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Alice had been in the middle of talking when he’d kissed her suddenly. She shoved him back and wiped her lips on her sleeve. “What the hell pretty boy?”

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Baby and Maloley part 2

We walked into our brand new house. It’s a beach community. I know Darcy will love it here.

I see the boxes sitting in the entry way waiting to be unpacked and moved into our house.

I walk over to the small boxes which are Darcy’s. “Hey D you wanna help momma decorate your room?” She smiles and takes my hand as a box is steadied under my arm.

We walk into her room, which is princess pink. I felt my phone buzz. I quickly put the box on the unmade bed. It was text from an unknown number, ‘hey Y/N it’s Nate’. ‘Hey Nate.’ I smile at my phone.

‘Whats up?’ 'Unpacking Darcy’s room. You?’ I felt like a 16 year old again texting my crush. 'Nothing, you want some help? Me and Sammy could help.’ I quickly nodded, then I remember he can’t see me. 'Yes I’d love that.’ I text back. 'Cool send me the address and we’ll be right over.’ So I quickly type in the address.

“Hey D you wanna see Nate and Sammy?” I ask her excitedly. “Yes!” She smiled. “Is one of them gonna be my new daddy?” She asks.

It strikes a cord with me. Her biological father lives in Kentucky. When he got me pregnant it was one of the weekends I stayed with him. It was nice having someone I could run too but after everything he was the one to run away. I tried for 6 months after she was born for him to come see her, but he never did. I gave up hope with him.

“Honestly I don’t know.” I say truthfully. “I hope Nate is.” I laugh at her and set her back down on her feet. I hear the doorbell ring. “Be right back.” I scurry down the stairs to the front door. I swiftly open the door. Nate and Sammy standing there. “Hey, we’re ready to work.” Nate says. I smile at the both of them. “Okay I’d thought we’d start with Darcy’s room.” “Okay. Lead the way boss.” Sammy says to me. I roll my eyes at his comment. We walked back up the stairs to Darcy’s room. She’s playing with her barbies that she got out of the box on her bed. “I see you found the barbies.” I laugh at my 2 year old. “Yep.” “Say hi D.” “Hi.” She says uninterested.


After what seemed like a whole day. Darcy’s room was finally liveable for a 2 year old. “Now what?” “My room I guess.” Not really wanting help with it but it needs to get done and it’ll never get done with just me. “Okay.” Nate smiles.


My room was completely done. Nate and Sammy were an amazing help. “Thank you guys.” I say as we were standing in the entry way. “It’s honestly no big deal.” Nate said. “Bye Darcy.” He says to the toddler in my arms. “Bye Nate.” She smiles at the handsome man in front of me. “Can I play with you again sometime?” Nate asks her. “Yes.” She says excitedly. “How about tomorrow?” He asks her. “Can he mommy?” She smiles her innocent little smile. “Yes he can.” I smile to Nate. “Awesome I’ll see you tomorrow then.” He waves as he backs out of the front door. “Bye guys.” I say as I close the door and set Darcy down.


I lay Darcy down in her bed. “Mommy?” She looks at me as I kiss her forehead. “Yeah?” I look at her. She’s the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever met in my life. “Do you like Nate?” I blush at her question. “I don’t know.” I say truthfully. “It’s bed time. Night.” I kiss her lips and tuck her more into the bed. “Love you Darcy.” “Love you Mommy.” Her eyes flutter shut. I smile at her as I get up and walk into my room.

Being a teen mom was and still is hard. I wasn’t one of the statics though. I graduated high school, I graduated college, I moved out to LA got an amazing job as a event planner.


It’s noon, the time Nate told me he’d be here. As that thought went through my head the doorbell rang. I quickly looked to Darcy, “Nate!” She ran to the door and I quickly followed her. I opened the door to reveal a smiling Nate. He bent down to Darcy’s level and she gave him a big hug. “Nate follow me.” She grabbed his rough looking hands.

“Hold on I’ll be there in a sec go get everything set up.” He said still smiling at her. She smiled, “okay.” She ran to the living room. “Hey.” He looked at me. “Hey thanks for coming over.” “No prob, I love little kids.” I smiled at his comment. He kissed my cheek. I blushed so red. “So I better go see what Darcy is doing?” He said as he walked into the living room. I smiled at his eagerness to play with my daughter. Maybe this guy is the one.


Nate is such a good sport, he let Darcy put makeup on him and he played tea party with her. She needs someone like this. She needs a father in her life. I thought I could do this on my own, but seeing this I realized all little girls need their father.

He smiled at me and shook me out of my thoughts. I looked down at the time on my phone, ‘2:00’. “Darcy it’s nap time.” I said with a smile. She looked at me sad. “Do I have to mommy?” I shook my head. “Hey how about I help mommy put you down for a nap, and I’ll even wait for you to get up so we can play some more.” Nate suggested. “Okay.” She said sweetly to him. I scooped her up in my arms and we walked up to her room. I layed her down in her bed. “Nate you should wear make up more often you’re pretty with it.” Darcy says sleepily. I smile to Nate. “Okay.” He smiled and kissed her forehead. “Night.” “Night.” She said back to him. “Love you D.” I say. “Love you mommy.” Me and Nate walk out of her room and walk back down to the living room.


“You didn’t have to do any of this.” I look at Nate. “It’s fine. I like Darcy.” “She likes you too.” I admit. “Well I like you too.” He says as his face inches closer to me. “I like you too.” My heart beat increases. “Can I kiss you?” He asks about an inch from my face. I shake my head, to nervous to speak.

His lips softly touched mine. His lips soft and perfect. He pulled away after seconds. “Wow.” Was all I could manage to say. “Yeah.” He smiled. “Go out with me Saturday night?” He asked. “Okay.” I said still taken aback by the kiss.