her humanness makes her even more attractive

Headcanons: The Companions and Marriage

For Cait, marriage is something she never considered. In her youth, she knew of some slaves who got married, with the permission of her owners, but she always said she’d rather die than willingly sell herself to someone else. In her mind, that’s what marriage is - a contract, that begs to be broken. Assuming she ever fell in love or cared that deeply about someone, she’d resist the idea of marriage. “Don’t call me your fuckin’ wife,” she’d say. “Say you love me, say I’m your partner, say whatever. But I’m not your wife. I don’t belong to anybody but myself.”

Being a Mr. Handy, Codsworth would never think of getting married himself. “Oh, no, no,” he’d bluster. “That’s quite inappropriate. A human and any kind of machine - synths not withstanding, I suppose - shouldn’t be doing anything of that sort. And machines have no business - or interest, I should say! In anything like that.” If he had to choose, he’d rather marry other people. As in, be the officiant. Being the one to legally wed two people would make him very happy, and bring a metaphorical tear to his eyes.

Curie shared Codsworth’s opinion, for the most part, up until her switch into an organic body. After that, she explored relationships with other people, figuring out what sex felt like and if she felt attracted to other humans. “I do not think I will get married for a long time,” she’d say, tapping her chin. “There are still so many people to meet! Sexual intercourse is such a varied thing, and being married to someone makes experimentation a tad more difficult. I am not even sure yet of my own heart’s desires when it comes to romance. One day, perhaps, I will marry. Perhaps not. I feel no rush to find out either way.”

Paladin Danse blushes profusely whenever anyone asks him about his thoughts on it. “Marriage is an important union between two individuals,” he’d say, fidgeting. “Children grow up healthiest when they have two parents in their lives. And, yes, it can be a welcome expression of romantic attachment.” His eyes flicker away. “I… suppose I am not against such an idea. Being a soldier, I doubt it will happen for some time. A husband ought to be with his loved one, not out in the field. Still, I… I would not refuse, if a proposal came from the right person.”

Deacon would laugh. “Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t think there’s very many people in the wasteland with a fetish for compulsive liars with a plastic surgery addiction.” The humor hides a painful truth. Deacon has too many trust issues for an honest, healthy relationship, and he’s too unique to find someone who’d understand him enough to make him feel safe. A long time ago, he was married, but that didn’t exactly work out. Now, Deacon knows he’s too old for a long, happy marriage, for a house full of kids, for pets and game nights and family farms. He stopped looking for a happy ending a long time ago.

I guess the closest thing to marriage for Dogmeat would be finding a canine mate somewhere out in the wasteland. Dogmeat’s a good pup. Maybe, when he’s done with his adventuring and decides to retire, he can meet up with some old flame from his youth and have a litter or two of puppies.

Hancock’s never been the marrying type. He’s too much of a free spirit to align himself with a single person. He likes sensation. He likes drugs, he likes sex, he likes going out and meeting people and enjoying everything the world has to offer. “Look,” he’d rasp, sucking from a smoking joint and breathing smoke into the air. “I love you, or I don’t. Hoppin’ over a broom or exchanging cheap rings doesn’t make that any truer or not. I’ll love somebody the best I can ‘til I ain’t in love with them anymore. Getting ‘married’ just makes it harder if somebody ain’t feelin’ it anymore. Don’t try to hold shit together with rings and promises. Be together because you love each other. That’s all that should matter.”

Nick Valentine likes to think of himself as a romantic at heart. “I wanted to get married, once,” he says, staring out the window wistfully. “Guess I still could, if I really wanted to. Though I gotta wonder who’d accept a battered old man like me.” The trouble with Nick is that he’s not really sure who he is. He’s been grappling with his identity for decades - and you can’t really promise yourself to someone until you know what exactly you’re promising. Nick likes the idea of settling down someday. Having someone to bring him coffee as he pours over case files, someone to dance with to old songs. He’s just not ready to accept himself as he is.

If expensive Pre-War weddings were still around, MacCready would be staunchly against them. As it is, he doesn’t mind the idea of shacking up with someone and saying you’re husband and wife. He remembers some of the older kids, back in Little Lamplight, playing house and pretending to be couples. Then, of course, he remembers Lucy, but that’s a part of his life he prefers to drink away. Mac isn’t a romantic man. He’d like to get married, but whoever he’d end up marrying would have to be comfortable with a real low-budget wedding, and a man who’s really bad at reading sappy, romantic vows.

Piper doesn’t mind the idea of getting married. But in her mind, it’s something that happens… way off in the future. She might be a grown woman, but she still feels young. Getting married is something older people do. Even if people her age are married, you’re only really married when you’re living on a farm with four kids. Or, at least, that’s what Piper thinks. And that’s not something she’s interested in, at least not in the immediate future. She’d much rather play around and see what’s good, and she’s in no rush to have kids or settle down in one place. Piper has wanderlust - she needs to see the world before she can set down roots in it.

As you might expect, Preston has no problems with the idea of getting married. In fact, it’s something he always sort of expected he’d do. Join the Minutemen, help out for a few years, meet someone along the way and shack up with them after leaving the militia. Three kids and a farm, that’s what he wanted. And two brahmin. And a garden, out back, for flowers instead of food. Of course, his life hasn’t quite worked out that way, but he’s still got plenty of time. He’s not on the lookout for a spouse, or really dating anyone, but he’s happy to wait until the right person comes along. He just hopes it doesn’t take too long.

