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Omg I just had a thought for like a new Maggie story line possibly for season 3. (BTW this is all made up by me so) ok so what if, Maggie’s mom shows up in national city looking for Maggie so she can reconnect. Ok so we heard that her dad kicked her out and was a complete asshole but she didn’t really mention her mother. So what if her dad dies or something like that and then her mother tries to reconnect with her daughter because she’s always loved maggie it was just her father’s ideals getting in the way. And that she never agreed with kicking maggie out but she was too scared to say anything against her husband. And she tells Maggie that she has been watching over her and she was at her graduation from college and then the police force and that she is so proud of her. And Alex just holds her because she never thought she would hear those words come out of her mother’s mouth ever again, ever since she was a child.

Idk this just popped into my head but it’s like 3am so it’s probably just crazy😂

Lonely Night

This is a story with my oc Taylor, featuring @speedypan ’s oc Maia. Also, mentions of @maruthor ’s oc Lily.

“I just.. I feel alone and I can’t eat a thing.” Taylor explained to Maia once more, although she knew it was hopeless.

“I’m sorry Tay but Collin’s having his colics and I can’t go away… you should call Lily maybe.”  Maia’s voice spoke from the other side if the line

“She’s with Jason and I don’t want to take their time”

“I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” Maia gasped.

“It’s fine” Taylor sighed and rubbed her hand upon her swollen belly once more. “I’ll call someone else”

Resting on her couch on a Sunday night wasn’t ideal for her. She was sick of whatever was on TV and she wanted so desperately to be somewhere else right now, but having twins had taken a huge impact on her freedom.

She wanted to be at home, in Themiscyra, with her mother, but instead she was stuck in her apartment in Gotham, with no one by her side, alone, with two babies kicking from inside her belly.

She hated to be alone, because she was afraid. She still hadn’t talked about who was the father of her kids with anyone, except for some people, yet, which had caused her to be here, in this situation, most if her nights.

But she fine fine right? All she needed was pizza and some water and any movie on TV to get pass through the night. Because she couldn’t sleep. These last week’s she seemed to have lost her sleep. It all reminded her of when she was a kid.

Seeing the next movie was about to start in half an hour she ordered pizza and called Donna to tell her she was okay and that she had taken her medicine. Donna would call Diana then and let her know their sister was okay.

The familiar sound of Maia’s ringtone bloomed in the air and Taylor moved carefully to get her phone from the coffee table.

“Tay? Are you better now?”

“I ordered pizza and I’m drinking water. I’m having some tingles, but maybe it’s from the pizza”

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“No Maia I’m not.”

“Are you still alone?”

“Yes” Taylor sighed.

“Fuck” Maia cursed, this was bringing her so much stress. In her mind it’d be her fault if anything happened to Taylor

“It’s fine, I’m used to this” she chuckled. “I’m just a little scared”

Taylor actually wanted to hung up. She knew she was making Maia upset and she regretted ever calling her. Maia had her baby to take care off and Taylor shouldn’t have been whining like a baby herself.

“Maia, I’m sorry, I’ve upset you when I shouldn’t have done that. I need to hung up. I don’t feel so good.”

“Please call me if you get worse”

“Will do. Byee.”

“Love ya”

“Love ya too”

Taylor set her phone on the coffee table and got up. Her back was killing her and yet she couldn’t just stretch. She had to take care if her belly and avoid harming it while stretching. Oh how would she like to have someone with her right now, but she knew that once she gave birth she wouldn’t be able to go home. Everything about this pregnancy bothered her. If she was to have a daughter she’d be gone to her island and never come back. And the fact that she was having a son too was making her so upset every time of the day.

After washing her hands she set herself on the couch again and continued watching the movie before her, rubbing her belly protectively.


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

Natsu - NaLu Theory

I feel like there is a lot of frustration over NaLu not becoming cannon recently. I am going to write a character meta-analysis of both Natsu and Lucy which will help explain (I hope) why NaLu won’t happen until both characters overcome/realise this:

1. Natsu is dense when it comes to romance/love and he won’t realise unless it becomes undeniable/obvious.

2. Lucy gets over her unrealistic ideals prince charming or her knight in shining armour expectations. She is a hapless romantic and naive when it come to love. (Note: this is not me bashing Lucy, it’s just a reality of her character. I think she has gotten better recently but I will do another analysis for Lucy)

I haven’t gone in-depth into every single scene because this was getting too long. If you would like to know my thoughts on a particular scene, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love a good discussion ;)

In regards to manga panels, there were more I could put in as evidence. I chose the events I thought illustrated my point the best. This took me a few weeks to compile between uni and life in general, so I hope you find it interesting.  Please keep in mind, these are my observations and I am not bashing any characters or ships.

