her legs are like god

her: will u massage my feet
me: well well well , how the tables have turned, remember last nite when i asked u to put some waffles in the toaster for me ?? and what was it tht u said then ??? 
her: i was like half asleep !! remember when i took out the trash on tuesday january 10 ?? 
me: oooohhhhhhhh , remember when i did the dishes three nights in a row ?!
her: oh my gosh , i get u chocolate like every night!
me: i’ve cooked ur every meal practically !  why dont u massage my feet ! u never do that
her: oh but i scratch ur back every night 
me: that is just not true 
her: oh my god can u just like stretch my leg or something

What happened today:
  • Taylor - notoriously unable to use any kind of technological device - was granted the use of Gaga’s phone for half an hour
  • Taylor took pictures of Gaga for her instagram and typed the captions as she told him
  • Taylor, when Gaga wasn’t looking, posted a picture of his face on her  instagram and quickly deleted it, but everyone saw it (and it’s still posted on lm.com)
  • to cover the mishap, he edited the caption to a picture adding “photo by Taylor Kinney the best fiancé in the world”
  • Taylor, from the couch/bed, kept taking pictures of Gaga for her instagram, but sneakily included his god-like legs in the shot
  • Taylor played with the filters
  • Gaga took her phone back and took videos of Taylor cuddling Asia
  • the two couldn’t help but making sexual innuendos in these apparently innocent videos
  • what happens next ????