Strong… doesn’t really understand marriage. Super Mutants are made via infection of a virus, not through any kind of reproduction. They don’t have parents or families or couples. Just clans of “brothers.” Even if anyone wanted to marry him, he wouldn’t understand the different between being married and following someone around. Considering that Strong was once a different person before his infection with the FEV virus, and that he’s not completely mentally sound, it’s probably best no one try to make any moves on him. That’s borderline taking advantage.

Coursers do not have relationships. Therefore, X6-88 does not have relationships. Marriage suits no valid purpose. Synths and Coursers do not fall in love or get married. That is not a thing. Even if, even if he had some kind of great revelation, where he grew as a person, left the Institute, what have you - it would still take a long, long time before he considered marriage as an option, let alone something he’d be interested in. It would take a long time, and a lot of personal growth before he broke out of the Institute’s brainwashing.

Thorin x Reader: The Fifteenth Company Member

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(Author’s note:  Woohoo!  This was certainly a lot of fun to write! It was weird not to write in second-person pov, but I wanted to focus more on Thorin’s thoughts as he meets this woman and finds himself both irritated and impressed by her, so you can see how he becomes attracted to her. Hope you like it!!

Request: Thorinx(fem)reader where she is a beautiful warrior half dwarf half human invited by Gandalf to join the quest without Thorin’s knowing. At Bilbo’s home, her arrival makes Thorin hugely angry, which makes him yell at her, trying to make her give up on going along. But she is a super sassy insubordinated girl that bites back every harsh word. That makes Thorin even more furious but he can’t deny that he feels attracted to her.

 Gif is not mine, credit to original owner!)

    “I thought you said this place would be easy to find,” Thorin huffed as he stepped inside the hobbit home.  He raised a brow at Gandalf who towered very awkwardly over the group of dwarves.  “I lost my way….twice.” 

    Gandalf had only just shut the green, circular door when there was a tentative knock.  Thorin did not particularly like the subtle, sly smile the bearded mischief-maker wore.  It made him feel uneasy.  Thorin hated feeling uneasy.  He much preferred certainty of situations.

   “That would be our final Company member, right on schedule,” Gandalf announced, giving a small nod.

    “What do you mean?  All of the dwarves I summoned are here.”

    “I was hoping you would have arrived to Mr. Bilbo Baggins’ house a lot sooner so we could have discussed the matter before she arrived.”

    “She?”  Now Thorin was most certainly irritated.  What on earth was Gandalf going on about?  The Company leader folded his arms across his chest as Gandalf opened the door.  There stood a rather striking stranger, female, who stood in the doorway.  She donned a dark green tunic, ash-colored trousers, and a pair of brown boots.  She also wore a dark cloak, but had already pulled back the hood.  Her height and clothing suggested she was dwarvish, but she lacked a certain features such as facial hair, which was strange for a female dwarf.  

    “It’s about time you opened the door,” the woman said with grin.  “I was starting to think I had the wrong place”  She gave a respectful nod to Gandalf as she entered the house.  “Gandalf.”

    “It is good to see you, my dear,” he greeted with a warm smile.  “I hope your travel was swift and safe.” 

    “Indeed.”  She turned to look at Thorin, her eyes sweeping over his form briefly.  “You must be Thorin Oakenshield.”

    Thorin gave her a curt nod.  “And who might you be?” 

    “The name is ________,” she took a polite bow, “at your service.  Gandalf has summoned me to join your Company.”

  At that, the handsome leader gave Gandalf another incredulous look, lifting one eyebrow.  Gandalf ignored the expression and simply gestured for everyone to join the others in the dining room.  But Thorin would not have it. 

    “I demand to know what this woman is doing at a secret meeting such as this.  It is no place for her.” 

    “With all due respect,” she spoke up, though her tone suggested a lack of respect, “I understand that I am not a dwarf of the Blue Mountains, but I can assure you that I have as much a right to be here as any of the others.  Erebor was a home to my ancestors, and I intend to help reclaim it.”

   Thorin inwardly seethed at her quick and certain response, but he could not deny that her determination was admirable.  She had the spirit of a warrior, and he caught himself wondering just how skilled she was in battle.  He could picture her swinging a battle ax with strength and precision, her expression tightened with ferocity as she took out any and every foe that crossed her path…

    He shook the thought away rather angrily,  Who was this woman to speak to him in such a manner?  He was Thorin Oakenshield, future king of Erebor!

   “Why don’t we head into the dining room, and discuss the matter later?” Gandalf suggested in a friendly manner as he tried to defuse the situation.  But Thorin and _______ locked eyes, both their gazes burning as neither refused to back down.

    “You will not last a moment in the wild.” 

    “Because I am female?”  She scoffed.  “I can assure you, Thorin Oakenshield, I have done my fair share of traveling.  And fighting.”

    “Fighting, no doubt,” he quipped.  “Since you seem to have no hesitation in engaging in conflict with someone such as myself.  Your weapon of choice?”  He took a step towards her, folding his arms across his chest.

    “Ax and sword.  I have much experience with both.”  She mirrored his actions, stepping forward and folding her arms as well.

    They stood directly in front of each other, their previous anger replaced by a newfound mutual respect and admiration.  Thorin smirked at her, convinced that he might as well let her join the Company since she would most likely come along whether he liked it or not.  At this point, he found himself fond of the idea.

    “Well, then, Ms. ________.”  He held out a hand.  “Welcome to the Company.”  A warmth filled him when she firmly took hold of his hand and shook it.  

     “Thank you,” she responded, smirking as well with a glint in her eye.  “I look forward to reclaiming our homeland.”        


1) Sexual competition with other males over the wife will greatly enhance the libido of the husband. The husband will then try even harder to please his wife.

The wife in turn will receive the pleasure she naturally deserves and get to have sex with many men in order to reach her optimum sexual satisfaction.

