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zeldafanartyasilly  asked:

I just caught up on Kuroshitsuji last night. And I had a dream about the 2CT. I have been completely converted to a 2CT believer thanks to your wonderful blog, and the recent chapters lol

Yaay, we have a new member in our 2CT camp! (≧▽≦)ノ☆彡

Welcome and enjoy the 2CT which Yana (maybe) has been preparing for more than a decade <3

Also, if you have any questions or doubts about 2CT, feel free to ask me (especially if it’s a JPN-ENG-translation-related question) or @her-majestys-watchdog (2CT in general) because probably no one likes this theory more than we do haha xD

You guys…

You know for Grell to have become a reaper ( by Yana’s confirmation) she had to commit suicide.

So SOMEWHERE there’s an explanation to SEBASTIAN’s backstory and in one of the slides of the poem he says that his lover vanished without any lead, but it was later discovered as suicide.
After that had happened Sebastian became that shithead of a dorky demon.



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springleaves003  asked:

Is your logo from Gravity Falls? They pulled off the whole 'secret twin' thing really well and surprised me because I thought it was going to be really corny. I hope Yana does the same if the 2CT is true!

Yes, it is! :D @her-majestys-watchdog sent me a link to a video clip of Ducktective (see below) 2 years ago and I found it funny especially in the light of the unpopularity of the 2CT in the Western fandom so I’ve since used it as my icon! xD

Now that I rewatch this, I still find it hilarious haha xD

As for the real twin plot twist in the series, yeah I really found it interesting, too! It had some similarities with the 2CT (one twin taking on the name and identity of the other twin and thus deceiving everyone; the creators planned it from the beginning and gave us a lot of hints throughout the series, heated discussions between twin theory believers and non-believers, etc). Now it would be funny if real!Ciel had 6 fingers, too, but sadly, - I’ve just double-checked it -  he doesn’t (neither does our!Ciel) xD

my-lady-no-further said: But he could have six toes…

OMG. YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! This is the best 2CT comment I’ve ever seen! xD


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Two Ciel Theory--

So I’ve read a theory from crow-ling and her-majestys-watchdog and I’ve decided to add my own to it. You can find crow-ling’s post here and her-majestys-watchdog here. I’m nt sure if it’s been done yet, so I’ll be discussing chapter 95.

In Chapter 95 we see Ciel talking to another version of him. When he mentions that our!Ciel didn’t have to take up revenge and our!Ciel said he knew that and then we get this:

That right there makes me wonder just what happened during the time our!ciel was taken. Did our!Ciel betray him? Or did he sacrifice himself to save our!Ciel and Ciel felt guilt for his older brother saving him?

We’re gonna jump to chapter 61 real quick

right here we see Ciel in a cage and then getting brutally murdered. Which leads us here:

We have Ciel in a cage and one covered in blood. Our!Ciel is obviously the one in the cage and the other one is the one on the right. Now when we get to this scene, there were three questions that was asked to our!Ciel to our Ciel that stood out the most to me.

Something happened the day Sebastian was summoned. Something between them. As I said earlier, our!Ciel could have betrayed the real!ciel or his brother was taken when it should have been him.

As we all know, our!Ciel was the sick one. And every time he got ill around someone who knew him he hid it. When he took his brother’s name it meant he couldn’t be weak anymore.

Our!Ciel was the sick and frail one, and more than likely didn’t get much because he was probably the youngest. The moment he took his brother’s name, he took everything that came along with it. The things he probably only dreamed about when he was younger. 

Which leads us back to chapter 61- Our!Ciel took his name and gave it to Sebastian, he also said this: 

Our!Ciel wouldn’t have inherited anything if his brother was still alive. And if he gave his real name, there’s a possibility people would fight him for not only being so young inheriting the Phatomhive estate and company, but also very weak.

A lot of people don’t think this theory could work when to be honest, it already is.


Hey everyone, it’s HT here! 2016 was a wild year with its ups and downs and it’s finally drawing to an end. I’ve been all over the place as I’ve passed my IB diploma and took an internship and got into architecture at university, but this year’s been lots of fun despite the struggles and I’m glad I made it through, and I couldn’t have done it without your continuous support love and support. This blog’s also hit 8,000 followers and I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you, regardless of whether you’re a distant follower or a close friend. I wish you all a very merry Christmas if you celebrate it and a happy new year! Stay warm, safe, and happy. ❦❆

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anonymous asked:

Hi~ I'm new to the kuroshitsuji fandom so I'm not sure if anyone had pointed this out before in regards to 2CT, but during chapter 57 when Sebastian finds Ciel & Lizzy after the ship starts flooding, Seb tries to give Ciel his coat because he's worried about his asthma and Ciel angrily tells him not to mention it now, while Lizzy is looking confused and then Seb gives a knowing look, so this seemed like support for ourCiel not being the real because Lizzy would know realCiel doesn't have asthma?

Hi, welcome to the Kuroshitsuji fandom! (≧▽≦)

I’ll just refer you to this lovely and informative 2CT-video @her-majestys-watchdog recently posted! It focuses on the very question “Why does Ciel hide his asthma?” and explains everything so well, so if you like the 2CT you should definitely take a look at it! =D

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anonymous asked:

Please don't answer if this makes you awkward with the idea of answering but do you not think sometimes Yana is making the twin thing a bit too obvious? All the hints in the drawings (like the last chapter) and even in the japanese wording, isn't that a bit too easy when it's one of the biggest mystery? I am just curious about your point of view on this, no offence if you don't want to answer it.

Haha, why are people so reserved lately when they send me an ask?(≧▽≦) I’m not that sensitive and I’m okay with people having different opinions, so don’t worry!♡♡♡

As for your question, @her-majestys-watchdog and I recently talked about this very topic! XD Back when I was active on the old bb.net forum (between 2014 and ‘15), the common argument against 2CT used to be “The hints are too vague.” and now it seems to have changed to “The hints are too obvious.” and in my opinion this is a good tendency! =D The hints indeed have become more blatant lately, especially since the Green witch arc (ch90, 93, 95, family tree, 108, 113 ,115). I’m not sure at all, but this could be because we’re getting closer to the climax? D: The short “trailer” text on the last page of the latest chapter says “The story and the mystery [will reach] the deepest part…” which probably (hopefully) means that we’re eventually getting to the heart of the whole story.

There’s also a “trailer” of vol.23 at the end of the comic book vol.22; after a short introduction to the coming arc (Blue Sect arc) it says “That was the beginning of the collapse——!?”.

Not sure what kind of “collapse” they are referring to, but it definitely sounds ominous and exiting, doesn’t it? (*‘ω’*) It could be anything, but so far nothing has really “collapsed” yet, so I guess Yana still has “something” in store for us in this arc!

Long story short, the reason why the hints have become more blatant lately, might be that Yana will reveal the “secret” soon? At least, that’s what I wait and hope for! =D

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Hey guys! I wanted to do a follow forever, but I’m following nearly 700 blogs and I love them all… SO I’ve decided to make a specific fandom follow forever! Here ya go, guys! (Also, if I didn’t list you, you have permission to hire a fabulous hitman to shoot me.)



























































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So like i said i did it , my first Follow Forever . Is not so good because like i said is my first try and some looong time my head is out of ideas for everything especialy edits . Thank you all for following me and i love all my 300 followers even if we didn’t interact yet because i’m shy af .

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