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Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*. . .

Anonymous said:Um hi i was the one who requested the short gf making jokes about her height the jokes weren’t meant to be funny but depressing and she was making fun of herself but you did great tho but do you think you can re-do it ya know. I’m really sorry.

Reaction to Their Short Girlfriend Making Jokes About Her Height *Sad Ver.*…

[Got7 Reaction Coming Soon…]

A/N ‘cause I’m a fuck up and misread the request. so enjoy this second version!

Next Request Coming: Is you not telling iKon you met your ex but they find out through SNS.


As you were joking, trying to push forward a smile, Suho would notice right away that something was off. However before he had time to ask what was wrong tears had already left your eyes. He would immediately rush to try and comfort you. It would be as if it was him who was sad, he would feel your sadness as his own and he would want to comfort you as soon as possible and wipe away that sadness from you. He would try everything from tell you that your height doesn’t matter to telling you how much he loves everything about you, even your height.

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He would become angered. The moment you started making jokes about yourself in such a way he would shut it down. He hated the idea of you hurting yourself like that and then for you end up crying, he would become even more angered. He would make sure to know if someone had said something about your height to you, or if you were just insecure about it. He would make it his mission to always point out how much he loves your height and how he adores it.

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He would become very concerned for you. So, being the sweetheart he is, he would try to cheer you up in anyway he can, with cute smiles, aegyo, jokes and reassuring caresses to your cheeks and back, offering hugs and cuddles. He wouldn’t know really what to tell you to make you feel better aside from telling you he loves everything about you, especially your cute size.

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He would hate to see you cry about anything, but for you to be crying about something that has to do with your image or yourself in general, he would want to wipe away those insecurities and remind you how amazing you are and how much he loves you for you. It would hurt him even more to see you joking about it. It would come across to him as you covering your sadness with forced happiness, and that would make him wonder if you had done that previously with other things.

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He would feel, like Suho, your pain and sadness like it was his own. He would repeat to you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are. He would also ask you instead of joking about something that affects you so much to talk to him about it. He wants to know when you’re sad, happy, scared, bored, any feeling you’re feeling is important to him, and he wants to know of them.

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He would surprisingly take this very seriously. He would cut you off from making jokes, knowing that you were joking just to cover your pain and he wasn’t having any of that. He would ask questions about why you were so insecure or disliked your height, wanting to know so he can find a way to fix it. He would then counter every reason for your insecurities or dislikes about yourself with reasons to like yourself and the things he likes about you.

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He would grow sad, but not as intensely as Suho or Lay, but would still be concerned. He would tell you none of those jokes are true, and that you’re beautiful. He would say “You know, everyday I think of how lucky I am to have someone as beautiful as you, and I wonder how I ended up with you.” He would dedicate his time with you to show you how much he loves you and how beautiful you are, making sure that one day you’ll see how beautiful you are.

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He would react similarly to Chanyeol. He would want to see you smile, and that would be the only thing on his mind at the moment. Afterwards, possibly the next day, he would think back to the incident and would decide that his mission is to make you realize how beautiful you are and how much he actually adores your height. It makes it easier to hug you and hold you tight, and he would make sure that you know that.

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This would be a really serious issue with him. He’s gone through his own battles of health problems and body image issues, so he would talk extensively with you about it. Though he would also be really dumbfounded about how you could possibly dislike some about yourself, because to him you’re gorgeous and the most precious thing ever. He would then go through self loathing because his top priority would be to protect you, but this incident would mean failure to him as you had hurt yourself by hating your height to the point of tears. He would spend that night holding you and repeating into your ear, “I love your height because I can hold you like this, I love your height because then I can protect you from big crowds, or the rain by holding my coat over your head, I love your height because it makes me happy to see you so cute and small…” He would continue until you either shut him up, or fell asleep.

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He would become emotional, but would hold it in for your sake, knowing that he needed to be there for you. It would disturb him that you were making jokes when it was something that made you so sad. He would take it as you trying to hide your feelings, and he wouldn’t want that. He would ask why you feel this way, and would tell you that it was something he loves about you, so he hopes that you will grow to love it as much as him.

