her make up artist is bomb


Sketchdump 3 of Samurai Dad. This one is dubbed the “Dress Up” dump. Ever since the 6th episode with Ashi’s new hairdo and outfit, I was inspired to make nature outfits for all the girls, as well as changing their hair. You will bet that Jack would immediately scrub the “Aku” goo off of the girls. BTW, he’s not mad at them, he’s mad that toddlers were dropped into bubbling goo. Then I got the urge to draw the girls with all their new hairdos and outfits when they’re older. Unfortunately I don’t know whose name is who. Please forgive me, I didn’t have time to assign the listed names, because they never did so.

Neon-Cat-Headphones & grungy green clothes: The main tech and gear head. Tinkerer, inventor. Not a super genius, but still the main tech-head.
Blue Coat with blue eyeshadow: She takes care of all the makeup and beauty needs. Also the experimental chemist who makes dangerous makeup bombs. Her handbag is filled with things from knockout gas & acid, to humble eyeliner & blush.
Chun Li with roller shoes: The tech-head sister made those shoes especially for her. Those shoes are heavier than they look. She likes her snacks & food. 
Pink Sakura Tessen/ first one Jack killed: She loves her books and soaking up knowledge like a sponge. She’s a living encyclopedia.
The Falconer: Nuff said. She loves nature and all of its creatures. Especially birds. Can do almost any bird call.
The rebel graffiti ninja: The artistic graffiti rebel with a cause. The stunts she pulls is baffling, and she’ll get help from her sisters. The people who painted that Soviet star as Patrick Star? She’ll do that s#!t and more.
Ashi, the ladybug warrior: We all know Ashi. But I’d say she’s really dedicated to martial arts and the bushido code studiously. Still loves ladybugs.

The final pic took way long. They’re preparing and gearing up for the final confrontation. And Jack now has his sword back (FINALLY!)

I don’t know if I’ll do another Samurai Jack-based stream next week. It’s pretty much likely that I might just do that. Probably will stop after the hype dies down and the end is near.

To all the viewers who stopped by, thank you so much for putting up with my dry and boring self haha.

i love love sana’s lipstick because 

  • IT LOOKS SUPER BOMB, pls tell me what brand and shade you’re wearing my love 
  • it’s made to look like she put it on herself. there’s some of the lipstick outside her lip lines, this isn’t meant to look like if was perfectly applied with a lip brush by a makeup artist. this is the picture we’ll all be seeing on the website every single day for the next couple of months, but it doesn’t mean that her make-up needs to be applied as though they were going to publish this picture in a magazine. in this picture she’s meant to look like a real teenage girl, one people can relate to, she’s meant to look like sana, and little details such as the way her lipstick is applied help achieve that purpose

bunmi-bola  asked:

I live in Britain and this whole Manchester thing is crazy I just don't understand how it happened, thinking about someone bombing an Ariana Grande concert is making me very uncomfortable and angry. Her demographic is so young it's horrific. I'm hours away up in Scotland but I'm scared for my country, I feel naive but I didn't expect anyone to be so evil and do such a thing even for terrorist the target is low

It’s so sad and horrendous bc concerts are supposed to be a fun safespace for those who want to spend time and get lit with their favorite artist and now people are gonna be afraid of attending concerts……. the world is becoming a scarier place

Tequila Ink (Trixya) - Marlene

Summary: Trixie has a wild night out and wakes up to a hangover and a tattoo dedicated to her girlfriend, who is might be very scared of commitment and the concept of things that last.

AN: Alright, so this was the first fic that I have ever considered publishing, so I’m hoping you guys could give me a light whether this is good or not, and maybe you could give me tips? In addition, English is not my first language, so I’m already sorry for the mistakes you’ll find here. This was a prompt I couldn’t get out of my head, and I hope you like it! Yay.

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the great british bakeoff: jonathan strange and mr norrell edition

with @anorthernskyatdawn

John Uskglass: Dresses like Noel Fielding, background particularly in historical baking techniques. Constantly making the bakers do weird old recipes in their technicals. Favorite thing is when the bakers do something really original.

