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(Kaylor Post) This is about Delicate’s First Verse and how *I* interpret it


1. I see this verse as more of a conversation than anything else. Try to imagine both Tay and Karlie singing the lines to each other

Karlie: Dive bar on the east side, where you at?
Taylor: Phone lights up my nightstand in the black
Karlie: Come here, you can meet me in the back
Taylor: Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you
Karlie: Oh damn, never seen that color blue
Taylor: Just think of the fun things we could do

Does that make more sense now? Wait, it’s about to become more interesting…

2. Understand the context of the lyrics

Karlie: Dive bar on the east side, where you at?

- Imagine Karlie calling Taylor up, asking her where she is because Karlie is in a “dive bar on the East Side” (It probably wasn’t a dive bar and she probably had a bodyguard with her too, but hey… art)

Taylor: Phone lights up my nightstand in the black

- … and Taylor picks up the phone, or answers her text, whatever…

Karlie: Come here, you can meet me in the back

- “Hey Tay, let’s meet up” says Karlie “Meet me in the back, there’s the paparazzi in the front”- Again, remember, this is a secret relationship, and celebrities typically go through back entrances (no pun intended i swear) to avoid being recognized or photographed

Taylor: Dark jeans and your Nikes, look at you

- We all know Karlie had a partnership with Nike, she’s now with Adidas, but it doesn’t change the fact that she loves her shoes.

Karlie: Oh damn, never seen that color blue

- Yes, we love Taylor’s blue eyes too Karlie. We know your pain.

Taylor: Just think of the fun things we could do

- I’ll leave that to your imagination.

callout post

who are you really following?? in alphabetical order

@bleepbleeprichie makes fun of my inability to read

@denbroughbill if i say one thing in the group chat she will dislike it and tell me to shut up

@eddiekaspbraked only sends me buzzfeed unsolved memes

@kasbrough is the literal bane of my existence. a headache personified. also sucks at game pigeon games

@mikebyler doesn’t answer me

@mikestanlon always tries to expose me for leaving her on read. yells at me when i consume dairy

@millbyers drinks diet coke unironically. invalid in general

@richiestosier i think kel called me dumb one time

@themikehanlon is too pretty, i miss her

@willbyersisaloser called me a bean EDIT: likes dIET COKE???

@willbylers an angel, has only said nice things to me EDIT: likes diet coke ??

@whheeler has said one (1) thing to me and it was about danny devito

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Do you like Moira or do you hate her?

I like her play style. I’ve been playing her most of the day and it’s been fun.

I don’t like her character or her story, some of them being blizzard’s awful intentions and treatment of her androgynous appearance, plus how blizzard is using her as a way to prop up Mercy even more as “good” and “pure” doesn’t sit well with me since I already don’t like Mercy and have problems with Mercy’s overall design and character. Not only that, but she feels so rushed, especially when you look at all the sprays referencing old memes, boring Mercy vs. Moira, and it overall just makes it feel empty. This is just some of the problems I have with Moira.

She would’ve made an okay villain, but there’s a lot of outside factors and mistreatment that make it hard for me to like her character and her story and design.

I would probably be fine with her if:

  • We had concept Mercy instead of current Mercy
  • Blizz apologized for their treatment of androgyny and made another androgynous hero that’s meant to be good and not a villain

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"maybe she was using the 1989 era to compensate but it didn't work" I LOVE that poem & I think this is partly what she's acknowledging here: that she was using that era & all the friends that came with it (the "popular" celebrity ones particularly) & maybe even how thin she was then (thigh reference) to try & make up for insecurities from childhood - of not having friends, of not being seen as cool or pretty/thin (she's said before she was chubby in middle school). The lesson: that doesn't work!

she seems very at peace with herself now - I think that she came out of what was a clearly very dark time for her with the realization that you need to sometimes work through the deep-seated things that hurt you instead of trying to bury them. it’s a good lesson and I think one that a lot of people don’t learn until they’re much older than she is.