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“If you weren’t so short then how would I get my enjoyment when I put the cups too high for you to reach?” He would go about this trying to get you to smile by making jokes. He would pull you close into a hug but the jokes would keep coming, him in a desperate need for you to smile again. Though before the night is over, he would look you seriously in the eyes and tell you that you can hate anything about yourself, but eventually he would get you to see what he sees and you’ll be amazed that you were able to hate something about yourself.

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He would approach this in a serious manner. He would first get you to stop crying, holding you close and rubbing your back. He would go on about how you shouldn’t be putting yourself down, but if you do, make sure you do it in front of him so he can stop you and be there to make you feel better. He would make you promise this. Then he would point out the other things about you that are pretty and beautiful to compensate for your dislike of your height, but you make it clear that he also loved your height. He would keep in mind that you were making jokes about it, and would wonder if you often over up your feelings. With this in mind he would watch you closely from now on to make sure he wasn’t missing anything.

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AAiM: This’ll Be a Breeze!

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Alya’s Adventures in Matchmaking: Round 1

Episode:  Stormy Weather/Climatika

The Goal: To get Marinette’s head out of the clouds and teach her how to interact with Adrien like a normal human being.  Also, flirts.  Teach her the flirts.

  • Alya shows up at Marinette’s with GREAT NEWS
  • Adrien’s in the park doing a photoshoot
  • What better opportunity to get these knuckleheads together than to interrupt him at work and STARE at him?
  • I mean, it’s not like you can talk to him while he’s working…
  • …not sure what Alya’s plan was here…
  • when you think you have a foolproof plan to get your friends together
  • but you need to look up the definition of “foolproof”
  • you forget who you’re dealing with there, Alya
  • ah, no
  • she knows EXACTLY what she’s dealing with
  • Mari:  what would I say to him?!
  • …well, she’s got you there, Marinette
  • real friends are honest AF
  • or that’s a reenactment of Jurassic Park idk

Let the lessons begin!  After the cut…

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Okay but you know what, Alex is exactly the type of person to drag Kara into whatever healthy thing Maggie is pushing onto her.

It starts with the vegan ice cream because Alex blames Kara for her losing the bet with Maggie, so if she has to suffer so does Kara!
Then its yoga! Alex insists that there is no way that she is gonna suffer alone in that class while Maggie is having the time of her life making fun of her. Kara tries to argue because she doesn’t need to do yoga but she knows Alex won’t give up so she starts going as well.
Then its weird green drinks that Maggie insists that Alex needs to drink because of its vitamins. Kara starts to tease Alex about it and Maggie is just like “nuh in, you’re gonna drink it too. It’s good!” Alex just laughs her ass off until she takes a sip of that disgusting thing along with Kara. Kara on her part just thinks she found liquid Kryptonite, cause she can’t drink that thing!

This becomes a habit. It started out with Maggie giving this stuff to Alex, to then Alex dragging Kara along and now Maggie just forces this stuff on both of them. It comes a time when both Kara and Alex are having sister night at Kara’s house and they go grab ice cream from Kara’s refrigerator. They don’t notice it at first but as soon as they take a full spoon of that ice cream to their mouth they realize their mistake. When did Maggie infiltrate into Kara’s house just to put freaking vegan ice cream in her refrigerator????

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Hello! I was wondering if you have any advice for someone who's young daughter (10) wants to start reading comics? Are there any you recommend?

We definitely recommend taking her to a book store and letting her peruse the comics section! Comics is a primarily visual medium and can be super fun to flip through in person, so sometimes a great first step is in picking out what art styles she enjoys by actually flipping through a few—and then exploring what sorts of plots and characters she ends up liking as a result. Plus if you browse in a store, both of you will be able to look at the comics together – and you’ll be able to flip through something on the spot to make sure it’s something you think is comfortable/friendly for her to read, too.

