her laugh had me in tears when i first watched

Secret (Edmund x Reader)

Anon said: Hey! So I’d like an Edmund imagine, where the reader and Edmund “hate each other”, and call each other things like “dumbass” and “loser”, but secretly both have a thing going on and won’t admit it?? And at the end they do and it’s all fluffy and kisses?? Thanks!!

It is impossible for me to think of a time when Edmund and I got along. Our relationship was based on of one of us messing up and immediately having the error called out by the other. Is King Edmund ridiculously attractive? Yes. Do I love it when he runs his hand through his hair? Of course. Am I hopelessly in love with him? Totally. Does he know? Absolutely not.

Yesterday I was playing a quick game of chess with Susan in the library. We both enjoy the game because we both make our moves quickly. Normally I beat her, but my attention wasn’t completely devoted to the game. Edmund and Peter were sitting at the other end of the long table that ran the length of the room. I was putting more effort into eavesdropping than I was in the game, and before I knew it a smug Susan was sitting across from me.

“You’re quite out of it today, (y/n),” she smirked.

“I am not,” I replied quickly, looking down at the board.

“Yes you are. I have you in checkmate.” Susan tapped me on the forehead and broke out laughing. Her fit of giggles attracted the attention of Peter who, like me, listened to other’s conversations.

“Good job Su!” he cheered. Peter stood up and gave Susan a high five, but I was watching as Edmund pushed back his seat and walked past me out the door.

“You’re such a dumbass,” he muttered as he strode past me. I opened my mouth to reply, but he had already left the room. Rolling my eyes, I sighed and sat back in my chair.

I’d been stewing all last night and this morning when Lucy drug me out into the courtyard to watch Peter and Edmund practice their swordsmanship skills. I never did understand why she enjoyed to watch them, but I sat with her in the shade of a large tree as their session began. It only took two minutes for Edmund to have his feet kicked out from under him. When it happened the first time, Lucy and I looked at each other and smiled. By the third time we were rolling on the ground laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. Peter was amused by our reactions, but Edmund wasn’t too pleased. When they both had had enough Edmund walked out into the garden while Peter took Lucy inside to grab a snack. I followed Edmund into the flowers and spotted him near the peonies.

“Good job out there today,” I called with a smirk. He looked up with the most serious expression I had ever seen on him.

“Why do you always make so much fun of me?” Edmund asked as I came to stand shoulder to shoulder with him. We were looking out over the flowers and there was a nice breeze picking up.

“I could ask you the same thing.”

“But I asked first,” he paused and turned to face me. “Is it because you fancy me?”

“No,” I scoffed. Being the worst liar in the world, even I could feel the blood rushing to my face. 

“That’s funny. I think you have a crush on me, even though you act like you hate me so much.”

“I have never had a crush on you.” I frowned and looked up to see him standing with a huge grin plastered on his face.

“You wouldn’t be blushing so much if that were true,” he commented as he reached out and pinched my cheek.

“Stop it!” I swatted his hand away and shook my head. He grabbed my wrist in his hand and took a deep breath in.

“I have a secret, (y/n),” he whispered. I was already blushing, but when he leaned in so that our noses were half an inch apart I turned a tomato red.

“King Edmund keeps secrets? Who ever would have imagined?” I breathed, staring into his beautiful brown eyes. His nose had a light dusting of freckles across it that I had never noticed before.

“I’ve always fancied you. And, quite honestly, I’m sick of pretending I don’t.” He leaned in and closed the gap between our lips. It was a sweet kiss, and when we pulled apart he plucked a daisy from the garden and tucked it behind my ear.

What it is to be Alive

Wee Saturday drabble set in the show!verse a few days after the season 2 finale. An opposite parallel to this scene

 “Your father was… the most selfless man I ever met.” Claire sipped at her whisky, staring into the fire, but seeing neither flame nor light, but something unreachable. Bree sat on the floor beside her, hand on Claire’s knee. After that night on Craigh Na Dun, Brianna had slowly come to understand her mother. Watching her now made everything that Claire had been growing up make sense to Bree. Puzzle pieces that hadn’t fit, now slotted neatly into place.