Thistledown: Floral Everything, Very Harsh. Strikingly simple and beautiful recipes in technicals, expects absolute perfection in everything. If The Layers Aren’t Perfectly Clear You Failed. He always wants sharp flavors with one note dominating.

Vinculus: we don’t even need a second one. It’s just Vinculus. He bothers the bakers, he steals Childermass’s tea and tips alcohol into it only to realize there’s already some in there already, he eats everyone’s leftover icing, he grins alarmingly through his huge bushy beard, he does it all. Keeps flirting with Childermass; sometimes Childermass bounces it back just to see him look bewildered. Also known for a tendency to put bakes in his pocket after and sometimes during the judging.

THE BAKERS, in order of elimination:

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Before anyone comes into my inbox, let me just remind you guys that Julia never made any promises. She never claimed to be the next rock sensation or even make heavy rock music (as a solo artist.) It’s been 4 years almost 5 years since she’s come out with any music. This is just the beginning. And for those who are being overly critical of her “new sound”… well, one, she’s not an artist who came out with an EP or album that consisted of a very specific genre, for example, pop- punk, then did a complete 180 after failing to get a hit, to later become straight up pop…she’s NOT Hey Violet, she’s NOT even Cherri Bomb. That’s her past not her future. Like I said, it’s just the beginning. Here’s to Pyrce music!!

Everyone in the crew has their own individual roles right? Like Jack’s on flight duty or takes on the role of getaway driver, Michael’s got explosives on lock, etc. etc. 

While Mica helps out with a lot of different areas of the crew, I like to imagine Mica’s the sole person in charge of disguises.

She’s got everyone’s measurements practically memorized for custom pieces (Ryan’s shoulders are often too broad for jackets, Michael’s calves are tight in a lot of jeans, Jack values comfort above all else and lots of clothing binds in awkward places).

Whenever they need to go undercover, or simply want to hide their identities while out and about, Mica’s easily their go-to. Her proficiency with makeup and prosthetics, not to mention her arsenal of wigs and accessories, would make the top Hollywood makeup artists envious. With relative ease (though she needs time), she can make the crew completely unrecognizable. During downtime, Jeremy tries picking up on the basics of it all,  just in case they need a second person.

She’s also a great voice coach and knows more accents than she could ever care to count. (She knows a bunch of languages fluently too but, kind of aside the point)

Also, please imagine how bomb-ass Halloween heists would be.

willworkforcakes  asked:

Can I have a scenario where Kise's childhood best friend, whom he and another close friend share an apartment with and relies on for support, disappears or dies in an accident and the place is filled with memories and all her art pieces - paintings, sculptures, plushies, etc. and everything reminds him of her? And it was around the time things were looking up for them. And he just really misses her.

why would you request this why would you do this to me asdfghjkl *dies* If any of you has ever lost somone, please consider what this request entails before reading it. -Admin Fyre

Accompanying soundtrack: Guren from Naruto Shippuuden

He remembers it as if it was yesterday, even though it’s been days, or weeks, since then.

Getting the phone call from Akashi early in the morning, 6am, his chest suddenly filled with dread, and his mind is blank and there’s blood pounding in his ears, and running, despite Akashi’s offer to send a driver, all the way to the crash site several streets from his house.

Complete mayhem, stretchers and sirens everywhere, and it’s like everything’s gone white, because it’s impossible, impossible, that she’s hurt, she’s in critical condition, she’s on the verge of death and there are medics trying to revive her, Midorima among them, and Kise barely heard them pronouncing her dead because all he can do is scream her name, over and over and over—

Murasakibara and Aomine are holding him back, Akashi is telling him to stop acting like a child, but he won’t stop, and Kuroko, Kurokocchi of all people, has to punch him, his eyes filled with tears and uncharacteristic anger and grief, and he grabs Kise by the shirt collar and says that nothing, nothing in the world can bring her back.

He remembers screaming again, not in anger, but out of pure sadness, breaking down right there in the street when the sun is barely up.

