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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 9 Translation

Hey! Thought I should get to doing more WDkALY again before I leave it too long, I did as much as I could in my free time today, I hope no one will mind, but I cut marriage registration ‘1’ a little bit shorter (not too much happens here aside from setting up the scene for later on) so I can get to translating marriage registration ‘2’, I have a busy few weeks ahead of me so these translations may end up being slow anyway, sorry about that!

Marriage Registration


6th sector - Kuchiki clan mansion

On a morning after one week since the gathering at the marriage announcement has passed.


Finishing squad preparations, Kuchiki Byakuya exited his room only to be called to a halt by Rukia. She nimbly folded her knees and propped herself up with both hands on the plain wood of the hallway.

“Today I will leave for the nyuseki*  formalities”

(*entering a family register as a married couple)

After bowing and then raising her face, Byakuya looked at Rukia with softened eyes.

“I see……has an appointment for going to the Kininkai already been settled?

Rukia tilted her head at hearing this unfamiliar word ‘Kininkai’.

"Go to……Kininkai……? Don’t I simply submit a notification to the Personnel Record Administration Bureau……?”

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I want Lydia to call for Stiles and finally find this feeling of hope again. I want her to finally breathe again she remembered Stiles. She remembered everything about him. She knows what he looks like, what he smells like. She knows that he is her home. She finally remembered every detail of their life together. She’s ready to fall back into his arms. She sees a shadow her hopes are high but alas it’s not Stiles who walks out of the rift it’s someone else. Lydia falls to the ground and onto her knees. Tears start to stream down her face. She was so sure this time. She was so sure they found him. Suddenly she feels a hand on her shoulder and it’s one familiar feeling she looks up but the image is a blur from all the tears filled in her eyes. The familiar touch moves to her cheek to wipe a tear, he calls out to her. Lydia. Without thinking She jumps into his arms and whispers in his ear you came back.

I drove into work in the dark, thinking about a 21-year old kid stepping out the doors of the Old Executive Office Building on her first day working at the White House.  Her knees buckled when she realized she was walking toward the West Wing, and she had to stop for a moment, grab a railing, catch her breath.

I was thinking about how every moment that she walked those halls, she thought about those who had walked them before her, men and women, great leaders and citizen-servants, some celebrated but most forgotten to time. 

It never ever ever ever never got old, walking through those gates, watching the Marines snap to attention outside the north entrance to the West Wing, a sign the president was in the Oval Office. She never once took it for granted. I want to apologize to her, for what’s coming. 

I think about him sitting in that office, this man, 45, and my stomach aches. My throat hurts. A stain, the kind no matter how much you scrub, no matter how hard we work, it’s still going to linger.  We will get through it, kicking and screaming and fighting and doing what we have to, holding on by our fingernails or rebuilding from scratch if we must.

But that stain’s still going to be there. 

If there’s such a thing as ghosts, then surely they walk those halls. I want to apologize to them, too.

The last week or so (on top of being sick) M has learned to stand up, take a few steps while holding onto a toy or furniture, crawl on her knees, she’s talking more, and she had two teeth pop through. She literally hasn’t stopped going. I’d put her down in her crib and she’d pop back up immediately so she could stand. Over and over and over. I think it’s finally caught up to her. I put her down and after awhile I didn’t hear a peep so I went in to check on her and looks like she sat up and then passed out 😂

Lunch with the Girls (Chapter 11: Moments)

Written for @xxdustnight88 xx

When Pansy and Daphne meet Hermione for lunch, what secret will they discover she has been hiding?

Hermione sighed as Theo lowered his lips to her neck, finding the sweet spot just below her jawline that made her melt.  Trailing open mouthed kisses along the lineation of her jaw, he sucked her earlobe, dragging his teeth over it in a delicious way that made her moan as her knees buckled.  Theo chuckled as he took one hand from the small of her back and swept it over his desk as Hermione’s small hands left his broad shoulders to find purchase on the edge.  Dropping back, he flashed her a grin, his eyes dancing with the heady combination of lust and amusement.  Then suddenly his skillful hands were on her thighs, lifting her up onto the desk, his thumbs hooking over her skirt and bunching it up.  



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Okay now that’s team work and professionalism right there. Jenna slips at 28 seconds and hurts her knee and has to go off stage (really hope she’s okay 😥!!). This all happens so quick and automatically Hayley covers for her and does her laugh part, and they all carry on with the dance like there’s no problem, yet this sudden incident literally happened DURING the number with no time for them to rethink the change of the dance. Yes I know they’re pros so they probably deal with this stuff all the time but I just found this so incredible and truly showed what a great team they all are. 

Just for fun, here’s some character design stuff I use for personal reference.

