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OHMSS: Tracy di Vicenzo Appreciation

Joining @lapsang-and-earlgrey in the Tracy love for Bond Girl Day! I first encountered her in the On Her Majesty’s Secret Service book, and while I do think the movie gave her a bit more to do, I really like the way Fleming wasn’t a complete failboat re: her mental illness.

  • When Bond first meets Tracy, she is suicidal after experiencing a horrible marriage and the death of her infant child, and her organized crime leader dad hatches a plan to engage her to Bond for her own good.
  • Bond could not be more appalled by the idea! ‘What you ask is utterly impossible. The girl is sick. What she needs is a psychiatrist. Not me. And I do not want to marry, not anyone.’
  • So instead Tracy gets therapy and learns how to start recovering and manage her mental health that way. It’s a nice rejection of the ~healing cock~ trope, and I love that Bond’s romance with Tracy later in the book is therefore more a relationship of equals rather than something founded on the idea of Bond ‘saving her.’
  • (Angst: We can also see the impact of Vesper on Bond here. In Casino Royale, he recognized that marriage couldn’t save Vesper from her personal demons even when he didn’t know what they were, and that was the last time he really seriously considered the possibility of marriage.) 

Fave Tracy moments:

  • Tracy outdriving Bond

“And so the race went on, Bond gaining a little on the straights but losing it all to the famous Lancia road-holding through the villages - and, he had to admit, to her wonderful, nerveless driving.”

It’s on the strength of her driving that Bond rescues her at the gambling table when she can’t pay a debt: ‘Besides, we made friends between Abbeville and Montreuil this evening. You drive like an angel.’

  • Tracy driving Bond to safety when he’s being chased by Blofeld’s goons, and also giving him her parka bc he’s freezing

“'Do as I tell you. I’ve got a sweater and plenty on underneath. Now the other arm. That’s right.’ She pulled up the zip. 'Darling James, you look sweet.'The fur of the parka smelt of Guerlain’s 'Ode’. It took Bond back to Royale. What a girl!”

I am ALWAYS here for Bond wearing his girlfriend’s clothes. <3  

  • Tracy keeping her cool in life-and-death situations, and when Bond’s killed their followers saying:

'You’ve had enough for one day. Go to sleep. I’ll get you to Zürich. Please do what I say.’

TRACY ISSUING ORDERS AND BOND HAPPILY FOLLOWING THEM. How many sub!Bond feelings do I get from their initial interactions? So many. Fleming ruins it with his stupid ‘a married woman obeys her husband’s orders, right?’ idiocy eventually, but we can enjoy imperious Tracy while she lasts. 

  • Tracy scolding Bond for not thinking about his own life or the people who care about him: 

She added fiercely, 'But you are such an idiot! You don’t seem to think it matters to anyone. The way you go on playing Red Indians. It’s so - so selfish.’

Tracy saying what we’ve all probably wanted to say at one point or another. Preach, Tracy! 

thegeneralofnerdia  asked:

What are your top 5 favorite and least favorite james bond films?

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Goldfinger, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Living Daylights, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Honestly, I don’t think I could say least favorites, since I could be in the mood to watch any of the Bond movies.  Even A View to a Kill and Moonraker have days where I’d be in the mood to watch them.