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In the middle of 1950s Tove was very, very lonely. Her letters of that time are melancholy, as she desperately yearned for true love. By this time she was very interested in dating women (as to her, Atos Wirtanen was in a way the last man she wanted to love). But circles were small in a small town, where homosexual acts were both a disease and illegal.

It was 1955, when Tove met Tuulikki Pietilä. They knew each other vaguely by looks. They had attended Ateneum’s art school at the same time but Tuulikki was few years younger and usually students spent time with their own language group (Tove spoke Swedish, Tuulikki Finnish).

The love story which lasted until their deaths, almost half a century began at Pikkujoulu party (”Little Christmas” in Finnish, a party traditionally held in anticipation on Christmas, usually among coworkers or friends) arranged by Finnish art society. Tove asked Tuulikki to dance, but she declined - probably out of propriety. But later Tuulikki sent Tove a card picturing a striped cat and asked her to visit her atelier.

Next summer Tuulikki visited Tove at an island. Love was born. Tove wrote; “I have finally come home to that one person whom I want to be with”. The picture of a striped cat was always and still is on the wall of Tove’s atelier. The couple spent their summers together on an island and winters working in their ateliers, which were right next door from each other.

It can be said that Tuulikki saved Moominvalley. By the time they began their relationship, Tove was absolutely tired of Moomins. Tuulikki’s support restored Tove’s belief in Moomins and they became an important hobby to them both.

Moomin book Moominland Midwinter (1957) is a book about loving and falling in love with Tuulikki. And it really shows. In the book, Moomintroll (who is an avatar of Tove Jansson) wakes up in the middle of unfamiliar and eerie winter, facing loneliness and death for the first time. In the middle of all cold and silence Moomintroll finds Too-Ticky, who’s calmly watching a snow lantern. Too-Ticky is robust and strong with blonde hair and a knife at her hip; everything Tuulikki was.

Too-Ticky becomes Moomintroll’s calm and supportive mentor. She never gives ready answers and instead gently guides Moomintroll as he grows and learns. It is Too-Ticky who says the phrase which Tove repeated often in her interviews and which was seemingly one of her most important philophies: “Everything is insecure and that makes me calm”.

After Tuulikki’s first visit Tove wrote; “I love you both enchanted and very calm at the same time, and I don’t fear anything that might await us”. After finding Tuulikki, Tove described how much calmer and safer she felt. Whole living felt easier.

I will never be over Sherlock Holmes practically pleading with Molly Hooper to say “I love you” to him.


“I cackle every single day.”

Helena Bonham Carter’s glorious laugh


Normani & Val || Interview + Performance on Ellen - 05.08.17

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Hi! Can I have a model MC with RFA+Saeran+V? Thank you very much in advance! :)

Hope you like it!^^

RFA + Saeran and V with a model MC


  • Guess who made it to the hottest celebrity couple’s list this year?
  • At first, he doesn’t really enjoy the sexy photo shoots you eventually do, but he won’t judge or get possessive.
  • Because he tries to be understanding of you career as much as you understand his.
  • Plus, he loooooves the attention you two get. He reads social media comments about how people can’t help but imagining you two fucking… which… arouses him more than he would admit to you or to himself.
  • It’s so great when you go with him to his premieres, and he’s always on the first row of your fashion shows, and there’s so much buzz all over the media because of that.
  • That photo shoot you two did together almost got banned for being too sexy, the chemistry was too obvious and everybody could tell you two definitely had sex after it was over.
  • Sometimes, the attention bother you two a little, which makes the private and reserved moments more special.
  • In moments like this, you two go to your family’s house, or just hop on his bike and leave to his secret place.
  • You two take a lot of selfies, but just the closest ones have the right to see such exclusive pictures.


  • Well, he did not see that coming…
  • Poor boy gets even more insecure, why would someone so talented, beautiful and relevant date him?
  • He getting all self conscious only boost your need to show your affection in public. People will know you’re taken by him, and nobody can say shit about it.
  • And most of the time, it works, he’s looking at all these guys envying him, and he won’t lie, it’s a great feeling.
  • But media can be really mean saying you’re dating a minor or weird shit like that, and there goes all the confidence you’ve been trying so hard to build up on him.
  • So you take him to your photo shoots, introduce him to everybody you work with. Designers, photographers, editors, everybody! Just to show them you’re dead serious about this relationship.
  • One day, you took him to one of your fashion shows, you even managed to make him meet you backstage.
  • All the other models l o v e him, he’s so sweet and devoted to you, and it’s cute how he is trying not to look at them so you won’t get mad.
  • They are all around him as if he is a puppy, and you keep telling them to go easy on him, are you jealous? He won’t deny he kinda likes it.
  • Next day, there is a photo of boy Yoosung being pampered by all those gorgeous models all over the news
  • No need to say it would take a lot to make his confidence go down after that.