2) A woman with multiple sex partners is naturally more attractive than a monogamous woman, and thus, the wife becomes hotter, more attractive and more precious to her husband.

The thought of his wife having had sex with another man makes the husband sexually potent and energized like never before. Human Biology will ensure that the husband gets a better erection and produces better sperm count in order to compete with the sperms of the other man, all in order to ensure that it is his genes which are transferred into the children of his wife.

3) In a good marriage, the wife’s pleasure should be paramount for the husband and cuckoldom is a means to achieve that.

4) It achieves the biological & genetic purpose of humanity, that is, to pass on the better genes to the progeny. A woman is naturally able to choose males with better genes to mate, so as to pass on better genes to her children, increasing their chances of survival.

Thus, a woman in her natural state, has sex with many men in order to let the man with the best genes impregnate her, so that she bears his children who will have better chances of survival and development.

5) Psychologically, the woman can enjoy proper sex and not feel guilty by the norms of a deceitful society. Women have always been subjugated unfairly and illogically by a deceitful society dominated by men. Its time for men to actively contribute to the true freedom of women.

6) Cuckoldom ensures the true sexual liberation of women. It brings about the true nature of women and allows them to be true to their biological needs.

Having sex with multiple men is not a ‘desire’ for women but rather an absolute 'need’.

7) Cuckoldom will save marriages. Divorces will be few. Couples in a cuckolding relationship are much more closer and communicative than other couples.

8) Fact is, a woman’s sexual drive is large, much larger than a male, thus it is unhealthy and wrong to repress it forcefully. A woman should have sex as many times as she wants and with as many men as she desires.

9) Its the duty of dead-battery husbands who have no sex to offer to their wives, to at least let the wives enjoy sex with other men. Husbands have no right to force their wives to live a life devoid of sex, a basic human necessity.

10) Also, its much better for the wife to have sex with other men who can better fuck her than her husband. It may be a bigger penis or better stamina and technique, point is, a woman deserves better sex. If not from her husband, then from some man else.

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Ylfre on Aeneas c:

Most admirable quality: His naivety. It’s something she admires about all the young lupus among the two packs. He’s a genuinely caring and excitable person. She’ll never say as much, though.
Most attractive physical feature: Any shade darker than snow is ~exotic~ to Ylfre. She thinks it makes him command more attention even when he doesn’t know exactly how to human yet.
Most annoying habit: Despite her constant look of annoyance she actually hasn’t been bothered by Aeneas. 
Something they would like to do with them: Teach him songs, tales of heroism and romance–unsurprisingly a task that keeps all eyes on her. Then they can goof around in wolf form with Fafnir.

Natural beauty - Dan

Anon:Can you make an imagine where Y/N is reading and she has like sweatpants and her hairs tied up, and like she’s got no makeup on, and she there on the couch reading and for some reason it just turns Dan on? Thank you xoxo

A/N: Sorry about the wait honey, Been a mad dash for the requests. I hope you like it! x

Warning: smut



I stared out the window as I waited for the kettle to boil. I felt rather tired so I hoped that coffee would be a decent pick me up. There was snow falling from the sky, it was a usual sight in the streets of London. The kettle clicked, indicating that it had finished, I poured the water into my coffee granules that lived inside my mug, leaving room for milk to be put in afterwards. As I finished my coffee, I exited the kitchen and made my way into the living room. I noticed that the office door was open, but Phil wasn’t home so it only left (Y/n). 

I quietly shuffled over so I could stick my head in, hoping she wouldn’t notice me. I brought the coffee to my lips as I studied her , The window blinds were opened, letting the sun Dance along the parts of her skin that were showing. She sat on the head of the red sofa and leaned against the window as if it were her own little window sill. I didn’t know how she could be comfortable, but she was smaller than me, so she had more room to be there than I would have. As I looked longer I noticed that she was reading her favorite book, It looked so worn down from the amount of times she had read it, but she continues to read the same book nonetheless. Her hair looks messy as it’s been thrown up in a bun, but the type that looked flawless no matter how she would have thrown it up. Her grey sweats are in action which is being complicated by a basic black singlet top which match the black frames her of glasses. Her foot was swinging back and forth very slowly and I can tell she was zoned out to the world. 

Even though I lived with her, she never really showed this side of herself to anyone, the carefree side where she doesn’t wear make up and looks like a regular human being. She was flawed, we all are. But for some reason, the longer I looked at her, the more my attraction for her began to develop. Before this moment I have never seen (Y/n) this way before but it was like she was exposed, naked to the eye, metaphorically of course. She was letting me see her, and she didn’t even know it. I started to think about her naked after the metaphor and suddenly I found myself shifting and using my hand to cover the bulge that pressed against my pants. I decided to retreat back to my room and deal with my situation going on below. I couldn’t tell her what I was feeling, She was my friend. I didn’t even know if she felt that way, but I knew I could fix the problem now.

I walked into my room and locked the door behind me, placing my coffee mug on the bedside table next to me. I sat down on the bed and exhaled. I felt stressed and turned on at the same time. My hand slid down inside my sweat pants and grabbed onto my hard length. My fingers gripped around the base and I began to pump myself as I thought of (Y/n). Breathing became a problem as it hitched up into my throat. I had to hold back my moans of pleasure because I didn’t want her to hear what I was doing in here, especially since I was turned on because of her. I started to build up the tempo, my hand gliding from the tip to the base over and over. I tried to breathe it out, but I couldn’t hold it in, a quiet moan just happened to escape my lips. I bit my lip, trying to keep myself quiet. I gripped myself a little more and pushed the limits of tempo once again, this cause me to groan again, not realising it, because now I was just so caught up in the moment.