BOSSMAN: Basically made of shoulders and a big belly. His shape swoops down like a U. Head is buried half-way into shoulder line.

SERGIO: Everything about his design “pulls down”. His legs are about twice the length of his torso, hands come down to around his knees.

JADYN: Her design “fans out”. Her torso is just two mirrored hearts, head is an oval. Hands are rounded, feet are small and also rounded.

NATASHA: Made of squares, rectangles, and points. Feet are big and blocky. Head is just slightly wider than it is tall.

CLARA: Opposite of Sergio, her design “pulls up”. Torso is a bean-shape. She has no hard edges, everything in her structure is rounded off.

I try to design every character to have a unique silhouette even if their hairstyle and clothing changes.

An Evening Walk - Chapter 3

Sunday Funday

Hey, stay young and invincible……..
Rae awoke to music. Oasis came quietly through the bedroom door along with another sound. Someone was singing along with Stay Young.
The aroma of coffee and bacon met her nose as she stretched. When her hand brushed the pillow next to her she heard the rustle of paper. She turned her head to find a single sheet resting there.

Good Morning Girl!
Don’t even think about leaving this bed. I have a surprise for you…
XXX- Finn

Rae grinned reading the words. She kicked out her legs in excitement. Her legs were a bit sore. Truth be told, every inch of her was a bit sore, especially after the evening she had. Finn must have been fairly worn out himself. She smirked at the thought.
Rae took a few more moments to really stretch. Her knees were better, they certainly had been healing nicely. The cuts to her hands were pink but nowhere near as red as they had been. The plaster on her knee must have slipped off during their amorous activities, but the scab was intact and wasn’t as tender. She smiled at the memory and released a yawn.
She assessed the state of her bedroom. Rae and Finn’s clothes were strewn everywhere. She laughed at the sight of Finn’s sock hanging from her bedside lamp. She found Finn’s blue henley on the table. Pulling it over her head she was happy to find that it fit. She was pulling her hair out of the collar when a low whistle distracted her. She whipped her head around to the source of the sound.
Leaning against the door frame was the man himself, donning nothing more than his low slung jeans. His arms were crossed over his chest and a wicked smirk was on his face.
Rae wrapped her arms around herself and looked at Finn guiltily.
“I couldn’t reach my shirt. And your note said specifically not to leave the bed.”
Nodding he stepped into the room, closer to the bed, saying, “That it did, girl. And I appreciate you following my instructions.”
His eyes raked over her body. He paused at her chest and opened his mouth. He met her eyes and said, “It’s incredibly sexy to see you in my shirt, Rae.” Slowly crawling onto the bed, he came over to her.
Rae’s pupils dilated the closer he came to her. She couldn’t get over the sight of him. His coppery brown hair disheveled, his well-muscled chest, even his bare feet did something to her.
Finally arriving at her face, Finn stopped. He leaned in and kissed her slowly. Rae met his lips and sighed. Finn reached a hand up to her cheek and pulled Rae in closer. Rocking back on his knees he settled into a seated position.
Rae surprised him by following his movements. She rose from her seat in the bed and climbed into his lap, straddling him. She wrapped her bare legs around his middle in nothing but her knickers and his shirt.
“This blue is your color, Rae. It looks gorgeous against your skin.” He told her as he pulled the collar away from her shoulder and kissed his way down from her lips.
His fingers lightly traced patterns over her exposed thighs. She gasped and felt goosebumps rise all over as he continued. She quietly groaned.
Finn’s ears pricked up at the sound.
He smiled and said into her shoulder, “Ah Rae, you can do better than that. I know how loud you are, don’t forget.”
She threw her hands into his hair and coaxed his head up so she could look at him. Rae panted as she said, “Yes, Finn. And I’m aware of what you call out in the throes of ecstasy.”
Closing the distance he went in for another kiss and said, “That you do, Rae.”
Thoroughly turned on and out of breath they broke apart a few minutes later. Finn rested his palms on Rae’s thighs and openly smiled at her. She rested an elbow on his shoulder and ran her hand through her matted hair. Rae beamed at him and twisted a lock of his hair with her other hand.
He brushed a finger over her bottom lip and asked, “How are you this morning, Rae?”
She smiled beneath his touch and said, “I am quite well indeed, m’dear. And how are you this morning, Finn?”
He laughed and wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug. Releasing her back to her previous position he stroked her cheek and said, “I feel amazin’, Rae.” He rubbed his nose over hers and whispered, “And I owe it all to you, Miss Earl. You are amazin’.”
Finn pulled back a little to admire Rae. His Rae. She was definitely his now. He couldn’t imagine wanting anyone else. As crazy as it was to think this way, Finn couldn’t help it. He wanted this woman. He adored this woman. He could very well be in love with this woman.
Stroking her cheek he watched her lean into his touch, loving her movements. She closed her eyes and Finn lost his breath for a second. Lord, if she wasn’t the the most gorgeous thing he’d ever seen. Coming back to his senses he remembered what brought him in to see if she was awake.
“Ya hungry, girl?”
She smiled up at him and said in a husky voice, “Starving.” Just that one word from her and Finn was tempted to forget his breakfast plans. He thought better of it. They both could use a rest and would benefit from some fuel.
He nodded.
“Good. I have everything ready. You stay here. Be back in a tick.” Rae slid off his thighs and Finn jumped off the bed.
After a few loud bangs from the kitchen Finn came in carrying a tray laden with steaming plates. Setting it down next to the bed he looked at Rae with his hands out in a gesture for her to wait. She nodded and he rushed out of the room.
From the kitchen Finn shouted, “Rae, would you like coffee or tea? Or both?”
She laughed and called out, “Tea for me, please.”
A couple of minutes passed and Finn re-entered with a mug in each hand. He was sipping his own and smacked his lips in satisfaction as he came around to Rae’s side of the bed.
He kissed her head and handed her a mug of tea, prepared just how she liked it.
“Tea for my dearest.” He said. She smiled up at him and he couldn’t resist giving her a quick kiss.
He then moved around the bed, nursing his coffee all the while.
Finn sat next to Rae and brought the tray of food to the middle of the bed.
He set his mug on the nightstand and winked at Rae.
Rae was touched by this sweet gesture. Finn had made them bacon, toast and sliced strawberries.
“Finn this is wonderful. You didn’t have to.” She was genuinely stunned.