At ten, we both really enjoyed comics based on books, television shows, cartoons, and movies – and the selection of those has absolutely gone up since we were kids! Short of poking through a book store, googling for comic versions of her favorite books, shows, or movies might be a great starting point, too. As a starter recommendation, A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle was one of our favorite stories when we were kids, and Hope Larson has created a graphic novel version of it that we’ve heard really excellent things about!

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Jaune, while going after Cinder to avenge Pyrrha, sees Emerald and develops a huge crush. He goes to Mercury and asks his advice, because Merc and Em are besties.

That ask alone made me laugh, I love it.

Just like Mercury. He doesn’t take Jaune seriously at all. That dork hitting on Emerald? Yeah, why not. He even gives him adivce because watching Emerald smash that idiot into tiny pitiful pieces will be so much fun. He tells him not to do anything cheesy, maybe make his intentions clear, but not to make a move apart from that so everything is up to her and she doesn’t feel pressured into something that scares her. She will say no anyway. 

But she doesn’t. No one is more surprised than Mercury. 

He still tells him “I’m going to kill you if you break her heart. You know I’m an assassin, right? I’m dead serious.”

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Your meta was good but Emma wearing less make up and she needs has become mu pet peeve. Mostly because people who don't like who Emma is currently and I find that unfair. Especially since its my otp. Second of all, I find it incredibly brave for someone to come on tv not wearing much make upl. I still think she looks good and I loved her engagement sweater. Emma wore a floral during her heist with Neal. It shows she's happy and in love

Look, BravePeopleWearEyelinerToo!Anon, in real life I am a pumpkin latte– hold the spice. I’m a PH of 12, that’s how basic I am. But this is TV, where hair, makeup and costume come together to give the audience a story about CHARACTER. You should notice a character, not any given hairstyle/shirt/make-up choice.

For example, Camelot!Emma didn’t have makeup and was in a raggedy bathrobe but nobody made fun of her for that– everyone just said: “Oh, fighting The Darkness ™ has taken a toll on Emma!” That’s good costuming.

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The price of dark magic is … those shoulder pads 

Likewise, I have no clue what makeup Regina is wearing at any given season because I’m too busy being scared of her. Let’s go back to S4 for a make-up fail, this time involving Belle: her fake eyelashes were so big they entered the scene before her and probably could have applied for a SAG card:

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I can’t hear you over this make-up and that has nothing to do with Belle’s marriage

So we have to look at what S6 Emma’s makeup and hair and costume are supposed to be saying about her character, as opposed to the message they’re ACTUALLY conveying. There’s nothing wrong with florals in it of themselves.

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You stay out of this!

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Thirty minutes later, Liam and Zora stood on her sidewalk watching the two now-empty moving trucks drive down the street. The sun was dipping lower in the horizon and Zora still had to make something to eat that night. She turned to Liam.

“What do you say to some dinner?”

“Dinner sounds great.”

Zora always imagined that her first night in her first home would be shared with the love of her life. With Mike. They would set up their bed before making dinner and eating on the floor under the glow of a single lamp.

She got the activities right…she just didn’t expect she would be doing them with her neighbor, Liam.

while he’s away

a one shot set in the ‘hot chocolate with a side of you’ universe
coming soon

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Trans Kobra with his one treasured possession being his binder. He tries to wash it as often as possible if he finds any stray water which is clean enough to do the job. Sometimes he still wonders if he is trans enough or if he is going through a phase but these worries are almost always picked up on and he will alway remember the day that Fun Ghoul lashed out at that one girl who kept misgendering him. They met her as they were sleeping in one of the few buildings they had managed to squat in

I think binders are highly valuable in the Zones. It’s hard to find people who can make them right, so a lot of Killjoys resort to wearing layers, even in the heat. Newer Killjoys sometimes use bandages, which can result in injuries and cracked ribs. Kobra keeps a close eye on his binder when he’s not wearing it and always makes sure it’s stored safely.

Send me trans Kobra headcanons!


Marwick: Just some basics though - we all try to carry our weight around the house. Like, the cleaning and keeping things in order, that is. We’re all adults here and we’re responsible for our space, that sort of thing.

