her legs do not fit into this picture

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I have. Cosplay emergency! I sprained my ankle and now I have to wear a brace for it worse comicon is next weekend and I am going to be cosplaying as my own Han Solo like character her boots won't fit with the brace what do I do?!


ALternatively you could say you are cosplaying Harrison Ford ACTING as Han Solo, since he did the same thing. 

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literati au where they both go to the same school (either chilton or stars hollow high)

oh goddddd you know my weakness (for the sake of these headcanons, rory and dean stayed broken up after s1)

  • okay but it’s chilton, for sure. he has still moved to stars hollow, but she meets him at school beforehand and they immediately dislike each other; something about the way she talks to much in class and covets authors that make him want to gouge his eyes out and how he seemingly does absolutely nothing but still makes higher marks than her that drives her ~crazy~ and they do nothing but argue but there’s just something they can’t pinpoint
    • (but he can’t deny the way her tights fit to her legs and how her pouty bottom lip drives him wild and her eyes – oh her eyes; she’s a leggy blue eyed angel of death)
    • (and don’t even get her started on the picture he makes; pen placed behind his ear and a paperback stuffed in his back pocket and his sleeves rolled up his forearms and devil may care way he seems to go about everything that makes her want to jostle him but also makes her want to know if those stories that madeline and louise tell her about the goings on in the deserted hallway on the west side of campus really live up to her imagination)
  • she knows it’s him who pulls the anonymous pranks – stealing all the teachers chalk, pilfering the chilton bell in headmaster charleston’s office (shout out to kris on that one), and placing all the textbooks floor to ceiling in the teachers lounge – because he pulled the same shit in stars hollow; she remembers the chalk outline outside of doose’s and how he smirked until she cracked but at least she got through to him that he shouldn’t treat luke like shit or the video store ‘rory curtain’ debacle where she had a feeling of what he put in the g-rated movie cases
    • (and when he gets caught and is forced to leave campus, he still smirks eyes dark and intense as they focus on hers while he’s leaving; he winks and she blushes, fighting to stop smiling, and she opens her locker later that afternoon surprised to find the picture placed in the video store is rolled and locked up tight away from the prying eyes of taylor)
  • they serve detention together one day, him for stealing the bell or her for sneaking in with the god forsaken Puffs, and they’re the only one’s there; sitting several tables apart in the middle of the library. she tries to focus on her homework, and he’s nose deep in a book she’s certain not for any class taken here but she can’t concentrate. he starts humming ‘sheena is a punk rocker’ under his breath, flipping his pen between his fingers and she forgot her walkman at home today and it’s distracting as hell
    • (it doesn’t help that there’s no supervision; not even the librarian who stays late to put new books away; just them and their books and the clock ticking away)
    • (he’s no longer reading, she can feel his eyes on her hunched form; she’s shucked off her sweater and pulled up her a skirt a bit, her legs stretched out in front of her and all he sees is the edges of the pleats resting against the middle of her thighs and all he can picture is himself on his knees, head resting under her skirt and fingers digging into her smooth skin)
    • (could you stop staring at me please, it’s distracting passes from her lips as she throws her pen down, done with taking notes and focusing all her attention on him; her fingers wrap up in the hem of her skirt and once again, it’s him who’s distracted)
    • (i just can’t understand why on earth you want to bore yourself with writing a paper on poetry; just say it already we’re dying here he says, as he comes closer, resting his book – “a tree grows in brooklyn” – right next to hers as he sits two chairs over, head resting on his closed fist and bottom lip bit as he look at her and her heart beat quickens and he questions his distaste for poetry with come on you have to love at least something as her blue eyes shine up at him and her hair falls over her shoulder, her lips turned up at the corners)
    • (and when he smirks, his tongue running along his bottom lip, and shakes his head ‘no’ she takes his hand, the warmth spreading through her fast, and pulls him in the direction of the poetry section and places them directly in front of Neruda; she reads a couple lines – her favourite “i want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees” – before he sticks his finger in the crease of the book, stopping her completely as he tilts her face up with a finger under her chin and his lips are on hers and a moan escapes her throat as his tongue tangles with hers and the words of love and lust and beauty make her taste like nothing he’s ever experienced)
    • (she ends up with her back pressed against the shelves, one of his hands sliding up her thigh and under her skirt and hers running along his collarbone and she lets out a breathless laugh as his mouth whispers the verses of “i crave, i want, i hunger” along the column of her neck and she just knew he had to know something)
Sour Diesel Playtime

Before you read. This scenario contains elements of drug use. Marijuana. If you don’t smoke, don’t agree with smoking. DO NOT READ THIS. That simple. I have warned you. PEOPLE ARE SMOKING WEED HERE!