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OK! You can make it up to me by doing 83 for Nadine and Mike B pretty please!!!

83. “You can’t eat solids, only liquids until Thursday.”

Taking Hits ‘verse. My last drabble request! :) I started doing these because I thought it would help get me back into my WIPs (no such luck), but these were a ton of fun to do in their own right.

“Dr. Cole said the rods have come about halfway out of the bone on their own - isn’t that creepy?” With the lightest touch, Nadine brushed her fingertips against the tender and still-bruised skin of her collarbone, as if she expected to feel them protruding from underneath. She carefully tilted her head to the side so that she might get a better view in the bathroom mirror.

Mike grimaced. “That’s gross. Let’s not talk about it.”

“What are you gonna do when you have to take me for surgery,” she said, turning to look at him, “and there’s nothing holding me together afterward except fishing line?”

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Spirits or Ghosts…

What the fuck you wanna call them…..

I just wish the ones who I was close to or related to (via adoption) who have died on me this year…. Would let me fucking sleep. My mom especially. I don’t miss her And I’m not sorry, I have damn good reasons not to miss her because she helped to make me the fucked up person I am today.

I don’t mind the old guy who was/is the husband of my friend who’s property I live on without fear of getting kicked off the property. He was the one who said I could stay and in the course of a year, showed me what family truly was about, unlike my own.

But my mom really needs to leave me be and let me fucking sleep. I did everything I could to keep her breathing but she wouldn’t. So it’s not my fault and she can go torment my dad who was sleeping 5 feet away from her. Or my big brother who was out of the house chasing tail as usual.

*sighs* Sorry for the rant…. I need sleep….

more silly ladynoir things

continuation of this 

  • chat noir, after being possessed by an akuma: oh my god please tell me that we didn’t make out and i forgot about it again!!
    • ladybug: no
    • chat noir: oh thank god
    • chat noir:
    • chat noir: …just checking that’s still off the table right?
  • when they were really bored, ladybug tried to see if she could use her yoyo to hypnotize chat noir. she was honestly convinced she was uncovering his repressed memories of being an orphan from italy until he admitted that he was just messing with her. 
  • sometimes when chat noir is getting into a really good spar with an akuma he’ll shout for ladybug to take two minutes to video tape it really quick with her compact
    • ladybug: why?????
    • chat noir: because i wanna see how cool i look later quick before he breaks out of my headlock!
  • they once spent an embarrassingly long time running across the city trying to catch an akuma in a glass mason jar before it akumatized anyone. ladybug just wanted to see if they could do it, but chat was convinced that he could reason with it and convince it to join their team as a sidekick. 
  • chat noir really loves making fun of ladybug’s height. like really loves it. like to the point where whenever ladybug is scouting the city and says she can’t see the akuma, chat noir lifts her up by her armpits, holds her over his head, and says, “can you see it now?”
  • they have an unironic list of ways to take down hawkmoth if they eventually meet him in person 
    • chat noir: okay so if we use my staff and your yoyo string…we could totally make a butterfly net
    • ladybug: …holy shit you’re right
    • chat noir: like we could trap him in an actual net my lady 
    • ladybug: alright i’m adding it underneath “100 cans of bug spray”
  • honestly civilians see them sitting around the city in these intense conversations and sometimes people ask them if they’re planning hawkmoth’s capture or they’re discussing a patrol but ladybug just snorts and is like “oh no i’m doing his natal chart can you believe his moon sign is cancer?”
  • ladybug: for the love of god chat do you think before you do things?
    • chat noir: of course i do, i think “oh shit i hope this works”

vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all

So many things learned and confirmed in this episode and my heart is full. Here’s my jumbled thoughts:

  • Kara and Alex not only shared a bathroom, like Alex said in the pilot, but a bedroom too. Something I vaguely remember learning early season 1
  • They did not get along with each other for a long time
  • They were little competitive shits
  • They were in the same grade, which I did not see coming. If Kara were just in advanced classes, they wouldn’t be in the same gym class
  • Kara’s wearing the necklace
  • Kara learned calculus when she was 4 years old
  • Kara hates learning about history
  • Forget that, Kara hates school itself. And why wouldn’t she?
  • Kara was an outcast and got made fun of
  • Kara would break things in anger
  • Alex being in danger is what makes Kara use her powers after being told not to. It’s also what makes her stop
  • Kara looked up to Clark so much and just wanted to live with him my poor baby
  • Kara still does not feel at home on Earth. It’s the people, it’s Alex, that she finds a home in
  • I love Eliza. Just putting that out there

I know there’s a bunch more but I’m still trying to process such a great episode! and also ignoring the promo

mike and richie as twins

(sorry for how long this is! i got a little carried away)

-they have the same parents, but richie takes their dad’s name and mike takes their mother’s

-this is because when they were kids they came up with this idea no one would guess they were related if they had different last names

-nancy laughed at them both and told them how ridiculous that was, but it stuck

-they shared a room up until they were seven and got in an argument and richie ended up throwing soda at mike and ruining the duvet of his bed (they had already destroyed a lot of stuff before then.  This was the final straw for Mrs. Wheeler)

-mike finds it obnoxious how messy richie is

-their bathroom is half warzone, half last ditch attempts by mike to keep it clean

-they end up having their own “sides” of the counter but richie’s stuff always ends up on mike’s side

-once richie used mike’s toothbrush so mike dunked richie’s toothbrush in the toilet and didn’t tell him

-dustin and lucas sometimes laugh at richie’s jokes and mike hisses “don’t encourage him”

-richie has a habit of flirting with everyone

-this includes will.

-sometimes he makes a dirty joke and winks at will and will blushes

-mike gets annoyed by it, but always tells himself it’s just because he doesn’t want his gross brother hitting on any of his friends

-they have fights over who’s going to have the sleepover this weekend.  

-the losers always make sure to include mike though

-just like the party includes richie (if he’s home, a lot of the time he sneaks over to eddies)

-mike never tells their parents that richie’s snuck out, no matter how mad he is, because he knows how horrible eddie’s mom is

-when he was younger, mike had a crush on bill, something he will NEVER admit

-he also had a crush on bev, who was so nice to him and used to offer him the last cookie/soda/bit of chips

-the party is kind of in awe of how cool bev is, and they always try to invite her to join their party

-richie is like “MY FRIENDS NOT URS” and bev finds it really funny

-even though richie and mike get on each other’s nerves, they band together really fast when one of them is picked on.

-richie constantly comes home with black eyes and a bloody nose/lip because people pick on mike and his friends

-mike and eddie help clean him up, both telling him to “sit still idiot”

-when they’re sixteen one time richie comes out of the shower with just sweatpants “hey mike, have you seen my scorpions shirt?”

-will goes bright look and glances down super quickly

-mike notices this and gets kinda angry? Not at will just the general situation

-but richie has been in love with eddie since he was like ten, and they’ve been dating since 8th grade so he only has eyes for his eds

-he notices how bothered mike is by this and just kinda laughs to himself bc he knows they’ll have to sort it out for themselves

-nancy, richie, and mike are a fucking power trio

-nancy takes them out to the city every month or so, less when she heads out to college

-they always visits mike’s “nerd stops” like museums and various comic book stores.