Akemi: I do most of the cooking though. We, Mom and I, for now. We’re the foodies around here. Not that you aren’t welcome to help if you want to make something.

Faye: And also, keep an eye out for stuff - we’ve had crazy coworkers show up before.

Miles: Yeah, dude, Akemi here has some brutal competition at work, and Faye might get some of her local fans to show up, so… don’t let the weirdos in, I guess?

Cedric: Ha, ha, ok! Quite a fun place you have here. But I can definitely keep an eye out for the weirdos. As for cooking, I won’t interfere, I’m about as good in the kitchen as an elephant is at ballet. We’ll get along, I’m sure. And it’s only for a couple of weeks, so I won’t be imposing for long.

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Just an opinion from a stranger. I read what you just wrote and ive been in the same position I'm a male and dated this girl a while back she demanded so much and i tried so hard and ended up alone because i didnt make her happy. And its the worst feeling but those people are toxic for you i feel like they just never really liked you at any point. And the best thing to do is to move on, meet new people, and date, let yourself have fun and be selfish because at the end of the day is your life..

Yeah exactly thank you so much for this it means a lot and same to you :)

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Micah Seymour!

Full Name: Micah Seymour 
Gender and Sexuality: Female, heterosexual
Pronouns: She/her
Ethnicity: Full-blooded Kantish
Birthplace and Birthdate: August 22, 1976, Cerulean City, Kanto
Guilty Pleasures: Micah drinks… a lot. Recovering alcoholic. She goes out to have fun and generally ends up messed up and when John’s around, he’s the one the bartender calls to come get her and make sure she’s okay. When she gets blackout drunk, he will literally stay with her overnight. He never complains or looks disappointed- he just worries about her. So she loves him but she always feels bad because he keeps going out of his way to take care of her.
Phobias: Being pregnant; her mother died giving birth to her and she just can’t deal with it. She can no longer have kids so she doesn’t have to worry about it anymore (but she still does).
What They Would Be Famous For: Fortunately, Micah managed to stay out of the spotlight and she prefers it that way, She’s basically famous for being the “Seymour sister you’ve never heard of”.
What They Would Get Arrested For: Bar fights and vigilantism… Also if abortion were illegal.
OC You Ship Them With: Micah does date Surge for a while… But I don’t ship them. It’s a pretty shallow relationship. They break up (especially when she finds out what he did to Leaf).
When Micah first meets Aaron, she gets a huge crush on him but you know… That was not going to go anywhere considering he’s gay and is casually dating her brother. X”D
Micah needs a man like John who’s chill and patient and will take care of her, but not her brother and more of a ‘bad boy’ (why she crushed on Aaron hardcore). Which I guess… Marshal fits that description a bit? :Ic
IDK if someone wants to design a boyfriend/husband for her, I’d accept that. X)

OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Oh geez… Mary Wise in the past. Melanie maybe??

Favorite Movie/Book Genre: She loves Johtanese martial arts movies and over-the-top fights. So Shonen anime is also something she enjoys. The Expendables would be her favorite movie for sure.
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: Not enough badass ladies, anime breasts drives her crazy, and bad armor.
Talents and/or Powers: Despite never going to school for it, Micah is pretty boss at cutting hair. She can also drink a ridiculous amount of booze before getting drunk. She is also trained to be an IKB agent so she’s just as badass as Melanie and Danny.
Why Someone Might Love Them: Micah is a resilient woman who scrapes along out of grit and determination. She’s confident and loyal to family and friends and is a genuinely kind person who tries very hard to do the right thing against all the odds that ended up stacked against her. She’s really socially awkward and doesn’t handle compliments well at all (because she’s not used to hearing them from anyone).
Why Someone Might Hate Them: Micah is not a terribly warm person. She does not express affection well or even know how to given her upbringing. Her way of making friends is to ask you for a fist fight. So… she’s generally seen as a muscle-head who only cares about fighting, which is not true.
How They Change: Micah was always pretty rebellious as a kid. Her dad tried to raise her to be very feminine but she refused because she wanted to be exactly like her brother John whom she idolized. Upon getting stuck with an asshole husband, her self worth took a huge hit and started the trend of her having her life together every other year.
Why You Love Them: Micah is a precious, buff gift and I love her and wish that I had written The Fall differently so she could have a better role in it. But I just don’t have anything cool to do with her.