He shrugged and said, “Of course I didn’t have to. I wanted to, Rae. You deserve to have someone look after ya.” He tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and caressed the side of her face.
Rae had never known anyone like Finn. He was quiet, kind and very, very special. Feeling overcome with emotion she gulped and laid a hand over his. Happy tears threatened to fall but she managed to keep them at bay.
Finn was starved but he was so distracted by Rae. She looked luminous in the morning. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself. And she seemed happy, really happy, with him. It was overwhelming.
“Alright, girl, tuck in.” He let their hands drop and grinned at her.
She balanced her plate on her lap and placed strawberry slices on her toast. Finn watched her as he chewed his bacon.
Rae felt his eyes on her and said, “Once upon a time I would have been embarrassed to be eating in front of you.” The words were out before Rae could really consider them. She thought of taking them back.
A confused smile overtook Finn’s face. He asked her, “Why is that, Rae?”
She bit her lip. Now she had done it. Summoning up her courage she decided it was best to remain honest with Finn. He knew about her past troubles.
“Well, when I was a kid I thought everyone was judging me based on my size. Watching me eat would just add fuel to the fire. So I used to hide away and have meals alone or with my family.” Her eyes looked sad. Finn thought it was a significant detail she had just shared with him.
He reached out a reassuring hand and rubbed her thigh. When their eyes met they shared a smile.
Finn tried to carefully choose his words. He blew out a breath and told her, “I’m glad those days are behind you, Rae.  I’m lucky you feel comfortable telling me these things.” He leaned in closer to her, holding her eyes and said, “I want to know you, Rae. I know it’s very early days for us, but I do.”
This time she came to him. Her lips brushing his and then increasing the pressure. Finn sighed in appreciation of the gesture. Rae slowed the kiss and returned to her previous position. She simply smiled at him and brought her toast to her lips. Finn brushed a crumb away from the corner of her mouth and ran a finger under her jaw.
They enjoyed the rest of their breakfast in companionable silence. Both thought idle chat would spoil the mood.
Once they were finished, Rae cleared their dishes and took them to the kitchen. Finn and she did the washing up together. They sang along with the Morrissey album Finn had put on after Oasis.
While drying a dish he leaned into Rae crooning The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get. Rae flicked water off her fingertips at him loving every moment.
“God Finn, you’ve got a nice singing voice. You’ve got me thinking you should sing some of those tracks you help other artists record.” She raised her eyebrow at him and smirked.
He waved her off and dismissed her with a muttered, “Ah, I’m fair but I’m better at the mixing board.”
Closing the cupboard, Rae leaned against the counter. She smiled at Finn. He threw the tea towel he’d been using to dry their plates over his shoulder and came over to her. Leaning against her, his hips resting on her hips, he touched his lips to Rae’s.
“So girl, what are your plans for this fine Sunday?” He was hoping they would still have time to spend together. Monday loomed and Finn was fighting it.
Rae was just about to answer when a chorus of She’s Electric came from the table by the front door. Finn quickly backed away from Rae saying, “Shit, that’ll be work. Back in a tick, yeah?” He squeezed her hand and hustled to get his phone.
Rae blew out a breath. She was hoping for more time with Finn but if he had work commitments she would understand.
She heard his muffled voice get louder as he came back to the kitchen with his phone to his ear. He said, “Yeah mate, I’ll be there. We’ll get it settled today. Ta, Arch.” He ended the call and smiled as he caught Rae’s eye.
“Do you have to go?” She was trying to hide her disappointment.
Finn shrugged and said, “Well, I do have to go by the studio today. My mate, Archie, is finishing up some marketing material or summat. Anyway, he needs me to sign some contracts.”
“That’s OK, Finn if you have to go….” She trailed off.
Scrubbing a hand over the back of his neck he looked at her.
“I was thinking you might want to come with me? You could see my studio. With your background I thought you might fancy it?” He looked at her from under his eyelashes. Rae thought he was so handsome she might faint. She blinked and actually absorbed what Finn had said.
“Ya serious?” Her excitement was hard to contain.
Finn laughed at her big eyes and open mouthed smile. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.
“Of course. As long it won’t be too boring for ya, girl.”
Rae narrowed her eyes at his teasing.
“It may be just diverting enough for me, Finnley.” She swatted his arm and scrunched her nose at him.
“Grand. That’s settled. As soon as you get yourself ready, we’ll stop by mine and then we’ll head to the studio.” He kissed her nose and let her go.
Rae bounced on her toes and almost ran down the hall to get dressed.
As she moved around her room and got herself together she called out, “And Finn, I did need to get my set list together for my debut broadcast. I have some ideas but I would love to finalize it. Think you’d be up for helping me decide?” She stuck her head around the door and found him standing in the hallway getting his jacket.
Finn’s heart leapt that she asked for his assistance. He might get to hear songs on the air that he selected with Rae. Chuffed beyond measure he just nodded, a goofy grin on his face. Shooting him a cheeky grin, Rae disappeared around the corner and continued to get herself ready. Suddenly Rae came back around the corner, just enough to see her face. Finn looked at her and she stretched out a bare arm and threw Finn’s shirt at him. He caught it without breaking eye contact with Rae. She leaned out a little more to show some bare shoulder and tossed her head back as she returned to her bedroom.
He shouted after her, “Are you trying to kill me, girl?” Her laughter carried through the flat. Finn pulled his shirt over his head. Rae’s delicious scent clung to the fabric. He debated changing when they got to his flat. Having Rae’s fragrance clinging to him all day was tempting.
Finn couldn’t believe his luck. His gorgeous new girl was excited to visit his studio and he was excited to get to help her choose the tunes for her show. Shaking his head he felt happier than he could remember. Putting a hand over his heart, he tried to calm its incessant beating. Finn was king of playing cool, until Rae. She was inspiring him to open himself up and share more of what mattered to him. Rae made it easy to be honest. He should have felt exposed, vulnerable, but nothing so negative had crossed Finn’s mind in the last forty eight hours. All he wanted was to show more of himself to her. And he longed to know every bit of her. This Sunday would give him a chance…

