her imitation of her mom is hilarious

W359 Episode 50 Thoughts


  • “I don’t need any more reminders of how I’m not in control of my own life.” Poor Lovelace is having to deal with so much shit and it makes me so sad. Not being in control even of her own body is probably the worst thing that could have happened to her.
  • “I always thought you were braver than I am.” I know Hera is trying to manipulate Lovelace here, but I do believe that this actually is true
  • I love Minkowski “voice of reason here” 
  • I love how Jacobi’s role is now just to make snarky/critical comments from time to time and be told to shut up.
  • Lovelace’s mediation breaths are so damn aggressive. It was like she was trying to blow someone’s house down. 
  • “Your heart rate is way too low” sounds like such a pickup line omg. Somehow needs to write a Minlace fic where Minkowski says that and then kisses Lovelace.
  • Eiffel just called Minkowski mom omg my headcanon came true!!!! 
  • Eiffel’s impression of Hilbert was hilarious. How can Zach Valenti convincingly play a character doing a shitty impersonation of another character he plays? He’s basically a genius.
  • Hera can imitate all the crew members. She has definitely used this to play practical jokes on the crew. 
  • Also she must be really powerful beyond her programming now because she was able to deliberately lie to her commanding officer without it even seeming to be difficult
  • “I wasn’t gonna die, I was just maybe gonna be comatose for a bit.” Eiffel does not place enough value on his own life and it’s really worrying me!! I’m kinda surprised Hera agreed to go along with that plan. There was such a large chance that it wouldn’t work and Eiffel would die for nothing.
  • It really stresses me out that Eiffel might get seriously hurt during a plan like this and Hera would have to deal with that guilt.
  • Even though the plan worked, the Dear Listeners didn’t really give any useful information or clues.
  • When Eiffel was in danger, Isabel ‘do-things-all-on-her-lonesome’ Lovelace’s first reaction was to call for Hera and Minkowski’s help.
  • Minkowski’s telling off Eiffel and Hera was so much like a mum giving her children a talking to! The found family vibes just get stronger.
  • I’m so worried for all my space children!!

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Hey me again. So I've been at dentist a lot lately (and by a lot I mean like everyday in the past week) and while sitting in the dental chair today I thought olicity plus dental work. Like Oliver broke his tooth or needs a root canal or something and he goes to the foundry gets a pair of pliers and tries to remove said tooth and Felicitys like woah no we'll go to a dentist and he's like no. Turns out Oliver is scared shitless of dentists. I would love for you to write something please. ☺️

(A silly fic. I started writing this a while ago - it’s an alternate canon ‘verse!)

“Where is your brother?”

Thea looked up from where she was parked on Roy’s lap, a goofy smile on her face. Felicity couldn’t help but smile at the sight of it - it had been two years since Roy had left Starling City, since Thea had gone after him and returned a few days later. A lot had changed, but their love for each other was still ridiculously obvious.

And if Oliver wasn’t over here ripping Roy’s arms off for the very obvious public displays of affection happening at that moment, then he was obviously elsewhere.

But where?

She was supposed to meet him at Verdant - recently reopened and already filled to the brim with a whole new wave of kids who were way too young to be there - after work to celebrate Thea’s birthday, and she’d been running a little late. Alright, a lot late, but she was here, and her boyfriend was not.

“I saw him slamming a few shots earlier,” Roy said, adjusting Thea in his lap. “He seemed crankier than usual.”

“He’s got a broken tooth,” Felicity supplied, imitating with her hands as she said, “He got hit with a lead pipe last week and he refuses to go to the dentist.” She rolled her eyes. “The idiot.”

“Oooh,” Thea said with a giggle. So she was tipsy. She clapped her hands, shaking her head. “Ollie hates the dentist! He’s probably ducked out somewhere with a bottle of tequila. He never brushed his teeth when he was little and he had to get a root canal - he literally hid from mom for an entire weekend, it was hilarious.”

