her lips are strangers

That night I was too much wine,
And sobs behind closing elevator doors
as the image of your lips on hers
etched into my memory.

There was a stranger next to me,
He was all silver hair and worrisome eyes,
He said, “it’s okay to be hurt. Just remember
what is meant to come will come, and what is
meant to go will go.”

But my hands were not strong enough to hold the pain inside of me, as the sound
of your voice saying “I love you”
played in my mind.
But, you don’t stop loving someone because you’ve had a bad day.

And, I should’ve listened to you when you told
Me that I deserved more.
But, I wanted so badly to show you
that you were enough,
yet somehow you showed me that I wasn’t.

It’s almost been a year now..
I don’t love you the same,
who I loved is now a ghost of the past,
and it doesn’t hurt as bad,
but I still think about it.
About how I loved you more than I needed air,
And how you seemed to breathe just fine with her tongue in your mouth.

—  I’ve forgiven, but my heart has not forgotten.
In these violent and lazy times, in which we do not live what we live, we are read, we are forcibly lived, far from our essential lives, we lose the gift, we no longer hear what things still want to tell us, we translate, we translate, everything is translation and reduction, there is almost nothing left of the sea but a word without water: for we have also translated the words, we have emptied them of their speech, dried, reduced, and embalmed them, and they can no longer recall to us the way they used to rise up from the things as the burst of their essential laughter, when, out of joy, they called each other, they rejoiced in their fragrance-name; and “sea,” “sea” smelled of seaweed, sounded salt, and we tasted the infinite loved one, we licked the stranger, the salt of her word on our lips.
—  Hélène Cixous, Coming to Writing and Other Essays

A year gone and she still felt quite unable to completely fit in or perhaps it was her subconscious hindering her from making any sort of emotional connection to the place- an ironic fact indeed for if there ever was an attempt at personifying this city, she’d fit in the parameters with ease. In more ways than one, Valentina was like New York itself- fast-paced, strong, driven and… emotionless. As she now ambled along the familiar pathway from her work office to the parking lane, a sardonic sort of smile played on her lips. People in New York were strangers to each other, in a way would always remain strangers to each other- they talked a lot, but seldom said much and this stark contrast to Andalusia made a pang of homesickness hit her, before she schooled her features and trudged along towards her bike. She was just in the process of fastening her gloves when she felt the stare of someone and turning around, her chocolate hues rested on their figure “Triumph Daytona 675” she began referring to the bike, feeling incredibly proud of it- as she should (she had shelled half of her savings on the vehicle afterall). “It looks slim and sleek but it has a very powerful engine- Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder. And what’s more, can easily navigate the New York traffic, which to be honest, is absolutely tedious” A brief description of her vehicle, for that could be the only reason for the stare she assumed. It was either that or a motive her combat skills could answer really well to.

Dear Charlie,

she is my 3am thought. 

hers is the face I look for in any crowd.
hers is the love I look for in every lover.
even two years on when we are strangers.
I remember the fire of her lips on mine.
I remember her soul, her smile, her voice.
love was young and fast and 3am.
now love is calm and slow and peaceful.
still I crave her,
her mind,
her love,

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Mira’s eyes grow wide and her eyes flutter rapidly as the stranger captured her lips into a kiss.  The songstress was frozen, not sure what to do at this point.  Did she kiss back?  Slap her?  Where should she put her hands?  

Pulling away, Mira meeped, cheeks painted in a bright red blush.  “I.. umm…”  She swiveled about and fled, running away quickly.  

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It had taken a lot of thought whether she wanted to attend the party or not. On one hand, she didn’t really want to be surrounded by drunken strangers. On the other, work had been tough and if she wanted a break, what better way than to allow herself a bit more freedom? After all, apparently the party was going to be huge so the chances of her running into anyone of importance was low.
That was how she found herself in the Brighton house, wearing a dress that didn’t quite reach her knees (far shorter than her usual attire), and having yet another glass of wine. A soft giggle left her lips as a stranger started up a round of toasts and she joined in. She turned to toast with the other person beside her and realized they were familiar. “I know you.” 

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        A smirk toyed with her lips as she raised a toasting glass to the stranger. “Aye. Free Lewis, my brother! And let the Union Jack burn!” 

Back in Captivity || Closed

Rapunzel’s grunted as she landed after jumping over a tree root. There was quick glance behind her before she went running off through the trees again. Her boat. She had to find her boat before those men caught her. An aching pain began to burn in her legs. She was already so tired and now she had to escape these strangers.

A sigh of relief left her lips when she saw her boat on the shore. She slowed for a moment, which was a big mistake. One of the larger ones jumped out from behind a rock and grabbed her. “No!” She screamed, struggling in his grip.

