her line about 'them or me' really stuck with me

Who’s your daddy Waverly Earp

So in season one everyone knows by now Bobo dropped the bomb that Waverly is not actually an Earp (by blood bc shes the Earpiest Earp of them all gdi)

 Throughout the series was creepily affectionate to Waverly like he was Willa, he was one of the other people to give Waverly any attention as a kid. He seemingly knew 100% that Waverly wasn’t an Earp by birth and he even his Wave from “his love” Willa. He really had no reason to do that and at the time it struck me as odd (now we know why. nice job wynonna)

We’ve also got:

  • Killer Miller in episode 2 telling Waverly: “Bobo will be sad to lose you little sister”
  • Doc in episode 2 as well: “It’s a shame a pretty little thing like you never gets to leave”
  • Gus telling Waverly to “unstick those wings of hers” implying that Waverly has stayed in Purgatory her whole life
  • in fact she never went away to college, she took online courses but every bit of information we’re given points to the fact that Waverly has never left the Ghost River Triangle

Waverly being part revenant falls perfectly in line with her mom leaving her, her dad ignoring her, and Willa treating her like shit. So. If Waverly is part revenant, what does that mean for Wynonna’s quest to break the Earp Curse? The heir has to send all the revenants back to hell right?

We know Daddy Earp had been colluding with Bobo to break the Earp Curse in a different way, but we’re never given a reason why. Ward Earp was a shitty dad to Waverly (inattentive, forgot her birthday, etc.) but probably not shitty enough to kill a child… So instead he tries to make a deal with Bobo that goes awry and Bobo takes Willa away and grooms her in an attempt to have another Earp heir who will willingly cross the boundary with him to end the curse.

 We saw how that all went to complete and total shit though when a giant tentacle beast tried to rampage and a bunch of other demons entered the GRT. However the other thing that was established in the finale was it matters when walking across the boundary is the INTENT of those walking across. Why point that out at all if it was never going to come up again? Because Wynonna crossing the boundary with Waverly would be completely out of love and unselfish and pure and not at all out of selfishness and filled with malice and betrayal like it was with Willa.


  • Waverly who wants so badly to help fight the Earp curse that she spends her time researching the revenants to identify and find them more easily
  • Waverly who wishes that she could take Wynonna’s place instead but has been excluded her whole life
  • SISTERLY BONDS HOLY SHIT I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!! the whole show when it comes down to it centers not on Wynonna being the heir but Wynonna’s relationship with her family. Right now the only family she’s got left really is Waves. Wynonna’s relationship with Waverly is basically the healthiest thing in her life even if it was strained when she first came back to Purgatory. Once Wynonna begins her hero’s journey though Waverly becomes her main source of support. I’m not trying to diminish her relationships with anyone else but even though Doc and Dolls support her there’s a weird love triangle happening there and all three of them just aren’t that great with communicating with each other at times. 
  • Another bullet point for sisterly bonds because even more so now Waverly’s entire existence and protection from Bobo is tied to the weird time loop created when Robert sees Wynonna and Wynonna says Waverly’s name

If Waverly is truly part revenant then as a result her life is tied up into breaking the curse which is literally what she’s always wanted…. just not like this. So we’ll have Wynonna getting rid of revenants as per usual and Waverly will be coming to terms with her heritage but still kicking ass. Because no matter what if she’s part rev she’s still part human, a brilliant strong smart too good too pure cinnamon roll of a human being and if anyone can handle that it’s her. She knows more about revenants than any of them because of all the research she’s done for years. 

Gus’ line telling wave to “unstick those wings of yours” back in 1x09. That’s really stuck with me a lot, aside from the obvious hint of her not leaving the GRT. I think that line had way more meaning then we thought. Based on my very limited knowledge of angels, a child of an angel and human is a nephilim and I used to think that was a huge stretch but the fact that she’s being referenced as an angel now by Bobo and apparently by her mother as well makes me think that maybe it’s a bit more literal than we thought. That plus Wynonna’s creepy possible baby daddy rev said that they’d “be the next Adam and Eve” which is gross but also looks like they were beaten to the punch there.

Bobo’s return though is going to impact this somehow but ultimately I think he’ll be something of an anti-hero. I don’t think it’ll change the way the curse gets broken, but whether or not he’ll be around when it gets broken remains to be seen.

TL:DR- Waverly is part revenant but she’s going to be able to handle it just fine because she’s still an Earp even if not by blood meanwhile wynonna is going to take down the rest of the revenants (Except Bobo???? Haven’t figured out his spot yet) and when that’s finished wynonna and Waverly will walk across the boundary together and it’ll work where it didn’t with Willa because they’ll be walking across with pure intent not malice and the curse will be lifted.