“Lay! Come on. I haven’t smoked in like eight months, and this is gonna be good.” The young woman in soft, blue cotton shorts folded her legs under her body and arranged all the snacks in front of them.

“Yea Baobei, let me use the bathroom.” She watched as Lay, walked into the bathroom wearing his favorite Iron Man shorts and a plain cotton tshirt.

Closing the bathroom door behind him, he winked at her, sitting down on the couch next to his girlfriend of a year rubbing his hands together.

“Ok, snacks ready, movie ready to hit play.” Lay watched as she opened the grinder full of Sour Diesel and let him smell it.

He nodded his head, as she took a pinch full and placed it in the pipe. Lay liked to toke every once in awhile, he loved the feeling of the smoke swirling around in his nose, the gentle burn of his throat as he coughed.

She wrapped her full lips around the pipe and clicked a silver matte zippo lighter. The red of cinder burned the greenish-orange dried leaves black, and he watched as she breathed in deep.

“Careful baby.” He opened a water bottle holding it as she moved the pipe down and let the smoke play in her lungs.

Leaning her head back, Lay smiled as the white pillows of smoke ran from her nostrils, dissipating into the air.

“How is it?” Just as she was about to answer, she started coughing. A hand on her chest as she heaved.

Lay handed her the water bottle smiling as she drank heavily then cleared her throat. “Amazing.”

He laughed, taking the pipe from her and lighting up. Like he already knew, Lay loved to smoke. He loved to smell the different smoke types and some of the wild tastes that came from coughing. The Bubble Gum Galaxy they smoked awhile back had been his favorite.

Lay held the smoke in his lungs, relishing the urge to cough as it tickled in his throat before setting it free. He groaned, the hint of lemon on his tongue.

Looking at the pipe he raised an eyebrow at her. “What’s this one?”

Taking the pipe from him she took another hit before answering. “Sour Diesel. Cost me $70 for Quarter. I’m a good customer.”

He grinned, as she made circles with the smoke. “Never had that but that Bubble Gum was great.”

“This one gives you a soothing and relaxing high.” He passed the pipe back to her, turning on the movie.

He picked the fifth element. They sat quietly, snacking on pizza rolls dipped in nacho cheese. Thirty minutes into the movie she sighed, chuckling they watched Chris Rocks character Ruby Rod on the screen.

"Korbin. Korbin, man.” Lay mimicked facing her now.

She started laughing, taking a sip of her water. “I want something sweet. You know I wish I had an angel cake but in the shape of an angel.” She moved her hands about to show what she meant. “And when I bite it’s legs, strawberry jam comes out.”

Lay laughed hard, his head sitting the back of the sofa. “You can do that! That’s wrong!”

"I can do what I want. Bzzz!!!!” Waving a hand at him, she erupted into a fit of giggles.

Just as he was laughing Lay got serious. “Sometimes when I sing, I picture sound as funny waves, going in one ear and then out the other.”

"That’s what sound does.” They were currently on their third bowl.

"I can see it though. The color depends on my mood. Right now it would be pink.” He nodded, popping some goldfish in his mouth.

"Why pink?” She waited until he finished chewing, nibbling on a nail.

"Pink is happiness. I think. Sehun is happy and he likes pink. Works for me.” He rubbed at his eyes, wondering how red they were.

"Sehun is pink.” Somehow that was hilarious and she erupted into a fit of giggles.

Lay looked at her, her long neck, her round face and bright smile. He moved closer to her though his brain was fuzzy, and he would have liked to sleep. He kissed her throat making her jump.

“What are you doing?” She slapped her hands at him.

“Tasting you.” He grabbed her wrists pulling her closer to him, noticing the lazy smile on her face. “Seeing if you’re as delicious as you look.”

“My my these compliments. Mr. Beauregard I do declare, you are my hero.” She sported a thick southern accent as she went limp in his arms.

“Just doing what’s right mam. You look awfully warm in these clothes.” As she was laying on his lap, Lay picked at her V neck top trying to see down it.

Sitting up quickly, she put her arms across her chest feinting shock. “Sir! I am a true southern belle and I will not have that kind of conduct around me.”

Laughing Lay grabbed her hips, tugging hard on her body so she was now laying on the couch. He put his hands under her butt lifting her body just right to place a kiss on her temple. The shorts the only fabric between him and skin.

She shuddered, the anticipation of something wonderful to come oozing from her pores.

“Now you can sit back. Let me right my wrongs.” His fingers found the waist band of her shorts pulling them down.

Once her legs were free he moved them so her thighs were splayed open. She had shaved recently, the bare skin glistening from the moisture that was accumulating.

Lay took his index finger and dragged it up the length of her slit. Once then twice, coating his finger in his juices. He rubbed his index finger and thumb together watching the fluids thread.

“So wet down here. Maybe I should plug this leak?” He looked up at her, before sticking his finger in his mouth.