“Is that so?” Felicity asked over Roy’s chuckles.

“Check the basement, he sometimes goes down there during the day.”

“Thanks, Thea.” Felicity smiled at her and gave Roy a pointed look. “If you want your limbs intact, I suggest you run the second he sees you two like this.”

“Pffft,” Roy said, but Felicity caught him checking to make sure a chair was still next to them to deposit Thea in if her brother did appear.

Felicity made her way downstairs - the code still worked, although the door was a little more stuck than it used to be - and the first thing she heard was a loud crash.


Felicity hurried down the stairs, eyes flying around the old Arrow Cave. A wave of nostalgia hit her. It had been such a long time since she’d been down there. It was still in shambles, covered in years of dust and disuse, the ground still littered with debris from when Captain Lance & Co. had crashed in and torn it apart.

She nearly stepped on an arrowhead, but dodged around it, looking for Oliver.

Another crash sounded from the far corner and Felicity picked up her pace.

“Oliver! I’m pretty sure they covered answering when your name is called back in elementary school, and…” Her words trailed off when she found him leaning against a pillar - more specifically, when she saw what he was doing. “Oliver!”

Oliver pulled the pliers out of his mouth, turning to face her with the stupidest smile on his face.

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~12x02 codas keep making me cry, so I’m offering up a happy one lmao here goes~

“What are you doing?”

“Ordering dinner.” Mary looks up from the takeout menu with bright eyes. “You can do that over the phone, can’t you?”

Dean knocks his hip against the counter and squints at his mom. “Yeah. You planning on picking it up yourself?”

“Why is it that I feel like I’m the child here and you’re my mom?” She playfully raises her eyebrows at him to punctuate the question.

Dean smiles down at the floor. “Uh, overprotective I guess. I’d, uh, love it if you went and got us some grub. Let me just get the keys and–”

“I’ll need 10 dollars. I wasn’t resurrected with any cash.”

Dean doesn’t hold back his laugh as he pulls a wad of cash out of his back pocket. “You’ll need more than that, Mom. Wait ‘til you see gas prices.”

She frowns down at the bills in her hands, but she doesn’t say anything else. As she makes her way toward the garage, she pats his cheek.

When she’s almost out of the room, he calls after her and reminds her that she hasn’t placed the order yet. She laughs and hits her forehead. He shows her how to use an iPhone. She calls it ridiculous and asks why they even say it’s a phone when in reality its other uses far outweigh its ability to make calls. He blinks at her.

Some stress drops from Dean’s shoulders once his mom is out of the bunker. He grabs a beer out of the fridge and downs half of it before joining Sam and Cas in the war room. Sam is staring intently at his laptop while Cas reads an old Men of Letters journal to see if there’s anything about the British chapter.

As Dean walks around Cas’ chair, Cas reaches his hand up without taking his eyes away from the book. Dean hands over his beer, Cas takes a drink, hands it back, and Dean pulls a chair out and sits close enough to Cas that their legs are knocking under the table.

Dean sighs heavily and leans back in his chair, reaching his arm toward Cas so he can give him a neck massage. Cas very briefly closes his eyes before resuming his research.

“How you doing, Sammy?”

From the opposite end of the table, Sam offers a tightlipped smile and trains his eyes back to the screen. “Still think I’m hallucinating, but at least it’s pleasant for the time being.”

“Did you try–”

Sam lifts his hands and presses his thumb to the old scar in his palm.

Dean smiles and drinks his beer.

“You trusted your mother to take the car?”

“You eavesdropped?”

“It’s easier than actively blocking you out,” Cas deadpans.

Dean stops rubbing his neck but keeps resting his hand on the back of his chair. “Should I have stopped her? I mean, she’s getting us dinner when she’s a guest in our home. Doesn’t that make us bad hosts?”