A disturbing laugh made her look up as the leader of the group. “Well well you’re fast for a girl aren’t you?”

“What should we do with her, Savage?” The man holding her asked.

“We’re taking her to Dagur of course!” He snapped. “Tie her up and bring her to the ship!” He turned and walked off, smirking.

“Dagur!” Savage called as they walked into the ship. “We have a present for you!” Rapunzel kicked in the grip of the man. She was over his shoulder and couldn’t see where they were going.



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By: utsu

“Sometimes when he lays in bed at night and closes his eyes but doesn’t yet sleep, he thinks of the way she closes her eyes when she smiles at strangers; the way she traces her lips with her thumbnail when she’s thinking deeply; the way her laughter welcomes every figment of light into the joy of her expression, and holds.

First and foremost, Naruto learns that Hyuuga Hinata is easy to love.”

Words: 8931, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read on AO3 at http://archiveofourown.org/works/7520968

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Bucky should’ve seen it coming. Somehow, they’d managed to get closer to each other and he was surprisingly okay with it. He found himself wondering how he could ever forget those mesmerizing green eyes of hers and how easy it was to get lost.

Her lips didn’t feel like they belonged to a stranger. It was quite the opposite. They were something the old Bucky remembered, the one who remembered her as the splashes of color in an otherwise dark world. He was starting to see that as more pieces fell into place.

Without breaking the kiss, he closed whatever space was left between them and wrapped his arms around her to keep her close.

In that moment, he was home.

 ONCE  THE  WIDOW  FELT  HIS  LIPS  so  softly  pressed  against  hers,  it  felt  like  nothing  changed  for  her.  it  felt  like  she  had  her  James  back.  feeling  his  hands  on  her  body,  his  arms  wrapped  around  her  feeling  him  so  close  to  her,  her  heard  was  beating  heavier  inside  her  chest.  

 LAYING  BACK  ON  THE  SOFA  she  pulled  him  on  top  of  her,  her  hands  resting  against  his  chest,  her  lips  were  still  locked  with  his.  she  didn’t  want  to  let  go  of  that  feeling  but  soon  their  lips  parted  and  she  looked  up  into  his  eyes,  her  hand  moving  to  stroke  his  cheek.  there  are  no  words  needed  right  now,  she  wanted  him.  gently  pulling  him  down,  she  needed  another  kiss  from  him.  

Daniella rubbed her temples as she listened to the cook at the restaurant she worked at, yell at her. He always yelled at people and she was getting really tired of it. She had half the mind to kick his ass but, she needed this job so she stayed quiet. Jamie called her, telling her she had another table to serve. Walking towards the table, she forced herself to use a friendly smile. “Hi there! What can I get you today?” She asked the stranger, a smile still forced on her lips.



❝ hey stranger. ❞ the words pass from her lips before she can stop them but rosita can’t bring herself to care. they were friends, had fought beside each other and it was safe to say that rosita trusted carol’s judgement more so than others. carol was smart, rosita respected that. ❝ how about a warning next time? before you go playing some kind of disappearing act – i was worried. ❞  

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The last several minutes were proving to Weiss why exactly she hated these kind of places, and why she always insisted on staying away from them. Her arms were crossed, lips set in a scowl as she narrowed her eyes at the stranger standing before her. He was uncomfortably close, closer than she’d like, especially for a stranger, and her patience was quickly running out.

She stiffened upon hearing a voice, familiar and one she wouldn’t have expected to hear again, and whatever words she had left died on her tongue as her gaze darted up towards Yang. The arm around her shoulder was a comforting gesture, leaning into it just a slight bit as Weiss tried to reign in her thoughts and compose herself.

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“That’s not at all what I told ya ta do last night! Why would you- Seriously? Yeah, yeah I’ll be at work in like twenty…. s’not m’ fault cabs take a while to get here!” Kazia scowled at the floor, her phone pressed tight to her ear as she rushed down her apartment’s hallway towards the doors. 

