her longing look


gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty

I’ll have you know that I haven’t brushed my hair in 3 days


Sleeping Warrior AU: Aurora falls in love with Mulan and Ping, not realizing they are the same person.


"As long as I am breathing, it's not over."


[get to know me meme] 10 Female Characters (4/10): Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)


There’s not even a difference of 3 years between these visits, but everything about Dean is different; from the way he wears his father’s jacket to the way he smiles. His shoulders are lower, beaten down from years upon years of torture. Gone is the cocky front and flirtatious grins. In its place is broken humility and raw honesty. He’s changed from the confident guy with one thing to die for to a mutilated man with nothing to live for.


can we please talk about the difference between Hans’s and Kristoff’s physicality with Anna

how when they first meet, Hans’s body language all but screams openness, while Kristoff couldn’t be more closed off

how Hans’s every touch is slow, calculated, while Kristoff’s every move is quick, instinctual

how gentle Hans is with Anna even as he treats her heart with the utmost brutality

how Kristoff’s less delicate treatment of Anna is always born of a desire to keep her safe and close

how Hans plays at love in his physicality, while Kristoff simply lives it

can we please talk about this

I will always be right here beside you.

"Ruled by the royal Renoir family, the Canopy Kingdom is a sprawling land of vast variety, with sights of beauty contrasted by realms of despair. King Renoir’s ruthless war campaigns lead to explosive technological and cultural growth, but only through grave ethical and moral sacrifices."


there’s a person i’ve been wanting to meet for a long time.


I decided Asami needed her own animal companion, and I figured it should be something small and handy that could help her out while she worked. So she gets a tiger monkey! The wiki only described it as a “monkey with tiger features” so that sounded pretty rad. 

— x —


  • While on Avatar assignment in the Fire Nation with Korra, Asami comes across a small injured tiger monkey. She takes it home to nurse it back to health
  • Normally a solitary and aloof creature, it takes immediately to Asami and sticks close by her as much as possible
  • It can be v territorial and protective of Asami and sometimes growls at Korra if she gets too touchy-feely
  • It has v sharp claws that are retractable, but Asami has to keep them carefully trimmed or risk getting gouged on the shoulders
  • One day in the workshop Asami absentmindedly says the name of the tool she needs out loud and is shocked when the tiger monkey brings it to her unbidden 
  • She then teaches it all the names of the tools and their different sizes, and it always brings her the correct one
  • V much like a cat in disposition, it sleeps a lot, usually curled up somewhere within reach of Asami