Cas just barely rolls his eyes as he closes the journal. “When I was sick, you let me watch Netflix and eat all of your Lucky Charms. I think you’re a fine host.”

Dean smirks at him and squeezes his shoulder. “That’s when you started sleeping in my bed, too. I think I went above and beyond as a host.”

“I don’t think that would be appropriate with your mother.”

“OK, the hallucination is once again a nightmare,” Sam says seriously. He closes his laptop and heads toward the kitchen.

Dean scoots his chair closer to Cas so he can nose at his jaw.

“You don’t seem too concerned about the British Men of Letters.” Cas’ neck betrays his words by tilting to the side and angling toward Dean’s mouth.

“Too hungry to care right now.”

“You could’ve offered to cook. That probably would’ve taken less time than Mary picking something up.”

Dean stops kissing Cas’ neck. “Honestly, I thought she might offer to cook. I was about to ask her what she wanted to do for dinner when I found her hovering over a menu.”

“Did you even check to see what she ordered?”

Before Dean can answer, Mary walks in empty-handed. She stops in the middle of the room and plants her hands on her hips.

“They were backed up. Said it would take an hour to fill our order! I’m starving.”

After a pause, Cas says, “I see where Dean gets his impatience.”

“And my appetite apparently,” Dean adds as he stands. “Don’t worry, Mom, we have steaks in the freezer. I got it.”

They’ve got some onions and peppers and a freaking eggplant in the fridge, so Dean quickly throws together an orzo salad with macaroni noodles since they don’t have orzo. Once the steaks are thawed (in the microwave, but nobody needs to know that), he throws them on the grill, heads back inside and tells Cas to keep an eye on them. He definitely doesn’t waste five minutes passionately explaining to Cas how to make sure all the steaks turn out perfectly medium rare.

While he’s roasting some broccoli, carrots and zucchini, Mary comes up behind him and asks what he’s doing.

“Uh, just roasting some vegetables. We went to the farmer’s market right before…well, a few days ago. Everything’s still good. You good?”

“You’re roasting the vegetables?”

“Uh, yeah?”

“And they taste good that way?”

“You kidding me? They’re amazing. I didn’t know I liked broccoli until I tried roasting it.”


Dean mixes the not-orzo salad and lets the silence sit between them for a second.

“Oh! I gotta ask you. Um. That meatloaf you used to make when I was a kid. You still know the recipe?”

Mary laughs and takes a seat at the kitchen table. “Piggly Wiggly, sweetheart.”


“I hated cooking. Why do you think I gave you PB&J for lunch every day?”

Dean huffs a laugh and scratches the back of his neck. “That’s, uh–I gotta be honest, one of the main things I’ve thought about you over the past three decades is that you’re a good cook.”

She immediately gets up and walks over to him. “Well, we’re getting to know each other now.” She pats his back a few times. “So, show me how you roast these vegetables.”

By the time Cas comes in with the steaks, Mary is cutting up some feta and laughing as Dean goes through the list of all the different kinds of mac and cheese he made for Sam when they were kids.

“He’s gonna be pissed when he sees the macaroni noodles in the salad,” Dean says with a wink to Cas and a nod toward the table.

Cas sets the plate of steaks down and stands with his hands by his sides, waiting.

“Macaroni and feta,” Mary says.

“Babe, go get Sammy, would you?”

Once Cas leaves, the conversation dies.

Dean and Mary laugh some more as they navigate around each other to set the table. When Sam comes in and asks what’s funny, they shrug him off.

Dean takes his usual seat next to Cas and squeezes his hand before they start eating. It’s his way of saying grace, which Cas finds sacrilegious. And hilarious.

Mary immediately stuffs her face and sings Dean’s praises with her mouth full. Sam looks at her, slack-jawed, but doesn’t say anything.

Dean loves cooking. He’s good at it. Not because he was trying to imitate his mom or take care of his little brother–even though those things are true–but because he just loves cooking. And that’s something he can share with his mom, show his mom, because they don’t have it in common.