-they also hit up record shops (for richie) and occasionally nancy sneaks them into a grunge show “ONLY IF THEY PROMISE TO BE GOOD AND STAY IN HER SIGHT”

-both of them dread when nancy drags them to a clothing store, whining the whole way, but they have fun messing around with different outfits while nancy shops

-they talk about boys (and girls, the wheelers/toziers are bi icons) over food and whenever someone mentions will, mike gets all blushy.  Nancy and Richie share knowing looks

-nancy is definitely the cool, protective sister.  If she hears anyone in the higher classes making fun of richie and eddie she’s fucking ON THAT, turns out richie learned it all from her

-richie and mike definitely bond over how sucky their dad is. Insulting him when he isn’t around, teaming up to argue with him when he’s being ridiculous

-they know secrets about each other too, one’s they’d never tell anyone else

-mike knows that richie has nightmares about a family that hurts and ignores him, and it’s his biggest fear to end up alone like he is in his dreams

-richie knows that mike fears no one will need him anymore, and that he’s always struggling to have his voice heard

-richie gets real tired of mike and will sharing looks and then looking away blushing, and skirting around each other.  He “accidentally” locks them in a closet, and comes back thirty minutes later.

-they’re kissing

-they basically rip apart when richie opens the door


-will is bright red and mike is all stuttery “SHUT UP RICHIE”

-richie in a rare moment tells mike how happy he is for him (after will goes home)

-mike is all smiley and happy

-”he still thinks i’m hotter”

-”BEEP BEEP RICHIE” and a pillow is thrown at him

-richie and mike end up going to different colleges

-both of them joke how happy they are to escape the other, but in truth it’s kind of sad

-the second night of being alone, without mike close by, richie calls mike at like 1 am

-mike picks up immediately

-”did you have a nightmare?”

-richie doesn’t want to admit that he misses him “it’s fucking weird not to hear your annoying voice yammering away”

-mike realizes what’s going on “real quiet now that your shitty music isn’t blasting”

-both of them just chat about how life is going, until they start to fall asleep

-richie is best man at mike’s wedding, and mike is best man at richie’s

-mike gets strippers for richie for his bachelors party

-richie sets up a fucking LARP session

-and richie’s speech makes mike cry (it ends with “i love you, you fucking nerd”)

-when mike and will adopt a daughter,  richie and eddie come over to visit and play with the kid a lot

-mike and richie like to pretend to be each other

-the kid is never fooled, she knows who her dad is

I believe in the value of subjectivity, and as such I always avoid trying to tell people how they should feel about something in this show (or anything, really), but this time I’ll have to make an exception:

Why is such a big part of the fandom hating on Marco?

Sophomore Slump started an arc of growth for Marco, who apparently was “left behind” by Star, as far as maturing go, in the last part of S2 and the very beginning of S3. Once home from Earth Star managed to put to good use all she learned from her year of growth, resolving to be the best princess she can be. On the other hand Marco was lost once separated from his best friend. This lead to him being kind of a jerk for two segments, while his ego got systematically deflated to ground level: left by Jackie, ridiculed on Mewni, scolded by Star for his feeling of entitlement. 
THIS DOESN’T MAKE HIM A BAD CHARACTER, THIS DOESN’T MEAN THAT HE ACTED OUT OF CHARACTER. Star failed and suffered a lot during S2, and as a result grew up enough to defeat Toffee and improve as a ruler. 
Marco didn’t grow as much, and now it’s his chance to do it: by falling to the bottom (literally, in the castle sub-basement), he managed to rise again, and I’m sure that this time he’s going to find a way to “make his own balloon”, so that with or without Star, on Mewni or on Earth, he’s going to be able to find his road on his own.

And he already started making up for it! Trial By Squire showed two of Marco’s best qualities, already starting the “redemption” part of his arc, after two segments of fall: his perseverance in pursuing a goal, in this case being a good squire to Star, because now he damn well knows that he should be grateful to her, that he’s lucky to be friend to Star, 

AND his qualities as a friend. What does Marco do when Star tells him that, as a princess, she does not need knight equipment? HE MAKES SURE THAT STAR HAS FUN. Because this way he can be a good squire and a good friend at the same time, getting his knight, and his bestie, what they really wanted. SILLY FUN.