She gasped. Moving her chin in the direction of the pipe, he knew what she meant. Lay burned the leaves, tasting her and the citrus of the Sour Diesel on his tongue.

As he was about to blow the smoke out, she leaned up kissing him. Smoke passing between their mouth, her tongue warm in his oral cavity she could taste herself. Together they say back blowing white billows into the room.

Lay shook his head in admiration of her. “Damn I love you.”

With that he ducked down, tongue immediately finding her pearl. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue, moving his tongue in wide, lazy circles over her pearl before putting his mouth over it moaning. She gasped, hands coming to this thick, black hair grabbing it.

He licked the length of her, opening her folds with two fingers to press his tongue inside her body. Her quiet moans and begs for more did not go unnoticed by him. Lay reached both arms up, under her shirt and began to knead the mounds he found there. Her nails scratching his scalp when he nipped at her pearl and twisted a nipple at the same time.

He didn’t know how long he was working at her. How long his face has been covered in her juices. How long her thighs had been wrapped around his head. How long she had been calling him asking him to show mercy. He only knew when she came, back arching off the couch, mouth open in a scream, her hands gripping his forearms tight. Then she was still, her chest moving with heavy breaths.

He sat up wiping his chin off, taking another hit of the pipe. A deep lungful dragging him deeper into the serenity of his mind and body.

Another hit and he was well aware of his throbbing member, and the fact that she now had him in his hands her mouth moving over his flesh. It felt better, every nerve ending was awake and firing of signals of pleasure. He wasn’t going to last. When did she start? When would she stop? Would she ever stop? Did things ever really end?

High questions.

Lay bucked his hips towards her mouth, watching saliva, drop her lips onto his hips. “Sit on it.”

She used her lips to press hard on his shaft and he nearly came, using precious mental strength to stop himself. He handed her the pipe as she adjusted herself over his tip. Lay gripped her waist, a breast in his mouth as she lit up and he slid home.

“Keep smoking.” He kissed his way to the opposite breast, moving his hips inside of her.

Her channel was slick and hot. He felt every rib of pleasure, felt her body convulse when he was stroking that spot. She took another hit placing the pipe next to them as she kissed him. Shared smoke between their mouths, she murmured how she felt.

Don’t stop.
So good.
So hard in me.
Thrust harder.

He obeyed, hands on her bare back, her arms wrapped around his head. She threw her back and yelled her release while he groaned, on the edge of consciousness, the weed making his pleasure last.

Some point during the night he awoke, mouth dry as hell with her cuddled into him, thigh over his legs. He blinked, feeling the haze still hanging over his brain. Was she asleep? He moved his legs, and she scooted closer to him. He felt his member stiffen, and knew she was awake when she pressed herself on him.

Lay loved getting high, he loved the weightless, free feeling; but especially with her.

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Got a random bust of energy at 7am and taught Eliza to 'tuck' underneath my legs while I'm sitting down! Now I need to teach her to 'fit in' a laundry basket so she can learn to curl up into small spaces!!!

It only took like 3 tries for her to figure it out!!!!

I’m so proud of her!!!

We also went over all her tasks (given how she went 12 days without so much as a simple obedience lesson) and she did them fine!!!

I’m so proud of my baby!!!

I’m gunna try to do it again in an hour or two and maybe get a picture!!!

the sororitas project: so what's wrong with the official design?

the sisters of battle are sort of a joke in 40k.  their models are difficult and expensive to get ahold of, their rules make them nigh unplayable, their representation in the fluff presents them as cannon fodder or dangerous incompetent lunatics, and their design invites sexualization.  

if the faction is to be salvaged, it’s going to need a comprehensive overhaul.  (and the only acceptable alternative to that overhaul would be the introduction of female space marines.)  i’m not the person to suggest new rules, nor am i up to writing a sororitas novel.  what i can do, is create sisters whose design can be taken seriously.  this is step 1.

this got…this got really long, so i’ll put the rest under a cut for your scrolling convenience.

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Whatever you do, do not picture Riley tracing Farkle’s nose with gentle fingers in the warm glow of dawn, or Farkle’s nose scrunching with confusion as he slowly wakes up. Don’t think about the softness in Farkle’s eyes when he wakes up to see Riley smiling across from him, don’t think about Riley’s fingers slowly veering from the tip of his nose to the bow of his lips, don’t envision Farkle pressing a soft kiss to the tips of Riley’s fingers.

Don’t think about Farkle sat cross legged in bed with rumpled hair and an adoring smile as he watches Riley dance as she brushes her teeth. Don’t imagine her using a tooth brush as a microphone as she serenades him (terribly) or how much Farkle loves it, the way he gently pulls her in by the string on her pyjama bottoms to share minty kisses.