Natsu and FT

Erza is a mother/sister figure to Natsu, she is essentially his female role model who taught him how to behave around people, showed him a motherly/sisterly love (I think it’s a combination) so she’s the role model he will fall back on when he’s trying to be affectionate with Lucy. Erza is an important supportive role model to both Natsu and Gray.

Examples to prove Natsu’s reaction to Erza is different can be seen by looking at his initial reaction to her being in danger, and his reaction is the same as his reply to Lucy’s question as to whether they should help Gray. He replies that he would want to finish the enemy himself, not to have anyone interfere. Natsu doesn’t apply this logic to Lucy.

You might say that’s because Natsu doesn’t respect Lucy’s ability and that isn’t true he does, but the emotions he feels for Lucy compels him to protect no matter what. Even if he knows she can protect herself. The panel above is a key example because it was a lighting fast reaction to protect who mattered the most to him (keeping in mind Happy and other friends were there but it’s Lucy he covered with his body). It is the split-second decisions which I hold in high regard, due to the fact they reflect a person’s true feelings. 

If you want to read more about my thought in regards to Natsu, Lucy and Happy —-> Link

After the Tenroujima fight with Kain, Natsu’s behaviour towards Lucy changes once again. This is shown in the Grand Magic Games (GMG). I believe during the fight with Kain, Natsu subconsciously fell in love with Lucy. However, that doesn’t mean he acknowledges it because he doesn’t think too much outside the moment. This shift in feeling does change how he acts around her, even in general situations. 


I didn’t watch Fairy Tail for years and I didn’t ship anyone.  I was on the fence about NaLu (is there something, isn’t there?)  it sparked my interest before the GMG arc but there wasn’t definitive evidence Natsu felt the same as Lucy. It wasn’t until the end of Tenroujima and the GMG which convinced me Natsu had feelings for Lucy.

What changed my mind wasn’t the obvious Natsu going to save Lucy. There was a considerable difference in Natsu making his opinion known when a subject/situation concerned Lucy. Which compared to the others who are friends, guildmates and close team-members (Gray, Erza and Wendy) were over-reactions to the situation. Saying this is because of a life threating situation and he wants to protect is a weak argument. In these panels, Natsu is substantially more powerful than the characters concerned. You might say with Yukino that was purely Natsu’s dislike for Saber showing but he is an instinctual person, he would have noticed her mood but it didn’t matter in this case because his priority was Lucy. 

Before this Natsu was not as concerned with what was happening with Lucy, which solidifies my point on Tenroujima being the event that changed the depth of his feelings (note that in the manga neither Natsu or Gray are waiting at her flat). 

Despite Natsu being oblivious to his true feelings (which even a child -Aska- picked up on), Natsu still flirts with Lucy. He even admitted himself that he can’t resist teasing her. And the number one thing emotionally immature guys do when they like a girl? Tease them, annoy them, be a brat to get attention. All behaviour which Natsu exhibits, because Lucy makes him feel comfortable enough to do those things. 

Natsu can be himself because he doesn’t fear that Lucy will hurt him. He’s is used to a gentle Lucy and shows restraint he otherwise wouldn’t when she has hit him (in a serious situation). If it was anyone else in the guild, I believe you wouldn’t get the same reaction. He starts fights with them all the time, so what difference would it make knocking them out.

The fact that Natsu will fight with everyone in the guild, apart from Lucy, is a telling factor that he loves her. He doesn’t want to risk hurting her and as I said before, this isn’t because he doesn’t believe she is strong. When he does bring up the prospect of sparring, it is usually in a playful manner. 

Natsu’s Emotional Growth

I think the problem on Natsu’s side is he’s dense when it comes to romance. Shown by his interaction with Gildarts. 

Indicating that Natsu’s emotional intelligence when it comes to recognising the difference between friendship and lovers isn’t great. Though I have no doubt about his feelings for Lucy are intense because of his different reactions to losing his love interest and losing a beloved friend/family member.