Seriously, what is with people in this generation?!

So my friend Tri-falls recently deleted all her accounts on tumblr because she just can’t deal with the people on this site anymore. I’ve known her for more than a year and a half and it seems that she has been cyberbullied over and over for her content. Whether its over her stylized bodies of her characters or over her character couples, she’s always getting hate for something utterly stupid, so she did a reasonable and got away from the hate. I didn’t realize she had deleted them at the time so I went back to the site and low and behold some SCUMBAG recreated her account just to make fun of her even more.

Now, I’m a reasonable person, I’m not going to cyberbully them, but still its fucking messed up. And what’s worse is that I know that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

It seems that nowadays everyone uses the computer as a shield to bully others. I’m sick and tired of this. PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THIS SORT OF THING….and people take it as a joke. 

Now, I’m not saying that tri-falls has died, no she’s perfectly alive, pissed off, but alive, I’m talking about the other thousands, maybe even millions of users who have also been cyberbullied in this way, and how its affected them.

The old saying goes that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Sorry to say, but that saying is, for the most part, false. Sure there are some people that can tune out hate, but there are many people who can’t, and that hurts them on a psychological level.

Some people can barely handle the stresses of everyday life, so they go online to escape from it, and when they get bombarded with hate online as well, that stress builds up even more. That’s how some people develop depression, and darker, even suicidal thoughts.

Honestly, how some people act online sometimes is baffling even stupid, but sometimes you just gotta remember that they’re just trying to get a reaction out of you, if they don’t stop, I think tri-falls is a good example of what to do, just walk away from it, there are many other places to use as an art or social media platform anyway.

With that out of the way, I’d like to ask people, to maybe consider reporting this “new” tri-falls and triforce-falls. DON’T ATTACK THEM. I know what they’re doing is terrible, but attacking them would just put you on their level, wouldn’t it?

I don’t like conflict, but if my friends are hurt by something, I’ll fight for them.

One last thing for everyone who likes to cyber bully others.

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Just stop it already, you’re hurting people

Work and Puppies

The Kaia….

Adopting a fearful dog is…… well, and adventure. Not always the most fun. My heart melts when I see her learn something new and loses her fear of it… Sadly, all fears return without notice and seemingly without reason. 


- Mostly goes outside for business. I have learned to pick up on her cues and she will usually subtly nose me when she needs to go out. But she also noses me when she wants to say Hi so I have to pay attention. Now that she seems to be making some association I am hoping we can move onto bells. But she is still scared of the bells

- New dogs: no problem at all. She loves them- as long as they are in her yard. Outside of her yard- Que crazy loud barking

- New people- getting better. Yesterday there was a pizza guy at the front door for a renter. Kaia just stood and looked at him. When he left she decided she was scared and needed to frantically bark. 


- Big girl walks- still gets terrified to leave her yard. Rarely will go out the front door if she has a leash on. 

- The car- NOPE. Walked her past it with the door open one day. She hesitates to even go in the driveway now. 

- Bathtub- NOPE. It is super muddy here right now. She is dirty. I wish she could be cleaner….  

- Guys- hit or miss. Sometimes she is cool with Tim/T and other times she is weary and gives them the side eye. 


Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I *should* be happy…. My current position is pathetically easy. Which is why I am insanely miserable. What I do now- anyone with a voice and fingers can do. It takes zero intellect. Also, I am micro-managed. It is all rah rah rah when they need my help with something…. and stuff me in a box when it isn’t want they asked for when they asked for it. And… I am on-call almost all of the freaking time. The weekends I am off are always quiet. My weekends are always insane. My work phone made/received 55 calls between Sat/Sun this last weekend. I am crabby mc patty!! 