Don’t imagine Riley crawling tiredly into a yawning Farkle’s lap, don’t picture her wrapping her legs around his waist, dont picture Farkle’s laying his hands gently at the base of her spine to support her, don’t picture the two of them exchanging exchanging kisses between yawns and tired murmurs.

Don’t not think about Farkle tucking his head into the crook of Riley’s neck as she whispers wild and ridiculous stories into his ear, don’t think about how Riley can probably feel his lips curling against the skin of her collarbone or the slow gentle movement of her fingers combing through his hair.

Don’t think about the two tipping over as Farkle relentlessly peppers Riley’s face with kisses, don’t envision them wiggling around the bed or Farkle securing his arms around Riley’s waist to keep her still as she giggles wildly. Don’t envision Farkle tucking an untameable strand of hair behind a panting Riley’s ear afterwards, don’t think of the way she’s looking at him then, don’t.

Don’t picture how they fit into each other as the both tiredly fall back into bed, don’t think about the way Riley wraps her arms around Farkle’s neck, lets her forehead rest against her temple. Don’t think about the sleepy way that Farkle would turn to kiss her forehead.

Don’t imagine them falling back asleep, foreheads tipping towards each other and legs tangled together as they whisper hushed ‘I love you’s’ beneath sheets, body’s connected at almost every point.

Don’t imagine Lazy Domestic Riarkle, honestly, don’t do it, there’s no going back.

Hide and Q - 1.10

YES, it’s another Q episode. We’ve actually done this one before - it was, like, the second post on this blog. It’s one picture of Q in a Napoleon uniform and it’s boringggggg. So I’m re-doing it under our new paradigm. 

The episode opens with someone calling the ship for medical help as Bev walks around in the hallway:

Walk walk fashion baby / This is a five-year-old Lady Gaga reference

Look at how well her coat fits! In other episodes, we’ve seen MAJOR volume in Bev’s coats, so this one is a nicely-fitted change. I’d like to see her pair this with some graphic leggings and a nice pump. (Side note: come on, pumps!)

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Live Action Kagome

I’ve never found a Kagome Higurashi cosplay that I I enjoyed. Like - I always wonder how to picture her in live-actions shows or movies, like the Avengers.

Originally posted by rc-g

Recently I started to see live action Kagome as the amazing singer Marina Diamandis.

Mainly with her hair black and wavy, I think that she reminds me of Kagome.

Only difference being that I picture her (Kagome) with blue-gray eyes - still, I find that Marina matches pretty well.

Kagome has thinner lips, I think. But I still think that she (Marina) resembles Kagome.

And there is Kagome’s body shape as well.

Kagome has long legs, tan skin, small waist and her chest is not small.

Marina’s chest is a bit bigger than I imagine Kagome’s would be, but not everything can be perfect.

I’ve tried to find a Asian artist who fits Kagome’s profile - but I have yet to find one.

Besides she’s (Marina) very fit - something I guess Kagome would be as well, with the physical exercise she (Kagome) ends up doing because of the Jewel.

Originally posted by p-curly

Still, I love to picture Marina as Kagome in any live action I fancy.

What about you guys? Who do you picture Kagome as?

EDIT: Of course, as @ka-go-me​ pointed it out - Marina obviously can not pull off a fifteen year old girl. But as I said before, she’s not the perfect Kagome but still is a good base for what I picture her to be like. 

Also, @masquerabe mentioned that a more Asian-like face would be more accurate. The problem is to find an Asian actress with Kagome’s body type and full hair - it is not something simple to find in Asian people, they’re characteristics that define Kagome’s physics.I picture Marina as an older Kagome maybe, but definitely not a fifteen year old teenager.

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36 marichat? :D

36: “I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong number and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit you’re really attractive.” au.

oh boy. not sure how to do marichat with this, and i don’t think adrien would do this ever, but i tried. aged up obviously (why do you guys always want aged up stuff wtf)
words: 701

Marinette stared at her phone disbelievingly. There was no way this was happening there’s no way.
Oh but it was. Marinette, in a temporary fit of bravery, had decided to send a picture of her in the tub to Adrien. Nothing too risqué of course, just the length of her legs amongst the bubbles of her bath. Then she would apologize for ‘accidentally’ sending it to him. It was perfect.
As her best friend, of course Alya had to approve of the picture. But because of her clumsiness she had dropped her phone, and apparently in catching it she had touched something that made the picture send to some random number instead.
Don’t ask her. She didn’t know how that was possible.
She had started typing out a message as soon as she saw her mistake.
I’m so sorry for sending that it was not meant for you-
Her typing was interrupted by a picture showing up in the chat. And not just any picture. A picture of a very attractive shirtless guy’s abs.
So there she was. Sitting there in the tub. Staring at a picture of some random shirtless guy. What had her life come to.
She responded without thinking.
[21:26] wtf are you a model or something
Marinette regretted it as soon as she pressed send. She didn’t know who this guy was, she could’ve just not responded and ended the conversation easily. But no. Life was not so kind.
Before she knew it her phone was beeping was an incoming message. She closed her eyes, willing her strength to not leave her. She grabbed her phone from the edge of the tub and opened the message.
[21:27] i dont even know your name, i don’t think I’m comfortable sharing personal info
Marinette rolled her eyes. So this guy could send a shirtless pic but not tell her if he was a model? Come on. That’s ridiculous.
[21:27] fine then what’s your name
She had responded without thinking again. What was she doing? That was her chance to end the conversation.
[21:27] I’m C.N. princess
[21:27] and C.N. stands for…
[21:28] also don’t call me princess