This to me is a desperate man losing a woman who he didn’t realise was vital to his future. With Erza and Igneel he was very sad/aggrieved but he wasn’t devastated. 

As for the breast groping, I don’t give these a lot of credence other than it’s a shonen manga (there’s always going to be fan service like that) and Natsu is a young man who is sexually aware of the girl he likes. Lucy is grown woman capable of making it known what she feels about that.  And she does, the first time she punched him.

Considering current events in the manga, I don’t believe NaLu will happen until Natsu’s role within Lucy’s life is challenged in some way. Natsu knows that he wants Lucy in his future, he wants things to be the same with them going on adventures. They are best friends, it’s natural. However, it wouldn’t be the same if she were to go out with another guy. Yes, they would likely stay on the same team but he wouldn’t be able to continue the same behaviours. 

I believe Natsu has come to depend on Lucy emotionally (in a good way). He seeks her out before significant events and feels most secure when he’s vulnerable by surrounding himself with her. Lucy provides him with a different kind of care and affection that isn’t provided by other guildmates, which is why he chooses to spend most of his time around her. Another reason I think he finds this in Lucy is the start of the manga.  

At the beginning, he says ‘I chose you’ and the way Happy explained the way teams worked, it sounded like Natsu didn’t work well in teams before Lucy arrived. Plus, Natsu is always reminding that her presence on his team is essential. Erza and Gray come and go (they pair up with other people) but Natsu and Lucy are always together by choice.

He is sensitive to her mood and when she is upset, he knows it and it throws him. Especially if it is him who upset her. Any other time he has a nonchalant attitude but with Lucy, he feels the guilt.

He won’t be able to be ‘more than friends, less than lovers’ if she were to marry another man. If she had a boyfriend he wouldn’t be able to crash around her house, play games, sleep in her bed, eat her food, go through her draws etc. Which is why Natsu will need an event that triggers this realisation before NaLu will happen. There will be more angst because angst is essentially the hard lessons the characters need to learn. No emotional events, no story progress.

I have considered the possibility of this event being Lucy’s perceived death but I’m not holding my breath. I still think he has some more growth to go before NaLu happens. I think this is good because it means Mashima pays attention to character growth and development, if the character isn’t at that stage then it shouldn’t be forced. The slow burn is why I like NaLu, seeing two individuals develop an unconditional love and it’s beautiful.

Thank you for reading! <3 xx

Hayley Atwell being ridiculous:

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Hayley Atwell being Peggy Carter serious: 

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Hayley Atwell having eyeforeplay with Keira Knightley:

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Hayley Atwell being adorkable:

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Hayley Atwell being sexy af:

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Hayley Atwell having eyesex with Keira Knightley:

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Hayley Atwell wondering if you’re freaking serious:

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Hayley Atwell examining a fine specimen:

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Hayley Atwell having a moment:

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Hayley Atwell, won’t you please be Thirteen?


Gus & The Gallaghers vs. Jimmy & The Gallaghers

Real talk, it makes complete sense that Cory & Topanga would raise a lesbian.

I couldn’t find the gif where Topanga says that her ideal world involves men being moved underground and being used only for breeding. But I found these!:

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Marks (Requested)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Okay so this might not be your thing but I love the idea of an OC/reader Avenger with healing powers (like Deadpool). And her boyfriend (ideally Bucky) being a little shit and sneaking up on her to leave fresh new hickeys since the ones from the night before heal so quickly.”

Word Count: 2439

Warning: references of smut or brief smut, hickeys/bruises/a cut, Bucky being a little shit, Pietro being a little shit, Tony being Tony, Steve being a dad

A/N: I’m sorry I’m just no getting it up, work has been hell and my laptop was down for three days! Anon, thank you for the request that was both incredibly sexy and flat out hilarious to me. I hope I delivered what you had in mind!  <3 Also… pouting, whiny, confused Bucky might be my new favorite thing.

(Image not mine. Couldn’t find an image of Buck/Seb that I liked for this.)