  • She’s legitimately proud for all of your accomplishments.
  • Also, she loves how you don’t let fame get the best of you, you manage to keep sweet, humble and it’s nothing like a diva.
  • Of course sometimes she’s a little insecure, what someone like you could even see on a dull owner of a coffee shop?
  • But just a little affection in public and some public statements from you about her on interviews, and she forgets her insecurities.
  • She helps with everything she can, she cooks for you, trains with you (she taught you some judo stuff) and makes sure nobody bothers you when you’re resting before a major campaign or fashion show.
  • Seriously, she basically manages you better than your own manager.
  • You’re constantly bringing her along in your gigs, and she’s legitimately honored to be surrounded by so many talented and inventive people.
  • People you work with really like her because she always offer coffee to them, courtesy of her coffee shop, of course.
  • And they always manage to pay her back, giving her hair products, make-up, designer clothes, everything that fascinates her about your world.
  • She often gets shy because of all the attention she usually gets through you, and sometimes she has to excuse herself from all of this.
  • But she felt so proud when you got a GLAAD Award for being such an LGBTQ icon on the fashion industry.
  • Which you two celebrated by yourselves, on her coffee shop.


  • The elegant stride, the perfect posture, the look in your eyes… you felt very familiar to him at first.
  • Then he remembered, you modeled for one of his company products! You did such a great job, and you were so professional and hardworking.
  • His father noticed that too and made a move on you during break, that’s why he remembers so vividly, oh god…
  • Apologizes one hundred times and makes his father apologize too, which flusters you, because you were completely fine with this before.
  • He doesn’t like seeing you just in underwear on billboards all over town, but he would hate to see you act unprofessionally and not doing a gig just because your boyfriend told you so.
  • But he will introduce you to all the most renowned photographers and designers to get you to the more high artistic fashion, think less Calvin Klein ads and more Vogue Japan editorials. (shhh, don’t tell him some of them can be really sexy too)
  • When you two get tired of the spotlight, he plans a trip to one of his private beaches (Yes, one of)
  • And will sue any magazine who gets exclusive shots of your little vacation
  • Talking about another power couple. He doesn’t really like the attention, but he can’t hold back a soft smile whenever he hears things like “just imagine their kids”, because he’s definitely imagining.


  • When he hacked into your phone and saw you through the CCTV, he fell off his chair in shock
  • You’re… you’re that girl from the car show! The one who convinced him to take one of his babies
  • He wasn’t really fond of the idea of getting that particular car, but you managed to convince him with strong arguments about the car’s features and maybe with your sweet smile.
  • So yeah, he’s pretty much a fan now he knows your name and where to find your portfolio.
  • When you two get together, he doesn’t really enjoy the idea of seeing you in car shows like a product that comes along with the cars
  • So he does what he did to Zen, a Tripterbot to spam pictures of you so you can get better gigs.
  • Which slowly starts to work, as you’re getting more job offers for photo shoots and even some fashion shows.
  • Even with the whole agency thing being over, he’s still not confident to be seen in public with you
  • So he starts to wear masks and paper bags when you start getting famous, and people think your boyfriend is trying to make public statement or he’s a mysterious dj or something like this, which only helps increasing your popularity.
  • He feels like a proud mom when you get to be spokesperson for a famous car brand. You’ve come a loooong way since being an accessory at car shows.


  • You weren’t a big deal when he led you to Rika’s apartment, so he thought you would still be suitable according to all his research
  • And let’s say he really wanted to take a pretty face to paradise when RFA would get finally destroyed…
  • But as he got to know you, he noticed you were so much more than a pretty face, you were actually a very smart lady starting a business with hair products under your name
  • When you get together, he takes as his personal mission to help you with your business and make you a big deal in this industry.
  • Congratulations! You got a boyfriend who works as your social media analyst, he knows exactly what you should post to get attention from model agencies and customers to your business.
  • He feels really weird and flustered though all the process of taking pictures of you, but deep down he loves to help you and you both know that
  • When it comes to your relationship, he’s obviously not comfortable about being seen in public, so yeah… he keeps it at a low profile
  • The media just knows you’re taken thanks to a mysterious tattoo you have on your nape, and there are all the speculations about your boyfriend being that famous singer who last music video had you as a feature, or a politician, maybe someone from the royal British family? You never confirm or deny, so the buzz keeps going and boosting likes on your Instagram.
  • Another move your social media analyst made sure to pull it off.


