her life

Isn’t it weird how you can go from being everything to nothing in the blink of an ignored text message.
You can talk for months straight maybe even years about everything and nothing.
You can know more about each other than anyone has ever known before.
And then one day one of you decides it’s enough and you stop replying and you stop trying and it’s just over.
No words to break it off, no heart felt goodbyes.
Just a bunch of broken promises and stories that will never find there endings.
It’s just cut off and you go on with your lives.
Never bothered to look back.
—  E.K.H.

Nicole Phillips: 3x13 Alistair Pitt + The Gambler #5

Liz saves Red 


I have decided. I am going to frickin’ Tokyo in April. Ostensibly to see the RuroKen musical live, but also as a vacation.

I’m gonna buy my tickets tomorrow, for sometime in April… now to decide if I do it late in April (around my birthday and with more time for learnin’ Japanese), or early in April (hoping to catch some cherry blossoms).

Anyone want to come along XD?

People really should take love more seriously. I already don’t have a gf anymore (it didn’t even last a week). Her reason was ‘I wasn’t sure of what I wanted’ and now she already got her eyes on some boy. Feels like I’ve been played with. I honestly liked her. Oh well, I’ll find the right person one day. But on another note, I think I’ll be more active soon. I finished translating the EliUmi doujin but I still got no news about the cleaning??

They say, “Slap a filter on that picture and smile while trying to avoid crying.”

Honey don’t listen to them, don’t hide behind a disguise and always remember it’s okay to cry.

Promise me you’ll try to never believe all those lies.

—  A. m.
The Little Girl with Bright Red Curls

She sits in a corner all alone, hair draping over her shoulders as she stares at her phone.
Crystal blue eyes as dark as the stormy skies brim with tears as she can’t control her fears.
Unavoidable pain shows with tears as small as rain, steaming down her cheeks.
She cries, “when will everything get better.” As she tries to pull herself together.
A little girl with bright red curls sees the girl sobbing, she can almost hear her heart throbbing.
“What’s wrong, is it anything that can be fixed with a song?”
A simple melody sprang from her lips, softly at first but it seemed to spread all the way through her body, including her finger tips.
“Hold on dear one, I know it’s hard, you just have to look at this as an open invitation to learn something new.”
The tears stopped falling as she heard what the little girl was calling. “Everything will get better and nothing lasts forever.”
The little girl with her bright red curls danced away and made her realize, there was always hope for another day.

-A. m.