[21:28] Wouldn’t you like to know ;)
[21:28] sorry. wont do that again.

Well at least this guy is respectable, Marinette thought.
[21:29] anyway I’m sorry for sending that pic, it was supposed to go to someone else
[21:29] i kinda figured
[21:29] then why did you send a pic back
[21:30] i thought it would be fun ;)
[21:30] whats with all the winky faces
[21:30] it fits the mood. i could do cat faces if you want
[21:30] :3

[21:31] that’s not any better
[21:31] whats your prob with cat faces
[21:31] cats are awesome

[21:32] eh they’re alright
[21:32] THEYRE ALRIGHT????
[21:32] yeah see you agree with me
[21:32] ;)

[21:33] i cannot believe
[21:33] i sent a shirtless pic
[21:33] to someone who hates cats

[21:33] i never said i hated them
[21:34] and what do you have standards of who you send pics to
[21:34] bc it sure doesn’t seem like it

[21:34] rude.
[21:34] ya know idk if i wanna talk to a cat hater anymore
[21:34] even if they do have nice legs

[21:35] im not forcing you to talk to me
[21:35] you’re an adult you can do whatever you want
[21:35] wait you are an adult right
[21:35] bc otherwise this is weird

[21:36] well I’m 19 so I’m technically an adult
[21:36] but being an adult is boring so i don’t like it

[21:36] i feel that
[21:36] adulting is HARD
[21:36] and if you make a dick joke i stg

[21:37] wouldn’t dream of it :3
Marinette rolled her eyes again. This guy was ridiculous. But he was also considerate so he was alright in her mind
And if she stayed up talking to him all night instead of Alya or Adrien, that was just fine with her.

Thin privilege starting young

So I work at a clothing store that sells missus and plus size clothing. It’s honestly one of the only clothing stores in my area that has cute, flattering plus size clothes (still doesn’t carry above a 24 in store). Anyways, today I notice three young girls (probably very early teens at oldest–middle school age) heading into the plus size section.

I watch them carefully because they’re crowded around each other and snatch a pair of capris off the rack near the back, meaning they’re the largest in the size run. Now, these girls are all very thin. They’re not going to fit even to the smallest core size because of how young they are. Thin enough that the youngest and smallest one holds up the now unfolded pair of capris as they’re laughing very hard to take pictures showing how one leg of the pants is larger than the entire lower half of her body.

Thin privilege is not thinking a thing about doing this.

Thin privilege is having nearly an entire mall made with you in mind and finding one of two places that isn’t and making it unsafe.


To celebrate my 10,000th post, i am celebrating with a giveaway!


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~Any questions? Ask me anything, anytime.

The shame about body shaming

In this world of selfies, social media and instagram filters it seems that every day there is a new story of online bullying going too far with horrible consequences. Having recently been the recipient of some nasty online body shaming I wanted to explore my thoughts on it and see what you all think.

A couple of weeks ago this blog post of mine went viral, you might have seen it on the Daily Mail, Eonline, Buzzfeed or Yahoo amongst many other places. The key image that most sites decided to feature was this one unsurprisingly:

 When I took this photo and posted it online I had no idea that it would have the impact that it would; and I also didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of so much negativity.

 Here’s a selection of what was directed at me via comments, emails, tweets and anonymous posts on Tumblr:

‘You shame people and your fat and not fit at all, how can you claim to help people when you don’t follow your own advice. Lose weight and keep quiet’

‘I was very confused by your photos as here in North America its people with your body that seek help not dispense it’

‘She looks awful in both pictures’

‘Her legs look like tree trunks in the second photo’

‘Before: munter. After: munter with hair done’

‘Do we really have to keep getting these pictures of women standing looking stupid with a phone in their hands?’

FYI, all bad grammar is not mine obviously…

So yeah, these comments came from men and women, none of whom I knew. Yet they all felt comfortable to critique my body, intellect, lifestyle and choice of career.

I grew up in an all-girls school so a bit of bitchiness is nothing new. I worked in social media advertising for 5 years so online haters are also not a surprise. What was a surprise was how much it can hurt when it’s directed at you.

