her laugh :')))

little reminder of what caused Katie McGrath to say "you can't make a show without lesbianism"
  • Katie: and we all know that you never gave me a love interest
  • guy(writer? producer?): I gave you Kara
  • Katie: *laughs* he said, in all seriousness *laughs more*
  • guy: [unknown dialogue—"lesbianism" is said]
  • Katie: you cannot make a show without lesbianism in all fairness
It’s always Ashley [Benson]. Ashley is just the greatest. Even last night, we were watching it together – and she was at the table read, and she filmed this episode with me – but she was always leaning over and goes, “Is that you or your twin?” And by “you,” she meant Spencer. It was so funny because she just kept saying, “Is that you or your twin?” And I was like, “That’s the twin,” and she’d go, “Oh my God! So creepy!” And then she’d be like, “Is that you or your twin?” And I’d be like, “No, that one is me – that’s Spencer,” and she’d go, “Oh God! OK!” But it was just so much fun to watch the episode with the cast and to dress up. I got to bring my mom [to the screening] and in the first moment that the twin was revealed, it was so funny. She turned around at me and she gasps and goes, “You bitch!” and Marlene basically fell off her chair laughing. It was so funny! And I was like, “But, Mom! I’m also the person being held captive!”

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01. a song that makes you want to fall in love // 02. your favorite pump up song // 03. your favorite song to rock out to // 04. a song that reminds you of summer // 05. your favorite cover of a song // 06. a song you sing in the shower // 07. a song that reminds you of someone // 08. what you want your wedding song to be // 09. your favorite 90s/2000s song // 10. a song to heal(?) a heartbreak // 11. a song that makes you feel relaxed // 12. a song you know all the lyrics to // 13. your favorite oldies rock song // 14. a song by your favorite artist // 15. a song that you like to fall asleep to // 16. a song that makes you feel invincible // 17. favorite song from a musical // 18. a song that makes you cry // 19. a song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to // 20. a song that reminds you of yourself

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Heathers: The Musical Aesthetics

~Veronica Sawyer’s laugh

~JD’s trench coat

~JD’s hair thing in “Fight for Me”

~Veronica Sawyer’s laugh

~Martha’s sweatshirt

~The rainbow lighting in “My Dead Gay Son”

~JD’s slushie

~”Did you say cherry or Coke slushie?”

~Veronica Sawyer’s laugh

~Heather Chandler’s short kimono 


One morning Sirius Black saunters into the Great Hall with his hair in a bun and tie loose as can be. And he plonks himself down at the table and everyone just stares. 

Because his neck is covered in hickeys. 

And he’s all grins and showing them off like nobodies business.

And all the girls in the Hall are eyeing each other up like ‘Which one of you bitches got to do that? Fuck you why wasn’t it me…’

McGoangall just stares for second before averting her eyes. She can’t think of any rules he’s broken but Jesus Christ should that be allowed?

And James walks in, hand combing through his hair before he see. And he just raises he eyebrow and smiles.

‘Merlin Remus, get a bit carried away did we?’

And Remus is just siting there, red as tomato, wanting to die because it’s so embarrassing and someone is laughing oh no.. 

But secretly he is really fucking pleased with himself. Like, damn. I did that.

I don’t know man.. Wolfstar with hickeys just makes me happy.

I want an AU where Ashi is an assassin masquerading as a geisha to get close to Jack. And if you want more fun, imagine this is is a post-ashifadedies (like in Memories by @sallychanscraps), making her job easy/difficult/confusing/?? ?”