  • Match made in heaven
  • It’s just… perfect! He wants to be the photographer of every one of your photo shoots
  • And when is not possible, he makes sure to get you to work with someone he trusts that will do a good job.
  • Of course he’s very professional and won’t mind you sharing the camera lens with another model
  • It’s not because he’s your boyfriend, but he’s genuinely your favorite photographer to work with, you love how he’s able to capture so many different nuances from you, you can be sexy, you can be high-fashion or very pure and ethereal with just a few clicks from him.
  • But he’s modest and says it’s all your doing, he’s just capturing what it’s in front of his eyes.
  • He also always have the best shots of you in fashion shows, well, not only you, but of all the other models. The media, however, always points out how your pictures are obviously being taken by someone who’s in love with you.
  • Both of you think it’s cheesy, but… it is kinda true, actually.
  • Again, power couple. You’re so respected on your work fields. If separated, you two are great, together you are able to make it look it’s magic.
  • However, you’re both very discreet. But he’s planning a book of random pictures he took of you when you weren’t modeling (though it looks like you were)

Black twitter and Tumblr dragged/dragging my girl over misconstrued comments and a poorly written paragraph. I don’t kiss ass and I will call out my favs when they’re wrong but she ain’t say nothing wrong here. 

Baby girl was just having a totally different convo about her experience being biracial and not feeling accepted at times, which is valid. But lawd folks took it out of context and said she was blaming colorism for her lack of success, which she wasn’t. The writer didn’t do a good job transitioning to her experience with being mixed and that whole paragraph was just wonky. 

Tinashe clarification below (she was asked did she say colorism is preventing  her from being successful, she replied no and clarified further with this tweet). The grapejuice write up was a mess. They took away everything she was saying in her Guardian interview and misconstrued it even more by fusing three comments from different parts of the article into one smh.

“Playing Jackie Kennedy is scary. I was nervous at first, and I started by doing a lot of research. The biographies on her are all a little bit trashy, but the transcripts of her interviews with the historian Arthur Schlesinger were really helpful. He taped everything, and you can hear Jackie’s voice. Her intellect and her wit and what she’s bitter about are immediately apparent. At the same time, I was going to costume fittings and makeup tests. When I put on the Jackie wig, the physical and emotional sides came together. The hair itself is so iconic that once you have it right, you can start to see Jackie. I don’t really look like her, but I felt like I was in her skin.” 

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Violet xo

FUCK DO NOT GET ME STARTED!!!??? i think violet may be my fav queen of all time. i just…i have such a soft spot for her and she’s the one i’ve been most consistent stanning and i always, always go back to her. i admire everything about her. EVERYTHING. i admire her beauty, her strength, her wit, her intelligence, her drive, how well spoken she is, how unapologetic she is, how inspiring she is, EVERYTHING EVERYTHING EVERYTHING! i think she’s honestly one of the most visually intelligent people out there and i emphasize visual INTELLIGENCE because she’s not just a pretty face? bitch designs these high fashion creations that most drag queens could never dream of fabricating! she always looks like perfection in the most ethereal of ways and that’s a talent in itself. all her lqqks are so calculated and well thought out and well imagined! i would love to pick her brain tbh. i also love how driven she is and how she works so fucking hard to be the level of perfection that she is now yet she’s somehow always taking it higher? i die when people joke about her having no gigs because that couldn’t be further from the truth! BITCH IS FUCKING BOOKED? since she’s transcended the world of drag into the world of high fashion and burlesque, i feel like every esteemed person in the business wants to work with her and WHY WOULDN’T THEY?! she’s a fucking legend at 24 years old and she’s accomplished so much!!!!! i also wanna point out that she’s far from just a visual masterpiece or visual artist. her performances are nothing like i’ve seen before. her burlesque numbers or her AERIALS? GRRL!!!!! lastly though i love how smart she is and how well spoken she is. i read her interviews daily for inspiration because everything that comes out of her mouth is so cleverly worded and can literally spark movements! i love how vocal she is about queer issues - specifically trans exclusion, misogyny in the gay community and the lack of representation in non binary folk! violet is so unapologetically herself and she murders me with everything she does. i have all the love and respect in the world for her! she’s truly a gift to this world.