Now they sat in Roger’s manse, the night quiet, save the crackle of the fire and the light patter of rain against the window sill. Roger had retired early, giving them time alone to talk. They’d spent all evening - days really - pouring over Lord Melton’s journal. He watched as Claire went inward, mind focused, seeing all to clearly just what it must have been like for Fraser the days after the battle. He knew she no longer heard a word they discussed.

“He threw himself headlong into situations, regardless of his own well being. As long as those he loved were safe. He did it time and again…” Tears sparkled in Claire’s eyes, but didn’t fall. “He loved you!” Claire said, looking Bree full in the face for the first time since they sat by the fire. “You and your sister. He loved you both so very fiercely,” her voice cracking on the last word. Brianna had always wondered what it was that lurked behind that longing, faraway look Claire had when she thought no one was watching. Now she saw, it was her mother’s way of keeping her crippling emotions in check. A tear silently ran down her own cheek.

“He had this quirk. He couldn’t wink,” Claire smiled with a sadness that tightly clenched at Bree’s heart. “He’d blink like this innocent, solemn owl at me. No matter how cheeky he tried to be, he’d always make me laugh when he did it. God, I loved that wink.”

Bree squeezed her mother’s knee, but didn’t speak. She knew her mother needed this, the chance to talk freely for what was likely the first time in 20 years. A chance not to have any fear of being glared at for mentioning an ‘undesirable’ memory. Claire’s thoughts bounced from memory to memory like raindrops slamming against the surface of a pond, unable to keep the recollections from crashing into each other.

“He used to talk to… Faith, while I was pregnant. In English and Gaelic. Small things; about the life we’d have. The things he wanted to teach her - the things he would teach all his children,” Claire ran her hand down her daughter’s cheek then, wiping away the tear that had fallen.

“I… I should have looked. Why didn’t I keep bloody looking!” She whispered, bitterly, her grip tightening on the whisky glass. “He was alone and hurt and I…” Claire’s free hand balled into a fist, thumping futily into her thigh. She closed her eyes tight against the helplessness that engulfed her so deeply, and this time she didn’t fight against the tears. Two large drops rolled down her cheeks unheeded.

“He was so brave! And I couldn’t even bring myself to look!” She moved to thump her thigh once more, but Brianna seized her hand fiercely, then getting to her knees, took the glass out from Claire’s other hand, setting it roughly on the table, and held both her hands to her chest, right above her heart.

“He is, mama! He is selfless and brave and stubborn, and everything you love and remember him to be. And he is alive-”

“But Roger only found that he survived Culloden, lovie. Not that he’s still - that he is…” She had to swallow the lump that threatened to choke her before continuing. “… Is alive. You don’t know how it was then. How horrible things got. I can’t imagine they got any better after. In fact we know they didn’t!” Claire vehemently insisted.

Brianna realized her mother couldn’t yet bring herself to think, to hope for him to be alive. Not after all the time that had past. All the lost years. Memories unshared and lives lived well and truly apart. Couldn’t bring herself to think of all the time she lived without her heart. Likely neither of them had truly lived - but simply survived - for the last 20 years.

“Losing him, Bree. It devastated me. Completely. I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t bear it.” Claire shook her head as if trying to dispel some long hidden pain. Brianna watched her, confusion and pain etched deeply in her face. How? How has she done it all this time? 

“You,” Claire whispered, her eyes filling with an unutterable tenderness as she looked at Bree. “You came and I held you. So small and fragile. And red! All over! Your face furiously scrunched up, your hair a fiery tuft on your head, and I knew. I knew I had to be ok for you. I loved you. For me. And for him, I love you.” Her fingers traced her daughter’s face, then tangled themselves in her soft hair.

“Mama, you must let yourself feel him again. You must! He is out there and we’ll find him. Roger and I. And you! We’ll find him wherever he is. I will find him… For you,” she knelt between Claire’s knees, looking up at a face that no matter how hard and meticulously composed a veneer she tried to hide behind, Bree could always read her - only now able to truly decipher what it was Claire hid. Now, Claire dropped all pretense of composure, her face shattering all at once. Bree cupped her mother’s face between her hands - their noses almost touching - giving her an unblinking stare. So ferocious, it was. So stubborn. So Fraser. So Jamie. Seeing it, Claire let out an involuntary sound somewhere between a sob and laugh.