“(Oh (Y/n)”

I was reaching the end of my rope.  I knew I watch going to come soon, I just had to let it out. Closer and closer, the feeling was gaining up on me. I pumped and pumped, My member just throbbing in my hand as I do so until I reach the peak. I feel the liquid against my sweats as it begins to slide down my leg. I exhale in relief and try to catch my breathe, I’ve never had the moment feel so intense before. I wasn’t sure if that was because I was just pent up sexually or if it had anything to do with the way I felt about (Y/n) just before. I stand up and take my sweats off, to change them. I should probably go shower first though. I grab my towel and wrap it around my waist. I go to walk down the stairs then realise I should probably go check on (Y/n) to see if she heard anything. I did call her name out earlier. Hopefully she didn’t hear me. 

I quietly walk back up to the office and place myself just far enough that I can stick my head into the view. As I look in, I notice that she’s still reading her book, but the one thing I didn’t notice before was the pair of earphones coming from her ears. I don’t remember if I saw them before , or if she put them in afterwards. I wasn’t game to ask either. I simply walked backwards into the hallway until I reached the stairs, making my way down to go shower.

Hyde’s Core Characterization

The writing and characterization on That ‘70s Show is inconsistent, but one can come up with a core characterization for each of the main characters based on a selection of episodes that define and depict them consistently. The characters’ personalities, goals, and feelings can – and should – be complex, as long as those complexities are substantiated by consistent actions and subtext.

I often write about certain behavior and choices I consider OOC for the characters. I do so because I’ve formed my understanding of their core characterization from a specific set of episodes. I write my T7S fanfic from this understanding, too. When a character acts contrary to previously established beliefs/feelings/behavior without a proper grounding for that contradiction, I consider those actions OOC.

My understanding of the characters’ true natures isn’t the only valid one. People can form their own understanding from a different selection or interpretation of the episodes.

But below the cut is a list of S1-S4 episodes, with explanations, from which I’ve formed my version of Hyde’s core characterization. I don’t list episodes from S5-S7 because they either confirm, further, and deepen what’s already been established – or they evolve/devolve Hyde’s character based on his core.

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Sex God | Oneshot

Words: 1,067
Pairing: Brief Hollstein
Rating: K
Summary: ‘what about a ‘hey i’m sorry to bother you but i’m trying to convince my friends i’m a sex god so can you please write a fake number on this napkin for me real quick’ au’

“Admit it, Carmilla. You’re not as much of a sex god as you make yourself out to be.”

Carmilla scoffed, lifting her head and looking towards LaFontaine with a raised eyebrow. “Are you kidding me? I could get any girl in this club, right here, right now.” And it was true. Probably.

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Lucky One

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“She was then, and still is to me, the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Summary: It’s crazy how you think you end up bumping into someone out of coincidence or sometime it’s just fate.. You were planning just a normal trip to Korea to see you favorite Kpop group of all time BTS… But what will happen when you start seeing than more than you were originally planning to?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Part 9 is here~ 

Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16



Yoongi’s Point of View

Bumping into Y/N was probably one of the best things that happened today… Something about her just gets me attracted to her and I don’t want to leave her side.

Even though at first she was quite awkward when I saw her again… But after showing her around Seoul a little, we continued to talk and I began to get to know her more and more.

The thing that makes me interested in her is the way she sees me as a normal human being.

After being a celebrity, everyone only knows me as Suga from BTS but not the real me. I’m usually the time to not was to get close to anyone or even assicate with people… but she was different.

I wanted to let get to know me.. I felt comfortable around him… Something I’ve never felt towards a girl…

“Where are we going now?” Y/N asks me as she looks forward and continued to follow behind me.

“Well remembered how you asked me where was my favorite place in Seoul?”


“Well, close your eyes.”

She looks at me scared but still closed her eyes. I smiled and grabbed a hold of her hand and lead to her the Banpo bridge. I stopped a perfect spot that had a beautiful view of the neon lights that flashed the small little waterfall from the side of the bridge.

“Open your eyes.” I whispered close to her ears and I glanced at her as you slowly opens one eye and then the other.

She looked around confused still processing the view till it hit her.

“Woah… This is beautiful!” she says excitedly admiring the neon lights from the side of the bridge and I smiled.

“Just like you.”

She slowly looks up at me and I noticed the way her cheeks turn a shade of pink. She approached the edge of the bridge and put her hand on the the side of the bridge admiring the water.

Was now my chance to make a move? Was it too soon?

I took my chance and slowly reached over Y/N’s hand and placed my hand over hers. As soon as she felt my hand on top of hers, she looked up and the two of us were now staring at each other..

I really want to kiss her…


Your Point of View 


The view was absolutely breathtaking.. The neon lights were the only thing sticking out from the night sky hitting the water fall right in front of you. You smiled at pure beauty.

“Woah… This is beautiful,” your blurted out smiling.

“Just like you,” Yoongi responds and you stopped looking at the lights and looked at Yoongi as you began to blush.

Did he just call you beautiful? Is this really happening? 

Instead of saying anything in return, you walked closer to the bridge and began to hold on the edge still looking at the waterfall flow down… This moment was just perfect.

The next thing you know, you began to feel a hand on top of yours and you looked at your hand and see Yoongi’s hand right on top of yours…

Was he really holding your hand? 

Was this really happening?

You looked up at Yoongi and he was already staring right at you. Was Yoongi falling for you? Was he actually feeling the same way you have been feeling towards him? 



“Thank you…”

“For what?”

“For taking me to this beautiful place,” you smiled at Yoongi and then at the view in front of you. 