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Just watched season 2 loved kalagang moments can't get enough of them why do you think wolfgang never says kalas name and how did lila knows about kala its bit confusing

From writer’s perspective, I think that Lana (and other writers) maybe looking for exact moment – the right moment where Wolfgang says Kala’s name and the world becomes so much better, lol. Maybe they’re just saving it for the very last moment of series. That’s just one theory.

I think the reason that’s keeping Wolfgang from saying her name out loud is fear. Fear of letting her completely into his heart; or maybe it’s fear of others hurting Kala because of him.

Kala – her whole existence means everything to Wolfgang. Max said in the interview that Wolfgang’s feelings for Kala is really deep…which he hasn’t felt to anyone before. Max also said Wolfgang doesn’t really like the feeling that he might get hurt by it. So even though he said “I love you” to Kala, maybe there’s still a part of him that’s trying to defend himself from all these raw and deep emotions. So saying Kala’s name might symbolize that he belongs to her – he gives himself to her completely.

At the same time, we’ve seen enemies around him hurt those Wolfgang deeply cares about – Felix. Now his enemies are not just some mafias in Germany. There’s BPO, Lila, and maybe more…who knows. It’s sad but Wolfgang is always gonna be surrounded by danger. Even Wolfgang himself is a dangerous person and he knows it – that’s why he pushes Kala away, telling her she should marry Rajan. He knows the risk of saying her name out loud in his world. Obviously, he wouldn’t want to see Kala get hurt because of him.

As for the question about Lila knowing Kala. Technically she doesn’t know Kala. If you’re asking about the bathroom scene (and Wolfgang’s bedroom scene in season finale), she can’t actually see Kala. She just knows the presence of her. So it’s basically, Lila knows there’s someone Wolfgang loves, but she doesn’t really know who that is.

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Watching fetus 5h vids and wow how they have changed but like Camila matured the most!!! I love how she still kept her like bit of goofiness and dorkiness but damn she's like matured soooo soooo much in like everything her voice, her disposition, in interviews, in her performance, her body, her aesthetic like I miss fetus Camila but I also love mature Camila

…I’m obsessed with mature Camila.😩

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When She Sees You

When She Sees You

Okay, this one’s kinda short, but I wrote it first for supercat week. I think it’s really cute, and just be aware, this is a lot less cocky Kara and a whole lot more scientifically advanced Cat. Well, a bit. Cat knows her languages, it’s a thing she likes learning. Kryptonian is one of those languages. This is set before the series, the time Kara comes in for her interview, as we see a flashback of in season 1. It doesn’t go quite the same way.

Rated teen +. Trust me, I could do more, but… I had 7 stories to write in a week, so yeah. You want a follow up? DM me on Tumblr or here in the comments, and I’ll do my best. I’m a bit busy this month, since the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is around, and I have the best cosplay I have ever put together this year. I can’t wait for all of you to see it, there will be hundreds of pics after May 1st.


The day Kara’s world tilted off it’s regular set axis was the day she walked into Cat’s office and everything suddenly came into full colour. On Krypton, there was a rhythm to finding love. From birth, you saw colour, but you missed one. The eye colour of the person destined to you. Once you found your soulmate, saw him or her for the first time, you suddenly saw that colour as well. It was shocking, a stunning reveal, and never in history had this chosen fate been incorrect. For instance, Kara’s blue eyes would mean that her soulmate would never see blue until he saw her. And vice versa. Kara actually much liked the idea, but assumed she would always be alone, since Krypton was gone, and on Earth they had no such customs. Kara just boiled it down to say she’d always be alone, and considered her friends here her family, even Cat, her boss.

But standing here, stalk still, for her interview with Cat Grant, Kara’s words failed her. Suddenly everything was bright, and she could see the trees and the weirdly coloured mug on the desk, and leaves, and… Cat’s beautiful green eyes. Green. That was her colour. The one she’d never seen before. Kara swallowed, barely managing to keep her balance, and felt her world blue around her and her lips part. Kara stared, transfixed, at those beautiful orbs of colour while everything inside her mind shifted and regrouped, her past coming back like a sharp blade to her heart, and Kara spoke.

Without realizing her actions, the next words that escaped Kara’s lips were old, and curled with her ancient accent, and beautiful with her bold bell like voice, and… Kryptonian.

My confirmed soulmate, to you, our unity, only you, forever, beautiful.

Rahzh Ewuhsh Zrhymin, vo Rraop Kah Uchahvia, Chaviah Rraop uldif, Zrhueaio.

And then she fainted.


