her kissing him back :'D!

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running into an ex hadn’t been part of clara’s plan for the night. the intention had been to go to her best friend’s engagement party, have some fun and then go back to maverick’s. it had probably been a little stupid of her to not expect him to be there, especially when her best friend’s fiancee was best friends with him, but even with him in the same vincitiny, clara was determined to enjoy her night. at some point, she managed to find herself alone with him and it was only when his lips were pressed against her own that she realized what was happening. there was no kissing him back on her part and she’d quickly pushed him away, but there was still a sinking feeling of guilt in her stomach that wouldn’t disappear. no longer able to enjoy her night and not wanting to spend any more time with her ex than what was needed, clara left the party with an apology, her only intention being to see maverick. part of her didn’t understand why she felt so guilty, she and maverick weren’t exactly official, they were just having some fun but she knew she had to tell him. only fifteen minutes had passed by the time she found herself at his door, knocking hard as she ran her fingers through her hair. there was a small hope that the little black dress she was wearing would distract him from the fact that there was something wrong. plastering a small smile on her face, clara closed the gap between them as soon as the door was open and pressed her lips against his own, taking comfort in the fact that he was in front of her. “you’re coming with me next time.”