To be honest you were expecting Yoongi to maybe join you and look at the view but instead just from the corner of your eye, you could tell he was staring at something else… and it wasn’t the view… 

It was you…

You wanted to look right back at him… But you can easily make things awkward without even trying! 



You slowly looked at Yoongi and you could tell he wanted to say something but he seemed very hesitant… What did he want to say? Why was it so hard to say it? Was something holding him back?

“Come on, you can tell me.”

Yoongi looks down and you paid attention to the way he began to bit his lip out of nervousness…



“Can I walk you back to your hotel?”

You couldn’t help to smile and you nodded your head. You glanced at your cousin and Taehyung and saw the way how close the two of them were standing right next to each other admiring the view.

This was a fairy tale… A moment you weren’t going to forget… But this moment wasn’t going to last forever..

Especially because… you were nothing but an average girl… And Yoongi on the other hand was part of BTS, the famous KPOP boy group… 

This was all a dream… You were scared to develop more feelings and having to say goodbye to Yoongi… for good…


Walking back home was not as awkward at you were expecting it to be.. Yoongi however on the other hand seemed to be nervous. You don’t know what it was… but it was cute to see this side of him. 

At some point the night cold wind started to kick in and you couldn’t help but cross your arms hoping that you could warm yourself up by probably hugging yourself. But that completely failed.

You two continued to walk till..

“Hey.. Are you cold?” Yoongi asks as he stops walking and you stopped and looked at him.

“Just a little, but I’m okay,” you smiled as you stopped along with him.

He seemed to ignore the part when you said you’re okay. He pulled off his jacket that he was wearing and wrapped it behind you.

“Yoongi… You don’t have to do this.”

“But i want to.” Yoongi says smiling and you felt your heart flutter.

This boy was going to make it hard to say goodbye when the day approaches…

You two continued to walk to your hotel and you couldn’t help but to glance at Yoongi here and there.

“Aren’t you cold?”

“Maybe..” He says smiling and you were about to take off the jacket from your shoulder but Yoongi stops you and instead of grabbing his jacket from you, he gets closer to you and smiles.

“This can help me out.”

Your cheeks were slowly heating up and you giggled.


You two stopped in front of the hotel and you looked at Yoongi.

“You know you didn’t have to walk me all the way back here,” 

“Are you crazy, there is crazy people here at night.” Yoongi says and you giggled.

You took off the jacket that Yoongi lent you and you gave it to him smiling.

“You’re going to need this back home.”

“No keep it,” Yoongi says not accepting his own jacket and you did want to keep it at least for memories… but you rather have Yoongi warm and healthy then get a dumb cold because he gave you his jacket.

“No take it, I don’t want you getting sick,”

Yoongi looks at you surprised at what you said and you looked down and couldn’t help but to blush.


Yoongi finally gives in and grabs his jacket from your hand and puts it on at last. Now the two of you were standing in front of each other smiling.

“Can I ask you something again?”

“Of course you can…”

He took a deep breath and looks into your eyes.

“I know we haven’t known each other for a long time but…”


“Well I kind of wanted to know if I can maybe kiss you?”

Did you hear this correctly? This was really happening.

“Or not.. I mean we don-”

You noticed him babbling on and on, so to catch him off guard, you slowly placed your hand on his cheek and got on your tippy toes and pulled him into a goodnight kiss…

The kiss you’ve been waiting for your whole life…

You two moved you lips in sync and you pulled away feeling your heartbeat out of your chest and butterflies flying in all sort of direction in your stomach.

Yoongi still had his eyes closed and smiled formed on his face.

Eventually he opened his eyes and he smiled.

“See you around?”

You nodded your head feeling shy all of a sudden and instead of Yoongi turning around and walking off, he began to walk backwards still looking at you and smiling.

This was just a beautiful dream…

You watched Yoongi walk off and notice him bump into a person causing you to giggle. He gives you one last smile till he turns around and walks off.

You placed your hand on your lips and you giggled…

Tonight was perfect…



You opened your eyes and quickly sat up scared to death. You see your cousin right then and there having outfits laid out on her bed and her hand under her chin. 

“What happened?”

“Taehyung wants to see me today and I don’t know what the hell to wear!”

You stopped and gave you cousin one of the longest stares…. She really woke you up… just so you can help her out with an outfit? 


You glanced at the time and see 7:45am.

“Goodnight,” you said laying back down and pulling the blanket over your head.


“Yah! it’s too early for this.”


“Just wear whatever floats your boat!” you said mumbling annoyed and you hear you cousin sigh and the bathroom door close.

She must of actually listened to your advice. Shocker… You smiled because at last you can finally go back to sleep.

But just as you were slowly drifting off to sleep….

The bell suddenly begins to ring…

You gotta be kidding me.

“Y/N! Can you get that!” You hear you cousin say from the bathroom and you sighed out of frustration and threw your blanket off you and dragged yourself out of bed.

As you dragged your feet to the hotel door, you opened up the door not caring who was on the other side till….


Your eyes widen when you seen Taehyung and Yoongi.

Oh my god….

They just seen the bad side of you.

“Yoongi… Taehyung…”

You are going to kill your cousin!


To be continued..

shining bright, so bright

summary: Emma is a star in the night sky and Killian is a sailor. They’re only granted the opportunity to see one another once per year on Emma’s birthday, when she lands on Earth as a human. 

word count: ~4800

rating: a for angst and f for feels

an: Thanks to thejollypirate​ for giving this a (fantastically narrated) read through!! <333

It’s a curse, she thinks, that she’s a star and he’s a sailor.