“My father saved you. Saved us both. He lived mama, all this time, not knowing what happened to his family - if we had lived or not. Now is our chance to give him back all that he lost. What he was so ready and willing to die for. Now I can - and will - find him, and give him back his heart.”


Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Special Narrated Video #1: Takami Chika

“The first time I heard μ’s sing, I was so shocked. Oh, I didn’t see actually see them on stage of course, I watched one of their videos online. But I was still really, really surprised by them! I felt like a glittering stage had just appeared before my very eyes. They were so dazzling, I got super excited and I could feel them tugging at my heartstrings. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from them– I just couldn’t believe these girls were all normal high school girls!

Hm? Oh, ahahahaha. I guess you’d call it… love? I talked to my childhood bestie Kanan and she burst out laughing when I told her… eheheh… But y’know, if she told me she thought she was in love with this, I’d probably do the same thing! I still haven’t even had my first love yet, so I can’t say I know much, but I feel so… restless. I love them so much I can’t take my eyes off of them– I wish I could just keep watching them forever and ever. When I saw μ’s singing and dancing, I felt like I couldn’t stay this way… like I had to do something. Not that there’s much I could even do living all the way out in the boonies. Still, I wanted to do something no matter what.

The dazzling school idols I love and admire so much are far, far away. This spring, I became a 2nd year in high school just like Honoka from μ’s, who I look up to. Now that I’m in the same year she was I realize it’s really unlikely that we’ll turn out to be amazing school idols like they did, but there’s no way I’m going to spend my 2nd year doing absolutely nothing. I just want to do something! Even if it’s not by much, I want to get closer to μ’s, my heroes! Eheh… Our audiences will probably only be the tangerines on Mt. Mikan in the beginning, but that’s enough for me. All I want is to dance and sing like μ’s. So for now… today, I’m going to start being a school idol!”

The Moment

Prompts By Two Anonymous:Can you write a steroline fanfic based off the promo for next weeks episode (the hand holding, tucking her hair behind her ear and the kiss!)
how do you think the kiss will go down in the next episode ? ;)

A/N Too be honest I wasn't going to do this because I didn’t think my writing would live up to the excitement. But I’ve never turned down and prompt and I stand by that, so here you go!

So far it had been a good day. Stefan had helped Caroline fix up her parents cabin, so that her mom could spend her last few days there. He had even fixed the leaky roof above the porch and Caroline was very impressed. In fact she was so impressed that the stupid feeling she kept on getting came back.

Of course she meant the butterflies, the stuttering heart and the sparks. Her feelings for Stefan were back and stronger than ever.

Although with them came a feeling of guilt because after all, her mom was sick in the hospital and she should be focused on that. But her mom had been right when she told Stefan that Caroline needed him. 

She did need him; more than he would ever know.

So that’s what brought her onto the front porch, staring at the sun. She both wanted Stefan to find her and wanted him to stay away. The feelings that she had concealed for years were rising up and if they got close like they did in the woods, well she wouldn’t be able to stop herself.

So when footsteps were behind her and a timid, “hey,” was said by the one and only Stefan Salvatore she both wanted to run and leap into his arms. Instead she just stayed still.

“Hey,” she responded, still staring at the sky.

Stefan came to stand beside her to lean against the pole. “Well the house is all ready, so whenever you are we can go and get Liz,” he spoke softly.

Caroline nodded slowly, but still didn’t turn to him. Stefan could see the tears in her eyes reflecting the sunlight.

“What’s going on in that head of yours?” Stefan sighed.

Caroline let out a weak chuckle. “I used to come down here with my parents when I was younger, but I hated it. I just wanted to go back home to my friends, although now I see how much time I wasted being mad at my parents,” she admitted. “I was selfish and now in my mom’s final moments here all I’ll think about is all of the moments I wasted.”

Stefan thought about that for a second, she could tell because his eyebrows were furrowed. It reminded her of bunny hunting in the woods and his “Tuesday look”.

“Do you remember when you came over one night and made me watch ‘The Notebook?’” Stefan asked.

Both of them started laughing at the memory. Caroline could still see the look on his face when the couple had the kiss in the rain. Her tears were gone now and she felt like she was cocooned in memories.

“Well you told me that night that the first time you watched that was with your mother,” Stefan raised his hand up then to brush Caroline’s hair. It felt different than the one outside the barn all those months ago, more intimate. “Life isn’t about your final moments, it’s about the moments that lead up to them,” Stefan said.