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EW’s 2016 Entertainers of the Year

Kate McKinnon

She stole the show in Ghostbusters. She broke our hearts as Hillary Clinton. And she’s giving us a much-needed laugh in Office Christmas Party. She’s Kate McKinnon, and since her 2012 debut on SNL she’s been charming us with her absurd yet humanistic portrayals of passionate, headstrong women. Of course, 2016 will remember her best for imagining Clinton as a fiery, ambitious policy wonk who has a hard time keeping her ideals in check. “Playing Hillary has probably been the greatest honor of my life, and I was really looking forward to doing it for the next four years,” McKinnon says with a sigh. “I felt so comfortable in those pantsuits, both physically and spiritually.” The other pantsuit McKinnon donned this year, as Jillian Holtzmann in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, also withstood its fair share of controversy, with McKinnon emerging as a bright spot in the highly scrutinized comedy. “[Jillian’s] absolute willingness to be her true self, as bizarre and inappropriate as it often was, maybe ended up inspiring people,” says McKinnon. The actress caps the year by playing an HR employee in Office Christmas Party — another oddball unique to the McKinnon oeuvre. “I think self-consciously I’m trying to put out there women with an overwhelmingly strong sense of self.” —Nicole Sperling

Kate playing guys’ love interest: Crazy (Ex) Girlfriend To Be Dumped

(E.g. Vicky in Balls Out, Dallas in The Spoils Before Dying, Jandice in Masterminds, even Lola Gold in The Awesomes)

Kate playing girls’ love interest: Quirky, but Generally Okayish-Cool

(E.g. Sam in Sisters, Trace in Life Partners, Heather in My Best Day)

Kate playing Holtzmann: Every (Not Straight) Girl’s Fantasy Girlfriend

Blue Diamond is my problematic fave:

Blue Diamond may be nice, but she isn’t good. She’s still a diamond that believed Earth needed to colonized and ultimately destroyed.

Her reasons for not wanting Earth to be destroyed currently are tied to Pink Diamond’s connection to Earth. It was her planet. It was her only planet. It was where she started her kindergarten. It’s one of the remaining pieces that prove she had lived.

BD’s perception of Earth isn’t like that of Rose, or even Pink Diamond. Of the four members, Pink was more compassionate when it concerned the natives of her planet, but the Diamond Authority’s ideals were her ideals too. It explains why she kept a zoo where humans were glorified pets/guinea  pigs. 

Rose loved humans, but over a thousand of years she didn’t understand them. It wasn’t until she met Greg, subsequently getting to know him, that she started to understand fully what made humans unique from other creatures.

Narration is built up to sympathize with BD and YD. 

BD, the composed and collected one, openly expresses her grief, and it’s the point where she has neglected her duties as a leader. She grasps and holds tight to anything related to Pink Diamond including her zoo, planet, and the gems she created. She can’t even think of smashing her Rose Quartz warriors, now bubbled in what appears to be her throne room.

YD, the logical and practical one, openly loses her composure when Peridot wisely recommends preserving Earth for resources. Her reaction was straight up illogical, and rather than preserve Pink’s memory/legacy, she wants to wipe it out due to pain of having to remember she lived and died.

Blue Diamond is a tyrant. A tyrant currently trapped in grief and unable to let her younger diamond go although thousands of years have passed since her death, and I don’t think she’s going to change so easily, not even Jasper changed despite her massive character development. 

Her former self is briefly shown during her interaction with Holly Blue, and it proves despite her current grief the frightening ruler of her personality remains.

Naturally, she immediately resumes her current state when she’s reminded that the window of obtaining more humans is quickly closing. She doesn’t know any better at the moment, but the point still stands.

Steven Universe gives a lot on perspective. It shows how stories change and alter when they’re told from a different source and narrator. Surely, Rose Quartz and her Crystal Gems were the villains of their story, and Pink Diamond was the tragic heroine, killed before she had a chance to reach her prime.

Lets not soften her character based on recent revelations. BD, similar to YD, is a complicated mess of feelings and potential development, but Blue Diamond is a cinnamon roll that can and will absolutely kill you if you cross her. Losing Pink Diamond brought her to a very dark and sad place that has lasted longer than YD would’ve liked. 


Ruth Negga for Irish Tatler (Feb. 2013)

Negga’s a powerful actor, the voice low and layered with bite. Her expression, in neutral, has a sort of stoic hurt to it, making her an ideal tragedian. And it can’t go unmentioned that she’s stunning to look at: half Irish, half Ethiopian, massive eyes, pronounced chin and cheekbones.