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punchycatte  asked:

[dream] - “What is a common dream they have?

The small creature sat in silence. A thin trickle of light illuminating the top of her blonde head from above, shadows cast over her features as she viewed the scene from outside her own body. Her long tail was curled almost artfully around her leg, hands resting on her knees. Normally her dreams were violent, terrifying, but the scene was oddly peaceful.

She lifted her hands, offering palms up to the darkness before fire flared with a sharp hiss from her digits, reaching out to illuminate her surroundings. Bodies were laid in neat order, forming an expanding circle around her. The farthest dressed in makeshift leather armours, three males. After was a long line of peoples clad in Garlean armous. The closest body was a Raen, dressed in leather and rugs.

“Daichi. Eito. Sachihiro. Uknown Garlean number one…”

She slowly listed off the bodies, the light retreating from each as it was named. There was sorrow in her words, though her diminutive frame made no motion beyond speaking. Often she woke up before she finished, but this was a rare time where the last name left her lips wit a falter.


She was alone in the dark again as her head lifted, looking around in a lost manner. A hand came from the darkness, sliding across her shoulders from behind to embrace her. Another rested on an arm. Another curled fingers around her tail. More and more found purchase on the little Raen until she was drowning in a sea of hands. She didn’t struggle as they pulled her into the darkness, surrounded by the embrace of those she counted herself guilty for, those who’s blood stained her hands. As the last motes of light faced from her view, the Raen snapped awake, clutching at the bedding as her brow knit and she curled up.

Yes, many of the nightmares were fading, but what took their place was not much better now.