her make up artist is bomb


Fashion Steven makes an other victim !!
I saw someone using the website “polyvore” to make the outfit ; the website has a category “outfit ideas” and is life saving when such a theme come up !

I remember seeing this prompt somewhere, during the Steven Bomb prompt thingy… And I loved the idea !!
This idea of Fashionista Steven is from the artist @c2ndy2c1d

I realised only too late how good those outfit where for both of them!
From the star-necklace of Labra and her diamond (oh the irony) earrings and Steven having sunglasses too, but with hearts! just like Labra’s gem !

Here’s proof to that my little sister Chloe’s not just a myth.

Nah, but I was about to do her nails as we just received those bomb lipsticks by our favourite make-up artist @alainavesna in the mail, thank you a million for these you queen! We actually can’t wait to wear all shades of them! ♥