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Recap post for Kuroshitsuji theories about ch129/onwards

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t written that much for Kuroshitsuji in a while and I reblogged a lot of great posts too, so here is an organized list of theories about what’s going on with the current arc in my opinion.

Please keep in mind that I (we) could be wrong and that every theory (mine especially) is only valid until we get more canon content next month. This recap post is mainly for people who have trouble keeping up with the amount of different Kuro theories on my blog ever since last week:

General analysis about ch129:

 About the 2CT:

Theories about Lizzie’s situation and what she might do from now on:

Theories about the Undertaker: is he or not the one who brought back the twin?

Again, these are just theories and I consider mine in particular to always have a one month validity (renewable sometimes haha), so always keep in mind that there is a good possibility some of them might not be accurate. Also please try to check this post before asking about the subjects listed above. :3

I might edit this post and add more links in case it makes it easier to search for subjects you want to read about!


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i love love the two ciels theory, i seriously do, i do think it’s a deeply developed and thorough story (and those “fans” who are complaining to yana about it are rude, in my opinion, the kuroshitsuji manga doesn’t belong to you, and even if you don’t like the development of a story, you have no right to upfront their creator like that, the story doesn’t belong to you, and that’s it.)

i have read the manga half in english (from mostly fan subbed teams) and half the official translation in spanish when i could buy the volumes, so i might have lost some track of the original meaning/translation from japanese, but, my main concern is, even if in the japanese manga there’s actually the mention of children (in plural) in several occasions, there’s no direct mention of ciel’s twin/real ciel/his name by anyone (madame red or tanaka, mostly, who are the adults who knew and met the ciel children the most).

tanaka, for starters, don’t really talk much, so it’s easy to understand why there’s no mention of the real!ciel from him (and also probably something deeply tied to the fact vincent is still alive? i do believe that vincent plays an important role in the two ciels theory, even if i cannot really grasp what’s going to be yet). madame red doesn’t talk directly about real!ciel either, but i can understand that in a way she’s sparing her nephew who she actually truly deeply cares for and likes from more pain, because i assume everyone thinks real!ciel died tragically?

but what about lizzy?
lizzy is a child, and a very emotional one. she has been raised with ciel and real!ciel since she was little, and while i can understand how an adult can somehow control and deeply watch themselves for not mention real!ciel in front of ciel, but it’s hard for me to say the same about lizzy.

she could have lost control over herself and ran emotional over her memories and mention real!ciel to ciel, and she (as far as i remember, she might have done it?) doesn’t seem to do that. and i can’t stop wondering why.
is it because she doesn’t remember real!ciel? it’s because her relationship with real!ciel wasn’t good?

which links me to what kind of child real!ciel is, as if, yana is playing the bad twin/good twin move all over this theory, but in a twisted way,who is the good twin? real!ciel or our ciel? i am so hyped up about all this honestly!!

(and because i am a nerd i am going to tag the people with the best theories for kuroshitsuji in my opinion because i am wondering what they think about all this @abybweisse @akumadeenglish @her-majestys-watchdog)

pd: excuse any typos please, english is not my first language!

anonymous asked:

I feel so bad about the twins theory. The truth is a part of me was excited about it, but I mostly wanted our!Ciel to be real!Ciel. Because I've grown up reading it. I'm 16 and I've been reading it since I was 9. I've been in love with our!Ciel this whole time... And with the whole spoilers things lately I just don't want to log in Tumblr. I used to love Kuroshitsuji blogs. I used to love the fandom. And right now I feel so ashamed. You think the theory is legit or maybe Yana's playing with us?

Mmm, no, I don’t think Yana is just toying with her fans. Actually, the 2CT is a very well thought out concept she has been planning and preparing thoroughly since the very early chapters as stated by herself in this post. It might not be your cup of tea and by no means, am I telling you to like it, I just hope you will at least acknowledge that it’s not something Yana randomly came up with just recently. A lot of fans complained about the 2ct on Yana’s twitter and I think that’s so disrespectful towards her :/

Anyway, as for your concerns about our!Ciel being not “Ciel” anymore, I’ll just refer you to these two great posts ( X , X) by @her-majestys-watchdog ! :D

Just don’t worry too much, I know 2CT is a big plot twist, but our!Ciel will forever be “Ciel” to us and he and Sebastian still are and will always be the main characters of this series! :)

Bonus: The Siblings, Partners


First of all: Sorry that it’s late. This was supposed to be a special for Cloudia’s 151st death day after all.
Actually, this bonus was done on July 13, but I didn’t have time to revise it because I had to go somewhere. In the end, even if I had taken my laptop with me, I wouldn’t have been able to finish this on time because the revision took WAY longer than anticipated.
That’s why I am two days late.

But, nevertheless, I am done now - and I hope you’ll enjoy this one-shot which got far too long.

“Everyone grieved differently.”

Countryside, England, United Kingdom – August 1866

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hashtag-grumpybat  asked:

Your icon is incredibly funny with all the paralels between both series with the ''twin twist'' (I did a text post already pointing out the paralels)

Haha, it’s indeed funny, even more so because Ducktective has been my icon since 2015, ever since my friend introduced me to the amazing world of ‘Gravity Falls’! xD


The legendary moment (September 22, 2015) my friend brought up GF for the first time in reference to 2CT:

@her-majestys-watchdog was so right with her prediction, 2CT indeed turned out to be pretty much like Ducktective season finale lol

(Btw, can you link me to your post about 2CT and GF? I’d love to read it!!!)

anonymous asked:

Curse you, her-majestys-watchdog, for making me super invested in the 2CT theory and then actual canon plot twist when i've never (yet) read a chapter of kurositsuji in my life >.< curse you! (i'm kidding, you're great)

omg really! that’s so awesome! the 2CT is my favourite thing ever !! i’m glad that you are interested even though you don’t read kuro :D it makes me super happy to think the 2CT is bringing new people to the series/new attention to it. maybe it’ll make people considering the series differently (since the anime kind of gave it a weird rep) woo hoo!

You guys…

You know for Grell to have become a reaper ( by Yana’s confirmation) she had to commit suicide.

So SOMEWHERE there’s an explanation to SEBASTIAN’s backstory and in one of the slides of the poem he says that his lover vanished without any lead, but it was later discovered as suicide.
After that had happened Sebastian became that shithead of a dorky demon.



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anonymous asked:

Could you reblog the posts on what the rooms of Lord Sirus, and Lord Polaris, look like again? This will help me to gain some insight on the true natures of real Ciel and his knife partner.

I guess you mean this post that I’ve written about a year ago? I won’t reblog it again but the link should help you to find it. ;) There’s also a more recent post by @her-majestys-watchdog about the rooms and the Lords here that could help you. :)