Leaving though- I lose out on good pay, 2+ weeks of vaca, work from home, flexish schedule. So, how to love doing stupid work???? 

Meyers Briggs: 

I won’t pay for the actual test. Free versions used to have me in the ISTP category (The Mechanic). These days I am in the INTJ (The Masterminid) (I-50%, N-16%, T-28%, J-1%) So I could be an INTP also. 

INTJ: 1.5% of population. .5% are women

INTP: 2.5% of population. 1% are women. 

i think a big thing that disconcerts adults about learning new skills is that learning as an adult means you are very aware of how bad you are at the beginning in a way children aren’t.

i picked up the saxophone when i was 11 and played until i was about 17. by the end of it i was first chair in our highest ensemble, a district honor band player, etc. but at the beginning – and this is important – i was bad. for the first year or so, i had no rhythm, i couldn’t make my tongue line up with my fingers, i was consistently sharp, etc. etc. other kids actually made fun of me for my lack of skill.

but 11 year old me didn’t care. 11 year old me practiced, but she also thought that being able to play the pink panther made her incredible (i shudder in retrospect). i mean, i was aware i wasn’t a master, but my skill level didn’t deter me from wailing out those notes in a way that i’m sure had my band director questioning his career decisions.

right now, i’m trying to pick up the guitar. it’s a very different instrument from the saxophone, and i struggle a lot with things like strumming patterns and barre chords. and sometimes i don’t want to play, because i know i’m bad at guitar. and sometimes i beat myself up when stumbling through a poor acoustic rendition of Everybody Wants to Rule the World because it’s not how i want it to sound. and it’s made even more frustrating because i can navigate the saxophone so smoothly.

but then i remember that i have to think like a kid. i might not be the best at guitar by any stretch of the imagination, but every little bit of progress is still progress. humility is a big part of learning, but if you treat a practice session like your own private concert, it becomes so much more fun, even if you’re bad like i am.  when you’re first picking up a skill, whether it be an instrument, or a language, or a fine art, no one is expecting you to be the yo yo ma of that thing. forget about how little you know about the skill and think instead about how much you have to learn – that’s fun! do your best!!


“In a career spanning three decades, Ellen DeGeneres has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a stand-up comic, actor and television star. In every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated. At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, accelerating our nation’s constant drive toward equality and acceptance for all.

Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place so long as we ‘just keep swimming.’”

(Abuse, ableism tw) Yesterday I visited a preschool Portia’s therapists and the public education system want to put her in. Portia receives services because of her developmental disabilities. It’s a program that’s a part of public education and even infants can qualify. Before yesterday, it seemed her therapists only concern was making sure she was developmentally up to date physically, and educationally (think fine and gross motor skills, speech etc).

The preschool was-my realization. The preschool was full of kids that had various disabilities all on the “socially disabled” spectrum. Children were given directions in a “fun” manner around a circle and were literally forced to participle. Even if you didn’t want to. Physical redirection was used. That means children not looking at the teacher would had their heads physically turned towards them. Children who weren’t doing the arm movements for the dance correctly had their wrists grabbed and were forced to do the movements. Forced high fives. Forced everything. Absolutely no child had a choice for participation. It was do it or someone will grab your body and do it for you.

One child, a nonverbal autistic child, at the table where they were given instructions to glue hearts on a valentines box, had a stick of glue held in front of him by a therapist. She had a hold of his wrists as he kept reaching for it. “What is it. No. What is it.” She repeated over and over as he whimpered and reached for the glue to participate. This went on for about 15 minutes.

He also endured one on one ABA from the teacher using a reward only method (praise) for following instructions and making eye contact.

A child had a tantrum and was held down. I asked how a child having a melt down was usually handled. They said that it depended on the child. She seemed to avoid my question but told me that she had “lotion” that she would have them rub on their hands in front of the class and called it “calming lotion.”

I saw a child being held tightly in a therapists legs for not crossing his legs and bouncing them.

