her instagram is precious

mlaynelawson: Throwback to one of my (many) favorite photos from the TRP shoot in #Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think this was planned – the silent shutter was enabled on my camera and we were just talking. #inbetweentakes  [x]

  • natvanlis Survived the first week of filming the #CarmillaMovie which has been a wonderful ride so far! But I also can’t help missing my prince even while I’m in my happy place. Looking forward to getting some R&R with my boy this weekend, while I regenerate for another amazing week! #scrappymuttsclub #saveourscruff 📷: @mlaynelawson [x]

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i absolutely love how Anna Saccone let's her son dress up in dresses, it makes me so happy

Did you see her Instagram story from this morning? It was so precious. Her children are SO beautiful. It makes my heart so full of love. xx

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I have a crush on Sabrina Carpenter, just sayin'

She has a nice voice, that’s for sure… I started crushing on Rowan first, then I followed her on instagram and twitter- she is so precious… and my crush on corey actually was really kicked into gear when i found that video of him protesting “f the patriarchy” lol my heart soared… *blushes*

Not really related to what you were saying, Anon, but yeah…..

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Not a supporter of G by any means but was curious if you ever liked a pic she shared? I liked the ones from the national park w/t the boys that was kinda it. Plz don't block me

No worries, nonnie! You’re not getting blocked, I see nothing here praising her or coming down on me for having an anti opinion. 

With that said, I have not liked a single picture she’s shared on her precious instagram, but I used to like the pictures she’d share on twitter from time to time. I think the picture she shared in February of 2016 was pretty cute and I love the picture from August of 2014. Just a cute picture of Cortese with the boys, it was obviously a picture taken on a phone and it’s clearly just a cute moment she wanted to share. Too bad those picture are now non existent.

I just really enjoyed when her posts were more sporadic and didn’t have an underlining meaning to them. Some celebrities make daily instagram posts and they never bother me, I actually look forward to some of them. But Cortese, she’s always got a hidden agenda and they’re never spur of the moment pictures. They’re always staged, professionally done, old or all of the above. She said she’ll be making weekly blog posts, she needs to start an instagram schedule if she wants half a chance at this lifestyle endeavor being a success.

Cortese is showing her true colors and those colors are UGLY.