Behind my brave face I was questioning my legs which I thought were strong and sturdy, my stomach which I’ve worked really hard to get the definition that I have and my career choice. Maybe I should have just stayed fat and unhappy because that’s what the internet wants me to do apparently.

Except, who cares? None of these people have a clue who I really am and what kind of journey I’ve been on to get to this point. So shame on you body shamers, you can’t hurt me.

My response to all of these people is ‘you do you and I’ll do me’. I’m not going to comment on anything that you do unless it’s to build you up in a positive way and I’d ask you to do the same to me. I’m fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life so who cares if my body fat percentage isn’t low enough to please someone hiding behind an anonymous profile?

No one, that’s who.


I did a couple of cute photosets of Juju, but before I show off those, I want to show you the outtakes. Getting a reptile to pose for a picture is often very difficult, and you always have to make certain you’re respecting the animal’s boundaries and not causing them any distress*.

So. I had the lei I bought Juju in Hawaii. I had a giant flowerpot you could fit a small child in. I figured pictures would be pretty cute! The first thing I made sure to do was make sure that Juju wasn’t supporting herself with her front legs or putting too much stress on her spine by standing at a weird angle- I wanted to make absolutely sure she was in a comfy position. I put a cushion in the flowerpot to bolster her- even though the pictures look like she’s hanging over the edge, she’s actually just sort of leaning on it. Then I let her explore the flowerpot for a while. This included hiding under the cushion, sniffing it, and crawling out of it plenty of times. While she didn’t seem wary of the flowerpot, she did return to me a couple of times for attention. I used attention as a way to reinforce the pose; whenever she did what I wanted to photograph, which was just sorta hang her front paws and face over the edge, I gave her chin scratches and rubbed her jowls. She seems to enjoy having that done- she’ll either nestle into your hand and go to sleep, or she’ll keep her eyes open and just sort of relax into the petting. Once she was pretty chill and content and I had some cute pics of that, I put the lei on. She’s seen it before- I let her sniff it when I brought it home, and she’s pretty used to wearing props. It wasn’t hard to just plop it on- she didn’t seem to mind. She held the pose for a few moments- enough for me to snap some pics- and then slid out of it. I didn’t force her back into it or hold her in position at any part of the exercise. Immobility can be a sort of defense in captive reptiles. You see this a LOT in monitors and tegus that are force-handled; they’ll go stiff and still whenever they’re touched because they know they can’t fight back. A tegu or monitor that is happy being handled will either ‘melt’ into a soft puddle- they won’t be stiff, they’ll be loose-limbed or they’ll circle up for sleeping- or they’ll be engaging with you- sniffing your hands, watching everything, etc. When I’m taking pictures of Juju and I’m staging them (as opposed to just taking pictures of what she’s doing on her own), I always make sure I’m not restraining her (unless she’s on a leash, which is different!) and that she’s not trying to wiggle or roll away. There’s nothing inherently wrong with staging a picture of a pet lizard, so long as you don’t try to pass it off as a purely natural behavior or use the image to misrepresent a wild specimen- and so long as your reptile is relaxed throughout the shoot. 

Also, try to make it rewarding for them. Juju got a tasty shrimp after I took these! Once you’re done with staged activity, let them do their thing for a while. Put them back on their heat or back in their cage and let them decompress. Even for a very cooperative lizard like Kaiju, the experience is bound to be strange. 

*The exception is when you’re trying to take a photo of something medical for documentation purposes. Sometimes you need to restrain an animal firmly or prop their mouth open or something so that you can see what’s wrong with them. These sorts of photographs should only be taken with great care and consideration and be used only for monitoring or as a diagnostic tool! 

Four Times...One Time (Calum and Nebraska)

“four times one time with cuddling and cal/Nebraska!”

A/N: I love this format of prompt!! I hope you enjoy it! I’ve done one before for Luke and Kayla, which can be found on my masterlist. Don’t be afraid to request something if you want to see it written! xx

1 – Tour Bus 

“Daddy, are we there yet?” Nebraska whined from her spot on the floor of the tour bus where she was coloring in her brand new princess coloring book.

“No, sweetie. We’ve got a ways to go, love,” Calum glanced down at the six year old and smiled. “What kind of picture have you colored in this time?” he asked as a form of distraction.

“This one’s Rapunzel,” she smiled up at him proudly. “Daddy, do you want to come down here and color?”

“Silly baby!” Calum chuckled. “You know I can’t fit on that little tiny floor,” he stated. Nebraska sighed as if this was the biggest inconvenience in her world – and granted, it probably was.

“But Daaaaaaaaddy,” she moaned, leaning back against her father’s legs. “It’s lonely down here!”