Caroline smiled at that, but found it hard to focus when her face was burning on the place he just touched.

“Thank you Stefan,” Caroline finally whispered.

“For what?” he asked softly.

“For always being there for me. I don’t think I would’ve gotten through this on my own,” she admitted.

That’s when it happened the shift in the air that always seemed to happen around them. Except this time Caroline wasn’t crying and they weren’t outside Tripp’s hideout. 

Instead they were alone at the cabin and nothing stopped their faces from being an inch apart. They froze there for a second, as Caroline breathed in Stefan’s exhale. It was him that would have to finish this because she needed to make sure that he wanted it. 

However Stefan had made up his mind weeks ago and he moved his face the extra inch. Just like that they were kissing and it was amazing. It didn’t feel like lust or awkwardness instead it just felt like home. There was no one battling for dominance, but rather it just felt like they were in sync. It felt right and normal and perfect.

A few minutes later Caroline pulled away, but kept her eyes closed. If Stefan looked like he was freaked out she wanted to stay in her bubble of happiness for a little longer. However when she did open her eyes it was to see one of the biggest smiles she had ever seen on Stefan’s face.

She smiled back and when Stefan saw that his smile, if possible, grew even bigger. He reached down and took her hand in his, interlocking their fingers.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere,” Stefan reassured.

Caroline nodded and smiled back. She didn’t know what would happen to her mom or Bonnie, but she had Stefan and that thought made her the happiest she had ever been.

This came out of a conversation that I had with marycontrary82, who wanted something hospice related but not, you know, *too* sad.  Thanks for pre-reading this and catching my mistakes, dear.

Clarke’s mother couldn’t believe it when she took a job as a hospice nurse. After what we went through with your father? she’d asked.  I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t watch people die like that.

But for Clarke, that was exactly why she wanted to do this–bring comfort to people in their last moments, help families through the hardest time of their lives.  She knew with awful clarity exactly what they were going through, and she cherished the ability to help them in their darkest moments.

Besides, most of their patients were elderly and Clarke had a way with them, especially the old men who gave the other nurses a hard time.  She had spent two years–two difficult but fulfilling years–working in hospice before a patient arrived that had her wondering if she should take her mother up on her offer of a regular med/surg post.

Because Clarke had seen a lot of hard cases in her two years, but nothing was harder for her than Bellamy Blake.  He was just a few years older than her, and his only family was a fiercely devoted little sister and her soft-spoken but imposing husband.  Congenital heart defect, Bellamy told her one morning as she took his vitals.  Got my mom too.  I’m on the list, but too far down.  At least O doesn’t have it.

He was handsome despite the illness giving his skin a grey pallor, and even dying didn’t seem to sap the spark from his dark brown eyes.  And he was a flirt, always tugging on her scrubs and making her lean down so he could whisper in her ear.  If I wasn’t dying, I’d be begging you to go out with me.  She’d chuckled at him then, playing along, but that night she broke down in her car, sobbing like her heart was tearing itself out of her chest.

She started breaking the rules a little, spending more time with him than strictly necessary, and even staying late one evening when Octavia had to work an overnight shift.  They spent the night watching old black and white movies (See?  I’m a romantic.  If it wasn’t for the whole imminent death thing, you’d be totally into me) and laughing.  It was, quite frankly, the best first date she’d been on in years, a fact he pointed out after he’d kicked his morphine drip up a few notches.  If I wasn’t almost dead, I’d take you on a second date.  A real one, at a restaurant with tablecloths and candles and all that romantic shit.

The day she came to work and saw that his room was empty, she lost it.  Harper found her sobbing raggedly in the break room, desperately trying to pull herself together.  “Didn’t you get the call?” Harper said softly, putting her arm around Clarke’s shaking shoulders.  “He got a heart.  They took him to the hospital late last night–he’s probably in surgery by now.”

Clarke looked at Harper disbelievingly and her sobs transformed into an almost-laugh.  “You’re kidding me,” she said.

Harper smiled and shook her head.  “Not at all.  He left you this, by the way.”  She slipped a piece of paper into Clarke’s hand and headed out.


Assuming I’m not dead by tomorrow, you’re going to owe me that second date.