“No! Johnny! Don’ you dare hang up-” Kazia groaned angrily shoved the phone in her pocket as she swung the door open to the outside. Not paying attention to her surroundings, caused her to swing the door open into a passerby’s face. Kazia’s eyes widened and she flew to wards them, hands moving to brush the stranger off as words tumbling quickly past her lips. “Oh gosh, ’m so sorry! Did I hurt you? I di’nt even see ya walk past- ‘nd m’ so sorry! Can you get up? Di’ you hit your head at all?”

jax let his eyes scan over everyone’s face, some familiar and others not so much, until he reached the familiar locker that belonged to cassie and then there she was in front of it so he made a beeline for her, leaning against the locker that was next to hers as a grin grew on his lips. “where have you been stranger?” he asked, an amused laugh leaving his lips as he carefully watched her. “why did you ignore my text about coming over last night?” || @featherliightkisses

First Encounters

Requested by an anon who wanted a Draco x Hermione oneshot

Warnings: None
A/N: The characters Draco & Hermione belong to J.k. Rowling. Hogwarts and its houses(Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, & Hufflepuff)  also belong to J.K. Rowling

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Hermione aimlessly wondered the Hogwarts express searching for a cabin. Every cabin she looked into was full of people or the people glared at her when she attempted to approach it. She was just about to give up hope, when she noticed a cabin which a lowly pale, blonde haired boy. Well, I guess this will be as empty as it gets she thought to herself as she opened the door.

The boy stared at her when she walked in and sat down. She didn’t want to seem rude, after all this was his cabin before she stepped into it.

“Do you mind if I sit here, all the other ones are full,” she bit her lip. The stranger nodded, and she composed herself on the bench across from him. After staring aimlessly at the passing country side, she turned to him again and spoke,

“I’m Hermione Granger.”

“Draco Malfoy,” the boy replied as he extended a hand. “I’ve never heard of the last name Granger before. Are you a half blood?” Hermione furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to make sense of the lingo.

“Erm sorry what’s a half-blood?” she asked inquisitively. Draco raised an eyebrow at her.

“Half-blood means that one of your parents can do magic like you can.” Hermione let out a laugh, but when she looked back at Draco he wasn’t laughing with her.

“My parents aren’t wizards. They’re dentists,” Hermione chuckled. Draco smiled a bit and shook his head,

“I’ve never met someone who had two muggle parents. Let alone someone who had dentists for parents.” Was she a rare commodity? Surely there had to be more, what was the word, muggle-born witches like herself.  “My dad only introduces me to pureblood families.”
Hermione was confused now; why had none of the textbooks she bought explained the wizarding lingo to her? Hopefully, Hogwarts had a wizard-to-muggle language diction because she would most definitely need it.  Draco took notice of her confusion and continued, “Purebloods are families that have wizard only bloodlines no muggles; halfbloods, as I mentioned, are muggle and wizard families mixed together. I’m not really sure what to call you though Hermione.”  Hermione didn’t mind not having a label. It made her feel special, a rare type of wizard. However, Hermione was curious as to what she missed out on growing up the muggle way,

“Did your parents talk to you about the sorting ceremony?”

“Yeah they did. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get Slytherin. It’s in my blood,” Draco beamed. Hermione looked away; she didn’t have any other relatives that went to Hogwarts let alone any other wizarding school.

“Do you know what house you get if no one in your family is a wizard?” Hermione questioned.

“I don’t have a clue to be honest. Well, there’s snooty Ravenclaw, push over Hufflepuff, and the annoyingly boastful Gryffindor. My parents never cared much for other houses, and I guess it rubbed off on me. But you could be a Slytherin; I can feel it,” he theorized. She wanted to ask more about the houses, but Draco’s bias seemed clear. She would have to read up on the house history before the sorting ceremony somehow.

“Did your parents teach you spells when you were growing up?”
“No we can’t do magic outside of Hogwarts until we’re 17,” Draco sighed. “I did accidental magic though when I was seven. I turned my vegetables into cookies much to my mum’s displeasure.” Hermione laughed at this. “Did you do any accidental magic?”

“Well I turned our housecat blue, and I once broke a window during a heated argument with my mum,” Hermione shrugged. “I’ve been practicing magic ever since I read all the books. I hope I don’t get in trouble for it.”

“You read all the books?” Draco marveled.

“Yep. I can show you how to do levitation if you’d like,” Hermione offered.

“I’d love to learn!” Draco exclaimed. “We don’t learn that spell for a couple weeks I think. The professors will be so impressed with that.”

“I just have to go get my wand from my robes. I’ll be back in a second,” Hermione slid out of the room and continued down to the luggage cabin. When she successfully secured her wand, she headed back to the cabin. Her mood plummeted when she saw the cabin was full of other boys. These boys appeared rowdier, and she would much rather try to find another cabin then make conversation with them. She’d find Draco later, she thought, he’ll understand.

Open Starter |Alice

It was all a laugh, really. The young netherling had pissed off her good friend the trickster, and he dealt with her in his own little way. She’d gotten herself dusted with a love potion, and was only now waking up in a place unfamiliar to her.

“Hmm..?” Alice’s eyes fluttered open to meet the gaze of a stranger. Instantly, her lips turned up with a smile. Her heart skipped a beat. “H-hello.”