“You could come up here,” Calum offered, patting his lap. “I’m sure if you ask nicely, Uncle Luke will let you borrow his lap desk so you can keep coloring.” Nebraska seemed to contemplate this for a moment and suddenly she took off running toward the back of the bus where Luke was FaceTiming his family. She came back moments later with a triumphant grin and arms full of the lap desk Luke owned. “There ya go,” Calum encouraged, pulling Nebraska’s coloring supplies up to the couch before he picked Nebraska up and settled her in his lap. “This better?” he asked.

“Lots,” Nebraska hummed happily. “Now do you want to help me color?” she asked innocently, offering the purple crayon to her dad.

“Sure,” Calum nodded, accepting the gift. “I’d love to, baby girl.”

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anonymous asked:

I think Ishida just gave Shao a different clothing than he usually does.. why does people saying that now Ishida tries to make the manga sexier? Why did nobody brought this up when there were panels about Kaneki's sixpack or Tsukiyama's butt? What about Ayato's arms? Is it because Shao is a female?

It has nothing to do with Shao being female, to me it’s how it’s being presented. For example:

Kaneki here? The perspective is normal and not exaggerated, same with the his stance. It’s natural and doesn’t feel forced. Ayato’s arms? They’re buff arms. He’s just wearing a sleeveless shirt. Natural, normal.

This one? I also think is fine. She’s stretching, the position is natural in this case. The perspective is just some fan service and points out her flexibility and fit body. Love it.

So ya nothing to do with being female or not.

As for the pictures from the post you’re referencing:

I think this is also fine it’s just nice fan service. Though I think making the ass so shiny so we focus on it in the middle of a fight a bit hilarious and doesn’t make it as immersive.

Now with this one, what is going on with her legs? That’s not a very efficient battle stance and also not very natural. The position is just there to exaggerate her ass, not help her situation. But the ass thing is still fine in my opinion. The tits though? That makes no sense in this context and is not relevant. Tits don’t work like that under clothes. That how fake tits work if you’re completely naked. She’s not naked, she’s not wearing a skin tight outfit: she’s wearing a suit.

Don’t get me started on this one. This panel specifically was what made me realize how different the style shifted. 

Why the tight shiny pussy and ass angle? Why is she wearing no bra in a fight? You know how bad it hurts to do anything physically active when you have boobs that size? Also why are her nipples erect and pointing out of her clothes? So many questions.

Again it’s not about them being female that made me or others notice this, it’s how it’s presented. No one cared about the swimsuit scenes in the calendar even though everyone looked sexy as hell in them. That’s just how women look. They were in natural positions, minding their own business. No one freaked out about the constantly naked Eto and her revealing outfits, or when Karren was shown shirtless. I wonder why?

It’s about the way it’s presented, and it’s about the context.

This is the exact same reason why no one has said anything about how the men are presented.

It wasn’t sexualizing women in none sexual situations. If the situations were sexual, then fuck yeah sexualize those hot bodies. I approve. But bloody dangerous fights of immense mental stress are not the time and place.

Again though, the recent chapters of how those two women have been drawn doesn’t bother me at all. It’s a manga who cares, I like looking at attractive women in sexy clothes, however I was still hit with a bit of confusion when it started happening since the manga generally avoided these things. I guess it just makes me take the events less seriously because the mood doesn’t match the drawins.

Just a slight wtf moment is all.

Through the Woods Poppy O'Hair Review

Through the Woods Poppy came today, and since I haven’t seen any reviews for her yet I thought I’d make one so people can see her :)

I like the box redesign. It’ll make the boxes easier to stack, that’s for sure!

The box is just slightly shorter in length than the older boxes. This is mainly because instead of tapering off, it’s squared. It takes up a lot less space.

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anonymous asked:

I'm having a really hard time. I think I'm too fat to cosplay despite how beautiful and wonderful I think plus-size cosplayers are that are even bigger than me. :( I know it's nothing about sewing but I just have no where to say that.

Hi Anon, 

I’m sorry this took us a few days. Every time we had a free moment, we were really tired and we wanted to make sure that we could really think about how to word this. 

To start off -  I think a lot of people feel the same way. Personally, I am overweight but not very overweight. In other words, I find it very hard to categorize myself into any of the “categories” that “attractive people” fall into. In today’s society, there are skinny, model types, tiny girls, hourglass/big booty skinny girls…. but also athletic types, curvy/chubby girls, and BBW that are all romanticized to different degrees. My body is none of those, so I have a very hard time seeing myself as any type of beauty. I basically can not see myself as attractive in any way besides as a cute little sister/friend of a friend type.