She was coming back early from visiting her parents, to surprise him.

The rest was just a blur, even her funeral. Strangers gave him their condolences, but talked behind his back. His teammates, old and new, tried to console him, but Kise could barely hear them. They’re all saying the same thing, anyway.

He’s not like himself, that Kise.

It must have hit him hard. They were very close. Friends since childhood…

It’s like all the light has gone out of him.

She was his light, however corny that sounded. Of course it was gone.

The house is quiet when Kise enters. No blaring pop music, no smell of paint, no stifling perfume. As he takes off his shoes he glances in the mirror and is only mildly startled by the gaunt face that stares back. He’s lost a lot of weight, and his eyes are filled with empty pain.

Kise puts his keys down at the table, and the clank of steel is loud and unforgiving. She used to forget her keys all the time, Kise remembers, and he’d have to run out, make-up half done, to open the door for her, and she’d laugh at him, winged eyeliner only on one side, and darting past him when he swipes for her phone, containing pictures of his hideousness.

I can’t stay here, Kise thinks. Too many memories.

But he’s walking into the house anyway, and every step in the place reminds him of her. Making cupcakes in the kitchen, sugar and sprinkles everywhere, laughing as the two of them sang and danced. Paint clogging the sink, bath bombs in the tub. Clay on the walls, bits of thread and yarn here and there. She was an artistic person, in all of its forms.

There used to be colour everywhere. Now the grey just reminds Kise of its absence.

Then Kise walks into her room, and he stops, his breath hitching in his throat. The room is filled with visual reminders of her - clay sculptures of owls and hedgehogs on the windowsill, splashed with colours they’d never really be; yarn plushies piled on the sofa, of creatures that don’t exist in this world but did inside her mind; and her latest interest: painting. The room is stacked with paintings, old and new, in varying degrees of professionalism.

Kise can almost see her, sitting in front of the canvas with her hair tied back in a bandana, dried paint splotched on her skin and clothes, but her expression relaxed and uncaring as she hummed. She painted all the time - portraits of Kise, still-lifes of coffee mugs and ornaments, landscapes of places she’d never visited.

She grew up poor, but Kise’s pretty face made a steady income, and as the money stacked up, she’d grin and loop her arm around his shoulders and say, “Let’s travel the world when we’ve got enough.”

And he’d smile and say, “Sounds great!”

There’s the money jar in the corner, filled with tips that she earned at the waitressing job, and the checks he received from the modelling agency. Coins and bills and…a blue envelope?

Confused and curious, Kise went over and unscrewed the jar, taking out the lined sheet of paper within the envelope - and immediately recognising her writing on it.

Hey Ryouta,

If you’re reading this then it means I’ve moved out! Did you think I actually suggested saving up all this money to travel the world? :D Of course not! This is for you and your future girlfriend, you dummy. I don’t want to be a third wheel for you lovebirds (I bet you do really sickly sweet stuff like coo at each other and tell each other ‘I love you’ ten times a day, ew) so when I told you we should save up money, I’d already talked it over with my parents that one day I’ll move back in with them - if you ever got a girlfriend and she wanted to move in. ^-^

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably rich enough to afford anything you two want, so why would I go through all the trouble for you, right? Well the answer’s simple. You’re my best friend. That’s all there is to it. You can use the money for whatever you want! Consider this my present to you for sticking with me for so long.

If your girlfriend’s reading this too, RYOUTA’S A TOTAL LOSER AND A CRYBABY! Just kidding, he’s actually pretty cool but if he pulls that pouting face on you, don’t fall for it, he’s making you let down your guard so he can tickle you. He’s not as dumb as he looks.

Kise utters a half-laugh, half-sob. Too late he realises he’s crying.

Anyway, I’m running out of space on this stupid thing. I’m not good with words, you know that - I wish I could paint my feelings on a canvas. You’re probably crying, aren’t you? You always did cry over the dumbest things, even when we were kids. You were like the hopeless little brother I never had. Maybe not so hopeless now, since you’ve got that pretty face going for you.