After dinner, they all sit around the table and talk for a long time. Dean rubs Cas between the shoulder blades like he always does and then he scoots himself closer to Cas like he always does and then he wraps his arm tightly around Cas like he always does and then Cas leans up against his chest practically in his chair like he always does.

It’s not until Cas lazily turns and presses a kiss to Dean’s cheek that Dean registers something.

“Uh, Mom?”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“You know Cas and I are–we’re–we have a, uh–I should’ve said–mentioned–”

Mary downs the rest of her beer. “You had a crush on John Travolta when you were 4, Dean.” She winks at Cas. “If you want my approval, you’ve got it.”

Family Love

A/N: So here’s the HP tickle fic where Ginny will get some lovely tickles! How about brothers and Harry as lers? ;D <3 Plays in the summer vacation before their 6th year (Half Blood Prince) so Harry is only mildly discovering his feelings for her.

Summary: Ginny is pretty screwed when she ends up being alone with Fred, George and Harry, and the twins are happy to be able to demonstrate how ticklish she is. To her horror, Harry seems to be quite enjoying this as well…

“Hi, Ginny. Where’s mom?” Fred asked after he, George and Harry entered The Burrow after having a marvelous time flying around on their broomsticks. 

“Out shopping. Phlegm went with her,” Ginny said, and she did a hilarious Fleur imitation that made Harry and her brothers laugh. 

“And she allowed you to stay here? Lucky you,” George said, and they walked to where she was sprawled on the couch. 

“Uhuh, poor mom, lucky me!” Ginny said, returning her attention to the book she was reading. 

“And where are Ron and Hermione?” Fred asked.  

“Upstairs,” was the short reply, and Fred and George exchanged glances with each other, wiggling their eyebrows.

“They are? I’ll -” Harry started, wanting to join his friends, but both Fred and George grabbed his arms and forced him to sit down on the other couch.

“Let’s leave those two alone, and grab this rare chance now shall we?” Fred said, and Harry looked at them in confusion.

“Chance?” he asked, and he watched how George carefully snuck towards Ginny while Fred quickly grabbed Ginny’s wand that was on the table. 

“Hey!” Alarmed, Ginny dropped her book and jumped off the couch, but George pounced on her and wrestled with her to pin her down.

“Harry, here!” Fred said, and Harry quickly caught Ginny’s wand that was thrown at him.

“No! I swear I’ll - ah! I’ll kill you two!” Ginny cursed while she was grabbed by both her brothers and stretched out on the couch. She kicked and struggled, but eventually George managed to sit on her arms, effectively pinning them above her head, and Fred sat on her legs.

“Guys, what are you..”  Harry said awkwardly as he watched the siblings struggle.

“Demonstrating something, Harry,” Fred said, smirking down at his younger sister who was still putting up a fight.

“Something that’s only possible without mom around, right Ginny?” George added, and he playfully pinched Ginny’s exposed side, making her gasp loudly.

“Ever told you how ticklish she is? Here, look.” Fred dug his fingers in Ginny’s ribcage, and George wiggled his fingers in both her armpits, making her body jerk while hysterical laughter filled the room.

“Aahahaha n-no doooon’t hehehehe! H-Hahaharry hehelp!” Ginny squealed, thrashing and struggling like a wild horse.

“W-woah,” Harry said, quite entranced by her laughter.

“I know right? And she really is ticklish about everywhere,” Fred explained, and he reached under Ginny’s legs and squeezed the back of her knees.

“Staahahap! N-not theheheere!” Ginny shrieked, pulling at her arms and legs desperately in an attempt to fight her brothers.

“Even her ears and neck, right Gin?” George said teasingly, and he fluttered his fingertips lightly from her ears down her neck, making her turn her head in an attempt to avoid the sensations.

“Wait, but isn’t that kind of.. torture?” Harry asked innocently, watching Ginny’s cheeks get a bright red color.