She often sees him gazing up at her with longing in his eyes and his fingers twitching on the cap of the rum bottle he’s snuck up with him on deck.

Of course, she watches him all the time. Even when he doesn’t think she can see him, she can and sometimes she thinks about being human so she could cry.

But she’s allowed to see him. Once, every year, on her birthday.

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Lucky One

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“She was then, and still is to me, the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Summary: It’s crazy how you think you end up bumping into someone out of coincidence or sometime it’s just fate.. You were planning just a normal trip to Korea to see you favorite Kpop group of all time BTS… But what will happen when you start seeing than more than you were originally planning to?

Previous Parts:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Part 8 is here~ 

Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16



Yoongi’s Point of View

“Why are we at the coffee shop?” I asked looking at Taehyung and he smiles.

“Come on, we are always at the dorm. Let’s go out for a change.”

“Does it look like I want to go out?”

“Coffee’s help with hangovers, now shush and pretend like your excited.”

I just sighed and looked around as we walked in line. I noticed Taehyung looking at his phone and smiling… That could’ve been me…

“Taehyung? Yoongi?”

I looked up and see Y/N’s cousin standing in front of us in line.

“Hey!” Taehyung says pulling her into a hug.


I said and i pulled out my phone and began to look at that.

“What brings you two here?”

“Coffee helps hangovers…”

“So I heard,” she says and she giggles.

Is Y/N with her? I don’t see anyone next to her…

“What brings you here?” I asked her and she smiles.

“Actually came here with Y/N for some breakfast.”

As soon as I heard her name I couldn’t help but to look around and tried to scan the room to look for her…

At last one table caught my attention and I see Y/N sitting then and there.

“I’ll be back… I’m going to go say hi..” I said looking at Taehyung and Y/N’s cousin and they just smiled at me.

I slowly approached the table and I took a deep breath.


She looked up and as soon as she saw me she looked completely surprised.

Was this fate?


Your Point of View 

Why were you caught up with Yoongi? Yes he was your bias… And yes you’ve been crushing on Yoongi ever since the day you first listened to BTS… But why did you like him so much? 

You continued to stare at your phone at the background you had of Yoongi till…


You looked up slowly away from your phone screen and you eyes nearly popped out of your face.

Yoongi… what is he doing here? 

“Oh… Hey..”

“You don’t look so happy to see me..” Yoongi says walking to the empty seat in front of your and your cheeks began to heat up.

Shit you were so nervous you just made an impression that you don’t want him around even though that’s not that case.. It’s just you were completely surprised that you were even seeing Yoongi again…

“I’m sorry, I’m just surprised.”

“Surprised on what?”

“Seeing you again.”

After saying those words Yoongi smiles at you causing those same butterflies from yesterday to return.

“You won’t get rid of me so easily.”

Those words made your heart race and you blush…

“That’s good.”

Just as Yoongi was about to talk, your cousin and Taehyung approach the table with the coffees in their hands and pulls up two more chairs to the table.

“Hey love birds,” Taehyung blurts out and as soon you two heard heard Taehyung call you two love birds you looked at him with wide eyes and your cheeks began to heat up.

Now you understand why your cousin liked Taehyung… They both had no filter together… 

“This explains a lot,” you blurted out and Taehyung and your cousin looked at you.

Should you throw your cousin under the bus like she did with you? Or did she already tell Taehyung that she has like a major crush on him?

“Nothing,” you smiled and you could feel Yoongi staring at you. 

You awkwardly picked up your coffee and took a sip trying to avoid eye contact from Yoongi. At this point the whole table was quiet and there you all were… just sitting there drinking your coffee..

“What are you plans for today ladies?” Taehyung asks looking at your cousin and you paid attention at the two of them and could tell they had some sort of attraction between the two of them.

It was cute.

“Well we were just going to explore more of beautiful Seoul,” Your cousin replies smiling at Taehyung and you could see a real smile on your cousin face. Something you haven’t seen in a long time after her last relationship.

“By yourself, without a guide?”

“Yeah, nothing wrong with that.”

“Why don’t Taehyung and I show you two around?” Yoongi comments in the conversation and you all looked at him. 

Imagine spending a whole day with Yoongi…

Where you dreaming?

Or was this really happening?

“We would love that!” Your cousin answered for the two of you as you awkwardly stared at Yoongi surprised that this was really happening. 

Yoongi noticed you staring at him so he looks at you and smiles. You blushed and looked away…



After drinking your coffee and awkwardly trying to keep a conversation going with Yoongi, you all left in a group. However your cousin and Taehyung were walking side by side in front of you as Yoongi was right next to you…

Why was it that when you were alone with Yoongi, you were comfortable talking to him.. And now that you are around your cousin and Taehyung you don’t know what to say to not make a complete fool out of yourself….

“Y/N..” you hear Yoongi say and you slowly looked over at him.


“Why are you so quiet all of sudden?”

You couldn’t help but to feel your cheeks slowly heat up and you looked away..

“I don’t know..”

Yoongi stood quiet and you sighed. Here you are killing the conversation as Yoongi tries to start the conversation with you…. Why was this so complicated?!

“Is there anywhere specific you recommend we go visit?” 

Yoongi looks at you and a huge smiles spread across his face. He’s probably surprised that here you are now trying to make a conversation with him.

“Everything about Seoul is beautiful but… the Banpo Bridge around the night is extremely beautiful.”

“How come?”

As soon as you asked that Yoongi’s eyes widen. He was completely shocked that you have never heard of the Banpo Bridge.

“You don’t know?”

“No?” You answered in a questioned type of form and he smiles.

“I guess that will be somewhere I need to show you.”