Quit crying, I know you are! I’m not gone forever, you dummy. Look, I’m even leaving some of my paintings for you to look at if you miss me. But you can’t rely on me forever. Call me up if you need help, but you’ll have to stand on your own two feet someday. I’ll be here for you if you need me, always.

Take care :)


Kise grips the paper tight in his hands, until it’s all crumpled and his knuckles white. The apartment is filled with mementos of her: her sculptures, her plushies, her paintings. But he only needs one thing to remember her by, and he holds it to his chest by his heart, sobs racking his body in the grey silence.

He blames himself, of course. She’d tell him not to, if she were here.

But she isn’t.

re: “Drone Bomb Me”

The opening line of Pitchfork’s review of “Drone Bomb Me” tells of the news that US drone strikes killed 150 people in Somalia this week. Its meant to give context to the song, but it also strikes even those not in tune with the news of the gravity of the situation. Being killed by a drone in 2016 is neither a metaphor nor an abstraction - the terror is real and ongoing. Pitchfork lumps Anohni with a class of leftist artist-activists (Laura Poitras, Addie Wagenknecht, et al.) critiquing the drone program without much analysis of the nuances wherein each of these artists approach the subject. This laziness risks instituting an art practice that is exalted solely on the basis of its dissident, pedagogic nature, notwithstanding the qualitative formulations that make up the art (i.e: ideology trumps aesthetics). We shouldn’t be so quick to conclude that an artist like Anohni is a bona fide activist, thus her work is radical. 

“It’s a love song from the perspective of a girl in Afghanistan whose family has been killed by a drone bomb,” she says. The first thing that struck me here how she speaks of her subject without much pause for speaking of another’s trauma. It made me wonder if Anohni has ever written a song about someone dying in the World Trade Center and billing it as ‘a love song to New York.’ Because the subject resides on the other side of the world, it’s possible to distill trauma from subjectivity. More aggravating is that a story about an Afghan girl immediately becomes one of drone strikes. In the Western, liberal imaginary, children (particularly girls) of the global south are indelibly marked by a list of injustices that I won’t name here, with drone strikes being the latest addition. Of course these stories are valid and don’t deserve to be belittled, but the question is why Western artist-activists feel an obsessive need to document the other’s suffering without space for documenting their non-suffering. It’s a practice that robs people of their complexities. It stops them short of living lives that are more dignified than they are tarnished. 

It’s cynical, and perhaps sadistic, to paint an image of a child who is so grief-stricken that she wishes to be bombed. “Drone Bomb Me” is the most a work of art has done to pathologize children of war. Surely even in between prolonged waves of grief, a child - a victim of war or otherwise - can find relief, if not hope, in something other than their own demise. Maybe Anohni is intent on being too cynical (her album is called ‘Hopelessness’ after all), and I’m missing the point, but I don’t believe this song gives us any kind of radical, affective framework to protest the injustices of US foreign policy and honor its victims justly.


Fashion Steven makes an other victim !!
I saw someone using the website “polyvore” to make the outfit ; the website has a category “outfit ideas” and is life saving when such a theme come up !

I remember seeing this prompt somewhere, during the Steven Bomb prompt thingy… And I loved the idea !!
This idea of Fashionista Steven is from the artist @c2ndy2c1d

I realised only too late how good those outfit where for both of them!
From the star-necklace of Labra and her diamond (oh the irony) earrings and Steven having sunglasses too, but with hearts! just like Labra’s gem !

Pearlmethyst Bomb Day 2: Angst

Author/Artist Note: Believe it or not this is my first time writing for Steven Universe. Due to the nature of this prompt (And my love of making myself cry) The drawing and writing miiight be triggering for some so I’m gonna leave it right under the cut. Hope you enjoy :) 

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Here’s proof to that my little sister Chloe’s not just a myth.