I asked what the purpose of the class was, my therapist explained this class was meant for “social therapy”, by forced participation.

This program is paid for and supported by the education district.

Never mind that restraining a child, forcing a child to do something, allowing an adult access to a children’s body with no choice for the child, and forced socialization and physical contact (forced high fives as an example) are all inappropriate and I would personally define that as abuse. But what’s important is all of this therapy is not scientifically to be successful. It’s…non effective, it does nothing but create children who believe they must follow orders (for participation, social activity etc) by an adult, allow anyone to touch their body with no ability to say no, and allow to be physically redirected by that adult for not meeting the demand.

In what way is this educating children socially? How come in a regular classroom this is abuse but in a class with a bunch of disabled kids it’s therapeutic? I’m just…I’m really irritated and disappointed that stuff like this is funded by the education system.

Im not sure if I should even mention this. But when you are an abused child initially you fight back. Sometimes that fighting back lasts a week, sometimes months, sometimes years. Eventually you reach this point where you stop fighting and your brain shuts down and you go blank, almost like you separate from your body and don’t reject it. Sometimes something twitches inside from time to time to fight back, but you actually end up fighting the urge to defend yourself rather than stopping the abuse. That’s the look I saw on the kids faces. They were made to hold up dolls with happy faces “I’m happy today” because they are being conditioned to just ACCEPT what is happening to them.

I am planning on pulling Portia completely from the entire program. She’s never been to that classroom and never will, but the moment they believe she isn’t socially “fit” and needs to be in some sort of conditioning class to make her appear normal, is the moment it doesn’t benefit her. Let’s be real for a minute: the autistic brain cannot be hard wired, it cannot be cured. This is because we still don’t fully understand what autism is. You can certainly force and autistic person to look and seem like an autistic person, and autistic adults who have experienced this sort of “conditioning” all have PTSD and more.

I literally do not ever care if Portia doesn’t act “normal” socially. I don’t care if she doesn’t look people in the eyes and I DEFINITELY do not care that she doesn’t want to touch anyone or let anyone touch her. I don’t care if she doesn’t want friends or if she likes people. I don’t care if she lines up her toys when she plays with them. I don’t expect a man without legs to run a marathon and I don’t expect Portia to be this social butterfly or become a politician or something. She’s content with who she is and society has the obligation to accept her the way they except a deaf person and sign language.

I’m just feeling very irritated. It’s 2017 and there was a whole room full of children enduring therapy that doesn’t actually work and scientifically has absolutely ZERO grounds to be used in an education system. I feel like it’s 1940 and they want to treat some house wife’s depression with electroshock therapy or some gay mans sexual attraction by giving him female hormones.

If I don’t speak out against it then 10, 20, 30 years later it will still be there. It will still happen.

Can you just pray for me, the work that’s required to pull her out…it isn’t going to be easy. I’m going to look like the crazy paranoid mother. In a lot of ways because of her disability she’s basically forced to be state educated. As crazy as this sounds I’m so scared of her being forced to go to public school I’ve thought about leaving the country. Ive personally witnessed so so much abuse in the schools towards autistic children…I just can’t accept it.


Orange Is the New Black’s Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli Got Married!

The two tied the knot on Saturday in Palm Springs. Check out the first official pics! 

According to Martha Stewart Weddings, “The colorful, confetti-themed celebration came to be because of the couple’s love for Funfetti cake and the idea that they wanted their day to feel fun, celebratory, and non-traditional. The afternoon began with an outdoor ceremony officiated by Samira’s parents (with a recession up the aisle to Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”) and continued with the newlyweds making a grand entrance to the reception as Justin Bieber’s “Baby” played… Both Samira and Lauren donned custom Christian Siriano ensembles, with Samira changing her look before hitting the patterned dance floor. Guests enjoyed dinner under colorful garlands and strands of lights, with vibrant floral-and-citrus centerpieces dotting wood tables set with graphic black-and-white plates, sleek white-and-gold flatware, and colorful, mismatched glassware. The first dance was accented by an explosive blast of confetti.”

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)