For some reason you were beyond excited. Not only to see Yoongi’s favorite place, but to actually spend time with him again…


“Can I tell you something?” Yoongi asked you as you two walked around a park together as Taehyung and your cousins were along the swing acting like children together.


“I was actually hoping to see you again,”

Wait what?

Did Yoongi just say he was hoping to see you again?

You met him at a liquor store and ended up in their dorm. You two talked in his room where he sleeps and yet he wanted to see you again? Were you dreaming? 

Things like this only happened in dreams… Maybe this whole trip to Korea was just going to be one big dream… But once you go back at home… back to reality…

“Even though I’m shy and boring most of the times,” you blurted out and Yoongi chuckles.

“Your mysterious…”

You looked at him and he smiles.

“I like that.”

Breath! Stay Calm!

“Well, it’s better being unexpected than being predictable like everyone else.”

“Very true.”

You and Yoongi could of one of the deepest conversation and you would fall for him more and more.. 

Yoongi is famous.. He can have any girl he wanted… But here he is… spending time with you. Of course you were enjoying this… But you know this was just way too good to be true…

Someone like Yoongi never lasts with someone like you…


Yoongi’s Point of View 

Bumping into Y/N was probably one of the best things that happened today… Something about her just gets me attracted to her and I don’t want to leave her side.

Even though at first she was quite awkward when I saw her again… But after showing her around Seoul a little, we continued to talk and I began to get to know her more and more.

The thing that makes me interested in her is the way she sees me as a normal human being. 

After being a celebrity, everyone only knows me as Suga from BTS but not the real me. I’m usually the time to not was to get close to anyone or even assicate with people… but she was different.

I wanted to let get to know me.. I felt comfortable around him… Something I’ve never felt towards a girl…

“Where are we going now?” Y/N asks me as she looks forward and continued to follow behind me.

“Well remembered how you asked me where was my favorite place in Seoul?”


“Well, close your eyes.”

She looks at me scared but still closed her eyes. I smiled and grabbed a hold of her hand and lead to her the Banpo bridge. I stopped a perfect spot that had a beautiful view of the neon lights that flashed the small little waterfall from the side of the bridge.

“Open your eyes.” I whispered close to her ears and I glanced at her as you slowly opens one eye and then the other. 

She looked around confused still processing the view till it hit her. 

“Woah… This is beautiful!” she says excitedly admiring the neon lights from the side of the bridge and I smiled.

“Just like you.”

She slowly looks up at me and I noticed the way her cheeks turn a shade of pink. She approached the edge of the bridge and put her hand on the the side of the bridge admiring the water.

Was now my chance to make a move? Was it too soon? 

I took my chance and slowly reached over Y/N’s hand and placed my hand over hers. As soon as she felt my hand on top of hers, she looked up and the two of us were now staring at each other..

I really want to kiss her…


To Be Continued! 

“I remember a cover shoot for Jane magazine, feeling such low self-esteem, so much self criticism that I wasn’t able to get out of myself and join in. Last year I came across that photo shoot and saw this really pretty young girl with short hair who was toned and thin and I know I was thinking I was too fat at the time, tormenting myself. And yet there were these lovely pictures. I thought “how much time have I wasted in my life beating myself up about how I look?”

- Gillian Anderson The Telegraph 2009 

And here is a super salty post about the way a lot of this fandom treats Tobin

That’s what this post is. See look ^^^^^ – it’s right up there in the post title. So if you’re looking for humor or anything but salt, scroll on. You shall not find it here, nope. And while I will be a C@ryl (look at me censoring my own ship tag!) shipper until the end of time, but this is not remotely a shippy post. Okay, good talk.

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It’s Not Just You

A million thanks to my trusty beta @camerongooodkin

“You want to talk about it?”

Kirsten watches Cameron carefully, his eyes trained on the glass in front of him, hand curling into a fist on the bar. He’s been like this all day, moody and quiet, and she thought taking him out for a drink would help, maybe, but if anything it’s just made things worse.

“No,” he finally replies, throwing a quick and entirely unconvincing smile her way. “Not really.”

She’s not thinking about how good he looks in the low lighting, green eyes glowing in the soft light, his ridiculous and perfectly coiffed hair bobbing as he shakes his head. She’s thinking about the side of him that she saw for the first time yesterday, the anger twisting his face as he lunged for that asshole of a lawyer. He’s been in conflicts before, terrified but standing steady before the whole thing where his heart stopped, then, after, reckless and full of bravado, like the time he got them both tazed by a security guard. But this time he’d been walking toward a fight with venom in his eyes and veins standing out in his neck and-

Well, Kirsten didn’t even know he was capable of that kind of bitterness. She’s not sure which way that swings her new nebulous attraction to the scientist. It makes him a little more human, knowing that he feels the same dark rage that she sometimes worries will come to define her. But it also makes her wonder if she doesn’t know him as well as she thinks. She never knew about his father. She never asked.

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Rey was Force-concieved and Kylo knows it

I have a theory about Reys parentage, considering many like her in cinema who has similar tropes as her- the hope, the natural expert, “born with it”.

I think that Reys dad, whoever he was, had a one night stand with her mom and then took off, a la John Connor, Starlord, Anakin..

So what if Reys dad was the Force?

When Kylo reads her mind he says she feels Han Solo was the father SHE NEVER HAD. Now, she knows that her family dropped her off in Jakku so she would know if she had a dad, but her memories (in Kylos words) explicitly state that she never had a dad/father figure. Remember, you dont need two parents to constitute a family.