Nah, but I was about to do her nails as we just received those bomb lipsticks by our favourite make-up artist @alainavesna in the mail, thank you a million for these you queen! We actually can’t wait to wear all shades of them! ♥

on Alexa

  • “From Longchamp choose a woman always on the values ​​emanating. Our idea of luxury is inscribed in the daily life of an active woman, full of energy and freshness, that loves fashion without suffering. Alexa epitomizes this idea.Thirty years old, but it affects all women in search of a style. She has an aptitude ultra-stylish and ultra-chic at the same time, inspired by her musical universe. It is beautiful and smart. For the new collection "Escalades”, joyful, energetic and colorful, we needed a modern and chic woman. Her magnetic eyes gives a great personality to the summer campaign of Longchamp.“ (Marie-Sabine Leclercq, International Director of Communication Longchamp)
  • "Alexa is a phenomenon." (Anna Wintour) 
  • "It’s the Kate Moss of the day." (The New York Times )
  • "I love Alexa! If someone asked me to point out a modern girl, I would say her, without a doubt. The way she dresses, in which she moves and speaks. She does so many things at once. She is very talented and does everything to perfection. Beautiful and intelligent. " (Karl Lagerfeld of American Vogue) 
  •  ”It’s a style that bomb razes any competition with her ​​peers in America. She has an indescribable force and a chic and bold.”(American Vogue)
  • "The thing that’s better than Alexa’s comments are brief, biting expressing all her feelings in a few words” (Matte Babel, co-presenter Fuse News on Flare) 
  • “For Alexa likes to be surrounded by people of her own caliber." (Misty Fox, one of the best friends, model and make up artist, on Flare)
  • "She looks like Jackie Onassis. The good is whatever you wear. Take everything with a rare naturalness. " (Judith Milgrom, founder and creative director of Maje, on the Huffington Post)
  • "Alexa has a penchant for English fabrics. You even managed to make the classic Barbour coat a glam head." (Tennessee Thomas, best friend and drummer of The Like, on American Vogue)
  • "You have received the gift of an extraordinary beauty but consciously chooses not to exploit it too, buying clothes is not obvious. It is strange. It is a strange science experiment: a kind of annoying crock between a boy in the body of a girl with a penchant for feminine details: flowers, bows, hearts. But talking to her is like talking to your best male friend, someone you can gulp down a beer and make fun of you. All the girls would like to have her as a best friend. Every guy has a secret crush on her." (Philip Lim of Vogue America)
  • "Women want to know everything about her. Especially New Yorkers in their twenties do nothing but googlarla.” (Millard Drexler, CEO of J Crew’s, on The New York Times)
  • “Alexa and I play table tennis and billiards. We do things like this: eat, drink… When she moved here in New York, did not know a lot of people. Was invited to various events and took me with her: two strange British unlikely salons." (Dev Hynes, a friend and musician of American Vogue)
  • "It was horrible when she moved to America. It was death. I went to see: We went to hear the Horrors and to see a Knicks game, where we bought one of those huge hands of rubber that serve to cheer." (Nick Grimshaw, friend and radio presenter on Vogue America)
  • "The reason for her success is the spontaneity. It gives you the impression that it does what it likes and not who plays in front of a camera." (Dolly Jones, editor of Vogue.com , of The Guardian)
  • "She’s become the Kate Moss of our generation. There was a time in which everything that the girls wanted was Kate, Kate, Kate. And now they say ‘Alexa’.”(Jane Keltner, fashion news director of Teen Vogue , on The New York Times)
  • “Usually presenters are wearing clothes chosen for them by others. Ms. Chung, however, said that what we had bought for her did not correspond much to her style. So it appeared every morning wearing his clothes, mixing vintage pieces (like the high-waisted shorts Levi’s) with Chanel boots, T-shirts and sweaters trend. It’s a marching to the sound of her trumpet only." (Corin Nelson, executive producer of the program “It’s On with Alexa Chung” on The New York Times) 
  • "She’s the kind of person you’d want as a best friend or sister. She is not for nothing provocative or aggressive. It is the antithesis of the look of a warrior goddess to Beyoncé or Lady Gaga. Everyone can dress like Alexa: which would be a breath of fresh air because it’s something new." (Izzy Grinspan, editor of the blog Racked NY , on The New York Times)