone beautiful, appreciate their beauty. Don’t put yourself down because you’re “less beautiful,” because you aren’t. You’re as beautiful, in a different way.

3. You can’t choose who you love.

This is the final part of this whole thing. I’m going to directly address your question here. 

Of course I like curvy women. I like women.

Of course I’m supportive of curvy women. Curvy women are people. People need support, especially those who have been told by the media that they aren’t good enough.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, I make no secret of my sexual history. I was 500 pounds at the age of 16, lost 280 pounds over 5 years, had my first kiss at 18, lost my virginity just before 20, and I’ve been with around 19 girls. I stopped counting after a while because “sex partner numbers” are just fucking weird.

To me, sex and dating are two things that can be tied together in a wonderful way, but don’t have to be. You can date someone you care for and have great sex together. You can date someone you care for and not have sex if you choose not to. You can have sex with someone and not date them. But I treat sex and dating with the same base points.

If I’m attracted to you, interested in you, if you’re single and feel the same way, then let’s see what happened. 

If I’m single and at a bar and I see a girl I’m attracted to, I’ll talk to her. If she’s interested and not tied down, let’s see where it goes. Maybe we’ll end up dating, maybe we’ll end up fucking in the bathroom, maybe both. It all depends on the people involved and what we want.

But these rules are the same regardless of age (as long as they’re over 18, obviously,) ethnicity, body type or gender. (I mean, I’ve never felt compelled to have sex with another man but if I was single and the mood strikes, I’ll try anything once.)

I don’t like chubby women or middle eastern women or whatever. I like women I’m attracted to. I’ve been involved with girls who were 3 years younger than me, 12 years older than me, incredibly thin, fairly chubby, 6 foot 2, 4 foot 11, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, Pakistani, Ukrainian, it’s all because they were women who I was attracted to and were, somehow, attracted to me enough to ride the disco stick at least once.

I don’t want you to think I’m not supportive of you because of course I am. This comes from nowhere but a place of love. I’m a chubby guy. I’ve always been a chubby guy my entire life. I’m 6 foot 5 so I look slightly less chubby than I am but trust me, it’s there. I support you so much because you deserve support and you deserve to feel beautiful. But I’m not going to apologize for what I like and who I’m attracted to.

Now let’s talk about my girlfriend.

My girlfriend, Patty, is adorable. She’s the fucking cutest. She looks short in our photos, but that’s because I’m 6 foot 5. In reality, she’s about 5 foot 10. She’s thin and her legs are toned and she has an ass that won’t quit, but it’s not like she was just “blessed” or something. She works really fucking hard. She goes to the gym, she eats well, and she really tries. 

I’m not going to say “how dare you try and put her down for being thin” because it’s kinda like the idea of reverse racism. You can’t really put down skinny people the same way you can’t really put down white people. You may say something they find insulting, but in the media they’re so reinforced that it won’t put a dent in them.

Yeah, she’s thin and beautiful. But holy shit, she’s so much more than that. She’s the sweetest, kindest human being I’ve ever known. The day we told each other we liked each other, I told her that I have Bipolar Disorder. I was just diagnosed a few months ago, and I hadn’t told anyone in my life beyond my closest friends. I had purposely stayed away from dating because I was terrified. But I liked her, and I needed to tell her about what she was getting into.

She didn’t even hesitate. She didn’t care. She said it was a part of me, and “me” was who she liked. 

The first time we ever spent the night together, I woke up in the middle of the night. I stared out the slit of window I could see behind the curtain into the vague, dull blueness of the night sky. I could hear her breathe. I felt something I hadn’t in years, not since I lost my best friend. It was home. Being with her is like being home.

I don’t love her because she’s beautiful. She’s beautiful, and I love her.

Winter Things || Camz & Lolo

Lauren took in a deep breath and shoved both of her hands into her pockets as she walked up the porch to the Cabello residence. She wasn’t actually sure if Camila considered their outing a date but she wanted to make sure that their night was memorable so she had dedicated a large portion of her morning to convincing the rest of her family to spend the afternoon in town so she could bring Camila home after their trip to the ice skating rink. She was hoping that everything would go according to plan because she didn’t want to embarrass herself or make it seem like she had put too much effort into the evening but she wanted to show Camila that their time together was special, even if she wasn’t exactly sure how to say it in words. 

Once she reached the front door she rang the doorbell and leaned up against a nearby wall, running her fingers through her hair nervously to make sure that it looked alright while she waited for Camila answered the door. She didn’t usually curl her hair because she found it meticulous but she wanted to look good for their date so she had taken the extra time to make sure that she looked presentable before she left for Camila’s house. Her outfit was simple and warm since they were going ice skating but she made sure that it was still cute and her makeup accented her eyes.

Day In The Forest | Ava/Noah

Finally settled into Cabin #25, Ava felt a big weight lift of her chest. She looked around her sun lit room and smiled as she felt the soft open curtains on the side of her large window. Sol had given her some time to organize her things so Ava wandered the cabin alone, now freshly showered and dressed. She decided on a cute, casual but simple outfit: a light blue tank top layered with dark grey button down shirt and a pair of worn skinny jeans with black combat boots. Her face warmed up at the idea that this was a date, but it wasn’t. Was it? They were just going into a monster infested forest to explore, right? She wasn’t exactly putting on makeup or a cute dress or anything… 

Flustered and trying to wipe the foolish smile off her face, the daughter of Hemera checked her dried, wavy hair in the mirror and frowned at the cut on her lip. While it had stopped bleeding, the gash made by the daughter of Zeus was still quite obvious. Ava bit the inside of her mouth and searched through drawers before finding a small bag of ambrosia that Sol had left. She took a small bite, tasting the warm chocolate croissants of home as it dissolved in her mouth. The cut faded noticeably and healed lips curled in a smile once more.

Once more, Ava returned to her room and fumbled with her leather baldric that had her sword safely tucked in it’s sheath. Not exactly date material, but necessary nonetheless. Date… “It’s not,” she tried to whisper confidently to herself. She sighed and brushed her hair back, unamused by the fact she was so nervous she had begun to whisper to herself. More out of emotion than reason, the demigod walked to the window and stared stiffly up at the sky as if searching for a friendly face, “…H-hey… Hemera? Mom? First of all… I guess I should say… Thanks. Thanks for claiming me. I know we’ve never actually talked before, except when I was a kid and I tried to send you letters… I didn’t actually expect you to be a Goddess, but I didn’t really expect a lot of things about me lately and yet here I am.” 

She pausing, gaze dropping as she inhaled. “I, um, don’t know what I’m trying to say but I guess I’m trying to ask for some advice, maybe? Not on boys - err - I just don’t want what happened to Eli to happen to my friend or anyone else, okay? This is my… first time going out to do something in the world as your daughter and I guess I’m just a bit…” She inhaled deeply and shook her head, “Forget it… Sorry, I don’t really know what I’m saying.” She sighed and left the room. Her mother wasn’t a normal mother, and there was no point in trying to talk or seek help from her. It wouldn’t come. Feeling a bit embarrassed at her efforts, Ava tried to leave the cabin as quickly as possible and almost ran into Noah once she was outside. “Oh my Gods,” Ava laughed nervously, “Oh wow - you’re here. Sorry.” She sounded a bit breathless, “I promise I’m not gonna make a habit of having to say sorry every time I meet you,” she joked nervously, alluding to their first meeting when she hit him with a basketball.