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Do you know that the reason for why Monster Kid has stopped liking Undyne is because she has tried to kill Frisk? I mean he has seen Frisk like a kid, like him before seeing them like a human and when he has learned it, it was too late, he liked them. And then Undyne tried to kill his new friend, who risked their life for him. (Of course, Monster Kid doesn't know all Frisk knows about Undyne, he has only seen the "kill the human, even if it's a nice child")

(undertale spoilers)

Actually, this is entirely based on Frisk’s actions.

If Frisk runs away, Monster Kid comments that they were worried about Frisk. However, they could have died if Undyne hadn’t saved him. Because Frisk ran away, Monster Kid was rescued by their hero, placing Undyne in a good light.

If Frisk watches Monster Kid fall or charges at Undyne, Monster Kid refuses to talk to Frisk.

If Frisk saves Monster Kid, then Undyne never gets the chance to save them. It also means Monster Kid only sees how Undyne was hunting down a good human – someone who risked their own safety to save Monster Kid. It’s also important to note that Monster Kid says that Undyne “isn’t actually as cool as we thought.” While this is still Monster Kid’s opinion, they are also sympathizing with what they assume are Frisk’s feelings about Undyne. After all, Monster Kid is unaware of what happened after Undyne backed off, so they wouldn’t know how Frisk truly feels.

In all three cases, Undyne was after Frisk. However, depending on Frisk’s action, Monster Kid will either be saved by Undyne or no longer see their hero as cool as they thought.


“Time spent with her, the feeling of having her around, and being loved as a son, I think is the most precious memories to me.”

“It has been hard, It will continue to be hard, there’s not a day that goes by that William and I don’t wish that she was still around. We wonder what kind of a mother she would be now, what kind of a public role she would have, and what a difference she would be making” 

We felt incredibly loved, Harry and I, and I’m very great-full for that. That love is still there, even 20 years on. I think that’s a huge credit to her that I can still feel that now.” 

drawing i did for my lucisev mix 

Do I need to cry once more? But there’s no tear. 
How can I forget when memories of us were strictly marked into my heart? 
Perhaps I need more time, but it’s really been long enough. 
How can I go on? 
Perhaps I need assurance. That I’ll be okay? I already know…
My mindset is ready, but the heart isn’t.
Do I need a smack in the face?
—  I have questions.

reasons to love rita skeeter : 

  • aesthetically driven
  • was a reporter through the first war which is pretty ballsy 
  • “i’ve read worse” was a review she put on quidditch: through the ages and they published it with that quote on the back, that’s how much clout she holds in the community 
  • all the puns, basically leslie knope-ing it up with headlines but these are shorter and wittier
  • not to mention, baby girl loves alliteration 
  • has a job of just reading people in the most savage way possible - who cares if some ( most ) of it is made up! she’s got that hot goss 
  • even if her stories are shaded with lies she has the master ability to sneak around undetected so there is just enough truth to her articles that can truly get at someone 
  • has an insatiable fanbase 
  • do you think her and lockhart could have been a thing? because i sure do 
  • and yet people still want to chill and drink with her but honestly i do too so i can’t even blame them 
  • she got absolutely wrecked by hermione which is fun because they continue to have an amazing back and forth
  • can you even imagine how that relationship developed in the future? get me 
  • she was able to write a 900 page book in four weeks you gotta admire that kind of drive she knows what the people want
  • she probably wrote a biography about harry and came up with a lot of insane stuff to say, ensuring that the rest of their lives harry would get rita-induced headaches in interviews prompting him about one of her lies 
  • wrote a book about dumbledore’s army because, again, she has her finger on the pulse of what the readers want 
  • she literally got the shit jinxed out of her by ginny 

Called out a bitch for being transphobic on Facebook. She tried to fight me but the moment her friends started to agree with me she deleted the post, made a new one saying that she “doesn’t want to start drama,” and then blocked me. If any person would be a candidate for me to throw my first curse it would be that bitch and man am I tempted