The next thing Kara saw was blurry faces and soft green eyes staring back at her. Kara felt soft hands on cheek, heard startled voices, but one tone above all others, from this woman. This woman. Cat Grant.

Kara blinked a few times, squinting, trying to block out the bright light. Suddenly everything was way too strong, the ceiling lights, the sunlight off the balcony doors, the stark white and cream of the office, and mostly, Cat’s wild green, worried eyes.

“Are you alright?”

Kara sighed at the voice, and lolled her head to the side, into the gold pillow beside her as her heart beat a wild drumbeat against her ribs, her mind racing and spinning, making Kara dizzy and weak all over again. Kara wanted to speak, to say something, anything, but couldn’t make the words come. The feeling of Cat’s fingers, so delicate and soft, over her skin, gently brushing her hair from her forehead, Kara’s body arched closer to the touch despite her will to stay put flat the the soft cushions of the sofa.

“Can you hear me? Say something. Do you need me to call you an ambulance?”

Kara shook her head no, just barely, and whispered the only words that came to her mind right then. The only words she had for this beautiful woman.

My one. My soulmate. I have found you.

Rahzh chahv. Rahzh zrhymin. Khuhp Kehp Ahvrig rraop.


Something clicked in Cat’s mind at those words. The word zrhymin. Cat knew it. It wasn’t human. It was… Kryptonian.

Cat looked up abruptly at the staff all standing around her, unsure of what they should do, a little dizzy in her mind, and told them to leave, to leave her alone with this girl. Cat knew. Even the queen of all media had hobbies, and besides writing short stories and shopping for shoes and fountain pens, Cat had a slight obsession with Superman and his language. Cat loved languages, she knew several fluently, and despite not knowing it as much as she would prefer, she knew the rumors about aliens. One of those rumors proven true, among a few other small ones, that certain aliens had soulmates.

Cat had rarely believed in such fancy things, but if aliens from thousands of light years away lived on earth, with powers and strength, well then Cat had to wonder, maybe soulmates weren’t such a stretch after all, considering.

Cat watched as everyone slowly left, talking and gossiping already, and turned back to the girl still lying on her sofa. Her eyes were on everything, every sparkle, every glint and shine, squinting at them, then looking at Cat nervously, meeting her eyes.

Cat stared into those blue blue eyes, just like Superman’s, and realized now she must be somehow related to him, not just one of his kind. She had to be… close to him. Those blue eyes, so dark and wild… there were stars in those beautiful blue orbs. Constellations. A whole new universe.

That one word repeated like a drum in Cat’s mind, one of the few words of Kryptonian she knew. Zrhymin. Soulmate. Kryptonians had one soulmate. One and one alone. That much Cat knew of the alien race, from her lengthy studies of it. And by the way this girl was staring at everything, anything, staring at anything green, Cat figured out what was happening. All of a sudden everything was still and clear, and despite Cat’s shock and sheer wonder at what had just happened in the last 10 minutes, she couldn’t help a smile.

Underneath her cold office attitude, she was a romantic at heart. And wasn’t it the most romantic thing to imagine finding the one person you’re meant to be with, after probably imagining you never would. Cat grinned at the beautiful girl and grasped her fingers, bringing them up to her lips for a soft kiss. If Cat was this girl’s one soulmate in the universe, well, she wouldn’t deny the girl. She thought about her previous marriages, failed, twice, and her son, Carter, and decided trying again might not be a bad idea, even if this girl was easily half her age.

“I’ve got you. Take your time relaxing. What’s you’re name?”

“Kara Dan… uh, Kara. Kara Zor-El.”

“Zrhueaio, Kara Zor-El.” Cat whispered, one of the few words Cat knew how to properly pronounce, pulling the shaking girl into a tight hug. It would take a while for her to calm down, if what Cat had read was true. It was a traumatic experience, suddenly seeing colour, light, more than you ever knew. Cat knew it would take the girl time, and she was only just glad that this girl was lucky enough to find her soulmate, who knew some of her world. It was better than a stranger to it entirely. Cat took a deep breath against the girl’s skin, and sighed. This would be hard. But, hopefully, worthwhile in the end. “Rraop nahn zehdh.”

You are home.

Revenge, Interrupted (Part 5)

[Ch 1] [Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4]

Caroline burst out of the network headquarters, elated. She couldn’t believe how well her interview had gone. She had prepared for it painstakingly, reading up on everything she could find on the network, and even going shopping to buy some work outfits.

They’d said they would get back to her by the end of the day, and she practically skipped over to the café across the street where Bonnie was waiting for her.

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