I don’t think that this is just my experience. I think most girls out there appreciate a variety of beauties, but have trouble seeing themselves as one. However, I think cosplay is the perfect way to start to see yourself as one. First - Besides live-action fandoms, a lot of characters do not have an established appearance! Real people don’t have eyes that take up half their face or are 7 feet tall or have 10 foot wing-spreads. Each cosplayer has the chance to interpret that character to fit their own body. Sailor Moon, for example, has legs that are miles long. Most people do NOT have legs like that because it is anatomically impossible. But, thousands of people have cosplayed from Sailor Moon and have looked absolutely fierce. How? By interpreting her as someone who looks like them. :) 

Second - The cosplay community is VERY supportive. This has not always been the case, but hate/bad cosplay blogs are VERY few and far between (and they seem to be unable to post anything besides the same old pictures time and again.) Even communities that are known for being unsupportive and snarky like /cgl have loosened up considerably in the past few years. Honestly, we have gotten very few negative comments on our cosplay despite some of it being not great at all - this community really has been super sweet and supportive and will welcome anyone as a new cosplayer. :) 

Third - Half of the “amazing cosplayers” you see in photos? That’s the photographer working their magic!! There are tons of AMAZING cosplay photographers out there (don’t get me started on this, I’m seriously obsessed with photographers and am super impressed by the variety of amazing shots that they pull off @_@) and I REALLY recommend booking one, even if you don’t think your cosplay is that great!! We had loads of issues with our first cosplays, but we ended up booking some REALLY amazing photographers and that is probably what pushes us to improve - seeing the photos.  Seeing yourself with the right lighting and colors really can breathe new life into your self image. :) 

(Unfortunately shrunken by Tumblr :< Photo 1 by castikat, Photo 2 by elementalsight

Lastly - Beauty is 110% subjective. When I scroll through tags looking for things to post to this blog, I am wowed by the variety of people that I see cosplaying and honestly am completely unable to rank one or the other as more beautiful or less beautiful. If all of these other people are beautiful…at least a few people must think that I’m beautiful too. :) (And I think you are ABSOLUTELY beautiful Anon.) If you want to lose weight - do it for your health or for yourself, not to please other people <3 You are fabulous just the way you are and I hope you don’t let this world we live in stop you from having fun and doing what you want to do. <3 

If you want to come off Anon and talk, you are welcome to (or you can message me on my personal emibonbon <3 Lindsay ( cellomanlove ) would love to talk to you about this, too, since we both feel really strongly that your physical appearance shouldn’t hold you back from cosplaying. <3 

Big hugs and kisses, Anon. You are stunning. <3 

<3 Emi of L2S Cosplay

P.S. I think this turned rambly………sorry

Family Man Part Two

Maybe it was a witch, maybe more mind games from demons or angels, maybe it was a djinn… but it felt so real Dean couldn’t make himself think it wasn’t. Getting out of bed was hard. If he got out then he was playing into this world, he was taking one step into a puddle that was probably twenty feet deep.

The crying stopped off in the distance. There was a smell of lavender that seemed imbedded in the structure of the room. Dean’s eyes whirled around the room as he tried to keep his breathing level. There were some pictures on the wall of himself, the angel he had thought he’d never see again, and a little blonde girl that was pressed between the two of them. Then there was picture just under that that made his breath catch in his chest.

In that frame he and Castiel were staring down at a tiny baby that was pressed to Dean’s chest. the blond girl was grinning so wide Dean could see all the baby teeth she had lost. There was so much love in that picture it seemed the frame might shatter.

“Dean!” Cas’ voice boomed through the house. “I don’t hear the shower running!”

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Some pictures of the knockoff pony.

I found her at a Swap Shop, and I just had to have her. I only posted the pics to 4chan and FurAffinity, but they’ve leaked to Tumblr now too. Cuteosphere discovered her and MLP-ified her into a pony named Boot Legs, which is a wonderfully fitting name. :V

Some artwork of her that’s shown up since: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

On the Christmas of my eighteenth year, my younger brother snuck out of the house to the cold unheated shed beside our house, making a Christmas present and giggling madly to himself all the while. My mother warned him to do no harm – to me, not to himself, despite the saw and hammer and nails he used. During the usual gift exchange I was taken to the shed as he fought back a grin. Within the shadows of wood stacked high for the wood stove was a woman made of firewood wearing one of my mother’s old dresses.

“A girlfriend for you,” he explained with glee, and I almost fell over in laughter. He’d spent hours making her legs able to stand, making her tall enough to fit the joke in the bitter winter cold and pictures were taken with me by her side. (They exist in a non-digital age, stored in a binder so rarely opened now.) We laughed, the holidays continued, and during the new year she was taken apart and thrown into the wood stove for fuel.

Eighteen was not a safe year in some ways. Questions hovered at the edges of words, behind people’s eyes. But now when asked if I had a girlfriend, I would look at people and say: “I did once, but she died in a fire.” And it would be true, and no questions asked after that.

My mother had trouble believing I’d actually told people that when I revealed that trick to her years later.