So if we could all forgive Tom’s lies and tricks because he showed that he truly wanted to change, and now he managed to put enough effort into it to actually get Star back, why in the world should we start damning Marco just because he acted like a jerk for two half segments in a row, when he’s already doing his best? Star wants to be the best princess she can be? Good, then Marco is going to be the best squire, and the best friend he can be.

You know, having characters actually succeed after having failed is the best way to show that they grew, and that they weren’t just words.

I came up with an idea for a stylized fantasy dancing rhythm rpg. A bit crazy but whatever, I’m into it. This squid maiden would help you on your journey through the game, teaching you special ritual dances and probably have a story arc about needing to discover an ancient ritual dance to save her beach shrine. She’s pretty rad though.

self-control (part 1) - steve harrington

Steve Harrington x Reader

Warnings: Angst, some light cursing.

Summary: You’re in charge of homecoming but you don’t have a date.

A/N: OK, honestly I’m so proud of this you guys. It was like ten pages on a google docs. I hope you like it. I know a lot of people want a part 2 to twist of fate, and that will most likely happen pretty soon! But I want to do this as a series as well so we’ll see. Anyway, hope you all like it. I love the feedback, by the way, so tell me what you think!

Gif is not mine, belongs to the owner.

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The sound of the phone ringing woke you up. Startled, you ran a hand through your hair and looked around before registering where you were. Home. In bed. Things were normal again, right?

Wrong. It was two a.m and the phone was ringing. Why did your parents agree to get you your own line? You quickly flicked on your bedside lamp and then picked up the receiver. “Hello?” You mumbled barely coherently, slowly sitting up in bed.

“Y/N?” It was Steve. You could tell by the way he pronounced your name. Just slightly different than everyone else did. Like it had more meaning coming from his mouth.

You let out a long yawn. “Yeah, Steve. It’s me. What’s going on? Why are you calling me at-“ you glanced over at the clock on your night stand. “Two thirteen in the morning?”

“I haven’t been able to sleep at all,” he said, and you could hear the tiredness in his voice, all groggy and deeper than usual. “Let me apologize. Let me make it up to you. I fucked up, okay-“

“Fucked up is putting it lightly,” you cut him off, your words sharp like daggers. “I don’t want to talk to you about it. Especially not now.”

Steve sighed on the other line. You could almost picture him running a hand through his hair. You hated that you knew him that well. “Go to sleep, Harrington,” You said, and didn’t wait for a response before hanging up the phone.

You tried to go back to sleep but your mind kept drifting back to a few days ago, when everything starting going to shit.

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attention | jjk.
  • summary: “It’s like she got my attention for just a second, just one glance and that’s all it took. And now she’s all I can think about.”
  • genre: fluff, angst and some smut because it’s college! au.
  • words: 10,260 words.
  • warnings: drinking mention. smoking mention. vomit mention.
  • authors note: based loosely on charlie puth’s song attention. i had lots of fun writing this! sorry it took me so long to post again, but i’ve been trying for a long time. i hope you have as fun reading it as i did writing it. also jiimin is highly featured in this fic. - mo

Originally posted by jjks

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Prompt: eleven is popular And mike feels insecure about it (she gonna chose being popular over him) but she chooses him

HERE U GO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS PROMPT (massive thanks to @el-mike-jane for betaing this bc she’s the best)

Word Count: 3.5k 

Pairings: Mike/El, minor Lucas/Max

Rating: T (for language)

Mike Wheeler walks into science class to see everyone chattering, which is massively different from the typical dead-eyed stares of Mr. Sherman’s physics class. It’s the first class of the day, and Mr. Sherman speaks the way gray looks, so it makes sense.

Mike takes his normal spot by Dustin Henderson, their bard and only member of the party he has in this class. “What’s up with everyone today?”

“They’re announcing the nominees for Homecoming Court during class,” Dustin says, looking bored. “It’s all bullshit, but everyone else is excited.”

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