“Nope Harry, this is family love!” Fred replied, ignoring the curses that left Ginny’s mouth despite her laughter.

Harry nervously fiddled with Ginny’s wand while he watched the twins tickle their sister into hysterics. Fred now leaned backwards, pinning her legs down with his weight so he could tickle her socked feet.

“Come join, Harry! You won’t get another chance like this!” the twins sang playfully, and Harry hesitated.

“D-don’t you dahahahare Harrehehe!” Ginny warned through her adorable high pitched giggles. Still hesitating, Harry slowly shoved Ginny’s wand into his back pocket and made his way to the couch where the tickle torture was happening. 

He sat on his knees on the floor so he was beside the struggling girl and watched in fascination how Fred continued to tickle Ginny’s feet. George was back to tickling her underarms, leaving her sides and tummy free and he blushed shyly.

“Just tickle her Harry!” Fred yelled, his voice barely exceeding Ginny’s laughter, and Harry slowly lifted his hand and poked Ginny’s exposed side. Her body jerked immediately in response, and she shook her head wildly, her red hair flying all over the place.

“N-nahaha no H-haharry please!” she begged, and Harry smirked with a mixture of amusement and sympathy. He used both his hands to scribble all ten fingers from her side to her tummy, and Ginny squeaked and giggled.

“Squeeze her ribs, Harry!” Fred said while he used both hands to tickle Ginny’s socked feet mercilessly. 

“Like this?” Harry squeezed her ribs, and Ginny nearly launched off the couch. 

“That’s the spot!” George said, and he laughed at how he almost lost his balance there. 

“Guuuuys hehehehe p-pleheheease stop - I can’t breaaathehee!” Ginny pleaded, gasping for air and still giggling hysterically. She arched her back when Harry spidered his fingers up and down her sides and she let out another loud shriek.

That was when finally Hermione came running down with Ron after her.

“Guys!” she yelled at the trio, and Harry and the twins looked up in surprise. Suddenly feeling nervous to have all eyes on her, Hermione sputtered and she took a step back.

“Let her go!” she tried to sound strict, but the twins just exchanged glances with each other and raised their eyebrows.

“Or - I’ll tell Mrs. Weasley!” Hermione threatened, and Ron who stood behind her snorted.

“No you won’t. Ron, get her!” Fred said, and he and George suddenly jumped off the couch, and together with Ron they chased after Hermione who desperately ran for the stairs, yelling something like “don’t you dare Ronald!”.

Harry nervously sat by Ginny’s side as she lifted herself up and caught her breath. She glared at him but eventually let herself fall back down on the couch, totally exhausted.

“I swear, Mr. Potter. Give me back my wand, and tickle me again and I’ll -” Harry smiled and he pinched her side, making her squeak loudly.

“What?“ Harry asked innocently, and he sat higher on her knees so he could bend over her.

“H-Harry stop!” Ginny giggled, swatting at his hands and squirming. 

“I thought you said I should tickle you again,” Harry teased, and Ginny laughed and enjoyed the freedom she had now to roll around in an attempt to escape the tickles.

“W-wasn’t finishehehed!” she giggled, muffling her sounds when she managed to bury her face in the couch cushions. Harry finally stopped and allowed her to catch her breath. She sat up straight and brushed her hand through her messy hair.

“Right, that was just brutal Harry,” she said breathlessly, and they both laughed. Suddenly they could hear Hermione’s screaming laughter from upstairs, and both Harry and Ginny giggled nervously.

“Seems they got their next victim,” Ginny said, and Harry nodded with an awkward smile on his face. Right at that moment, they heard the door and Mrs. Weasley’s voice that said: “we’re hooome!”. 

“And now they’re doomed!” Ginny laughed, and she swiftly reached behind Harry, grabbed her wand and dashed off. Harry watched her go and smiled. Now that was some interesting family love…