her lips were fashion red

Cinderella AU

Wendy walked up the large, stone steps of the beautiful castle. Everything was decorated in gold. There were flowers, roses and beautiful wild flowers, that grew throughout the yards in the palace. She walked into the ballroom which was also decorated in bright golds. She had gotten there late. Her step sisters had arrive with her step mother long before her. She had been forbidden to go to the ball because since the death of her father, her step mother had turned cold. Wendy had been called horrible names. She had spent all her time waiting hand and foot on her step family because she had promised her mother, who had also passed away that she would always be kind.

Everyone stopped to stare as she walked in. She worse a stunning blue ball gown. Her dirty blonde curls fell in elegant fashion against the base of her back. Her lips were as red as the palace roses and every step she took, was taken with grace and beauty.