So what if shes a daughter of the Force? Thats a pretty big deal, and its probably a huge deal to Luke, who had been scouring the galaxy for Force-sensitives to train into Jedis. And i bet you the extremely Force-sensitive Kylo–obsessed with Darth Vader, also a Force-concieved entity–heard about her from Luke or felt her presence when she was born/had visions about her. Someone who’s like his Grandfather exists? I must meet her!

So that covers why Kylo said “what girl” as if he knew her already and just needed verification in his head and hes obsessed/intrigued with her because not only is she basically the Force in human form, his sensitivity formed a very spiritual bond with her. Nevermind that shes also very attractive, and he never thought a daughter of the Force would be just a “scavenger” so that probably piqued his curiosity even more.

When she was young, Luke probably realized she was too powerful and he probably realized that kids with too much power are dangerous (see: Kylo killing all the Jedi in his academy) and probably didnt wanna make Vader 2.0. So he ordered Reys mom to drop her off in Jakku and thats why shes “Classified” as in she is a case to Luke, a case of Force-conception (of which Anakin Skywalker was the other case)

THE FORCE AWAKENS- The title says it all. Rey has been awaken and is now sentient of her powers.

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Thoughts on characters in FT 515

Irene’s husband aka Erza’s dad: He had certainly once loved Irene more than simply someone he married for political reason, if you considered what Irene said about him fighting with her in the battlefield and accompanying her when Belserion died. And his fear for Irene’s turning into a dragon is understandable after going through a war with dragons and Acnologia. Yet it didn’t excuse him from turning his back on her mercilessly. 

Lastly I do hope Mashima had drew him a bit more attractive. Thanks god that Erza doesn’t look like him at all. 

Irene: The backstory actually makes me feel sorry for her. She started something with good intentions, but the result was a tragic. Her created magic to protect human and dragons, but her magic gave birth to Acnologia, and the dragon race became almost extinct as a result. Then she was betrayed by her husband and turned into a dragon. She was no longer human even she got her human appearance back. It’s also understandable that she became desperate and pretty insane when she tried to enhance herself into her child and to become one with her. When her magic failed, I imagine that she considered it a rejection from her own child. She might feel being betrayed again in her insane state, which add more to her hate towards Erza. 

Now seeing Erza as a grown-up and looks like a replica of herself, I wonder if she’s going to try something more on Erza to get Erza’s body.

Erza: I feel like I just keep loving her more that like there’s no stop or limit. She doesn’t harbor any hate to Irene for trying to take over her body before abandoning her when she couldn’t. She acknowledged the fact that Irene’s her mother and gave her credit for giving born to her, but she doesn’t develop some complicated love-hate feelings for her suddenly. Erza knows exactly what she’s standing up for and what’s important to her, like always. She put her personal issue aside when there’s a battle in front of her that she needs to fight, like always. She’s really wonderful, so level-headed and strong-willed.

Mashima doesn’t disappoint me when he writes Erza’s character. If he can write her good fights again it will be really perfect. 

anonymous asked:

So I'm reading Uncanny Avengers and I realized that I don't remember you ever doing a meta on the history of Wanda's relationship with Simon Williams. If you have, can you post a link. But, if you haven't can you please do one ? :) Thanks !

This has spoilers for UA at the end, but everything is in chronological order so they’re easy to avoid. It also ended up being long (2000+ words) and more focused on Vision than I intended.

I’ll start off with an explanation of who Simon is because he’s not in the movies and a lot of people aren’t familiar with him. Simon Williams is a superhero, a former weapons designer, and the star of a bunch of terrible movies. He has red eyes, and he’s made of ions, which means he can’t exactly die but he keeps dying anyway. His on-again, off-again romance with Wanda is… very physical. It’s based largely on this sexual chemistry they have. I like Simon, but his relationship with Wanda is plagued with sexism, without having the excuse of having begun in the 60′s.

Simon is introduced in Avengers Vol. 1 #9. He’s sent by Baron Zemo to infiltrate the Avengers, but he turns on Zemo, helps the Avengers, and dies because of it. Years later, when Vision is first introduced, it’s revealed that Vision’s brain was based off of Simon’s brain patterns that had been recorded before his death. How much Vision is actually like Simon and whether or not he is his own person is an important question in Vision’s stories for a long time. Early on in their relationship, Wanda suggests Vision go by the name Simon, which is extremely awkward in hindsight.

It turns out that Simon is not dead but comatose and unable to be revived, and Simon’s evil brother Eric shows up to offer Vision the chance to have his brain patterns put into Simon’s comatose body. (Actually, his real plan was to put Vision in Steve’ s body because comics are ridiculous and, again, hindsight is hilarious.) Vision rejects the offer to get a human body, and unlike Eric, he considers himself to be his own person and not Simon Williams. 

The problems come when Simon starts coming back to life over and over. Simon is briefly resurrected a couple of times before being revived by Gerry Conway in the 70’s, and this causes all kinds of issues for Vision. Simon’s resurrection makes him feel “conspicuously artificial.” He is not the real man, but the copy. The self-confidence Vision has built up over the years is stripped away by being reminded that his brain came from a real human and that real human is an Avenger who likes Wanda quite a bit. Cue a lot of Vision angst.

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(mildly nsfw/discussion of nudity and sex to follow, it’s all mostly clinical)

Speaking of clothes and the fact that Gems’ clothed are fused to their bodies, I always get a little weirded out when people draw or narrate Gems undressed or undressing in a manner that’s supposed to be titillating or hot I guess, not because I’m in any way baffled by people’s ability to sexualize basically anything but because in the ‘universe’ of that work it’s usually suggested that the Gem themselves is trying to suggest this is way hot, when that makes literally no sense for how we know the Gems work.

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